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Eric Cantor Under Siege Part II–Salon violence from bigot Joan Walsh

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

As Jews celebrate Passover, one Jew will not be allowed to have a moment of peace on this holiday or any other day.

Congressman Eric Cantor is under siege because he is a Republican Jew who exists and breathes air.

It is bad enough that a left-wing crackpot threatened to kill him and his entire family.

It is bad enough that his office was shot at.

Left-wing zealot Joan Walsh of Salon decided to engage in some good old-fashioned ideological bigotry by accusing Congressman Cantor of crying wolf.

Even by liberal standards, the column is too disgusting to link to.

The title of the column is “Eric Cantor’s Phony Victim Story.”

The subtitle is even more vile.

“His false claim of office gunshots functioned as the Ashley Todd tale of 2010, distracting from right-wing violence.”

Ms. Walsh is pathetic on so many levels. Even liberals should be embarrassed by this pen wielding zealot.

First of all, his claims were not false. They were absolutely true, and have been proven true.

Secondly, Ms. Walsh has zero problems taking liberal claims of right-wing slurs at face value.

This is where liberals get all condescending and start acting like themselves. They claim that the people making the claims are “credible,” and that they would “sooner believe such good people as opposed to the bad people being accused.” This is nuts. What this means when translated is that because the accusers are ideologically desired, they have to be telling the truth.

That is an emotional argument. It does not matter if the accusers are credible. A story used to remain unreported until two or even three separate, independent and verifiable sources corroborated the story. In today’s world, anything bad about a conservative has to be true because conservatives are evil themselves.

There is no evidence that Congressmen Clyburn or Frank were slurred. There is evidence that Anthony Weiner and Eric Cantor were victims of domestic terrorism. It is not about politics. It is about evidence.

Does this make Clyburn and Frank liars? Perhaps not. They could have simply misheard something. That is an honest mistake. I personally suspect Frank is lying through his teeth, but that is not evidence either.

Thirdly, it is the left trying to distract from left-wing violence. It is not possible to distract from right-wing violence because the right gets covered by the media. They have no place to hide bad behavior. The left gets a free ride. That is why the left despises Fox News and talk radio. They miss the days of abusing the right with impunity.

At no time has the left apologized for the murder attempt on Katherine Harris or the movies advocating the assassination of President George W. Bush.

(Leftists who claim they should not be blamed for random bad actors should stop blaming every conservative or even every Tea Party person for an isolated bad actor that has not even surfaced yet. That is the entire point. The left does this deliberately.)

There is nothing the right is doing in this country that comes close to the left. Yes, there are militias, but when was the last time a militia actually did something? Also, militias are the fringes. The haters on the left are the mainstream of the party. Right-wing agitators are an aberration. Left-wing speech is hate speech. The right condemns the bad behavior. The left revels in it and celebrates it.

Lastly, and this will shock Ms. Walsh because it involves coherent thought, there is no mass right-wing violence in this country. It does not exist.

Name a left-wing speaker on a campus that was shouted down or targeted violently. I can name dozens of conservative speakers facing threats to their lives.

Compare the rare occasion anti-abortion violence occurs with the number of eco-terrorism and animal rights violence. It is not even close. The greeniacs and critter worshippers win hands down.

Compare that when a conservative breathes incorrectly, liberals blame every Republican on Earth. Yet when a left-wing wacko tries to murder Eric Cantor, there is silence.

So what happens to leftist terrorists? In the case of Bill Ayers, they become schoolteachers.

In the case of Ms. Walsh, a leftist terrorist herself (If she can accuse talk radio hosts of fomenting violence, then I can accuse her columns of fomenting violence. Do I believe this? No. Would it be healthy for her to get some of her own bile medicine shoved down her leftist throat? Absolutely.), she has some hate speech for Mr. Cantor that is as disgusting as it is plain wrong.

“No one is accusing Cantor of shooting up his own office…”

Nobody is accusing Ms. Walsh of being a hybrid between Joseph Stalin and Maureen Dowd, but…When somebody says “I am not saying…,” they are saying exactly what they claim not to be saying. So yes, she is saying Cantor shot up his own office by even planting the seed.

“No one is accusing Cantor of shooting up his own office, but from the minute he made his claim–also implying he was targeted because he was Jewish…”

He did not say that. He said he has received threats in the past because he is Jewish. Perhaps Ms. Walsh should read my hate mail. Republican Jews are not beloved, especially with savages like Ms. Walsh inciting the left-wing crazies (keep blaming her until she stops using the same tactic). Mr. Cantor did not say this incident was because he was Jewish. To rule out that angle would be foolish. We now know that his Judaism absolutely was a factor.

Ms. Walsh is so wrong on so many points that she should work for the Jayson Blair Times.

“…targeted because he was Jewish…it was almost certain to be untrue.”

It was true, you leftist bigot. It happened. Even the producers of 60 Minutes could not cover this one up. A man tried to murder Eric Cantor and his family.

“On CNN Thursday night, Gloria Borger insisted that not only should tea parties rein in their members, but ‘Moveon too.’ It’s crazy time.”

I agree with Ms. Walsh. The two should not be equated. Most tea party attendees are civilized. They may yell in the town square, but that is what the town square allows. Moveon contains the most unsavory aspects of America. They advocate violence, and carry out protests that go beyond anything the First Amendment protects. Unlike the Tea Parties, Moveon lunacy by their members, along with Code Pinko violence, is well documented. Code Pinko engaged in a violent disruption of a Karl Rove book signing the other day. What they yelled cannot be printed. I wonder what Walsh, Clyburn, and Frank feel about that.

There is no moral equivalence. Replace the word Jewish with Republican. Replace the word Palesimian with liberal democrat. The left are verbal suicide bombers, only less warm and fuzzy.

While wondering which member of MSNBC will be the first one to strap on a suicide belt and head toward a tea party or Fox News headquarters (eliminating the competition literally could help their pathetic leftist ratings…not rantings, but ratings), I wrote Ms. Walsh an email that was far more polite than she deserved.

“Ms. Walsh,

I wrote a book called “Ideological Bigotry.”

I did the research as to why the left hates the right. It is because we exist and breathe air. Minority conservatives such as Michael Steele, Sarah Palin, and Eric Cantor are targeted for extra abuse.

One can disagree without being guilty of ideological bigotry, but I am afraid your most recent column attacking Eric Cantor has gone so far beyond the pale of reasonable discourse.

Now that a man has been arrested, you may wish to apologize for accusing Mr. Cantor of crying wolf.

Barney Frank and James Clyburn made unsubstantiated claims, which you accepted as gospel. Eric Cantor made a claim, and you dismissed it. Now we see he has every right to be concerned.

I am a Republican Jew and son of a Holocaust survivor. I know what happens when threats are not taken seriously.

I doubt you will apologize to Congressman Cantor, or even consider my words. Just know that while I was calling Congressman Weiner to pray for his family as well, you were spreading poison.

It is possible to be liberal without being hateful. I hope as Passover and Easter approach, you consider doing this.


eric @ the Tygrrrr Express”

So why does the left not apologize for the violence against Eric Cantor and other conservatives?

Because they support it. They favor it. They may not support his murder (debatable), but they are delighted by his being intimidated. That is what community organizing is about. Bully, threaten, and silence conservatives into submission, and get liberal federal dollars to continue the abuse.

They can claim until they are blue in the face otherwise, but the left is an entire party of community organizers.

Al Sharpton yells “no justice, no peace” and calls Jewish business owners “diamond merchants.” Jewish businesses burn, and Sharpton is still a respected speaker in liberal circles.

This is the left. The right marginalizes David Duke. The left lionizes Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Shoes are thrown at President Bush, and the left laughs. Yet criticizing Obama on anything is proof of racism and right-wing extremism, even though he won an election with white support.

Eric Cantor and his family face a murder attempt, and liberals accuse him of fabricating the entire incident.

What is it going to take for these leftist media savages to apologize?

For once in their worthless, wretched, leftist lives can they admit that they were wrong? Can they admit that the murder of Eric Cantor would be a bad thing? Do they even think this? Or would the murder of an Obamacare opponent be celebrated?

When does the madness on the left stop?

I would not celebrate the murder of Joan Walsh. I am sure somebody benefits by her existence, although I have not met that person.

The left will continue to make excuses for disgusting creatures like her while having the nerve to blame Eric Cantor.

The evidence, which liberals refuse to acknowledge, is in. It is there for all to see.

The left doesn’t care. Talking about mythical right-wing violence and nonsense about a map with “targets” on it is a distraction from real bullets by a leftist at Eric Cantor.

Liberals celebrating Easter and Passover should skip their holidays and avoid any churches and synagogues until they develop compassion for their fellow human. Yes, Eric Cantor is human.

I prayed for Anthony Weiner. The left should pray for Eric Cantor.

Otherwise, when the right has had enough…there might actually be right-wing violence (which I would condemn). We will start acting like them. Right-wingers will snap and run over them with our cars.

Will they deserve it? Nobody deserves this.

Yet liberals have stoked the fire. If it rages out of control, they will not be able to put out the blaze they set.

I wish no ill will on Joan Walsh, but I will remain indifferent to any human suffering she incurs.

After all, she all but endorsed violence against Eric Cantor by rationalizing and justifying it.

Joan Walsh has potential blood on her hands.

Using the same tactics the left uses to bully the right, what does that make Ms. Walsh?

A typical liberal ideological bigot.


Eric Cantor Under Siege–Violence on Passover

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

My prediction has come true. Eric Cantor is under attack. Threats have been made against his life and the lives of his family.

A man named Norman Leboon has been arrested and charged for making videos containing explicit threats to Congressman Cantor.

I made two predictions after the 2008 election.

The first prediction was that the left would not calm down after taking over the White House. They would only get angrier because they would not have anybody to blame if they failed to govern. They demanded quick action, and became hostile when the slow crawl of government failed to move at warp speed.

My second prediction was that Eric Cantor would be the new conservative bogeyman. Liberals hate conservatives for existing and breathing air. Minority conservatives get it worse. Michael Steele has been attacked, although with nothing compared to the barrage launched at Sarah Palin.

Yet Sarah Palin is not in government. She and George W. Bush (not Jewish, but hostage to a Neocon cabal of Jews, so the haters say) are now private citizens. John Boehner is the highest ranking house Republican, but he is not a minority. Eric Cantor is Jewish. He therefore has to be ripped to shreds.

While liberals are claiming that the right is hurling epithets at them, not a single shred of evidence has been proffered. Congressman Cantor, on the other hand, has offered us solid evidence. The FBI does not arrest people for sport. Eric Cantor had his life and his family threatened.

As Jews try to enjoy Passover, Seders take on a vital role in 2010. With terrorism worldwide on the rise and a shaky global economy, the Seder (Passover meal) is supposed to be a respite from the worries of the world.

It seems everybody in this country is allowed peace and quiet except minority conservatives. There is no mercy for Jewish Republicans.

After all, only people who truly despise Republicans could blame Eric Cantor for Norman Leboon. Members of the media have taken the tack that Mr. Cantor brought this upon himself (Wait until tomorrow…unlike liberals, I back up my charges wirh documented evidence). This is similar to the Jeremiah Wright comment about chickens coming home to roost on 9/11.

Does the media have such a pathological hatred of conservatives that they can whitewash assassination attempts and blame the victim? Of course they can.

Norman Leboon was a left-wing Obama supporter. If he was a right-wing guy with a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker, this would be the lead news story. After all, only a liberal could think that arresting militia members who were taking about doing bad things is a bigger concern than arresting people that already did them.

Only liberals could be more concerned with senior citizens yelling “kill the bill” or Sarah Palin saying “reload” rather than Norman Leboon trying to murder Eric Cantor.

I understand that liberals cannot and will not ever see conservatives as human beings, but they might wish to look the Cantor children in the eyes and explain to them why their father does not deserve to live.

Where is the outrage? Alleged slurs that never happened (prove me wrong, show me evidence) are treated like the second coming of lynchings while a man that did want to murder Eric Cantor is a back page story.

A sitting Congressman had the nerve to vocally oppose Obamacare. An Obama supporter tried to kill him.

Anybody who thinks “both sides do it” is living in fantasyland. Conservatives don’t key cars. We don’t run over liberals in our car the way a Gore supporter tried to do to Katherine Harris. We don’t throw shoes at politicians.

When a liberal is the aggressor, there is silence. When a conservative is the victim, the bad behavior is justified and whitewashed.

There is no justification for the reaction to the murder plot against Eric Cantor. From stoned silence to pathetic rationalizations, the left stays consistent.

Nobody seems to be blaming Ed Schultz or other left-wing hate radio for riling people up into a frenzy. After all, if Glenn Beck is responsible for the mythical threats against Jim Clyburn and Barney Frank, surely every leftist in the country should take some heat for Norman Leboon.

(Of course all liberals are not to blame for this. Now they can shut up about blaming the right for anything and everything.)

The left will insist this was an isolated nutcase doing a bad thing.

Then they will go about blaming everybody from Limbaugh to Cantor himself for the murder attempt.

They already have.

Somebody needs to grab these liberals by their prattling throats, shove them up against the wall, and explain it to them in simple terms.

(Do not do this literally. I do not want to be accused of incitement. I am not a liberal, so I do not have an entire media to excuse misdeeds and antisocial behavior.)

Eric Cantor is a human being. Nothing he did justifies what he has faced from Norman Leboon to other credible and…unlike Clyburn and Frank…verified…threats.

His children do not deserve to be obliterated. They deserve to live and sleep in peace.

As for liberals who say “can’t we just talk about something else, like how every Republican like Cantor who is against Obamacare is a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe?” the answer is a resounding no.

If Muslim Keith Ellison was attacked on Ramadan, the ACLU would be rushing to defend him.

Eric Cantor was attacked on the eve of his Jewish holiday.

If liberals had any decency, they would rise up, condemn the attempted murderer, and offer support for Eric Cantor.

I offered support for Anthony Weiner last week. Will any liberals stand up for Eric Cantor?

Of course not. If they did, they would not be liberals.

To all the liberal Jews celebrating Passover, I am so proud that you could spend hours reading about escaping from bondage while refusing to stand up for one of your own.

Until Eric Cantor gets to celebrate Passover in peace, not one liberal in this country should bother engaging in any religious rituals of any kind.

Stand with Eric Cantor, or sit down and be quiet.

Actually, liberals should just do both. Unlike Eric Cantor, they have nothing to say on this issue.

They live in glass houses, while throwing stones and firing bullets.

The bullet did not harm Eric Cantor this time.

It did put Republicans on notice, especially Jewish ones.

The violence on Passover is a harbinger of thing to come. Republicans are under siege.

Until we are dead, the left will not stop.

May God bless and protect Eric Cantor and his family always, and smite down his enemies with the same power and ferocity that took down Pharoah and the Egyptian enslavers of Moses and his fellow Jews.


Terrorism Hits Moscow

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Terrorism has hit Moscow.

A pair of twin bombs have rocked Russia and killed 37 people. While the devastation has not rivaled New York, London, Mumbai, Bali, or Madrid in terms of the number of casualties, the attacks have reminded us of the evil of terrorism.

I have to admit I am very surprised by these attacks. I did not think this would happen in Russia for one reason.

I did not expect this in the nation Vladimir Putin (for all intents and purposes) runs.

It is one thing to attack the United States. The ACLU is there to ensure that our government does not accomplish anything (or overreact if one supports the ACLU).

Putin does not face the constraints of democracy. He has shown in the pass a willingness to crush rebel groups in his nation.

As much as this gets me in trouble with lovers of democracy world wide (myself included), I admire Vladimir Putin.

I would not want to live under his rule. I believe the American way of life and democracy is better than dictatorship. Yet the one time a leader must take bold action and make unpopular decisions is when the nation and people are under siege. Vladimir Putin gets things done.

When rebel groups took over a school and held hundreds of children hostage, Putin did not mess around. He knew that the children were dead once the school was taken over. He let the terrorists know that he was going to have his men go in and kill them all. The terrorists called his bluff. He was not bluffing.

After that, rebel groups in Russia looked in the mirror, thought about Putin, and asked, “Who needs this?” Golf and macrame were less exciting, but getting blown to kingdom come by an iron leader was not what they wanted.

Has anybody noticed that Somali Pirates have for the most part not targeted Russian ships?

Has anybody noticed that Russians are not being taken hostage?

It is one thing to attack America, England, India, Spain or Australia.

You don’t attack Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

These attacks tell me that either Russia is getting softer (doubtful), or the terrorists are getting bolder (very likely). Whoever these killers are, they are not afraid to die. If they are, they attacked the wrong country.

Putin is not going to rest until these killers are hunted down and executed. Collateral damage will not be a consideration. Torture most likely will occur.

This is the American dilemma. The struggle between liberty and safety is a neverending tightrope. Ben Franklin once said that “anybody who sacrifices liberty for even temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.”

Yet human beings get angry. After 9/11 most people did not want to hear about human rights. We felt bloodlust, and wanted the bad guys killed.

We do not have the right to tell Russia how to govern. We may chafe at some of the tactics that will be used to find the murderers. Yet in the moments following an attack, what the people want is for their leaders to “get the d@mn job done.”

Right now the world is grieving for the Russian people.

As Americans, we are heartsick for them. As lovers of freedom, we hate terrorism.

The truth is we want the Russians to serve up steaks without knowing how the cows are being slaughtered.

All I know is that the sleeping Russian bear has awoken. The terrorists got their shot in.

I doubt it will be worth it for them. I suspect that all of Russia does not contain enough room for them to hide. Mr. Putin will scorch the Earth to get them.

The ACLU will not stop him.

Mr. Putin, your nation was attacked. Do what you have to do. Get the bad guys and kill them.

This is war.


Sack Attack, Mad Stork, and me

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010, was a great day in football history as an epic championship played itself out.

For those not chronicling my every move, I am a two time football champion. The football league Planet Social Sports had its championship, and Sack Attack was playing for the championship.

The team was originally known as Slamathon, changed its name to Kiss Da Baby, and is now Sack Attack. After the last championship, there were several changes to the team.

In an incredibly minor change, I retired. In a major change, team leader and quarterback Scott Kirby was traded to a team in Virginia. Not since Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Oilers to the Kings has the sports world been so affected. Actually, Gretzky left for a girl, and so did our leader Scotty Tecate. He and his fiancee are happy on the East Coast, but this year the team had to win without him.

His brother Ryan Kirby took over quarterbacking duties. With Scott as Peyton Manning, the question would be whether Ryan was to be Eli Manning or Jim Sorgi. More importantly, Ryan had to settle for the nickname Rybo, as his desired nickname of RJ never caught on.

Yet like the 1998 Vikings, the quarterback chucking it up has an easier job when the ridiculous all world receiver Andrew Baumgartner is doing his Randy Moss impersonation.

This coed league not only features hot girls, but they play football well. Let me reverse that. Not only are they good football players, but they are hot as well.

Although I am retired, I harkened back to the past and summoned up Mad Stork Ted Hendricks to inspire me in my post football career.

The 1983 Raiders won it all, and Hendricks, like me, retired on top. Yet he could not stay away. In 1984 he would stay on the sidelines and cheer on his teammates.

As the defending champions played the 12-1 Miami Dolphins, Dan Marino was tearing up the league. In Miami, a chaplain before the game asked God to pray for the Dolphins to win. On the last play of the half, the Raiders led 17-13, but the Dolphins had the ball at the Raiders one yard line. Don Shula called for a running back to go over the top. He did, and got rocked backwards by the Silver and Black defense. The Raiders triumphantly went to the locker room at the break.

In the locker room, the retired Hendricks, as intense as ever, yelled at his teammates. He then slammed his head into a locker and said, “That is how you are supposed to hit people. In the second half, take no prisoners, and that goes for that god d@mn minister as well. The God I believe in doesn’t give a d@mn about the Dolphins.”

It should be noted that the locker was dented in, while Hendricks did not have a scratch on his head.

The Raiders won the game 45-34. After the game, Hendricks was standing up in the lavatory when he accidentally dropped a $5 bill in the bowl. It fell out of his wallet. A Dolphins player came in the Raiders locker room and saw him angry about this. He then threw a $100 bill in the bowl, placed his hand in there, and scooped out the $105.

The player asked him why he threw the extra $100 in the bowl, Mad Stork replied, “If you think I’m sticking my hand in there for $5, you’re crazy.”

When you’re a champion, you can do this.

I can’t stay away. Football is a narcotic. I found my league t-shirt, and just before the game started, made my way toward the field. I asked the question every male athlete longs to ask.

“Anybody need a cheerleader?”

I was greeted warmly, and the high-5s flowed. To stay on the sidelines and watch others play football is tough, but if Ted Hendricks can do it, so can I. Besides, Ted Hendricks has nothing on Ashley Debeillo. She is one of our female receivers who broke her fingers because Rybo throws the ball too d@mn hard. To quote Mike Holmgren lecturing Brett Favre (a man who has retired as many times as me), “Are you trying to kill all of our receivers?” Ashley cheered with me on the sidelines.

To quote Alvin Mack in “the Program,” it was time to kill em all and let the paramedics sort em out. It was time to play football.

In the semifinals, Sack Attack had a comfortable 36-20 lead. A furious rally by the opponents had it a 36-32 game. We needed one more score to lock it up. With one minute to go, we had the ball 3rd and goal. Ryan stepped back, rifled high to Andrew, and watched Andrew do what he does. Between double coverage, Andrew came down with it. He is ridiculous, and the 44-32 win propelled Sack Attack into the finals.

While the other team was very good, our lime green jerseys should have been the difference. The other team wore pink. I don’t care how good you are. You don’t lose to a pink team. These guys were so comfortable with themselves that they even wore pink eye stuff instead of the usual black.

The team seemed tight. I think it was because the law banning alcohol from the park was finally being enforced.

Sack Attack led 8-0 when the opponents faced 4th and very long. Somehow our defense broke down, and they scored to make it 8-6. Sack Attack moved methodically down the field, but a rifled pass that could have been a touchdown was deflected and intercepted. In an even bigger shocker, the other team clamped down. A smothering pink defense had Sack Attack trailing 14-8 at halftime.

In the second half Sack Attack went right to work. A touchdown tied the game 14-14, and Andrew, playing like a demon possessed, intercepted a pass, leading to a 22-14 Sack Attack lead. The pinkies tied it up 22-22, but Sack Attack took a 30-22 lead late. With only one minute to play, the pinkos needed a miracle. Sadly, they got one.

Expecting a long pass, I give the pinks credit for going into the bag of tricks. The quarterback lateraled. The runner lateraled it back to the quarterback. He went for the bomb and found a wide open receiver for the touchdown.

Chaos ensued, as this appeared to be the replay of the 1999 Bills-Oilers Adelphia Music City Miracle. Although one of the passes was thought to have been forward, there is no instant replay at intramural football games. I did not Tivo the play. The refs ruled that the laterals were backward. A stop on the 2 point conversion would have ended things, but the pinks converted and it was 30-30 with seconds left.  A final desperation pass that would have been a miracle finish was bobbled and dropped. The championship would go into overtime.

The NFL has recently changed their overtime rules for the playoffs. What this means is that the NFL took something perfect and screwed it up. Whether politics, sports, or anything else, I hate change.

Even more bizarre than the new NFL overtime rules are the overtime rules for Planet Social Sports.

During regular season games, one out of every three plays has to be a gender play. The play has to involve a woman, whether they play quarterback or receive the ball. This is to make sure the league truly is coed, and everyone participates.

In overtime, none of us actually knew the rules. We had to learn them quickly. Every single play had to be a gender play. It was not sudden death. Each team would alternate plays from the opponent’s 20. Not drives, but single plays.

The pinks went first. They fired incomplete. Sack Attack took the field. Ryan had the ball hiked to him, threw to Nikki Fleming in the corner, and Fleming caught it for the thrilling 36-30 victory.

Lime green Sack Attack supporters raised their fists in the air. The empire had come so close to collapsing. It teetered and tottered, but when the dust settled, six straight championships stood as a testament to resilience. Each year staying on top gets tougher, and the pinks took us to the limit.

Tiffany, Nikki, Rebecca, Mike, Ryan, Andrew, and Chris had done it again. Brittney was in Las Vegas, but she is part of the Sack Attack family. Some new players contributed as well. The pregame cheer on three was for our ex-leader Scott. He was with us in spirit.

At the bar afterward, winners and runner-ups alike bonded over flip cup, beer pong, and socializing. One odd fellow regaled us with stories of sniffing cocaine off of a woman’s backside, perhaps not realizing that this was blatantly illegal.

As the team drank beers and I drank my customary diet coke with no ice and lime, the team asked if I would come out of retirement. Like Brett Favre, I said I was retired but am still waffling.

Like Ted Hendricks, I just can’t pull myself away.

Bill Parcells once referred to what he calls “parking lot players.” These are guys who would show up at a grocery store parking lot at 6am on a Wednesday if you told them a football game would be played. The road to a championship is tough, but as Parcells has said to his championship players, “this is why you lift all them weights.”

The only thing I lifted on this day was a t-shirt, the equivalent of a lime green terrible towel.

My teammates are great. Even though I am retired, they are still my teammates. Before the championship, they yelled for me to join the pregame huddle. Once a teammate, always a teammate.

Scott left the team in very capable hands. As for Ryan, forget Eli and Sorgi. I am upgrading him from Rybo to RJ. You win a championship at quarterback, you’ve earned it. Well done RJ.

Well done Slamathon/Kis Da Baby/Sack Attack. Six straight championships…well done indeed.

Knowing how great this team is…I can stay retired.

Like Ted Hendricks, I can still cheer from the sidelines.


Activism and Passivism Saturday

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Today was going to be activism Saturday. I was galvanized and ready to go.

A drive from Los Angeles to Nevada would have had me helping to kick of the Tea Party Express with 10,000 people. Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, and others are doing the Showdown in Searchlight. Then in the evening Ann Coulter leads the Henderson rally.

I would tell you all about it, but I did not go.

In Los Angeles, Vice President Cheney is speaking at the Claremont Institute’s 30th anniversary dinner.

I do love Cheney, and would tell you all about that event, except I am not going.

The Young Republicans are fired up today. Some of them flew from Northern California to Southern California to run phone banks and walk precincts for Sunder Ramani. Jane Barnett heads the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, and I am sure the Barnett Brigades and their Red Strike Team will tear liberals asunder for Sunder. I met Sunder. He is very impressive. The special election is April 13th.

I would say more, but I did not join them.

Yes, there is activism all around me, but it is tough to fire up the world and sleep until 11am at the same time. Actually, I was up at the crack of 10:45, but even the 15 minute head start did not help enough.

Yes, today is Passivism Saturday.

The weather is beautiful outside. I could sing “Pleasant Valley Sunday” by the Monkees, but that will not happen. I live on the Westside, not the Valley. Today is Saturday, not Sunday. I prefer “I’m not your stepping stone.” Besides, I don’t sing.

I could visit my Rabbi, but that would require a walk around the block.

I could do my taxes and clean my condo.

Heck, I would do some good old fashioned navel gazing, but that would require too much effort.

Last week I mentioned why I was not running for political office. Today was going to be the real reason. That story makes me angry and I am in quite a good mood today. So next week it is then.

I guess today I am reminiscing back to my college days when a television show called the “Care Bears” was on for kids. My friends and I had a group called the “Lethargy Club,” also known as the “I don’t care bears.”

One guy was Lethargy Bear. Another was Apathy Bear. I, the strident one, was F*ck It Bear. This was less due to my lust for women and more for my attitude toward everything, which is creeping in today.

The Lethargy Club had a high five, where we all missed because we did not want to bother raising our hands. Our mascot was the Lethargizer Bunny, who kept going until he quickly fell over and fell asleep.

I could tell the story of how Ralph Nader cut in front of me and others in line at LAX airport, but in all fairness 500 to 1000 words of ranting can be summed up by the one line I just said. Screw you, Ralph.

So as I prepare to get on my knees and scrub this condo, unless I decide not to do it, I celebrate all of those contributing to society on activism Saturday.

For those celebrating Passivism Saturday, I have been awake for 30 minutes. Despite my not being part of a union, and perhaps doing nothing today, a Sabbath nap after lunch may be delightful. After all, Saturday night is only a few hours away. Better rest up now.

I could say absolutely nothing and take 600 words to do it, but I am not sure I am that talented. If I just did, then maybe I am.

Happy Passivism Saturday all.


Eric Cantor, Anthony Weiner, and a nightmarish train of thought

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The health care debate has caused fringe lunatics on both sides of the political aisle to descend into madness. That is the narrative America is being fed.

Eric Cantor, a conservative Republican from Virginia, had his office become the congressional version of the O.K. Corral. A gunshot was fired, breaking one of his windows.

Anthony Weiner, a liberal Democrat from New York, had an office filled with white powder delivered to his office.

Some will say that both of these incidences are overblown. The shot was fired into the air, hitting Cantor’s office on the way down. The envelope to Weiner’s office was not filled with anthrax or any other dangerous substance.

These arguments are Swiss cheese. The actions taken against both of these men fit perfectly under the description of domestic terrorism. The goal was to intimidate them, and use violent means to try and circumvent the democratic process. The people who fired the bullet and mailed the envelope should do hard time in isolated jail cells.

Yet what if the narrative is completely wrong? What if these men were attacked for reasons having nothing to do with health care?

It did not occur to me until Congressman Cantor pointed it out himself, but he has twenty-four hour security due to past threats. He receives some threats because he is the Republican Minority Leader. He receives other threats for a different reason, one that bonds him to his political polar opposite Congressman Weiner.

Both men are Jewish.

Dear lord, no.

Please let this be a health care dispute.

With Passover approaching, the last thing Jews want to think about it is violent anti-Semitism.

The story of Passover is about the Jews surviving against oppression. It seems all of Jewish history is surviving against oppression. Then we came to America. Yet we never got comfortable.

We achieved political power, but we never relaxed.

We achieved economic success, but we never relaxed.

We assimilated into a melting pot. The Christians accepted us here. The Irish, Italians and everybody else told us that they liked us. Yet we never relaxed.

Jews are taught to never get too comfortable. At any moment everything can be taken away from us. We try to tell ourselves that it cannot happen here, but anything can happen to anybody anywhere. We live in a world where our own planes can be turned into guns against us by people who despise Jews almost as much as they hate America. Israel is Little Satan.

This could be people going off the deep end over health care. Yet the world does not have a history of people rioting over employer mandates and Cost of Living Adjustments. HMOs vs PPOs does not inspire duels to the death.

The world does have a history of violence toward Jews.

No matter what the reason, the perpetrators of the horrific acts must be punished.

Yet on this Passover, I pray that these terrorists…and yes, they are terrorists…really are just people pushed into lunacy over health care. Domestic policy leading to domestic terror…that can be handled.

The alternative….I do not even want to contemplate it.

I hope that Congressmen Cantor and Weiner have peaceful Passover Seders, and that Jews everywhere during this holiday are the one thing we never truly ever feel for any length of time…safe and relaxed.


Everybody dial it down now!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

The health care debate is getting out of hand. Everybody needs to dial it down now.

In keeping with the policy of this blog, innuendo, personal attacks, and allegations take a back seat to substance. Reasonable minds can disagree. My concern is that the health care debate has caused people to go bonkers.

I have said that the bill is a bad bill. It will lead to higher taxes, higher costs, and less choice and competition. Obama sycophants can protest, but unless the laws of numbers no longer exist, this is a fiscal train wreck. It also has the IRS enforcing a mandate to force people to buy insurance. That should not withstand constitutional scrutiny.

As awful as the bill is, I refuse to demonize the supporters. I believe that they truly believe this is a good bill.

Several instances in the last few days have me concerned.

First there were allegations that several members of Congress were subjected to bigoted slurs.

(I have not seen the tapes yet)

While what little footage I have seen shows angry people shouting, the allegations of slurs remain unproven. The stakes have just been amplified.

SE Cupp has just announced that Andrew Breitbart wants people to put their money where their mouths are.

(Full disclosure: I used to write for his site Big Hollywood. I have also interviewed SE Cupp but have never met her. I have met Breitbart many times and currently do not write for him.)

Breitbart, according to Cupp, is offering $10,000 for every slur uttered at Congresspeople on the tapes in question. 15 slurs would mean $150,000. Breitbart is either going to take a financial shellacking, or the allegations of slurs are totally bogus.

Would these Congressmen lie? Of course they would. Bigotry is toxic, and so are fake allegations.

I just want the truth.

All I ask is that if a charge is made, that proof to substantiate the charge exists.

Yet one tape recorded conversation did happen. A woman called up Bart Stupak and called him a “piece of (redacted).”

Could the tape have been doctored? Yes. Could it have been a liberal subversive? Yes. Was it? No.

While I believe the left is usually wrong, if I say they are wrong 100% of the time, I lose credibility.

How could anybody call up a congressman and say that? That is horrendous. There is no excuse for it.

Conservatives must disavow this behavior.

Those who love O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh should understand that they do not advocate violence. Limbaugh goes out of his way to say be cheery and optimistic. O’Reilly constantly cautions respect. Hannity and Beck make it clear not to get personal.

I fiercely disagree with this bill. Yet calling Obama a Nazi, Fascist, Communist or any other slur does nothing to advance conservatism.

I don’t even call him a socialist. I say that he admires many aspects of European style social democracies. That may seem like semantics, but words matter.

The left offers pure poison. They compare Bush to Hitler and wear “abort Sarah Palin” t-shirts.

We cannot become like the left. They will never treat us like we are human beings. Yet this is why they are discredited.

Congressman Eric Cantor, the house minority leader and top Jewish Republican in the country, has had a bullet fired at his campaign office. He has received death threats and has turned those threats over to the police.

As for Republicans, If we do not channel our anger into something productive, we may hurt ourselves in 2010. Americans are reasonable people. They are upset with Obama (despite liberal protests to the contrary), but they do not hate him. They want him to succeed.

We have to calmly and fiercely offer a competing vision. We must also be optimistic.

Reagan was an optimist. Limbaugh is an optimist. They both succeeded. Anger is valid when channeled properly, but anger without anything else leads to failure.

We should be enraged about this bill. It is that awful. Yet America has not been destroyed. I woke up today and the sun was shining. I continued living my life. I will work to defeat the bill and much of the Obama agenda. I will not denigrate him personally.

The left will take one or two lunatics and try to blame all conservatives for the bad behavior. They can only get away with this if we let them. The left has totally failed to rein in their basket cases. Heck, the left happily unleashes them. We need to take our worst elements and tell them to knock it off and dial it down.

We can yell “kill the bill.” We cannot and must not threaten human beings.

If we make sure we get this right, the next time the left plays the race card, we can expose them for the frauds and liars they are.

I hope Andrew Breitbart keeps his money, because it will prove that the left lied, committed fraud, tried to slander the right, and got caught doing it.

The left will never dial it down, which will allow the right to keep hammering them and be justified.

The left says both sides do it. No, they don’t. The left does it. The right has far fringes. The left is their far fringe.

I have had enough evidence in my lifetime. Contra evidence will not be forthcoming.

I hope everybody dials it down. I expect the left to reject this advice. The right does not want unilateral disarmament.

The left has corroded the discussion. The right needs to fight back the right way. Otherwise, the corrosion will continue.


Update: White powder has just been discovered in an envelope to Rep Anthony Wiener of New York. I don’t care if the substance turns out to be something harmless like sugar or foot powder. This is an act of terrorism. The madness has to stop, and the law enforcement needs to crack down now on the bad guys.

I decided to put my money where my mouth was. Although I never call congressional offices, I made an exception today. I called Anthony Wiener’s office and spoke to a very pleasant lady. I asked if he was ok, and she said yes. I told her that while I was a conservative Republican that was totally opposed to the health care bill, I was horrified at what was done to him. I told her I would say a prayer for his safety, and that I wished him a happy and peaceful Passover.


Slurs, lies, demonization, and Obamacare

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Many conservatives oppose Obamacare, and want the Democrats who voted for it to go down in flames in 2010. This is about policy and politics. Nothing about wanting to take back Congress and the White House and enact better policies should in any way be seen as a threat to the America way of life.

The left fails to grasp this. Their strategy of personalize, polarize, and dehumanize continues undaunted.

During protests outside Capitol Hill, several members of congress were allegedly victims of racist and anti-gay slurs. While videotapes did show crowds yelling, none of the congressmen have offered evidence that slurs occurred.

(Had people been shouting that Bush was Hitler or Palin should be aborted, the left would be celebrating and most likely getting appearances to discuss such brilliant insights on Jon Stewart.)

I want to make it crystal clear that any evidence presented to me will be looked at. If anybody made slurs toward anyone, I condemn these slurs in the strongest possible terms. If any conservative sees somebody else claiming to be conservative making slurs, make them knock it off.

I don’t know if these slurs happened. I do know that seeing the evidence would make it easier. We live in a  world where many politicos have been brought down since every person on the planet has a camera phone, tape recorder, or other device. Just ask George Allen.

I also know that Barney Frank is the king of crying wolf. Anybody that criticizes his corruption on the financial services committee gets attacked as anti-gay. Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus have race baited, from Maxine Waters to Ron Dellums to many more.

Could the slurs have been made? Yes. Would the congressmen lie? Yes.

I just want the truth.

Even if the slurs did happen, and I am not saying they did, the left can barely contain their glee.

You see, they advance their agenda through bullying and intimidation, and the easiest way to bully conservatives is to call them racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes. One person making a slur means every conservative fits their profile of hate.

Conservatives are all placed into one of two categories. They are either stupid or evil.

Listen to liberals discuss issues. They have no other methods of communication. Anybody disagreeing with them is either a Nazi, Fascist hatemonger or an absolute utter imbecile.

Three instances in the last 24 hours should prove that I am not cherry picking. I could provide thousands of examples. Again, three separate unprovoked attacks in 24 hours. This is in addition to being attacked, again unprovoked, by a batsh*t crazy liberal Jewish woman at a Dennys in Los Angeles and a liberal black cab driver in Oklahoma City. (I will have plenty to say about those two colossal incidents very soon.)

When I questioned on a Facebook thread whether the slurs actually happened, a woman named Joanne Pfeiffer, who I have never met or spoken to, went on the attack in typical liberal fashion.

“Eric, if you want to see video, watch the news…oh, other than Fox.”

This is what liberals consider wit. It is a way of demonizing a complete stranger. First, I am too stupid to think for myself, and Fox News tells me what to think. Secondly, if I saw something on Fox News it can’t possibly be valid because she disagrees with Fox News. This is liberalism.

I let her know that I found her remarks smug, condescending, and insulting, and that further conversation was useless.

Every liberal argument fits into the following attacks in one shape or another:

“George W. Bush is evil.”

“Sarah Palin is dumb.”

“Rush Limbaugh is fat.”

If that fails, they just call conservative dissenters “teabaggers,” as if that is remotely humane or clever.

This is what liberals consider discussion. Watch them in their natural habitat of hate. See if they avoid these lines of discussion. They can’t do it. More importantly, they don’t want to do it.

While Ms. Pfeiffer was unpleasant enough, a hostile caller to a radio show was even worse. I say this because I was the guest.

If anybody has a doubt about my version of events, the podcast will be available soon. The caller accused me of “being hateful, dividing people, hating people.” I asked him to provide a specific example. He kept accusing me of cutting him off. I was not going to give him a platform to make generalizations. He was either going to give specific examples or get lost.

He then stated that “you people” (an interesting phrase said by a black man considering when it was said to blacks in 1992, Ross Perot got in big trouble) want Obamacare to fail because Obama is black.

At that point I had to have this guy hung up on. I will not ever dignify a personal attack on me that is as baseless as it is odious.

Let me explain it again for liberals everywhere. I don’t care if Barack Obama is lightskinned or darkskinned. My problem is that he and his supporters are thinskinned.

I disagree with the bill. For anybody to question that an opponent of Obama policies is motivated by racism without proof to back it up is trafficking in pure slime.

A third incident involved a woman on the phone. A typical Jewish liberal woman, she was no fan of Republicans. When I told her there were plenty of reasons to support Republican policies, her response was “Sarah Palin. Need I say more?”

No, you don’t need to say anymore. You need to have a sock rammed down your throat to keep you from speaking since your words have zero merit and consequence.

I wish we could put electric bracelets or collars around liberals. Every time they uttered such nonsense they would get a jolt. It is like trying to train dogs. It takes time, but eventually they learn new behavior.

I have had it. If somebody wants to discuss policy, fine. Don’t attack me personally. I hit back, and very hard.

Some liberals don’t even mean to be the way they are. They truly just don’t know how to have civilized discussions.

When they say, “you just don’t understand,” or tell me I am “misguided,” “uninformed,” “ignorant,” or any other condescending words, what they really mean is I disagree with them.

Then they tell me I am “uncaring,” “unsympathetic,” or “indifferent.” What they really mean is I favor different solutions because their solutions are disastrous.

When that does not work, they proffer the inevitable attack on George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck.

(Liberals need a conservative to despise like conservatives need oxygen to breathe. George W. Bush is gone and Rush Limbaugh is not running for office. Attacks on Limbaugh and Fox News have backfired, so Sarah Palin is the new conservative punching bag. Liberals need her. It is pathological. If she disappears they will go insane until finding a new conservative enemy. I predict Eric Cantor will get the nod because he is Jewish. Minority conservatives make for great villains.)

When I asked a liberal why inner cities like Detroit were being run so badly, they did not place an ounce of blame on liberal mayors. It was all Ronald Reagan’s fault.

I cannot contain my disgust any more.

One solution for conservatives is to disengage. The problem is that silence becomes acquiescence. Liberals will see it as a sign of weakness and act even worse.

Another solution is to hit back with a fury liberals have never seen. I don’t have a big enough platform yet. Besides, too many conservatives are scared of this approach. Like stomping on roaches, it is impossible to get them all.

The bottom line is that political discussion cannot take place place when one side is attacking the other side’s humanity. (Liberals will claim that I just called them roaches. No, I didn’t, even though liberals and roaches spread poison.)

Liberals need to learn to accept the following:

Many conservatives who love their country disagree with Barack Obama’s policies. This is based on ideology and philosophy. It is not based on racism or any hatred of any kind. This dissent is noble and reasonable. These conservatives are not stupid or evil. They just have different views that are equally valid.

Until liberals get to this point, cut them off the moment they open their hate filled lips.

I will not be slurred. I will not be lied about. I will not be demonized.

If you go down this road, I will make you bleed.

The gloves are off.

Hineni. Here I am. Republican, Jewish, noble of heart, and proud of it always.


Liberal Jewish Gutlessness–AIPAC 2010

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

At Noon I will be speaking to the Fox Hills GOP ladies in Culver City. At 7:15pm I will be a radio guest of Frank and Shane of Political Vindication.

That concludes the happy news for the day. The rest is garbage, with AIPAC at the top of the trash heap.

While liberal Jews fiddle, the world burns.

As badly as I need to lambaste liberals for everything from the healthcare bill to their sniveling wretched existence, that will have to wait another day.

As badly as I want to spend the day dreaming about the hottest woman on Earth, Shannen Doherty, that will have to wait as well. I did not watch Dancing with the Stars, but she is a hot Republican brunette so I hope she wins and then converts to Judaism.

Yet at this rate, Judaism will not exist in 100 years.

A bunch of sniveling, groveling, liberal Jews (and a few sensible out of place conservative ones) convened for the annual AIPAC Convention. The AIPAC Convention is where a bunch of leftists talk tough but act weakly and liberal Jews repeatedly act as if anybody on this Earth truly does care about them, while thanking anti-Semites for not killing us yet.

If ever a woman deserved a hostile reception at AIPAC, it was Hillary Clinton.

Then again, this is AIPAC. Yassir Arafat would get a polite reception.

You remember Arafat. Hillary kissed his wife Suha after Suha accused Israel of poisoning Palesimian drinking water.

You remember Hillary. She is the woman that early on called for a Palesimian state without demanding anything of the adorable fuzzy little genocidal monsters.

Hillary then discovered (the Jewish) religion when campaigning in New York. Rudy Giuliani was not her opponent, allowing her to win by default against likable lightweight.

Upon becoming secretary of state, she headed a department that does absolutely nothing except criticize Israel. So inbetween months of doing nothing, she attacked Israel.

Hillary despises conservatives. Barack Obama wants to overthrow the Netanyahu government, and Hillary is all too eager to help.

There has never at any time by any Israeli government been a promise to stop building settlements in Jerusalem. Settlements are an issue in Gaza (where Jews left) and the West Bank. Jerusalem has always been exempt from settlement discussions.

So when Hillary and her boss say otherwise, they are, to quote William Safire, “congenital liars.”

Did liberal Jews stand up and demand Hillary for once in her life show an ounce of honesty?

Of course not.

Hillary openly attacked Israel in her speech, and liberal Jews thanked her and asked for another.

How many rectal thermometers do liberal Jews need to take before realizing that the temperature is sky high against them?

How dare this wretched woman lecture anybody about ethics and morality. She escaped jail. That does not make her a good human being. It makes her lucky.

She is not a friend of Israel. She never has been. Liberal Jews know this. They just don’t care. You see, in liberal Jewish land, the enemies are not the ones attacking Israel. The enemies are Republicans and conservatives.

Listening to Hillary talk about sanctions against Iran is pathetic. Listening to liberal Jews believe her is even more pathetic.

Let me explain how the process works.

People scared to death of using military force mention sanctions to appear tough. What they don’t say is that Russia and China will veto sanctions. Even if somehow they pass, they will be watered down to be ineffective, which is the intention. There will be no enforcement mechanisms. In the same way Saddam Hussein had Iraq get around sanctions, the mullahs in Iran will get around them with relative ease.

Liberal Jews cannot and will not accept reality. Much of the world is either indifferent to their plight, or hates their guts. There is no desire to help Israel. The United Nations exists to attack Israel and the USA. Other than passing resolutions against Israel, what does this organization do? Nothing.

Hillary Clinton and her entire state department bureaucracy are Arab-occupied territory. AIPAC can continue kidding itself by believing its own Kumbaya-loving nonsense about sanctions.

There will be no sanctions. The mullahs have carte blanche to do whatever they want.

I will say this again…there will be no sanctions.

Israel is facing an existential threat that is making 1948 and 1967 look like child’s play.

Rather than actually stand up, AIPAC allows Hillary Clinton to treat the crowd like dopes.

Maybe she was right. After all, only dopes could believe Hillary is pro-Israel.

Sir Charles of Krauthammer was at his Krautiest best in calling her words “phony.”

Maybe they are not dopes. Maybe they just don’t care. I have often said that liberal Jews are liberals first, and Jews second. They care about trees, bunny rabbits, and zygotes. Talking about Palesimians murdering Jews is a distraction from eating bagels and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, which apparently is all it takes to be a liberal Jew to begin with.

Until liberal Jews start putting their Judaism above their liberalism, they will continue to attack Benjamin Netanyahu as an obstacle to peace while allowing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to bully Israel.

Israelis know the truth. Liberal Jews claiming to care an ounce about Israel may wish to listen to the people actually living there, and not some viper paying lip service to defective, delusional Jews inbetween bouts of using those lips to kiss those wishing Israel dead.


Make liberals bleed in November

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

It is now all out war in this country.

A few leftists have decided to take a wrecking ball to the best health care system in the world. Now it is time to take a wrecking ball to their congressional majority in November.

At 9pm PST on Sunday, March 21, 2010, the Democrats turned the Spring Solstice into the darkest day of this young decade.

Sundays should be relaxing. Even without NFL Football, 9pm could have been about the newest episode of Desperate Housewives. Not even Eva Longoria letting her (redacteds) bounce out of control at a construction site could cheer me up on this night.

On the other television I could not even enjoy a standout episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump has a great crop of competitors, and I personally am rooting for Bret Michaels of Poison to win it all since I have always liked him and his music.

Yet Desperate Housewives and Celebrity Apprentice are weekend pleasures. Today is Monday, and the first day that decent human beings everywhere must fight back against the Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer reign of (t)error.

It is one thing to lose to Barack Obama. The guy has the entire media behind him. I can live with losing to Steny Hoyer. He is not a nutcase.

Losing to the Pelosiraptor and the Boxer makes me ill.

For those wanting to know how disgusting this health care bill is, the fiery speech by John Boehner should be memorized and repeated every day until the 2010 elections.

I would sooner have Anna Nicole or Britney or Lady Blah Blah or Snookie represent my country than these two bimbos.

Yeah, I said it. They are bimbos. Any woman having a problem with my language can either stand up for Sarah Palin or shut their lying hypocritical mouths. Men objecting to my language can grow a pair.

How else can one describe flighty airheads?

The Pelosiraptor lives in a district with people who would be considered clinically insane in most rational parts of the world.

Barbara Boxer has been in the senate for 18 years and not done an ounce of consequential real work.

Can anybody name one significant piece of legislation that these two dingbats have sponsored before this weekend that mattered?

18 years and 0 achievements…that is the Boxer legacy.

What do these women do all day?

Now they fly in on their brooms and decide to wreck this nation I love with their piousness.

The Pelosiraptor had this to say:

“After passing this bill, being a woman will no longer be a preexisting condition.”

Somebody b*tchslap this imbecile.

Yes, I am ready to spit blood over this legislation. The only solution is to fire these ladies immediately.

These hags will defend their right to an abortion under Roe vs Wade. Yet these same harpies married to their right to privacy have no problem invading my right to privacy.

They passed a bill that mandates that I purchase health insurance. If I choose not to do so, I face fines. If I am unwilling or unable financially to pay the fines, I could go to jail.

This cannot happen in a democracy. Making health care compulsory cannot happen.

If one of these women gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion, I have to pay for it.

It is bad enough my tax dollars have to pay for other people that choose to abuse alcohol and drugs.

I live a responsible life. Why should I be subsidizing irresponsible people?

(Some will try to claim that refusing to buy health insurance is irresponsible. Nonsense. It is a smart business decision for young people based on number crunching. Also, people cannot help getting sick. Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and pregnancy is easy, and consequences are 100% preventable.)

As for the Republicans, they need to immediately be as combative as possible. Yes, health care reform will most likely pass. Yet dragging this process out even a few days will be days that the Pelosiraptor cannot focus on Cap and Trade or other horrific legislation.

For those on the right who are thinking of voting for third parties, I hope fellow conservatives like me slap some sense into you, or ring your necks if that will work.

Anybody on the right thinking that moderate Republicans are the same as liberals is out of their ever loving nose cutting, face spiting minds. Abandoning the Republican nominees in 1992 and 2008 gave us disasters in the White House.

Congressional liberals are already scurrying like little rats, trying to collectively congratulate themselves while individually running for cover. Only people as gutless as liberals could try and pass a bill without even publicly admitting they voted for it.

They need to be smoked out. Let them take pride in their votes. Every campaign commercial in 2010 should feature the Pelosiraptor’s smug mug.

They took over a year to pass a horrendous bill.

We have just over seven months to make sure that they never do this again.

Make liberals bleed in November.

Two women declared war on the citizens of their own country.

They want war…they got it.