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The Daily Kos Does CAIR

Friday, March 21st, 2008

The Daily Kos website has been described by many as a hate site. I have decided to start posting there to see if this is the case.

I can say that there are people on that site who are normal human beings. They disagreed with me, but returned my civility with an equal volley of courtesy.

Many felt I was linking Obama to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), and terrorism. This is not the case, and I made it clear that the only reason I mentioned Obama and CAIR in the same blog entry was because they were discussed by two different people at the same event. Obama was in the news, but in my opinion has nothing to do with CAIR.

Yet the stereotype of the site, overall, is truthful. Most of the commenters were not reasonable. It is not that they are liberal. I know plenty of normal liberals. Heck, I am dating one. Being liberal does not make one hateful. Yet when people of like angry minds whip each other into a frenzy, it is no surprise that the result is a rage that devastates rational thought with a ferocity of an Atlanta tornado.

I recently wrote that I don’t care for CAIR. Most people would applaud a guy who has a problem with terrorists posing as civilized human beings (I am referring to CAIR, not the Daily Kossacks). Yet many on the Daily Kos site apparently find Islamofacist supporters less threatening than republicans. My posting on a left wing site was a very threat to the foundation of our democracy.

So once again, using the initials LL for liberal lunatics and RR for myself, a reasonable republican, I offer you evidence that many of the Daily Kossacks are as barbaric as advertised. I would wash their mouths out with soap, but I am not sure some of these descendants of hippies would own such a product or know what to do with it.

RR: I believe that the (Arab-Israeli) conflict is 100% the fault of the Arabs and 0% the fault of the Jews. There is no cycle of violence, just Israeli self defense against Arab terror. Unless Israelis are blowing up innocent Arab civilians, (which I would deplore) I will remain feeling this way.

LL: ummm… there are Arab Jews…you’re apparently racist and ignorant. how appropriate! quick lesson: one is a faith, the other is an ethnicity

RR: There are Israeli Arabs. There are not Arab Jews. Thank you for contributing to my blog.

LL: Are you ignorant or just stupid? Of course there are Arab Jews. There were pretty good sized populations of Egyptian Jews, Iraqi Jews, Yemenite Jews, etc. Most of them are living in Israel now, but they were definitely part of Arab culture before discrimination caused them to leave.

Neither the Jews or the Arabs ever considered the Jews living in Arab countries as anything other than Jews. The fellow could not grasp this. Then others brought up the Palestinians.

RR: There is no Palestinian history. Palestinians are a fictional invented people. Jordan murdered 1 million of them. Yassir Arafat was an Egyptian. There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are simply “defective Arabs.” They got kicked out of every Arab country they were in because their leaders tried to overthrow those governments. No, the children are not to blame. Yet those same children would not be suffering if 22 Arab governments did not stop exploiting them to take the focus off their own failed theocracies. Their homeland is Jordan. Jordan will not let them in. This has nothing to do with Israel.

LL:If you’d like to spew Likud propaganda…please take your silly rantings to The Free Republic or some other idiotic website.

LL: We would support Likud because of any of these reasons:

  1. We want to give Arab peoples as much reasonable reason to hate us as possible
  1. We are all for genocide agaist Palestinians
  1. We care nothing for Arab and Working Class Citizens inside of Israel.
  1. We believe Israel should dictate US foreign Policy
  1. We want to silence all Jews and anyone else who disagrees with the above
RR: Statements 2 and 4 are borderline antisemitic. If the writer is Jewish, than borderline self-loathing. The other statements are just wrong. I love when people on the left hurl epithets and then claim they are being silenced. Try being an American republican Jew. THAT is living under silence and fear of reprisals. I speak out now, but can name many synagogues and universities that would not let anyone right of center speak.
LL: Republican Jews…particularly those who associate themselves with so-called Christian Zionists are the real self-haters. You are allying yourself with psychotics who want to start Armageddon and kill all the Jews. Are you out of your f*cking mind? I oppose neoconservatism and the Likud Party because I’m Jewish and I want to see Jews living in peace, alongside our Arab cousins. I am against endless war and terrorism. And yes, collective punishment is just as much terrorism as blowing up a bus is
RR: You should sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya. Then the Palestinians will want to join hands and start a love train. Oh no wait a sec…genocidal lunatics kill people because they are against peace.
LL: CAIR is the only organization fighting anti muslim slurs that happen in the media every single day. They are fighting the good fight. ANd your demonization of them is right wing smear that belongs on another site. Its despicable. I have been to their conferences. there is not a prejudiced bone in their body, and given the influence of AIPAC, I am shocked that you would pick on an organization that has hardly any power in the american political arena. One that does not lead us to support one foreign policy or another, or force us to give billions of dollars to foreign countries against our own self interest, etc…
LL: CAIR is one of the more mainstream Muslim organizations in the country. Far to the right of those Arab American and Muslim groups in which I participate such as the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee and so forth. This is just a post promoting anti-muslim hate and right wing Israeli Politics PLEASE JUST SO NO TO THIS HATE Dr Renee Levant A proud Arab American
LL: this dairy is simply ridiculous. the premise is a moot point, it’s inflammatory, and provides overall elementary analysis and logic. below is the freaking link, ya bigot.

www dot cair dot com (I am not posting the link for obvious reasons)RR: Asking me to go to the CAIR website now, which they keep changing as the government closes in, is like asking me to go to a German website today to disprove Nazism in the 1930s. Your calling me a bigot invalidates your opinion. Why don’t you go to the anti-CAIR website? You could check out the FBI, IRS, and DOJ reports.LL: This is garbage.

RR: Your prose is beautiful, and I suspect your poetry is even more sophisticated.

LL: Go f*ck yourself. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

RR: In your case it would be cheaper. Thank you for contributing to my blog. I look forward to showing my audience what liberal discourse is.

The fellow asked who my audience was, and I pointed out that apparently he was.

RR: I am using you as a foil to entertain people. It is working. This concludes our dialogue. I will allow you to have the last word, most likely an immature insult, since you might become suicidal if I do not allow you this privilege.

LL: Have I neglected to tell you to go f*ck yourself yet. You aren’t doing sh*t for your cause and are only embarrassing yourself. But feel free to continue.

More vitriol followed.

LL: You should consider yourself lucky…to not be banned yet, so shut the f*ck up. You’re too cute by half, but no one is buying it.

RR: I am lucky because I have great friends, a decent family, a good career, an insatiable girlfriend, and a full head of hair. Oh, and I can discuss things without cussing.

RR: I have been told this is a hate site. I want to be proven wrong. I want to be shown that if I arrive in a liberal den as a staunch conservative advocating conservative ideas, but treat the people here with courtesy, that I will be treated with the same courtesy. Your question was fair, and hope my answer was.

LL: This isn’t a debate club this site’s stated purpose is to work together to elect Dems. you want debate? that’s admirable – but you are in the wrong place for it. coming here to introduce the oymoronic “conservative ideas” for discussion would be a disruptive intrusion into what we’re up to, here, and would make you a troll. here, you will be, rightly, politely instructed to f*ck off. was that clear and straightforward enough for you?

LL: I am surprised that enough people aren’t troll-rating this freak’s comments, and allowing for such right-wing propaganda on a liberal site…is it ok because its anti-Muslim?

RR: Anti-CAIR, not anti-Muslim.You ignored my many positive comments about Muslims and cherry picked and twisted. Right wing propaganda means you disagree with me.

So just to recap, objecting to a Muslim terrorist organization means I am a hate spewing anti-Muslim bigot who is part of the Jewish Likud Neoconservative conspiracy to hurt the poor suffering Palestinian homicide bombers.

Folks, the Daily Kossacks do CAIR. After all, how can an organization that wants to kill Jews be bad? I mean on this site, the only form of life lower than Jews seems to be republicans.

When CAIR bombs and murders people that are affiliated with the Daily Kos, I will most likely not be there to speak up.

Again, not every Daily Kossack is bad, in the same way there are good Palestinians.

Unfortunately, in both cases, there are not enough of them to make up for their rotten elements.


Yes to Rules, No to Do Overs

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

I still believe that despite everything that mathematics tells me, Hillary Clinton will defeat Barack Obama for the demagoguic nomination for President. Every indicator says Obama has it all but wrapped up. Yet the “all but” part makes me queasy.

To avoid rehashing past columns, I support John McCain, but like Obama as a person. I have little positive feelings towards Hillary. I fear that she will win.

The way the rules are set up, Obama looks like he is in the catbird seat. Yet Hillary will win because she will simply break the rules and get away with it. Rules have mattered to the Clintons in the same way that taxes mattered to Leona Helmsley. With all respect to Chelsea, I wonder if Hillary would leave her profits from commodities to Socks the Cat.

Hillary appears to have failed to be granted revotes to the democrats in Florida and Michigan. Some will say that because their is no do over, that this issue is now irrelevant. This line of thinking could not be more wrong. It goes to the very heart of Hillary’s “character.”

For those who actually have lives outside of politics, below is a recap of events that have left the democrats as confused and disorganized as the late Will Rogers remembered.

Both political parties had in their rules that the only states that were allowed to hold primaries or caucuses before Super Tuesday, February 5th, were Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. It used to only be Iowa and New Hampshire, but those two overwhelmingly white states were given some diversity. South Carolina has a strong black presence, and Nevada has many Hispanics.

I personally find these rules to be completely idiotic. There is no reason why Iowa and New Hampshire should get to go first every four years. Why not Delaware and Nebraska? How about Vermont and Idaho? I support small states playing a role, but it should rotate. The gutlessness of presidential candidates is why this antiquated structure remains. Rudy Giuliani tried to bypass those states, and his strategy failed to break the stranglehold that Iowa and New Hampshire possess.

As I said, the rules are ridiculous. Yet they are the rules, and without rules, there is chaos on par with “Lord of the Flies.” Obama understands this. Hillary does not. Actually, she does. She just does not care. Everything is about her, not society.

Florida and Michigan broke the rules. They called the bluff of the national parties, and the national parties so far have not blinked. The democrats promised not to campaign in Florida and Michigan. The media keeps repeating the mantra that both Hillary and Obama respected and honored this promise.

This is not true. Obama was not even on the ballot in Michigan. Hillary was. While that is not “campaigning” in the sense of running ads or knocking on doors, the playing field was not level. The ballots should have been torn up or altered to have all the democrats on them.

Florida was even more dishonest for Hillary. While she did not publicly campaign, she did hold private fundraisers in Florida. This was apparently within the rules. I mean after all, just because you ask somebody for a large campaign donation does not mean you are also asking for their vote. So fundraising is not campaigning. It depends what the meaning of “is” is.

Then immediately after the polls closed, Hillary held a press conference to declare victory and thank the people of Florida. This is not considered campaigning because the polls were closed. Nevertheless, she was still in Florida, and she was still claiming victory in a contest that was illegal. The woman does not stop.

Before going any further, another brief Lord of the Flies analogy can be found in the word “samneric.” Sam and Eric were two brothers, but by the end of the story, they were lumped together. Such is the same with Florida and Michigan, even though the situations are totally different.

Florida is a republican state. While both parties agreed to the rules, it was a republican legislature and Governor that sanctioned the move to a primary date earlier than the rules allowed. While the democrats would be lying if they said that they were against the move the whole time, that has not stopped them before.

Michigan is controlled by democrats. It has a strong union presence. The democrats of Michigan were behind the move, and can only blame themselves for their elimination.

Both states stubbornly went ahead and held primaries anyway. Hillary wanted the results to count because she won. Obama wanted the results not to count because he lost. So while both of them had a biased agenda, it is the truth that matters. The rules were clear, and Michigan and Florida broke the rules. They were stripped of their delegates, and the results from those two states should not count.

Hillary will not accept this. She speaks about disenfranchised voters, and alludes to the 2000 Florida fiasco. All fraud would be cleaned up if only we counted all the votes, which coincidentally would help her. She keeps saying that it is not about her. Yes, it is. If the poor suffering people of Florida and Michigan do not like what has happened, they can fire their elected representatives. That is playing by the rules.

So since Hillary was not able to get results that should never have counted to count, she then suggested that the states revote. A “do over” would satisfy everybody.

This is not feasible because no do over would be exactly representative of how the results would have been several months earlier. Candidates, and elected officials, have ebbs and flows. Unlike nations where the party in power can just call elections, our Presidential elections happen the first Tuesday in November every four years. Many of these elections would have had different results had they been held months, weeks, or even days earlier or later.

Again, both Hillary and Obama had rational reasons for their do over positions. Hillary felt she would win, and Obama was concerned he would lose. Since Obama is ahead, a do over is a bigger risk for him. Thankfully, both states have decided that a do over is not doable.

So since the rules are what they are, and the math does not add up, what is next for Hillary? Well, if the conventional wisdom holds, which it has not in this election, she wins Pennsylvania. Even if she win by a large margin, the next two states are Indiana and North Carolina. Obama will win North Carolina. It has a large black population, and he is currently pulling in 90% of the black vote. Hillary and her husband gave that to him by their race baiting conduct in South Carolina. The proportional representation allocation of delegates simply does not allow Hillary to overtake Obama in pledged delegates. So Hillary has to smash through any ethical line to win.

This is not about the Superdelegates, or as I refer to them, democratic party poobahs that exist because the party of the people is controlled by elites that think the people are too stupid to make their own decisions. It fits in perfectly with their philosophy of governing.

The only question about the Superdelegates is whether they loathe the Clintons more than they fear them. Many Superdelegates on the fence owe the Clintons for their political survival. If they come out for Obama, they had better pray obama wins, or their careers could be destroyed. Anybody that questions the power the Clintons have should ask the many people that have fought, bled, gone to jail, and even died for them.

Yet this is not about the Superdelegates. Trying to gain the support of the Superdelegates is within the rules. Obama may have the popular vote, but this is irrelevant. The Superdelegates are not bound by the popular vote. While pursuing them as the popular vote loser would make Hillary a hypocrite given her plans to abolish the Electoral College after Al Gore’s loss in 2000, she can be hypocritical without breaking rules or playing foul.

Her violating the rules comes in the form of the pledged delegates themselves. Despite her many denials that only fools took at face value, she has now admitted that she will be open to trying to poach delegates that are pledged to Obama.

This will not be a violation of the letter of the law. Pledged delegates were bound to their candidates until 1982. To avoid a repeat of the imbroglio between Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter (if only they had both lost), the rules were changed to allow pledged delegates to back a candidate other than the one they had promised their pledge. This may seem odd, but a party has every right to change its rules.

Yet Hillary would be violating the spirit of the law by poaching delegates. The fact that it would create a civil war in the democratic party that would make 1968 seem like a holiday party is irrelevant. Being selfish is not a rules violation. What matters is that Hillary s asking people to deny what the intent of the word “pledged” means.

A pledge is a promise. It is an oath. It may not be legally binding, but it should be morally binding. Otherwise, we get the politics of parsing, and statements about “no controlling legal authority.” Any delegate that promises to support one candidate, and then votes for another one, has lied. To win an election by recruiting liars is noxious. It is odious. It is…Clintonian.

Some would argue that pledged delegates, like all voters, should be entitled to “buyer’s remorse.” This argument does not wash.

Buyer’s remorse can take place for individual voters. They have a deadline, that being the election. Any day they change their mind before the election is a decision made before the official deadline. This is within the rules.

What is not allowed is to wait until after deadlines have passed to try and change the rules. I can think of several defeated Presidential candidates that would have liked a revote. Two good examples of liberal rulebreaking were a pair of Senate races.

In New Jersey, where corruption is as self evident as water is wet, Robert Torricelli resigned in disgrace. The deadline had passed for a new candidate to be chosen. Nevertheless, a liberal judge broke the rules, and allowed Frank Lautenberg to be on the ballot. Some say he won fair and square. No he did not. He should not have been allowed to be on the ballot. He could have run as an independent.

In Minnesota, the tragic death of Paul Wellstone did not change the fact that it was illegal to put the name of another democrat on the ballot. Walter Mondale was allowed on the ballot, and only the backlash from a disgusting funeral turned liberal pep rally prevented the democrats from illegally winning this seat as well.

In Missouri, another tragic death took democrat Mel Carnahan’s life. While his wife Jean ran for his seat, his name was left on the ballot. The rules were followed with regards to this point. There was hanky panky regarding a judge allowing some liberal counties to have an extra hour to vote, but that is a separate issue.

So those on the left that complain about the 2000 election should look at their own conduct in the New Jersey and Minnesota Senate races.

Once an official makes a pledge based on party guidelines, those guidelines should mean something, even if the amended 1982 decision created an ethical pretzel.

In 2004, the democrats had buyers remorse about Howard Dean. That conclusion was come to before the primaries. Voters switched to John Kerry, which was totally ethical. Yet after Kerry won the nomination, many democrats had buyers remorse about him. Their hatred for President Bush united them around Kerry, but not with enthusiasm. Many democrats wanted John Edwards, and the republicans privately admitted that Edwards would have been the tougher opponent in 2004 (and I suspect in 2008 as well).

Yet to change the candidate after the votes are in would be akin to replacing the teams in the Superbowl because their star players get injured, making the game less attractive. Network executives probably wanted to let the Packers and Brett Favre be in the Superbowl, but the Giants won the right to play in the game fairly. They certainly wanted the Colts to play the Patriots a week earlier, but could not invalidate the Colts losing to the Chargers.

Without rules, everything breaks down. Bill Clinton did not commit a sex crime. He committed perjury, a legal crime. Excuses such as “everybody lies about sex,” and “well that’s just Arkansas politics,” and, “nobody is perfect, we are all flawed,” are complete garbage in terms of rebuttals.

I cannot tell if Bill learned his ethics from Hillary or vice versa. Yet either way, this is a  couple that will play the race card and then justify it by stating that republicans will do it later on anyway in the general election. The republicans are scared to death of this approach, but that is irrelevant.

Everybody does not violate the rules. Many people work within the system that is in front of them. Otherwise poor people would be allowed to rob rich people because they are hungry or homeless. Sympathy for those that did not get a fair shake in life is a value judgment. It is not a legal justification for crimes, which are violations against society.

I remain unconvinced that either of the Clintons care about society. It is for this reason that no trick is too dirty, no charge too scurrilous, no words too hateful, no action too vengeful, and no lie too brazen for this pair of moralists with little morals of their own.

If there is a way that Hillary Clinton can win the nomination without violating not only the rules of politics, but the rules of decency, then she should persist. Yet given that the numbers simply do not add up, she should for once in her political life show some grace and class. She fought a tough race, and she got beat.

There are people in America that are not disgusted with the Clintons. Those numbers are dwindling. It is not due to sexism, racism, or anything other than the fact that Hillary Clinton is finally being seen under the prism that William Safire described her.

Hillary is a congenital liar.

Unless we can go back in time and reverse the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996, which I am against doing, then Hillary should embrace Obama publicly, stab him in the back privately as she did with John Kerry in 2004, and prepare for her comeback in 2012.

The Clintons will most likely never be gone from the scene. Yet if the rules are obeyed, we might get a two year respite from them.


I Don’t CAIR

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

I had the pleasure a couple days ago of witnessing a presentation by Attorney Reed Rubenstein on the danger that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, poses to Western civilization. CAIR is not, as it claims, the “Muslim NAACP.” CAIR is a terrorist organization.

I had suspected this for some time, but the evidence presented by Mr. Rubinstein was overwhelming. I had planned to see his presentation in Atlanta, but I was unable to attend. Luckily, a good friend, Richard Baehr, informed me that he would be in Chicago three days later at the same time as me.

Before getting to the substance of the presentation, a pair of people at the presentation had relevant things to say.

The first gentleman shall remain nameless at his request. There are very few republicans in his neighborhood, and his safety is paramount. He was Barack Obama’s neighbor for several years, and he and Obama chatted about politics many times. While he considers Mr. Obama as “dangerous” for America, he made it crystal clear to me that he would only allow me to publish his comments if I also mentioned that as a human being, he liked Obama very much. I agreed.

He stated that Obama was always polite, gentlemanly, and friendly. Obama never interrupted him when he was speaking, although his wife Michelle did. He found Barack Obama down to Earth, but not Michelle. When offered a $200 credit per child, Ms. Obama sneered at the insignificance of $400 credited back for her two children. For this anonymous man, $600 for his three children was real money. Yet Barack Obama was a pleasant man through their entire interactions. He never got angry, although his wife did.

The statement that Barack Obama made that “chilled” this man was when he stated that “The United States must take a more ‘neutral’ and ‘evenhanded’ view of Israel and the Middle East.” Many do not and cannot understand this, but those are codewords that many see as antisemitic. There is no moral equivalence between the parties. One side is defending its right to exist, and the other side indiscriminately murders civilians.

So Obama is not “dangerous” because he is a bad person. Far from it. He is just naive and uninformed about the dynamics of the conflict. However, this same man made it clear that he wants to go after Obama on issues, which is what I want. He finds attacks on his character, such as the controversy over his middle name, distracting, and wrong.

He did offer one last humorous anecdote about Barack Obama. In 2004 Obama was driving a gas guzzling SUV. After John Kerry got caught driving one, and then trying to pass it off as his wife’s, it hurt his campaign. Two weeks after the Kerry campaign faced this flap, Obama, perhaps by complete coincidence, got rid of his SUV and bought a more environmentally friendly car.

Another person at this presentation in Chicago, as previously stated, was Richard Baehr of American Thinker. Like me, Richard wants to raise the level of political discourse. He is a sound political analyst and a good person, which is why I was troubled when the Daily Kos website took time out to launch a vicious smear against him. They even attacked me as well, although barely. I normally would never link to the Kossacks site, but I want people to see what pure hatred for a good person looks like. Also below is a link to my interview with Richard Baehr.

One comment on that hit piece is my response.

Nevertheless, one reason why men such as Richard Baehr are under attack is because Republican Jews are hated for their religion and their ideology. This hatred is also directed at non-Jewish republicans and Jewish liberals. Many on the far left see real threats where none exist. More importantly, they see no threat where a significant one exists. This brings things back to CAIR.

Reed Rubenstein was the attorney for Andrew Whitehead for the case of CAIR vs Whitehead. A similar case of significance was U.S. vs Holy Land Foundation. Part of Mr. Rubenstein’s presentation included a CD that contained documents in abundance. Mr Rubenstein did not want us to take his word for what he had to say. He challenged the audience in attendance to view every piece of documentary evidence.

He started by pointing out that the (Jayson Blair Times) New York Times, in an article on March 14th, 2007, wrote that “CAIR is partially funded by by donors closely identified with Persian Gulf governments.” The JBT also incorrectly stated that “Chapters of CAIR are franchises.”

The Justice Department sees it differently. Their documents states that “Moreover, from its founding, CAIR conspired with other affilaites of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.”

Additionally, the evidence in the case led Mr. Rubenstein to logically conclude that the National CAIR controls the branches.

The case that led to this lecture began when Andrew Whitehead, a retired military man enraged over 9/11, started a website called “anti-CAIR.”

CAIR then sent Whitehead a cease and desist letter, demanding he take his site down. To his credit, Whitehead refused to back down. He published the letter, and then CAIR sued Whitehead for defamation.

For those who have not figured it out, terrorist organizations try to use America’s tolerant laws against us. Yet in this case, the terrorists have miscalculated. Their strategy worked in Britain because England’s defamation laws put the burden of proof on the defendant. In America the plaintiff must prove their case. The process of discovery allows those accused to turn the tables and bury plaintiffs in document requests.

Mr. Whitehead’s lawyer, Mr. Rubenstein (whose firm took the case pro bono), sent 300 document requests to CAIR, asking for detailed information about every aspect of their operation. CAIR then filed an amended motion for judgment, which dropped most of the claims. The only claims remaining were those that claimed CAIR was a terror supporting front group, and that CAIR sought to overthrow the constitutional government of the United States.

When asked why CAIR quotes directly from the Hamas charter, they stated this was not true. When asked to prove this, CAIR stated that they could not find a single copy of the charter. Apparently CAIR does not know how to use the internet. They also denied that Hamas murdered innocent civilians, and that it was a “foreign jurisdictional issue.”

When CAIR is faced with a motion to compel them to produce more documents linking them to terrorism, they quickly decide to settle the case. Mr. Whitehead’s website is allowed to stay up, and he is not required to apologize for or retract any of his comments. It was a victory for Andrew Whitehead and a defeat for CAIR.

So what did the case turn up that CAIR is so desperate to keep out of court?

CAIR was set up as a cell of the Muslim Brotherhood. They have been intertwined with the Islamic Association for Palestine, which is closely allied with the Muslim Student Association. The Holy Land Foundation played a key role. CAIR encouraged people to donate to the HLF. The HLF then sent the money to Hamas.

The IAP has since been shut down, and the HLF was shut down after 9/11. CAIR handled the media, law, and politics. The IAP were the public relations people, handling education and organizing. The HLF were the money people, bankrolling the organizations. These organizations all have logos with crossed swords, not typical of groups truly committed to peaceful activities.

CAIR has top level people who have expressed that “The loss of Palestine in 1948 is second only to the loss of the Caliphate.” The rationale for CAIR was expressed in October of 1993, that being to “advance the brotherhood agenda, reduce Jewish influence, and mobilize all Muslims to join in anti-Israel activity.” On June 12th, 1995, a New Republic article described a meeting where a young holy warrior asked for a legal ruling with regards to killing Jews. The homicidal elder responded that “Killing Jews is a good deed, and does not require a legal ruling. Just bring the dead body.”

CAIR’s website on September 17th, 2001, listed three websites that people could donate to with regards to helping 9/11 victims. One of the links was the Red Cross, which was legitimate. Another link was the “NY/DC Emergency Relief Fund.” No such fund existed. Clicking on that link took people straight to the HLF website. On September 26th, 2001, slight changes were made to CAIR’s site. The link listed as the fictitious NY/DC Emergency Relief Fund was replaced with a direct listing of the HLF site. The Red Cross site was still linked, as was another site labeled the “Global Relief Fund.” That link led to a place where people could make contributions, which went straight to funding Al Queda and the Taliban.

CAIR Rallies include people waving Hezbollah flags, and CAIR leaders wearing the Keffiyah (head covering) with the insignia of the Al Aqsa Marty’s Brigade.

The way to convict such terrorists living in America is usually by getting them on visa fraud. Many terrorists come here legally but the overstay their visas. Visa fraud is the mobster equivalent of tax evasion.

Also, as part of their aspirations, CAIR on one occasion offered a doctored photo outside the Capitol during their press conferences. Blondes become brunettes, and Muslim women without head coverings are given head coverings. Perhaps they do know how to use the internet, or at least Photo Shop.

CAIR claims that they condemn “terrorist attacks,” but they never once condemned Hamas, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, the Taliban, or any Muslim country.

CAIR has sued David Frum, National Review Online, and uses liberal media outlets to further their cause. They normally go through the JBT, the ACLU, and the National Council of Churches.

Whenever anybody criticizes any Muslim with either terror connections or suggestions that Jews immolate themselves through “dialogue” with terrorists, those on the wrong side claim anti-Muslim bigotry. For example, Congressman Keith Ellison wants Jews to “talk to CAIR.”

In 1993, worried about being recorded (which they were), CAIR people stated that “We cannot support Samah.” Samah is Hamas spelled backwards. In 1999 the head of CAIR endorsed suicide bombers in the name of Islam. In 2007, CAIR criticized “right wingers and ‘Neozionists.” Neozonionists is a way of confirming that “Neoconservatives,” or “Neocons” for short, are just Jews.

CAIR Action Alert # 508 is a false denial by CAIR that they wish to destroy the holy shrines of other faiths.

Also, CAIR plays the victim card to perfection when they are the ones promoting hatred, bigotry, and intolerance. Examples of this include Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis refusing to accept blind people with guide dogs as passengers because it violates their faith.

CAIR is also insecure. They feel compelled to compete with Jews and non-Muslims on every level. Since there are 6 million Jews in America, CAIR claims there are 7 million Muslims. This is not true. Pew research reflects only 2.5 million Muslims. Yes, there are Persians in Los Angeles, and plenty of Arabs in Dearborn, Detroit, and Minneapolis, but the 2.5 million number is accepted by reputable sources such as Pew.

2006 FBI statistics reflect that in that calendar year, their were 156 anti-Muslim crimes, and 967 anti-Jewish crimes. CAIR claims that Muslims are simply scared to report their crimes. CAIR claims 50,000 members on their website, but only lists 1700 members for IRS reporting purposes. It is unlikely that they are lying to the IRS, since the IRS can punish them in ways the media cannot. If the IRS digs, their operation crumbles. In 2000, CAIR reported $732,000 in dues. In 2007, dues were $58,000. In Maryland, gigantic Mosques are being built. The Mosques are empty. There are no parishioners inside. The Mosques are for appearances, and the illusion of strength in numbers. The bottom line is that CAIR is media savvy, but not a grassroots organization. They are a top down operation.

The problem in America is getting people to face the truth, and act on it.

The U.S. Government sends conflicting information. They label terrorist organizations as such, but then invite CAIR leaders to the White House under the banners of diversity and multiculturalism. The media ignores CAIR entirely. The JBT reporter that wrote the initial erroneous story about CAIR was offered to view the evidentiary documents, but refused. He was “uninterested in a civil issue.” The Washington Post was uninterested in the story.

Media diversity guidelines require referring to Muslim harassment victims in the same vein and proportion as purveyors of overt terrorist attacks that are Muslim. Terrorists are to be compared similarly to white supremacists and anti-abortionists. In keeping with a left wing agenda, environmentalist terrorists such as ELF are exempt from this.

65% of Muslims in America are first generation, most of them having arrived since 1990. This is not foreign infiltration. Homegrown terrorists are living among the Muslims that love America and Western values. The bad have blended in with the good so that an attack on CAIR is an attack on all Muslims.

One organization helping this along is the North American Islamic Trust. This organization is a Saudi front that finances 45-70% of the mosques in America.

“The big problem is political correctness and multiculturalism. In short, we do not have to respect CAIR’s beliefs. The fact that they may have an educational wing that is not into terror is irrelevant. If the Klan wanted to work with people on a clean streets initiative, we would refuse their help because they are still the Klan. This is not about stifling their right to speak. It is about preventing them from stifling the right of others to have free speech and criticize them.” They will use the power of American courts to sue people, hoping that once enough people roll over and surrender, CAIR will gain more power.

“They cannot win, but we can lose. We must demand accountability. We must hear Muslim voices for freedom. We must speak the truth.”

One questioner asked about the Michael Savage case, but Mr. Rubenstein differentiated the cases. Mr. Savage made comments about CAIR, CAIR pressured his advertisers, and the advertisers caved in. From a moral standpoint this is what we must try and prevent, but Mr. Savage’s suit against CAIR was tossed out because advertisers have a legal right to be cowards. Another questioner asked about the Mark Steyn case, but that was more a human rights case.

“The burden is on Moderate Muslims to find us, not the reverse. We must stop the Western guilt. Immigrants today, like all immigrants in decades past, must leave their baggage in the old country.”

“The Muslim per capita income is greater than the average per capita income of other Americans.”

“Jews, especially liberal ones, are part of the problem. They want to keep quiet on this issue. They want no part of it for fear of a backlash.” So CAIR threatens to silence all Jews, and Jews respond by staying silent.

“The Klan, Communists, Nazis, and CAIR are all heinous but legal. The goal is not to get CAIR shut down, but to get the facts out.”

“It is tough to shut down people who support terrorists because it is tough to define the word support. It is illegal to support terrorists financially, but not emotionally.”

Mr Rubenstein offered some final thoughts.

“CAIR is the Sopranos equivalent of the Bada Bing Club.”

“The Patriot Act without a doubt has saved American lives.”

“There is a media war, but only one side is fighting.”

Mr. Rubenstein’s presentation is sobering and disturbing, but less sobering and disturbing than the fact that many people will either remain ignorant of the facts, in some cases through willful blindness.

CAIR does not represent all Muslims. All Muslims are not terrorists.

CAIR are terrorists. For those who offer excuses…I just don’t CAIR.



A Violent Bear (Stearns) Market

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

While I do not believe the sky is falling, and have lived through people panicking hysterically before, I have to confess that I was taken aback by the violence and ferocity and speed with which Bear Stearns was brought down.

This was not some fly by night company, or some internet stock with no revenue. This was Bear Stearns, an established, white shoe, blue chip Wall Street firm. This stockbrokerage and investment banking powerhouse has collapsed.

One year ago the stock was at $160 per share. On February 27th, 2008, it closed at $87.30. This past Thursday, March 12th, it closed at $57. It then dropped 47% on Friday to close at $30. On Monday it dropped another 84%, and J.P. Morgan offered to buy it at $2 per share.

Normally when one company acquires another, the acquirer loses value and the company being acquired gains value. This is because the acquirer normally pays a premium. As my old corporate strategy professor once said, “Acquisitions destroy value, but every CEO believes they are the exception.” This situation is the reverse because it is an emergency bailout, not a hostile takeover.

For the sake of disclosure, I do not own stock in Bear Stearns (thank God). I do own stock in J.P. Morgan, but despite my being a part owner of the company, I am not on the Board of Directors, and the CEO has never solicited or accepted my opinion on any issues.

For the sake of even fuller disclosure, I worked at Bear Stearns for one day in 1994. I was fresh out of college, and was hired as a cold caller. The broker thought I was fabulous on the telephone, but the manager was angry that the broker hired me wiithout his knowledge. Plus, my hair was past my collar, and I wore a dark red shirt instead of a white one. The manager had a military background, and over the vehement objections of the broker, I was told to leave. I was not fired, because I was told I was never hired. Thankfully, soon after that, the manager was fired. Several years later, I did some temp work at the same office. They did not remember me from the first time, and the few days I spent their were fine. I even saw people wear jeans on Friday.

Lastly, in the department of too much disclosure, my best friend growing up worked at J.P. Morgan. He did not know a stock from a bond, so I wondered how he ended up on Wall Street when 50 million people would kill to work there. He eplained that he worked in the firm’s gym as a personal trainer. He told me that if I sent him my resume, he could see about getting me an interview. When I asked if he knew anybody in equity research, he replied, “no, but I know everyone at the gym.” I laughed, thanked him, and decided not to ask him to flex his (gym earned) corporate muscles.

As for this violent Bear (Stearns) Market, there are certain things that need to be kept in perspective.

The United States is not in free fall.

Yes, the dollar is low. The downside to this is that people do not want to invest in a weak dollar. However, a strengthening of the dollar would exacerbate the trade imbalance and deficits we ave with many nations. I will be the first to admit that the dollar must stop weakening, because unless we remain an economic superpower, we will not be a military superpower.

This is not 1929. It is not even 1987. Yet unfortunately, like both of those situations, this situation was completely avoidable.

In the 1920s, people bought stocks on margin. Margin is leverage. When you buy something outright, be it a car, a house, or a stock, you own it, lock, stock (as in market), and barrel (as in oil). It cannot be taken away from you. When you buy on margin, and you default, you lose it. The reason that today the margin level is 50% (higher for riskier stocks, some which cannot be margined) is because back in the 1920s, margin was only 10%.

So as cruel as this sounds, those that lost money in the stock market got what they deserved. No, the rest of America did not deserve the Great Depression, but the speculator went wild, and eventually lost. The expression, “Don’t confuse brains with a bull market” is still apropos. Also, in an irony that should not be lost today, it was J.P Morgan himself who stepped in and saved the country during an early 20th century financial panic. The private sector did have its positives.

In the 1980s, leverage became the issue again, this time in the form of derivatives, mainly options. People thought they were buying “portfolio insurance,” to keep their portfolios safe. There is nothing safe about financial markets outside of bank CDs and money market funds. Attempts to smooth out markets and minimize risk usually lead to bigger risk and more violent swings. The portfolio insurance did not work, the options went against those using them, and the stock market crashed over 500 points, a 22% loss in one day in 1987. Quick and decisive action by Sir Alan of Greenspan prevented what could have been a financial breakdown.

The situation today is no different. People can blame greedy and crooked lenders to make themselves feel better, but at some point personal responsibility has to take over. Speculation is as old as the hills, and whether it be tulips, paper, gold, porkbellies, internet stocks, or real estate with “cheap” loans, the bottom line is that bubbles will burst and unlucky gamblers will lose.

I do not wish financial misery on anybody, because when people hurt, America hurts. My career is highly correlated with the economy. I am the first to get hurt when things go South.

So given my 14 years of experience on Wall Street, I offer sound advice for many.

If you cannot afford something, do not buy it. I drive a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Siera. Yes, this IS your father’s oldsmobile. The owner took good care of it, and I bought it with only 74,000 miles on it. I live only a few minutes from my office, and put less than 10,000 miles per year on a car. This helps from a quality of life standpoint as well. No, the car is not sexy. Who cares? I have seen guys drive $200,000 cars, and have them repossessed. I bought mine for $2,000, and I own it.

I do not own my own home. I rent. I would love to buy my condo, but the prices are too high. Besides, people should not buy anything without doing research. I know nothing about real estate. I do know stocks, which is where I put my money.

Today people are in debt for different reasons than in the 1920s. There are many of people saddled with debt, including many in lower middle class neighborhoods, who had to buy a big screen tv on an installment plan. I went “factory refurbished,” after determining that this was safe as long as I had a warranty. My 55 inch tv cost me $800, and has lasted several years. Yes I wll cry when it dies, but it was worth the purchase. My black leather sofa set seats 9 people. Two of the chairs fold out into lounge chairs, and the other side opens up to form a bed. It costs over $2000 in stores. I bought it on EBAY for $600. The couple that sold it was too rich to care. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Another person in my building was going to throw away a lovely marble table. Yes, I think they were insane. I quickly (ok, slowly, it was heavy) brought it back to my condo. It is a gorgeous table, and I am stunned that somebody would not want it.

As for investing, all investing…let me repeat, all investing…is gambling. There is no guarantee that we can make our portfolio risk free from a safety of principal standpoint (again, discounting bank CDs and T-Bills), but stupid behavior can increase risk dramatically.

Do not buy something if you do not know what it is. Your friend knows nothing, unless they are a financial professional. Their needs may differ from yours. Mutual Funds are not “safer.” All a Mutual Fund is is a collection of “things.” If these individual things are risky, adding them together may not lead to a diversified portfolio. It could lead to less diversification and more risk.

Also, public companies issue reports. Those reports are public information. Everything about the financial health of the company is right there. One company may have 20 billion dollars of cash reserves and no debt. Other companies may be saddled with debt. Most companies are inbetween, but their capital structure is in plain view.

Even situations like Enron can be avoided from an investor standpoint. I have gotten many things wrong, but this one I got completely right. By reading that the company had a significant amount of “off balance sheet financing,” one could see the company was debt laden. It was in the footnotes.

Additionally, those with 401ks should make sure that the 401k is not heavily invested in the stock of their own company. It does not matter how large or solid the company may be. Bear Stearns was not a fly by night operation.

Some people claim they are too busy to do the research. Yet even if they hire a financial planner or money manager, they must do research on that professional, and oversee them. Being too busy is not an answer.

If your life is at stake, you do what is needed to save it. The health of your finances should be no different.

It is your money.


Breaking our oil addiction

Monday, March 17th, 2008

President Bush mentioned in a previous State of the Union address that America is “addicted to oil.” At the Republican Jewish Coalition Winter meeting in Las Vegas, an energy panel featuring Cliff May, Dr. Gal Luft, Dr. Robert Zubrin, and Steven Hantler, dealt with the serious threat of America’s addiction to oil.

Cliff May can be found at

Dr. Gal Luft can be found at

Dr. Robert Zubrin can be found at

Steven Hantler can be found at

These men went out of their way to emphasize that this was not a republican or democrat issue. It was a keeping America alive issue.

Below are comments from the panelists.

“U.S. energy policy is a threat to U.S. security.”

“As oil consumption drives up prices, revolts by the masses will lead to hostile governments.”

“Those words (the above comments) were written in 1952 to President Dwight Eisenhower.”

“The Saudis have spent more on terrorism…half a trillion dollars…than Russia and China spent on Communism.”

“Robert Zubrin has a $20 book for sale, but $15 if he signs it.”

“Energy security is the issue for Jewish conservatives.”

“Our main exposure is in the transportation sector.Wind power is not going to fix this.”

“Fuel cells are not going to be the answer.”

“We have airbags for national security, and we need flexible fuel cars for national security.”

“At this rate the Muslim world will dominate the world economy. This is a giant wealth transfer.”

“Only the United States and Holland backed Israel over oil in the 1970s.”

“Saudi Arabia has a 27 trillion dollar market capitalization. OPEC has a 92 trillion market cap. The world’s top stock markets have a combined 51 trillion market cap. OPEC can buy General Motors in three days. They can buy 20% of every S & P 500 company in three years.”

“They are infiltrating Universities, and buying up Las Vegas despite the ban on gambling. Their new goal is to specifically buy stock in global media conglomerates.”

“The new form of investing is Sharia-compliant investment.”

“25% of oil is not in Muslim hands. This non-Muslim oil is running out twice as fast as the 75% controlled by Muslims.”

“95% of the people are under the control of five Middle Eastern nations.”

“17 years is the average life of a U.S. car. Having a car that only runs on gasoline locks the owner of the car into oil for 17 years.”

“Oil is still the one way to power vehicles.  Ships are now powered by petroleum, not coal.”

“In 1999, oil was $11 per barrel. In 2001 it was $22. In 2005 it was $50. Now it is $100. Armageddonijad (sic) wants $200 per barrel of oil. This is one trillion dollars in revenue, vs four billion in 1972.”

“Flexible fuel cars that run on ethanol, methanol, or any other alcohol, cost only an extra $100 per car to manufacture.”

“Flexible fuel cars are 100% of the market in Brazil, but only 3% of the market in the United States. One reason more people do not buy them is because there are few places to fill them up. Gas station owners will not switch from gasoline when there is much less money to be made.”

At this point I clearly saw the circular problem, but the solution was a bomshell, especially to a conservative republican audience.

“The only answer is a Congressional mandate. A mandate to produce flexible fuel cars must be enacted immediately. It is a national security issue.”

“An excellent source to replace gasoline is from crop residues. Crop residues could replace OPEC.”

“We should sell tractors to Africa instead of selling CNN to Saudi Princes.”

“With a Congressional mandate, farmers get more business, which would allow us to lower tariffs on Brazilian vehicles powered by Ethanol.”

“The current rise in oil prices is genocidal.  The average person in Kenya makes $1000 per year, compared to $40,000 in the U.S.”

“Unlike ethanol, methanol can be made from every biomass.”

The discussion then turned to who is blocking mandates.

“The oil industry is not the problem. They are in dire straits. Yes, they are making money now, but they are scared. They are also at the mercy of OPEC and Muslim nations.”

“The auto industry is not the problem. They are fine spending an extra $100 to build flexible fuel cars. The Big 3 favor this.”

“The problem are the Muslim Governments.”

“Another problem are the environmentalists. Environmentalism is the second fastest growing religion after Islam. Both are green. They are the problem.”

The panel made it clear that it was not the ends of the environmentalists that they disagreed with, but the means. Breaking the oil addiction could unite environmental liberals and national security conservatives if done right.

“The solution to global warming is to promote growth in agriculture, not suppress growth. Al Gore is spending 200 million dollars to promote his view, and conservatives are spending zero. We need to promote ‘Freedom Fuel.'”

I then asked a question, and was pleasantly surprised at how effective this panel was at addressing my concern.

“I appreciate your excellent presentation in preaching to the converted, but I am concerned about how you can sell this to the American people. When I hear about Congressional mandates, I picture big government liberalism such as ‘Hillarycare.’ How can Congressional mandates be packaged as a conservative republican idea that does not violate free market principles?”

Again, this panel was much wiser than me.

“Milton Friedman wrote that strong government action was necessary to break up monopolies. Oil is a foreign government monopoly. Breaking monopolies enhances choice. Hillary wants to tax oil companies and their profits. That is liberal. The conservative answer cannot be to do nothing. Inaction is an inferior solution to what Hillary proposes. A conservative solution is better. Government should intervene to create, not stifle, competition. During the Cold War, the U.S. Government mandated FM Radio. It was seen as a national security issue. The public needed to be informed in case of a nuclear attack. The precedent is there.”

The panel offered some final thoughts.

“There is no bill yet, but it can be called a ‘standard,” to get around the fear of the word ‘mandate.'”

“This is a national security issue that Hollywood can get behind.”

“Picture Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston driving flexible fuel cars under the commercial headline, ‘On this, we agree.'”

“It is documented that methanol, ethanol and alcohol are cheaper than gasoline by a 10:1 ratio. Ethanol is competitive with oil at $40 per barrel, but much less so with oil at $100.”

One thing the panel kept emphasizing is that national security requires that good ideas be accepted wherever they come from. The fact that the oil issue may have big business, environmentalists, national security hawks, farmers, and free traders on the same side does not automatically mean that proposed solutions are bad ideas.

I plan to learn as much as I can about flexible fuel cars. As much as I dislike mandates, I dislike America supplying blood money to our enemies more.

We must break our oil addiction. Our lives depend on it.


Hugs and smoochies from the Daily Kossacks

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Yes, today will be one of those days where the Tygrrrr Express (e)mails it in. The Chicago Cannonball and I will be sleeping in, and every minute spent on politics is a moment her undies stay on. Given my limited time with her, this cannot occur.

So today’s column is about my visits to the Daily Kos.

First of all, I will be the first to admit that there are people on that website that are not raving lunatics with rabid foam frothing from their mouths. However, enough of them are to provide entertainment. I have been very polite, and some of them responded with equal civility. However, some of them were, to quote football Coach Dennis Green in one of his legendary press conferences, exactly “what we thought they were.” Below are their comments with my responses. The code “LL” stands for “liberal lunatic.” The code “RR” stands for me, a “reasonable republican.”

LL: but I won’t break bread with today’s Republicans, including you. My country….the United States of America….the country I love….tortures people! My country makes people disappear. My country invades other nations. My country openly scorns the Geneva Convention, international law and its own sacred constitution. My country is feared, but no longer respected. And you did this. Whether out of fear, greed or ignorance, you and every other supporter of this administration have taken my country from me. You have p*ssed on what once was the greatest hope for humanity, and it will take a generation to recover. So no, no bygones. You are the enemy of my country and you must be defeated if it is to survive. I will have nothing to do with anyone who helped put this failed cabal in power. I no longer speak to 2 relatives.

RR: That is sad. My girlfriend is a democrat and the sex is phenomenal.

LL: Oh yeah. Blarp and Shoo before you are roundly ridiculed. So far we’re humoring you with a modicum of civility but our patience has limits.

RR: The least civil among you will prove me right, simply that you are incapable of being civil. I have been a gentleman, and appreciate those who are as well. Maybe if your side spent more time on ideas and less on hatred, you would govern more. 7 out of 10 Presidential elections and all.

LL: truly a stomach-churning cornicopia of falsehoods you’ve sent me off to bed sad for our country, eric. i will pray that somehow, someday you will educate yourself.

RR: You disagree with me, so I churn your stomach. My girlfriend disagrees with me, and she just rubs mine. Shrug…

LL: I disagree with you. I disagree with you. I disagree with you. I don’t care about fast food or talk show hosts. I do not see neo-cons as the noble opposition, on that you are correct. Most old school conservatives that I know ( an living in the south I know plenty) disavowed themselves of this administration quite some time ago. Was there supposed to be a teaching moment in this diary?

RR: Apparently not for you. I cannot reach everyone. I can reach some, and that is enough.

LL: F*ck you pr*ck, have a nice day

At least he wants me to have a nice day. That is sweet.

RR: Thank you so much. My blog appreciates you. If you represent all liberals, my research is going well.

LL: Count me as infantile, then. Bush and his cronies are murderers and warmongers, and I’ve said it to their… well, to the chain link fence around the “free speech” zone.

RR: What ban on free speech? Your keyboard works fine. The people claiming censorship are screaming it at the top of their lungs, the same way violent outbursts are often found at peace rallies. Nothing you say affects Dubya. He is rich and happy. He is uninterested in restricting your speech. I personally want the left to speak loudly, because it helps the right win. It goes both ways. Had we banned Pat Buchanan from the convention in 1992, Bush Sr. might have won again.

LL: In case your head hasn’t exploded yet, I oppose the war AND I respect the faithful service of our troops.

In all fairness, the above guy was not nuts. Yet my response was brilliant, so I included him.

RR: If you support the troops, then talk to them and listen to them. I travel a lot on business to places they are located (San Diego, Hawaii, etc) and the overwhelming number want to stay and get the job done. I ask them their honest opinions, and I listen. If you support them, you have to support them when they disagree with you. If they tell me they hate the mission, I will respect that. Yes, they can speak freely to me. They are not shy about it.

LL: It’s not Coke vs Pepsi or Leno vs Letterman. It’s Torture vs Human Rights. It’s Health Care vs. Coughing Up Blood and Dying of a Treatable Condition. It’s Protecting and Rebuilding New Orleans vs. Letting People Drown Because They’re Poor, Black and Democratic. It’s Responsible Action on Climate Change vs. A Whole Lot More Katrinas. It’s International Law vs. Invading Any Damn Country we Feel Like. We can’t have “discussions” about whether you ought to have a knife in my ribs, then politely turn to other subjects. Maybe back when Conservative didn’t mean Criminal, such civility was possible. Now, it’s a battle for survival. I don’t have to end your existence, but I MUST end your ability to impact my life in such destructive ways. And my disabled sister’s life. And my gay son’s life. And thousands of soldiers’ lives. And hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. And all the other lives whose destruction you think should be polite dinner table conversation. I will take only legal and peaceful means to do so, because to do otherwise would destroy what I’m fighting to save. But don’t expect me to be polite about it.

RR: Everything you say obviously comes from the heart. However, how do you know when an “enemy” can become an ally? Ted Kennedy credits Orrin Hatch with saving his life from drinking. Bill Frist literally saved a person having a heart attack in Dianne Feinstein’s office. Every day politicians cross the aisle to get things done. It is like how players on the Yankees and Red Sox change teams. The fans are angrier than the players. My girlfriend is closer to your views than mine, but we still care about each other.

LL: you are in fact, a bad person by any reasonable definition of the word “bad”. You are part of a political movement whose sole purpose is to make it possible to exploit human beings for profit, with your people getting the profits and the rest of us taxpayers bearing the costs of the human wreckage left behind in the wake of the corporate Richistani. You are part of a political movement who does not extend tolerance, does not deserve it, and isn’t going to get it. Go home. You have no place here.

RR: Thank you. My blog thanks you. If every liberal is like you, and speaks up, conservatives will win from now on. Way to reach out to a total stranger!

LL: this is sh*t. You need to go back home. Abraham Lincoln would vote for Obama. see my bio

RR: Thank You! Your graciousness and class are appreciated. Humorless Liberals 1, openminded people 0.

Don’t you just want to give these warm fuzzy Kossacks a bug hug? I want to hug them, cuddle them, and name them George.

Ok, enough hugs and smoochies from the Daily Kossacks.

I am a political conservative who believes in a liberal dose of sex.

Off to spend time with the Chicago Cannonball.


General Sherman’s March Through Atlanta Continues

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

I normally write my column the night before, and publish it during the day. Thank God, for once, I was too tired to write last night, and that I checked the news before writing.

My column was supposed to be titled, “General Sherman should have finished the job.” It ws one of my typical diatribes where I blame an entire city for some misfortunes that could have happened anywhere.

For those who do not know, a tornado belted Atlanta last night. Winds of up to 130 mph ripped through the city and destroyed homes. There is nothing funny about this, and lord knows my conscience would be eating at me if I had written my original column.

I was in Atlanta yesterday on business. I left the office at 1pm for what should have been a 30-45 minute drive to catch a 3:40 flight. Easy as can be, epecially with a GPS tracker in the rental car.

Then the rains came. Then I may or may not have missed the freeway entrance. Apparently Atlanta does not believe in second chances when it comes to freeways, so I took side streets. After two hours due to rain and accidents, I arrived at what I thought would be the rental car entrance. It would take a miracle, but if I really hauled it I could make the flight.

The sign said Hertz. I rented from Avis, so I figured I had to drive a few more feet. I did not know that all the rental cars dropped off at the same spot. There was no way to turn back around. It took me another 30 minutes to go around the block. I called up Delta, got somebody from India, and had them transfer me to somebody that understood me. Luckily, the next flight was only an hour later. At worst it would slightly screw up my dinner plans.

The lady at Avis charged me an extra day for the rental car because I was an hour late. Trying to argue with somebody that does not care is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig. Also, Delta charged me extra for the flight because they no longer do standby. I mean what is customer service except to aggravate customers?

To give you an example of how enraged I was, think about my political philosophy. I worship at the altar of big business. Therefore, if you are a big business, and I hate you, then nobody on Earth likes you. I hope the government lets the airlines go bankrupt until competent people take over.

I had not eaten all day, and I had to grab some Krystal and quickly board. When I say Krystal, I mean small burgers, not fancy alcohol. I was in the back row of the plane in a middle seat.

At that moment I wanted General Sherman to finish the job in Atlanta. For those of you who attend public school, General William Tecumseh Sherman’s “March to the Sea,” was a major victory for the Union over the Confederacy. In that battle General Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground. I left Atlanta at 5pm, and arrived in Chicago for a lovely dinner party with the Chicago Cannonball. The weather was in the 50s. Yes, Chicago was balmier than Atlanta.

I had a list of all the destruction I wanted inflicted upon Atlanta. Not the outer areas, just the city. The airport needed to be destroyed. It is a zoo. I frequently go through LAX and JFK. Even Ohare is not that bad. Atlanta is dreadful.

The people at Delta and Avis should have made exceptions due to the inclement weather and not gouged me.

Although CNN had nothing to do with this situation, I wanted them to be wrecked as well simply because I don’t like them. Besides, something needs to ruin Anderson Cooper’s hair, even if for a few minutes.

Yet rather than write the column, I decided to wait until morning. This was mostly due to my favorite type of exhaustion, but also because I try to be careful about heaping scorn on people (Eliot Spitzer being the exemption. There, I found a way to incorporate him into my wrath.).

Last year I was without internet access at home for 6 weeks. Thankfully it was before I began my blog. I wished bad things on Earthlink, especially since they, like Delta, had outsourced their tech support to India. I am not proud that I wanted the top people at Earthlink to die, and I was mortified when Earthlink CEO Gary Betty died of brain cancer at age 49 a few weeks later.

I don’t want people to die. I just, like most people, do not like inconveniences. Unlike most people I wish I handled such inconveniences better.

So as I woke up today at the crack of noon Chicago time, I prepared to write how badly I wanted destruction and mayhem to be inflicted upon Atlanta. I decided to check the news just to make sure the world had not blown up. After all, it would not look good if bombs had gone off in America and I was worried about missing a flight.

I saw the news. A tornado had destroyed Atlanta. The destruction and mayhem had happened.

My thoughts turned to my friend, whose house I had slept in the previous night, the same house I left at 1pm. I hope he and his family are ok. Even CNN headquarters sustained some damage, and no, I am not cheering or holding a parade. Speaking of parades, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been canceled. I hope the Irish Americans that helped make this country great pick up the slack in other cities on March 17th.

As ticked off as I get over stuff, I have been relatively unscathed by life. This is nothing but luck. I was in Fort Payne Alabama in 2005. I was trapped in a rainstorm, and disgusted. I went back to Los Angeles, and two weeks later Alabama got belted by the same rain that hurt Louisiana and Mississippi even worse. It was Hurricane Katrina, and I had missed it by two weeks.

This one I missed by mere hours.

I know I need to start being nicer, and more compassionate, and more understanding.

I also know that will most likely not happen overnight, if it happens at all.

I will be back in Hotlanta again soon, and I hope it is a poitive experience for me and the residents of that city.

Besides, when it is not raining, Hotlanta is a great city.

I hope the people are ok. Except the ones at Delta and Avis that jacked with my finances.

Oh heck, who am I kidding. I hope they are ok as well. Lord knows I do not want to be on the receiving end of bad wishes. If God wants to shove a lightning bolt up my rumpus, I am not that hard to find. None of us are.


Because I am not Eliot Spitzer

Friday, March 14th, 2008

I am not Eliot Spitzer. For this alone, I should be liked, but there are thankfully other reasons.

For those who fear that I am turning into Greta Van Susteren, meaning an intelligent person that beats topics that nobody cares about into the ground, fear not. This blog is not going to be “All Eliot, all the time.” If I did that, he would win.

Yet recent events directly related to the Tygrrrr Express have made the story more relevant.

The traveling carnival that is my existence made its way to Las Vegas for a political conference, followed by a trip to Chicago that was as unexpected as it was pleasant. Despite the fact that I detest cold weather, it turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever had. I met the Chicago Cannonball, and we are both very happy.

I left Chicago on the 9th to go back to LA, and three days later (yesterday) made my way to Hotlanta. I was supposed to then either veer off to Miami, and frolic on spring break in South Beach, or head Westbound and Down to Alabama to hang out with my buddy on the Auburn campus. Either way, barely legal women in bikinis awaited.

Because things are going well with the Chicago Cannonball, I would not be be able to treat any of these young hot women like ice cream. Yet looking is still legal.

Due to circumstances that are bizarre even based on my low standards of normalcy, I am not going to either of those cities. The ticket to South Florida was insanely expensive. Then again, my most recent ex is 22, and she will be down there for Spring Break, so perhaps this is for the best. Yes, South Florida is big, but most likely she is on one specific street, since it was where I recommended she go when we were dating, and everybody listens to me when it comes to socializing.

The backup plan was Bama, hanging with my fellow Tigers at Auburn. Today my backup plan got blown up like Fallujah. My friend that I was supposed to be staying with has disappeared. His cell phone is not working, and I cannot reach him. Most likely he went with his friends on break and forgot about me. He is a good guy, but sometimes he suffers from a medical condition that requires “cranial-glutial extraction surgery.” I am sure he will feel awful when he remembers, but I will let him off the hook after a couple snide remarks.

So the Tygrrrr Express was about to be possibly homeless. I doubt it would have come to that. I would have asked a local Rabbi for a place to sleep for the night, and I am sure they would have said yes. Of course, I would then be asked to attend the Saturday morning prayer service, which conflicts with sleeping until noon. There is no way I would dare stay at a Rabbi’s home and not attend the service. I may be lazy, but am not ill mannered.

After sitting down and analyzing the situation (ok, I might have been sobbing like a four year old girl, but if it is not on You-Tube, it never happened), I took a couple breaths and tried to figure out what was important.

Why did I care so much about going to Miami? Because I always go to Miami in March. There are usually 96 reasons I go, which if I am correct in my calculations is the result of adding 36 + 24 + 36. Yet since I am seeing the Chicago Cannonball, the entire trip is pointless. Not to invalidate people who brought me into the world, but those two people know d@mn well I wait for them to go to sleep after “Matlock’,” or “Murder, She wrote,” and then hang out in South Beach.

As for Alabama, I like my friend despite this lapse in his sanity, but again, this trip was about being around hot women. Why? Because I am male and have a pulse.

I am not somebody that window shops. I do not browse. I do not walk into a store unless I am a buyer. I do not go near a jar of candy and just stare at it, be it after dinner mints or eye candy. I take it with me, be it either in my pocket or over my shoulder.

Yet instead of feeling sadness, life is good. The Chicago Cannonball and I are getting along great. At the risk of having growth pangs, there is a realization here that is important.

Dating is not the ends for me. It is the means. I have always been about being with one person, with short term gratification being what Monte Hall would describe as the consolation prize behind “door # 2.” So if the goal is meet somebody, and I have, wouldn’t an ounce of sense tell me that if I have to be stranded, I might as well be with somebody lovely?

I just thank God that every twice in awhile he gives me just enough common sense to make an intelligent decision when it matters most. How many men have money, power, lovely families…and throw it all away because they are in the wrong city at the wrong time with the wrong woman, when the best of everything is in front of their selfish faces the entire time?

Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a black hooker. Folks, if a guy cannot be happy with Elizabeth Hurley, he will never be happy. Bill Clinton nearly got fired because he could not keep his pants zipped. Eliot Spitzer went from a shot at the White House to the newest husband in the Dog in Heat House. I have seen his wife. Even after three kids, she is a hot piece of New York Skirt Steak.

Some would look at me and say, “talk to me when you have been married 20 years.” That is not the answer. I do not have the answer, but I suspect it has to do with the notion that we can either satiate those we love, or satiate ourselves. Imagine if Eliot Spitzer had taken his 80,000 dollars that he spent on a woman whose real name he did not even know, and instead bought his wife an $80,000 piece of jewelry. Perhaps she would have done those things that a mother of three never talks about in public.

It is not about “being bought.” Unlike the Kobe Bryant situation, you have to buy the gift before you screw up. That way it is a heartfelt gesture, and not a business contract. I am sure it is not easy for a man married a couple decades ith children, but even those men should look at their wives and say, “Forget my bad back and your vericose veins (or something more tactful). The kids are somewhere else, and we are going to act like we did back then. Now put down the laundry and help me find the cattle prod (ok, I went too far, but the point is valid).

For some men, as I said, dating a string of women is the end. That type of life is just not for me. A real man gravitates towards those who matter most on a long term basis.

The song by the Proclaimers states that, “I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked that 1000 miles and showed up at your door.” Ok, so I am not that gallant. I will be taking a plane and then a taxicab. Yet as much as cold weather scares the daylights out of me, and as much as Chicago might be the worst Spring Break city in America, I suspect I am making the right decision. Besides, the Chicago Cannonball agrees with me, which does help.

So out of nowhere, I am headed back to Sweet Home Chicago today.

I do not have Eliot Spitzer’s money, or his power. However, I am much handsomer than him. Even unkempt, my hair is quite good. I also have something that he may never have again, due to his own travels in the wrong areas…a happy love life that matters.

Because I am not, nor do I ever want to be Eliot Spitzer, Miami and Bama will have to wait, perhaps forever. No, I did not immediately make the right decision. I had a lot of help, perhaps divine intervention. Yet given every chance to make the right decision, I actually did.

I am off to give the Chicago Cannonball the ketchup bottle treatment.

It will not cost me a fortune, and yet the effect is priceless.


Spitzer Goes Quitzer and a Hag gets Bagged

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

From the deaf, dumb and blind to the good, the bad and the ugly, the democrats have provided much entertainment in recent days.

The blind is the good. It comes in the form of the Lieutenant Governor of New York, and soon to be Governor, David Paterson.

I know nothing about this man. He reminds me of the late James B. Stockdale, Ross Perot’s 1992 running mate. Stockdale was the one who said in a debate, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Perhaps a better comparison would be that of the late Gerald Ford, the accidental President.

What little I do know about David Paterson is positive.

Most likely, I will not like his political views. He is more liberal than Eliot Spitzer, but willing to work with the other side. What Barack Obama is to Hillary Clinton, David Paterson is to Eliot Spitzer. Lt. Governor Paterson is admired by democrats and republicans alike as a genial individual that wants to get things done.

What a novel idea, a politician actually wanting to do the work. Mr. Paterson is obviously a workhorse and not a showhorse, since most people last week probably would not have recognized him on the street. One collegue described him using the Hebrew word “Mensch,” which describes a true kindly gentleman.

Mr. Paterson is also black. This should be celebrated. He worked hard, played by the rules, and through a quirk of fate, is going to lead one of the largest economies in the world. For the good of New York, I hope that his race becomes completely irrelevant. Yes, the black community should beam with pride, but he has to govern everybody. Also, republicans who disagree with him on issues should be willing to engage him. They should not be afraid of being called racists simply for opposing a liberal agenda. Also, black liberals should not hurl charges of racism when Governor Paterson runs into the normal opposition that any Governor will face in a demoracy that encourages gridlock.

As I said, I expect to disagree with much of Mr. Paterson’s agenda. Yet I have high hopes for him. He needs to heal a state, and healing is not liberal or conservative. It is human. I hope he can roll up his sleeves, and that the republicans work with him. Work with does not mean capitulate. Yet the current environment is toxic, and perhaps Mr. Paterson can alter that.

One other aspect of Mr. Paterson that must be acknowledged is that he is legally blind. He will be the first blind Governor. I personally think this is something to celebrate. I do not believe in politically correct terms such as “handicapable.” People who are handicapped cannot do things that others can do. Yet even with disabilities, people from Bob Dole to Bob Kerrey to John McCain have led distinguished political careers.

Yet blindness is tougher. I personally do not see any functions of being Governor that require eyesight. He cannot drive himself around, but perhaps society would have been better off had John Corzine and Ted Kennedy used their chauffeurs. A deeper question can be asked if Governor Paterson is successful. Is America ready for a blind President?

I personally would rather see a cure for blindness, but barring that, at some point the topic should be discussed. Even people with perfect eyesight have their mobility restricted by Secret Service agents.

The deaf is the bad. This comes in the form of Eliot Spitzer, who will hopefully have a lovely new orange jumpsuit and a 200 pound boyfriend named Maurice. Actually, minimum security prison means he will most likely improve his golf game, although he might be safer in a maximum security prison. After all, minimum security contains the people he helped prosecute.

I could go through all the reasons why Eliot Spitzer is one of the most disgusting human beings on Earth, but I will wait until he is officially gone to pile on with all the class and grace he showed towards me when he was in power.

Spitzer is going quitzer because he was deaf to the public. While he would have been very talented as a third world dictator, democracy reqires actually working with people who share opposing views. Like Hillary Clinton, he confuses, either deliberately or myopically, opponents with enemies. His downfall is not about prostitution. It is about a bully who made so many enemies and too few friends. When he fell, nobody wanted to lift him back up. To quote an old parable, because Eliot Spitzer destroyed so many people, when they came for him, there was nobody left to speak up.

Whatever I may think of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, enough people liked them. That is the reason they survived. Spitzer had his inherited billion dollars, his position of power, and his sense of entitlement. He felt no need to subject himself to the laws he was sworn to uphold. it was not sex tht undid him. It was arrogance.

The dumb is the ugly. In this case it comes in the form of the hag that got bagged. It is one thing to be a political candidate whose celebrity comes from being a minority. It is another thing to be a political has been from 25 years ago whose celebrity comes from having once been a celebrity.

Yes folks, Geraldine Ferraro is in the news for some reason. This is the same Geraldine Ferraro who freely admits what most Americans knew a quarter of a century ago, that her being picked as a Vice Presidential Candidate was a token appointment based on gender. The same Geraldine Ferraro who then 14 years later lost a democratic Senate primary because her candidacy had no rationale. The same Geraldine Ferraro whose husband was “allegedly” a mobster, and whose son was nicknamed “The Pharmacist,” because you could get any drug you wanted from him. This was the woman who lectured republicans.

I could give her credit for winning Minnesota, but she lost the other 49 states. Now she is taking her losing street to the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign. Given her expertise in candidacies with zero rationale except the Helen Reddy song, “I am woman hear me roar,” Ferraro is a perfect surrogate.

Yet even a campaign known for gutter politics, racially charged accusations, and a sense of entitlement, has lines that should not get crossed. Geraldine Ferraro stated that Barack Obama would not be where he was if he were white.

No, I am not calling her a racist. I am saying her comments were racially insensitive, and stupid.

The Clinton campaign is justifying playing the race card by stating that they need Obama to toughen up, because the republicans will play the race card in the general election. This is ludicrous. John McCain rejects racial politics, and most republicans do not want to go near the race issue with Obama. We want to defeat him on taxes, trade, and the Iraq War. These things are called issues, also known as ideas. Democrats are bereft of them, hence the need to slash and burn.

The republicans did not start with Willie Horton in 1988. Al Gore clubbed Michael Dukakis with it, and the republicans continued. So destroying your own side does not strengthen your team.

The Clintons are not playing the race card to protect Obama in the general election. They are playing the race card because they want to win at all costs. As long as they save the village, it is ok if they torch it to the ground first.

What Ferraro fails to grasp is that Obama has a compelling story to tell, and he tells it brilliantly. His race is a major part of his story, but Hillary’s…and Ferraro’s…genders are their entire story. They tell their stories badly, or at least with much less inspiration.

To say that people are only voting for Obama because he is black implies that voters are stupid, or worse, racist. Iowa is snow white. Wisconsin is lily white. Idaho is even whiter than that. Obama won all those areas.

Obama is not winning because he is black. He is winning because he inspires people, and he is likable. Hillary is losing for the same reason that Ferraro kept losing. It is not because they are women. It is because they often come across as hags.

Ferraro diminshed herself by claiming that she was a token. Therefore, nobody should listen to her. They never did, so why start now?

The best part of this is that liberals are using political correctness against other liberals. First Harvard President Larry Summers went down. Bill and Hillary Clinton, supposedly loved by black America, are getting pummeled by Obama. Now Ferraro is being silenced. Political correctness was fine when only republicans were being silenced, but now liberals are being battered by their own hostile attempts to stifle speech.

The Clinton campaign, desperate to show that a woman speaking on behalf of their campaign does not represent their campaign, has allowed Ferraro to again disappear, again a loser.

Spitzer went Quitzer and a hag got bagged. Now David Paterson and Barack Obama can try and unite people, not because they are black, or in one case, blind. They simply want to reach out to all Americans, and get beyond the politics of personal destruction.

Spitzer, Hillary and Ferraro cannot get beyond the politics of personal destruction, because they are the politics of personal destruction.

Good riddance to every member of this sorry lot.


Beating the Billionaire B@st@rd

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

The Tygrrrr Express is Hotlanta bound. After that I have to go either to Miami or Alabama. Either way there will be partying. I love Spring Break. Although the original plan was to hang from a balcony with barely legal coeds, continuing the “Girls Gone Wild” lifestyle that makes my existence so enjoyable, this trip will involve looking at most, but no touching. Things are going well with me and the Chicago Cannonball, and I do not throw away happy situations over cheap thrills. I guess that makes me unqualified to be the current Governor of New York.

Yes. I went there, girlfriend. Eliot Spitzer is down. Good. Somebody step on him. He has stepped on so many people. He does not deserve our understanding or mercy. His press conference was a defiant insistence that his situation was a private matter, and not a serious law enforcement violation.

For the sake of full disclosure, this is not about politics for me. I detest this guy’s guts on a personal level due to his harassing my industry with a reckless abandon matched only by his lack of knowledge of how the industry works.

Eliot Spitzer is another liberal billionaire that wants to tell others how to live, and has the power to force them and regulate them into the ground. Spitzer is basically Ted Kennedy minus the girth and the follicles. He is George Soros minus the difficult to understand accent. He is Ralph Nader minus the antisemitism. He is the combination of the sexual greed of Bill Clinton with the political and financial greed of Hillary Clinton.

Am I the only person that understands that this is not about sex?

Liberals are falling all over themselves to compare this to Larry Craig and David Vitter. The problem is that the left wants us to show compassion for those on both sides.

Wrong answer. We should demand better judgment from our elected officials.

For the sake of full disclosure, I have enjoyed women to excess. I was not always the choir boy that I am now. I would never get elected because here is my press conference:

Q: Eric, is it true that you enjoyed questionable relations with questionable women?

A: Every chance I got. Next question.

Q: Did you ever have platonic relations with women?

A: Yes, the ones that said no.

Q: Don’t you feel you should apologize?

A: You work in the media. Have you apologized for that?

As I said, I may not win, but everything would be out there.

What people do not understand about people like Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and others is that people in power cannot under any circumstances put themselves in a position where they can be blackmailed.

What happens if a terrorist organization uses a prostitute to infiltrate a senior government official? Would that official spill national security secrets to save his own family secrets?

Have we forgotten that political consultant Dick Morris allowed a prostitute to listen in on telephone conversations with then President Bill Clinton?

At the risk of being judgmental, prostitutes are not always the most moral of characters. They sell themselves for money. Is it farfetched to think that they would betray people they take money from if somebody else offers them more money? Heck, I know what I would do for a Klondike Bar.

Eliot Spitzer violated the section of the Patriot Act that is used to crack down on money laundering. No, this does not mean President Bush is responsible for Spitzer’s situation, in case liberals need another reason to twist this. The Patriot Act prevents money laundering. This is a good thing. Any transfer over $10,000 must be reported. Some people will ask if the smart thing to do is just constantly transfer $9,500 to stay under the radar. Absolutely not. This is a giant red flag. Those that see behavior such as this must file a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) whenever illegal behavior is suspected and the amount in question is greater than $5,000.

On a brief tangent, is a $5,500 hooker really that good? I mean maybe a $1,000 girl is 5 times better than a $200 girl (although I doubt it), but at some point doesn’t the quality level off? When I eat beef ribs, the second one does taste better than the first one, but I doubt the 20th one tastes better than the 19th one.

What type of guy spends money on a $5,500 call girl? The same type of guy that spends 2 million dollars for his wife’s birthday, complete with an ice sculpture that urinates vodka.

That was not Eliot Spitzer. That was Dennis Koslowski, the CEO of Tyco. Kozlowski is now in prison, partly due to the zealousness of Spitzer.

I want to make it crystal clear that I am not defending Kozlowski, not by a long shot. However, the embodiment of corporate avarice is just as awful with Spitzer as it is with Kozlowski. At least Kozlowski spent the money on his wife. Spitzer was paying for a prostitute when he should have been buying the mother of his children a Valentine’s Day gift.

Eliot Spitzer engaged in illegal financial trafficking. The fact that it was for sex and not drugs or illegal guns is irrelevant. If a drug dealer or gunrunner had learned of Spitzer’s activities, would they have been given a free pass to continue selling their products?

I will resist comparing Spitzer to Bill Clinton because that will place too much emphasis on the sex aspect of the story.

Spitzer is the mirror image of Hillary Clinton. The smug sense of entitlement, the willingness to destroy anything and anyone in their path, and the willingness to rail about corporate greed when they are the very embodiment of it.

Hillary bashes hedge funds, even though she and Bill used their power broker friend Vernon Jordan (the same man that obtained a job for the eminently qualified Monica Lewinsky) to place Chelsea Clinton at a hedge fund. I am sure she was a financial genius, given that her mother turned $1,000 into $100,000 playing commodities. Hillary is also the woman that smeared innocent people in the White House Travel Office. They were brought up on trumped up charges of embezzlement, and acquitted in one hour. Robert Ray’s final report did not exonerate her. It said there was simply not enough evidence to convict because she successfully stonewalled and hid the truth.

Eliot Spitzer is basically Hillary Clinton minus the cackle. In the same way Hillary screamed at Dick Morris and called him a “Jew-b@st@rd,” Spitzer screamed at Wall Street executives over the telephone and let them know he would “roll over them.”

They are both bullies who hide behind a crusader image of helping the “little people,” even though they know nothing about these common folks. They talk about making the “rich” pay their “fair share,” even though most wealthy people are busy leading productive private sector lives, not spending thousands of dollars on everything from call girls to crooked land deals.

Hillary Clinton was a slumlord. It does not stop her from condemning slumlords. Eliot Spitzer was a white collar criminal that engaged in illegal money transfers as he was cracking down on white collar criminals involving money.

In short, these two overprivileged adolescents from ultra wealthy neighborhoods wanted everybody else to sacrifice more while they took more and gave less.

Hillary continues to make excuses for why she should lose the nomination and still be given the Presidency. After all, places like Mississippi do not count. Black people voted for Barack Obama, therefore the state is invalid. She will not overtly say it, hiding behind her many disgusting surrogates.

Yet her hubris might not reach the level of a Ted Kennedy or Eliot Spitzer. Barring evidence to the contrary, Hillary did not kill anybody.

Yet Spitzer might be the worst of the lot. Hillary has not managed to destroy any economies yet. Sure she is trying to do so, but failing to screw something doesn’t count. Just ask her husband.