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98% of Germans ignore Barack Obama

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

196,000 Germans ignore Barack Obama

In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke to 200,000 adoring fans in Berlin. After five years of being famous simply for being famous, the crowds have all but disappeared.



Spurs-Heat Game 7

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are both winners

After one of the most thrilling finishes in NBA Finals’ history, the Miami Heat survived a scare at home to win game six against the San Antonio Spurs. Each team has alternated victories, and the deciding game seven will be in Miami Thursday night. History will glorify the winner and mercilessly crush the loser. This one time, both teams should be considered winners.



DLF Alert: Joan Walsh keeps speaking

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Joan Walsh needs a husband. Or a wife. Or a pet. Or a career. Or a hobby. Or a sedative. Or a purpose.

Whatever she needs, somebody give it to her so she stops screaming. Her tantrums about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may be the only pollutant toxic enough to cause real climate change.


Leading from behind in Syria

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Even Neocons want no part of Syria

The situation in Syria is so awful that even Neocons want no part of an American presence.


The new warm fuzzy moderate Iranian President

Monday, June 17th, 2013

New moderate Iranian President promises friendlier death for America

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was recently given a rubber chicken dinner retirement party and a gold watch with the diamond encrusted words “Death to America, Israel.” His exit paved the way for Iran to turn in a sharply radically moderate direction. New President Hasan Rowhani immediately began restoring relations with the West by promising a friendlier death for America and Israel.









Jewish romance in Fargo

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Jewish dating in North Dakota

In the original “Karate Kid,” Mr. Miyagi taught Danielson that a “man who (can) catch (a) fly with chopsticks (can) accomplish anything.” Mr. Miyagi never tried to date Jewish in North Dakota.



Father’s Day 2013

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Dear Dad, Life is beautiful

Father’s Day is a happy holiday for some, but for the less fortunate it can evoke emotions ranging from sadness to bitterness. My family is 3,000 miles away, so a day together will not be occurring any time soon. Yet on this day of quiet reflection, the one unsettled argument between my father and me remains unsettled.



Would Obama and Hillary kill a swan?

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Obama and Hillary: It’s all relative

Rarely can politics be summed up in one episode of one television program. Yet to grasp President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other political figures, find an online episode of the 2003 series “It’s All Relative.”






More thoughts on anti-Semite Samantha Power

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Fight the (Samantha) Power that be!

The nomination of Samantha Power to be the United Nations Ambassador should have conservatives frothing with rage and ready for winning the all out political war President Obama started.



When President Obama nominated Samantha Power to be the next Ambassador to the United Nations, he wanted somebody who reflected his values. Obama succeeded beyond his wildest dreams with the totally unqualified, morally bankrupt Power.


Ms. Power is a journalist, an academic, and a scholar. If one believes everything they glean from Frank Sinatra records, Ms. Power might also be a piper, a pauper, a puppet, and a poet. None of Ms. Power’s skills actually amount to producing anything, but Obama diversity is about making sure that race and gender trump content of character.


Character could not factor into the hiring of Power, because any woman accusing innocent Jews in Israel of world genocide while giving a free pass to Palestinian suicide bombers has none.


As awful as the Samantha Power nomination is for anybody who values integrity, decency and humanity, it is better for conservatives to laugh and fight the nomination than cry and roll over. Rush Limbaugh tells conservatives to “be of good cheer.” Sean Hannity intones “let your heart not be troubled.”


So as conservatives prepare to fight the nomination of a woman who may not know the Gaza Strip from Palestine, Texas, the First Amendment still allows laughing at the people seeking power, especially when Power they be.


With that, here is some lighthearted fun at Power’s expense to temporarily take the sting out of the awful existence of her nomination.


“Conservative Republicans need to start acting like liberals, channel our inner ‘Public Enemy’ and Flavor Flav, become community organizers, and march down the streets yelling ‘Fight the (Samantha) Power! Fight the (Samantha) Power that be!”


“This will be like liberal marches, except with an actual purpose that benefits society.”


“If Flavor Flav shows up to the march, tell him to leave his gold teeth at home. The Obama administration might try to confiscate them to pay down the debt.”


“Obama got confused when introducing Power. His teleprompter broke, causing him to refer to his new nominee as the “exceptionally qualified John Bolton.”


“Samantha Power served on President Obama’s ‘Atrocity Prevention Board.’ For those looking for proof that the APB failed, exhibit A is the reelection of President Obama and exhibit B is the nomination of Samantha Power.”


“With Power at the United Nations, she can at least finally work with our allies to help Iran’s Ahmadinejad win a Nobel Chemistry Prize for advancements in enriched uranium.”


If Lois Lerner at the IRS, Kathleen Sebelius at HHS, and Eric Holder at DoJ had a corrupt, illicit trilateral relationship, the result would be Samantha Power.


“Like many Obama appointees, Samantha Power is corrupt, and absolute Samantha Power is corrupt absolutely.”


“Samantha Power is proof that even something as awful as the United Nations can get worse.”


“While shutting down and deporting every United Nations diplomat is too much to ask, Samantha Power’s job is redundant. Those wanting to destroy Israel and the West already have Bashar Assad, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and approximately 180 other nations.”


“President Obama tried to appoint a Palestinian suicide bomber to be the next United Nations Ambassador but they were all dead. He found the next best thing in Samantha Power.”


“Samantha Power is as committed to fighting anti-Semitism as David Duke is to fighting racism and termites are to fighting infestation.”





The RNC comes to Hollywood Part II

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Pints with Reince: The RNC and Tinseltown

The Republican National Committee held its Spring board meeting in Hollywood, California. With improving the Republican brand among minority communities a top priority, Los Angeles was a logical choice for GOP leaders to congregate. Call it “Pints with Reince.”