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Khadafi Duck now a dead duck

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Khadafi somehow is burning in hell with 72 Katie Courics. May they chirp his poor singed dictator ears off.


Live from Las Vegas, another CNN hit job

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

For those who missed the Anderson Cooper smugathon disguised as a GOP debate, a recap is necessary.


Once again, Israel surrenders

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Once again, Israel has surrendered to the Palesimians.

Once again, terrorism and savage barbarism have triumphed over the rule of law and human decency.

Gilad Shalit has been released.

Israelis sang “I’m Yisroel Chai” as a symbol of their hopes and dreams was released after five years of captivity. In exchange for his release, 1,000 Palesimian terrorists were released. Many of them vowed to back waging Jihad, because that is what Jihadists do.

As was the case when Armageddonijad recently released a couple of Americans held hostage, the release of old stale hostage Gilad Shalit will come with the promise of Palesimians kidnapping future shiny new hostages.

Palesimians do not value human life. If they did, they would have done a one for one straight up trade. We now know that Palesimians each represent 1/1000th of a person.

Palesimians also know that terror works. Any moment now more Israelis will be kidnapped, since Israel will pay whatever the ransom, no price too high.

Those arguing for compassion out of respect for the Shalit family fail to grasp that the hundreds of Israelis murdered by Palesimians also left behind families.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Ohlmert went to war ostensibly to get Shalit released. Yet in the end Palesimians knew that Israelis would fold. The Palesimians would surrender, declare a truce, and use the interim between acts of terror to restock their supply of arms.

This “deal” to release Shalit is an unconditional surrender.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will soon learn that not an ounce of good will toward Israel will come from this deal. The world will still hate Israel for inflicting “suffering” on the “poor” Palesimians.

The new hostages have not been identified yet, but pretty soon they will be taken from their homes and forced to live in isolation and squalor. In most cases, unlike Shalit, they will simply be killed for being Jewish and existing.

Israel is at war with the Palesimians. The only solution to win a war is to actually win.

Israel won on the battlefield and lost politically. This never changes because it is tough to defeat people willing to kill and die at all costs.

Once the next Israeli soldier is kidnapped, perhaps Israel will stop acting like Charlie Brown kicking the football and deal with the Palesimians once and for all. Just obliterate every last one of them complicit in any crimes against the Jewish state.

Anything less is a dishonor to the victims of the Palesimian murderers set free to murder again.



Barack Hussein MDGKZS Obama

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

As Mr. Obama prepares to campaign (his only noticeable skill) again, let’s just call him what he is.

He is Barack Hussein Mondale Dukakis Gore Kerry Zonker Sotero Obama.


Shocker! Obama opponents fail to lead while not in charge

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Jay Carney has blamed GOP presidential contenders for failing to lead the nation while Barack Obama has been in charge.


NFL 2011–Week 6 Recap

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

From a sportsbar in beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina, it is time to get down to the business of football. Yet again sadness has entered the sports world. One week after the death of Al Davis, the wife of former longtime Browns and Ravens Owner Art Modell died.

Mr. Davis, Mrs. Modell, and Mrs. ((Myra, wife of Patriots Owner Robert, who died a couple months ago) were elderly. A true sports tragedy happened today in the world of Indy auto racing. A 15 car crash at a race in Las Vegas resulted in the death of 33 year old driver Dan Wheldon. Wheldon won the Indy 500 twice, including the race earlier this year. Eight months after the ultimate Indy triumph came an untimely death. The entire sports world is mourning, especially those who love auto racing. Condolences to the entire Wheldon family are sent.

Yet the show must go on, and today was a day for football.

Here is the NFL 2011 Week 6 Recap.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants–The Bills are better than expected, the Giants are inconsistent, and fans of both teams argue who is the real New York team. Those claiming Buffalo is New York refuse to concede that they play some of their games in Toronto, forever tainting the team as Canadian. Tell NYPD and FDNY that the Giants are Jersey and you will have a fight on your hands. The Super Bowl they played after the 1990 season remains a classic.

The Giants began after an exchange of punts at their own 31. On 3rd and 3 Eli Manning found Victor Cruz for 6, Ahmad Bradshaw for 17, Mario Manningham for 16, and Ballard for 24 down to the one. Bradshaw carried it in to have the Giants up 7-0. Buffalo needed one play to tie the score as Fred Jackson ran for an 80 yard touchdown to make it 7-7. The Bills would get the ball back, and it was another big play as Ryan Fitzpatrick found Nate Roosevelt for a 60 yard touchdown to have the Bills up 14-7.

The pace slowed slightly in the second quarter despite Manning leading a 13 play, 84 yard, 5 1/2 minute drive. Yet while Big Blue moved from their own 8 to the Buffalo 8, a 26 yard Lawrence Tynes field goal is all they would get as the Giants trailed 14-10. Fitzpatrick calmly led the Bills to the Giants 22, but a pair of sacks set up 4th and 25 at the 37. Chan Gailey decided to punt rather than try the 55 yard field goal.

The Giants took over at their own 11. On 2nd and 8 Manning hit Ballard for 22 and Hakeem Nicks deep for a 65 yard gain to the Buffalo 5. Bradhsaw took it in from one yard out to have the Giants in front 17-14.

From the 20, CJ Spiller ran for 15 and roughing the passer on the next play added 16 more. Yet on 3rd and 1 from the Giants 31, Jackson got stopped. Chan Gailey decided not to go for it as Ryan Lindell connected from 49 to have the game tied 17-17 at the break.

The Bills punted and the Giants took over at their own 25. On 3rd and 5, Manning found Ballard to move the Giants from the quartermar to the halfstripe. Manning hit Ballard for 11 more and Manningham for 15 to the Buffalo 20. Manning hit Nicks for 11 and Manningham for 7 to set up 3rd and goal at the 1. Bradshaw took it in to have the Giants up 24-17 midway through the third quarter.

The defenses stiffened again but the Giants had a chance to make it a 2 score game with one minute left in the third quarter. After a touchdown catch was ruled out of bounds, Lawrence Tynes came in for a 50 yard field goal. The kick was blocked, and the Bills took over at their own 40. The 4th quarter began with the Bills facing 2nd and 20 at their own 30 after a sack. On 4th and 1 just shy of midfield Chan Gailey decided to go for it. Fitzpatrick gained 3. On 3rd and 4 from the Giants 30, Tom Coughlin had his weekly conniption when the Giants jumped offsides. Fitzpatrick would hit St Johnson for a 9 yard score to tie the game 24-24 with 9 minutes left in the game.

The Giants punted and the Bills took over at their own 26 with 7 minutes left. On 3rd and 2 Fitzpatrick hit Nelson for 7 and then for a 32 yard gain to the Giants 27. Needing only a field goal for the lead, Fitzpatrick went for all the marbles and was intercepted at the 4 yard line. A facemask on Buffalo moved the ball to the 19 with 4 minutes to play.

Bradshaw gained 11, and then ripped off a 30 yard gain to the Buffalo 37. Defensive pass interference on the next play tacked on 11 yards. On 3rd and 6 from the 22, another defensive pass interference meant 1st and goal at the 7. Bradshaw got to the one, but lost 4 yards on the next play. Manning fired incomplete, as Lawrence Tynes came in for a 23 yard field goal try to break the tie. He hit it as the Giants had the 3 point lead.

The Bills took over at their own 20 with 1:32 to play and one timeout. On 4th and 5, Fitzpatrick fired incomplete as the Giants held on for the win. Tom Coughlin was so pleased to see the Giants get to 4-2 that he almost smiled. Meanwhile the Bills have cooled off after their fast start to the season but at 4-2 are still in good shape. This was not a Super Bowl, but it was a good football game. 27-24 Giants

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals–Somehow the Bengals are a surprising 3-2, and the Colts are a stunning 0-5. Will the Colts finally win? Will Jim Caldwell finally make a facial expression? Will anyone care? No.

The Indy misery continued on their first drive as they fumbled in their own territory and the Bengals recovered at the Colts 44. Andy Dalton hit Gresham for 13, Caldwell for 14, and Green for the 11 yard touchdown on 3rd and 4 to have the Bengals up 7-0.

The second quarter began with the Colts at their own 34. On 3rd and 1 Carter gained 3. Curtis Painter found Pierre Garcon for gains of 11, 9, and 7. With Joseph Addai out, Donald Brown ran for 9 and then the final 18 to tie the game 7-7.

With 6 minutes left in the half Dalton led the Bengals from their own 26 on a time consuming drive to a 3rd and goal at the 2. Cedric Benson got stuffed, and Marvin Lewis settled for a field goal to have the Bengals up 10-7 at intermission. League rules required that the second half be played.

The Bengals took over after a punt in the third quarter at their own 48. On 2nd and 5 Dalton went deep to Simpson for 32 yards. On 3rd and 5 at the 10 Dalton threw incomplete, but defensive pass interference put the ball on the 4. Benson ran for 3 and then the last yard to have the Bengals up 17-7. Indy was immobile on offense as the Bengals took over at their own 19. Dalton hit Green for 22 and  Leonard for 13 on 3rd and 9. They settled for a 43 yard Mike Nugent field goal and a 20-7 lead.

From the Indy 20, Curtis Painter finally got the Colts going again with completions of 22 and 13 to Reggie Wayne and 11 to Garcon. Adam Vinatieri hit a 46 yard field goal on the first play of the fourth quarter to have the Colts down 20-10.

The Colts quickly got the ball back after a punt at their own 26. Painter hit Garson for 12 and Dallas Clark for 17. On 3rd and 1 from the Cincy 34, Painter gained 2. Painter went deep incomplete, but defensive pass interference put the ball on the one. On 3rd and goal Pinter hit Clark for the score as the Colts were only down 20-17 with a full 9 1/2 minutes left in regulation.

The Colts quickly got the ball back with 7 1/2 minutes to play at their own 40. On 3rd and 8 Painter hit Austin Collie for just enough at midfield. Painter hit Dallas Clark for another 16 and then the drive stopped cold. With 5 1/2 minutes left, Vinatieri came in for the tying field goal attempt from 52 yards out. The kick was blocked.

Dalton got the Bengals a first down, but the Bengals ended up punting. The Colts took over at their own 33 with 2:36 to play needing only a field goal to tie it. One play later the game was decided. Would Curtis Painter be the hero and lead to Peyton Manning being released? No. Painter passed 5 yards to Garcon, who fumbled the ball. Dunlap returned the fumble 35 yards for a touchdown the other way to seal it. The Bengals may be the luckiest and worst 4-2 team in the history of the NFL, but the wins count and Marvin Lewis will take them. Jim Caldwell would settle for one of them. 27-17 Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers–Mike Tomlin finally saw his Steelers gain some attitude and swagger last week, while Jack Del Rio could see his career with the Jaguars end very soon if the team does not turn around. Sending rookie Blaine Gabbert at the Pittsburgh Terrible Towels is almost unfair.

Pittsburgh took over after a punt at their own 13. On 3rd and 1 Redman gained 11. Ben Roethlisberger then hit Heath Miller for 13 more. On 3rd and 3 from the Jacksonville 45, Big Ben hit Emanuel Sanders for 32. Rashard Mendenhall ran it in from 8 yards out to have the Steelers up 7-0.

Pittsburgh would get the ball back at their own 28. Mendenhall ran for 12 and Roethlisberger found Hines Ward for 19 more as the first quarter ended. On 3rd and 4 from the Jaguars 35, Roethlisberger found Ward for 6 and Mike Wallace for the 28 yard touchdown to have the Steelers up 14-0.

In the second quarter the Steelers again took over at their own 28. Mendenhall immediately raced 68 yards to the Jacksonville 4 yard line. Yet the defense finally got a stop, as the Steelers settled for a 21 yard Shawn Suisham field goal and a 17-0 lead.

Gabbert finally led the Jaguars from their own 25 to a 3rd and 6 at the Pittsburgh 24. Yet Gabbert was sacked as the Jags settled for a 46 yard Josh Scobee field goal to trail 17-3 at halftime. League rules did not allow the cancellation of the second half.

The third quarter saw a Pittsburgh punt and Jacksonville take over at their own 20. They would punt on 4th and 21 from their own 20. Pittsburgh was in total control, but a boneheaded roughing the kicker penalty allowed Jacksonville to retain possession. 3 Maurice Jones-Drew carries got them just past midfield. On 4th and 3 from the Steelers 44, Jack Del Rio decided to go for it. Gabbert gained 5. On 3rd and 1 from the 30, Karim gained 14. Gabbert found Hill for an 18 yard touchdown as the staggering 17 play, 80 yard, 9 1/2 minute drive had Jacksonville only down 17-10.

A field position game saw a shanked 23 yard punt as the Jaguars took over at their own 48 with 7 minutes left. Gabbert hit Mercedes Lewis for 21 yards. On 4th and 6 from the Pittsburgh 27 with 4 1/2 minutes left, Jack Del Rio made the curious decision to kick the field goal. Scobee connected from 45. The Jaguars were down 4 and it was up to the defense to get another stop. The defense got the stop with a sack, and the Jaguars got the ball at their own 23 with one minute left.

A sack of Gabbert followed by a scramble set up 3rd and 10. Gabbert found Jones-Drew for 11 and Thomas for 18 as the Jaguars spiked the clock at the Pittsburgh 48 with 2 seconds left. The Hail Mary was high and deep, but it fell incomplete. Jacksonville was game, but is still a miserable 1-5. Mike Tomlin could not be pleased with the listless second half, but the Steelers are still 4-2 after the hideously ugly win. 17-13 Steelers.

A field position game saw a shanked 23 yard punt as the Jaguars took over at their own 48 with 7 minutes left. Gabbert hit Mercedes Lewis for 21 yards. On 4th and 6 from the Pittsburgh 27 with 4 1/2 minutes left, Jack Del Rio made the curious decision to kick the field goal. Scobee connected from 45. The Jaguars were down 4 and it was up to the defense to get another stop.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins–Mike Shanahan has turned around the Redskins, having them in first place at 3-1. He also has the chance to end the season for the preseason favorites Eagles as Walrus Lite Andy Reid struggles for answers.

After a punt the Redskins began at the Philly 44. Yet Rex Grossman was intercepted to end the threat. The Eagles soon faced 2nd and 12 at their own 16. A high snap went over Michael Vick’s head. He picked it up near the end zone and threw it away just before getting belted by two Redskins. Initially it appeared a penalty flag was for intentional grounding and a possible safety, but it turned out to be a defensive personal foul for a helmet to helmet hit. Vick then found Desean Jackson for 23 yards. On 4th and 2 from the Redskins 38, Andy Reid decided to go for it. Vick found Avant for 18. On 3rd and goal at the 7, Vick found Captain Morgan Brent Celek for the score to have the Eagles up 7-0.

The Eagles got the ball back at their own 28. Vick hit Jeremy Maclin for gains of 7 and 10. On 3rd and 2 at the Washington 47, Vick found Jackson for 12 and Avant for 6 more. McCoy ran for 21 and Lewis for 7 more to the one yard line. The second quarter began with the Eagles facing 3rd and goal at the 1, pass happy Andy Reid shocked the world by actually calling a run. McCoy took it in to have the Eagles up 14-0 and prevent the 4th down decision that would have failed and been second guessed.

The Eagles continued moving the ball at will, although the Redskins would stiffen inside the 10 yard line. Henery hit field goals of 28 and 24 yards to have the Eagles cruising 20-0. Near the end of the half Graham Gano finally got the Redskins on the board with a 50 yarder to have the Redskins down 20-3 at the half. Andy Reid saw his team blow a bigger lead to San Francisco, so at 1-4 they were not taking anything for granted.

A strong kickoff return had the Redskins at their own 40, and on the first play Grossman went deep to Jabar Gaffney for 45 yards. Yet the Redskins could do no more as they settled again for a Gano field goal from 26 yards out to trail 20-6. After a touchback, Vick quickly went for the dagger with a 59 yard bomb to a diving, juggling, Maclin. Yet on 3rd and 5 from the 16, Vick was intercepted.

The Eagles offense was again anemic in the second half, deciding that 30 minutes was enough for a full day’s work if by full one meant half. Yet Washington was worse, as Rex Grossman completed three passes to Kurt Coleman, who plays defense for the Eagles. Grossman was the reason Donovan McNabb was run out of town. After Grossman’s fourth intercepted, Mike Shanahan had seen enough and benched him.

John Beck came in and with 6 1/2 minutes left in regulation from the Washington 20, got the Redskins going. He hit Gaffney for 10 and Santana Moss for 15 to midfield. On 4th and 9 he found Dante Stallworth for 15 and then Austin for 32 more. Beck took it in himself from the 2 as the Redskins were within 7 with 2:44 to play.

At the 2 minute warning, everything came down to the Eagles facing 3rd and 1 at their own 40 as the Redskins were out of timeouts. Vick got the yard and then knelt 3 times to run out the clock. 1-5 ends a season but at 2-4 the Eagles still have life. They may not be the Dream Team backup Vince Young said they were, but the nightmare was averted today. Speaking of Young, he actually came in and threw one pass. It was complete, but to the Washington defense. 20-13 Eagles

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions–These teams have been laughingstocks for years, but nobody is laughing now. Jim Harbaugh has the 49ers at 4-1 while Jim Schwartz has the Lions at 5-0, their best record since 1956.

On the 49ers first play from scrimmage, Alex Smith was sacked and fumbled. The Lions took over at the Frisco 32, but the defense held at the 2 yard line and the Lions settled for a 25 yard field goal to lead 3-0.

The Lions got the ball back at their own 31. Matthew Stafford hit Brandon Pettigrew for 6 and Jahvid best ran 13 to midfield. Defensive pass interference had the ball on the Frisco 16, and on 3rd and 10 Stafford hit Pettigrew for the touchdown to have the Lions up 10-0.

The 49ers took over at their own 20. On 2nd and 5 Frank Gore ran for 14. On 3rd and 3 from the Frisco 46, Smith found Davis for 6. Gore then raced 47 yards down to the one, and took it the final yard on the first play of the second quarter to have the 49ers within 10-7. Midway through the second quarter the Lions took over at their own 11. Stafford made a key mistake when he was sacked in the end zone for a safety as the Lions lead shrank to 10-9.

With 5 minutes left in the half the Lions took over at their own 9 yard line. Stafford led them to 1st and 10 at the San Francisco 23 with 1:34 left in the half. Yet a chop block penalty killed the drive. Jason Hanson came in for a 52 yard field goal and it was no good. The 49ers took over at their own 42 with 55 seconds left. Alex Smith hit Ted Ginn for 18. David Akers tried a 55 yarder as the half ended. It was good, and the 49ers led 12-10.

After a punt, the Lions took over in the third quarter at their own 40. Stafford quickly hit Best for gains of 21 and 32, but 1st and goal at the 6 meant 3 straight incompletions and a 24 yard field goal as the Lions retook the lead 13-12. The 49ers took over and soon faced 2nd and 13 at their 17. Gore ripped off a 55 yard gain and a horse collar tackle added 15 more. Yet the 49ers got no more and Akers hit a 31 yarder as the 49ers led 15-13, with the earlier safety looming large.

With 2 minutes left in the third quarter the 49ers had 2nd and 11 at the Detroit 44. Alex Smith was intercepted by Spievey, who returned it 30 yards just past midfield. Morris gained 11 and Stafford hit Nate Burleson for 14 as the third quarter ended. On 3rd and 5 from the 17, Stafford hit Calvin Johnson for 9 and Burleson for the 5 yard touchdown. The 2 point conversion failed, but the Lions were back in front 19-15 one minute into the fourth quarter.

With 11 1/2 minutes left the 49ers faced 4th and 1 just shy of midfield. John Harbaugh decided to play field position and punt. With 8 minutes left the 49ers failed to convert on 3rd and 1 deep in their own territory as they punted again. With 5 1/2 minutes left Ted Ginn did it again, returning a punt 40 yards to the Detroit 35.

Hunter ran for a pair of 9 yard gains and Gore added 9 more. With 1:56 to play, everything came down to 4th and goal at the 6. Smith hit Walker for the touchdown as the 49ers led 22-19.

After a touchback, the 49ers clamped down again on defense as Stafford threw incomplete on 4th and 5. The game appeared over as the 49ers had it at the Detroit 25. Yet the Lions had all of their timeouts, and Jim Harbaugh played it very conservatively with 3 straight runs netting only 6 yards. Akers hit a 37 yard field goal with 1:19 to play, but the Lions still had life only down by 6 points.

Yet after another touchback, the Lions went nowhere. On 4th and 10 Stafford hit Johnson for 11, and as the gun sounded Johnson lateraled in desperation. It was fumbled and the 49ers had the win.

The Lions went 0-16 in 2008, and their fans had them going 16-0 this year. It did not happen although the loss dropping them to 5-1 does not change the fact that they are still for real. The 49ers came in as a question mark despite a 45 point win recently, yet now at 5-1 with this win it can be said they are absolutely for real. To add to the possible excitement of a rematch, Harbaugh began celebrating on the field like he had just won the Super Bowl. After the handshake, it was the coaches who got into it while the players had to separate them. Jim Schwartz was not happy with Harbaugh or the loss, and the bulletin board got some revenge material. 25-19 49ers

St. Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers–The Rams are winless and on the road against the unbeaten defending champions. This could be the upset of the year, but it will not be. This is not why they play the games.

Sam Bradford threw a short swing pass that went for 45 yards, but all it led to was a missed field goal. Green Bay began at their own 37. From their 48, Aaron Rodgers hit Jermaine Finley for 20 and Ryan Grant for 12. Mason Crosby connected from 32 yards out to have the Packers up 3-0.

The second quarter began with the Packers facing 4th and 1 at midfield. Mike McCarthy decided to go for it. Starks ran for 15 and Rodgers went deep to Jones on the next play for the 35 yard touchdown to have the Packers leading 10-0.

Despite the fact that Green Bay was wearing their hideous Acme Packers retro uniforms, it was the Rams looking like a Wile E Coyote Acme victim. From the Green Bay 7, Rodgers went deep to Jordy Nelson, who outraced the defenders for a 93 yard touchdown as the Acme Packers proved every bit as good as their Green Bay team from last week to lead 17-0.

The Packers got the ball back at their own 33 and this time took some time with the same result. From their own 48 Rodgers hit Grant for 15 and Jennings for 17. On 3rd and 8 from the 16, Rodgers ran for 9. Rodgers hit Donald Driver for the 7 yard score to have the Packers up 24-0 with less than 2 minutes in the half. Sam Bradford finally moved the Rams in position for a 36 yard field goal. It was good, as the Rams proved they were a juggernaut by getting within 24-3 at halftime.

The second half was lifeless, worthless, useless, and scoreless. The only people more bored than the Packers were the audience members. Mike McCarthy may criticize the coasting, but it was more than enough as the Rams under Steve Spagnuolo remain winless and the Packers got to 6-0 with the victory.  This is definitely not why they play the games. 24-3 Packers

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons–The Panthers are losing games but clearly headed in the right direction as Cam Newton is lighting up the field. The Falcons are inconsistent and struggling, and on the verge of going in either direction. As for Mike Smith, he remains an average non-descript Caucasian.

After a punt the Panthers faced 2nd and 13 at their own 9. Defensive pass interference tacked on 17 yards. On 3rd and 6 from the 30, Newton ran for 12. On 3rd and 9 from the Atlanta 40, Newton found Legadu Naanee for 14. The drive would stall but Olindo Mare connected from 42 to have the Panthers up 3-0.

The Falcons took over at their own 19. On 3rd and 2 Rodgers ran for 8. On 1st and 2 from the Atlanta 39, Matt Ryan hit Mughelli for 19. Carolina jumped offsides, and a 37 yard defensive pass interference penalty set up Michael Turner from one yard out to have the Falcons up 7-3 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter began with the Panthers at their own 19. Deangelo Williams ran for 12 and Newton hit Jeremy Shockey for 10 and then another 31. On 3rd and 13 from the Atlanta 31, Newton went to Naanee for 17. Stewart ran for 13 and then the last yard to have the Panthers back in front 10-7.

Atlanta took over at their own 20. On 3rd and 5 Ryan found Roddy White for 7. Turner ran for 33 yards, but unnecessary roughness on the offense took away 15 of it as the ball stood at midfield. On 3rd and 2 Ryan got just enough. Ryan then found Douglas for 23. Another defensive pass interference penalty hurt the Panthers, and on 3rd and goal at the 1 Ryan found Mughelli for the score as the Falcons retook the lead 14-10.

Newton took the Panthers on a ball control drive to start the third quarter as Carolina moved 80 yards in 13 plays over 8 1/2 minutes. On 3rd and 4 from the 26 Newton hit Steve Smith for 9. On 3rd and 3 at the Carolina 42, Newton ran for 4. 3rd and 1 at the Atlanta 45 saw Stewart run for 11. Newton then hit Shockey for 15 to the Atlanta 19. On 3rd and 5 from the 14, Newton scrambled for the score as the Panthers retook the lead 17-14 in this topsy-turvy game.

A field position game had the Falcons starting just past midfield late in the third quarter. Turner ran for 14 and 24 to the 8 yard line. On 3rd and goal from the 2, Ryan was sacked as a 24 yard field goal less than one minute into the fourth quarter tied the game 17-17.

Carolina quickly went 3 and out and the Falcons took over at their own 40. On 3rd and 6 Ryan hit Tony Gonzalez for 11. On 3rd and 12 from the Carolina 47, Ryan hit Douglas for a 34 yard gain. Turner ran for 11 and one more, and Ryan took it the final yard to put the Falcons up 24-17 with 7 minutes left to play.

The game was decided when Newton was intercepted one minute later and the Falcons took over at the Carolina 39. Turner then ran for 7, 6, 10, and 2 as the Panthers used their timeouts. Turner would carry it in from 4 yards out with just over 2 minutes left to ice the game. Carolina fell to 1-5 while the Falcons got to 3-3 with the win. 31-17 Falcons

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens–With Mario Williams out for the year with a torn pectoral muscle, Matt Schaub and the offense will have to shoulder the load. They face off against a Baltimore as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and company remain as tough as ever.

After a punt, the Ravens began at their own 3 yard line. On 2nd and 6 Joe Flacco hit Anquon Boldin and Troy Smith for a pair of 14 yard gains. On 2nd and 9 Flacco hit Ray Rice for 15 and Boldin for 13 more. O 3rd and 8 from the Houston 32, Flacco hit Boldin for 10 and Rice for 9. Flacco would eventually take it in from one yard out to complete the staggering 16 play, 9 minute, 97 yard drive to lead 7-0.

The Texans took over after a punt in the second quarter at the Baltimore 46. The Texans soon faced 4th and 1 at the Ravens 20. Gary Kubiak decided to go for it, and Arriun Foster ran into a Baltimore brick wall as the Texans turned it over on downs. The Ravens have always been about defense, and all they ask the offense is to not give up points. Well on 3rd and 7 from the 24, the offense did just that. Flacco was sacked, fumbled, and saw the Texans start at the Baltimore 17. From the 6, Tate ran it to the one, coughed it up, and saw teammate Smith recover it in the end zone for an offensive touchdown just like they drew it up in the sandlot.

With the game tied 7-7 with 5 minutes left in the half, the Ravens took over at their own 31. On 3rd and 3 Flacco hit Pitta for 6 and Boldin for 14 to the Houston 42. Flaco hit Rice for 18 more, but the drive stalled. Billy Cundiff hit a 43 yard field goal just past the 2 minute warning to have the Ravens up 10-7. Flacco would throw an interception on a deep ball but the Hail Mary by Matt Schaub was incomplete as the Ravens led 10-7 at halftime.

The Ravens took over in the third quarter at their own 23 and Ray Rice ran for 18. Flacco then hit Rice for 11 and Boldin for 12. The drive stalled, but Cundiff hit from 48 yards out to have the Ravens up 13-7.

After a touchback, Matt Schaub hit Walter for 20 and Foster for 16. On 3rd and 3 from the Baltimore 37, Schaub hit Jones for 5 and then went deep to Jones for the 32 yard touchdown to have the Texans up 14-13.

Baltimore took over and soon faced 3rd and 12 at their own 17. Flacco hit Smith for 19 and then went deep to Smith for a 51 yard gain. On 3rd and 2 at the 5, Rice was stopped for a 2 yard loss. Cundiff connected from 25 as the Ravens retook the lead 16-14 late in the third quarter.

The Ravens got the ball back at their own 34 and Flacco went deep to Boldin for a 56 yard gain. The Texans again held on defense as a 33 yard Cundiff field goal had the Ravens up 19-14 only seconds into the fourth quarter.

After a touchback Schaub moved the Texans from their own 20 to a 4th and 9 at the Baltimore 38. With 11 minutes remaining, Gary Kubiak decided to punt. An exchange of punts had the Ravens at their own 34 with 6 1/2 minutes left. Flacco hit Boldin for 11 and Dickson for 13. Rice gained 7 and then 27, and Williams ran it in from 4 yard out to have the Ravens up 26-14 with 4 minutes left.

Houston would then turn it over on downs, leading to a 5th Cundiff field goal to complete the scoring. Consecutive losses have the Texans at 3-3 while the Ravens are a very solid 5-1 for John Harbaugh. 29-14 Ravens

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders–For more on the game of the day, go to

Emotions will run high as the Silver and Black play their first home game since the death of Owner Al Davis. They won a heartstopper last week as tears flowed the moment the game ended. Hue Jackson has kept the team focused, as they face off against a Browns team that is still learning and growing.

Tributes to Mr. Davis were memorable as John Madden played a role lighting a torch before the game and fans wore shirts that simply said “Al.” Yet Al Davis was about winning football games, and 3 straight home games against inferior teams would tell how far the Raiders had come.

Things got started well for the Raiders as the Browns went 3 and out and Oakland took over at their own 12. Darren McFadden ran for 24 yards right out of the gate. On 3rd and 1 Michael Bush gained 2. Then on 3rd and 1 from the Cleveland 44 Tonga gained 12. On 3rd and 6 from the Cleveland 28 Jason Campbell hit Jacoby Ford for 7. On 3rd and 2 from the 13 Campbell hit Ausberry for 4. McFadden ran for 5 and then the final 4 as a flawless 15 play, 8 minute, 88 yard drive had the Raiders up 7-0.

The Raiders got the ball back at their own 14 and Campbell moved them easily againm setting up 2nd and 13 at the Oakland 38. With the Raiders in total control, Campbell scrambled up the middle for 9 yards, but the ball popped out after he hit the ground. Despite the fact that it was a give up dive, it was not a slide. Campbell was not touched, so it was a fumble. The Browns began the second quarter at their own 43

Colt McCoy hit Moore for 11, and on 3rd and 11 from the Oakland 47, McCoy threw incomplete. Yet defensive offsides by Tommy Kelly gave the Browns new life. On 3rd and 6 McCoy hit Josh Cribbs for 23. MCoy hit Little for 15 yards down to the one, where  Al Smith took it in to tie the game 7-7. Yet 14 seconds later the Raiders were back in the lead as Jacoby Ford took the kickoff, got to the sideline and somehow stayed inbounds, and raced 101 for a score. Al Davis was smiling up above as his prize speedster had the Raiders leading 14-7.

The Raiders got the ball back at their own 19, and soon faced 3rd and 8 at their own 27. Campbell scrambled and appeared to be just short of the first down. Yet the entire Raider Nation watched in horror as Campbell stayed down. He was down for several minutes, and finally came up clutching his stomach. He was definitely out for the game, as the entire Raider family prayed it was only that.

Kyle Boller came into the game. Boller is one of the luckiest man alive, being married to Carrie Prejean. Yet he is not as mobile as Campbell, and his entry meant the playbook was going to be severely curtailed by Hue Jackson. With the Raiders facing 4th and 1 at their own 34, obviously Shane Lechler would be brought into punt.

Except that Hue Jackson may be clinically insane. He has a backup quarterback who has not snapped the ball in a regular season game all season, and has him go for it in his own territory. At first it looked like the Raiders were trying to draw the Browns offsides, but Boller snapped it and gained a tough 2 yards. Yet after all of that Jackson did play it vanilla, even running on 3rd and 15. On 4th and 5 at the Oakland 41 at the 2 minute warning Jackson punted for real this time.

Cleveland went 3 and out and the Raiders had good field position at their own 39 with one minute left in the half. Defensive offsides made it 1st and 5, but the Raiders still came up 1 yard short and on 4th and 1 at their own 48 with 42 seconds left in the half, Jackson again opted to punt.

In the second half it was obvious Jackson wanted Boller merely to manage the game, relying on running and defense to win it. Running out 30 minutes of clock up by 7 is not easy, but from the Oakland 19 McFadden started with gains of 11 and 5. Boller would throw very safe short passes, and a 7 yarder to Heyward Bey meant a first down. On 3rd and 4 from the Oakland 48, Boller scrambled for 5. Yet on the next play Boller fumbled for a 5 yard loss, and a penalty meant 2nd and 25. A pair of dink and dunk passes netted 9 yards apiece but on 4th and 7 at the Cleveland 44, Jackson decided to punt rather than have Sebastian Janikowski kick a 61 yarder.

Cleveland had no offense and the Raiders got the ball back at their own 35 with 6 minutes left in the third quarter. On 3rd and 7 a short pass to Ford went for 27 yards. After a deep ball was incomplete, Jackson went back to the ground game. On 4th and 5 from the 30, Seabass came in and did his job from 48 as the Raiders led 17-7 with 3 minutes left in the third quarter.

Cleveland took over and instantly McCoy fumbled the ball away after getting hit. The Raiders had gift field position at the Cleveland 25. Yet the Raiders went backward. A run lost 2 yards and Boller was sacked, causing another fumble that Boller fell on. On 4th and 20 from the Cleveland 35, Seabass was brought in for a 53 yard field goal to pad the lead. Yet Hue Jackson i a gambler who has a big bag of tricks, and he called a fake field goal. Punter Shane Lechler holds on field goals, and after having trouble with the snap, he ended up throwing a perfect pass to a wide open Kevin Boss. Boss ran all the way just past the pileon. The Raiders led 24-7 after three quarters.

One of the big themes with the Raiders is their inability to “finish” games. They had a big lead at home against a weak and dispirited team. Yet the Raiders are a young, growing team that is still learning how to handle prosperity. Last week they won in heroic fashion but only after failing to put the game away numerous times. Once again, an easy win would not be had.

After an exchange of punts, the Browns Joshua Cribbs returned his 31 yards to the Oakland 42. On 3rd and 3, McCoy hit Little for 6. Yet the defense held and after 3 incompletions Phil Dawson was brought in for a 47 yarder. He made it, but the Raiders still led 24-10 with 12 1/2 minutes left.

Jacoby Ford continued his big day by returning the ensuing kickoff to the Oakland 35. On 2nd and 7 Boller threw short to Heyward-Bey, who took it for a 16 yard gain to the Cleveland 46. A holding penalty meant 1st and 20, but another short pass to Heyward-Bey went for 14 yards. 4 straight carries by Michael Bush went for 5, 3, 4, and 1 to set up 3rd and 5 at the Cleveland 29. The Raiders used their second timeout as 6 minutes remained in the game. Boller again threw very short to Heyward-Bey, who for the third time turned it into a good gain of 15 yards to the Cleveland 14. McFadden gained 5 and 3, but on 3rd and 2 from the 6, McFadden came up one yard short.

This is where Jackson gambled once too often, and more importantly, needlessly. Jackson has clearly revitalized the Raiders, and made so many good decisions, and some brave ones. The fake punt last week and the fake field goal this week were fantastic calls. Yet the 4th and 1 gamble with Boller earlier in the game was barely more sane than the ones that got Bill Bellichick and Barry Switzer lambasted in years past. It worked, but sometimes gambling is not the right move in terms of risk reward.

The Raiders now faced 4th and 1 at the Cleveland 5 with 5 minutes left in the game. The only sane call was a field goal. If Seabass makes a 23 yarder the Raiders are up by 17 points. A 3 score lead means the game is over. Yet Jackson wanted to make a statement, and Bush was stopped for no gain. The Browns were 95 yards away, but we all knew what was going to happen next.

On 2nd and 7 McCoy hit Watson for 12. On 3rd and 3 from the 27, McCoy found Watson again for 18. A sack meant 2nd and 12 as the Browns took their first timeout with 2 1/2 minutes left. MCoy hit Massaquoi to set up 3rd and 2 at the Oakland 47. McCoy hit Little for 10 at the 2 minute warning. McCoy then hit Hardesty for 12 more. From the 25, a McCoy pass ricocheted and was intercepted by Tyvon Branch. The game appeared over but on further review the ball just barely hit the ground.  McCoy then hit Little for 13. On 3rd and 10 from the 12, McCoy hit Massquoi for the touchdown. 14 plays and 95 yards had the Browns within 7 points with 1:06 to play.

Again, an earlier field goal puts the game away. Instead the Browns were an onsides kick from having a chance to tie it. The onsides kick was perfect, and the Browns recovered at the Oakland 49. Replay showed that the Browns touched it just before it went 10 yards, but the refs ruled it a clean recovery. Jackson’s earlier mistake gave the Browns their chance, and with a hobbled offense, overtime was not a promising prospect. The defense were the heroes last week, and they had to be heroes again.

On first down McCoy hit Cribbs for 7. On 2nd and 3  and 3rd and 3 McCoy fired incomplete. The Silver and Black needed one more stop. On 4th and 3, with 33 seconds left, McCoy fired incomplete and the Raiders finally had the win.

Hue Jackson is a rookie head coach and a very good one. The Raiders are 4-2, and absolutely in the right direction. He has gotten plenty right and hopefully will next time put a game away when it is at his disposal to do so. The game never should have been this close, but then again all Al Davis cared about was winning. The Raiders did Just Win Baby, but now the emotion of losing the owner is compounded with an injured starting quarterback. Campbell has a broken clavicle, and could be lost for the season. The offense is not the same without Campbell, as the Raiders needed a fake field goal pass by the punter and a field goal when starting at the opposing 25 to limp to the finish. The Raider Nation should show cautious optimism and concern. 24-17 Raiders

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots–Which Tony Romo will show up is not the issue. Tony Romo does not play defense, and we know which Tom Brady will show up. This could be an aerial assault, as both teams are vulnerable at stopping much.

Dallas began and soon faced 3rd and 3 at their own 43. Romo was intercepted, giving the Patriots the ball at the Dallas 47. Ridley gained 16, and on 3rd and 5 from the Dallas 25, Tom Brady found Wes Welker for 13. On 3rd and 6 from the 8, Brady was sacked. Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 31 yarder to have the Patriots up 3-0.

After an exchange of punts, the Patriots took over at their own 10. This time it was Brady who was intercepted, as Terrence Newman gave the Cowboys the ball at the Patriots 24. The Dallas offense lost 7 yards but Dan Bailey hit the 48 yard field goal to tie the game 3-3. New England fumbled the ensuing kickoff, giving the Cowboys the ball at the Patriots 32. From the 21, Tashard Choice fumbled it right back to the Patriots.

On 3rd and 9 Brady found Deion Branch for a 33 yard gain to the Dallas 45. Brady went back to Branch for 12 more. From the 8 yard line, offensive holding killed the drive. Gostkowski hit from 26 to have the Patriots up 6-3 early in the second quarter.

After a punt, the Patriots got the ball back at their own 31 and Brady found Rob Gronkowski for 20. Roughing the passer on the next play moved the ball to the Dallas 33. On 2nd and 15 Brady hit Hernandez for 16 and 9. From the 5, Brady hit Welker for the score as the Patriots led 13-3 midway through the second quarter.

Dallas took over at their own 7. Romo hit Felix Jones for 7 and Murray gained 8. Romo then hit Dez Bryant, who raced for a 33 yard gain to the Patriots 45. Dallas went to the ground game as Murray gained 8 and 3 and Choice picked up 5. Romo connected with Bryant again for 16 to the Patriots 13. Romo found Jason Witten from one yard out with 39 seconds left in the half to get the Cowboys within 13-10.

The first half of this expected aerial show was mostly defense. The second half was virtually all defense. After a Patriots punt, the Cowboys took over at their own 19. On 3rd and 4 Romo found Witten for 19 yards and Miles Austin for 20 more. The drive stalled but Bailey hit from 22 to tie the game 13-13. Brady calmly led the Patriots from their own 17 to the Dallas 21. Yet the next pass to Hernandez gained for yards before being fumbled away.

In the fourth quarter it was deja vu all over again as Brady led the Patriots from their own 25 to the Dallas 33. Brady was then intercepted by Lee as the Cowboys were at their own 32. On 2nd and 13 Romo scrambled for 17 and found Robinson for 24 and Ogletree for 10. Yet on 3rd and goal at the 5, a pass to Choice lost 3 yards. Bailey kicked a 26 yard field goal as the Cowboys led 16-13 with 5 minutes left.

New England took over at their own 22 and quickly went 3 and out. Dallas got the ball back at their own 28 with 3 1/2 minutes left but could not gain a first down. New England got the ball back with 2 1/2 minutes left at their own 20 and one timeout.

Brady found Hernandez for 16, Gronkowski for 11, and Walker for 5 and 10 more at the 2 minute warning. Brady hit Woodhead for 9, and on 3rd and 1 Brady gained 2. Brady found Woodhead for 13 and Welker for 6 as the Patriots took their final timeout facing 2nd and 4 at the 8 with 27 seconds to play. Brady then fired to Hernandez for the touchdown, as if the entire football world did not see that coming.

Brady went 80 yards and Romo needed to go 80 as well, but he had only 22 seconds. He hit Robinson for 11 and Witten for 20 as Dallas called timeout with 7 seconds left just past midfield. Romo heaved the Hail Mary, but it was out of bounds. Dallas had another crushing loss, but those wanting to blame Romo should remember that he led his team to the lead and the defense gave it up. Evil Hoodie Bill Bellichick saw New England get to 5-1 while Dallas fell to 3-3 with the loss. 20-16 Patriots

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers–The Saints are as good as ever while the Buccaneers are trying to prove that last year was not a fluke. Drew Brees is lighting it up while Josh Freeman has struggled.

Pierre Thomas fumbled early on and the Buccaneers recovered at the Saints 33. They went nowhere and Connor Barth kicked a 48 yard field goal to have the Buccaneers up 3-0. The Saints took over at their own 21. On 2nd and 7 Darren Sproles ran for 16. On 3rd and 4 from the Saints 46, Brees hit Graham for 16 and then went deep to Marques Colston for the 38 yard touchdown as the Saints led 7-3.

The game totally changed in the second quarter. The Buccaneers took over at their own 20. From the 35, Freeman went deep to Benn for a 65 yard touchdown as Tampa Bay led 10-7. This was not Buc Ball.

Tampa Bay got the ball back at their own 10. On 2nd and 4, Graham broke free for a 34 yard gain to midfield. On 1st and 20 from the Saints 47, Freeman found Graham for 19. The drive stalled after a penalty, but Barth hit from 42 to have the Buccaneers up 13-7.

New Orleans soon faced 3rd and 8 at their own 22, and Brees was intercepted. The Bucs took over at the Saints 25. On 3rd and 4 Freeman found Parker for the touchdown as the Buccaneers led 20-7. This was absolutely not Buc Ball. Brees was then intercepted again, but the Buccaneers did not convert.

With 55 seconds left in the half the Saints got the ball back at their own 2 yard line. Obviously they would run and go to he locker rooms. Not with Sean Payton and a pinball machine at his disposal. Brees hit Graham for 9 and then again deep for 43 yards. With 15 seconds left in the half, Brees went deep to Colston for 31 yards. From the 16 with 6 seconds left Payton took no chances and brought out Jon Kasay for the field goal. From 33 it was good as the Saints trailed 20-10 at halftime.

In the third quarter Freeman led the Bucs from their own 23 to a 4th and 5 at the Saints 37. Raheem Morris brought in Barth for a 55 yard field goal but it was no good. The Saints took over at their own 45. On 2nd and 8 Brees hit Graham for 18. On 3rd and 1 from the 26, Mark Ingram gained 5. Brees scrambled for 11. The drive stalled at the 6 but Kasay hit from 24 to get the Saints within 20-13.

The Buccaneers began at their own 19 and Freeman hit Williams for 28 with 15 more tacked on for unnecessary roughness. Yet the Bucs got little more and Barth hit from 42 to have the Buccaneers up 23-13 after three quarters.

The Saints would storm right back from their own 18. Brees hit Graham for 13 and Sproles for 6. On 3rd and 4, defensive pass interference kept the Saints moving. On 3rd and 9 from the Saints 48, Brees went deep to Moore for 40 and Ingram took it the final 12 as the Saints were within 23-20 with a full 13 minutes left.

An exchange of punts had the Buccaneers taking over at their own 40. Graham gained 13 and Brees hit Williams for 11 and Kellen Winslow for 15. The drive stopped, but Barth connected from 38 as the Buccaneers led by 6 midway through the fourth.

The Saints took over at their own 24 and soon faced 3rd and 12. Brees found Robert Meachem for 23, Colston for 6, and Devry Henderson for 12. From the 31, Brees found Graham for 19. The game came down to 4th and 2 at the 4 with 3 1/2 minutes left. Sean Payton decided to go for it rather than kick and play defense. Brees was intercepted for a touchback.

The Saints needed a stop, and they had a chance with the Bucs facing 3rd and 9 at their own 21 with 2 1/2 minutes left. Freeman hit Briscoe for 17. Payton challenged the catch, and the catch was upheld, costing the Saints a crucial timeout. From midfield with 1:51 left and Tampa with 2nd and 3, Graham ran for 7 to put the final dagger in as the Saints never got the ball back.

Freeman finished 23 of 41 for 303 yards and 2 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. Brees was 29 for 45 for 383 yards and a touchdown, but also with 3 killer interceptions. Both teams are now 4-2 tied atop the division. After getting blasted by 45, the Buccaneers showed a ton of character in rebounding against a very solid Saints team. 26-20 Buccaneers

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears is the Sunday night game. The Vikings finally got their first win last week while the Bears are not much better. This is the battle for the NFC North cellar, a sad place to be so early in the season.

Minnesota went 3 and out and the Bears took over at their own 32. On 2nd and 7 Jay Cutler hit Williams for 17 and on the next play went deep to Devon Hester. Hester outran and outjumped double coverage to make a spectacular 48 yard touchdown reception to quickly have the Bears up 7-0.

After an exchange of punts the Vikings took over at their own 5. Donovan McNabb has been skewered in the media and had a miserable season, as the calls to bench him and bring in rookie Christian Ponder grow deafening. From the 7, McNabb was sacked in the end zone for a safety as the Bears led 9-0. For those saying nothing in life is free, the Bears then received the free kick. However, it was actually fairly costly to the Vikings as the Bears took over at their own 44.

Matt Forte gained 11 and Cutler hit Williams for 17. From the 28, Forte raced for 21 with a horse collar tackle adding 4 more yards to the 3. Marion Barber took it in to have the Bears cruising 16-0 in the first quarter.

From the 20, McNabb hit Rudolph for 18 yards. Then for some reason McNabb was taken out for backup Joe Webb, who started a couple games when Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson were both injured. Yet after 2 plays McNabb came back in as the Vikings faced 3rd and 6 at their own 42. McNabb hit Percy Harvin for 11. Minnesota faced 3rd and 3 at the 40 as the second quarter began. McNabb hit Harvin for 14, but on 4th and 2 at the 18 Leslie Frazier decided to kick the field goal. Ryan Longwell hit from 37 as the Vikings trailed 16-3.

Chicago punted and Minnesota punted it back. Yet a shank of only 17 yards killed the Vikings as the Bears took over at the Minnesota 33. On 3rd and 13 Cutler again went to Devon Hester, this time for a 23 yard gain. On the next play Cutler found Sanzenbacher for the 13 yard touchdown as the Bears led 23-3.

With 6 1/2 minutes left in the half, Minnesota began at their own 17 and McNabb quickly hit Bernard Berrian for 30 yards. Minnesota moved to a 3rd and 4 at the Chicago 16. Webb was brought back in and he took the wildcat snap, but the Bears were not fooled. Webb gained only a yard. After a false start in trying to draw the Bears offsides, Longwell came in for the 38 yarder. He missed it and the misery of the Vikings extended to every possible phase of the game.

The Bears took over at their own 28 with 1:55 left in the half. Cutler quickly found Knox at midfield. Cutler then found Forte for gains of 9 and 3 surrounding a 6 yard toss to Hester. Robbie Gould would make a 51 yard field goal as the Bears led 26-3 at the half. The only reason to play the second half was to watch Devon Hester, and he provided enough entertainment value to make up for what was an awful game that would not get better.

The Bears began the third quarter and soon faced a 3rd and 7 at the Minnesota 47. Cutler was sacked and fumbled, and the Vikings had a break when they recovered at the Chicago 44. A pair of 8 yard Peterson runs and an 18 yard McNabb toss to Harvin was followed by a 6 yard pass to Vicente Shiancoe and a 4 yard touchdown run by Peterson. The Vikings were within 26-10 and with a couple breaks could make it a game.

There would be no breaks, unless one counts the commercial before the kickoff. Yes, they decided to kick to Devon Hester. Yes he is the greatest special teams return man of all time, unless one factors in after touchdown dancing, giving the award to Billy White Shoes Johnson. Deion Sanders calls Hester his baby, and Hester returned the kick 98 yards for his 17th return touchdown. Just like that the Bears led 33-10.

Minnesota would punt on 4th and 23 from their own 10, and again it went to Hester. Hester returned it 26 yards to the Minnesota 38. On 3rd and 9 Cutler hit Davis for 24, leading to a 26 yard Gould field goal and a 36-10 Bears lead.

Minnesota again went backward and punted on 4th and 18 from their own 19. The Vikings avoided Hester, but only because another shank meant a 24 yard punt and another short field for Chicago at the Minnesota 43. On 3rd and 5, Cutler hit Forte for 10 and Hester for 9, with roughing the passer moving th ball to the 9. Cutler found Hester for 5 more and the Bears faced 3rd and goal at the 3 as the third quarter ended.

Last year the Bears walloped Minnesota in a night game on a neutral field. First the Metrodome roof caved in and then the Vikings did on the field in Detroit. Brett Favre’s final start was a 40-14 Bears thrashing. Less than one year later, while this may not be Donovan McNabb’s final start, another Robbie Gould field goal seconds into the fourth had the Bears up 39-10.

McNabb may not be done forever or even in Minnesota, but he was not finishing the game. Leslie Frazier pulled him, and the Christian Ponder era began. He handed the ball off, and on 2nd and 7 he scrambled for 8 yards. On the next play he scrambled for 9 more, although holding nullified it. On 1st and 20 his first pass was complete for no gain. At least it went to Peterson, sine Favre’s first pass was completed to himself. On 1st and 20 Ponder completed a pass to Harvin, who caught it a couple yards short and spun around to get the exact amount. Ponder then went back to Harvin for 15 more. On 3rd and 10 from the 35 Ponder hit Jenkins for 14. On 4th and 10 Ponder hit Shiancoe, but he was tackled one yard short as the Vikings turned it over on downs.

Minnesota dropped to a 1-5 debacle while the Bears clawed back to 3-3 for Lovie Smith. The Bears have a long flight ahead of them as they travel to London for the annual Wembley Stadium game, which this year they are playing against Tampa Bay. 39-10 Bears

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets is the Monday night game. The jest have lost 3 straight but are at home against the winless and hapless Dolphins. Tony Sparano is not the hot seat while Rex Ryan needs his team to get their attitude back.

A field position game had the Dolphins starting at the Jets 47 a few minutes in. Matt Moore hit Thomas for 12 and Brandon Marshall for 20. The drive would stall at the 5 yard line but a 23 yard Duane Carpenter field goal had the Dolphins up 3-0. The Jet then fumbled the ensuing kickoff, giving the Dolphins the ball at the Jets 18. Miami had all of the momentum, but on 3rd and 7 from the 15 Moore decided to test Revis Island. It was a fatal mistake as Darrell Revis intercepted Moore at the goal line and went coast to coast for the 100 yard touchdown to have the Jets up 7-3.

In the second quarter Moore did hit Marshall for 46 yards and Hilliard for 15 more. Yet 2nd and goal at the one meant a run for a 2 yard loss as another field goal had the Dolphins within 7-6 in a game that was uglier than even this description of it.

With 7 minutes left in the half the Jets took over at their own 19. On 3rd and 9 Mark Sanchez hit Dustin Keller for 14. Sanchez went back to Keller for 27 more, and on 3rd and 4 from the 5, Sanchez took it in himself. The 11 play, 5 1/2 minute, 81 yard drive had the Jets up 14-6. There was no reason to play the second half, although unfortunately it was played. Well, the players took the field anyway.

The Jets took the second half kickoff and Sanchez marched them in 13 plays from their own 11 to the Miami 10. 81 yards and 7 minutes meant a 28 yard Nick Folk field goal as the Jets led 17-6. Miami did not get to be winless by accident. Lifeless offense helped them.

Early in the fourth quarter the Jets would take over at midfield. Ladanian Tomlinson gained 12, and on 3rd and 10 from the 38, Sanchez went deep to Santonio Holmes to complete the scoring. The game was that boring, and the Jets broke their losing streak to get to 3-3 by winning at home over a winless team. Rex Ryan was relieved while Tony Sparano can’t seem to get anything going right for his team. 24-6 Jets


All Hail Cherie Lombard!

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Before getting to football, today is a day to celebrate Cherie Lombard.

One minute Jenn O’Neal was minding her own business as a college student. The next minute she was caught up in a whirlwind of social networking excitement as she became my 1000th Facebook friend.
Like everybody else who cheers at the mere mentions of artificial useless metrics of social acceptance, she was so excited by the news that she could barely contain herself.

(I was not in the room, so maybe she just shrugged.)

Anyway, it is one thing to be Miss 1000. Yet to be Miss 2000 has to be three times as nice, or at least twice as nice if one managed to avoid public school.

The competition was fierce, as a pair of South Carolina women raced to be the chosen one. I spoke at a Labor Day picnic in Charleston. They both heard me, or at least pretended to so they could win the coveted award.

It is with a deep sense of sadness that I have to inform Paige Duffy Lewis that she was 33 seconds to late. She was number 2001. We can argue over when the millennium actually was, but people went with 2000 and not 2001. Historical accuracy is not as vital as symmetrical round numbers, even for those without ADD or OCD.

So while I would love to tell you all about Paige Duffy Lewis, ethics prevents this from happening. Of course, you could read her Facebook page.

Ms. Cherie Lombard is Facebook friend number 2000. I expect all of you out there to give her the emotional equivalent of a ticker tape parade.!/profile.php?id=1496582878

In honor of her, I am coming back to Charleston, South Carolina, again today to present her with the award.

Actually I was flying there anyway for speaking engagements, but my original proclamation sounds so much more lofty.

Ms. Lombard is married, and while she and her husband share a Facebook status, only the person who contacted me was eligible. Think of it as the McDonalds Monopoly game without the burgers, fries, game pieces or prizes.

As for Ms. Lombard, I would tell you all about her but her Facebook page says it all. Some will say that is a fancy way of saying I am uninformed, but the truth is you should check out her Facebook page since this whole contest is from that site.

So all Hail Cherie Lombard! She is number one in our hearts, but more importantly number 2000 in my official tally.


Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants (3)

(Giants cover)

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals (7)

(Colts win outright)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers (13)

(Steelers win but fail to cover)

Philadelphia Eagles (3) @ Washington Redskins

(Eagles cover)

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions (4 1/2)

(Lions win but fail to cover)

St. Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers (15)

(Packers win but fail to cover)

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons (4)

(Falcons win but fail to cover)

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens (8)

(Ravens win but fail to cover)

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders (7)

(Raiders win but fail to cover)

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots (7)

(Patriots win but fail to cover)

New Orleans Saints (5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Saints win but fail to cover)

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (3) is the Sunday night game.

(Vikings win outright)

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets (7) is the Monday night game.

(Jets cover)


From Herman Cain and 9-9-9 to Barack Obama and 7-7-7

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Herman Cain has Barack Obama panicked and seeking economic advice from Morris Day and the Time.


Shocker! Iranian terrorists plot terror!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Water is wet. The Sun rises in the East. Iranian terrorists blow stuff up.


Officer Christopher Kenny–A Bad NY Cop

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

On April 13th, 2011, I was pulled over by Officer Chris Kenny of Precinct 109 in New York City in Queens County. While no physical violence was involved by either party, Officer Kenny’s behavior was an absolute abuse of power that far exceeds what police officer conduct should be.

I was driving from Manhattan to Laguardia Airport (LGA). I had to drop my rental car off at LGA and then have a friend drive me to Kennedy Airport (JFK) (Avis would have charged me $1,600 to bring the car straight to JFK since I rented it at LGA). Despite a GPS tracker, I was totally lost. While at a red light, I called my friend on my cellphone to get directions, and then placed the phone next to me on speaker phone. I like to drive with two hands on the wheel.

The next thing I know, Officer Kenny is pulling me over. I had no idea that it was illegal to be on a cellphone in NY. I drive all across America, and in many states it is legal. I explained to Officer Kenny that I was an out of towner living in California, and that while I knew it was illegal in CA, I thought it was legal in NY. Given that the phone was on speaker and not even in my hands, I did not see what the problem would be regardless. Officer Kenny actually stopped me on the road and blocked off an entire lane of traffic. Once my car came to a stop, I picked up the phone to explain to my friend what was happening.

I explained to Officer Kenny that I did not want to miss my flight, and that I was lost in a city I have never lived in. He then went to write me a ticket. Had this been the entire situation, I would have been frustrated, but I am a law and order guy who is pro-police in general.

He sat in his car for about 15 to 20 minutes just laughing and smiling. I had no idea why. If he was trying to “teach me a lesson,” the only lesson I was learning was that might makes right. I have never experienced this from a police officer before.

I pleaded with him that I was going to miss my flight. He said, “You yelling at me is not going to make me go faster.” I was not yelling at him. I was begging him to help me on my way. When he finally came back to the car, he started asking me questions about where I was going. This seemed another delaying tactic.

At this point I was exasperated, and I said to him, “Officer, you don’t have to do this.” It was the only thing I said to him, and again this was said politely.

He responded by saying, “Yes I can and yes I will. You know what, I can run your license too. I didn’t run your license. Now I am going to. Too bad about your flight. You can wait.”

If this is not bullying, I fail to see what is. He again sat in his car, still laughing and smiling as I realized time was getting short. Another 15 or so minutes went by as I began having a mild panic attack. This consisted of shortness of breath and nothing more.

He came back again and then things really escalated on his end in a manner that I am still stunned by.

He pointed out that I currently lived on Long Island. I again stated that I lived in California. I told Officer Kenny that I lived on Long Island as a kid over 20 years ago. Since 1990 I have lived in California. I could not figure out why my childhood home had anything to do with verifying my driver’s license. My wheels growing up consisted of a bicycle that was not even 10 speed.

I again reiterated that I was completely lost and I needed to know how to get to LGA, which is why I even picked up a phone to begin with. He told me to just follow the signs. I asked him for directions and he made it crystal clear that his job was not to provide directions. If I was too dumb to follow the signs that was my problem.

I again explained that this was an honest mistake and that I really was lost and needed help. He said, “I believe you. I believe you. That’s not the issue.”

He then looked at me and said, “I have all day. I can argue with you and make you miss your flight. Come on. Say another word. Go ahead. Say another word.”

If this is what “New York’s finest” means, I see room for improvement.

While this was going on, several drivers were going well over the speed limit. Yet this officer was more concerned with me, who has never been in trouble with the law.

This is not about a questionable ticket. I can fight that in court. This is about an officer deliberately dragging out the process knowing that I was an out of towner lost on unfamiliar streets who really needed some help. He could have written the ticket and still helped me with directions.

To argue with me about my boyhood home and insist I still lived there made no sense. As to how he obtained that information, I am sure some civil rights attorneys can deal with that. It seems like an overreach.

If New York City is that desperate for a few dollars from a questionable traffic ticket, they will lose my frequent tourism money. There are plenty of other states willing to accept it.

To fly from Los Angeles to NY just to fight this ticket would cost more than the ticket itself. It would be cheaper to pay it.

Precinct 109 the poster child for abuse and corruption if Officer Kenny is your standard. He owes me an apology.

Lastly, I want a full explanation as to what procedures are used to obtain information having nothing to do with a driver’s license.

This experience was humiliating. I have always respected law enforcement and am shocked that a man with a badge would treat somebody in my situation without basic human dignity. Officer Kenny’s behavior was intimidating, menacing, and unbecoming of a man with his shield. I hope he is a statistical aberration and not representative of NYPD in general or even the rest of Precinct 109.