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Ideological Bigotry Part XXX–DJLF Isaac Lieberman

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Ideological Bigotry Part XXX–DJLF Isaac Lieberman


Isaac Lieberman was once my friend. He was a great guy to party with. His house parties were among the best. He was always a hardcore leftist, but I thought that would not get in the way of the friendship. Sadly, I was wrong.


Isaac Lieberman accused me a few months ago of making public remarks at a synagogue containing racist overtones. That genie cannot be rebottled. My former friend unfortunately crossed a line and refuses to understand why his comments are so harmful. The transcript has been edited for length, but the context remains intact. Judge us both. Nobody should be above scrutiny.


  • Isaac Lieberman: “I do think that because of your political persuasion and involvement, you are probably highly susceptible to spreading racism, which is, in my opinion, exactly what you did, to my great shock and disappointment, at VBS (Valley Beth Shalom).”
  • Eric Golub: “My political persuasion…being a conservative…makes me highly susceptible to racism? In other words, anybody who is conservative, exists, and breathes air, is highly susceptible to racism.
  • Isaac Lieberman: “yes, unfortunately, that is so. In fact, I’d go so far as to say we are ALL susceptible to racism regardless of political affiliation.
  • Eric Golub:You did not say that. You said that because of MY political affiliation, I am susceptible to it. That is completely unacceptable.
  • Isaac Lieberman: “but the right-wing, the Republicans, the party that is made up 80% of white males, is ESPECIALLY so.”
  • Eric Golub: “Until you can accept that conservatives are human beings with views just as noble and valid as yours, then there is nothing to say. Replace the word ‘gay’ or ‘black’ with conservative and then ask yourself if you are being intellectually honest and fair. I do not have to prove I am not a racist. I know I am not one. Your leftist bullying and intimidation is not going to carry the day.
  • Isaac LiebermanSaying that in one instance, you did ‘spread racism,’ is most definitely NOT ‘calling you a racist,’ although I do understand why it would sting, especially if I didn’t say what specifically you said that I saw as ‘spreading racism.’I also believe, however, that those in the Republican party, the party that is 80% white male, the party that works hard to prevent people who are minorities from voting, are ESPECIALLY so. I don’t think you deliberately spread racism, and I wouldn’t call you ‘racist,’ and never did. But when you see racist reports or claims on FNC (Fox News), you are far less likely to recognize them for the racism that they are promoting, and as a result, unfortunately, you are more prone to spreading them.
  • Eric GolubAgain, until you can learn that somebody can disagree with you without being predisposed to racism, there is no point in me trying to get through to you. Playing the race card is the bottom of the barrel. I watch Fox News, am a proud Republican and Tea Partier, like Palin and Bachmann, think Obama is a disaster, am pro-gun, and anti-climate change nonsense. That makes me a mainstream conservative, not a racist. Until you can grasp this, again this conversation is simply you making excuses to justify ideological bigotry.
  • Isaac Lieberman: “I didn’t accuse you of being a racist, Eric Golub. I said that in one instance, in a debate, you did ‘spread racism.'”
  • Eric Golub: “Unless you can give a specific example of EXACTLY what I said, you have nothing to say. The burden of proof is on you. Put up or shut up. Don’t say you don’t remember. If it was that serious, you would. Tell me the exact words I said that offended your delicate politically correct left-wing sensibilities. You don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I do since I am the one facing the accusation. Make your case. Right now. Tell the world how I spread racism. Bring it on.”



Lieberman responded with rambling screeds about Fox News and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He never gave a single example of actual racism. He equates racism with conservatism.


Lieberman is not my enemy, but he is no longer my friend. It saddens to me to see somebody so blinded by ideology that they cannot separate ideology from real racism.


Lieberman is not the first leftist to attack me personally, and he will not be the last. Yet at no time has anybody leveling that charge at me ever given an actual example to back it up.


Lieberman represents the angry left, which is different from the guilty white left. The guilty white left are rich people who convince themselves that embracing liberalism gives them cover for acting like self-indulgent spoiled brats who have utter contempt for the people they claim to care about. They publicly feel for the down-trodden, but would never let them in their homes.


The angry left consists of failed people. When one has failed at life, it is easier to blame Republicans and conservatives than to look in the mirror and take personal responsibility for bad choices.


As for Jewish leftists, at some point they need cranial-glutial extraction surgery. Their fellow leftists would slit their throats in a heartbeat, and see Jewish leftists as the “useful idiots” that Lenin initially cited when talking about liberals in general. Conservative Republicans are not the ones making excuses for Palestinian suicide bombers murdering innocent Jews.


As for my comments about President Obama, I stand by them. He is lazy. He is corrupt. He is of mediocre intelligence. He is boring. He is useless. Most of his supporters are Millennials with zero life experience, wealthy white liberals who often inherited their money, government dependents, and academic eggheads living in their ivory towers. In other words, President Obama, who has never had a real job or done real work, is supported by many people who have never had a real job or done real work.



Leftists care more about trees and bunny rabbits than human beings. Pro-choice on abortion, global warming, and gay marriage are all they care about. Meanwhile, the economy craters, and the third world genocidal radical Islamists are trying to kill us all. Leftists just shrug.


One can completely disagree with my analysis without playing the race card. DLFs refuse to do so because the race card is all they have.


I put my politics aside when spending time with Isaac. That is called respect. He refused to do so. That is why he is a DJLF and practitioner of ideological bigotry.



He cannot be redeemed, and conservatives should never, ever back down in the face of baseless and poisonous accusations by left-wing bomb-throwers. What Bill Ayers did with bombs, Isaac Lieberman did with words.


Judge us both, America. I am prepared.



Bring it on Isaac. Conservatives can handle radical Islamists, so we will certainly not back down when attacked by pseudo-bully wannabes who are nothing but DLFs or their pathetic sniveling, groveling cousins, the DJLFs.





Racism accusations? I’m bored

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Paula Deen, Al Sharpton, and real racism

President Obama is right. We need a “national conversation” about race this instant. Let us have that “teachable moment.” In a productive conversation, both sides speak. Otherwise conversation can be confused with self-righteous lecturing.

Racism is poison. So are fake accusations of racism. So are double standards that mete out different punishments based on race, and so is injecting race into irrelevant situations.

A conversation is useless without examples and evidence.





Aaron Hernandez arrested

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Aaron Hernandez arrest is another NFL black eye

The National Football League took another big black eye with the arrest of New England Patriots wide receiver Aaron Hernandez.



SCOTUS rules gays can do some stuff, not other stuff

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

SCOTUS declares gay couples boring

In a 5-4 ruling that a tiny slice of the American electorate cared about, the United States Supreme Court declared gay couples boring.



Immigration reform and Obama

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Is President Obama the obstacle to immigration reform?

In the heated illegal immigration debate, President Obama initially stayed on the sidelines. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have a working relationship. The plan was to work together and present a plan the more conservative House could live with. Obama is now personally intervening, which could be the worst possible occurrence for supporters of a bill.



Bully boy Bill Cunningham savages Tamara Holder

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Bill Cunningham savages Tamara Holder

A recent episode of Sean Hannity’s television program devolved into pure ugliness when a panelist turned the political deeply personal. Conservative radio host Bill Cunningham attacked liberal attorney Tamara Holder with behavior completely unfit for television in general and civilized society in particular.



My American Journey–North Dakota

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

North Dakota–Fine state, Finer people

As part of my book and speaking tour, visiting all 50 states and seeing this great nation was important. North Dakota was state 49 (Kansas, you are on notice. You are the last holdout. Get it together please).

On Tuesday, June 11, it was a privilege to speak to the Cass County Young Republicans. Those seeing North Dakota as flyover country need to drop their elitism and visit for themselves.

One joke asks the difference between yogurt and North Dakota. The answer is yogurt has culture. That joke was said by a citizen of South Dakota, and was meant as gentle teasing.




June Paulbot Hate Mail

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice, belated of course.

My June hate mail is dedicated to one Paulbot. The quantity is smaller because from a quality standpoint, even some Ron Paul supporters would find this guy an embarrassment to humanity. If Ron Paul supporters wonder why their movement fails to become mainstream, it is because fringe lunatics like this adopt the movement and claim to represent it.

A woman on Facebook asked a serious question. She is a Libertarian, and wanted to know why anybody would be anything else politically. It was an honest question.

My response was that I am against legalizing marijuana. For one thing, I dislike stoners and favor the Singapore approach. Stoners should be caned.

It was a joke, but one Paulbot decided to act like himself. The transcript of his lunacy is below.



Let’s review. This “human” actually believes that likes on a Facebook page or post is the real world, and that I spend one minute of my existence concerned about that. I have real friends in real life. He was not sure if he and I were Facebook “friends.” What does that even say except that he seems to care about what does not matter in life.

The Ron Paul movement will never be taken seriously until Paulbots like this have their keyboards taken away from them. These miscreants are a liability to the movement.

Say it with me everybody.

These are Paulbots. This is how they behave.


The Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2013

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2013.

June 21st means Summertime, which means only one thing. It is time for the Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2013.

For the politically correct censored version, here are the Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2013.

Now multiply by four, and men have entered the raw, uncensored paradise of the Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies.

To all the uptight upper middle class white college girls at Brandeis getting their majors in grievance studies, do not worry. My list of the ugliest women in politics will be out soon enough. It will only be based on the lack of content of their character.

Now to sleep, and dream amazing dreams. Some men count sheep. I count a certain Republican Jewish brunette’s absolutely perfect yummy bouncies over and over again.



The Tea Party vs Obama: No contest

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Dueling rallies: Audit the IRS vs Obama in Berlin

A pair of separate political rallies on two different continents provided a stark contrast in enthusiasm.

The Tea Party Patriots held an “Audit the IRS” rally on the capitol steps in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, President Obama returned to Berlin to address the German people nearly 50 years after President John F. Kennedy intoned “Ich bin ein Berliner.”