Pro Football Hall of Fame 2022 Induction Ceremony Recap

August 6th, 2022

Pro Football Hall of Fame 2022 Induction Ceremony

Football heaven was back, from Canton, Ohio. ESPN uber-announcer Chris Berman was again the master of ceremonies. 

Leroy Butler — The Green Bay Packers strong safety created the Lambeau Leap. 

He praised his mother for reminding him that “It’s not about what you have on or what you have, it’s how you act.”

“I don’t say hello to fans at Pick ’n Save. I say hello to owners.”

The Packers are owned by the fans, who have non-voting shares of stock. 

Sam Mills — The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers linebacker was nicknamed “The Field Mouse.” He was only 5 ft 9. 

This is the Pro Football Hall of Fame, not the National Football League Hall of Fame. Mills won championships with the Philadelphia Stars of the United States Football League. Mills died in 2005 at age 45 from stomach cancer. His motto “Keep pounding” is the official Panthers mantra. A statue of him is outside Panthers stadium. 

Along with Vaughn Johnson, Pat Swilling and Ricky Jackson, Mills was a member of the feared Dome Patrol.

His widow Melanie Mills spoke about Sam Mills the person. 

“He never forgot he was just a man.”

“He’d go bowling with anyone who asked.”

“Keep pounding everyone. That’s what Sam would want you to do.”

Richard Seymour — The New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders defensive tackle was a key defensive cog in three Super Bowl wins for the Patriots. While everyone knows quarterback Tom Brady, many people forget that those early Patriots teams were carried by their defense. This is especially true of the 2001 team that started their dynasty. Seymour playfully reminded us of this.

“I didn’t get here alone. None of us did. None of us could have.”

“Football may be what I do, but family is who I am.”

Seymour fought back tears as he praised his high school sweetheart turned wife Tania. 

His mom drove him to his first football tryout, and he was scared to get out of the car. 

“We had a young quarterback, but we made it work.”

Despite only playing four years for the Raiders, he had kind words for the Raider Nation.

About Al Davis, “He believed football was a game of values.”

Art McNally — He is the first official to be enshrined in Canton. The 97-year-old Canton spent 57 years in the NFL, many of them as a referee. 

His phone number was actually in the Philadelphia phone book. Fans called him up to argue calls, and he would take their calls as long as there was no profanity.  He helped develop the instant replay system. He believed that the game should be officiated with “a heavy dose of common sense. Due to his age, he watched from his home while his grandchildren gave very brief remarks in his honor. 

Tony Boselli — The offensive tackle was the very first pick in the history of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who began their existence in 1995. Injuries cut his career short after only seven seasons. This is why his entry in Canton took so long. He is the very first person associated with the Jaguars to make the Hall of Fame. 

He played other positions in high school and was even a waterwboy.

“I was a d@mn good waterboy.”

He thanked his wife Angie’s parents “for not messing her up.”

He had special praise for former Jaguars coach Tom Coughlin, known for his strict rules.

He concluded by celebrating his father, who passed away from cancer in May of 2021. 

Bryant Young — The San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle won a Super Bowl his rookie year. In his second season he suffered a gruesome and devastating leg injury that had people wondering if he would walk again, much less play football. In his third season, he was the comeback player of the year. The bulk of his speech focused on his family. Those who heard his words understood why. 

He said that his wife represents everything the Hall of Fame gold jacket represents. “Sacrifice, selflessness, integrity.”

He praised his brothers, one who beat cancer and another one who fought in Operation Desert Storm. Yet his most emotional moments came in talking about his son. Colby Young died of brain cancer at age 15. 

“From my pain, I found purpose.” 

“In an isolated world, personal connections matter more than ever.”

Cliff Branch — The Oakland Raiders wide receiver was known for his blinding speed. He was the heart and soul of the long ball offense that Al Davis loved. In 1983 he combined with Jim Plunkett for a 99 yard touchdown catch. He was a member of all three Raiders Super Bowl wins. He passed away during Hall of Fame weekend in 2019. Owner Mark Davis called Branch his “best friend.” Branch’s sister Elaine Anderson spoke in his honor. 

His entry into the Hall of Fame was “delayed but not denied.”

“21 (Cliff Branch’s number) is seated front and center with Al Davis and John Madden.”

When he was drafted by the Raiders, Cliff’s “blood turned silver and black.” He loved that the fans kept showing up to games with signs that read “speed kills.”

Dick Vermeil — The former Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs coach was known for being very emotional, hugging everyone and crying. He did not disappoint. While everyone else was given six minutes, Vermeil as the final speaker went for 24 minutes. 

He kept giving credit to his players and deflecting it from himself. 

“Players win games.”

He named a bunch of other coaches that he felt deserved to join him in the Hall of Fame. 

Of Philadelphia Eagles fans, Vermeil said “I feel like I know each one of you personally.”

Vermeil mentioned that the Hall of Fame should start adding assistant coaches, beginning with Mike Martz and al Al Saunders. 

He said that he saved his family for last because otherwise he “wouldn’t get through the rest of it.”

Of his wife, he said that, “As a football coach, Carol Vermeil has no equal.” They have been married 66 years. 

He named a bunch of other coaches that he felt deserved to join him in the Hall of Fame. Mike Holmgren, Dan Reeves, Marty Scottenheimer, Mike Shanahan, George Seifert, and Don Coryell were among those he felt should be enshrined. 

He wrapped it up by praising the Greatest Show on Turf players who helped him win a Super Bowl ring with the 1999 Rams. 


George Soros is a leftist. I’m a Jew.

July 10th, 2022
It is with sadness that I discovered a new “Jewish” book online called “Bad Jews.” I refuse to link to garbage.
“Bad Jews” is written by a self-loathing leftist apologist who happened to have been born Jewish. This “academic” (it’s always an academic) is Emily C. Tamkin.
The book is meant to inoculate leftist Jews from legitimate criticism and demonize attacks against George Soros (May his name be erased) as anti-Semitic.
Dear non-Jewish friends: Do not let leftists put you on defense or apologize for things you have nothing to apologize for.
1) The worst attacks on George Soros are true. He IS a convicted felon in absentia for insider trading in France. He DID make his money destroying currencies and impoverishing millions around the globe. He DID say in a videotaped interview that the happiest days of his life were as a teenager when he sent Jews to the gas chamber. These are not conspiracy theories. They happened.
2) Most attacks on George Soros have nothing to do with Judaism. Many Soros critics have no idea that he is even Jewish. Attacks on Soros are ideological, not ethnic. He’s a leftist. Conservatives disagree with leftism. When a white liberal attacks Clarence Thomas, it does not make them a racist. Liberals hate his conservative ideology.
3) It is perfectly legitimate to attack Soros for funding destructive leftist causes. He DOES fund Antifa & BLM. That’s not conspiracy crazy stuff. He gives to the organizations who fund various leftist rioters and agitators.
4) Judaism is based on Torah values. The Torah is what Christians refer to as the Old Testament. The Torah is non-partisan. Nothing in the Torah endorses radical environmentalism, veganism, transgender rights, or any other issues the left obsesses over. Those are political issues. The Torah is not a political document. Leftist Jews believe what they believe politically because they are leftists. Judaism has nothing to do with it. As a conservative, I passionately support supply-side tax cuts in marginal rates. I’m also pro-gun. Those are politically conservative positions. I happen to be a proud Jew, but Judaism has 0% correlation with tax policy, even if your CPA is Jewish.
5) Legally, any person with a Jewish mother is legally Jewish. However, that is not the same thing as living a Jewish life or having a Jewish identity. Plenty of people born to Christian fathers (Christianity goes by the dad) don’t live according to Christian values. The 9/11 hijackers called themselves Muslims, but Islam forbids prostitution and gambling. The 9/11 hijackers were in casinos and with prostitutes before the attacks. That does not mean those acts were sanctioned by Islam. Far too many leftist Jews have adopted leftism as their religion and then tried to falsely claim their beliefs were inspired by Judaism. This claim is false. Again, the Torah has no political ideology.
If any of you have questions about Judaism, ask me. If I do not know the answer, I’ll ask one of many Orthodox rabbis I know. Do not let leftist Jews try to convince you that leftism and Judaism are one and the same. They never have been. As a politically conservative Republican Jew, I categorically reject the false notion that being Jewish requires being a liberal Democrat. This has never been true. Liberals bleating it does not make it so.

July 2022 TYGRRRR EXPRESS Missouri Fair Schedule

July 9th, 2022
Time to go back on the road. Flying tonight from Los Angeles through Salt Lake City, Utah on to St. Louis. I have 3 fairs back to back to back in the Show-Me State.
July 12-16: Lincoln County Fair in Troy near St. Louis in Eastern Missouri.
July 18-23: Northeast Missouri Fair.
July 28-August 6: Springfield Fair in Southwest Missouri.
I will probably do some speaking events on the days I am not working a fair.
Time to flee the coast and get back to Heartland, Normal America, USA.

Shinzo Abe? Molon Labe!

July 8th, 2022
Japan has very strict gun control laws.
Draw your own logical conclusions.
Shinzo Abe? Molon Labe!

The founders had no assault weapons…or Internet…so?

July 6th, 2022
“Our Founders used muskets. There were no assault weapons.”
— Disingenuous idiots everywhere
There was no Internet back then. So everyone who is against modernity is free to join the 17th century Amish. Turn in your cellphones. Stop using the Internet. Shut down all your social media pages.
There were no abortion clinics back then, so don’t even think of getting one.
Many lifesaving drugs had yet to be invented. So if you use everything from Viagra to Rogaine, you must stop.
None of the four major professional sports existed, so stop playing and watching them. In fact, stop watching all television because there were no TVS back then.
Turn in your automobile. Cars did not exist then.
There are plenty of disingenuous reasons to be anti-gun, but none as mind-numbingly stupid as being anti-technology. The people who call themselves progressives sure are anti-progress when it suits them.

Joe Biden’s endless excuses

July 5th, 2022
Even if one accepts the preposterous argument that inflation and gas prices are Vladimir Putin’s fault, ask yourself who is at fault for Putin invading Ukraine.
When Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s VP, Putin’s Russia gobbled up Crimea with zero consequences.
When Donald Trump was in charge, Putin didn’t even think of trying this garbage. American liberals kept calling Trump
erratic, unpredictable, and liable to do something crazy at any moment. That very unpredictability kept Putin off balance.
Putin sees right through Joe Biden. He sees a man who is too weak, frail and gutless to stop him. Putin invaded Ukraine because he could. He knows Western leaders will give angry speeches and then do absolutely nothing.
As for the supply chain issues and shortages, that is also a direct consequence of miserable decisions by the Biden administration. They fired thousands of workers across America who refused to get jabbed in their arm with an experimental treatment. Many industries lost competent, capable workers because of this incompetent and incapable administration.
Many of those fired workers were police officers. This is why we have had skyrocketing crime, in addition to leftist District Attorneys and Mayors who refuse to prosecute criminals.
So yes, it is the pathetic policies of the Biden Democrats that are hurting people. They will never take personal responsibility for anything, but the midterm elections will sort this out.

How to fix Chicago

July 4th, 2022
No to gun control
Yes to Chicago control. Yes to Democrat control. Yes to mentally ill control.
I’ve said it for 15 years+. Quarantine the mentally ill. Fire Democrats everywhere they hold office. Send the military into Chicago to secure the place. Lock it down like a supermax prison. Nobody goes in or out until the violence stops.
Appoint a civil administrator to oversee Chicago like we did Iraq.
Replace the barbarism with something resembling civilization.

Kamala Harris and Chicago: United in Failure

July 4th, 2022
As if Independence Day could not get any worse in Chicago, Kamala Harris has been dispatched there.
For what possible reason? She’s useless. Does she really think (No, I should stop there)…
Does she really think cackling her way through remarks about environmentalism and gender pronouns will fix things?
She is the queen of platitudes. Chicago desperately needs substance, healing and effective leadership. She offers none of that.
When you have nothing to say, say nothing. Say nothing quietly. Don’t be like Kamala Harris and say nothing loudly, badly and endlessly.
She is all talk in a city begging for action.
Don’t compound Chicago’s agony. Don’t bring Harris in.
On Independence Day, give Chicago a chance. Don’t punish them further. Don’t bring in the woman who is anti-police and pro-violent rioters.
Chicago needs people who care about and value human life, not people who worship power and are indifferent to human suffering. They have a Governor and Mayor for that. They don’t need a VP.

Chicago is not America

July 4th, 2022
I love America. It breaks my heart to see one city in America constantly ruin everything for everyone else.
Give Chicago to Canada and be done with it.
It can’t be fixed. They elect the same leaders and get the same results.
No other city in America has these problems on a consistent basis as badly. Not DC or Baltimore. Not even Detroit.
Pray for the families of the fallen. Do nothing else. Nothing can be done until the people have had enough. You can’t save people who keep electing leaders committed to destroying public safety.
Every Independence Day I thank God I’m American. From now on I thank God I’m American and not Chicagoan.
Chicago was once a great city. Now it’s just Afghanistan with worse weather.
We need to send the military into Chicago. We need to stop coddling criminals and start locking them up.
We need to remember that liberty and the pursuit of happiness can’t start without LIFE.
I’ll try and offer a more optimistic message later today. First I need to finish recoiling in horror at what Chicago has become.
Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan have Illinois roots. Getting back to their values is the only solution.
Until then, This is not the America I love. This is not even civilization.

Something about abortion

June 24th, 2022

Something happened today involving abortion…shrug.

The stock market is up big today. Nothing like a quiet news day.
If Israel took out Iran today, the liberal media would not notice. Sadly, the same is true for Russia regarding Ukraine.
Thankfully, yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling protects law-abiding gun owners from violent rioters. By now, I’m sure the gun decision has already been forgotten by the mob, who have moved on to other things.
The good news is that nobody on the left can even pretend to care about the January 6th hearings anymore.
Any potential hysteria about women dying will result in a reminder that they were already told they would die from climate change. 
I just hope today’s protesters have the courtesy to save lives by wearing masks, especially if they are as hideous as Liz Warren.
Now that the Supreme Court has gotten the small issues out of the way, our government can get back to focusing on life and death issues like supply side tax cuts.
Democrat leaders warn that today’s Supreme Court decision could force women to travel across state lines for Democrat Party fundraisers.
How can leftists riot for the rights of women when last month they couldn’t tell us what a woman was?
Why are leftists focused on women at the expense of the other 155 genders?
As for what changed, how should I know? I’m not a biologist.
Could be a hormonal thing (gratuitous but still hilarious).
Expect a ton of rioting from hideously unattractive women that no man would want to impregnate anyway.
(Shut up, leftists. George Carlin made that joke about pro-life women ages ago.)
“Man I haven’t seen the Democrats this riled up since we freed the slaves.” — Phil Parker.
Me — Or since yesterday.
Because of today’s Supreme Court decision, women may have to travel across state lines. Now leftist women may finally start caring about the price of gasoline.
20 years ago a leftist feminist zealot (redundant) started screaming at me. I tried to explain reality to her.
“Look, I understand your anger and your passion, but trust me. Gay couples cannot have abortions!”
She angrily asked why not.
I told her “Because God made it this way!”
She called me a Bible-thumping zealot.
Finally, I told her, “Do you want me to show you a diagram? It’s not going to happen!”
That was back when leftist women knew what women were.
So what is your view? Should gay couples be allowed to have abortions? Or is an outright ban required? Should Congress act immediately on this crisis?
Football coach Bill Parcells yelling at his players who were hurt: “Don’t tell me about the pain, just deliver the d@mn baby!” I don’t think he was referencing abortion, but it’s still an awesome quote. 
Question for pro-lifers: Would you still be willing to be pro-life if you knew that modern medical technology would show that the child would grow up to be defective ideologically like Nancy Pelosi?
I’ve gotten some great answers over the years.
Rick Santorum: “I believe there is hope for every child.”
Jim Demint. “Wow, that’s a hard choice.”
Herman Cain: “I may have to rethink my position.”
Pro-choicers are protesting by blocking streets. Because blocking traffic during rush hour is a great way to win friends and influence people. What happens if God forbid a woman dies trying to get to a clinic or hospital because the streets are blocked?
So if a gay pride month party happens tonight at the same time as an abortion night of rage, which one do liberals attend?
Does gay pride month extend into July 1st, or is tonight lost forever?
Can the abortion rioters take a break to attend the gay pride rallies?
Whatever your views on various LGBTQ issues, at least they know how to party. I’d rather attend a party with gay men laughing and dancing than attend an abortion rally of perpetually angry scowling women. The gay rights parties have excellent food. The abortion rioters are most likely vegans.
Also, what happens if the abortion rioters honk horns and leave trash behind? Isn’t that bad for the environment?
Just to be clear, some of these people are professional rioters who go to everything. Apparently the BLM rioters did not get the memo about the abortion riots because the abortion rioters are overwhelmingly white. The only whiter crowds are at environmental rallies.
Did the night of rage turn into an Insurrection or an Intifada, or was it just a standard Liz Warren supporters gathering of the Uglocracy?
Also, if people protest the Supreme Court and the Court is out of town, does the tree still make a sound loud enough to harm the Ozone layer?
I just hope these mostly peaceful protesters don’t burn down or harm any statues of George Washington or George Floyd.
Challenge: Name 3 things less important than these protests.
If a liberal starts boring me to death, how quickly do I have to abort the conversation?

If I wait too long to terminate the discussion, am I required to let them keep talking until I want to hang myself?