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Hal Levine 2008–Terrorists and liberals still frightening me

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Happy Hal Levine everybody. I do love the Jewish holiday season.

The Chicago Cannonball got into town last night. We will be attending the freak show in West Hollywood, followed by an awesome after party. I will be dressed as a criminal, and she will be dressed as a hot lady police officer. Yes, I am one lucky man.

Before getting to what frightens me in this life, below is my 2007 Hal Levine column.

Now I offer you some music dedications.

The Monster Mash–It was a graveyard smash, and it is dedicated to anti-Semite and former Barack Obama adviser Samantha Power. Her hostility towards Israel did not get her kicked off the campaign trail, but calling Hillary Clinton a monster did. At least regarding her anti-Semitism and her anti-Hillarydom, she was honest.

Dead Man’s Party–Who could ask for more, Oingo Boingo fans? This has to be dedicated to the republicans. I am a proud republican, but we had better get revived ina  hurry or it will be a frighteng socialistic nation. John McCain, you are showing signs of life. Step it up.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy–For all of you Great White Fans out there, I dedicate that song to the American people who decided that one Clinton was more than enough. The were not going to try another one that was twice as scary as the first one.

Eat the Rich–Aerosmith lives on, and rocker guitarist Joe Perry has announced that he has always been a  republican. So not only is there a republican in Boston, but it is one of the coolest guys on Earth. I dedicated “Eat the Rich,” to billionaire leftists like Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, and Susan Sarandon, who love to bash rich people for some hypocritical reason, most likely self loathing.

As for the top 5 things that frighten me (oh you try to come up with 10 things when your girlfriend is looking lovely and ready for stuff I will not say in a family blog!):

5) People stealing my money, or as liberals call it, “fairness.” My friend Jonathan Hoenig wrote a brilliant column about this subject. He is the head sled at Capitalist Pig Asset Management. He is a proud Capitalist Pig and so am I.

4) Angry feminists, as if that is not redundant. I refuse to link to the Hillary Clinton website, but trust me…she is one scary woman. No wonder Bubba sleeps with one eye open.

3) The Axis of Anti-Semitism, aka the Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and I am sure there are more frighteningly dreadful human beings elsewhere, but this is where the undead gather together to drink the blood of republicans, Jews, and other enemies they need to cleanse their tainted souls with. Unfortunately, unlike most Ghouls, come November 1st these monsters will still exist.

2) Terrorists. Yes, despite what liberals tell you, they still exist. Now liberals may get confused, and think that I am referring to George W. Bush. No, that would only be valid if you belong to the evil ghastly groups listed above. Terrorists want to kill us, and Barack Obama has a plan. He will ask them nicely to stop. Besides, while he himself is not a terrorist, or even a hateful scary creature, he sure does have many of them as former official advisers.

Rashid Khalidi is a terrorist. Some argue this point by saying that Khalidi is a respected professor at Columbia. “Respected Professor at Columbia” is like “Tough Diplomacy” or “Jews for Jesus.” It is contradictory. If you despise Israel and the United States, and are willing to have Armageddonijad at your school but not ROTC, than you are qualified to work at Columbia and little else.

The only job less prestigious is to be an editor for some rag magazine like the Los Angeles Times. Every day is Halloween for the Western version of Al Jazeera. The smell of the night is not old pumpkins or corpses come to life…it is the Los Angeles Time laying in its own rancid filth.

I wish we could relocate the Los Angeles Times building to Seattle, which would be happy to accept their smugness.

Yet as much as I am terrified of an Obama Presidency since it would destroy virtually everything that is good and decent in this world, one thing still frightens me more on this Halloween. For the 20th year in a row…

1) Bea Arthur naked. Yes folks, the movie “Airheads,” remains one of the greatest movies ever made, behind “Deuce Bigalow” and a couple of other movies cheated out of Oscars.

Is it that wrong for a guy to believe in family values, while watching the video “Golden Showers With the Golden Girls” on a Friday night?

Ok, perhaps it is.

I wish you all many treats, and no more tricks. That means Barack Obama needs to stop lying about everything from his tax plan to…well virtually everything else actually.

I may wake up to a liberal nightmare on November 5th. So I guess by comparison, October 31st will be tame, safe, and moderately sane.

Happy Hal Levine everybody!


Larry King, John McCain, Rasheed Khalidi, and the Barack Obama Shamwow Infomercial

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Somebody told me that a baseball game was played last night. I don’t care. Baseball is boring.

That concludes the sports report. Now on to politics.

Barack Obama ran a 30 minute infomercial last night. I would sooner watch a “Sham wow” commercial than one more clip of this nonsense.

This is not about conservatism vs liberalism. It is about substance vs style. I was expecting the equivalent of a fireside chat. Instead, it truly was just an elongated campaign commercial that was ultra light on specifics and ultra heavy on Obama’s love for himself. Our souls are broken, to quote his wife Michelle, and only he can fix them.

Obama can get away with this because he is rolling in money.

I want to make it clear that I have no objection to Obama raising tons of money. I think all politicians should have the opportunity to raise this money. The irony is that it will be John McCain and that horrible campaign finance reform law of McCain-Feingold that has McCain starving for cash at the 11th hour.

I am voting for John McCain, but he has only himself to blame for this. He agreed to spending limits if Obama would as well. Obama said he would. He lied. There is no other way of sugarcoating this.

More importantly, I am almost glad he lied. For one, it will prove that there are absolutely no consequences for being against campaign finance reform. It is inside baseball. The American people don’t care. The media love campaign finance reform because it gives them more power, heaven forbid anybody else have influence. Ordinary people are not bothered by Obama raising tons of cash. As a republican, I support his right to do so.

Another lesson is that republicans need to stop being so obsessed with rules. Liberals break rules, and get away with it. McCain should immediately begin raising money from everywhere. He can apologize after the election, and pay the fine. He decided to be a gentleman and fight with one hand tied behind his back. Obama, as a liberal, is not bound by any rules or ethics. Does anybody think Obama will lose sleep over this? So what if Bill Clinton was sleazy and Bob Dole was honorable? Clinton got to be President. McCain will be honorable and Obama will get to govern. Republicans must never unilaterally surrender any advantages unless they can force the left to obey the rules, or corner them when they break them.

Even Campbell Brown, who is not conservative about anything, is calling out Obama for lying. She should have done this months ago. It is a meaningless gesture to make CNN look fair.

CNN refused to run the infomercial, preferring to run their own Pro-Obama infomercial, or as they call it, campaign coverage.

Barack Obama is simply a phony, but people know this and do not care. He does not even know the difference between “The Jeffersons” and “Sanford and Son.” I do. I am officially revoking Obama’s race. He is no longer black. I am declaring him white, so that guilty white liberals will judge him by the lack of content in the lack of his character, not the color of his skin. Barack Obama is as sincere as John Kerry. He is an effete nose in the air snob.

From now on, Barack Obama is no longer black. Now we can judge him on his lack of accomplishments.

For those who want a black President at any and all costs, Michael Steele is available, and so is Dr. Thomas Sowell.

No, I do not care if Obama knows the difference between Fred Sanford’s wife Elizabeth and George Jefferson’s wife Weezie. What I do care about is the media obsessing over Sarah Palin’s clothing that is not even hers, while ignoring those who hang Sarah Palin dolls by a noose on their lawns. Ideological bigotry by the left must be covered, whether it be ACORN forcing banks to make loans to those that cannot pay them, or comparing John McCain to George Wallace and George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

(Full disclosure: Hitler tried to kill my dad. Dubya is a friend of Jews, and cut my taxes.)

Now as for Obama’s 30 minute replay of the Demagoguic Party Convention, below is some analysis.

He was chatting from a room similar to the Oval Office. Yes, he has already measured the drapes.

I truly thought this would be a substantive speech. I did not expect substance because it was Obama. Far from it, I think he lacks substance. I did expect him to offer substance one time just before the election.

I was genuinely stunned by the lack of value in this production. What truly made me shocked was that it was a replay of his platitudes.

“A rescue plan for the middle class.”

“Low cost loans for small businesses.”

“This does not grow Government. It grows the economy.”

He then mentioned fairness.

“Americans don’t expect Government to solve all their problems. They don’t want a handout.”

This was like 1992 all over again. Endless talk about how he will cut taxes, right before the middle class gets their taxes raised.

Obama also offered a bunch of sob stories. I want to make it clear. I have genuine empathy for people that are struggling. However, empathy is not a plan. A platitude is not a program. Nobody wants to see human suffering. However, Obama’s plans make matters worse.

He showed a tale of an elderly couple worried about health care, and then followed it up by talking about energy independence. It made no sense.

“I will create 5 million new green jobs. Jobs that will never be sent overseas.”

He then lied outright by saying he would allow for clean coal technology and domestic oil production. No he will not.

“Usher in a new era of responsibility.”

This says nothing.

“I will go through the Federal Government line by line and eliminate programs that don’t work.”

This is nothing.

He does not have any “new” ideas. He has tired old ideas that have failed since the 1960s.

Who the heck is the CEO of Google to say that the oil companies are bad? The CEO of Google uses thuggish tactics to make sure that left wing sites get better search results.  Remember, Al Gore is one of the bigwigs at Google.

Again,, we can show thousands of videos of ordinary people who have concerns. So what? Many McCain supporters have concerns? We all have worries. To imply in any way that because Barack Obama can smile at people, that he can actually fix problems is ludicrous.

This video was meant to make him come across as a moderate. He kept speaking about personal responsibility.

“Nothing can replace parents who help children with their homework.”

He says things that are impossible to disagree with. Yes, parents should help their children with regards to homework. So what? How is Obama going to help? Is he going to babysit the kids? Perhaps that is what is meant by the Nanny State. The fact is that he will take is marching orders from the NEA. The students will get shortchanged.

“I will ask for higher standards and more accountability.”

He can ask all he wants. The NEA will not allow it.

He is the man without the plan.

His health plan improves technology and lowers costs. He does not say how. We just have to take it on blind faith.

“Life sure is short and you had better seize the moment.”

He uses his mother’s untimely death to justify his running for President. He is running for the same reason the other pols run…ambition.

He reads Harry Potter books to his children and calls them every night. Great, he is a good father. Again, this is meaningless pablum.

The man is a walking platitude.

Joe Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. We get it.

Nobody wants to lose their job. I certainly don’t. Yet to show a few heart wrenching tales and then imply that anything Obama says or does will fix the problems is dishonest.

If I hear “tough diplomacy” one more time, I will be ill. He will use this diplomacy to handle Iran and Russia. They are cracking up with laughter over this. Russia has a veto on the U.N. Security Council.

Obama found one military general who is voting for him. 75% of the military will vote for John McCain.

He “understands the world because of his background.” His background?

“I will listen to you when we disagree.”

Tell that to those pushing the Fairness Doctrine, or those stifling debate with anybody that criticizes him. Oh wait, it is him doing that.

“Unity over division…”

He does not mean it. His entire career has been divisive.

Yes, this guy is a rock star. He is a fabulous politician. Yet that is all he is. He is a celebrity. He is Barack Hannah Montana Obama. He is the American Idol, nothing more, nothing less.

Again, I honestly expected him to offer something tangible.

There is no there there.

I then tuned in to see John McCain on Larry King. I was expecting zero substance whatsoever. Larry King has never asked a tough question in his life. He warmly shook the hand of terrorist Armageddonijad of Iran, and asked him about his family.

If Larry asked McCain tough questions, then we would finally have the best evidence of media bias in existence. If the interview was a softball interview, it would be about time that McCain received such treatment. Ellen Degeneres asked Obama to dance, and the imbeciles at “The View” fawned over Obama and lacerated McCain. So either way McCain going on Larry King was a win.

This was a substantive discussion. Not because of Larry King mind you, but because of John McCain.

He understands that the way to reduce the deficit is with growth. Growing the economy is the key. Anybody who took Economics 101 understands this. That exempts Obama. Taxing businesses until they leave is not the answer.

When Larry brought up Obama’s “steady hand of leadership,” McCain stated he “never saw him display it.”

McCain was self effacing about a debate he fared poorly in that took place in South Carolina in 2000. He has a self deprecating nature that Obama does not possess.

Larry King discussed actual policy with McCain. Obama will not do this because he does not like answering questions.

After the McCain interview, a panel of “experts” was asked to comment on Obama’s infomercial. Gunga Dan Rather, a disgraced former partisan hack masquerading as a journalist, was on the panel. Naturally, he found the infomercial magnificent. The Los Angeles Times could not be reached for a comment because they were busy suppressing evidence in the Rasheed Khalidi matter.

I will not spend much time on this story because Obama will simply lie, and the people who support him will believe him or not care. In short, Rasheed Khalidi is an anti-Semite with terrorist ties. He is a Professor at Columbia, which in itself should be evidence enough. Then again, for those who do not believe Columbia is a campus of hatred, the key issue is that the LA Times has a videotape of Obama and Khalidi socializing together. Bill Ayers may be on the tape as well. It is from 2003. The LA Times claims it cannot release the tape due to journalistic ethics, as if that has existed at that paper this century.

If the tape exonerated Obama, it would be all over the internet. John McCain and Sarah Palin need to turn up the heat. We cannot have a repeat of the Clinton years where lies go unchallenged. Barack Obama is not an anti-Semite, but he sure hangs around with too many people who are. His judgment and character are reflective of a man with no experience on anything that matters.

Obama also wants to declare his possible election as a national holiday. The Constitution already gives Americans 2 hours off of work to vote. Apparently Obama voters are slow, and need more time. Obama wants them to take the entire day off to vote for him. Not since the 400,000 Man March (million for those that exaggerate support) when men were told to take the day off and leave their families at home to attend a rally about personal responsibility have I been so inspired. Not since Spike Lee wanted Americans to get better educated by skipping school and attending one of his movies have I felt something was so meaningful.

Forget being productive and contributing to the economy. By voting for Obama, everything will magically be ok, except for the 90% of us that are hurt by his policies when the rich pass the pain onto us.

We get the leader we deserve, and I will respect the will of the voters. I still maintain that we cannot let the children run the house. We need adults in charge, and John McCain is an adult.

We are in a war of civilization vs barbarism. John McCain is a warrior.

Most importantly, John McCain can be trusted. He does not shove people under the bus when they become liabilities. He stays with them in foxholes and refuses to come home without his fellow men and his honor intact.

Honor…integrity…trust…I support John McCain.


My Interview With Larry Sabato

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of interviewing political analyst Larry Sabato.

Larry Sabato teaches political science at the University of Virginia. He is one of the most respected political analysts in the United States today. He has a reputation for being non-partisan and fair.

He was very friendly and genial. He truly loves politics, but what he stressed to me was that he truly wants to see things get done for the good of the American people.

We spend so much time on strategy and the horse race that we forget that politics is not a game. The ultimate goal is to make things better, and Larry Sabato genuinely cares about this.

My interview with him is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

LS: “The fundamentals of the economy are key. Included in the fundamentals of the economy are energy prices, and food prices. Issues of war and peace are at stake. There could always be a scandal that pops up. Also, social issues are important to many voters.”

2) What issues are most important to you personally?

LS: “Most important to me is our lack of good civic education. We have to improve our knowledge and education with regards to civics. What people don’t know can hurt them.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

LS: “Thomas Jefferson is my political hero. Every 4 years I vote for him. He gave me my job.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Larry Sabato the person?

“I’m 56 years old. I will not be remembered for anything.”

5) Who would win an electoral knowledge smackdown between you and Michael Barone?

“He would win. Michael Barone is the best. I ceded to him a long time ago.”

I would like to thank Larry Sabato for his time and good nature. He genuinely laughed at my electoral smackdown question. While his modesty is sincere, it is misplaced. He should and will absolutely be remembered as one of the best political analysts in America history.

One area where we can all agree with Larry Sabato is the vital importance of civics. So many people say they love their country, but do not know much about it. There are so many beautiful aspects of America, and the students at Virginia are lucky to have a great professor educating them.


My Interview With Michael Barone

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Barone.

Mr. Barone writes for U.S. News and World Report. More importantly, his Almanac of American Politics is mandatory reading for any political junkie. Mr. Barone is a human encyclopedia of civics.

I initially met met him at a retreat in Santa Barbara. Me and three other young guys sat in the bar with him for about two hours, just listening to him tell political stories.

He agreed at that time to a formal interview, and at the GOP Convention, was happy to oblige. That interview is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

MB: “I would say the economy. This campaign is not fleshed out yet. Both sides are not fleshed out. They have different leadership styles, and are very different candidates in general.”

2) What are your predictions for 2008?

MB: “Democrats will gain seats in Congress. The issue will be if they reach a filibuster proof majority. The Presidency is wide open. Both campaigns are vivid. These men are not generic. The public is not done deciding.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

MB: “George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Michael Barone the person?

MB: “Nothing.”

5) While you do in your personal life have partisan leanings, you have a reputation for fairness. How do you balance having biases with keeping your reputation as a credible source of information?

MB: “With You-Tube, you have to be careful. The key is to be accurate, and to be fair. I have views. I am not neutral. Yet I still have an obligation to be fair. The Almanac of AMerican Politics makes a positive case for everybody. It is up to the leaders to make their own cases. One liberal magazine called the Almanac prejudiced, and was prepared to write that. I asked the reporter to provide me with specific examples of bias. They didn’t, and the article never appeared. Also, I never take cheap shots.”

I would like to thank Michael Barone for his time and graciousness. Although he is quite serious on television, in real life he is a fun guy that is easy to converse with. Regardless of election results, Americans can agree that they will enjoy his election breakdown and analysis.


My 2008 Jewish Debate At UCLA Hillel

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Several nights ago, I participated in a political debate at UCLA Hillel. I made my case for John McCain.

First, a quick housekeeping note. I filmed a pair of 2 minute commercial for Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. One features me, and the other one features my friends, who adopted a child from Guatemala with the help of Norm Coleman.

As for my debate, it was very different from my debate the previous week at USC Chabad. That debate had a certain warmth to it. Both debaters were seated at the table having a discussion.

This debate was more a town hall style format. We both had seats, but stood the whole time, leaving our suits buttoned and ties knotted.

Making the case for Barack Obama was UCLA Law Professor Jonathan Zasloff.

UCLA Hillel, while officially non-partisan, has a reputation for being very left wing. Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller has a history of liberal activism. My concern going into the event was that one of the conditions for the debate was that it be for students only. I was concerned he was trying to stack the deck.

Nevertheless, the evening went off without incident, and in my mind the setting was completely fair. I was treated with courtesy and respect before and after the debate, with the exception of a few militant left wing students. They were the exception, not the rule. The program was a complete success, and the students reacted very enthusiastically to the event itself.

A student wearing a very stylish bow tie was the moderator. He actually did a good job. He let us know when our time was running out, and made sure we did not go over our allotted time. He also asked a couple of intelligent questions, and then left plenty of time for audience questions.

The opening statements were 10 minutes each, which I felt was lengthy.

There is no doubt that Jonathan Zasloff is an intelligent guy. He is also not a bad guy. Before and after the debate, he was sociable. However, I felt the tone of his approach was hard negative. He also shouted most of the time. I was waiting for a Howard Dean type scream.

I wondered during the debate if he is one of those stereotypical left wing professors that bullies his students into submission by shouting. However, I want to make it clear that I have never seen him in class, and have no evidence that this is how he conducts a classroom. I had never met him before this evening. I prefer not to judge a man prematurely because misjudging a man is awful. Nevertheless, he did come across as very angry.

Also, more than one person after the debate told me that Jonathan was smirking and mocking me while I was speaking. However, one of them said it was constant, while another one said it happened twice. I cannot verify this, so he gets the benefit of the doubt.

His entire opening statement was lambasting President Bush, and tying John McCain to President Bush. While the guilt by association is a smart strategy, it seemed strange that this was his entire strategy.

I began my remarks by pointing out that I did not hear one positive word about why Barack Obama should be President, or what his qualifications were.

I then immediately shifted to a positive tone. I spoke of John McCain’s heroism, and how he saved the arms of fellow captive Colonel Bud Day.

I did take some time to deal with why Barack Obama is wrong on issues. I went after him on taxes, trade, Israel, and his lack of experience on foreign policy.

Yet I did so in what I was told afterwards was a pleasant manner. The crowd laughed when I referred to “Barack Hannah Montana Obama.”

I was told later that I made my point well when describing what a community organizer does when I said, “Al Sharpton is a community organizer.”

Jonathan used his 3 minute rebuttal to continue bashing President Bush and McCain, spending zero time on why Barack Obama should be President.

One thing that I noticed was that even after I mentioned that the claim of 47 million uninsured includes 15 million illegal immigrants, Jonathan repeated it anyway.

I mentioned Jeremiah Wright and Rasheed Khalidi as an example of Obama’s bad judgment, but did not bring up William Ayers.

Jonathan brought up conservative bigotry, and the racial code words that republicans supposedly use. I did not let that go unchallenged.

I mentioned the t-shirts that say, “Abort Sarah Palin,” “Kill Bush,” “Bush = Hitler,” and the democratic activist that ran over Katherine Harris in his car. I also mentioned that horrible words by John Lewis towards John McCain. I mentioned that John Lewis was a hero, but his words were beneath him, and that John McCain was not George Wallace. John McCain never turned fire hoses on anybody or authorized or supported such noxious behavior.

Another strange line of attack that Jonathan brought up was how George W. Bush failed to stop terrorism during the Clinton Presidency. I know that sounds bizarre, but he blamed North Korea getting the bomb on President Bush. He blamed America for handling the situation badly.

I was more matter of fact, pointing out that “Liars lie. North Korea is run by a liar. He was doing what liars do.” I explained that this is exactly why the left keeps getting kicked in the teeth. They keep thinking that dialogue is always the answer. I clearly stated that with Russia it was, but not with Armageddonijad. The crowd laughed that I call him that.

One thing that surprised Jonathan was that I did not spend my time trying to separate John McCain from George W. Bush. I do not like the cowardly approach. Gore lost by running from Clinton, and I truly believe that John McCain cannot win a Bush-bashing contest.

I vigorously defended President Bush as a champion of freedom, liberty, and women’s rights. I pointed out that women’s rights was more than abortion. It dealt with freeing thousands of women in Afghanistan and Iraq from being beaten to death. Those women held up purple stained fingers to show they voted. Some of them are now in government. I also pointed out that for those worried about abortion, overturning Roe vs Wade, which is highly unlikely anyway, would not ban abortion. Those who claim otherwise are lying.

One area of the debate that made me uncomfortable was when a questioner asked me my opinion on gay marriage. I prefer to stay out of the culture wars.

More importantly, I was there to advocate for John McCain. My position might not be his. I had to make sure I was not getting his position wrong. One thing I did address is that both Barack Obama and John McCain say they are against gay marriage, but that only John McCain means it. Barack Obama is like many liberals running for President. He badly wants to say he is fo0r it, but is afraid of losing the election. So he is willing to put politics above principles. I personally am not a hardliner on either direction on the issue, but it disgusts me that Barack Obama will not have the guts to say what he believes.

Several people in the room said they were voting for Obama because of that issue alone. They know he is lying to satisfy Middle America, and they don’t care. For this reason, they are just as pathetic as he is. They are prepared to endorse a man who publicly rejects them because they know he secretly accepts them. So much for gay people being out of the closet. I would rather have my self respect.

After the debate, several gay rights activists in the crowd were quite rude to me. I gave them my business card, and they asked me my opinion on a gay marriage proposition in California. I stated that I had not sat down to read it yet, but that I would in a couple of days. They expressed shock that there was anything to read or think about.

This is why I detest activists, especially student activists. They are so blind in their support of their pet issue that anybody that expresses a divergent viewpoint is met with hostility. I did not even disagree. I expressed neutrality. I wanted to tell these students that their hardline approach took people in the middle, and shoved them in the other direction. I decided to keep silent since activists are usually incapable of letting logical reasoning interfere with their blind passion.

Most of the students were very polite, and at least one undecided voter told me afterwards that they were now supporting John McCain. That is why I did the debate.

Plenty of people told me afterwards that I won the debate in a landslide. While that is flattering, it is quite possible that the people talking to Jonathan told gim the same thing.

Jonathan is a successful and accomplished professional. He is very intelligent. However, his approach to debating was to speak to the already converted. He would be fabulous at a partisan pep rally. I can picture him speaking at future Democratic Conventions and lighting up the crowds. I mean that respectfully.

However, my approach was to try and appeal towards the middle. Sure, I offered some partisan red meat, but I made sure to offer a positive portrayal of John McCain, while Jonathan’s entire case for Obama was that it is the anti-Bush and anti-McCain.

Jonathan’s approach can win elections, but it is not a good model for governing. Then again, with many on the left, winning elections is the end itself, not the means.

I look at it this way. I held my own in what had the potential to be very hostile territory. The students liked the debate, and felt it was informative.

That in itself made the event worth doing, and successful.


Norm Coleman saves the day–Guatememala Adoption

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

My close and friend and his wife were trying to adopt a child from Guatemala. Bureaucracy got in the way. Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota stepped in and saved the day.

Both of these videos are 2 minutes in length.


The first one features the young boy’s adoptive parents letting the world know that Norm Coleman helped them bring home their son Daniel. As the video reflects, he is 19 months old and adorable.

The second video is my gratitude.

Senator Coleman has been there for us. We are absolutely going to be there for him now that he needs us.

Please help us reelect this fine man. Donate to Norm Coleman.

Thank you Norm Coleman. Thank you so much.


NFL 2008–Week 8 Recap

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Still exulting in triumph from the the Oakland Raiders reaching their first win in the Tom Cable era, I now enthusiastically dive into today’s football games. Forget the hyperbole. Here is the Week 8 NFL Recap.

The Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays, or Devil Rays, or whatever they are, played the Sunday night game. I hate baseball almost as much as golf and soccer, so I refuse to cover this irrelevance. There was no Sunday night NFL game because of this uselessness, so perhaps King of the Hill and American Dad will be watched. Maybe Desperate Housewives or the news will be watched. Either way, this blog is about football on Sundays.

Oakland Raiders @ Baltimore Ravens–For more on the game of the day, go to

Buddy Ryan was rooting for a 0-0 tie since both his sons are the defensive coordinators of these teams. Rob Ryan runs the defense for the Raiders, and Rex Ryan does it for the Ravens. Early on it looked like buddy would get his wish as neither offense could move the ball. The difference in the game was field position, which was miserable for the Raiders. When they would punt, the Ravens would have good field position, which they would waste.

The difference in the first quarter was a sack on JaMarcus Russell for a safety and a 2-0 Ravens lead. With Darren McFadden out with an injured toe, the Raiders running game ran into a buzzsaw of Ray Lewis and company. The Raiders had -2 yards in the opening quarter.

Late in the quarter, a 39 yard punt return had Baltimore at the Oakland 18. Early in the 2nd quarter, Willis McGahee banged in from one yard out to put the Ravens up 9-0.

With the Oakland running game going nowhere, Cable decided to open it up. After a couple of completions, Russell went for the long ball. He was intercepted, but at least the Ravens began at their own 3 yard line. After converting 3rd and 9 with a run up the middle, the Raiders had an even bigger breakdown on defense. On 3rd and 5, Flacco went deep and found a wide open Williams for a 70 yard touchdown and a 16-0 Ravens lead midway through the 2nd quarter.

The ensuing kickoff would have gone out of bounds, but Johnny lee Higgins fielded it and stepped out of bounds, forcing the Raiders to start at their own 2 yard line. The field position nightmare continued. The Ravens added a field goal to take a 19-0 lead at the break.

The Raiders had a ray of hope when Russell found Schillins for a 60 yard bomb to set up 1st and goal. Yet these are the Raiders, and a 21 yard field goal cut the gap to 19-3. Flacco then handed off to Troy Smith, the backup quarterback. Smith completed a bomb of his own, and Flacco was the wide receiver who caught it. The 43 yard gadget play and the ensuing field goal had the Ravens back up comfortably 22-3.

Russell completed passes of 31 and 25 yards to Zach Miller, and Justin Griffith barely broke the plane of the goal on a 2 yard run to put the Raiders within 22-10 after 3 quarters. Willis McGahee fumbled, an the Raiders began their next drive at the Baltimore 43. A 13 yard run by Russell was followed by a penalty or delay of game, and a sack that led to no points. The Raiders would see the ball again, but at that point the Baltimore pass defense was in jailbreak mode. A 12 yard touchdown run by Joe Flacco with 3 1/2 minutes left ended any hopes for the Raiders, who fell to 2-5. 29-10 Ravens

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers–A reverse play went for a long gain to set up a Cardinals field goal. In the 2nd quarter, Jake Delhomme had the ball knocked out of his hand, and the fumble was recovered by Arizona at the Carolina 5 yard line. Kurt Warner threw a touchdown on the next play to put the Cardinals up 10-0. The Panthers responded to the 1 play, 5 second drive with a 14 play drive of their own. Yet Jake Delhomme’s 3rd down pass from the 5 yard line was dropped in the end zone by a wide open receiver. A golden opportunity was missed, as the Saints trailed 10-3 at the half instead of 10-7.

The Cardinals took the second half kickoff, and Warner found Fitzerald for a 27 yard gain. Tim Hightower ended the drive with a 2 yard touchdown run. The Cardinals led 17-3, and seemed to be on their way to a win. Then the game totally changed. Delhomme finally got going, and a 31 yard pass to King set up a 15 yard touchdown run by Williams to put the Panthers within 17-10. Edgerrin James then fumbled, and Carolina had the ball at the Arizona 18. Both teams had fumbled deep in their own territory, and both teams capitalized in one play. Delhomme hit Steve Smith for the touchdown that tied the game 17-17.

Warner then led a 12 play drive from the Arizona 22. He found Steve Breaston, Anquon Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald on the drive. A 22 yarder to Fitzgerald set up the 2 yard touchdown to Boldin as the Cardinals regained the lead. The extra point was no good. The Cardinals led 23-17, but that missed conversion would haunt them. Delhomme needed less than one minute to throw a 65 yard bomb to Steve Smith for the touchdown. Replays clearly showed Smith stepping out of bounds. The call was challenged, yet the touchdown was upheld. It was a totally blown call, and with the extra point, the Panthers led 24-23. The 21 point 3rd quarter was followed by a defensive 4th quarter.

Warner rapidly led the Cardinals from their own 22 to the Carolina 15. However, Warner was then intercepted by J J Arrington, who returned the ball to midfield with 12 minutes remaining. That led to a 50 yard field goal by John Kasay to put the Panthers up 27-23 with 9 minutes remaining. The Cardinals punted on their next drive from their own 45 with 6 minutes left, and never got the ball back. The Arizona defense could not make a stop. On 3rd and 13 from midfield with 1:51 left, Williams ran straight up the middle to pick up the first down and end things. 27-23 Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys–This defensive struggle began with a pair of field goals by the Buccaneers to go up 6-0. After Dallas made a field goal, the Buccaneers had a missed field goal that gave the Cowboys possession on their own 40. A personal foul on Ronde Barber moved them closer. Brad Johnson, filling in for Tony Romo, found Roy Williams for a 2 yard touchdown pass and a 10-6 Dallas lead at the intermission. The second half was even more defense. An exchange of field goals had the Cowboys up by 4 points with 4:15 remaining. Jeff Gracia started at his own 26 and methodically moved the Buccaneers down the field. With 19 seconds remaining, on 4th and 3 from the Dallas 18, Garcia’s pass to Jeremy Stevens fell incomplete. It wasn’t pretty, but Dallas got the win. 13-9 Cowboys

Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions–Jason Campbell led the Redskins on their opening 7 minute drive down the field, but bogged down at the Detroit 2 yard line. The field goal had the Redskins up 3-0. Later in the quarter, Campbell fumbled at midfield. Orlovsky, filling in for Jon Kitna, found Calvin Johnson for 31 yards. Johnson then ran it in from 11 yards out to put the Lions up 7-3. An exchange of field goals had Detroit up 10-6 at intermission.

After a 3rd field goal had Washington within 10-9, they got the ball back at their own 5. A pass from Campbell to Cooley went for 17 yards, and a defensive penalty had the Redskins at midfield. Campbell went deep to Santana Moss for the second half of the field, putting the Redskins up 16-10. Early in the 4th quarter, the Lions punted, and Moss killed them with an 80 yard return for the touchdown that had the Redskins up 22-10.

The Lions fought back, and a 17 yard touchdown pass form Orlovsky to Johnson had Detroit within 22-17 with 6 1/2 minutes remaining. The Redskins wound down the clock, and added a field goal for an 8 point lead. The Lions got the ball back with 1:51 remaining at their own 23. With 48 seconds remaining, facing 4th and 3 at their own 45, Orlovsky completed a 2 yard pass. Either the West COast Offense, the Lions, or both, should be abolished. Throwing past the marker helps. The Lions remained winless. 25-17 Redskins

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins–A pair of much improved teams took the field, and Chad Pennington took the Dolphins right down the field on the opening drive. A 2 yard touchdown pass to Anthon Fasano had the Dolphins up 7-0. The Bills could not reach the end zone, but 3 Ryan Lindell field goals, including one on the last play of the half, had the Bills up 9-7.

The first half was early scoring by the Dolphins and then all Bills. The second half was the exact reverse. The Bills took the opening kickoff, and Trent Edwards marched them down the field. A Marshawn Lynch 2 yard touchdown run had Buffalo up 16-7. The rest was all Miami.

A field goal had the Dolphins within 16-10, and after a punt, Pennington led a 69 yard drive. Ricky Williams ran 3 yards for the touchdown that put the Dolphins up 17-16. Buffalo was plagued by turnovers, and an Edwards interception set up a field goal to put Miami up 20-16 early in the 4th quarter. Buffalo began a drive after a punt at their own 3, where Edwards was sacked for a safety. Miami led 22-16 with 8 minutes remaining. Miami took the free kick, which led to a field goal with 4 minutes remaining. The kick gave Miami a 9 point lead, putting the game out of reach. Buffalo did reach the Miami 31, but fumbled the ball away. They got the ball back with seconds remaining, and fumbled again. 4 turnovers do not defeat a disciplined team, and Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano have brought discipline and winning back to Miami. 25-16 Dolphins.

St. Louis Rams @ New England Patriots–This could have been a Superbowl rematch that ended one potential dynasty and launched another one, but Kurt Warner is elsewhere, Tom Brady is out for the year, Adam Vinatieri is elsewhere, and Marshall Faulk is retired. There was a Faulk running the ball, although it was Kevin Faulk for New England. Nevetheless, this was a good game.

Just like in the Superbowl, the Rams went up 3-0, and the Patriots took the lead 7-3. For the Rams, their drive stalled at the 2 yard line, while for the Patriots, the final 2 yards came on the ground by Ellis. In the 2nd quarter, Marc Bulger found Avery for a 69 yard touchdown to put the Rams back on top 10-7. A 12 play drive led to a 30 yard field goal that tied the game at 10-10. Late in the half, the Rams had to punt form deep in their own territory. The Patriots only had 19 seconds, but began at the Rams 46. A swing pass from Matt Cassell to Randy Moss went for 30 yards, setting up the go ahead field goal at halftime.

The second half featured more field goals. The Superbowl was tied 17-17 late. This game was tied 16-16 with 7 minutes remaining. More terrible field position for the Rams led to a punt that had the Patriots starting at their own 47. With the short field, Cassell found Faulk for a 15 yard touchdown pass to put the Patriots up by 7 with 3:13 left. The Rams again started with dreadful field position, this time at their own 10. Bulger did pass them down to the New England 38, but he was intercepted with just over one minute left at the 16 yard line by Deltha Oneal. 23-16 Patriots

San Diego Chargers @ New Orleans Saints–Live from Wembley Stadium, the second annual game in England took place. After a rendition of “God Save the Queen,” to the tune of “My Country tis of thee,” the crowd was treated early on to an exchange of field goals. Even at 3-3 the game was more interesting than any game of soccer ever played. Yet after a quiet first quarter, both offenses exploded.

The second quarter saw the offenses unload. A 12 yard pass to Devery Henderson put the Saints up 9-3, when the extra point clanked off of the upright. On the ensuing kickoff, Darren Sproles had the ball ripped out of his hands, allowing the Saints to start with excellent field position. From the 25, the Saints went right to work, and several plays later Deuce McAllister had a one yard touchdown run to put the Saints up 16-3.

With Drew Brees already firing, his counterpart and former teammate Philip Rivers got going. Rivers found Ladanian Tomlinson for a 12 yard touchdown, cutting the gap to 16-10. Brees came right back with a 30 yard touchdown pass to Moore to put the Saints up 23-10. The aerial show continued as Rivers found Antonio Gates for 30 yards, setting up a 12 yard Rivers to Gates touchdown. The Chargers trailed 23-17 at the half.

The second half featured more fireworks as the offenses moved at will. From his own 13, Brees found Marquis Colston for a 49 yard gain. A horse collar penalty pushed the ball to the San Diego 22. Brees kept firing, and found Campbell for a 1 yard touchdown pass to put the Saints up 30-17. Rivers then led a 12 play, 7 minute drive, but it bogged down at the New Orleans 6 yard line. A field goal had the Chargers within 30-20.

Brees remained ridiculous in the pocket, firing passes at will. On 3rd and 5 from the San Diego 20, a defensive pass interference penalty in the end zone set up a 1 yard touchdown run by Karney seconds into the 4th quarter. The Saints led 37-20, but this game was far from over. Rivers led another 12 play drive, but again the Saints could not reach the end zone. The drive stalled at the 8 yard line, and the field goal with 9 1/2 minutes left had the Chargers within 37-23.

A successful onsides kick had the Chargers beginning at their own 43. A 17 yard toss to Vincent Jackson and a 9 yarder to Chris Chambers set up a 14 yard touchdown pass to Jackson. 7 1/2 minutes remained, and the Chargers were within 37-30. The Chargers got the ball back with 4 minutes left, and after a holding penalty, were at their own 12. Rivers moved them all the way to the New Orleans 32, where his pas was tipped by 2 Saints before being intercepted by Jonathan Vilma with just over one minute left. Vilma smartly went down rather than fumble the ball back, as many defenders do.

Yet the game still was not over. The Saints needed to punt with 14 seconds remaining. Rather than punt facing a heavy rush, Drew Brees came in for the snap. He ran backwards, and took the intentional safety with 8 seconds left. The free kick from the 20 provided drama as Darren Sproles returned it just past midfield. The Saints thought the game was over, but the referees ruled that there was one second left. Rivers threw the hail mary, and with about 12 players in the end zone jumping for it, it landed incomplete.

The people of England got their money’s worth, and Norvelous Norv Turner and the Chargers fell to 3-5. Drew Brees celebrated the win against his former team. I am not sure if he was knighted by the Queen after the game, but it would have been merited. 37-32 Saints

Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets–Brett Favre vs Tyler Thigpen. It did not seem fair. That’s why, as Chris Berman says, that they play the games. Favre went right to work, taking the Jets 73 yards in 6 minutes. An 18 yard touchdown pass from Favre to Leon Washington had the Jets up 7-0. Things settled down after that, and an interception of Favre had Kansas City at the New York 38 as the opening quarter ended. Thigpen then hit Tony Gonzalez for the 19 yard touchdown to tie the game. Gonzalez was on the trading block, but Chiefs fans were glad he stayed.

With 2 1/2 minutes left in the half, the Jets were on their own 10. A pass from Favre to Cotchery went for 24 yards. Leon Washington then ran 60 yards for a score to put the Jets up 14-7. Thigpen came right back, and a perfectly executed 2 minute drill led to Thigpen throwing an 11 yard touchdown to Bradley to send the teams to the locker room tied 14-14.

The Chiefs took the lead after a 6 minute drive set up a 30 yard field goal, but Favre matched Thigpen with a 13 play, 6 minute drive that ended with a 1 yard Thomas Jones run, as the Jets led 21-17 after 3 quarters. In the 4th quarter Favre led a long drive that appeared on the verge of salting the game away. On 3rd and 2, with 8 minutes remaining, disaster struck. Favre was intercepted by Flowers, who raced 92 yards the other way. Instead of being up by 11, the Jets trailed 24-21.

With 3 minutes remaining, Washington took a punt return 47 yards, and the Jets began at the Kansas City 46. With just over one minute remaining, Favre found Laverneus Coles for a spectacular 15 yard one handed touchdown catch. The Jets regained the lead. A 35 yard kickoff return had the Chiefs in business. A 3rd and 16 completion by Thigpen set up 4th and 1 at the New York 31 with 21 seconds remaining. Thigpen’s 4th down pass was incomplete, and the Jets had survived. Favre did throw 3 interceptions, but the grizzled veteran is still a warrior that can win when it counts. 28-24 Jets

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles–The Falcons, with a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback in Matt Ryan, entered the game a surprising 4-1. Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are the all time leaders for wins between head coaches and quarterbacks starting at the same time. Despite offseason turmoil, they have held the team together at 3-3 in a tough division. The first quarter was scoreless.

4 minutes into the 2nd quarter, Ryan found White for a 55 yard touchdown pass to put the Falcons up 7-0. An exchange of punts gave the field position advantage to the Eagles, who began at their own 40. McNabb found Darrell Jackson for 22 yards, and finished the drive by running it in 3 yards himself to tie the game with 2 1/2 minutes left in the half.

The Eagles got the ball back at their own 12 with 45 seconds left in the half, and sought to just play it safe. Yet when Bryan Westbrook ran 20 yards on 1st down, Reid let McNabb open it up. Several passes, including a 20 yarder to Jackson, set up a 36 yard field goal just before the half to put the Eagles up 10-7.

The Eagles took the second half kickoff and went straight down the field. Bryan Westbrook ran the final 16 yards to put the Eagles up 17-7. After an Atlanta punt, the Eagles moved from their own 45 to the Atlanta one yard line. Yet a pair of plays were stymied, and on 4th and goal from the 1, ultra conservative Reid opted for the field goal to put the Eagles up 20-7. Only 8 minutes remained.

Ryan led the Falcons back with a 14 play drive, finishing it off with an 8 yard touchdown pass to White with 4 minutes remaining. The Falcons were within 6 points again. The Atlanta defense then held, but their final chance to win was snuffed out when the punt was fumbled and recovered by the Eagles. Replays clearly showed that the Atlanta punt returner never actually touched the ball at all. However, the Falcons were out of timeouts, and therefore unable to challenge the horrendous call. A 39 yard touchdown by Westbrook was the icing on the cake. 27-14 Eagles

Cleveland Browns @ Jacksonville Jaguars–This featured a pair of teams with winning records a year ago that play in tough divisions, but are still in the hunt this year. Derek Anderson led the Browns 80 yards on their first drive, with a 3 yard touchdown pass to Dante Stallworth putting the Browns up 7-0. David Garrard responded with a 13 play, 6 1/2 minute drive that tied the game 7-7 when Garrard hit Williams from 5 yards out. Anderson then quickly hit Heiden for 51 yards to set up a 2 yard touchdown run by Jamal Lewis. The Browns added a field goal to go up 17-7 at halftime.

The Jaguars took the second half kickoff and marched 72 yards. Garrard threw the 8 yard toss to Jones for the touchdown that made it a 17-14 game. Josh Scobee nailed a 53 yard field goal to tied the game 17-17 with 9 minutes remaining. Cleveland took over at their own 21, and after several handoffs to Jamal Lewis, were at their own 46. Anderson then went for all the marbles, and the 53 yard completion to Steptoe was ruled out at the one yard line. Although it was worth reviewing to see if the ball broke the plane of the goal, no review occurred. this was costly, because 3 plays from the 1 went straight into a stout Jacksonville defense. With 4 1/2 minutes remaining, facing 4th and goal at the 2, Romeo Crennel decided on the chip shot field goal. Phil Dawson put the Browns up 20-17.

The Jaguars then fumbled the ensuing kickoff. The Browns could not move the ball, but another field goal put them up by 6. Incomplete passes on 2nd and 3rd down meant that only 30 seconds elapsed on the drive.

The Jaguars punted after not moving the ball, but the Browns could not run out the clock. The Jaguars took over on their own 30 with 1:51 remaining. On 4th and 3 from their own 39, Garrard completed a 5 yard pass. However, after the play a personal foul on the offense pushed the Jagurs back 15 yards. They still retained possession, but what was bizarre was that the penalty actually helped them. The clock stopped. The Browns protested that since the penalty was on offense, the Jagaurs should not benefit from the penalty. yet 27 seconds remained, and Garrard hit Jones for a 35 yard gain to the Cleveland 26 with 16 seconds remaining.

Garrard went for the end zone, and twice his passes were tipped, bobbled, and broken up by superb defense. Garrard’s last pass was untouched and incomplete in the end zone. It was a nailbiter, but Cleveland held and won a tough game on the road. 23-17 Browns

Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans–For some reason this game was played. Carson Palmer has now been declared out for the season, and it appears that the entire team has quit on Marvin Lewis. Chad Johnson is still on the field, wishing he was not. A 73 yard touchdown on a punt return by Jones only 2 minutes into the game put the Texans up 7-0. That might have been enough to put the game out of reach for the Bungles. For those who were confused, the Bengals were not the expansion team.

In the 2nd quarter, the Texans began on their own 9. Matt Schaub led a 15 play drive that ate up 9 1/2 minutes of clock. A 6 yard touchdown pass to Anderson had the Texans up 14-3. In the 3rd quarter, Schaub led an 84 yard drive that took another 6 minutes off of the clock. Schaub found Walter for 7 yards to put the Texans up 21-6. Schaub threw a 39 yard touchdown pass to Walter to put the Texans up 28-6. The Bengals remain winless, despite a pair of incredibly exciting field goals inbetween surrendering multiple touchdowns. 35-6 Texans

New York Giants @ Pittsburgh Steelers–These teams coached by Tom Coughlin and Mike Tomlin are about discipline and attitude. The two teams known for hard nosed running and defense played a game featuring both. The game started with offense, as Mewelde Moore ran for a 32 yard touchdown to put the Steelers up 7-0. The game then quickly turned into a defensive bonelock. The Giants kicked a field goal, and in the second quarter reached the Pittsburgh one yard line. Brandon Jacobs scored on 3rd down, but the touchdown was challenged. On further review the touchdown was reversed. On 4th and goal from the 1, Jacobs was stoned by a brick Pittsburgh wall.

Pittsburgh failed to move after the goal line stand, and a punt was returned by Dominic Hixon 28 yards to the Pittsburgh 19. Yet New York could not move either, and a field goal made it a 7-6 game. After a Pittsburgh punt, the Giants again drive deep, but on 4th and 2 form the Pittsburgh 7, settled for a 3rd field goal to take a 9-7 lead into the locker room.

After an exchange of punts in the 3rd quarter, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning had been struggling. Big Ben stepped back, and needed one play to throw a 65 yard touchdown pass to Nate Washington to put the Steelers back on top 14-9.

Early in the 4th quarter Roethlisberger threw his 3rd interception of the game. The Giants had good field position, and took a timeout on 4th and 1 from the Pittsburgh 29. Manning then got confused, and tried to call another timeout. This led to a delay of game penalty that made it 4th and 6. So Manning redeemed himself by throwing a 31 yard completion to Amani Toomer, setting up 1st and goal at the 4. However, this was a game of defense, and the Giants had to settle for a 4th field by John Carney to pull within 14-12 with just 8:18 remaining.

The game then turned on one special teams play. Pittsburgh set up to punt, and the backup long snapper…yes, teams actually sometimes need backup long snappers…snapped it over the punter’s head out of the back of the end zone for a safety. This might have been one of the strangest ways to reach a 14-14 tie in some time. The Giants took the free kick and began at their own 47 with 7 minutes left. From midfield, Manning hit Steve Smith to cut the distance in half. With 3 minutes left, Manning hit Kevin Boss for the 2 yard touchdown that put the Giants up by 7.

The New York defense that won them a championship last year is still suffocating, and it beat up Big Ben on pair of Pittsburgh drives at the end. Roethlisberger’s desperation hail mary from his own end zone on 4th down resulted in his 4th interception. The Giants had gutted out a tough road win. 21-14 Giants

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers–This game also for some reason failed to be canceled. The Walrus, aka Mike Holmgren, is retiring at the end of the year. Without injured Matt Hasselbeck, the Seahags have mailed it in. The 49ers actually beat the Seahawks earlier this year, eliminating me from my suicide league. However, the 49ers won very little else, and coach Dick Nolan, despite looking good on the sidelines in a suit, was fired. Mike Singletary, the player with perhaps the most famous wide eyes in football history, took over the job. He had a rough first game.

A pair of field goals had the Seahawks up 6-0. In the 2nd quarter, a 14 play drive that took 7 1/2 minutes ended in a one yard run up the middle by T J Duckett to extend the lead to 13-0. The 49ers did kick a field goal, and on their next drive reached the Seattle 29. J T O’Sullivan then threw a touchdown pass to Wilson, who plays for Seattle. The 75 yard interception return put the Seahawks up 20-3. Under protest, the players took the field for the second half. A 43 yard touchdown pass from Seneca Wallace to Weaver had the Seahawks up 27-6 in a route. Singletary benched O’Sullivan and Vernon Davis to let the team know that his winning attitude as a player involved putting fear into those that need it. 34-13 Seahawks

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans was the Monday night game. This was about Peyton Manning and the high powered Colts offense that has struggled this year vs the Tennessee defense that is as good as during their heyday. They are still led by Jeff Fisher. The first half was a Tennessee tempo, meaning a slugfest. Kerry Collins led the Titans to a field goal on their opening drive. After an exchange of punts, the Titans began at the Tennessee 36. With the short field, Peyton Manning found Dallas Clark for a 10 yard touchdown pass. The Colts took a 7-6 lead into the locker room at halftime.

Manning took the second half kickoff and led the Colts straight down the field. Another touchdown pass to Clark, this time from 19 yards out, had Indianapolis up 14-6. Collins then led a 14 play, 80 yard drive that ate up 7:45. Lendale White bruised through from inches out, and the 2 point conversion from Collins to Hall tied the game 14-14. Seconds into the 4th quarter, Rob Bironas atoned for a missed 43 yard field goal in the first half by drilling a 48 yarder. His previous miss was his first miss of the year, and the successful kick had the Titans up 17-14.

The key to the second half was the Tennessee defense. The go ahead field goal was set up when the Colts gambled on 4th and 1 at midfield, only to see Dominic Rhodes get stoned up the middle. On their next series, the Colts passed up a 51 yard field goal attempt due to winds to go for it on 4th and 3 at the Tennessee 34. Neither of these were necessarily bad decisions, but the Titans held both times.

What really shocked many was that rather than try to grind it out on the ground with Lendale White, Offensive Coordinator opened it up and had Kerry Collins unleash a flurry of passes. Collins is no “manager.” He is an experienced superstar that knows how to win games, not just avoid losing them. Normally the Titans would try to run down the clock in this situation. Instead Collins passed them straight down the field when it counted most.  The 13 play, 7 minute drive even had them throwing from the 1 yard line, but it was White that banged in the final yard to put the Titans up 24-14 with 4 1/2 minutes left.

Manning was intercepted on the next series, setting up a 16 yard run by Johnson to give the appearance of a blowout in what was actually a tough game. The Colts added a garbage touchdown at the end of the game. The Colts are 3-4, and the Titans are 7-0. They have piled up wins against bad teams, but even with a losing record, the Colts are a dangerous team. Tennessee is for real. 31-21 Titans


Formal Endorsements

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

The Tygrrrr Express is releasing the list of formal endorsements for the 2008 elections.

At the Presidential level, I endorse John McCain for President.

This comes as no surprise. I made the case for him again last night at UCLA. He is one of the finest men to ever seek the White House. He is a true hero, and a man of honor, character, and heart. His opponent has zero experience.

Sarah Palin will make a fabulous Vice President. The left hates her guts, which means she is right.

Of all the Senate races, there is only one that is truly capturing my attention. If people have only one person to give money to, it should be Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman.

I do take pride in Norm Coleman being a Jewish republican. I do like his political views from taxes to Israel. Yet this endorsement is personal. The goal of politics is supposed to be to make the world a better place. Some issues transcend politics.

My dear friend and his wife were trying to adopt a child in 2007. The child was in Guatemala, and they made several trips from Los Angeles. The adoption was caught up in bureaucracy. Senator Coleman, who has lost two infant children to a rare genetic disease, knows pain that few people will ever know. He has devoted himself to adoption issues. He took a trip to Guatemala late in 2007, and helped cut through the bureaucracy.

My friends brought their baby boy home in March of 2008. He is now a happy, smiling, and well adjusted little boy. He is now over 1 1/2 years old, and every time I look into this boy’s eyes, I thank God for people like Norm Coleman. I am only the boy’s de facto uncle. Imagine how his parents feel.

While Senator Coleman is spreading love, his opponent is spreading hatred. His opponent used to be on “Saturday Night Live.” He is a failed radio host at a failed radio station, in addition to writing books that tear people down and build nothing up.

Norm Coleman personifies the word “Mensch.” If people can donate to only one politician, send money to Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman.

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is in a tough reelection fight as well. He is a master of parliamentary procedure. If the democrats do end up controlling everything, a strong minority leader will be vital for the republicans. This is what turned things around after the debacle of 1992. We need Mitch McConnell.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine is a moderate republican that is willing to work with democrats as well as republicans without compromising her integrity. She is a good Senator and good person. We need her back.

Another Minnesota politician that is in a tough reelection fight is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

She has been under fire recently for comments made in an interview where the questioner had a hostile agenda. It was a successful hit job. She fell in the trap.

Nevertheless, the real Michele Bachmann is a woman that has dedicated her life to helping children. She and her husband have taken in 23 foster children . She has described some of these children as “having nothing but a deep desire to express love and give love. They had nothing but a shopping bag.”

For those who do not know, John and Cindy McCain also adopted a child. It is a decent and selfless act.

Michele Bachmann was cruising towards reelection before this interview a few days ago. Her supporter has been flooded with money. Please help Michele Bachmann. She has a heart of gold, and is a good strong conservative.

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt is running for the 13th Congressional district in Georgia.

She is a medical professional, and one of the most respected and accomplished women in America. She also is a republican that happens to be black. I interviewed her at the GOP Convention in Minnesota, and she was delightful. Some people talk about health care issues. She has spent her life giving quality health care in the form of her medical practice.

While I rarely get involved in state and local races, especially in areas I do not live, I am making a couple of exceptions. Yes, these people are Jewish republicans, but they are also good human beings that will bring the same honor to public service that they have brought to their life before politics.

Josh Mandel is a 26 year old marine who fought for America. Now he is running for reelection to the Ohio state legislature. Send him some money.

Lynn Lechler is running for the State House in Pennsylvania. She had a quiet private life, but was reluctantly drafted by party leaders due to her experience and talent. The loss of her privacy is Pennsylvania’s gain.

Although she is not running this year, any surplus funds could be allocated to Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle.

She is a Jewish Republican in a state not known for either. She took on corruption, and won. Also, she vetoes virtually everything. There are enough laws on the books, and she has helped slow the growth of government. Hawaii is blessed to have her.

For those that are looking beyond specific endorsements, there are organizations that I deeply believe in.

Chabad is not-partisan, and does everything from run drug treatment centers to bring Jewish life all over the world. Every dollar they receive is money well sent and well spent.

The Republican Jewish Coalition advocates for those that see a synthesis between issues benefitting the Jewish people, and right of center politics.

GOPAC used to be run by Newt Gingrich. Now it is run by Michael Steele. GOPAC is training the next generation of conservative leaders.

More endorsements may or may not be added depending on various factors, including what mood I am in at any given moment.

Lastly, I endorse the Tygrrrr Express as the greatest and most brilliant creation in the history of anything, since I could not get my parents to say that for me.


An Adult Foreign Policy Discussion

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Last month I had the pleasure of attending a brilliant foreign policy discussion in Las Vegas. It was put on by the Jewish Policy Center, which is run by Jonathan Schanzer.

Before getting to this fabulous event, a couple quick housekeeping notes are in order.

Yesterday my blog reached 200,000 hits. I am pleased about this because the first 100,000 hits took 320 days, or 10 1/2 months. The next hundred thousand hits took only 9 months, or 273 days to be precise. While that comes to just over 366 hits per day, the numbers are actually much higher since I lost virtually all my traffic when I came to this independent platform. In 3 months, it has been built back up, and better than ever. In short, 17.2% growth is healthy, and I hope I can keep it going. I thank every reader that has ever stopped by.

The blog has been given several enhancements recently, from a news ticker to a rating system to the all powerful donation button that I hope people utilize in abundance.

In the coming days I will be offering political endorsements. I expect my words to have more of an impact than the Jayson Blair Times, but less than or equal impact to reliable sources. Also, for those who like risky investments, Jayson Blair Times bonds have now reached junk status. Then again, they are so elitist that they spell theirs as junque bonds, because they are the cream of the cr@p.

I did not cover the Colin Powell endorsement because it is not news. President Bush fired Powell, and this is payback. Powell had a distinguished career, but he is not the first disgruntled ex-employee to lash out. He is uncomfortable with the “direction” of the Republican Party because that direction excludes him.

Barack Obama has no substance, so covering him is pointless. He was truthful when he told Ellen Degeneres that he dances better than John McCain. He dances on every issue, and wants to glide to the White House. The day that the View ever enters intelligent public discourse is the day society has ended.

So for those that want actual intelligent information should visit UCLA Hillel tonight at 8:15pm PST. I will be debating UCLA Law Professor Jonathan Z. He will be making the case for Barack Obama, and I will be making the case for John McCain.

I want to elevate the level of discussion and show people that there are serious issues that need to be dealt with, and only the conservatives have any clue how to deal with them. Democrats should replace the donkey, and make the ostrich their official mascot. While liberals will sticking their heads in the sand, conservatives were getting together in Las Vegas to have a serious discussion on the various threats that put our lives at stake.

Michael Medved was the moderator. The panelists were John Podhoretz, David Horowitz, and Steve Emerson. They are worthy of lengthy introductions, but I will cut straight to the meat of their discussion.

MM: “Being a former New Yorker is like being an ex-marine. One is always a New Yorker. This week in New York we had the markets opening to turmoil, and a visit by Ahmadinewackjob. I say people should visit New York, New York, in Las Vegas, not New York City. Anyway, is this market meltdown changing everything?”

JP: “No. The other panelists still say bupkus about me. Freedom and free markets has led to the greatest growth in history the last 30 years. This crisis has been funded by government policies. The monopolies of Fannie and Freddie got us into this. The CRA passed by Clinton to expand home ownership to poor people hurt. The failure to regulate Fannie and Freddie caused this problem. The answer is not more regulation. Government intrusion caused this.”

DH: “Barney Frank and Charles Rangel …it’s no surprise this happened. Podhoretz’s new book will be on my nightstand for the next 8 years.”

JP: “The Glass-Steagal repeal is not the cause. It will save this problem. Breaking down Chinese Walls is needed. Merrill Lynch was bought by Bank of America. This is because of Phil Gramm’s repeal of Glass-Steagal. We’d be dead without it.”

MM: “Are optimists right that we’re safe now?”

SE: “I would have said something nice about John Podhoretz but he took 2 minutes of my time. Jihadist groups think they can infiltrate America and the American media. They have. Michael Chertoff has announced that the DHS will not use the ter, “Islamic Militants.” They just call them militants. The State Department has given 40 million dollars in the last decade to radical Islamic groups.”

DH: “Jewish organizations are very skittish to take on Islamofacism. It is President Bush that protected the American people. His greatest success is keeping us safe.”

SE: “Radical Islamic groups label anyone who criticizes them as racist.”

MM: “Armageddonijad just wanted a dinner with Rabbis…a Persian feast. Some Rabbis agreed to it. They chant ‘Death to America.’ What’s to talk about over dinner? Is Iran like Russia, where nuclear power is offset?”

DH: “Hitler hid the Final Solution from the German people, believing that they were too civilized. Iran shouts it from the rooftop. Europe will let Israel be incinerated. Sheik Yassin went to Penn State and Ohio State. We went after the MSA. Hillel embraced them.”

SE: “As for why deterrence won’t work, Russia was rational. Armageddonijad wants to be attacked. He has a suicidal martyr complex. 5 Secretaries of State said we should engage Iran. We will be negotiating what type of death we will face. People are either too stupid or idealistic to see it.”

JP: “Iran has 70 million people, and Israel has 6 million. There is no MAD. The USSR was large, and could have survived a nuclear attack. Iran would trade 1/5 of each population since Israel would not survive, nor would the Jewish people.”

SE: “Iran is acquiring the bomb. Israel is living under a black cloud they can’t maneuver any more. Divestment will occur. Israel needs to strike. They have a one year window. Does Israel have the cojones? Does the U.S. give the green, or at least the orange, light?”

MM: “Should the new Israeli and U.S. administrations move toward a 2 state solution in Israel?”

JP: “That is as realistic as a friendly dinner between Vladimir Putin and Shalishkavili. Israel has no interlocutor. Abbas claims the window is rapidly closing because Israel in the last 2 years is worse than the previous 40 years. There is no possibility for the framework of a discussion. Negotiation is inevitable, but the present circumstances make it impossible.”

SE: “In Gaza, they found 500 tons of plastic explosives. This is the second most concentrated area behind Afghanistan. It is naive to believe that the Palestinians want peace.”

DH: “There is a War on Terror. We succeeded in Iraq, but a pair of terrorist states exist in Lebanon and Gaza. There are some good Palestinians, but they don’t make a d@mn bit of difference. It’s not about territory. It’s about destroying Israel. The only way to negotiate with Palestinians is to crush them.”

MM: “Mormons are phenomenally Pro-Israel, as are other Christians. Is this negative?”

JP: “Jesus is not returning. Just let him try. Christians go to Israel 10 times more than we do. 50% of Christians go, but only 18% of Jews go. Christians love Israel, while Jews worry about checkpoints.”

SE: “Unlike Radical Islamists, at least Christians wait until we are gone to convert us.”

DH: “Christians are not burning us at the stake. They defend me.”

JP: “U.S. Jews have been shameful towards Christians. There have been no bad experiences. We just live in enclaves.”

MM: “What do we do about young Americans who are ungrateful towards America?”

DH: “For 55 years, the left has lied about the Rosenbergs. The judge and the prosecutor were Jewish. Many leftists simply hate this country.”

JP: “To what do leftists swear allegiance to? Canadian single-payer? What false God? If Michele Obama was not proud of the USA, what nation did she feel proud of? This explains the leftist blogosphere. There is just no idealism in hating the USA.”

MM: “Stephen, would you like to add anything?”

SE: “No.”

MM: “There should be a patriot requirement in our schools. There should also be a service requirement. Students should have to visit Independence Hall and Valley Forge. It is community service to learn about this country and what it has meant to this world.”

Whenever I worry that it is too late to save society, I remind myself that in small pockets of the country, if one plays close attention, the voices of reason and crystal clear logic can be found. I am glad to know them.


Conservatives Hate Al Queda, Liberals Hate Sheldon Adelson

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The left would like to win the War on Terror, but apparently they are too busy attacking conservatives for having the nerve to exist. Recently the Tygrrrr Express dealt with the war that the Obama campaign does have the courage to win, that being its war against the Republican Jewish Coalition.

One member of the Republican Jewish Coalition is Sheldon Adelson. The left has decided to make him public enemy number one. I researched his background, and he does seem to fit the pattern for somebody leftists could despise. He is rich, Jewish, republican, and breathing properly.

(Full disclosure: I am also a member of the RJC. I have attended events that took place in Casinos that he owns. I cannot recall ever meeting him, but I may have shaken his hand. The decision to write this column was mine and mine alone, with no input from any other sources connected to Mr. Adelson in any way. I did not stay in his hotel after the meetings since my friend since 4th grade has an apartment in the City. My friend is a liberal democrat. I would happily let Mr. Adelson adopt me in the same manner I would let any rich person adopt me.)

For those who have never heard of Sheldon Adelson, he is simply a man who became a billionaire through hard work. He own Casinos in Las Vegas, that being the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Yet he is being attacked now more than ever. The Obama campaign has ordered its surrogates to use every lever of power they have to disrupt the Republican Jewish Coalition. Mr. Adelson is one of the wealthier members of the RJC. The theory is that taking him down would cripple the entire organization.

An article in that bastion of waste known as the “New Yorker,” was written by a woman named Connie Bruck. Unlike Ms. Bruck, I understand that ethical writers offer disclosures, such as mine above. The issue is not about being biased. It is about being honest.

Connie Bruck is the partisan hatchet wife of former Congressman Mel Levine. Mel Levine left Congress after a disastrously failed Senate run, and now spends his time doing Obama’s laundry, and occasionally smelling his rumpus to see if it needs cleaning. Mr. Levine has gleefully taken on the task of trying to undermine the RJC at every turn, as the Tygrrrr Express has already reported on at length.

So what “scandals” did Ms. Bruck unearth?

For one, Mr. Adelson contributed a significant amount of money to help get George W. Bush reelected. What she fails to mention is that unlike leftist George Soros, Mr. Adelson donated his money legally. More on the contrast between Mr. Adelson and Mr. Soros will be dealt with.

Mr. Adelson has a problem with the leadership of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. According to Ms. Bruck, using that logic, 91% of the Israeli public is a threat. She is content to cast her lot with the 9% who like the approach of Israeli surrender. I guess that is what the left means by “tough diplomacy.”

Mr. Adelson supports Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the leader of Likud. Many rational people who believe that Likud is better than Labor on Israeli security issues support Likud. Barack Obama has stated that “You do not have to be Pro-Likud to be Pro-Israel.” American Jews have a hostility towards Likud and Bibi Netanyahu that would have been better directed towards Saddam Hussein. I understand that the left cannot distinguish between the two, but there really are stark differences.

Mr. Adelson funds the Zionist Organization of America. Ms. Bruck is concerned about this. I understand that the left equates Zionism with Racism, and fights U.N. Ambassadors such as John Bolton who overturn such horrible resolutions. Conservatives are perfectly comfortable with the concept of Jews moving to Israel, which was solely created out of the Holocaust so that Jews everywhere would finally have a homeland.

Mr. Adelson was concerned about Condoleeza Rice and the Annapolis summit. So what? So was I. I did not need a billion dollars to know a bad deal when I see one. Mr. Adelson simply understands that Palestinians never give up on a chance to break their word. Bad behavior should not be rewarded.

Ms. Bruck claims that Mr. Adelson accused Ehud Olmert of making concessions because a peace deal would keep him out of jail by distracting from his various corruption scandals. I am not sure what part of being right Ms. Bruck finds so objectionable. This is the Bill Clinton strategy. At least Bill Clinton blew stuff up to change the subject rather than give stuff up.

Ms. Bruck claims that Mr. Adelson got what he wanted when Prime Minister Olmert admitted his guilt. How incredibly sinister. Mr. Adelson brought down a corrupt politician that was destructive to his own country. He did it by speaking, which apparently is still allowable, even for conservatives.

Yet if Ms. Bruck and the New Yorker are useless (they are), then Thomas Edsall of the Huffington (com)Post is downright vicious. I have long referred to the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and as the “Axis of Anti-Semitism.” Some will argue that Jews cannot be anti-Semitic. True. They can, and often on the left are, self-loathing.

Mr. Edsall refers to Ms. Bruck’s hit job to compare Mr. Adelson to Mr. Soros.

For those who are not aware, Mr. Adelson is a United States Citizen. He earned his money legally.

Mr. Soros is a foreigner that has tried to subvert the United States Constitution by violating United States election laws.

Mr. Soros is also a felon. He is a convicted insider trader in France. He makes his money by destroying third world currencies. Like many wealthy leftists, he spreads global misery, profits off of that misery, and uses the proceeds from the ill gotten gains to try and blame conservatives so that more compassionate leftists can continue the cycle.

Mr. Adelson’s main interest seems to be Israeli politics, so even if he was skirting laws like Mr. Soros, which he was not, it would be an Israeli issue. Apparently the only thing he has done is purchase a newspaper that favors the Likud. Apparently newspapers are only good when purchased by those on the left.

Mr. Edsall really goes off of the rails when discussing the idea that percentages means truth. He states that 62% of American Jews back Barack Obama over John McCain, and therefore Mr. Adelson is outside the mainstream. Yet he then criticizes Mr. Adelson for turning away from Prime Minister Olmert, in conjunction with 91% of Jews in that country. Which is it Mr. Edsall?

Liberal Jews keep claiming that they love Israel. My only question for them is if they really do love Israel, why not listen to Israelis?

Because liberals love Israel less than they love themselves. They love the troops, but will not listen to them. They love the “pristine” nature of Alaska, but will not listen to Alaskans. They love children, but ignore their needs in wretched schools. They love everybody provided that those people agree with them.

Well Israelis do not agree with them. Israelis do not have time for liberal nonsense. They are being shot at every day. They do not have time for “aggressive,” or “tough,” diplomacy. They are too busy trying to win a war, which they could have already won had leftist politicians not repeatedly forced them into untenable “compromises,” for the sake of “peace.” This is why 70% of Israelis voted for George W. Bush in 2004, and why 70% of Israelis support John McCain over Barack Obama. It is the left that is out of the mainstream on “Jewish” issues, based on Mr. Edsall’s own metrics.

Mr. Adelson is accused of threatening to withdraw support from AIPAC due to his opinion of them capitualting on certain issues. How dare a man decide to support people he agrees with and withdraw support from people he disagrees with. He said, “I don’t continue to support organizations that help friends commit suicide just because they say they want to jump.” Good for him. When Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones was criticized for being on the sidelines instead of watching the game from the owners box, he reminded his critics that, “It’s my sideline.” The same principle applies here.

Mr. Edsall then states that Mr. Adelson, through the RJC, has another sinister motive. He claims that, “One of the central ambitions during this current election cycle is to weaken Barack Obama’s support among Jewish voters.”

Imagine that. A republican organization wants to weaken a democratic candidate to help elect a republican. A republican Jewish organization is targeting the Jewish community for this goal. My lord, if I did not know better I would think a political organization was getting, dare I say it, downright political!

Another group Mr. Adelson contributes to is Vets For Freedom. I have met several members of the group Vets For Freedom. The only thing they are guilty of is actually winning the War in Iraq, and telling the truth about it. True, one could get information from John Murtha and John Kerry, but that information would be wrong. Those men served decades ago. The guys in Vets For Freedom have been to Iraq in recent weeks. I understand that liberals cannot accept information unless it has been deliberately misconstrued by the Jayson Blair Times, but Mr. Adelson should not be condemned for funding a group just because the members of the group base their opinions on things as obsolete as actual facts.

Mr. Adelson has also invested in one group run by Newt Gingrich. One conservative funding a group by another conservative seems sensible.

None of these hit jobs (which I refuse to link to since my blog has an anti-garbage equivalent of a v-chip) involve anything remotely illegal.

The left knows that George Soros tried to buy the 2004 election. Laws were broken. The left knows that their attempt to steal 2004 was debunked faster than one can say “fake but accurate” memos. Their attempt to steal 2008 with ACORN is drawing attention to actual real criminal activities by ACORN.

Rather than castigating Mr. Adelson for being rich, perhaps the left may wish to become conservatives themselves. They could lower taxes, and give everybody a chance to be as wealthy as Mr. Adelson. Or they could do what they do now, which is make sure that everybody becomes as poor as the folks on the street under a crushing weight of high taxes, more regulations, government bureaucracy, and less security.

Mr. Adelson is 74. I am 36. I can achieve what he has achieved, if government would just get out of my way. When I do, I will contribute to many of the same organizations that he is involved with.

Like Mr. Adelson, and unlike Mr. Soros, I will do it legally.

Until then, like Mr. Adelson, I will have the sheer unmitigated gall to support organizations that want to cut taxes, win wars, and spread liberty. I will have the audacity to speak out against those that would rather sing Kumbaya with genocidal lunatics than actually make the world more secure.

Lastly, I understand that Sheldon Adelson never hired people to fly an airplane into the World Trade Center. That would be Al Queda. Mr. Adelson never gave money to Palestinian suicide bombers who killed Jews. That would be Saddam Hussein.

It would be nice if liberals, particularly liberal Jews, understood the difference. They need to stop being the moral equivalent of human shields, and start supporting those that simply want to shield their own people.