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Westbound and Down Kentucky Monday

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Today is Westbound and Down Kentucky Monday.

Flying home today to Los Angeles. Stopover in Detroit. after 12 days in lovely Louisville, Kentucky, it’s time to come home, sleep in my bed

I have been fairly quiet politically because I needed to recharge my batteries. We all need a break. By tomorrow I will be back to my old self, to the consternation of some who prefer conservatives not speak, exist, or breathe air.

Quick thoughts:

Iran deal: Liberals are willing to destroy their own political party & get the world blown up to give O44 a “legacy.” He is a narcissist, willing to let them.

Mt. McKinley: Liberals are trying erase Thomas Jefferson & Andrew Jackson from history. Today William McKinley is being eased out. The appropriate payback is to erase O44 from history as soon as his successor is chosen. He desperately wanted to be transformational like FDR & Reagan, not irrelevant like Bill Clinton. Punish O44 not by hating him, but reducing him to a footnote.

Hurricane Katrina: Never send a liberal to do an adult’s job. Kathleen Blanco & Ray Nagin got people killed, not Dubya.

Election 2016 will be a battle between normal America & basket case America. Let BLM, OWS & Code Pink act like lunatics. It only helps republicans get elected. Bill Clinton made the Democrat Party normal. They are now basket cases again. Republicans should let them implode.


NFL 2015 Preseason: Week 3 Raiders Recap

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

NFL 2015 Preseason: Week 3 Raiders Recap

The Oakland Raiders hosted the Arizona Cardinals in the third preseason game for each team.

This is as close to a regular season as it gets, since the fourth game is usually just a tuneup.

The Cardinals did get the ball first, but on the fourth play from scrimmage Carson Palmer was intercepted by Nate Allen. Despite starting at the Arizona 34, the Raiders only gained 3 yards and settled for a 49 yard Sebastian Janikowski field goal. Despite Derek Carr hitting Michael Crabtree for 6 yards on first down, the running game never got going. Latavius Murray lost 3 yards on his first carry and never got going.

The defense got going from the get go, and kept going. Palmer did connect with Larry Fitzgerald for a 26 yard gain, but on 3rd and 1 from the Oakland 32, Khalil Mack forced a fumble that led to a 4 yard loss. Chandler Catanzaro missed the tying field goal from 54 yards out.

Despite starting on their own 44, the Raiders lost 2 yards and punted. They got it back at the Arizona 44 and moved backwards again. However, on 3rd and 16 from midfield, Carr found Michel Rivera for an 18 yard gain. The Raiders reached the Arizona 15 but Carr threw incomplete twice. Seabass hit from 33 to make it 6-0 Raiders after the opening quarter.

The second quarter saw the Cardinals facing 3rd and 9 at their own 21. Palmer scrambled for a 10 yard gain. He went deep to Brown for a 39 yard gain. On 3rd and 10 from the Oakland 28, Palmer was sacked. This time Catanzaro hit from 53 to get the Cardinals within 6-3. The rest of the half was all Raiders, but they kept bogging down in the red zone.

A short pass from Carr to Taiwan Jones gained over 40 yards, but the Raiders settled for a 42 yard Seabass field goal and a 9-3 lead. With 3 1/2 minutes left in the half, the Raiders faced 3rd and 11 at their own 43. Carr found Amari Cooper for a 21 yard gain. From the Arizona 6, Murray lost 3 yards. Seabass hit from 28 to make it 12-3 Raiders with 1:19 left in the half.

On Arizona’s next play from scrimmage after a touchback, Palmer was intercepted again. Despite taking over at the Arizona 29, everything bogged down at the 14 as Carr threw 3 straight incompletions. Seabass’s 5th field goal from 32 yards out made it 15-3 Raiders at halftime.

Palmer was done for the night, finishing a miserable 8 of 22 for 103 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. He was sacked 3 times, twice by Khalil Mack.

Surprisingly, Jack Del Rio kept Carr in the game after halftime. In the third quarter Carr was in a groove, moving the Raiders from their 20 to a 1st and goal at the Arizona 9. Then Carr blundered. After a false start, he threw a terrible pass nowhere near a receiver that was intercepted and returned 81 yards the other way for an Arizona touchdown. Carr is young and talented, and he will learn in these situations to throw the ball away. His error got the Cardinals to within 15-10 with 9 minutes left in the third quarter. Carr did not come back in the game. Despite finishing on a low note, Carr was 18 of 34 for 213 yards in little more than a half of work.

Christian Ponder came into the game, the Raiders punted, and Drew Stanton came into the game. Stanton is no ordinary backup. He moved the Cardinals 80 yards in 12 plays over 6 minutes. On the first play of the fourth quarter, Stanton hit Johnson for the 8 yard touchdown to make it 16-15 Cardinals. Ponder did nothing, and Arizona turned to 3rd string quarterback Phillip Sims. Sims moved the Cardinals 59 yards in 10 plays over 6 minutes. A 10 yard touchdown pass to Williams had the Cardinals up 23-15 with just under 6 minutes left to play.

Matt McGloin came in for the Raiders and threw a series of short passes that moved them down the field to the red zone. McGloin hit Chris Durham for a 4 yard touchdown to get the Raiders within a 2 point conversion try of tying the game. McGloin fired a strike to Brice Butler and the game was tied 23-23 with 2:18 left in regulation.

A holding penalty on the ensuing kickoff backed the Cardinals up to their own 9 yard line. Fourth string quarterback Logan Thomas came in. Thomas played in the regular season last year because the Cardinals were down to their fourth string quarterback. Thomas was sacked near the goal line, but a defensive facemark penalty kept the Cardinals alive. Thomas was sacked again on the next play, and this time it stuck.

Unfortunately for the backups of the backups, they are backups of the backups for a reason. Thomas completed several passes in a row as the Oakland defense wilted. A pass to Momah saw him get belted by two defenders, bounce off of them, and continue churning well into field goal range. It never became an issue because Grice ran over the helpless backups up the middle for a 9 yard touchdown. Thomas moved the Cardinals 91 yards as Arizona retook the 7 point lead with 30 seconds left. The lead held and the Cardinals had the win.

30-23 Cardinals


Nearly 340 leftists posing as rabbis support Iran deal

Monday, August 24th, 2015

340 leftists signed a letter supporting the Iran deal. They signed the letter as rabbis. While each of them at one time in their lives did become ordained, many of them have no congregation. Many of them do not do any of the real work a rabbi does. Many are retired, some just became ordained, and virtually all of them are leftist political activists.

Of the 340 names, only 151 of them are real rabbis in terms of their actual vocation. The other 189 are using the label for prestige rather than just admit that their motives are political rather than religious.

Why this matters will be dealt with in a separate column. For now here is the list of the 340 rabbis. The ones with nothing next to their names are real rabbis. The rest have clear notes explaining their abuse of the title of rabbi.

Lynne Goldsmith Dothan Alabama

Elliot Stevens Montgomery Alabama

Elana Kanter Scottsdale Arizona

John Linder Paradise Valley Arizona — Former community and labor organizer

Thomas Louchheim Tucson Arizona

Michael Wasserman Scottsdale Arizona — Married to Elana Kanter

Ruth Adar Oakland California — The Coffee Shop Rabbi

Melanie Aron Los Gatos California

Raphael Asher Walnut Creek California — Retired in 2014

Anne Brener Los Angeles, California — Psychotherapist, spiritual director and teacher, owns publishing company

Samuel Broude Oakland California — Retired

Sharon Brous Los Angeles California

Meredith Cahn Petaluma California — Wedding officiant

Carol Caine Albany California — A former attorney with 20 plus years experience practicing Jewish sacred chant and meditation. She teaches.

Steven Chester Oakland California — Retired, same synagogue as Samuel Broude

Aryeh Cohen Los Angeles California — Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice, arrested in 2013 protesting Walmart.

Hillel Cohn San Bernardino California — Retired

Neil Comess-Daniels Santa Monica California

Elliot Dorff Beverly Hills California — AJU Professor, member of Hillary Clinton’s secret healthcare task force.

David J. Cooper Berkeley California

William Cutter Los Angeles California — Retired academic, Emeritus Professor of Human Relations

Lisa Edwards Los Angeles California — Real Rabbi, Jewish lesbian activist

Diane Elliot Richmond California — Rabbi Diane Elliot RSMT (Registered Somatic Movement Therapist) is a movement educator, somatic (body-based) therapist, Trained as a dancer, actress and choreographer

Anthony Elman Los Angeles California — Married to Miriam Glazer, retired from being Rabbi of Jewish old age home.

Gordon Freeman Walnut Creek California — Retired

Pamela Frydman Daly City California — Retired

Laura Geller Los Angeles California

Miriyam Glazer Los Angeles California — Miriyam Glazer was a leftist literature professor at AJU. She did not have a congregation. She was a teacher. She is now retired.

Dan Goldblatt Larkspur California

Jerrold Goldstein Los Angeles California — Retired, Hillel Rabbi

Sara Goodman Santa Monica California — Gerinet healthcare, Intermittent Jewish chaplain

Donald Goor Los Angeles California — Retired Rabbi, gay rights activist

Daniel Gottlieb San Francisco California

Mel Gottlieb Los Angeles California — Retired head of a Jewish training program. AJR,CA, a transdenominational seminary at UCLA Hillel

Roberto Graetz Lafayette California

Nicki Greninger Lafayette California — Same synagogue as Roberto Graetz. She’s Director of Education.

Moshe Halfon Long Beach California — Spiritual healer and explorer. He has taught courses on Middle Eastern music and dance, meditation, Kabbalah, Biblical psychodrama In 1999 he founded Am Or Olam – People of the Eternal Light – a non-profit 501c(3) healing center which promotes holistic healing, Jewish spirituality, the arts, and now, prison outreach as well. He teaches theHandDance™ workshop on drum, dance and chant for adults and children.

Lisa Hochberg-Miller Ventura California

Jocee Hudson Los Angeles California

Me’irah Iliinsky San Francisco California

Daniel Isaacson Berkeley California

Steven Jacobs Alameda California — Retired. Active in the anti-war and civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s, he has developed a close relationship with Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Burt Jacobson El Sobrante California

Josh Jacobs-Velde Sebastopol California

Yoel Kahn Berkeley California

Patricia Karlin-Neumann Palo Alto California

Jim Kaufman Los Angeles California — Retired

Stuart Kelman Berkeley California

Lawrence Kushner San Francisco California

Susan Laemmle Los Angeles California

Jason Van Leeuwen Los Angeles California

Michael Lerner Berkeley California — Celebrity who has publicly stated that he is not really a rabbi in terms of job functions. He just plays one. He is a leftist who once attended a wedding where the cake said “smash monogamy.”

Richard Levy Encino California

Joshua Levine Grater Pasadena California — He actually has a congregation. However, he credits Miriyam Glazer with influencing his development. He was her student.

Sheldon Lewis Palo Alto California — Retired

Michael Mayersohn Garden Grove California — Have Wedding, will travel. Officiates Jewish & Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

Laurence Milder Pleasanton California

Michelle Missaghieh Los Angeles California — Same synagogue as Jocee Hudson

Dev Noily Oakland California — Associate Rabbi only, Same synagogue as David Cooper.

Janet Offel Calabasas California — She has a Jewish blog

Philip M Posner Santa Cruz California — I am also the author of Food for Thought, Character and Soul – Recipes and Blessings Included –the world’s first character based cook book. My wonderful and talented Louise and I divide our time between Santa Cruz, California and Puerta Vallarta Mexico, where I officiate at weddings and sell my book.

Arnold Rachlis Irvine California

Sanford Ragins Los Angeles California — Adjunct Assistant Professor, Religious Studies. He teaches The Holocaust: Historical and Religious Perspectives and at a Christian-Jewish Bible Week in Osnabrück, Germany.

Steven Reuben Pacific Palisades California — Retired Rabbi. Writer, speaker. Dr. Reuben was a founding editor of Compass Magazine for teachers, a recognized expert on moral education

John Rosove Los Angeles California — 3rd Rabbi at Temple Israel of Hollywood.

Neal Scheindlin Los Angeles California — Jewish studies teacher, Milken School.

Howie Schneider Aptos California — Retired, Jewish Renewal Community of Santa Cruz

Avi Schulman Fremont California

Judith Seid Dublin California — Led by secular Rabbi Judith Seid, author of “God-optional Judaism.”

Chaim Seidler-Feller Los Angeles California — He was a leftist Hillel director at UCLA. Again, he did not have a congregation at a synagogue. He once violently kicked somebody because he disagreed with them. The lawsuit was settled. He also invited Palestinians to a Shabbos dinner and then was shocked when they showed up wearing t-shirts that said “Zionism is racism.” He is now retired.

Daniel Shevitz Venice California — Real Rabbi, teaches Talmud at AJU

Suzanne Singer Riverside California — Prior to attending HUC, Rabbi Singer spent twenty years as a television producer and programming executive, primarily for national public television (PBS)

David Stein Culver City California — Editor • Writer • Educator • Group Facilitator • Worship Leader

Martin Weiner San Francisco California — Retired

Dvora Weisberg Los Angeles California

Sarah Weissman Redwood City California

Greg Wolfe Davis California

Deborah Bronstein Boulder Colorado

Brian Field Denver Colorado — Rabbi for hire

Hanoch Fields Denver Colorado

Rachel Goldenberg Deep River Connecticut

David Leipziger Teva Middletown Connecticut

Stacy Offner Guilford Connecticut

Jeremy Schwartz Willimantic Connecticut

Jeffery Silberman Westport Connecticut

Michael L. Kramer Hockessin Delaware — Retired

Douglas Krantz Townsend Delaware — Retired

Mark Goldman Sarasota Florida — Retired

Frederick Greenspahn Boca Raton Florida — He’s an academic.  Frederick E. Greenspahn is Gimelstob Eminent Scholar of Judaic Studies at Florida Atlantic University, where he directed the Religious Studies and Jewish Studies programs (2006-2009).

Geoff Huntting Sarasota Florida

Sheldon Isenberg Gainesville Florida — He’s an academic. He serves as associate director of the UF Center for Spirituality and Health. He teaches and writes on Jewish mysticism, comparative mysticism, aging and Judaism, and Jewish thought.

Peter Kasdan Longboat Key Florida

Ralph Kingsley Miami Florida — Retired

Ronald Kronish Miami Florida

Lewis C. Littman Ft. Lauderdale Florida — Retired

Susan Marks Sarasota Florida — She’s an academic. Associate Professor of Judaic Studies, Klingenstein Chair

Paul Menitoff Palm Beach Florida — Political Activist. With two others, runs Catalyst for Justice.

Stephen Pinsky Wellington Florida — Retired

Howard Shapiro Palm Beach Gardens Florida — Retired

Kurt Stone Fort Lauderdale Florida — Teaches politics at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and Florida International University in Miami.

Mike Trout Boca Raton Florida — Failed congressional candidate.

Cheryl Weiner Hollywood Florida

Steve Westman W.Palm Beach Florida

Ronald Bluming Grayson Georgia

Philip N. Kranz Atlanta Georgia — Retired

Beth Schwartz Columbus Georgia

Alison Abrams Chicago Illinois — Director of Community Organizing

Marc Belgrad Buffalo Grove Illinois — Academic. He now serves as a member of the faculty at Chicagoland Jewish High School.

Jordan Bendat-Appell Highland Park Illinois

Kenneth Berger Deerfield Illinois — Retired

Steven Bob Glen Ellyn Illinois — Retired. Ha’aretz named Rabbi Bob as one of the 36 American Jews who helped shape the 2008 Presidential election. Rabbi Bob is the founder of the Fourth Day Initiative, an interfaith solar energy project.

Herbert Bronstein Evanston Illinois — Academic. Senior Lecturer in Religion, Lake Forest College

Paul Cohen Winnetka Illinois 

Alan Cook Champaign Illinois

Laurence Edwards Chicago Illinois

Bruce Elder Highland Park Illinois

Hillel Gamoran Evanston Illinois — Retired

Gary Gerson River Forest Illinois — Retired

Maralee Gordon Woodstock Illinois

Sam Gordon Wilmette Illinois

Suzanne Griffel Chicago Illinois

Peter Knobel Evanston Illinois

Charles Levi Deerfield Illinois

Rebecca Lillian Chicago Illinois

Seth Limmer Chicago Illinois

Andrea London Evanston Illinois

Rachel Mikva Chicago Illinois — “If you don’t think racism exists, you’re white.” Academic. Chicago Theological Seminary.

Nina Mizrahi Northbrook Illinois

Frederick Reeves Chicago Illinois

Robert Schreibman Lincolnshire Illinois — Retired

Michael Weinberg Evanston Illinois

Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus Homewood Illinois — Retired

Max Weiss Oak Park Illinois

Shlomo Wing Rockford Illinois — Retired. Air Cargo Supervisor at UPS Rockford Air Hub and Daddy at stay at home dad.

Leo Wolkow Glenwood Illinois — Retired

Michael Zedek Chicago Illinois

Gary Mazo Newburgh Indiana — Retired

Marla Spanjer Fort Wayne Indiana — Retired

Paula Winnig Indianapolis Indiana

Erin Hirsh Pratt Kansas — Academic. Director, Jewish Community High School & NEXT Professional Learning for Supplementary School Teachers

Daniel Kirzane Overland Park Kansas — Graduated Rabbinic School mid-2014. Became official Rabbi July 2015. Supports Iran deal based on lifelong 4 week experience. Kirzane served the congregation full-time while its senior rabbi, Joel Mosbacher, dedicated a year coordinating a national gun violence prevention campaign.

Mark Levin Prairie Village Kansas — Retired. Rabbi Levin serves on several local boards and writes religion columns for the Kansas City Star.

Arthur Nemitoff Leawood Kansas — Same synagogue as Daniel Kirzane.

Moti Rieber Overland Park Kansas — Kansas Interfaith Power and Light. ”Together we can save energy, save money, and put our faith into action to address climate change.”

Michael Rosenberg Lawrence Kansas — Works as Director of Risk Management at University of Kansas. Before that worked at Pepsi.

Alexandria Shuval Weiner Leawood Kansas

Edward Paul Cohn Metairie Louisiana

Leila Gal Berner Rockville Maryland

Binyamin Biber Silver Spring Maryland — Humanist Chaplaincy at American University + Humanist Society / American Humanist Association

Reeve Brenner Rockville Maryland — Work now? “Exciting sports system for the physically challenged called Bankshot which I am marketing.” His congregation Bet Chesed was dissolved in 2014

Nina Beth Cardin Pikesville Maryland — Environmental activist. She founded the Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network and the Baltimore Orchard Project.

George Driesen Bethesda Maryland — Adjunct rabbi. Rabbi George is an Adjunct Professor at the Washington Theological Union, a Catholic institution that trains aspiring priests and nuns. Rabbi George entered rabbinical school after more than 30 years’ teaching and practicing law for the U.S. Government, unions, and individual employers.

Samuel Fishman Bethesda Maryland

John Franken Baltimore Maryland

Donald Gluckman Pikesville Maryland — Retired.

Emanuel S. Goldsmith Rockville Maryland — Retired academic. He taught Hebrew Literature, Yiddish Literature and Jewish Studies at Queens College for over 30 years.

Susan Grossman Columbia Maryland

Jerry Seidler Baltimore Maryland

Ariel Walsh Baltimore Maryland

Thomas Alpert Franklin Massachusetts

Donald Berlin Adams Massachusetts — President, National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis

Herman Blumberg Waban Massachusetts

Caryn Broitman Vineyard Haven Massachusetts — Actual Rabbi. Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center.

Sharon Clevenger Newton Centre Massachusetts

Edward Feld Northampton Massachusetts

Jeff Foust Newton Centre Massachusetts

David Freelund Centerville Massachusetts

Serena Fujita Jamaica Plain Massachusetts

Myron S. Geller Gloucester Massachusetts — Retired.

Everett Gendler Great Barrington Massachusetts — Retired.

Robert Goldstein Andover Massachusetts

Jane Kanarek Newton Centre Massachusetts — Associate Professor of Rabbinics

Ira Korinow Haverhill Massachusetts

Jonathan Kraus Belmont Massachusetts

Rifat Sonsino Ashland Massachusetts — Academic. Adjunct professor at Framingham State University.

Elias Lieberman East Falmouth Massachusetts 

Janet Liss Becket Massachusetts

Barbara Penzner West Roxbury Massachusetts

Victor Reinstein Jamaica Plain Massachusetts

Mark Shapiro Springfield Massachusetts

Robin Sparr Natick Massachusetts — Rent a Rabbi. Cantor Robin Sparr is Jewish clergy member who specializes in creating individually-tailored, spiritual, musical wedding ceremonies for Jewish and Interfaith couples of all religious and cultural backgrounds.

Elyse Wechterman Attleboro Massachusetts — Left this synagogue in 2014. Holds a BA in International Relations and BS in Journalism from Boston University. 

Henry Zoob Westwood Massachusetts — Retired

Jeffrey Falick Royal Oak Michigan

Joseph Klein Rochester Michigan — Retired, Adjunct faculty.

Michael Zimmerman Williamston Michigan

Joseph A Edelheit St. Cloud Minnesota

Amy Eilberg Mendota Heights Minnesota — Left her synagogue. She currently lives in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, where she works for the Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning and is involved in peace work.

Michael Adam Latz Minneapolis Minnesota

James Bennett Saint Louis Missouri

Alan Londy Kansas City Missouri

Allen Secher Whitefish Montana — Retired. Known as “The Naked Rabbi.” He stepped down recently to take a position on the Montana Council for the Arts.

Ed Stafman Bozeman Montana — Rabbi Ed spent 27 years as a trial lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, specializing in defending death penalty cases, prior to deciding to attend Rabbinic school. He was largely a secular Jew during much of that time

Aryeh Azriel Omaha Nebraska

Josh Brown Omaha Nebraska — Same synagogue as Aryeh Azriel

Craig Rosenstein Las Vegas Nevada

Myra Soifer Reno Nevada — Retired

Phyllis Bernstein Westfield New Jersey — Phyllis Bernstein served as a CPA/Personal Financial Specialist for many years and now is going to Union Country College to make art from her heart. She is an artist who paints in oil, acrylic and mixed media, and makes jewelry. Phyllis is actively serving on the JCC of Central New Jersey Jewish film festival committee, JCC University Lecture Series, the Inter-agency Task Force for Israeli Arab Issues, and the JFNA Social Venture Fund for Jewish Arab Equality and Shared Society. She is on the executive board of Partners for Progressive Israel.

Renee Edelman South Orange New Jersey

Kenneth Emert Franklin Lakes New Jersey

Elyse Frishman Franklin Lakes New Jersey

Ruth Gais Summit New Jersey

Kim Geringer Short Hills New Jersey

Charles A. Kroloff Westfield New Jersey

Dennis Math Jersey City New Jersey — Left his synagogue. Now a clinical social worker and therapist.

Brooks Susman Freehold New Jersey — Retired

Jonathan Woll Glen Rock New Jersey — Runs Progressive Havurah, a synagogue without walls.

Malka Drucker Santa Fe New Mexico

Arthur Flicker Albuquerque New Mexico

Renni Altman Great Neck New York

Guy Austrian New York New York

David Bauer New York New York — Director of Social Justice Programming Bauer’s background and ‎training include over twenty years of professional experience in theatre, dance, and opera ‎across the US, Europe, Israel, and Canada; nine years devoted to the congregational ‎rabbinate; two decades of yoga practice; and numerous years of academic study in sexuality ‎and spirituality.‎

Daniel Bar-Nahum Mineola New York

Eliav Bock Vestal New York — Summer Camp leader. Rabbi Eliav Bock is Founding Director of Ramah Outdoor Adventure at Ramah in the Rockies in Denver.

Gill Brociner New York New York

Ayelet Cohen New York New York — Was sanctioned as a rabbi. Same synagogue as David Bauer. The Conservative movement’s rabbinical association has decided to censure the rabbi of a gay and lesbian synagogue in Greenwich Village for disregarding its rules governing how synagogues and rabbis are matched, but it did not expel her. In a meeting at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Manhattan, the rabbi, Ayelet S. Cohen, apologized for violating the placement rules of the Rabbinical Assembly. Her synagogue lists her as a writer/consultant. Passionately committed to ‎progressive and feminist Judaism, she is an activist and an advocate.

Jerome Davidson New York New York — Retired

William Dreskin Ardsley New York

Andy Dubin New York New York — Ordained in 2014. Joined a synagogue one month ago. After graduating from Amherst College in 1988, Rabbi Dr. Dubin embarked on a 20-year career in the field of education during which he taught religious studies at some of America’s most demanding high schools.

Rachel Esserman Endicott New York — Rabbi Rachel Esserman is the executive editor and book reviewer for The Reporter Group.

Brian Fink New York New York

Adam Fisher Stony Brook New York — Retired

Leora Frankel Rye New York — Ordained in 2012. Was an intern until 2014. Now an assistant rabbi.

Stephen Garfinkel New York New York — Dr. Stephen Garfinkel “was awarded a DHL, honoris causa, by JTS.” For those who need translation, the Jewish Theological Seminary gave him an HONORARY Degree in Hebrew Letters.

Jonah Geffen New York New York — Rabbinic Director for J-Street, a leftist political advocacy group that has been partially funded by anti-Israel Arab groups.

Irwin Goldenberg Forest Hills New York — Retired

A. Bruce Goldman New York New York — Retired. During the 1968 riots at Columbia University, he was the Jewish Chaplain at Columbia, and was let go by the directors of the independent board of directors of the Jewish organization for participating in the riot and takeover of Campus buildings. Signed a letter stating his belief that “opposition to Zionism cannot in any way be equated with anti-Semitism.”

Stephen Goodman Garden City New York — Self-proclaimed “part-time Rabbi.” Served as an assistant Rabbi in Short Hills, New Jersey, and was active in pro-choice and hunger relief organizations. In 1985, he decided to become a lawyer and pursue his interest in social action. He enrolled at the Law School of New York University, receiving a scholarship for students planning to work in the public interest. Since 1988, when he graduated from law school, he has worked for the New York City Housing Authority, specializing in civil rights issues, and he has been a member of the board of the Nassau County chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Shoshana Hantman Katonah New York — Academic. Beacon Hebrew Alliance Director of Education.

Mark Hurvitz New York New York — After the June 1967 war in Israel, I became involved in the Jew­ish stu­dent move­ment of the period. My great­est involve­ment was my par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Jew­ish Rad­i­cal Com­mu­nity. I am Vice Pres­i­dent for Com­mu­ni­ca­tions of Nisus Soft­ware Inc. a soft­ware pub­lish­ing com­pany. Married to Rabbi Deborah Prinz, who explores the connection between people and chocolate.

Jill Jacobs New York New York — Executive Director for T’Ruah, a non-profit activist group set up to protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and in favor of Palestinian rights.

Cassi Kail Utica New York

Jeremy Kalmanofsky New York New York

Sharon Kleinbaum NY New York — Same synagogue as David Bauer and Ayelet Cohen. Actual Rabbi at CBST, which is not affiliated with any denomination or branch of Judaism

Jacqueline Koch Ellenson New York New York — Director of Women’s Rabbinic Network, a political activist group meant to support women rabbis.

Jim Lebeau New York New York — Retired

Ellen Lippmann Brooklyn New York   

Garry Loeb Monroe New York

Jonathan Malamy White Plains New York

Jeffrey Marker Brooklyn New York

David Nelson Tivoli New York

Daniel Polish Poughkeepsie New York

Jonah Rank New York New York — Just graduated rabbinic school in 2015. Works at a religious school as a secretary.

Stephen Roberts Kerhonkson New York — CEO of Clergy for a Healthy America. MBA from Wharton. Studied Food and Resource Economics at University of Florida’s College of Agriculture.

Elliott Rosen Scarsdale New York — Psychotherapist, specializes in marital and family therapy. His own daughter was married by another rabbi.

David Rosenn New York New York — COO at New Israel Fund, a political advocacy group. Manages operations. 

Shmuel Sandberg New York New York — “Works” at “Anonymous Foundation.”

Leonard Schoolman New York New York — Retired

Joel Shaiman New York New York — Was an investment advisor for 25 years. Became an ordained Rabbi in 2013. Works as a teacher.

Charles Simon Chatham New York

Jonathan Slater Hastings-on-Hudson New York – Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Co-director of Programs. He teaches “Mindfulness Meditation.”

Joshua Strom New York New York — Became head Rabbi in Spring of 2015. Was an assistant and then associate rabbi until then.

Harvey Tattelbaum New York New York — Retired

Daniel Victor Poughkeepsie New York

Burton Visotzky New York New York

Gerald I. Weider Brooklyn New York — Retired. Now helps assist those who plan conferences and trips to Israel.

Simkha Y. Weintraub New York New York

Lina Zerbarini Lynbrook New York

Philip Bentley Hendersonville North Carolina — Retired

Susan Cowchock Bahama North Carolina — Her entire career is medical, specializing in pregnancy loss issues. lists her as a lay leader.

Ariel Edery Raleigh North Carolina

John Friedman Durham North Carolina — Retired

Floyd L. Herman Pikesville North Carolina — Retired

Eric Solomon Raleigh North Carolina

Howard Apothaker New Albany Ohio

Joan Friedman Akron Ohio – Associate Chaplain for Jewish and interfaith life at Carleton.

Abie Ingber Loveland Ohio — Ex Hillel Director. Xavier College Office of Interfaith Community Engagement. Adjunct Professor of Theology.

Margaret Meyer Cincinnati Ohio — Cincinnati teacher. Active on interfaith boards. 

Saul Oresky Youngstown Ohio — Journalism major in college. 24 year career at a government job as a technical writer-editor of the Naval Research Laboratory. Graduated Rabbinical College in 2013.

Jonathan Perlman Cincinnati Ohio

Vered Harris Edmond Oklahoma

Marcy Baskett Eugene Oregon — She is mentioned with regards to Ad Olam, which calls itself a “Synagogue Without Walls.” It’s website has not been updated since 2014.

Maurice Harris Eugene Oregon — Left his rabbi job in order to spend more time parenting, writing, and teaching.

Johanna Hershenson Bend Oregon

Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin Eugene Oregon

Ariel Stone Portland Oregon

Daniel Isaak Portland Oregon — Retired

Joseph Wolf Portland Oregon

Rebecca Alpert Philadelphia Pennsylvania — American professor in the Departments of Religion and Women’s Studies at Temple University. She is currently Senior Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Her specialization is in American and especially Jewish American religious history, and she focuses on issues related to gender, sexuality and race.

Tsurah August Elkins Park Pennsylvania

Marjorie Berman Clarks Summit Pennsylvania — No congregation. One of many board members of the Jewish Family Service of Northeast Pennsylvania. She has no executive or management role.

Malkah Binah Klein Philadelphia Pennsylvania — She does hold a monthly musical Shabbos service at Congregation P’nai Or, but she is not the official rabbi of the synagogue. That is Marcia Prager.

Meryl Crean Lansdale Pennsylvania

Isabel De Koninck Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Art Donsky Pittsburgh Pennsylvania — Retired

SueLevi Elwell Philadelphia Pennsylvania — The Founding Director of the American Jewish Congress Feminist Center in Los Angeles

Dayle Friedman Philadelphia Pennsylvania — Her business is “Growing Older,” which specializes in age issues.

Paula Goldberg Newtown Pennsylvania — She is a “rabbinic scholar” at Shir Ami. She is not the head rabbi. That is Joel Simon.

Linda Holtzman Philadelphia Pennsylvania — Linda Holtzman is the organizer of Tikkun Olam Chavurah, a group that pursues social justice work together as a community. She is the former rabbi of Congregation Mishkan Shalom in Philadelphia, where she had previously served as interim rabbi and as education director. RRC.

Susan Kanoff Wynnewood Pennsylvania — Did bereavement counseling in 2011 but everything since then has been political activism.

Jonathan Kendall Elkins Park Pennsylvania — Retired

Alan LaPayover Philadelphia Pennsylvania — In May 2010, Rabbi Alan LaPayover, ’02, joined the staff of the Kaplan Library as assistant librarian. He previously served as associate rabbi of Congregation Beth Am Israel in Penn Valley, PA, and interim rabbi of Congregation Tiferes B’nai Israel in Warrington, PA.

David Levin Carroll Park Pennsylvania — David attended the University of Chicago earning an AB in Economics. He went on to the New York University Graduate School of Business where he earned an MBA in Finance.  Before becoming a rabbi, David enjoyed a career centered in banking and real estate finance, and he also worked in the family garment business. He also devotes his time to special projects including Jewish Sacred Aging, teaching and free speech issues on the college campus. David Levin is a Fellow with Rabbis Without Borders, an interdenominational rabbinic group affiliated with CLAL.

Mordechai Liebling Philadelphia Pennsylvania — Currently he serves on the boards of the Faith and Politics Institute and Rabbis for Human Rights-North America. Liebling also is the president emeritus of the Shalom Center. He is the first to direct RRC’s unique Social Justice Organizing Program; he leads the College’s initiative to invest rabbinical students with the clarity of purpose, vision and voice to become uniquely effective, spiritually strong leaders in the drive toward social justice and environmental sustainability. RRC disciple.

Aaron Mackler Pittsburgh Pennsylvania — Associate Professor of Theology at Duquesne University

Nathan Martin Philadelphia Pennsylvania — In 2010, Rabbi Nathan Martin, ’06, became director of student life at RRC.  He provides individual support to students and coordinates programming and community building at the College. He served as assistant director of the University of Michigan (U-M) Hillel for four years before coming to work at RRC. Martin spent nearly 10 years working in the field of energy efficiency policy as a researcher and policy analyst, developing a focus on industrial-energy efficiency. Teaching and exploring the connections between Judaism and environmental sustainability; and integrating these values into his life by working to reduce his carbon footprint.

Michael Michlin Hazleton Pennsylvania — Was a rabbi at Beth Israel Temple, but now they are led by Jon Cutler.

Amber Powers Abington Pennsylvania — VP for Student Development at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC).

Michael Ramberg Elkins Park Pennsylvania

Seymour Rosenbloom Elkins Park Pennsylvania — Retired

Mayer Selekman Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania — Retired

Jacob Singer-Beilin Abington Pennsylvania — Assistant Rabbi at Old York Road Temple beth Am. Head Rabbi is Robert Leib. 

Reena Spicehandler Philadelphia Pennsylvania — No permanent congregation. Visiting (temporary) rabbi at Philadelphia’s Germantown Jewish Centre. Rabbi Reena Spicehandler has been specializing in the interim rabbinates since 2001. Rabbi Spicehandler is joining our clergy in 2014-15 while Rabbi Zeff is on sabbatical and Rabbi Lewis is on maternity leave.

Elliot Strom Morrisville Pennsylvania — Retired

Lance Sussman Elkins Park Pennsylvania

Robert Tabak Elkins Park Pennsylvania

David Teutsch Philadelphia Pennsylvania — He’s a PhD academic. The Louis and Myra Wiener Professor of Contemporary Jewish Civilization; Chair, Department of Contemporary Jewish Civilization; Director, Levin-Lieber Program in Jewish Ethics. RRC.

Arthur Waskow Philadelphia Pennsylvania — Through the 1960s, Waskow was active in writing, speaking, electoral politics, and nonviolent action against the Vietnam War. Since 1963, he participated in sit-ins and teach-ins, and was arrested many times. In 1968, he signed the “Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. He founded The Shalom Center in 1983 and serves as its director. In its inception the Shalom Center primarily confronted the threat of nuclear war from a Jewish perspective. In 2010, Waskow joined in founding the Green Hevra, a network of Eco-Jewish organizations.

Deborah Waxman Wyncote Pennsylvania — President of Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Virtually every Pennsylvania “rabbi” on this list attended RRC, a political activist training ground. If one accepts Waxman as an actual rabbinical college president, that still does not mean her entire faculty of subordinates deserves recognition. There can be only one head sled. This seems to clearly be a case of astroturfing where one college provided multiple names to make the list appear larger.

Sheila Weinberg Philadelphia Pennsylvania — She’s a yoga teacher. No longer a congregational rabbi. Has taught mindfulness meditation and yoga to rabbis, Jewish professionals and lay people in the context of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.

Shawn Zevit Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus Providence Rhode Island — Says he is “self-employed” at Wheaton College. Chair of the religion department; teach Jewish Studies, Bible, First Year Seminar, and Food Studies; the Program Coordinator of the Jewish Studies; and I am faculty advisor to Wheaton Hillel. Attended RRC.

Alan Flam Barrington Rhode Island — Academic. Director of Advising and Community Collaborations at the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University, a position he has held since the fall of 2000.  He is the founder and director of UCAAP, a program designed for first year students who want community service and social change work to be a central part of their Brown experience.

James Rosenberg Providence Rhode Island — Retired. 20 year career as a poet.

Julie Kozlow Greenville South Carolina

Arthur Segal Hilton Head Island South Carolina — Rent-a-rabbi into eco-Judaism. Hilton head has one synagogue. The Rabbi is Brad Bloom.

Heidi Coretz Dallas Texas

Sue Levy Houston Texas

Andrew Paley Dallas Texas

Samuel M. Stahl San Antonio Texas — Retired

Joshua Taub Beaumont Texas

Howard Cohen Bennington Vermont

Dov Taylor Woodstock Vermont

Rosalind Gold Reston Virginia — Retired

Michael Knopf Richmond Virginia

Lynne Landsberg Staunton Virginia — Political activist. Senior Advisor on Disability Issues for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington, DC. Rabbi Landsberg is co-founder and co-chair of the DC Jewish Disability Network—a coalition of national Jewish movements and organizations advocating for the civil and human rights of people with disabilities.

Ben Romer Midlothian Virginia

Jeffrey Saxe Falls Church Virginia — He is the junior rabbi at Temple Rodef Shalom. The senior rabbi is Amy Schwartzman.

Daniel Bridge Seattle Washington — Works at Public Relations firm Xanthus as a “youth and culture expert.” Holds degrees in a huge array of disciplines, including German Language and Literature, Microbiology.

Ted Falcon Seattle Washington — Retired. Founded Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue. He completed his final year as Bet Alef’s senior rabbi at the end of 2009 so that he could devote his time to writing, teaching, spiritual counseling, and interfaith work. He was the Scholar-in-Residence of Unity of Bellevue in 2010 and 2011.

David Fine Bellevue Washington

Jay Heyman Seattle Washington — Rent-a-Rabbi. Shalom Spiritual Resources.

Jonathan Biatch Madison Wisconsin

David Brusin Milwaukee Wisconsin — Retired

Charles Feinberg Washington District of Columbia — Political activist. Executive Director of Interfaith Action for Human Rights. Lists Adas Israel as his rabbinic home and does run some support groups, but the senior rabbi there is Gil Steinlauf.

Krayna Feinberg Washington District of Columbia — Owner of Krayna’s Creations, which sells retail and consumer merchandise. Married to Charles Feinberg.

Derek Rosenbaum Washington District of Columbia — Teacher at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. RRC grad.

Gerald Serotta Washington District of Columbia — Political activist community organizer. Executive Director at Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington. ICF brings together eleven historic faith communities to promote dialogue, understanding and a sense of community and to work cooperatively for social and economic justice through the DC region.ICF mission 

Daniel Zemel Washington District of Columbia

As you can see, only 151 of these 340 people are truly rabbis. The number of rabbis opposing the Iran deal is far greater. Rabbis who actually do the work of being a rabbi oppose the Iran deal.


Democrats must nominate Bernie Sanders for President

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Democrats must nominate Bernie Sanders for President



NFL 2015 Preseason: Week 2 Raiders Recap

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

NFL 2015 Preseason: Week 2 Raiders Recap

The Oakland Raiders traveled to Minnesota to play the Vikings in the second preseason game for both teams.

While these franchises have both had some tough times in recent years, there is excitement in both quarterbacks Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater. They impressed as rookies, and do not look to regress in their sophomore season.

The Vikings got the football first and soon faced third and nine at their own 21. Bridgewater threw incomplete but D.J. Hayden was called for illegal contact. While the defense eventually held at the Oakland 46, the penalty changed the game from a field position standpoint. A terrific punt had the Raiders starting at their own 2 yard line and going nowhere. A poor punt had the Vikings starting at the Oakland 39, but the starting defense did just enough. On 4th and 3 from the Oakland 17, superstar kicker Blair Walsh actually missed a 35 yard field goal.

The Raiders began their second possession on their own 25, and this time the starters did well. Latavius Murray ran for gains of 6 and 9 yards. Carr hit Marcel Reece for 12 more. Then came the play that had Al Davis smiling from above. From the Minnesota 48, Carr went for the bomb to Amare Cooper for a 40 yard gain. Murray would run it in from two yards out to make it 6-0 Raiders. With the new extra point rule in effect, the Raiders went for 2. Murray was stopped short.

Sebastian Janikowski sent the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving the Vikings the ball at their own 40. Bridgewater moved the Vikings easily, and the second quarter began with him throwing a 10 yard touchdown to Johnson to tie the game. Walsh’s struggles continued as he missed the extra point for a 6-6 tie. Bridgewater was done for the night while Carr stayed in for two more series. Murray was out and Trent Richardson came in. Again, Richardson was ineffective. Minnesota backup Shawn Hill was intercepted, and with 6 1/2 minutes left in the half Christian Ponder came in for Carr to face his old team.

Taiwan Jones had a 10 yard run, but Richardson lost 5 yards on the next play. Ponder would lead the Silver and Black down to the 5 yard line, but a short pass lost 3 yards and then Ponder threw incomplete. The field goal was good as the Raiders led 9-6 with only 2 minutes left in the half.

The backups on the Oakland defense then melted down as Hill moved the Vikings 80 yards in 13 plays. With 8 seconds left in the half, Hill threw a touchdown pass to give the Vikings the 13-9 halftime lead.

Ponder did well to start the third quarter, moving the Raiders from their 20 to a 4th and 3 at the Minnesota 35. In the regular season this would mean a 53-yard field goal for Seabass. This is preseason, so Jack Del Ri0 decided to go for it. Ponder lost a yard.

Minnesota’s third string quarterback came in. Heineke was quickly hit and fumbled, giving the Raiders the ball at the Minnesota 29. Ponder could not take advantage, as the Raiders were forced to settle for a 37 yard field goal to trail 13-12.

With less than four minutes left in the third quarter after the Vikings went 3 and out, third string Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin came in. McGloin sometimes looks brilliant, but he is a very raw talent. From the Oakland 12, his first pass was intercepted at the 22 and returned all the way to the one yard line. On third and goal, the Vikings banged it in for a 20-12 lead.

McGloin could not get anything going but the game was an absolute nightmare for Blair Walsh. Midway through the fourth quarter Walsh missed again from 38 yards out. With just over one minute left Walsh missed from 49 yards out. Oakland’s fourth string quarterback Fajardo came in and tried to rally the Raiders from their own 39. The Raiders went virtually nowhere as Fajardo was intercepted near midfield with 16 second left.

Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and Latavius Murray could be the new triplets. let’s not put them in Canton yet, but they are all quite good. Trent Richardson is awful. Ponder and McGloin are both too much of a see-saw ride. The Raiders will be in big trouble if their starters go down. As for Blair Walsh, the former Pro Bowler may not even make the Minnesota roster if he keeps shanking short field goal tries. It was ugly, as preseason often is, but Mike Zimmer and Jack Del Rio can both find some positives and some room to improve.

20-12 Vikings

Hillary Clinton is never going to jail

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Hillary Clinton is never going to jail


Hillary Clinton will not allow Bernie Sanders to win

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Hillary Clinton will not allow Bernie Sanders to win


Hillary Clinton praises herself for clean server she cleaned

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Hillary Clinton praises herself for clean server she cleaned


NFL 2015 Preseason: Week 1 Raiders Recap

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

NFL 2015 Preseason: Week 1 Raiders Recap

The nightmare known as the NFL offseason is over. The Oakland Raiders played their first preseason game on Friday night against the St. Louis Rams. These teams both used to play in Los Angeles, and they may do so again. That is business. Friday night was about football, and only football.

Normally the preseason Raider games are called by Jim Plunkett, Tom Flores and Greg Papa. This time it was Tim Brown, Matt Millen and Beth Brown.

The Raiders have fallen on hard times since their 2002 Super Bowl run, but there is significantly more optimism than in past years. Coach Jack Del Rio has young building blocks in quarterback Derek Carr, running back Latavius Murray, receiver Amari Cooper and defensive standout Khalil Mack.

With ACDC’s “Thunderstruck” and Guns n Roses’s “Welcome to the Jungle” blaring, Sebastian Janikowski boomed a touchback to start the 2015 NFL preseason.

Sam Bradford has been shipped off to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Nick Foles. Foles began by immediately tossing a long completion to a wide open receiver. After only two plays, the Rams were in the red zone. The Rams rookie running back Todd Gurley had the night off. On third down and four from the Oakland 14, a well thrown ball to the end zone was well defended incomplete. Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein hit the 32-yard field goal for the 3-0 Rams lead.

Trindan Holliday fumbled the ensuing kickoff and covered it up in the end zone for a touchback. On the second play from scrimmage, Carr and Cooper had their first connection, and it went for a first down. After another short completion to Cooper, Murray took a delayed handoff for 17 yards.

Last year the Raiders ran a boring, predictable, dink and dunk West Coast Offense, especially early on. Del Rio is determined to open up the playbook. Cooper was used on a reverse. On third and four from the Rams 40, Carr quickly fired over the middle to Kenbrell Thompkins for six yards and a first down. Carr was being utilized in various different ways. He took snaps out of the shotgun and behind center. He stayed in the pocket and he rolled out. On third and two from the Rams 26, Carr went for the bomb. The ball was well defended incomplete. Seabass hit the 44-yarder to tie the game 3-3.

On the next Rams drive, on third down and four from the Rams 40, Foles was sacked. However, holding penalties on both teams gave the Rams another chance. Folks was sacked again. Khalil Mack delivered the pressure and Shelby Harris took Foles down for a 14-yard loss. Holliday returned the punt 22 yards as the Raiders took over at the Rams 48.

Carr immediately hit Michael Crabtree for a 15 yard gain. Murray looked good on successive carries, bouncing his way from a loss into a gain that created first and goal at the six. On second down as the opening quarter was ending, Carr fired to the end zone and was intercepted. Carr never saw the defender.

The second quarter began with Foles calling it a night and being replaced with Case Keenum. The Rams punted and a moment of amusement occurred when Carr tried to sneak back on the field to stay in the game. Del Rio was having none of it. Carr came off the field and was done for the night. So was Murray. Christian Ponder and Trent Richardson now had their chance to show that they were not busts.

Ponder avoided a sack and scrambled for a first down. He found Bruce Butler for a 16-yard gain as the Rams got caught twice for defensive holding. Another long completion by Ponder had the Raiders again inside the Rams 10. On third and goal Ponder fired to Andre Holmes for the touchdown. With six minutes left in the half the Raiders decided on practicing a two-point conversion due to the change in the extra point rule. Ponder fired a completion but the officials ruled that while the receiver’s feet were in the end zone, the ball did not break the plane. The Raiders led 9-3.

The Raiders were ready on the ensuing kickoff, as the Rams took over at their own 12. After the two minute warning and facing third and 21, the Rams surprisingly ran the ball, gaining seven yards. A shanked punt had the Raiders taking over at their own 41 with 1:41 left. With 35 seconds left in the half the Raiders were called for offensive pass interference. That was actually the first penalty the Silver and Black had in the entire first half. Curious play-calling in the last two minutes had the Raiders run the ball and throw short. On the last play of the half, rather than throw a Hail Mary or try a 63 yard field goal, Ponder threw a short pass that was intercepted.

The third quarter saw third string quarterback Matt McGloin come in for the Raiders. McGloin’s strength is the deep ball, and on third and nine he found his receiver for a first down. Yet it was some quick short passes that went for big gains as McGloin had the Raiders in the red zone. On second and one from the 19, McGloin fired a pass right in the receiver’s hands near the goal line. After getting blasted by the defender, the ball fell incomplete. An badly designed delayed run on third and one was blown up in the backfield as the Raiders settled for a field goal and a 12-3 lead.

Jeff Fisher is known for discipline, but his team committed critical penalties on both sides of the ball. A big gain was wiped out by offensive holding. The Raiders struggled on third down defense, as the Rams converted six of their first ten third down conversion attempts. Keenum moved the ball well but the drive eventually bogged down. With two minutes left in the third quarter, a backup kicker for the Rams missed a 48-yard try.

With 12 minutes left in regulation, McGloin found Brice Butler for a 16-yard touchdown. The Raiders again went for the two-point conversion and the pass was broken up. The Raiders led 18-3 as McGloin completed 10 of his first 11 passes.

The Rams and Raiders may both have third string quarterbacks who could be bumped up to the second string spot. The Rams had a brief spark until their quarterback got blown up on a blindside hit. With less than nine minutes left the Raiders brought in their fourth string quarterback Cody Fajardo. Also in the game was running back George Atkinson III, son of the Raiders defensive legend. The drive would stall, but not until Fajardo had taken five minutes off the clock. When Marquette King punted the ball with four minutes left, it was the first Raiders punt of the night.

The Rams brought in their fourth string quarterback for some snaps. After converting one fourth down, the Rams suffered a delay of game penalty on fourth and six that was the final mistake on a night filled with them. On the other hand, the Raiders had only two penalties the entire game, and one of them was on punt coverage. The Raiders are a young team, but they are improved from an ability and attitude standpoint.

Jack Del Rio and Jeff Fisher are both USC guys, and they shared a lengthy and friendly chat during the postgame handshake. This is only one preseason game, but there is legitimate cause for cautious optimism for the Raider Nation.

18-3 Raiders

Leftist protesters protesting stuff while water remains wet

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Leftist protesters protesting stuff while water remains wet