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Until San Francisco gets bombed, they will not understand anything

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Glasgow has been burned. Londonistan almost joined them…again. Bali has been leveled, Madrid sent adrift, and the Holy City of New York has its version of the Acropolis, against the wishes of 3000 innocent victims. As for Israel, what New York calls 9/11, Israel refers to as Tuesday…and Wednesday…and Thursday.

Yet San Francisco style anti-war protesters want us to pull out of Iraq, end all war, and stop imposing American imperialism on a world that just wants to be left alone to live in peace. Until San Francisco is bombed, they will not understand…anything.

I want to make it crystal clear that I am not wishing San Francisco get firebombed. It would not be fair to the 12 to 14 republicans who would be collateral damage. More importantly, I fiercely disagree with liberals, but I do not want them to die. I think they are hopelessly misguided, but the reason I want to defeat their world view is because I want them to live…and I want to be alive myself. I try to defeat their world view so that they can live in peace. Wrong and free and alive is better than wrong and dead.

However, I am out of ways to try and convince the left that World War III is upon us. Nobody wanted this fight. The left sees “neocons” as guys who sit up at night having slumber parties, telling ghost stories, and planning how to defeat the bogeymen hiding under the bed. What the neocons represent are people who see that in this case the bogeymen are real, and we fight them because they want to fight.

As Tony Blair brilliantly explained, terrorist attacks took place in the United States long before George W. Bush ever took office. 9/11 was years in the planning. As Rudy Giuliani crystallized in one of the best speeches of my lifetime (at the 2004 republican convention), terrorism has been going on unchecked since the 1970s, when, according to my calculations, George W. Bush was in college.

I may use humor, occasionally moderately effectively, but these issues are life and death matters.  A liberal is often described as a conservative that has yet to be mugged. Well San Francisco cannot understand what London and Glasgow are experiencing. They cannot grasp Madrid or Bali. Living in the same nation as New York City does not mean they get it. It is an unimaginable horror, in the same way many cities in the world that have never had an Earthquake cannot understand what San Francisco went through in 1989.

The difference is Earthquakes are acts of God, and unpreventable. We can prepare for them, but not stop them. Terrorist attacks are continued by mortals. They may act in the name of a flawed concept of God, but they are not God. All mortals are exactly that…mortal. Yes, there are a lot of terrorists, but the answer is to go after every single one of them. As President Bush rightly stated, it includes those who harbor them as well.

Pulling out of Iraq is immoral, but liberals will debate that. It is dangerous, and that should be beyond rational dispute. It will not stop the terrorists. Terrorists stop when they are killed. They cannot be reasoned with. They do not value money. They are willing to die for their beliefs, leaving negotiation as an impossibility. When one does not value human life, they cannot be blackmailed. They have nothing to lose.

The left has to understand that George W. Bush, whatever they think of him, does not return their vitriol. He does not want them to die. He wants all Americans to live freely and peacefully, because that is his job. If San Francisco was bombed, the President would be horrified. This is because he understands his opponents are human beings. The enemy are the terrorists.

Dick Cheney and the neocons are not the bad guys. The bad guys are Osama, Saddam, Hamas, Hezbollah, Armageddonijad, Assad, etc. They want to kill us. They tell us this. They then go out and carry out their promises.

The American left needs to force itself to understand that peace cannot be declared unilaterally. The left can cut off funds for the Iraq War, but they cannot cut off funds for the terrorists. They cannot make the terrorists stop fighting. Self defense killing is not murder. The President has an obligation to protect America, and yes, that means in today’s global world, that fight extends beyond America’s physical parameters.

I want to live in a world where San Francisco liberals have a right to protest loudly and proudly. However, the world will not be safe if their words turn into political actions. Those actions could lead to short term political gain, such as a Presidential victory in an election. However, it will lead to massive defeats in the forms of dead human beings if our cities get firebombed. It happened in New York City. This is not hypothetical theory up for debate, such as global warming or embryonic stem cell research. This is a horror that has already happened. It is still happening, in front of our eyes. Those eyes must remain wide open, with the ability to avert those eyes as dead as the 3000 American innocents of September 11th, 2001.

I asked scholar Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, one of the world’s foremost experts on radical Islam, what it would take to get Hollywood liberals like Barbra Streisand to understand the struggle we face. Mr. Pipes, not one for sugarcoating the matter, calmly replied “more deaths…many more deaths on a massive scale.”

I will again emphasize that I do not want this. I am also willing to concede that liberals do not want American cities to get firebombed. I do not think that they hate America. Some of them do not even hate republicans, although they do for the most part despise conservatives and President Bush. This is tragic, because hatred is a poison that destroys the insides of those who proffer it and receive it.

I do not despise the left. I do believe that their solutions are fundamentally flawed, because they require behavior patters that our true enemies simply refuse to engage in. Their ideals are fine. They are just unenforceable. We can prevent America from ever going to war again, but we cannot make the Islamists adopt a peaceful stance. They want to kill us, and we have to vigorously defend ourselves.

What would make the world safer is if leftists from San Francisco and Seattle to Boston would take the rage they currently have directed at George W. Bush, timber companies, oil companies, fur coat manufacturers, and drug companies that test on animals, and redirect it towards terrorists.

They need to hate terrorists with a burning passion. Burning is what is happening now. Cities around the world are on fire. Fighting fire with fire is truer today than ever.

I pray for world peace, but am prepared for all out war. World War III is happening now. We did not ask for it, but we can only make it go away by winning. If we lose, we all die. I pray that San Francisco liberals eventually find a way to love their own city more than they hate conservative republicans.

We need to let liberal democrats speak loudly, but never implement their solutions. Conservative republicans are prepared for the necessary evil of war, and pray that liberals will join us in the fight to save all of our lives.


Ok, so the Washington Post is not that bad…it’s much worse

Friday, June 29th, 2007

I did not realize it was possible for something to go from being awful to downright God awful (no offense to the atheists of this world) in less than 24 hours, but the Washington Post, apparently sensing that the Jayson Blair Times is about to go out of business, is immediately trying to fill the void as the world’s best birdcage lining.

Today they declared a Jihad against President Bush for having the nerve to nominate to the Supreme Court the finest legal minds. I always knew the WP was anti-intelligence, but even by lowered journalism standards created by liberals, this is ludicrous.

Today the WP writes…

“As for the Supreme Court, we now know that the president’s two nominees, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, are exactly what many of us thought they were: activist conservatives intent on leading a judicial counterrevolution.”

Was this meant to be a surprise? Was Robert Byrd asleep at the hearings? Was Ted Kennedy drunk at the hearings? Well, ok, bad examples. These men are conservatives, which is exactly what a conservative President who keeps his word nominates to the Supreme Court to begin with.

People may disagree with President Bush when they dislike his actions, but nobody possessing any sanity questions his integrity. If he is such a simple man with simple words, why are liberals having such trouble understanding these simple words? What does that make them?

The WP continues…

“Just say no.The Senate should refuse even to hold hearings on Bush’s next Supreme Court choice, should a vacancy occur, unless the president reaches agreement with the Senate majority on a mutually acceptable list of nominees.”

Acceptable to who? Liberals? Sure, let’s clone Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s embryonic stem cells and then conduct a seance to bring Thurgood Marshall back from the dead. Why not? Apparently the constitution, which liberals seem to think changes on a daily basis, should just be shredded and replaced with an autocracy controlled by these clowns that keep losing Presidential elections decade after decade.

“The court (and, I think, the country) loses when important precedent is overruled without good reason,” Justice David H. Souter wrote for the dissenters.”

Well apparently enough people on the court felt there was a good reason. This is typical liberal arrogance. People disagree with them, therefore they are shortsighted. I think if  a liberal ever admitted they were wrong about anything, the oncoming intellectual armageddon would be worse than anything Al Gore could conduct, his assault on being reasonable notwithstanding.

“If another conservative replaces a member of the court’s moderate-to-liberal bloc, the country will be set on a conservative course for the next decade or more,”

Precisely. Exactly as the voters have been saying for the last 40 years, especially since 1980. The American public in 2006 rebelled against republicans. It did not embrace democrats, and certainly did not embrace liberalism.

“In 2005 conservatives had no problem blocking Bush’s appointment of Harriet Miers because they could not count on her to be a strong voice for their legal causes. They revealed that their view of judicial battles is not about principle but power.”

It was precisely about principles you unprincipled dolts. The reason you cannot see when something is principled is because you do not possess principles to begin with!

Conservatives wanted the finest legal minds on the court. Liberals wanted one black, one woman, one hispanic, one Asian, and perhaps a token white male, provided they were a guilty white liberal. Besides, conservatives appointed Clarence Thomas and Sandra Day O’Connor. Shockingly enough to liberals, they were minorities, just ones who agreed with the majority of the court.

Liberals complaining about activism should remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then they should be quiet, sit down, and figure out a way to rig a presidential election, since winning honestly would require them becoming republicans, or at least mdoerates, to appeal to the majority of the electorate that prefer normal people to liberals. This is not me talking. It is 40 years of American voting.

The Washington Post should have it’s editorial board run for President. Then, if they win, they can nominate Pol Pot, or even better, Pinch Sulzberger, to the Supreme Court. Until then, they should go back to what they do best, albeit badly…write columns to the few people that still need cheap placemats to place their dinners on while watching Fox News.

The President gets to pick whoever he likes.  This country is moving right of center. The President is right of center. His superb Supreme Court nominees on the court are right of center. All is right with the world, unless you live in Cuba, Venezuela, or liberal fantasy land, reserved for crybaby toddlers three and under.


The Washington Post, aka the Jayson Blair Times’s ugly kid sister

Thursday, June 28th, 2007


One would think that given the collapse of the Jayson Blair times,, their ugly kid sister the Washington Post would learn to develop intellectual honesty. Then again, the fact that one would think at all is reason enough not to use this rag for anything other than that…a rag. Once again, the editorial pages devalued themselves from an integrity standpoint with their glowing review of Tony Blair.

Make no mistake about it. A place for Tony Blair in the halls of world greatness along with Reagan, Thatcher, and Churchill is well deserved. He deserves every bit of adulation that comes his way. Yet the Washington Post still manages to distort the big picture, even while acknowledging that Tony Blair clearly sees it.

“it’s a little perverse that Americans would be faulting Mr. Blair for his support for U.S. leadership, for his wholehearted commitment to war against Islamic extremism after Sept. 11, 2001, and for his refusal to abandon the coalition in Iraq when the going got tough.”

Most Americans, as judged by the 2004 elections, chose the candidate who Mr. Blair supported, George W. Bush. Yes, many Americans are frustrated, but apparently the Washington Post does not consider conservatives to be Americans. Liberals want out of Iraq. Conservatives want to stay until the job is done. Conservatives are praising Tony Blair left and right. Make that right and right.

“He has been regularly taunted as ‘Bush’s poodle.’ Anyone who cares to examine the record of the longest-serving Labor Party prime minister knows this is not the case. Mr. Blair committed himself to an internationalism that does not shrink from confronting the world’s most evil regimes — and to addressing the menace of Saddam Hussein in particular — long before President Bush took office.”

Ok, this is fine. He was, and is, right. So does the paper remain consistent across ideology? Of course not.

 “Mr. Blair’s support for the Iraq invasion rose from his own convictions, which were clearer and more principled than those of Mr. Bush.” 

Are you kidding me? They were the same convictions! Mr. Blair agreed wholeheartedly with Mr. Bush to the point where he was accused of being Bush’s poodle. Yet those who praise Tony Blair for having the courage to go against popular opinion and support Mr. Bush because it is the right thing to do cannot seem to understand that Mr. Bush was the leader of this noble cause to begin with. It is called the Bush Doctrine for a reason!

If the Washington Post were to ever write a quality article, and I were to cut and paste it, can people give me praise while still saying the Washington Post is a dreadful paper? Sure, if you use their ethics model, which perhaps I would use if they ever wrote anything of value. Their claim to fame seems to be “slightly less biased and badly written as the Jayson Blair Times.”

Praising Tony Blair some more, they say “He argued that in the aftermath of Sept. 11 the world could no longer afford to allow aggressive tyrants such as Saddam Hussein to openly defy the United Nations. ‘We had to confront the states with WMD. We had to take a stand. We had to force conformity with international obligations that for years had been breached with the world turning a blind eye,’”

How can anybody with more than half of Pinch Sulzberger’s brain tied behind their backs allow this pretzel twisted logic to go unchallenged? Tony Blair did the right thing. He and George W. Bush were on the exact same wavelength. Yet George W. Bush somehow did the wrong thing. Even some liberals can grasp why this borders on verbal insanity.

“the notion that he fabricated a case for invasion or swallowed one handed to him by Mr. Bush is insupportable. That his determination to commit British troops was driven in part by a belief that Britain should stand with the United States in time of war only adds to the debt this country owes him.”

Yes, the same debt the world owes George W. Bush, who also is accused of fabricating a reason for invasion, a deeply offensive notion that only hard core leftists can stomach.

“Mr. Blair doesn’t shrink from acting on his political convictions — even if it means taking a pounding that he doesn’t deserve.”

Neither does George W. Bush. So I say to the Jayson Blair Times, their wretchedly hideous kid sister the Washington Post, and every broadcast network having a pleasurable sensation in their leftist stained underclothing every time Mr. Blair speaks, to look and report facts for once.

The facts are George W. Bush led a coalition, and Tony Blair properly joined the coalition, playing a vital role. They were both right and principled. The history books should treat them both as giants among men.

Tony Blair is rightly being given his due. It is time for the media to treat them the same. Castigate them both if you must. You will be wrong, but at least consistent. Or better yet, give President George W. Bush his due.

Tony Blair is a hero for supporting the Bush Doctrine. President Bush is a hero for creating the doctrine to begin with, and taking down Saddam hard.

Thank you Mr. Blair. Thank you as well President Bush.


Help me Rabbi! I am desiring (Mary Katharine) Ham

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Ok all, I have to stop watching Fox News. It is numbing what little remains of my brain. Not since Shannon Doherty spoke at the 1992 republican convention have I faced such a crisis of faith.

I now know what Stevie Nicks means when she sings “Rooms on Fire.” A blazing hot woman appeared on my tv screen. Stunning beauty is not a rare commodity, but this woman is also a republican. To quote Sting “My logic has drowned…be still my beating heart.”

I have a craving for ham. Now before you all call my Rabbi and give him another reason to wish that Judaism allowed for excommunication rights, this is not an issue of Black Forest Ham. It is something much more tempting…Mary Katharine Ham.

Now for those of you wondering if this is going to be a borderline x-rated tribute disguised as harmless lustiness, no it is not. First of all, Ms. Ham is one of the top people at Townhall, and I would rather not be banned from the site. Secondly, when she reports back to Bill O’Reilly to report the internet websites that are destroying Western civilization, I would prefer she not give my parents another reason to change their last name and address again.

So I am asking my readers to help me get a date with Mary Katharine Ham. She is the Belle of the Townhall Ball, and I…oh heck, I am so googly eyed I cannot finish the analogy. I hate when that happens. My train of thought is boarding at the station.

Anyway, time for a plan. I do not want my readers contacting her, flooding her with emails, and agitating her. However, I want everybody to contact my blog and vote on whether or not she should go out with me. I know this is a useless nonbinding resolution, but with congressional democrats gaining a point in the polls to 15%, it seems like a good idea, or at least less awful than my other bad ideas.

Now I know some of you are seeing this as a ploy to increase traffic on my blog, but women like powerful men. As a kid, my dad could beat up your dad. Then I had the better place to live, the biggest blankety blank, and now have a larger tv set than most guys. If I can show her that my blog gets more hits than my rivals, she may just swoon (Does an eyeball roll count as a swoon? I hope so).

I will deliver the results to her on July 5th, after which point my MTV generation attention span will be focused elsewhere.

Perhaps I could sacrifice a liberal in her honor. No wait…human sacrifices do not get the girl. This is difficult!

I could write something brilliant. That takes too long. Where the heck is the cut and paste function on my keyboard? This is so complex.

Ok, will everybody please just let her know through my website that I want her to swoon in my presence? No, she is not a soccer beauty. That is Mia Hamm. Sheesh people, work with me here.

You as my readers have a role in this. Somebody please find out if she is single. Then find out if she is heterosexual. This is not an either or proposition (oh lord, I just used the word proposition…what is wrong with me, I am so disrespectful sometimes). She has to be both. Also, please dear readers, find out if she is a member of the Hebrew faith. If she is not, she can always convert. Ok, good, that problem is solved.

I have so many political issues to write about, and this is delaying the process. I cannot have the whole political process held up just because I desire Mary Katharine Ham.

Dear Ms. Ham, just know that I am alcohol, cigarette, and drug free, and I have even been known to use a knife and fork, as well as dress nicely, when forced to do so. I have had all my shots, and am not afraid to be not afraid of whatever people are not supposed to be not afraid of.

My phone number is (redacted). Please do not give it to college frat boys. I hate getting calls from oversexed freshmen asking if I am the “Saturday Night Special.” Perhaps they are looking for a gun control debate, but I cannot chance it.

My email address is (redacted). Furthermore, every time I hear your (redacted) voice, listen to your brilliantly expressed (redacted), see your (redacted) body and envision your (redacted), I want to (redacted) your (redacted) beautiful (redacted) all over your (redacted) until we are both (incredibly long redaction covering everything).

There. I am glad I got that off of my (redacted) (Wait a sec…why the heck would I have to redact the word “chest?” Then again, a chest is like a breast, so it should remain redacted).

I am a republican for crying out loud. According to fictional character Bree Van De Kamp on “Desperate Housewives,” republicans are not supposed to even think about (redacted), much less act on it.

So the downside is I could get shot down in front of the entire blogosphere. Thank heavens the internet did not exist when I was in Junior High School. The good news is my parents have given up.

Ok everybody, get to work. I have until my self imposed deadline of July 5th to get this woman to notice me, and not in a way that would make her call the bad taste authorities.

Write to me early, often and repeatedly. The fate of my (redacted) with Mary Katherine Ham hangs in the balance. She is Jewish until irrefutable evidence that I try to deliberately ignore (wow, now I know how liberals exist) proves otherwise.

Do not worry Rabbi. If I get shot down, I will never lust after ham again.


Dick Morris–Brilliant Strategist, Awful Visionary

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Dick Morris has finally confirmed what most people feel when they think of political strategists. They sometimes represent the worst of America.

I personally find Dick Morris to be one of the most brilliant political strategists in America. His triangulation strategy was the main reason Bill Clinton was reelected. His analysis of Hillary Clinton’s struggles is dead on, particularly his comments that “you cannot triangulate the war.” If I was running a campaign, or was the candidate, I would want Dick Morris on my cell phone the entire time offering advice.

Having said that, winning elections is short term. Actually governing is long term. Having “the vision thing,” is not Morris’s strong suit. For him, enacting policies is specifically for the purpose of winning the next election. This is not a criticism of Mr. Morris. It is just that his job, which he excels at, is short term political strategy. Making the world a better place, which he has never claimed to do (although helping to defeat Hillary does help), is not his modus operandi.

He has advised a way for President Bush to weasel out of his promise to fix Iraq without it being seen as weaseling. He is trying to get President Bush to act like a Clinton. This cannot and should not happen, not with the entire fate of the world at stake.

Specifically, Mr. Morris said this…

“Will George W. Bush…begin to pull troops out of Iraq by the end of the year? If he does, will it save the Republican Party? If Bush decides to act in this way, he will be doing himself, his party, and the country a big favor. There is still time to rescue the fortunes of the Republican Party in the 2008 election. It is Iraq that is dragging the president’s ratings down and killing his party’s chances in the election. If he began to pull out troops, he could begin to recover his personal ratings and move his party up. And a switch in time might just save the White House.”

With all due respect to Mr. Morris, we had one president under his tutelage who did nothing but read polls all day. Bill Clinton became the “Seinfeld President,” and his presidency about nothing is remembered only for impeachment, and that he won reelection. George W. Bush sees the larger picture. We are at war, and we have a moral obligation to see the mission through to its successful conclusion.

John McCain said that he “would rather lose an election than lose the war.” That is leadership. Speaking about President Bush, Mr. Morris states that “He has already made it quite clear to this angry, disappointed nation that he doesn’t read the polls and doesn’t much care what we think when it comes to his foreign policy.” Yet Mr. Morris then goes on to practically contradict himself when he states that Mr. Bush “has quite a record to present to the country in 2008. The economy seems to be avoiding a recession, unemployment remains low, North Korea seems to be caving in, and the Iranian regime seems to be in real trouble at home.”

So why should a man whose instincts have turned out very well on so many fronts give in to the nervous nellies? The only reason I can think of is that they are scared of losing the 2008 election. To that, I say too d@mn bad.

Mr. Bush’s first obligation is to America, not the republican party. He has done enough to help the party, possibly cementing the Supreme Court for a generation. He has led a vigorous War on Terror. It is not his responsibility to win in 2008. It is up to the nominee to be better than the democratic candidate. Bill Clinton was popular, and yet Al Gore lost because he was alousy candidate. In fact, he was timid. Mr. Bush offends some people with his ‘what you see is what you get” attitude, but that is precisely why his supporters like him. They know where he stands.

Unlike Dick Morris, President Bush wisely is choosing to follow military advice from a military strategist, General David Petraeus. What Dick Morris is to politics, the General is to winning wars.

Dick Morris’s job is to help his candidates win elections. He does that well. However, what is the point of winning an election if it comes at the cost of losing your soul? If we abandon Iraq, our few supporters in the Middle East would see that our words mean nothing. We would be dead in the water in terms of diplomacy in the future.

Winston Churchhill was fired after winning World War II. He is still one of the all time greats. Tony Blair was forced out of office, and so was Margaret Thatcher. Both of them are in many people’s hall of fame for world leaders. Rudy Giuliani was forced out of office by term limits, and when he offered to stay longer after 9/11, he was told no thank you. Yet history will forever honor his leadership under horrific times.

Lastly, Ronald Reagan, beloved as he was, had some teflon wearing off in 1987 under the weight of inconsequential scandal. George HW Bush still won reelection. A year is a lifetime in politics.

Pulling out the troops to secure a 2008 victory is an act of dishonor. The right thing to do is stay the course, listen to General Petraeus and the troops on the ground, and do whatever is necessary to win the War on Terror. If the republican party sticks to its bedrock priciples, we will win both 2008 and the War on Terror.

Mr. Bush’s world vision is honorable, noble, and must be implemented. If we lose 2008, so be it. We will have deserved it. If we lose the Global War on Terror, God help us all.


Lake Tahoe Burns while liberals shrug

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

As a conflagration destroys homes, dreams, and lives, many liberals are mourning the loss of innocent trees.

Now before liberals get indignant and think that this is another attempt to indict an entire ideology for a tragedy, I would like to make a confession. You are right. Yet, so am I. I am absolutely blaming liberalism for this tragedy. I have no qualms about blaming people when it is their fault.

This tragedy also affected Sierra Nevada, but since that story was so eloquently written by, this column will only address Lake Tahoe, California.

Also, for the least sensitive of the leftists out there who wish to blame the people in Lake Tahoe for living near areas vulnerable to fire, I hope they remember that line of thought when Hollywood liberal homes in Malibu face floods.

Liberals did not start the fires themselves. That was an act of God, or for many on the left, Gaia, goddess of the Earth. What the liberals did was destroy beautiful homes the way they destroy virtually everything else beautiful in their path…with excessive government regulation.

Bill O’Reilly interviewed a citizen who was lucky enough to have the only home in the entire neighborhood survive the fires. The fellow explained that the fire spread through the brush, which in many cases was only 10 feet from many homes. There were environmental regulations in place that prevented people from clearing brush more than 30 feet from the homes. These homes were tinderboxes waiting to explode, and the inevitable fireball was ignited, razing homes with no mercy.

The lucky homeowner defied the environmental regulations, clearing brush up to 50 feet from his home. His home is still standing.

Many liberals wonder why I take such scorched Earth tactics in dealing with their philosophies and ideologies. The answer is because scorched Earth is exactly what Lake Tahoe has turned into, all because saving trees was deemed more important than human beings. This is not an isolated thought pattern.

In Oregon, the left cares about the Spotted Owl. Timber companies are harassed to protect this creature. I am not minimizing creatures big or small, but does anyone on the left understand that corporations consist of people? All we hear about in the media is wealthy CEOs, stock options, golden parachutes, and greed. What about workers? Those are the people that the left claims to fight for. How does shutting down timber companies and placing innocent workers on the unemployment line so that they cannot feed their families help society? Trees are important, but so is lumber. Should we ban people from ever using pencils and paper ever again? If not, trees sometimes have to become lumber.

Animals and trees are not as important as human beings. This fundamental difference in conservative and liberal ideologies is what separates freedom from tyranny. Directly between life and the pursuit of happiness is liberty. As the brilliant philosopher John Locke stated, “Liberty is property.”

The right to be free is the right to live in one’s home in peace. The home is the castle. The right to protect the home is why people are allowed to own guns, which the liberals are against. It is the right to protect our family and keep them safe, which is why conservatives favor school choice and home schooling. It is why we do not like people holding signs saying “Bong hits 4 Jesus” outside schools. It is about a fundamental right to feel protected. This is difficult to do when an entire group of people simply does not value human life as paramount.

For those on the left who claim that the right exploits tragedies for political gain, I point out to the left that we prefer these tragedies never occur. This is not about left versus right. It is about right versus wrong.

Everything in this world flows from doing what is right. What is right is allowing people to clear brush from their homes so that their American dreams do not go up in all consuming flames ever again.


Chief Justice Roberts and General Petraeus–The Best and Brightest Do Matter

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Leaders do exist. Some are born, others are made, but successful leaders truly are the best and brightest. It can be book smarts, street smarts, or a combination of both, but there is no substitute for those that apply their skills in an intelligent fashion.

Twenty two liberals in that bastion of mediocrity known as the United States Senate voted against confirming John Roberts. I can honestly understand why. He is an intellectual heavyweight, one of the finest legal minds of our time. He is respected, brilliant…and conservative. The left needed to defeat him because he would have moved the Supreme Court towards a strict constructionist path, which coincidentally is what the Supreme Court is supposed to do. The activists were terrified that the constitution might be properly interpreted.

The could not defeat Justice Roberts by smearing him, or characterizing him as out of the mainstream. He was simply too likable, and too intelligent. Two decisions came down the pike that justified why this man is in the right place at the right time.

Despite protests from the left (which is pretty much all the left does in this country any more), Justice Roberts found that a banner outside a school that read “Bong Hits For Jesus” was not a harmless joke. It was a pro-drug use message. Drugs are a scourge on society. Drug users are pathetic human beings, and drug dealers need to be shot on sight like Singapore does. 

Apparently the only time the left does not side with the public schools is when they are trying to prevent kids from doing drugs. Now if the banner had read “Jesus loves you,” then the left would have done backflips to side with the school. Actually, given the quality of schools today, the school would have also fought to eliminate the banner. It is difficult to win a war on drugs when a large segment of our population came of age during the 1960s, which contributed to our society a culture that glorified drug use.

Thankfully saving lives and keeping kids off of drugs was considered more important than allowing a teenager the right to spread a dangerous message that endangers lives every year. While Justice Roberts did not go as far as Justices Scalia and Thomas wanted him to, he did what a truly leader does. He built a consensus, and got something done. Ideas mean nothing without votes to get them passed.

Justice Roberts also took the first step towards repealing that abomination known as McCain-Feingold. I am amazed that the left will support free speech for teenagers promoting drugs, but not for citizens trying to take part in the political process. This is especially true of conservative citizens, who apparently are under constant threat of being silenced under the guise of “fairness.”

Laws are useless unless they can be enforced. The democrats broke the campaign finance laws, then they demanded more laws to be passed, at which point they broke them as well. Again, the democrats against Roberts accused him of being an activist. Far from it. He took a minimalist, incremental approach. He did not as far as the conservatives wanted. He split the difference in a fair and reasonable manner, which is what fair and reasonable people do. McCain-Feingold was not totally overturned, but it was weakened.

Everyone should have the right to contribute as much as they want, with full disclosure. The democrats want a world where George Soros can spend millions for the liberals, and the conservatives are unarmed. The democrats want corporations to be silenced while union thugs bully and blackmail their workers into supporting the left, whether they want to or not. This is all done in the name of fairness, again.

Justice Roberts has a lifetime appointment, and America should be thankful that one of the finest legal minds of our time is living up to his well deserved reputation.

Unlike Justice Roberts, General Petraeus has a limited appointment. He was confirmed unanimously. This guy wrote the book on counter insurgency strategy. He is a giant in the field of warfare, which is helpful when we are at war, which I will repeatedly remind the left, we are.  

There are those who want to pull out of Iraq now, despite the fact that the General’s report is not due out until September. Some have accused this man that was unanimously confirmed of already offering a rose colored report. This would be valid if General Petraeus was lacking integrity, a valid criticism of his critics.

The left is terrifed that the surge is working, because they want us out of Iraq now. What the left does in so many cases (the right as well from tie to time) is that they form opinions first, and demand that the data conform to the original opinion. This prevents them from ever having to be wrong.

Being wrong is what makes people grow. Businesses are constantly wrong, so the innovate. Scientists are wrong, so they retest and experiment some more, rather than abolish the entire scientific method. What is truly wrong is sticking to a blind strategy of failure. Now the left uses that argument t criticize the President and the war, but he has been right from the beginning. His critics are wrong.

Now the President has installed a top notch general. One can argue this is being late to the party, but the bottom line is, our top notch general is in place, and he is doing his job. Criticizing the surge is ingenuous right now because we really should have had a full scale escalation, but the left would not allow it. So for them to criticize the slow pace of the surge is complete phoniness. We could level the bad guys tomorrow if we were allowed to go “balls out.” The surge is good enoughfor now, despite the left, but only because we have the very best soldiers led by the very best military leaders. Now all we need is for the politicians trying to undermone the troops they support to stop doing so.

Being the best and brightest is not about being a pointy headed academic writing on a  chalkboard and pontificating about nonsense because they have tenure. Pretentiousness and being boring are not the same as being intellectually valuable. America struck leadership platinum with Justice John Roberts and General David Petraeus. They do not sit around theorize. They take words and turn them into productive actions. They deliver results. May they both do so for as long as necessary to improve the worlds around them.

President Bush, your critics call you an intellectual lightweight. That is why you are the President and they are critics. After all, aren’t art critics failed artists? The President has consistently brought America the best and brightest people. The liberals will never recognize this because then their intellectual heads would explode.

Come to think of it, those of consequence would be too busy changing the world for the better to notice or care. Keep up the good work Mr. Chief Justice. Copy the General on that as well.


How can we worry about Al Queda when PHTV is the only news?

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Welcome to Paris Hilton Television, aka PHTV. It is all PH, all the time, and out of pure disgust, I will not mention her insignificant name ever again. Every time I think about creationism, I picture people like ANS and PH and think that the evolution people are right…some people did descend from baboons, without much change. How could the same God that gave us the gift of reason have created such wastes of empty space? If there was an air shortage, they would suck up every last breath.

This issue might be the one time where I sided with Kirsten Powers over Michelle Malkin. It was painful to do so, but Ms. Malkin, normally tough as nails, did not give PH the lashing that Ms. Powers did, with superb rhetorical aplomb.

However, Ms. Malkin is deadly accurate when she lacerates the jackals masquerading as human garbage, aka our esteemed fourth estate. It is because of them that the day PH leaves jail will be the ideal day for bad behavior by everybody else world wide. I do not blame PH for this. She cannot help being worthless, but nobody makes the media smoke her crack lifestyle. It is not that they will be covering her with bated breath. It is that they would be ignoring everything else.

If I were Al Queda, I would carry out as many diabolical attacks as I could the very minute the media is inhaling PH”s rumpus. What are a few bombs scattered in Iraq? Who cares about collateral damage? Heck, execute all the kidnapped journalists. Their colleagues will not notice. In fact, these soulless vultures might appreciate the reduced competition for PH interviews.

Fatah and Hamas should start an all out war, and Israel should join the fray. Anybody wanting to commit mass acts of war on a global scale without the annoying attention of reporters should start launching rockets the minute PH exits jail.

On a domestic scale, politicians should pass as much harmful legislation as possible without debate. Pay raises, abortion bills, immigration, restrictions on the bill of rights…it does not matter. Heck, they can pass the freedom of choice act and the right to life amendment simultaneously just for fun and let the courts sort it out.

If ever politicians needed a day to get drunk, drive, and enjoy call girls (or boys, let’s not discriminate), it should be done as soon as PH goes free. Illegal campaign activities should be ratcheted up. Fundraisers should be held in churches, synagogues and mosques, and of course Buddhist monasteries, since there will be no controlling legal authority to monitor them at that time do to other news media desires.

Short of Natalie Holloway being found or ANS being resurrected, nothing will stop this lack of news deluging us.

The bottom line is America is winning the War on Terror, but not enough people know this because we are losing the war against nonsense.

Alan Colmes innocently asked a guest “What should we do, talk about nothing but Iraq and the War on Terror?” Yes! That is precisely what we should do. Mr. Colmes is correct when he states that talking about PH is escapism from all the serious life and death stuff. That is justifying idiocy. If people want to escape, watch a comedy program. I enjoy South Park. Surf the internet. Better yet, to quote my parents, “Read a book or go do something.” The nightly news should never be the nightly nonsense.

Al Queda and the War on Terror should never be “been there, done that.” PH should never be news, whether she be PH balanced or PH unbalanced.

I pray for the safety of Americans, and I pray that we actually justify our existence on this planet by spending time on what matters. Wasted time is wasted life, and we cannot and should not waste our time on a wasted life such as PH. Especially when terrorists are too busy trying to end all our lives.


Avoiding the sins of ingratitude and hubris…Thank You!

Monday, June 25th, 2007

While watching an NFL documentary about the 1983 Oakland Raiders, tight end Todd Christiansen bursts into tears as he recalls winning the Super Bowl a quarter of a century ago. He said that he wanted to make sure that he was never guilty of the sin of ingratitude. His words are deep in my heart right now.

I started blogging three months ago, and I am amazed and humbled that so many people have such positive feedback about what I have to say. Heck, an everyman like me even gets occasional hate mail. At some point that thrill will wear off, but for now it is mindboggling. I have so many people to thank, so in haphazard fashion and disorder, here they are. If I left you out, please let me know, since I can edit this!

Jamie K directed me towards and I learned how to set up a blog. He has been my buddy for almost 15 years, and is as technologically brilliant as I am incompetent.

Lara B. at for insisting I start a blog. She argued with me for 30 minutes and I caved. What can I say? I want to slip into her bedroom, steal her stem cells, and clone her into a harem of hot Jewish brunettes. The one that could tolerate my nonsense the most would be stuck with me.

My internet dawg pound…guys that have really helped my blog grow.

The Big Dog One Sniper

Snooper Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Right Wing Dog

The people at for displaying my article today on the front page. How awesome is that? Heck, even my parents are moderately impressed. They are very proud to be sure, but God forbid for one minute I get a taste of hubris! Also, if it was not for I would not even know I was published. No wonder I am not retired. Ed McMahon keeps coming to my home with the check when I am at work.

The people at and and for educating me the right way.

For spirituality, I go to and They are often mortified by my behavior, let keep allowing me to come back. I hope that my buddy Izzy can get off of the ground. For a great mixture of politics and religion, the Republican Jewish Coalition is my guide. Larry G, You rock!

Other members of my blogroll are: (she is hot by the way), (I have known him for 15 years, great guy), (a good guy to share a veberage with, I look forward to it) (a fellow from India with a deep knowledge and respect of Jewish culture)

I am entertained by and other related websites. My book recommendation is “South Park Conservatives.”

Thank you to Eric G and Brian E for 15 years of friendship and intelligent political discussion. You guys keep me in check when I lose perspective.

Thank you to republican Jewish brunettes and Shannon Doherty (2 out of 3) for obvious reasons. Thank you to for having the best blogroll on Earth in terms of education and nice people.

I want to thank anybody who is politically conservative and has supported this blog.

Now to shock you all, I want to thank the two sets of liberals out there. To the reasonable, normal liberals, I thank you for engaging incivilized debates that have strengthened me and you intellectually. I am better off for having sparred with you. You are worthy opponents, and never my enemies.

To the shrill liberals I refer to as moonbats, thank you for allowing me to use you as foils. You are the gift of idiocy that keeps on giving. Speak loudly, early, often, and as always, incredibly wrongly.

Thank you to Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and supporters of America and Israel worldwide.

Lastly, I thank my parents for loving…and of course tolerating…me. I thank my grandparents for loving me and insisting to my parents I was a good kid, even when the evidence to the contrary was overwhelming.

I absolutely thank Almighty God, for giving me everything I have. I live in the geatest nation on Earth, the USA, and am beyond grateful for that. God has the power to shove a flamethrower up my hide, and I am appreciative he has not done so as of yet.

I am guilty of many things, and today I was guilty of hubris. Hey, how often does a guy like me get on the front page of Townhall? Yeah, I mentioned it again.

Just know that I hope to write many columns for years to come, and I will never be guilty of the sin of ingratitude.

I very humbly thank you all.


Liberals, Palestinians, and other warm fuzzy moonbats

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Them moonbats is such adorable lil creatures. Dontcha just wanna give ’em big hugz and candy? Ok, enough warm, fuzzy sentiments. If liberals and Palestinians and any other people with major objections to logical reasoning want to object to my writings, I suggest it be done in a civilized way. There are normal members of these groups that are embarrassed by the sentiments expressed below.

“you don’t get my point, I don’t hate jewish religion nor jewish people, I only hate Israel for the bad things that happened because of it’s existence, both to the countries
around it, to the Palestinians specificly, and to the people who nowadays live in
Israel, you are trying to convert that whole argument into a religious hate.”

What a relief. This fellow does not hate Jews, only Israel, which I believe is distinguished from other nations in the Middle East by having a large percentage of…ummm…Jews.  So does he hate the land?  The last time I checked the roads were paved.  Let’s face it,  North Dakota people just do not arise the same rage in Americans as South Dakota. It has nothing to do with the people, just that the flatness of the land may be only 97% as pretty.

So many bad things happened to the Palestinians since Israel existed. I mean Fatah and Hamas are killing each other, and Israel is on the map. Apparently the killing of Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland was entirely the fault of Portugal, because they exist in Europe. Why Portugal and not Italy? Why not? In further news, trees are falling all over the forest, and only Palestinians and environmental activists can hear them  as clearly as necessary.

One million Palestinians were killed by the Jordanians. That is also Israel’s fault for existing, as well as Armenians, Albanians, Bugarians, Canadians, and all other “ians” everywhere. Now I know my ABCs, Albania, Bulgaria and Canada killed thee. I went to college with a guy named Ian. It might be his fault as well.

Palestinians are the biggest blame game culture worldwide, and by Middle East standards, that is pretty bad. I suppose Israel is to blame for homicide bombings. If Palestinians value human life, why blow up your own children? A six year old Palestinian boy…let me repeat this for you supporters of those peace loving Palestinians…a six year old Palestinian boy…was equipped with a homicide vest, told to go to Jews and/or Americans, and blow himself up near them. By the grace of God, the boy did not succeed in doing this.

Only the worst people on Earth would sacrifice an innocent six year old boy for a warped version of a greater good. The moonbat then continued.

"Oh, and I'm not a Palestinian neither anywhere near Palestine, you do believe

that  the "other opinion" must either be a terrorist and/or a native Palestinian

who must be 'dealt with'? I may even be a jewish peace activist! you wouldnever know."

So this fellow is so proud of who he is that he cannot state who he is. Let me explain to him how this is done. I am a young, single, Jewish, republican male living in the United States who enjoys football, red meat, the stock market, and women who are conservative politically but liberal sexually.

There. That was not so hard.  Publishing the rantings of moonbats is a decision that has a double edged sword. On the one hand, silence is acquiescence. On the other hand, giving them a platform feeds their ego. I usually just flip a coin, and if they are as cute and intellectually cuddly as they seem, I use a loaded coin.

Believe it or not, not all Palestinians are moonbats. Heck, not even all liberals are moonbats. Then again, not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims, particularly young, male, sexually repressed males with no female or job prospects. So here is a warm and fuzzy liberal moonbat for your pleasure.

"21 mostly dumb questions, mostly- while you are at, why don't you ask the Jews

to "get over" the holocaust? God, I don't even know why I still read

the tripe and substandard writing on this blog."

That’s it! The solution to the Holocaust has finally been answered. We should just get over it. Wow, I can now save money on either a Tony Robbins seminar or a Landmark Forum weekend. Who knew the answers were so simplistic?

Now, I know that not all liberals are anti-semites, or for that matter, creatures of the lowest life forms known to man. I had a conversation with a liberal today that was very pleasant. He disagreed with me sharply on virtually everything I wrote, but he was overwhelmingly polite, and an absolute joy to spar with.

Intelligent debate makes for a better society. As for why anyone reads my blog, it is probably due to the fabulous baking recipes I post, or my deeply held opinions on the Letterman vs Leno debate. I am phenomenally insightful, and my brilliance has gotten people worldwide to say “This guy gets it. Now I can rearrange my stock portfolio, separate my laundry properly, get the jokes on ‘Seinfeld,’ and understand why trying to teach a pig to sing wastes my time and annoys the pig.”

The bottom line is moonbats should usually be ignored, but they are the gift that keeps on giving in terms of infotainment value. Plus, writing a whole column is not easy. Genius has its limits. Thankfully, stupidity is unlimited. So when I write an entire column about the moonbats, realize two things.

1) Yeah, I “mailed it in” with this column. You caught me.

2) Summer is a sleepy political time.

3) It’s my column, I can do whatever I d@ng well please.

4) I would rather be sleeping next to two republican Jewish brunettes right now, one on each side. That has nothing to do with this topic, but my entire blog is a ploy to find a woman who can tolerate my inanity on a long term basis.

Anyone can lob verbal grenades. The civilized among us can actually have intelligent and thought provoking discussions.

As for another fellow who referred to me and my readers as “700 pound right wing” luddites, I can only say that according to a “Saturday Night Live” skit many years ago, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, and George Steinbrenner all lost weight with “Ultra Slim Fast.” I personally disliked Saddam for killing millions of people, but hey, why not make fun of his weight problem? I am sure Rush Limbaugh cries himself to sleep knowing that somewhere out there, a moonbat calls him “proportionally challenged.”

So fear not moonbats. Plenty of people love you. None of them are relevant or consequential, but they exist. Until then, warm fuzzy Tygrrrr hugz from yours truly.