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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin–Shock and Awe

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Shock and Awe has just entered the 2008 Presidential campaign in the form of Arizona Senator John McCain choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee.

The coldest state has brought America the hottest Governor.

The Tygrrrr Express arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the 2008 Republican Convention. The Chicago Cannonball is joining me just long enough to go to the great Mall of America. Then I will get down to the business of blogging from the 2008 version of “Repub Hub.” It will be a fabulous experience thanks to John McCain choosing the phenomenal Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Nominee.

First I would like to give credit to the news organizations that put out the headline that is bound to spawn a million jokes by the adolescent male population, of which I am often accused of being a part of. “McCain taps Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.” My desire not to have the Secret Service shut down my blog prevents me from commenting further, although she did make my list of the “Top 120 political yummy bouncies.”

As hot as she is, make no mistake about it. She is tough, smart, and a solid choice for Vice President based on her ability to govern effectively. Before offering some thoughts on Governor Palin, kudos need to be given out to John McCain. I have repeatedly stated that I am “often wrong, but never in doubt.” My advice to John McCain, which was never solicited or accepted, was that he go for the ultra safe choice.

My dream choice was Rudy Giuliani, but my realistic choice was Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Tall, good hair, and inoffensive…safe, boring, and not harmful. This is not John McCain. He took all of his poker chips and pushed them to the center of the table. He is now “all in.”

Perhaps a guy that spent 5 1/2 years as a POW is just not going to be afraid to take risks. Sarah Palin is the epitome of a riverboat gambler choice. It also might very well work.

The minus side includes that her beauty might work against her. Women say they want to support other women, but they hate beauty queens. Sarah Palin is a former pageant girl. Of course this is not her fault, but women are a jealous bunch.

Another minus is that she does not have foreign policy experience. Then again, she has more experience than Barack Obama. Governors, unlike Senators, actually do things. That is why Senators rarely make it to the White House. She is an executive, and has actually balanced a budget. Obama is a talker. She is a doer.

Her pluses are numerous. For one, the base loves her. The base has been dispirited lately. They are elated today. This woman is so pro-NRA that the nickname of her youngest child is “Trig,” as in “Trigger.”

Another plus is that in a year when the republican brand is toxic due to perceptions of incompetence and corruption , Sarah Palin is a very competent executive who has rooted out corruption in her home state. She even took on republicans, filing indictments, and decimating the old boy network. She has popularity levels in the stratosphere at home. Obama is a rock star for his image. She is a rock star for her actual accomplishments.

Sarah Palin brings me one worry. When one makes their name as a corruption fighting crusader, they had better be squeaky clean. Bill Clinton was able to escape his corruption intact because people had such low expectations for him from an ethical standpoint. He could crawl over the bar. People do not mind those that engage in bad deeds. They mind sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy. Eliot Spitzer was the epitome of self righteousness, and his corruption brought him down. Sarah Palin had better have her ethical house in spotless order, because the spotlight is about to shine brightly and intensely upon her.

Sarah Palin is about shock and awe because the shock value comes in the form of her being chosen. In the age of 24 hour to the millisecond news cycle, keeping secrets is not easy to do. I walked in this morning, hit my internet button, saw the front headline, and picked my jaw off of the floor.

The awe part is that she is as inspiring from a success standpoint as she is physically beautiful. I track what words people type in to search blogs when I look at my own blog. The words “Sarah Palin” in the same sentence as some “suggestive terms” were typed in abundance. I suspect that the young male college vote is now in play. People will claim sexism, but admiring a woman for her beauty in addition to her intelligence is not sexism. Ignoring all other factors and relying solely on beauty is where the slippery erotic slope comes in. Does Sarah Palin look like the naughty librarian in those videos that every guy pretends to know nothing about? Do we want her to pull the ribbon out of the bun and let her hair flow like the Vogue cover? Of course.

Yet this is not about modeling lingerie, or about being impersonated on Saturday Night Live by the similarly sexy looking Tina Fey. It is about leading the free world. She is solidly and unapologetically conservative. She could be the next Margaret Thatcher, only (with all due respect to the deeply beloved Iron Lady) sexier.

This is not about her bottom, which some reporters tactlessly commented on. It is about the bottom line, which is cutting taxes, cutting burdensome regulation, enhancing liberty and freedom, and killing terrorists. She is a hockey mom, target shoots, and eats moose stew. She also is a devoted mother to her five children, including the youngest child that is afflicted with Downs Syndrome. For more information about Sarah Palin, several articles have been written.

Below are some of her finest comments from her introductory press conference.

“I did not get into politics to do the safe and easy things.”

“We are expected to govern with integrity, and good will, and conviction.”

“As the mother of one of the troops, and as the commander of Alaska’s National Guard, John McCain is the kind of man I want in a Commander in Chief.”

“Last 9/11, my son enlisted in the Army, and this 9/11 he heads to Iraq.”

As the song “Right Now” by Van Halen played in the background, it was a jolt of fresh air to see how in only 12 hours, the news can switch from an empty speech about nothing to a call for actual leadership and service. This woman will not be afraid of dealing with Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan. She will not be afraid of taking on republicans when they stray from conservative principles. She certainly will not fear anything as weak as a 21st century post modern liberal.

John McCain hit a home run out the ballpark. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is our rock star, and she is solid as a rock.

A hero and an executive versus a zero and a legislative gasbag. The republican ticket is set for victory.


Raiders Recap–Preseason 2008 Week 4

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

The Oakland Raiders finished their 2008 preseason against the Seattle Seahawks.

This is expected to be the last preseason game for the Walrus, aka Mike Holmgren. He and his tusks are expected to retire at the end of this year.

The preseason of the Raiders could best be represented by “The good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The good came in a solid win over the 49ers. The bad came in a loss to the Titans, although the starters played well enough to win. The ugly was a shutout loss at home against a Cardinals team that had their starter throw three interceptions, with each turnover wasted.

For more coverage of the Raiders, go to:

JaMarcus Russell did not suit up for the game. This gave the Raiders a chance to look at who would be the backup.

Andrew Walter started, and the team went 3 and out on their first possession that began with a false start. Seattle fumbled the punt return, and Oakland running back Michael Bush recovered. The Raiders began at the Seattle 34. On first down Andrew Walter went for the jugular, but the ball was over thrown. After another false start and a completion, the Raiders faced 3rd and 2. Andrew Walter was sacked, and fumbled the ball back to the Seahawks.

One of the biggest criticisms of Andrew Walter is that he hangs on to the ball too long. Yes, he has been behind some dreadful offensive lines, but he needs to safely put the ball away.

On Seattle’s first offensive play, T.J.Duckett ran around the end of a first down. Matt Hasselbeck was also resting up for the regular season, so Seneca Wallace was starting. Wallace has more experience than many NFL starters, much less backups. He is also more mobile than Hasselbeck. It is also easy to look good when the opposing defense keeps missing tackles. From the Oakland 25, T.J. Ducket took a handoff on a draw play and scored with little resistance. Four minutes into the game, the Seahawks led 7-0.

The Raiders began with excellent field position when Johnny Lee Higgins returned the kickoff to the Seattle 49. He almost broke it. On the first play from scrimmage, Darren McFadden ran 30 yards to the 19. A completion set up first and goal at the 9. The drive bogged down at the 4. The Raiders last year had trouble finishing drives. A 21 yard field goal attempt turned into the second coming of Garo Yopremian.

The snap was fumbled by normally reliable punter and holder Shane Lechler. He tried to pick it up and throw a pass, which was intercepted and returned to the Seattle 42. Only kicker Sebastian Janikowski slowing the return man down prevented a touchdown the other way. From Coach Lame Kiffin on down, this team is a disaster.

A 36 yard completion by Wallace had the Seahawks at the Oakland 22. The drive stalled, but Olindo Mare nailed a 34 yard field goal with 4 minutes left in the first quarter for a 10-0 Seahawks lead.

I would love to describe the second and third quarters, but the only thing more pathetic than my team is my internet connection.

I wrote several paragraphs and lost them all. I will go ona bloody rampage if this happens again.

The Seahawks increased their lead to 13-0 when the Raiders finally got going and cut the gap to 13-3 in the second quarter. With 1:10 left in the half the Raiders had the ball on their own 6 yard line. They managed to get to their own 40 with 13 seconds left in the half. A perfect strike by Walter set up a 50 yard field goal that Seabass nailed for a 13-6 deficit at the half.

Seattle went nowhere on their first drive of the second half, and the Raiders took over at midfield. On 3rd and 5, Seattle jumped offsides. 3rd and inches saw a play action pass that led to Walter being sacked. Kiffin called a timeout, and rather than punt, had Seabass try a 66 yard field goal. Preseason is a good time to try this stuff. Last year in the regular season Seabass had a 64 yard field goal attempt hit the upright. It would have been an NFL record. He is the Polish Cannon. This preseason attempt, however, fell short.

Seattle drove for a field goal, and a 16-6 lead. The Raiders responded in kind, and Seabass had the Silver and Black to within 16-9.

The first half was a rather penalty free affair, with only 2 penalties on the Raiders and won on the Seahawks. In the second half Seattle had several penalties on offense. Late in the 3rd quarter the Raiders had back to back defensive pass interference calls. As the 3rd quarter ended, the Seahawks had the ball on the Raiders 23. A 3rd pass interference call in the end zone placed the ball at the one yard line. On the next play, Wallace rolled out, and tried to make something happen. He fumbled, and the Raiders recovered.

They were unable to move the ball, and after a punt, Seattle started at the Oakland 43. Wallace remained in the game, and moved Seattle again. Again they were knocking on the door at the one yard line. This time Duckett crashed through, and the 23-9 Seattle lead with 9:35 left effectively put the game out of reach.

Tuiasasopo came in and led the Raiders inside the Seattle 5, but no points came out of it. A garbage touchdown with 1:51 left followed by a failed onsides kick ended the game.

The Raiders finished the preseason 1-3, and they are a team with many deficiencies.

I am boarding a flight for Minneapolis tonight, and the redeye will be a good time for me to sleep off this awful game. If I am unable to sleep on the plane, it is because I am having nightmares of an 0-16 season.

We will not go 0-16, but 8-8 seems so far away.

On Thursday, September 4th, the regular season begins. On Monday, September 8th, the Raiders host the hated Denver Broncos in Oakland on Monday Night Football.

Better days are ahead, but not tonight. Preseason is over.

Seahawks 23, Raiders16


Denver Democrat Debacle Day 4–The children go to bed

Friday, August 29th, 2008

1) Hope
2) Change
3) Yes we can
4) God Bless America

There, you just heard the entire speech.

Heck no! We won’t go!
We wanna see BHMO!

No more suffering, no more trauma!

Barack Hannah Montana Obama!


The substance of the speech has now been covered.

Given how slippery and elusive Obama is, perhaps he can be introduced by the Wiggles. My friend’s baby son likes them, and he is just as naive and sweet.

The gathering of children at the largest slumber party in the history of Denver has now officially ended.

Before turning to important news, such as who John McCain will select as the next Vice President, some time shall be spent reviewing the sweetest sweet 16 party any young kid has ever had.

To paraphrase Gerard Baker, the young anointed one spaketh.

Like most rock concerts at outdoor stadiums, earplugs are necessary for a positive experience.

One stereotypical liberal blogger with his nose sky high in the air said, “holy cow what a speech. If that doesn’t inspire you, you don’t love America.”

I didn’t, and I do.

Before getting to the anointed one, Bill Richardson spoke for a few minutes. To cover his remarks would imply they were consequential, so for ethical reasons, moving on would be best.

John Lewis could not bring himself to thank John McCain for repeatedly calling John Lewis a hero. John McCain keeps thinking that the other side sees him as an opponent and not an enemy. The graciousness is never returned.

Howard Dean was calm. Perhaps the tranquilizers meant for him and Dennis Kucinich went to only Howard Dean. He did claim that democrats were now competitive in all 50 states. At the Presidential level, I guess 50 truly is the new 20. Then again, Howard Dean was cursed in 2004. He suffered an endorsement for Al Gore.

Al Gore immediately quieted the crowd because he is Al Gore. He then started bellowing, and forgot to remind the audience that he lost his home state in Tennessee, as well as Arkansas. He bemoaned that President Bush and Vice President Cheney have an “indifference to facts.” If I was not typing on the internet that Al Gore invented I would be salty about that cheap shot.

Al Gore is well on his way to being the lonely old man on the park bench yelling at pigeons and passerbys that he was once relevant. At least the Earth will be completely fine, although waving his Nobel Peace Prize and Academy Award wildly will frighten the birds as much as his beliefs frighten most normal people.

He criticized President Bush for “not inspiring people.” From a man who bores himself to sleep, this is a Goreian level of hypocrisy to go along with the former Vice President’s very convenient untruth. This rising level of Goreian hypocrisy is dangerous to the environment of sensible discourse.

“The politics of the past are exhausted.”

Yet Al Gore was still on stage, talking about bipartisan respect while bashing President Bush.

He then compared Obama to Abraham Lincoln. They both lacked experience and were from Illinois. That logic allows us to nominate Ronald McDonald, since his corporate headquarters is also in Illinois. After all, He is a clown, making him a perfect fit for the 21st century democrats.

I figured that letting Al Gore or John Kerry speak on the same night as Barack Obama would make Obama seem less insufferable by comparison. I give credit where credit is due.

As for Obama, the heavens opened up, the oceans parted, the sun shined, and children worldwide smiled. Every world problem was instantly solved.

Then I realized I had accidentally hit the remote to the NFL Channel. I clicked back to politics to face the final speech of this 96 hour slumber party.

Barack Obama thanked former President Bill Clinton “for making the case for change as only he can.” Does that mean that nobody else in the party, including Obama himself and Joe Biden, are able to do so? So much for “Yes, we can.” Then again, if they could have, they would have.

He stated that “humility” was essential. Rumor has it that he then showed the audience his backside so that they could take a deep sniff and exult at the inhalation. Rumor also has it that he then took a moment to admire his own scent, before continuing with his humility speech. The source of the rumors is incredibly handsome, and apparently has as much humility at the moment as Obama.

Pretty much everything in life, including puppies and kittens crying, according to Obama, is the responsibility of President George W. Bush.

I vowed to stop paraphrasing as soon as something consequential was said. I will be waiting until the Republican Convention.

The speech was fairly hard negative from the get go. I was waiting eagerly for this man to offer a reason why he should be President.

The crowd chanted “8 is Enough,” as if teenagers even know who Dick Van Patten is.

He linked John McCain to George W. Bush, but could not offer a rationale for himself.

He attacked Phil Gramm for his “nation of whiners” comment, which was taken way out of context. Nevertheless, Obama wants us to judge McCain by Dubya and Gramm. Therefore, we get to judge him by William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

He misrepresented John McCain as a man who thinks that anyone making under 5 million dollars per year as middle class.

This speech was a stemwinder that should have been delivered by Hillary Clinton or another attack dog. There was nothing that gave us any glimpse into how he would lead.

“It’s time for us to change America, and that is why I am running for President.”

His biggest speech in his life, and he offered a platitude.

His 2004 speech was so successful because it was unifying and positive. This speech was divisive and negative.

He played to the hard core leftists in the stadium, ignoring the masses watching on television that kept wanting to know the question Walter Mondale asked of Gary Hart in 1984…”Where’s the beef?”

He told sob stories of people suffering. That is not a plan, or even a single policy.

“We should treat people with dignity and respect.”

Apparently President Bush is not a human being.

He then asked government to invest in everything. When liberals say invest, they mean spend.

We need to look after each other. Great. Fabulous.

“Let me spell out exactly what that change would mean if I was President.”

I listened very intently at this point.

I wasted my ears. They are not as big as Obama’s, but even ears his size could not hear an actual substantive message.

“In 10 years we will end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.”

How you ask? He will click his heels together 3 times.

He then blamed McCain for the oil crisis that began 30 years ago.

He attacked the idea of oil drilling.

He will “safely find ways to harness nuclear power.”

This is garbage. That technology already exists. He is against building nuclear power plants.

At no times were the words, “This is how I will do it, and this is how I will pay for it,” ever uttered.

Every child will be given a world class education. How so? Perhaps by shutting down American public schools and sending kids overseas. That is a world plan.

He will “ask” for higher standards for teachers. How nice of him. Perhaps he can ask Hezbollah and Hamas to stop blowing up innocent Jews. So that is the problem with the President. He is impolite.

Public schools destroy children. Obama will not say this.

“Now is the time to protect Social Security for future generations.”

His plan is to let it go bankrupt, since investing in T-Bills will do that.

“Many of these plans will cost money, and I will tell you how I will pay for them.”

He will eliminate bad programs with 21st century challenges to overcome 20th century bureaucracy.

This man is brilliant.

To quote Spinal Tap, “The more it stays the same…the less it changes.”

“We must provide more ladders for young men that fall into crime and despair.”

They do not “fall” into it. They consciously seek to do these bad acts.

He then spoke of “individual responsibility and mutual responsibility. That is the essence of America’s promise.”

No. Individual freedom and liberty and the ability to make the best…or worst…of one’s own life…is what makes America great.

Obama must be a vegetarian, because there was no meat anywhere.

He attacked McCain saying that McCain would not follow Osama “to the cave that he lives.” That was the most dishonorable line of the speech.

“You don’t deter Israel from Iran by talking tough in Washington.”

Talking tough? That is what Obama does, and nothing more.

“Don’t tell me that democrats won’t keep us safe.”

I am telling you. You can’t, and you won’t.

“Tough direct diplomacy will prevent Iran and Russia…”

Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Armageddonijad laughed hysterically, and thanked the heavens that Obama will not actually do anything.

He claimed that John McCain claims that Obama “takes his positions for political purposes.”

I am glad they agree. So do I.

This speech was like 2004, only rehashed, and less meaningful now that we have seen what is beneath the lofty rhetoric…absolutely nothing.

“We have lost our sense of common purpose. We must restore it.”

There is no common purpose.

He then tried to triangulate on abortion, gun control, and gay marriage.

He mentioned that gays should be free of discrimination. I am a Jewish republican. I know discrimination.

He mentioned how business hurt Americans when they hire illegal workers, but that is not a solution or even a proposal.

“If you do not have any fresh ideas, then you use stale attacks to scare voters. If you don’t have a record, you attack your opponent.”

I would say that this is the pot calling the kettle black, but I might be accused of racism, and then be investigated by the Department of Justice.

He then praised ordinary Americans. They are only ordinary when one is looking down on them from Mount Olympus.

He praised Martin Luther King Jr., but what he failed to grasp was that Dr. King was able to forcefully advocate change without tearing down others.

Had Barack given his 2004 speech tonight, I would be worried.

I know the media will tell us how fabulous the 2008 reheated version was, but it was not.

I am relaxed knowing that he threw his best punch.

John McCain and the republicans, including myself, will be in Minnesota soon enough. I leave for Minnesota on Saturday.

Seriousness will then enter the building.

I used to think that all Obama had to offer was one speech. I was wrong. He now has double that. His accomplishments in the Senate are 0, so he doubled that as well.

The symbolism was powerful. Those who liked the speech will like the symbolism. Some people believe that putting a bow tie on a pig makes it a prince. It does not. All the powerful symbolism cannot save this lack of substance. More importantly, it should not. Otherwise, the useless human beings known as Hollywood celebrities truly will become the heart and soul of America, and the America I know it will be worse off.

This 2008 Obama speech was not about “us.” It was about him, and only him.

It offered virtually nothing, and what little it did offer, I will graciously…something liberals do not understand…refuse.

This was not “Stand and Deliver.”

Barack Obama is a mainstream liberal. He stands for nothing, and delivers just as much.

The children then went to bed, as the adults prepared to discuss serious business in Minnesota.


Denver Democrat Debacle Day 3–The night of the living gasbags

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Michelle Malkin has a website called “Hot Air.”

Disc Jockeys fear “Dead Air.”

Yet pollution control alert could not prepare America for the egos of Bill Clinton and Joe Biden speaking on the same night.

The night of the living gasbags formed the third night of the demagoguic party convention.

Before getting to the main action, I have to confess that something completely got by me, that wiser minds must have noticed. Congressman Robert Wexler came out and gave a ringing defense of Barack Obama regarding Israel. While he was put on when people were not watching, the speech itself is not what caught my attention. I did not realize until Congressman Wexler spoke that it was the first time in the entire convention Israel was even mentioned. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden said not one word about it.  I hope  Jewish people notice this.

As for the headliner, I am surprised to say this, but “poor Joe Biden.” Imagine being selected as a candidate for Vice President and finding out that you are the warm up act, regardless of when you come on stage.

Tonight was all about Bill Clinton, because like every other day of his life, he would not have it any other way.

Before getting to Bubba, one amusing moment occurred on convention floor. After Hillary announced Barack Obama as the nominee, the song “Love Train” by the O’Jays blared loudly. FIrst of all, I like the song, although I prefer the remake by Hall and Oates from the movie “Earth Girls Are Easy.” I was amused because the democrats truly think that if the people of the world join hands and start a love train, everything will be fine. Between that and Kumbaya, we will truly be one world. The democrats cannot even unite this country because they despise republicans. Also, make no mistake about it. The minute the convention is over, the Clintons will be back to sabotage. The love train will crash far off of the tracks.

As for Bill Clinton, whether one likes him or not, the man piques curiosity, because nobody knows what he will do next.

In 1988 he gave a dreadful convention speech for Michael Dukakis. In 2004 he gave a very good convention speech for John Kerry. He is the only double term leader the demagoguic party has had since FDR, who many democrats still think is running.

Despite protests over being forced to give a speech about foreign policy rather than the economy, Bill Clinton was back with his righteous indignation, waving his finger as only he can.

He entered to the song that was played at his 1992 inauguration, Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.” It reminded me that the 1960s hippies truly had taken over. Perhaps realizing how undignified this looked to the non-pot smoking people that eschewed the counterculture, he chose dignified classical music at his 1996 inauguration. This time, Hippy Bubba was back.

The man has never had an unexpressed thought. After a rousing ovation, he stated, “I love this.” Yes, Bill. We know.

The key question would be if Bill could do what Hillary failed to do the previous night. Hillary told everybody to vote for Barack Obama, but she never stated why he was qualified to be President. Bill Clinton previously refused to say that Obama was qualified, meandering that “nobody is ever really qualified.” Tonight Bill had to put that aside and explain exactly why Obama was qualified.

Regarding Bill Clinton’s wanting Obama to lose, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a professor of Urban Education at Temple, said, “He throws rocks (at Obama) and then hides his hands.”

Bill Clinton then came out and began his romanticism of the 1990s, when some actually did find him relevant.

He began by praising Obama, he said, “I love Joe Biden, and America will too.” Dear lord.

“The campaign generated so much heat it increased global warming.” Finally, he admits the democrats were responsible.

Jokes aside, the man is funny. His “aw, shucks” demeanor still works on occasion.
“America’s leadership in the world has been weakened.”

No, it hasn’t.

He stated that we had engaged in “too much unilateralism and too little cooperation.” This is as opposed to Bill Clinton’s 8 years of inaction and paralysis.

He also bemoaned a “failure to use diplomacy in Africa.” It was Bill Clinton that let 800,000 people in Rwanda die.

He stated that Obama will “rebuild a badly strained military.” Actually, it was Clinton himself that gutted that very military.

“Biden has experience. Obama has instincts and insight.”

Insight into what? At least this was a new platitude.

Bubba kept stating that Obama was “ready” to be President, but did not offer specifics.

He brought up his own work on AIDS and malaria.

He waved his finger when he said that with regards to adversaries, “He will stand up to them.”

Based on the experience of what happens when the finger wags, this means that Obama will be terrible on this issue.

“People all over the world have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.”

That is the demagoguic party in a nutshell, the celebration of weakness.

Clinton kept discussing domestic policies, refusing to stay on script regarding to his sticking to foreign policy. While it does make sense to have Bill Clinton talk about foreign policy, those were his marching orders, and he refused to fall in line.

He again mentioned how Barack Obama would do better than republicans, but would not say how or why.

One of the fascinating things about Bill Clinton is that while he attacks republicans, he does not mention President George W. Bush by name. Perhaps there is the unspoken agreement about not criticizing a member of a rare club, that being living Presidents. Rather than tie John McCain to President Bush, he tied McCain to the past 25 years of republicans. Apparently winning the Cold War and freeing Iraq and Afghanistan are considered failures by those who prefer America losing to republicans winning. Yes, this anti-party hates republicans more than it loves doing what is right.

In talking about his election in 1992, Bill Clinton said, “We were on the right side of history. Barack Obama is on the right side of history.”

Even by Clinton standards, this was hubris to the millionth power.

He concluded by doing what he always does…praising somebody else by alluding to and comparing them to himself.

“If, like me, you believe America must always be a place called hope, then join Chelsea, and Hillary, and me, in making Barack Obama the next President.”

The only question afterwards would be if he would try to interrupt Joe Biden’s speech to add things about himself that he forgot to say in his own speech.

This speech was not as good as his 2004 speech, but not nearly as bad as his 1988 speech. It was not a bad speech, nor was it a great one.

What it was, was off topic.

He barely touched foreign policy. This is because his skills in the area are paper thin. He did not explain why Obama should be President. There was no meat on the bones. It was typical Clinton, feel good and shallow. It was typical democrat, except for the optimism part.

Most importantly, it reminded people what they liked and disliked about Bill Clinton.

He is a likable guy at times. He is an optimist, and optimism is important. The downside is that he is insincere, and is like a relative that keeps coming to your home to raid the fridge long after you have gone to bed. You want to like him, but will never love him as much as he loves himself.

Obama might be disappointed by Bill’s refusal to go hard after McCain. Again, he managed to criticize his predecessor without sounding hostile, something his wife never mastered.

I would say that he then walked off into the adoring sunset, but this man is like Bill Murray in the movie “What about Bob.” He is never gone. He is most likely already on the telephone soliciting money for Hillary’s 2012 campaign.

One positive of Bill Clinton’s speech was that it was relatively short. He actually did not drone on forever. That was Joe Biden’s job. Would he live up to his gasbag reputation?

Before getting into his remarks, below is a link to many reasons why Biden is not somebody that people should be too comfortable with.

The applause for Biden was significantly less than for Joe Biden than for Bill Clinton.

His opening was very poignant and very sincere. He spoke in moving terms about how much he loved his son (who introduced him followed by a warm hug and kiss), and his remaining family. He mentioned that his wife was “the only person to leave him breathless and speechless at the same time.” It was a good line poking fun at his own loquaciousness and occasional pomposity.

He admitted to “never being a man of few words.”

He tied to tell an anti-Cheney joke that fell flat, before mentioning Scranton, Pennsylvania.

He lamented that his father was not alive to see this, and his sincere “I love ya” to his mother in the crowd showed a side of him that was worth seeing.

“Failure is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable.”

His tribute to his mother was very enjoyable. He referred to “the accident,” a reference to the car crash that took away his wife and young child, in a dignified and non-pandering way.

As awful as the entire class warfare message that defines the democratic party happens to be, Joe Biden delivered the message in a compelling way. He was powerful, but not angry or bitter.

The one mistake Biden made was again mentioning how spectacular Obama is for skipping Wall Street for the South Side of Chicago.

He quickly recovered by talking about how work was “dignity, and respect, and looking your children in the eye and telling them it would be alright.”

He did fib by talking about Barack Obama helping to pass welfare reform (as a State Senator) and ethics reform. He did neither.

Biden was passionate. Even in attacking John McCain, he kept it to policy. It was class warfare rhetoric, but he managed to convey forcefulness without rage. This is one reason perhaps that he is on the ticket, and not Hillary Clinton.

“These times need more than a good soldier. They need a wise leader.”

He then went into a litany of reasons to support Barack Obama. Unlike Bill and Hillary Clinton, Biden remembered who was at the top of the ticket.

He then blamed President Bush for Russian’s actions in Georgia. He promised to end Russia’s aggression “and help the people of Georgia rebuild.” This is nation building, and liberals only love intervention when there is no upside for America. How will this all be accomplished? Does anybody think that “aggressive diplomacy” will affect Vladimir Putin?

When speaking about Afghanistan and Pakistan, agree or disagree, he sounds like an adult. He is wrong, but at least has experience.

I have often said that Joe Biden was one of the only adults in the demagoguic party. This was a solid speech.

Most importantly for Biden, the one person who had to be comfortable with the speech was his potential future boss. Barack Obama was very pleased, and when Obama came out, the hug seemed very genuine. The chemistry seemed real, unlike the forced camaraderie of John Kerry and John Edwards.

What surprised me was that Obama then spoke. This is usually not how it’s done.
He stated that people now saw why he chose Biden. This could have been seena s a slap at the Clintons, but then he thanked them both. He stumbled by mixing up change from the top up and bottom up. It was a brief slip.

It just seemed odd, but his remarks were brief enough to not trample on Biden’s words. Nevertheless, the media might be talking more about the “surprise Obama visit,” than the very good speech by Biden.

Then again, who knows if Bill Clinton will overshadow them both.

I remain of the opinion that the first 3 nights of conventions are irrelevant. It is all about the final night. Al Gore had a dreadful first 3 nights, and John Kerry’s first 3 nights gave him no bounce.

Joe Biden did his job. He is formidable.

Republicans can take solace in knowing that he was chosen because the top of the ticket has gaping weaknesses.


Denver Democrat Debacle Day 2–The 4 H Club of Hillary, Hags, Harpies, and Hatred of Republicans

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

The second night of the demagoguic party convention was dedicated to the 4H club, with Hillary Clinton, the hags and harpies who support her cheering and bra-burning (lord I hope not…30 years ago maybe), and the hatred of republicans being on full display.

This woman has so much rage that she makes Michelle Obama seem delightful. Watching her lips pursed together in rage frightened me. I pictured her doing to Americans what Jesse Jackson threatened to do to Barack Obama, and Hillary dreams of doing to Bill.

Jack Cafferty, a liberal, had a stinging indictment of the Clintons.

Dennis Kucinich came out to the song”Roller Coaster.” I cannot even dislike this guy because I am too busy laughing. He might be from Earth, but I cannot confirm that.

“We get the color orange while the oil companies and the speculators get the color green.”

I am not positive, but the orange and the green rhetoric could mean that he desires the Peace in Northern Ireland to be replaced with war again.

He kept yelling, “Wake up America!” I felt like saying, “I’m up, I’m up, be quiet already.”

His exit was too the theme song from “Mystery Men.” How appropriate.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is a non-descript bald white guy. That is what boring Midwestern Governors look like. He did sound more effeminate than most men, but then again the party of Barack Obama and John Edwards is what it is. Hillary could take them all in a fight. I am aware this is not commentary on his speech, but does anybody really care what some non-descript bald white guy from Wisconsin has to say?

One woman in the audience was caught on camera pleading with people around her to stand up and applaud.

While men were allowed to speak on this night, this evening was dedicated to women. Not just any women, mind you. Only angry women needed apply. I thought I saw the middle linebacker from the Baltimore Ravens come on stage next, but it was actually Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, who might be meaner.

The hag and harpie show continued with California Senator Barbara Boxer. Unlike Senator Mikulski, who has always been a tad homely, Senator Boxer has only recently began fading.

This may seem disrespectful, but what is more disrespectful, me cracking some jokes, or Barack Obama putting these women on when nobody would hear them?

Louisiana Senatoe Mary Landrieu alluded to President Bush being to blame for Katrina. Silly me. I thought the two most useless politicians on Earth, Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin and Kathleen “I’m so overwhelmed” Blanco were responsible. If She only earns 77% of what Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour makes, it is too much. This is not sexism. It is merit pay, and in her case, lack of it.

I have to admit that I did not know that Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell was such a hot piece of liberal (redacted). The next time I revise my “Top 120 political yummy bouncies,” I might include her. If she develops laryngitis that is. She is still a liberal after all. If I was single, I would give her the ketchup bottle treatment.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is fascinating to me. For some reason, I always thought he was Irish, even though he is Jewish. He just fit i so well with Chris Matthews, and is often described as campaigning like “an old Irish pol.” This is said in a complimentary manner.

He then blamed President Bush and Vice President Cheney for not seizing oil company profits in the manner of Vladimir Putin.

Although former Governor Mark Warner of Virginia gave the keynote speech, it should have been labeled the “warm up act.” Any night featuring a Clinton reduces the rest to also rans, which is exactly what the Clintons desire.

He called the 2008 race “The most important contest of our generation.” Every 4 years people say that, but the statement was benign enough.

He mentioned getting past “yesterdays divisions.” That was ironic given that Hillary Clinton was speaking after him.

The red meat of his speech was that President Bush did not reach out to people. This would be true if it were not a complete lie. The left hated his guts, and had no interest in ever accepting his hand of sincere friendship.

Nevertheless, the reason why he is an effective speaker is because he does not come across as rabidly anti-business. When he talks about health care, he mentions bringing down costs and competing in a global economy. He talks about getting off of foreign oil without threatening to seize the profits of American oil companies. He is pro-business because he is a business man.

Because he is normal by the standards of the democratic party, he received smatterings of applause, but not the thunderous ovations of the speakers offering hatred of any non-liberals.

“If an idea works, it does not matter if it has a ‘d’ or an ‘r’ next to it.” The crowd stayed silent.

“We are all in this together. That is what this party believes.”

No it does not.

Nevertheless, Mark Warner is a very effective speaker. I am glad he is not the VP nominee, becaue he is formidable.

Nevertheless, his uplifting speech was followed by the darkness, that being Hillary Clinton.

Hilldawg started out saying all the right things. Unity, togetherness, and teamwork were mentioned.

She wants to help parents balance work and family. She could start by leaving them alone.

She wants to fight for women’s rights around the world. She might wish to thank President George W. Bush for freeing women in Afghanistan and Iraq while she was busy ducking mythical sniper fire in Bosnia.

Then she went into attack mode.

“No way, no how, no McCain.”

Hillary then offered the stump speech of the people she met, including a bald woman who had
“Hillary” shaved in her head. Had Hillary ever followed football, she would see that people do that all the time. Just ask New York Jets fans.

She referenced the “Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits.”

Hillary altered from talking about herself, to those that inspired her, to virtually everybody except Barack Obama. She offered a ringing endorsement of Obama for the first couple minutes, but then seemed to forget him.

Hillary is simply always on the attack. She does not offer support. She does not build. She destroys and tears down. Therefore, her lacerating of President Bush was her way of helping Obama. It allowed her to help him without saying anything positive.

She claimed that the “Supreme Court is in a right wing head lock.” I hope Justice Scalia takes her in the hallway and gives her a noogie. For an oppressed woman, she sure knows how to make other suffer.

She then went into anger mode, talking about “green collar jobs.” Perhaps she thinks that the primaries are still continuing. She offered red meat to the crowd, but did not speak to Middle America.

At this point she was beyond rage. She managed to mention Obama again during her screed.

Unlike Obama, Hillary is known for occasionally offering substance. This speech had none.

“America cannot compete in the global economy by padding the pockets of energy speculators…”

“Windfall profits taxes…”

“We the people, not we the favored few…”

Somewhere in the Kremlin, the Russian leaders were celebrating their belated victory in the Cold War.

She then took credit for the 1990s, which had nothing to do with either Clinton. It was evil Corporate America that ran things, thanks to the tech boom.

She praised Obama’s universal health plan that she attacked during the primaries as insufficient.

She offered seconds of faint praise to Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Jill Biden.

She then called John McCain her colleague and friend before getting unfriendly, not based on anything even having anything to do with McCain.

Hillary may not win the War on Terror, but she is good at waging war on American opponents. She is good at class warfare. Now if only she was good at silence. She continued her Socialism 101 class.

She cited the 47 million without health care, neglecting that most of them are illegal aliens or people that forego care by choice.

She failed to understand that the more the crowd adored her, the more those outside the hall recoiled.

She had the temerity to state that John McCain is ok with women not earning equal pay for equal work. She then went into the history of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

She then babbled about Harriet Tubman.

I was waiting for Gloria Gaynor to belt out “I will survive.”

“Nothing less than the fate of our nation and our future hangs in the balance.”

Hillary, I survived you and your husband.

She then lectured us about sacrifices, as if a spoiled brat from the Age of Aquarius knew what that was.

“That is our mission democrats.”

It is not that Hillary is a vicious human being. It is that she is too vicious to get anything done. The reason Barack Obama defeated her is because he is likable and she is not. Bill Clinton won his races by bring likable.

If I was a partisan democrat inside the convention hall, I would have loved the speech. As a human being who genuinely wants people to work together, bombthrowers like her poison the well.

Regardless of who wins the next election, at least Hillary Clinton will not be President.

People with decency in their hearts should be thankful.

Now that her anger management session is over, she can go back to quietly supporting John McCain.

Hillary has no class. Therefore, allow me to sink to her level.

Shrillary…shut up and iron my shirts.

This shrew will never be tamed. Good riddance.


Denver Democrat Debacle Day 1–Send in the clowns!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I made a vow never to sacrifice quality for ratings. I would never cover schlock just to get more blog hits.

I apologize today for breaking that vow. Rather than cover something important, I have decided to cover the Denver version of Cirque De Soleil, that being the Demagoguic Party Convention.

Rather than offer transcriptions, I will only present the truly worst of the speeches, with an honest portrayal of any accidental positive messages that may somehow emanate from the toxic environment of Denver.

(Editor’s note: Denver is the worst city in America. I am a fan of the Oakland Raiders, the enemy of the Denver Broncos. My contempt for democrats and liberals is dwarfed by my hatred of the Broncos. Having the leftinistras descend on this city makes it easier for me to batter them.)

Before getting to the convention itself, the left wing protesters are not disappointing. T-shirt vendors are aggressively hawking t-shirts that read “Capitalism $uck$.” Not since women wore t-shirts that read “Lesbians against Bush” have I been so proud. As boxing promoter Don King says, “Only in America.”

To teach these t-shirt vendors about the true meaning of socialism, I should forcibly seize their profits and redistribute them to myself. After all, an educational lesson of economics would be amusing whether or not they grasped the simple concept.

Also, I will be speaking tonight at 7pm PST for approximately 10 minutes on the Presidential election. The theme of my speech will be “The American Hero vs the American Idol.”

Some new blogger friends have their thoughts about politics.

From a comedy standpoint, David Letterman said: “Security at the democratic convention is so tight. It is tighter than Nancy Pelosi’s face.”

A Letterman tribute to the home of Joe Biden went like this: “Welcome to ‘Get to know Delaware’…Delaware is a state…This has been ‘Get to know Delaware.'”

The top 10 ways to make the convention more exciting… # 6 “A surprise appearance by the exhumed remains of Lyndon Johnson.”

Jay Leno had this to offer: Bill and Hillary Clinton are both speaking at the convention…not to each other of course.”

Senator John McCain was a guest on Leno. He handled the age issue by pretending to fall asleep in the chair. His comments regarding Obama and Biden were overwhelmingly gracious. This is a shame, since that graciousness will not be returned.

With that, I now bring the best of the worst of the demagoguic convention.

Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi spoke during the daytime because the democrats do not want normal Americans to ever hear Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi.

A tribute to former President and anti-Semite Jimmy Carter was a smart way of not allowing the man to address the convention.

I will not be covering the remarks of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Even by the low standards of democrats, she is irrelevant. She had a famous father. She did remark that America needs Barack Obama.

No, we don’t. He needs us, unless he plans to vote for me, I do not need him.

There was then a beautiful tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy. Mary Jo Kopechne could not attend because she is still dead, thanks to the selfless Senator.

Ted Kennedy gave a speech that reflected what he is…an ailing man. He could barely bring himself to get in one thinly veiled jab at President Bush. His best days are behind him. Decent Americans everywhere are grateful for this.

Michelle Obama came onstage, and everybody held their collective breath. Her job was to offer bland, boring, harmless statements. Translation, she was to be inoffensive.

The criticism of Barack Obama is that he offers platitudes. Michelle Obama should offer platitudes. When she offers substance, people get concerned.

She started out inoffensive enough, but eventually could not help herself. Barack is morally superior because he worked with poor people rather than on Wall Street, as if there is anything wrong with working on Wall Street. Also, community organizers do not work at soup kitchens. They are political agitators.

She then settled back into bromides. She paid the obligatory praise to military families. She praised Hillary Clinton as a woman who put “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling.” She mentioned on several occasions about how much she loved America.

She left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service. Big deal. Again, there is nothing wrong with pursuing wealth and power. This nonsensical idea that doing so leaves us empty and unfulfilled is claptrap.

Barack Obama wants to “end the war in Iraq responsibly.” I am sure that means something to somebody with special liberal rabbit ears.

She then mentioned the word hope several times, and the word change as well.

At least one female delegate was seen crying. Then again, maybe I had to watch “Beaches,” “Steel Magnolias,” or “Fried Green Tomatoes” to get it.

She then said that she and Barack would be “committed to building the world as it should be.”

Maybe they do not get it, but even if they win, they only rule this country, not every other nation.

If the goal was to soften her image, she went way too far in the other direction. My father has diabetes, and I may have contracted it from the over the top sugar that she doused the crowd in. It may have fooled some people, but it was insincere, with the exception of her sincere contempt for productive private sector workers.

Then again, that does accurately reflect the democratic party, which remains a coalition of special interests begging for handouts, egghead intellectuals that have contempt for those they opine about, and billionaires complaining that they cannot get adequate limousine service to a convention dedicated to bashing the wealthy.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have yet to speak, and already too much has been said.



What conservatives do not care about

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Send in the clowns!

The demagoguic party is having it’s convention, and it should be treated like it were the Olympics…completely and utterly irrelevant.

Barack America…excuse me Barack Obama…and Joe Biden for the “All Gasbag Ticket.” Froma business standpoint, invest in natural gas. It is going to skyrocket.

Yet the true story of the conventions is that those two narcissistic spoiled brats known as the Clintons took little Barry and smacked him around. Bill and Hillary own this convention. Once they are done engaging in self congratulation, they can then begin the task of undermining Obama and helping elect John McCain.

Anyway, the next four days will be dedicated to these naive little kids that make up the demagoguic party. Another issue is on the menu today.

One of the issues that is near and dear to my heart is combating the notion that conservatives are mean and uncaring. This is as hurtful as it is false. Yet a question by the Chicago Cannonball led me to explain from my point of view why conservatism is compassion. However, what we do not care about is just as vital.

The Chicago Cannonball wanted me to research something for her friend for a class project. The person wanted to know what life was like as a gay republican. They wanted to hear about the journey and struggle that goes along with being homosexual and politically conservative.

Although I suspected that I knew the answer, I decided to err on the side of research rather than hubris. As a heterosexual, I absolutely did not want to speak for a community that I am not a member of. I was aware of some gay republican bloggers, but the best help I received was from a friend of mine that is a gay republican financier living in San Francisco.

The people I researched, including my friend on the telephone, were not self hating gays. Also, they were not “in the closet.” I felt that for my research to be honest, the people had to be proud to be gay, proud to be republican, and open about both.

The conclusions I came to were that most republicans and conservatives simply do not care about issues such as race, gender, and sexual orientation. It is irrelevant.

The democrats are a collection of interest groups. This is not a criticism. It is just a statement of who comprises their coalition. This is why the democrats have to have special debates for their various constituencies. The democrats had a “gay debate” solely dealing with gay issues. It was hosted by lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge. The democrats also had a “black debate,” and a “Latino debate.”

At these debates, questions appealing to these narrow constituencies were asked. At the black debate, reparations for slavery was asked. For many Americans, this is not an issue that merits debate. This is not to insult the minority opinion by any means. It is just important to show that it is the minority view.

While there are black democrats, gay democrats, and others, this is not how the republican party works. We have republicans, with everything else requiring a magnifying glass to be seen. We do not have black republicans or gay republicans. We have republicans who happen to be black or gay.

Below is a visual.

BLACK democrats. GAY democrats. JEWISH democrats. WOMEN democrats.


The real question is why this occurs. The answer goes to the heart of how organized the two parties are. In the case of the democrats, it is chaos.

Republicans are able to boil their entire beliefs into 3 or 4 simple bullet points. Democrats like to say that they are more “nuanced.” Nuanced might play well with their fellow liberal intellectuals, but the average American wants things broken down in a simple manner, i.e. get to the point.

Republicans favor:

1) Low taxes

2) Dead terrorists

3) Less regulation

4) More freedom and liberty

One can agree or disagree with every aspect of this platform, but what is beyond dispute is that the platform exists.

Democrats do not have this. They issue meaningless platitudes such as that they are “for families.” Does this imply that republicans are against families?

Republicans wanting lower taxes and less regulation absolutely correctly implies that democrats want higher taxes and more regulations. This does not mean that the democrats are bad people. They believe in activist government to improve people’s lives. It does render them politically impotent because higher taxes and more regulations is a tough political sell. It cannot be packaged neatly.

Dead terrorists is code for a muscular foreign policy, which includes war if necessary. The democrats counter with “tough diplomacy,” and “aggressive diplomacy,” which are meaningless slogans.
So why don’t the democrats just develop their bullet points?

Because they can’t. Their constituencies are fractured. The most recent primary campaign had too liberal constituencies at war with each other. The white woman was accused of racism, and the black man was accused of sexism. Normally these attacks are only directed at republicans, but beneath the surface, most of the constituencies that make up the democrats are ready to tear each other’s eyes out at a moment’s notice.

The animal rights activists angered the Jews and the blacks by comparing what chickens go through with the horrors of the Holocaust and slavery, respectively. The best example is when the AIDS activists fight with the animal rights activists over animal testing. These interest groups only work together when it is convenient. The minute sabotage becomes necessary, it is done without hesitation.

Conservatives do not have this problem because on the main issues that make up the core of conservatism, we are united. The social conservatives and the libertarians do not agree on abortion, but there is universal republican consensus about lower taxes, more freedom, less regulation, and killing terrorists. Again, this is not a value judgment. It is a statement of fact.

This is how I can get invited to events by black republican organizations (which I have been). I politely explained that I am caucasian. They did not care. As long as I was a republican, I was welcome.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, of which I am a member of the leadership, frequently has Christian speakers at events. Jewish versus Christian is not the focus. Republicanism is the focus.

Gay republicans do not have coming out parties to announce that they are gay. When a republican tells me that they are gay, within 5 minutes the conversation turns to some obscure tax bill.

The issues the republicans care about affect everybody. The War on Terror affects every single American. Tax policy affects us all. Black republicans do not want reparations for slavery. They want tax cuts.

The idea that minorities that become conservatives all have an emotionally heartwrenching story that is for for Lifetime Network is simply not the case. When those on the left express shock at how a minority can be a republican, the minority fails to understand the shock. It is not that they are only republicans, and lack an identity. It is just that conservatives can separate the personal from the political. With the left, the personal is the political.

The reason this occurs is because at this stage in history, the democrats have no coherent governing philosophy. They have not had original governing ideas since 1932. From 1932 through 1980, they governed. I disagree with LBJ, but he enacted actual policies. Since Ronald Reagan in 1980, and perhaps even earlier, the democrats have simply become an “anti-party.”

The republicans are for certain things, and the democrats are against the republicans. That can work in terms of campaigning, but one cannot govern this way. Democrats only win elections when the public becomes disgusted with the republicans. The disgust with the republicans comes from not governing as conservative republicans. This occurred in 1974, in 1992, and 2006.

Yet democrats get punished when they try to govern as liberals. Republicans are punished for betraying their beliefs. Democrats are punished for obeying their beliefs. This leaves democrats in the position of hiding their beliefs, which is how they occasionally win when republicans mess up.

I challenge democrats to look back to the 2006 elections and find anything in their campaigns that represents anything close to a policy, an idea, a proposal, or even a belief in something. They wanted to throw the bums out. They did. Then they had to actually be for things. They failed. They were against the war, against the extension of the tax cuts, and against everything else that President bush was for. Voters can see that it got to the point where they were against things because President Bush was for them.

I have repeatedly said that if President Bush said that we should be for loving puppies and kittens, democrats would find a reason to be against it.

I have often stated that Christians vote republican and Jews vote democrat because there is a unity in cohesion, or in the case of the latter, a lack of cohesion. One form of Christianity, that being Catholicism, has clear rules. There is rebellion, but no confusion. Judaism is chaos. Every word is argued. Some consider this “nuanced.” It is anarchy. Thus, the attraction to democrats.

Republicanism is about discipline. being a democrat is about being everything, and nothing, hence the appeal to Will Rogers. he said, “I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a democrat.”

For those that spend their whole lives wearing their identity on their sleeves, the democrats have a home for them. The problem is that in any given moment the favorite aggrieved group will be replaced by the victim flavor of the month. Black democrats are already feeling threatened by the rise of Latino democrats, who will be surpassing them in numbers in the near future. Affirmative action made black democrats happy when it was for black democrats, but they seem to be less enthusiastic about affirmative action for Latinos at the expense of blacks.

For those that want to be treated equal regardless of race, gender, orientation, or natural origin, conservative republicanism is the way to go.

My boss is a republican and so am I. I am Jewish and he is Muslim. We both want our taxes cut, and for the regulatory system to be less hostile towards business.

So while there may be a lack of compelling “stories” about the path to conservatism, the biggest story of all might be the lack of a story.

I am sure we have black, gay, female republicans that could be given special treatment on all levels if they were democrats. They stay republicans because the terrorists did not discriminate, and the gifts they bought for themselves when they had their taxes cut had no idea who purchased them.

Conservatives care about ideas and policies. Liberals care about identities.

Liberals will try and get 51% of people dependent on government so they can keep winning elections.

Conservatives will try and free people from those constraints. We want everybody to be free.


Raiders Recap–2008 Preseason Week 3

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

The Oakland Raiders faced the Arizona Cardinals in the third preseason game, but this was a week of heavy hearts for the Raider Nation. Legendary Hall of Fame Guard Gene Upshaw died of pancreatic cancer at age 63. He discovered the illness last Sunday, and died 4 days later.

With Art Shell at left tackle, Gene Upshaw at left guard, and double zero Jim Otto at center, the Raiders dominated opponents for 15 years.

In addition to being a Silver and Black legend at guard, Upshaw became the chief union head upon retiring as a player. The NFL Players Association was lucky to have him. His warm relationship with former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue allowed the NFL to have stable labor peace. The league flourished.

With Silver and Black flags at half staff, the show had to go on.

For further blogging about the Raiders, go to:

The Raiders won the toss, and after a touchback, JaMarcus Russell completed his first four passes for 37 yards. A sack pushed the Raiders back, and on 4th down from the Arizona 36, they opted to go for it rather than try a 53 yard field goal. The Raiders turned it over on downs.

Matt Leinart started for the Cardinals. On their second play from scrimmage, Leinart went for the bomb. The Raiders had tight double coverage, and the pass was intercepted by Safety Michael Huff.

A swing pass to Darren McFadden was dropped, but it was ruled a fumble. It was returned 11 yards for an Arizona touchdown. Coach Lane Kiffin challenged the call. After review, the call was reversed and ruled an incomplete pass. On 3rd and 7, Russell fired a 13 yard completion to Javon Walker for a 1st down. On the next play Russell was intercepted on a ball that was underthrown.

A 15 yard penalty on the Cardinals for unnecessary roughness after the interception had the Cardinals starting at their own 46. A neutral zone infraction pushed the ball to the Oakland 49. A pair of Edgerrin James runs moved the ball to the 36, and a Leinart pass to Anquon Boldin moved it to the 21. Working out of the no huddle, the Cardinals seemed to have the Raiders off balance. The drive stalled inside the 10 yard line, but a 25 yard field goal by Neil Rackers had the Cardinals up 3-0. The 11 play drive went 47 yards.

The Raiders were totally caught off guard by an onsides kick, but the Cardinals were offsides, and had to rekick. The Raiders began at their own 33 and went 3 and out. The Cardinals began with a holding penalty and then punted 3 plays later as well.

The Raiders began their next drive at their own 32, also had a holding penalty, and also punted 3 plays later.

The second quarter began with the Cardinals at their own 16. On 3rd and 14, Leinart threw a terrible pass after running beyond the line of scrimmage. Stanford Routt may have scored had a member of the officiating crew not gotten in the way. At that point Leinart was a miserable 4 for 11 for 25 yards and 2 interceptions.

The Raiders took over inside the Arizona 26. Russell pulled a Houdini act to escape a sack and gain 16 yards, but it was nullified by a second consecutive illegal formation penalty. The tackles were not on the line. The Raiders were totally out of sync, but a bullet to Ronald Curry put the Raiders at first and goal at the 10. A gorgeous lob from Russell to Zach Miller was ruled out of bounds, but replays showed that Miller’s knee came down inbounds. The Raiders again challenged the call. The call was upheld, and the Cardinals then jumped offsides on the field goal attempt. Kiffin decided to go for it on 4th and goal at the 5, and a pass was dropped. This is preseason, justifying the decision.

On the first play from scrimmage, Arizona running back Hightower fumbled, and the Raiders Tommy Kelly appeared to have recovered. The ball was given back to Arizona. From his own end zone, Leinart avoided a safety, threw up a prayer, and was intercepted for a 3rd time. Again, it was thrown into double coverage. The Raiders began at the Arizona 20.

Darren McFadden and Michael Bush moved the ball to a first and goal situation at the 8. Backup kicker Aaron Elling doinked a 25 yard field goal off of the upright. An alert Arizona defender plucked it off of the upright and began running it back the other way for a touchdown, but the play was blown dead. Missed field goals can normally be returned, but not if they hit the upright.

With 3:30 minutes left in one of the worst halves of football ever played, Kurt Warner replaced Leinart. On 3rd and 10, Warner was hit, fumbled, and lucky that they were able to punt.

The Raiders took over with 1:43 left in the half. With 28 seconds left in the half, the Raiders had 2nd and 3 at the Arizona 47. A holding penalty pushed them back. On the last play of a hideous half, Russell was sacked and fumbled. Both teams walked off in the field in what should be disgrace.

The Cardinals began at their own 33, and a facemask penalty on Tommy Kelly moved things forward 15 yards before a delay of game moved it back 5. Two plays later the Cardinals were in the red zone after a 24 yard Warner pass and a Hightower run. Hightower than ran up the middle for a 13 yard touchdown run against the 1st string Oakland defense. e minutes into the second half, the Cardinals led 10-0.

JaMarcus Russell remained in the game long enough to engineer another 3 and out drive. The Cardinals then handed the ball to JJ Arrington, who ran 66 yards for a touchdown and a 17-0 Cardinals lead.

The Raiders then announced that they were forfeiting the season so they could get the # 1 draft pick again. No, not really.

Kiffin did keep Russell in the game, most likely to get him killed in a meaningless game so that the season would officially be lost. The Raiders did reach the Arizona 44 before punting. The Cardinals started at their own 12. They brought in their 3rd string quarterback, officially ending any reason to care about the game. Arizona running back Vincent, who might be 7th string, escaped a tackle, and broke off a 30 yard gain. The only positive aspect of the 3rd quarter for the Raiders was that it ended. On the first play of the 4th quarter, a touchdown pass had the Cardinals up 24-0.

Andrew Walter entered the game, as he and Michael Bush replaced Russell and McFadden. Walter has potential, but it would be nice if he was ever able to enter a situation that was not hopeless.

The Raiders furious rally fell short as they did not manage to score any points. Coach Lame Kiffin should be fired and replaced with a disciplinarian.

Cardinals 24, Raiders 0


Obama-Biden–The All Gasbag Ticket

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Yes folks, two posts for the price of zero in one day.

I would like to thank Joe Biden for keeping his remarks very brief. It is difficult to combine so much of lack of substance in such a short speech, but Barack Obama and Joe Biden each spoke for about 20 minutes. The announcement of Biden came at 3am, which may have been a knock at Hillary Clinton. I sure hope it was.

Below are some comments from both men with my analysis.

Barack Obama:

First he praises Dick Turban Durbin. They are both from Illinois. He has to do this.

Then he thanked man who led the Pledge of Allegiance. Harmless enough pandering.

He mentioned Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. This was highly appropriate, sincere, and decent.

President Bush is bad, change is good. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Joe Biden brought change to Washington, but Washington has not changed him.” It’s a good line.

He never moved to Washington. Ok, I give the guy credit for balancing family and politics better than most.

He survived aneurysms. Between that and the loss of his first wife and young child, the man has experienced more pain than most of us will ever know. My heart goes out to him and any person that suffers such tragic losses.

He has “always been a friend to the underdog.” Standard boilerplate.

He supported the “1994 crime bill, 100,000 new cops, and an 8 year drop in crime.”

There were no 100,000 new cops. This was Clinton fraud. The 1994 crime bill was a disaster, and thankfully led to the republican takeover of Congress. Also, the drop in crime was 50% due to Rudy Giuliani in New York City. Clinton and the crime bill had nothing to do with this.

“Joe Biden is what others pretend to be: A statesman that does not need to hide behind bluster to make America Strong.”

Joe Biden is the epitome of bluster.

Secret task force, Cheney and Oil, blah blah blah. Apparently when Hillary Clinton has a health car task force in secret, it is allowed.

Mentioned “Scranton Pennsylvania” and “Committed Catholic” more than once.

Accidentally refers to Biden as “The next President” before correcting himself and saying “Next Vice President.”

GAFFE # 1.

Music from Bruce Springsteen blares in the background, a perfect fit since like most liberals, the Boss is a multimillionaire liberal romanticizing and pretending to be blue collar.

Joe Biden:

Cited Abraham Lincoln, the first republican.

Mentions that he is “an Irish Catholic kid from Scranton Pennsylvania.”

That “American dream under 8 years of Bush and McCain is slipping away.”

Dick Cheney is the Vice President. I now blame Joe Biden for Bill Clinton ignoring genocide in Rwanda. That was easy.

Tax cuts for wealthy, housing market collapse, blah blah blah, it’s all Bush’s fault.

Supply side tax cuts work, and so do free markets. Does President Bush get credit for the initial housing boom? Of course not.

“McCain has 7 kitchen tables.” So what? Joe Biden has an ego to match the size of each one of them.

“Our foreign policy has shredded our alliances.”

This seems to be news to Nicolas Sarkozy, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel, Stephen Harper, and the rest of the world.

“We don’t have to have 4 more years of President Bush and John McCain.”

We cannot have 4 more years of the Dub. Joe Biden is no Constitutional scholar. He keeps confusing Cheney and McCain. I suspect Biden is bigoted against bald guys…excuse me, I mean those that are “follically challenged.”

He keeps saying that he believes with “every fiber of my being.” He must have had a lot of fiber because he is full of (redacted).

“Our tomorrows will be better than our yesterdays.”

Yay, a meaningless platitude. He is learning Obama-speak.

4 Senators Senior to me, but 44 older than me. That was funny.

“McCain supports Bush.”

This strategy may be wise, but it shows that they cannot attack McCain directly.

“Scheme to privatize social security.”

The democrats have a plan. It is called the “Ostrich Plan.” They will let it go broke. They should replace the donkey with the ostrich.

“3 million jobs shipped overseas.”

Lower corporate taxes and the jobs will flood back here. People do business in climates that not hostile towards business.

Calls him “Barack America.”


“Clear eyed pragmatist who will get the job done.”

This is partially true. He certainly is a clear eyed pragmatist, as is evidenced by the many shoved under the Obama bus.

“My wife Jill is drop dead gorgeous.” Ok, nice enough.

Scranton Pennsylvania is mentioned a fourth time.

“This may be our last chance to claim the America we love, to restore America’s soul.”


Yes, the “All Gasbag” ticket is now full of themselves and in full swing.

Somebody get me my “Eau D’Obama Anus” perfume.

He then mentions Lincoln again.

America’s soul is fine. I need to cleanse my soul from this garbage. I am off to temple.

Sorry Joe and Barry, but you are not the ones I have been waiting for.


Joe Biden and other significantly less boring issues

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I will not be providing a lengthy analysis of Delaware Senator Joe Biden today.

I have made many new friends in the blogosphere, in addition to some blogger friends from ages ago that could use a shout out.

Therefore, my analysis of Joe Biden will be something that Biden himself has never been…brief and to the point.

His negatives are that he is a complete and utter gasbag. Obama and Biden are now the Gasbag Ticket. In fact, he just began his nomination speech, which he may finish before the election.

His positives are that he is one of the only remaining adult in the party of utter children known as the democrats. He has foreign policy experience. His Iraq partition plan was completely wrongheaded, but unlike most democrats including Obama, at least Biden has ideas to begin with. He is also a skilled debater.

I will offer more detailed analysis during the convention, but I do not see the need to spoil a beautiful Saturday on a non-story. The entire democratic party, win or lose, is irrelevant.Therefore, whoever leads them is just a placeholder until those that matter continue making history.

Those that are significantly less boring than Obama and Biden consists of most of society, but I will narrow it down to some new blogger friends I have made.

I will start with a Southern Belle named Mandy Wilkes. Her site is “Flipping the word.”

She is a republican Jewish brunette, and it is a shame that the man who impregnates her will not be me. She is already married. All I can say is that Spree at “Wake up America” now has competition in the blogosphere Miss Aphrodite competition.

“American Truckers at War” produced a 2008 National Security Voter Guide.

“Alexa Shrugged” offers intelligent insights.

“The Bald Headed Geek” has a shiny outlook on life to match his gleaming cueball.

The guys at the “Constitution Club” have been beyond gracious towards me. Check them out. They are quite intelligent.

Forget the Drudge Report. The fellow that offers a brilliant satire of this site is “The Drunk Report.”

Several members of the G club include the “Goat’s Barnyard,” “God, Guns, and Grits,” and an incredibly hot girl that refers to herself as “Great Satan’s Girlfriend.”

“Mountain Shout” offers fun analysis, as does “Nuke Gingrich.”

The “P*ssed off tree rat” has not given up on the Detroit Lions.

“Small dead animals” is just hilarious.

“Snooper” is a great American. Welcome him home.

A brilliant woman and black female republican comedian and author is Al Sonja Schmidt. I will be publishing some of her routine soon enough.

Tom at “Old Glory Radio” is a talented woodworker among other things. Check out his stuff.

His friend the “Thunder Pig” is a South Carolina blogging powerhouse.

A friend and RJC member is running for the Pennsylvania State House. Vote Lynne Lechter.

Terresa at Media Mythbusters does solid work.

Lastly, Richie at “Hip Hop Republican” is worth checking out, as are the guys at “Random American,” and Tim at “I’ve Gotta Fang.”

I wish all the good people of the blogosphere much success.

Oh yeah, and Delaware Senator Joe Biden won the right to teach Barack Obama about adulthood.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty should be selected to run with John McCain. He should start preparing now. Perhaps he and the rest of us can watch Biden debate himself for 90 minutes until we all fall asleep.

Speaking of sleep, I could use a nap. Joe Biden just started speaking, and he still has that effect on me. Good night.