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Was JFK killed by George W. Bush in a Jewish conspiracy?

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Is Obama right? Did George W. Bush kill JFK?

Or is Ron Paul right? Is this a Jewish conspiracy involving the Bilderbergers, Illuminati and Goldman Sachs?


Harry Reid murders political comity forever

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Harry Reid goes nuclear: Political comity is now dead


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid altered over 235 years of Senate tradition by invoking the “nuclear option” and abolishing the filibuster for judicial nominees. Reid broke the trust and collegiality of the world’s deliberative body, and working with him is no longer possible or necessary.



JFK to Obama: Half a century of mediocre overexposed Democrats

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

From JFK to Obama: 50 years of overrated Democrats

On the 50th anniversary of an American tragedy, Democrats will exploit the death of a man to continue a mythical history of Camelot that never existed.



NFL 2013 Week 12 Prequel

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

NFL 2013 Week 12 Prequel

Here is  the NFL 2013 Week 12 Prequel.


MSNBC: Leftist suicide bombers

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Why MSNBC is failing



More Obamacare lies: Group insurance policies will be canceled

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

The Obamacare lies keep coming.

On November 14, President Obama claimed that “only 5%” of the population would lose coverage because they were in the individual insurance market. Now we know that the group insurance market is also about to be obliterated.



Rand Paul publicly sides with Obama and the Mullahs over Israel

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Rand Paul gives Iran green light to obliterate Israel


Only days after President Obama gave Iran the green light to obliterate Israel, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul showed the world why he is the third least qualified person to lead the free world behind his father and the current occupant.



Obama’s teflon finally being pierced

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Why Obamacare penetrated Obama’s teflon when nothing else could

After a lifetime of wearing a thick coat made out of teflon and hemp, President Obama has seen his material outerwear shredded along with his credibility.

Obamacare has pierced the Obama veil in ways nothing else could.



NFL 2013 Week 11 Recap

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

NFL 2013 Week 11 Recap


Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans was the Thursday night game. One week after losing at home to previously winless Jacksonville, this week Ryan Fitzpatrick started for the injured Jake Locker. Chris Johnson touchdown runs of 30 and 7 yards put the Titans up 14-0 after the first quarter.


In the second quarter Indy moved from their own 5 on a 13 play, 7 1/2 minute drive. Yet a 48 yard Adam Vinatieri field goal was all the Colts could muster. Fitzpatrick led an 11 play, 6 minute drive from the Titans 20 that died at the Indy 7. Rob Bironas hit from 25 to make it 17-3 Titans. With 2 1/2 minutes left in the half, Luck led the Colts form their 20 to a 3rd and 5 at the Titans 9. Luck was sacked and Vinatieri hit a 30 yarder as the Colts trailed 17-6 at the break.


The Titans self-destructed in the third quarter. Donald Brown ran it in from 6 yards out to get the Colts within 17-13. The Titans fumbled the ensuing kickoff and the Colts recovered at the Tennessee 20. Luck ran for an 11 yard touchdown as the Colts led 20-17. Vinatieri tacked on a 50 yard field goal to make it 23-17 Colts after three quarters.


Rob Bironas hit a 38 yarder to get the Titans within 23-20 with 12 minutes left in regulation. Needing a stop, the Titans defense could not get one as Brown ran it in from 11 yards out to make it 30-20 Colts with 3 minutes left. Fitzpatrick needed only 4 plays to give the Titans hope as a 42 yard pass to Nate Washington led to a 19 yard touchdown to Walker to get the Titans back within a field goal at the 2 minute warning. The onsides kick failed as consecutive home losses all but eliminated the Titans from playoff contention. 30-27 Colts




New York Jets at Buffalo Bills—A second quarter 40 yard field goal by Dan Carpenter had the Bills up 3-0. EJ Manuel then threw a 34 yard touchdown to Graham to cap a 13 play, 68 yard, 7 minute drive. A fumble by Geno Smith with the Jets at their own 4 led to a 3 yard touchdown by Summers as the Bills led 17-0. Carpenter added a 42 yarded to make it 20-0 Bills.


The Jets got a gift in the third quarter when Buffalo fumbled while trying to punt, resulting in a 2 yard punt and a short field. Chris Ivory ran it in from one yard out to get the Jets within 20-7. Yet Manuel went deep to Goodwin for a 43 yard touchdown as the Bills led 27-7. A 32 yard interception return by Searcy off a Geno Smith pass had the Bills crushing the Jets 34-7. Smith was benched and the younger son of Super Bowl winner Phil Simms came in to throw a garbage touchdown. A Buffalo field goal finished the blowout. 37-14 Bills



Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears—Ray Rice ran it in from one yard out to make it 7-0 Ravens. Justin Tucker added a field goal from 52 yards out to make it 10-0 Ravens. The game then faced a significant delay due to a lightning storm as this early game ended with most of the late games. With Jay Cutler again out injured, it was Josh McCown who led the Bears from their 10 to a 1st and goal at the 2. Three straight incompletions meant a field goal as Chicago got within 10-3. One play later Joe Flacco was intercepted by Bass, who returned it 24 yards to tie the game 10-10. Flacco brought the Ravens back 80 yards as a 5 yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith put the Ravens up again 17-10. With one minute left in the half Flacco was intercepted at midfield. Robbie Gould hit a 46 yard field goal to have the Bears down 17-13 at halftime. After a scoreless third quarter, McCown completed an 11 play, 83 yard, 6 minute drive by throwing a 14 yard touchdown pass to Matt Forte to put the Bears back in front 20-17 with 10 minutes left in regulation.


With 5 minutes left the Ravens got the ball at their own 16. On 3rd and 10 a completion came up 4 yards short. Yet a horsecollar tackle penalty on the Bears gave the Ravens life at their 37. Ray Rice gained 13 to midfield and with 3 minutes left the Ravens faced 4th and 4 at the Chicago 44. Flacco hit Dallas Clark, who broke a tackle for a 14 yard gain. Ray Rice broke off an 11 yard run to give the Ravens 1st and goal t the 5 with 36 seconds to play. On 2nd and goal at the 2 Rice was gang-tackled for a loss. On 3rd and goal from the 3 with 11 seconds to play, after a bad snap, Flacco Fired high and incomplete out the end zone. Justin Tucker hit the 21 yard field goal as the longest game of the day just got longer as the teams went to overtimes tied 20-20.


Baltimore got the ball first in the extra session but on 3rd and 5 from the Chicago 46, Flacco threw incomplete. Chicago took over and soon faced 3rd and 9 from their own 21. McCown hit Jeffery for 14 yards and on the next play went deep to Bennett for a 43 yard gain. After a run lost 5 yards, Marc Trestman took no chances. With 9 minutes left in overtime, he attempted the field goal on the third down rather than risk a turnover in miserable weather. Somewhere George Halas was smiling as Gould nailed the 38 yarder. With players covered in blood, mud and grass and hard rain coming down, the Bears had the win 8 hours and 15 minutes after the game began. 23-20 Bears, OT



Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals—Cleveland faced 2nd and goal at the one, but the West Coast Offense bans running plays when it makes sense to run. A pair of incomplete passes meant 4th and goal at the one. Cleveland settled for a 20 yard field goal by Billy Cundiff and a 3-0 Browns lead. Andy Dalton threw an interception to give Cleveland the ball at the Cincy 14. Naturally the Browns settled for a 28 yard field goal to make it 6-0 Cleveland. Dalton then threw an interception to Haden, who returned it 29 yards for a touchdown to make it 13-0 Browns after the first quarter.


Yet the Browns cannot handle prosperity, as a turnover of their own led Dalton to throw a 25 yard touchdown to Gresham. Another touchdown pass by Dalton of 6 yards to Sanu had the Bengals up 14-13. Cleveland then had a punt blocked and returned 24 yards by Dye for another touchdown as the Bengals led 21-13. Burfict returned a fumble 13 yards for a touchdown as the Bengals were romping 28-13. Another short field set up a 41 yard Mike Nugent field goal as the Bengals led 31-13 at halftime.


In the third quarter Jason Campbell threw a 74 yard touchdown to Gordon, but in the fourth quarter Dalton hit Smith for a 2 yard score to put the Bengals up 38-20 and the game out of reach. A Cincy field goal capped the scoring and kept the Bengals atop the AFC North. 41-20 Bengals





Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans—In 2011 this game was played the day after Al Davis died. An inspired Silver and Black squad led by Hue Jackson won on the final play 25-20. In this game the Texans come in losing 7 straight while the Raiders at 3-6 under Dennis Allen are heartless. Terrelle Pryor and Darren McFadden are both injured, as Matt McGloin gets his first NFL start.


Houston fumbled on their opening series and the Raiders began at the Houston 16. On 3rd and goal from the 5, McGloin hit Denarius Moore for the touchdown to make it 7-0 Raiders.


McGloin has a cannon of an arm, but Dennis Allen runs the West Coast Offense. This means that on the next offensive series facing 3rd and 17, Allen had McGloin throw a 5 yard dink and dunk pass. Allowing his quarterback to throw past the marker would be too much to ask. The Raiders have a defense, and an interception of Case Keenum again had the Raiders starting at the Houston 16. This time McGloin fired a bullet to the end zone to Rod Streater to make it 14-0 Raiders. McGloin can play.


The question is whether Allen will take the shackles off of him even when the Raiders are not starting at the opposing team’s 16. Case Keenum eventually moved the Texans. In the second quarter he avoided a sack, somehow stayed inbounds, and fired a 42 yard bomb to Graham for the score to get the Texans within 14-7.


The Raiders cannot handle prosperity, and no matter how many times the defense steps up, the offense gives games away. The Raiders faced 3rd and 1 in Houston territory. First came the false start. Then came the dropped pass. Then the punt was  bobbled, picked up, and returned 85 yards for a touchdown for the Texans to tie the game 14-14. Houston added a 51 yard yard field goal from Bullock with 40 seconds left in the half to make it 17-14 Texans. The Raiders collapse was now complete.


In the third quarter Dennis Allen finally took the shackles off McGloin. From the Oakland 27, McGloin went deep to Rod STreater for a 36 yard gain. Then on 3rd and 9 he hit Marcel Reece for 20. Then on 1st and 10 he threw a 26 yard touchdown to Rivera as McGloin’s 3rd touchdown made it 21-17 Raiders. Oakland got it back and moved the ball again until a West Coast Offense dink and dunk pass was blown up for a 3 yard loss. Sebastian Janikowski came in for a 54 yard field goal try, but it dunked off the upright no good.


Oakland got it back after a touchdown and one play was all they needed. Jennings took a wildcat snap up the middle, banged into a couple defenders, bowled over them, and raced 80 yards down the sideline as the Raiders led 28-17 late in the third quarter.


The problem with the Raiders is they do not finish games. They do not play power running football. They got the ball back with a chance to grind down some clock. Instead a couple dink and dunk West Coast Offense passes wasted the drive and the Raiders punted to start the fourth quarter. Matt Schaub came in for Case Keenum, determined to be the starter again after his previous benching. Schaub immediately came out firing, although the Texans settled for a field goal to trail 28-20.


The Raiders went 3 and out on their next drive because Dennis Allen had McGloin operating out of the shotgun on 1st and 10 rather than playing basic, textbook, power football. Allen then wasted a challenge by trying to get a deep pass ruled incomplete overturned. Schaub kept firing, and again the Raiders managed to hold Houston to a field goal. Yet with the Raiders only leaden 28-23 with 8 minutes left, somebody had to tell Dennis Allen to stop dinking and dunking and run the d@mn ball, and not out of the shotgun.


Oakland stayed in the shotgun, and 2nd and 5 meant a pair of incomplete passes and only one minute taken off the clock. For those wanting to know how to lose a football game, this was it. Yet this time Houston threw 3 incomplete passes and took only 30 seconds off the clock. With 6 1/2 minutes left, the Raiders got it at their own 15. Finally, Dennis Allen decided to try something that actually wins games. He called 3 straight running plays, and on 3rd and 1 the Raiders got the key first down with 5 minutes left. Yet Dennis Allen then again abandoned the run which meant incomplete passes and another punt with 4 minutes left.


The Texans took over at their 36. Exactly as 2 years ago, The Texans had the ball down by 5 with a chance to win it. At the 2 minute warning Schaub had led the Texans to the Oakland 9 yard line. Schaub threw a completion where the receiver was met by 2 defenders at the one yard line. The ball was fumbled, but bounced straight back to the receiver to set up 3rd and 1 from the 2. With 1:41 left Schaub handed off and the result was a Silver and Black brick wall. For the second time in two years, the Raiders and Texans came down to one play.


On 4th and 2 from the 3, Schaub threw a dink and dunk West Coast Offense pass that gained only one yard. Yet before the Raiders could celebrate, a flag came down. It was a false start. Only the Raiders could suffer when a penalty occurs on the other team. A false start cannot be declined, so the Texans had 4th and 7 from the 8.


Two years ago the Raiders had only ten men on the field. Schaub threw to the end zone and was intercepted. This time the Raiders had all 11 men. Schaub threw to one receiver with three defenders in the area. The ball was almost intercepted, but it hit the ground. Again, the Raiders had their 5 point miracle on the 45th anniversary of the Heidi Game.


Give Matt McGloin a ton of credit. He played very well when unchained. Give the defense even more credit for bending but not breaking. Forget Dennis Allen. He did everything he could to help the Raiders lose. However, Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver is doing a solid job. The Raiders now have a quarterback controversy. McGloin is a pocket passer, unlike Pryor. Imagine what Jon Gruden could do with McGloin or Pryor if he returned to the Black Hole as head coach. 28-23 Raiders





Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars—Chad Henne threw a 62 yard touchdown to Noble for a 7-0 Jaguars lead as Jacksonville needs only 7 more wins to get to 8-8. Carson Palmer came back with an 80 yard drive that culminated in a 14 yard touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald. With the game tied 7-7, the Jaguars were 7 more losses from 1-15.


Maurice Jones-Drew ran it in from one yard out to make it 14-7 Jaguars. Yet Rashaard Mendenhall ran it in from 5 yards out to tie it 14-14. In the third quarter Arizona drove deep but had to settle for a 21 yard field goal by Jay Feely to take the 17-14 lead. Arizona got it back and the Cardinals faced 3rd and 10 from their own 9. Palmer threw a short pass to Malcolm Floyd, who outraced all of Jacksonville for a 91 yard touchdown and a 24-14 Cardinals lead. Arizona added one more field goal as the Jaguars moved back to the bottom of the barrel. 27-14 Cardinals





Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles—Nick Foles has thrown 10 touchdown passes the last two weeks. This week he ran for a 4 yard touchdown in the first quarter. LeSean McCoy ran it in from one yard out in the second quarter to make it 14-0 Eagles. Alex Henery added a 24 yard field goal to make it 17-0 Eagles.


The third quarter saw the Eagles march 80 yards with McCoy crashing in from one yard out to make it 24-0 Eagles. A blowout in the fourth quarter became a competitive game when Robert Griffin III led a furious rally. A 62 yard touchdown pass to Young and a 41 yarded to Robinson with a pair of successful 2 point conversions had Washington only down 24-16 with 6 minutes to play.


Washington got it back at their own 4 with 3 1/2 minutes to play. RGIII led them all the way to a critical 3rd and 1 at the Philly 18 with 40 seconds to play as the Redskins took their last timeout. Mike Shanahan went for it all and RGIII threw to the end zone. He was intercepted by Boykin as Chip kelly and the Eagles escaped to get to 6-5 atop the NFC least and last year’s division champs saw themselves all but eliminated from contention. 24-16 Eagles




Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers—Ben Roethlisberger threw a 34 yard touchdown to Antonio Brown for a 7-0 Steelers. Big Ben went back to Brown for a 47 yarded to make it 14-0 Pittsburgh. In the second quarter David Akers hit a 35 yard field goal to get the Lions on the board. A fumble by Detroit led to a 25 yard Shawn Suisham field goal and a 17-3 Steelers lead.


Matthew Stafford went bombs away to Calvin Megatron Johnson for a 79 yard touchdown to get Detroit right back in it down 17-10. Suisham added a 34 yard field goal to put the Steelers up 20-10. Yet the Pittsburgh defense had no answer for Johnson, who caught a 19 yard touchdown pass from Stafford to get Detroit within 20-17. Detroit got it back again and Bell ran it in from 2 yards out as the Lions took the lead 24-20. Detroit kept coming and got to the one yard line with 14 seconds left in the half. A pair of incompletions led Jim Schwartz to decide on the field goal. Matthew Stafford had 327 yards passing in the first half alone as the Lions led 27-20 at intermission.


The first half pinball machine was replaced by a second half slog as hard rain came down. A short  punt in a field position game led Pittsburgh to Detroit’s one yard line. They settled for a field goal and trailed 27-23. In the fourth quarter Big Ben led a 97 yard drive that consumed 8 minutes. Roethlisberger hit Johnson for the one yard score to put the Steelers up 30-27 with 4:46 to play.


Despite a Hall of Fame first half, Stafford only had 35 yards passing in the second half. On 3rd and 10 from the Detroit 20, Stafford was intercepted by Will Allen, who returned it 34 yards to the Detroit 27. Roethlisberger went to Jerricho Cotchery for a 20 yard touchdown to put the game out of reach. Roethlisberger finished with 367 yards passing, 5 more than Stafford, and 4 touchdown passes without an interception. 37-27 Steelers






Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers—A 15 play, 73 yard, 7 minute drive meant Buc Ball and a 30 yard Ryan Lindell field goal. Matt Bryant answered with a 46 yard field goal in the second quarter. In the second quarter Rainey ran it in from 4 yards out as the Buccaneers led 10-3.


A successful surprise onside kick inspired the home crowd. While it did not lead to points, Matt Ryan was quickly intercepted by Mason Foster, who returned it 37 yards for a score and a 17-3 Buccaneers lead. Tampa got it back and Rainey ran it in from 3 yards out to make it 24-3 Buccaneers. Bryant hit a 49 yarded for the Falcons and Lindell missed one from 55 as the half ended with the Buccaneers leading 24-6.


The Bucs just blasted Atlanta as the third quarter saw Mike Glennon hit Rainey for a 4 yard touchdown. Tampa then blocked a punt to set up a 3 yard touchdown from Glennon to Vincent Jackson to make it 38-6 Buccaneers. Ryan would throw an 80 yard touchdown to Douglas to get the Falcons within 38-13. With the outcome not in doubt Tampa tacked on another field goal and slept through the rest of the game because they could. So did the viewers for the same reason. Atlanta added a couple more garbage touchdowns. The Bucs have now won 2 straight and are a juggernaut. 41-28 Buccaneers





San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins—Nearly three decades after Dan Fouts and Don Strock played a game for the ages, these teams met in a forgettable affair. Caleb Sturgis got the Dolphins on the board first with a 22 yard field goal. Later on with a short field, Philip Rivers hit Antonio Gates for a 5 yard touchdown to make it 7-3 Chargers. In the second quarter an 80 yard drive saw Thomas crash in from one yard out to make it 10-7 Dolphins. Nick Novak hot a 27 yard field goal as the teams went to the locker rooms tied 10-10.


In the third quarter Ryan Tannehill went deep to Charles Clay for a 39 yard touchdown to make it 17-10 Dolphins. Novak hit a 50 yarder in the third quarter and a 29 yarder early in the fourth quarter as the Chargers only trailed 17-16. Sturgis hit from 37 to give the Dolphins a 20-16 lead with 8 1/2 minutes left in regulation.


The Chargers began their final drive at their own 17 with 1:54 left. Rivers led the Chargers down the field but burned over 20 seconds by trying to run an extra play rather than spike the ball. With 7 seconds to play, it came down to one final chance from the Miami 25. Rivers threw to the end zone for a receiver facing single coverage. The defender knocked the pass down as Miami survived all of their recent turmoil to get a tough win and all but eliminate San Diego from playoff contention. 20-16 Dolphins




San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints—In the first quarter Drew Brees led a 97 yard drive, as a 3 yard touchdown pass to Hill put the Saints up 7-0. After that it turned into a Jim Harbaugh slugfest rather than a Sea Payton shootout. In the second quarter the Saints fumbled a punt and the 49ers recovered at the New Orleans 11. Colin Kaepernick hit Anquon Boldin for the tying touchdown.


The Saints missed a golden opportunity when Kaepernick was intercepted at his own 44. Yet in running it back for what appeared to be a touchdown, the defender was stropped of the ball out the back of the end zone for a touchback as the game stayed 7-7.


With 3 1/2 minutes left in the half Jim Harbaugh gambled on a 55 yard field goal on 4th and 2 from the Saints 37. Phil Dawson drilled it as the 49ers led 10-7. Yet Cadet returned the ensuing kickoff 82 yards to the Frisco 21. At the 2 minute warning, Collins got in from the one to make it 14-10 Saints at halftime.


Early in the third quarter Brees tried a lob pass and was intercepted at the Saints 22. Kaepernick threw a 17 yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to put the 49ers up 17-14. Both teams drove deep in the fourth quarter but bogged down in the red zone as Dawson hit from 29 to extend the 49ers lead and Garrett Hartley hit from 21 to get the Saints back within 20-17 midway through the fourth quarter. The 49ers then went 3 and out and the Saints moved from their 28 to the Frisco 16. Intentional grounding killed the drive, but Hartley hit from 42 to tie the game 20-20 with only 2:06 to play.


After a touchback, a sack of Kaepernick had the 49ers going 3 and out again. They only took 25 seconds off the clock, giving Drew Brees 1:41 to work with from the Saints 40. Despite the 49ers keeping him in check most of the day, the result was inevitable. Completions to Graham of 9 and 12 yards and a 20 yard completion to Marques Colston made it easy for Hartley from 31 yards out as time expired. For the second straight week the 49ers suffered an agonizing loss as the Saints stayed atop the NFC South. 23-20 Saints



Green Bay Packers at New York Giants—The Giants shocked the Packers in 2007 and 2011 on their way to winning it all. In 2013 the Giants are just fighting for their lives with a 3 game winning streak after starting 0-6. The Packers need anyone who can play quarterback with Aaron Rodgers and Seneca Wallace injured and Brett Favre still on his ranch.


A 32 yard punt return set up Big Blue at the Green Bay 42. Eli Manning hit Randle for a 26 yard touchdown. The second quarter belonged to the field goal kickers. Josh Brown hit a 40 yarded to make it 10-0 Giants. Mason Crosby hit a 24 yarded for the Packers and then closed out the half by leveling a 57 yarded as Green Bay trailed 10-6 at intermission.


In the third quarter the Giants began to pull away as Brown nailed a 28 yard field goal. Big Blue got it back and Manning led a 10 play, 6 minute, 63 yard drive that ended when battering ram Brandon Jacobs ran it in from one yard out to have the Giants up 20-6 after three quarters.


Early in the fourth quarter an 83 yard drive saw Eddie Lacy run it in from 4 yards out to get the Packers within 20-13. For those wondering who actually was managing the game for the Packers, it was Scott Tolzien and not Matt Flynn. Tolzien completed a perfect pass to Jason Pierre-Paul, who plays defense for the Giants. The 24 yard interception return for the touchdown gave the Giants their fourth straight win to get to 4-6 under Tom Coughlin. 27-13 Giants




Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks—One of the worst teams traveled on the road to face one of the best teams. This is not why they play the games. Steve Hauschka hit a 50 yard field goal for Seattle, and Blair Walsh tied the game with a 32 yarded for Minnesota. Marshawn Lynch ran it in from 4 yards out to put the Seahakws up 10-3 after the opening quarter.


Christian Ponder came back with a 38 yard touchdown pass to Wright in the second quarter to tie the game 10-10. Seattle followed up their 78 yard touchdown drive with a 79 yard touchdown drive as again it was Lynch who plowed in from one yard out to make it 17-10 Seattle. Walsh hit a 45 yarded to keep Minnesota close. Yet former Vikings ace Percy Harvin is still a game-breaker, and he took the ensuing kickoff 58 yards to the Minnesota 46. Russell Wilson hit Danny Baldwin for a 19 yard touchdown just before the half to make it 24-13 Seahawks.


After a scoreless third quarter, Seattle put the dagger in when Wilson threw a shovel pass to Lynch for a 5 yard touchdown to get Seattle to 10-1 atop the NFC. The Legion of Boom added explanation points when Walter Thurmond returned an interception of Ponder 29 yards for another score. Ponder was benched and Matt Cassel came in. He was intercepted to set up a field goal. Minnesota did get a garbage touchdown for the few people anywhere in this worked who cared. 41-20 Seahawks



Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos was the Sunday night game. The game of the year to date had the 9-0 Chiefs at the 8-1 Broncos. Walrus Lite Andy Reid has turned around last year’s 2-14 Kansas City squad while Jack Del Rio was still subbing as John Fox recovers from heart surgery.


After a Chiefs punt, the Broncos took over at their own 47. On 4th and 9 from the Chiefs 36, Del Rio decided to have Matt Prater come in for a 54 yard field goal. Prater drilled it in the Rocky Mounty air good. Later in the first quarter the Broncos faced 3rd and 5 from their 21. Peyton Manning went complete to Denarius Thomas for a 70 yard gain. Manning went to Thomas for  a 9 yard touchdown to make it 10-0 Broncos.


The Chiefs then moved 80 yards, half if it in the opening quarter and the other half in the second quarter. On 3rd and goal from the Denver 6, Alex Smith hit Dwayne Bowe for the score to get the Chiefs within 10-7. Manning counted with a 79 yard drive of his own as Monte Ball crashed in from the one to make it 17-7 Broncos. The Chiefs came back after a touchback and moved all the way to the Denver one yard line. Yet on 3rd and goal Jamal Charles got the carry and got blasted. On 4th and goal Andy Reid opted for the field goal and Ryan Succop hit the 20 yarded to get the Chiefs within 17-10 with 3 minutes left in the half.


With 4 minutes left in the third quarter Denver faced 3rd and 3 at the Chiefs 47. Manning went to Eric Decker for a 33 yard gain and Ball ran it in from 8 yards out to make it 24-10 Broncos after three quarters. The Chiefs win with Alex Smith managing the game and with stifling defense. The dink and dunk West Coast Offense does not overcome two-touchdown fourth quarter deficits. Prater hit a 36-yard field goal midway through the fourth quarter to ice it. Both teams are 9-1, and the rematch is in Kansas City. The 1972 Dolphins can now pop the champagne corks as NFL history’s only true unbeaten. 27-17 Broncos



New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers was the Monday night game. Ten years ago these teams met in one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. A decade later, this matchup featured a couple of very good teams with an outside chance of getting there again. One key matchup was Carolina wide receiver Steve Smith against New England cornerback Aqib Talib. They have sparred since Talib was with Tampa.


After an exchange of punts, Carolina moved from their own 10. Cam Newton went deep to Smith for a 42 yard gain and on 3rd and 3 from the Patriots 39 for a 5 yard gain. A fight broke out between Smith and Talib, and Talib’s own teammates had to tackle him. Bellichick pulled him temporarily to calm him down, and on 3rd and goal from the 9 Newton went to Brandon LaFell to complete the 90 yard, 5 minute drive and make it 7-0 Panthers. The game then settled into a defensive struggle as Graham Gano hit from 43 yards in the second quarter for the Panthers and Stephen Gostkowski hit from 42 with one minute left in the half to get the Patriots within 10-3.

Tom Brady was 14 of 17 in the first half but New England was kept out of the end zone. In the third quarter Brady led the Patriots 80 yards as a 9 yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski tied the game 10-10. Newton brought the Panthers back 81 yards with a couple of Houdini scrambles that had the Patriots defenders grasping at air. On 3rd and 4 from the Patriots 15, Newton hit Greg Olsen for the score as the Panthers led 17-10 after three quarters. Neither quarterback threw a single incompletion in the third quarter.


Brady brought the Patriots quickly back, and Shawn Ridley banged in from 2 yards out to tie the game 17-17 with 12 1/2 minutes left in regulation. New England held on defense and shifted from a passing attack to power football. Yet on 3rd and 1 from the Carolina 11, Brady threw incomplete. Bill Bellichick decided not to gamble as Gostkowski barely hit a 25 yard knuckleball inside the upright to put the Patriots up 20-17 with 6 1/2 minutes left in regulation.


Newton Calmly led Carolina from their own 17, converting a pair of third downs himself on the ground. On 3rd and 7 from the New England 36, defensive holding just before the 2 minute warning had Carolina in tying field goal range. Instead Newton, after nearly throwing an interception, found Ted Ginn Jr for a 25 yard touchdown as the Panthers took a 4 point lead with one minute to go. Yet Carolina left time for Brady.


On 4th and 10 from their 20, Brady fired over the middle complete to Gronkowski for 23 yards as the Patriots called timeout with 40 seconds to play. A controversial defensive pass interference penalty left Brady one chance with three seconds left from the Carolina 18. Brady fired to the end zone and was intercepted. Flags came down but the deal Bellichick and Brady made in 2001 after the Tuck Rule did not carry the day. Officials picked up the flag as both teams are now 7-3 and Carolina has won six straight. 24-20 Panthers





Kelly Dwyer

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Missing person alert: Help find Kelly Dwyer

On October 11th, Kelly Dwyer went missing.

Every little bit helps. For anybody with an ounce of spare time, please help in the search for Kelly Dwyer and any other missing individuals.