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My February Hate Mail

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Yes kids, it is that time of the month again. Time for me to open up my hate mail and see what venom liberals and Paulbots have to offer in the name of tolerance and civil discourse.

[email protected]

could you please shut the fuck up?  thanks.

Analysis: I could, but that would make it more difficult to rebut gutless cowards who hide behind fake screen names and act like tough guys. This guy would not be so brave if he had to use his real identity. He would also not be so brave if I were a Radical Islamist rather than one fighting against the Jihadists. He would learn politeness in a heartbeat.

Trevor Fallis (email not available) ·

It’s negative ideologue’s like you whom damage America. In addition, it’s mouthy douches like you whom deserve a good beating!

So I am the one damaging America even though he is the one who seems to think I resemble a feminine hygiene product. His desire to inflict violence on me fits in perfectly with his “tolerance” often found in leftists and Ron Paul supporters. Anti-war protesters sure do love violence.

[email protected]

yhu is a hoe eric u do not now wat yhu r doin…olololol..lolool

Analysis: This person definitely went to public school. I am not sure why he thinks I am a garden instrument, but at least he did not call me something resembling a slut.

[email protected]

"Murderous Islamic theocracies in Iran and Syria have been virtually ignored."

Do you know ANYTHING about the government of Syria? Calling it a "murderous Islamic theocracy" is _really_ ignorant.

Analysis: Well let’s see. Syria is a theocracy. The leader of that theocracy does murder his citizens. This commenter must work for the United Nations, since nobody outside that world body could be so obtuse.

[email protected]

Hi Eric,

Just wanted to take some time to write you, and say YOU SUCK.

Thank you for your time, have a horrible day.
– George

Analysis: This commenter has an obsession with genitalia. This is commonly found among Internet cowards using fake screen names. Real men like me use their real names because on a cold winter morning I can use mine to pole vault myself over the top of the highest bar in my bathroom and into the shower, sticking the landing for a perfect ten. Commenters who can do that would not waste time on sending such pathetic emails to my inbox.

[email protected]

I do not know much about american polictics. What you wrote about the state of the union 2012 address of President Obama gives me the impression that either you are writting to please an anti Obama audience or you are giving are attempthing a negative spin to his accomplishments.

I have read other pieces from independent voices. Your writting is vitriolic.

I would like to thing I am an independent thinker. You do not sound too independent.

Best regards!


Analysis: I am going to cut this guy some slack because he admits he does not know much about the subject he is commenting on. That tells me immediately he is a leftist. He may be French, which he should apologize for immediately.

I will tell him what I tell everybody who accuses me of being biased. I am an opinion columnist and a satirist. It says that at the bottom of every column. I am not a reporter or a journalist, nor do I claim to be. I have every right to be biased the same way commenters have a right to be biased. When commenters claim of bias, what they really mean is they disagree with me. Those parroting what they already believe are somehow neutral and fair.

Again, this guy deserves a break. He is European, and his continent is failing so badly that ugly Americans like me will have to bail his escargot loving hide yet again.

Where does one learn …
[email protected]
Where does one learn to write with such a lack of intelligence? Clearly you have to try to be that stupid. You could not possibly be that stupid naturally. I have not come across a piece of writing so unintelligent in quite some time, although you do get points for your unwavering bias, even when confronted with no logical reason to back it up. How can you argue that children should be schooled until they are 18 years of age. If you're trying to use yourself as an example (its quite possible you did not finish even a rudimentary level of education) you've succeeded only in proving the opposite.

Analysis: I went to public school. Of course I don’t know anything. I never said children should be schooled until age 18. I said the exact opposite. Let’s convert all the public schools into prisons since the criminals are already there. Let’s fire every teacher and allow them to reinterview for their jobs once private corporations have taken over. As for the rest of this person’s ramblings, I get paid for what I do. They would if they could. They can’t, so they lash out at those who can.

[email protected]

There is a reason why you are able to write such nonsense. Social journalism from independent voices means your agency is that of a tiny grain of sand in a desert.  Would you consider running for president?  Would you be able to accomplish the things President Obama has accomplished and more?  How do you suppose you would do this if your answer is yes to this question? Any morally sound person would know that what he said made complete sense… was it plain and simple?  Yes it was.  Was it realistic?  Yes.  Is it how America is supposed to be?  Yes.  Is this how America lives?  No.

Analysis: Of course I could never accomplish what her lord and savior Barack Obama has accomplished. I would not even begin to know how to rack up five trillion dollars in debt in only three years. Eliot Spitzer could not even rack up those bills in call girls. Charlie Sheen could not rack up that much debt in cocaine. Elton John could not rack up that much debt shopping. I am simply not qualified to bankrupt America.

[email protected]

Censoring your own article? Haha… You're so embarrassed of your own ideas you're not open to debate them? You are a sad, sad man. I think you already know that though.

Analysis: I am sad that people like Dan exist. To quote Bill Murray in “Quick Change,” the problem with this guy is that I can’t shoot him. “He is furbering. I would need some kind of permit or something.”

[email protected]

You truly are pathetic. Removing all comments that don't support your article? You do realize a good journalist would NEVER do that right? How insecure are you? You will always be a terrible writer – I hope that you remember that.

I delete bigotry, profanity, personal insults, and comments that are off-topic. Tom was unable to follow the rules, and like a typical crybaby, threw a temper tantrum. Again, I recommend he right the same comments to a Jihadist website and see how well that ends up. I apologize to my fellow normal Americans for being way too tolerant with such miscreants.

Pete Newstrom
[email protected]


With all due respect (yes, all of it that is due to you), you are a moron. Your entire article hinges on your false claims of who won what, and you missed the broad side of a barn. Rick Santorum didn't win anything on Tuesday. Go study the caucus process before you go on another anti-Ron Paul rant on a major news outlet. Also, your attempts to label all Ron Paul supporters with a collective description undermine your apparent indignant response to anti-Semitic behavior. Ron Paul understands and preaches that racism and bigotry are the antithesis of his message of individual liberty, which values an individual on his own regardless of background or affiliations, and they are also the ultimate form of collectivism, which seeks to group people together and erase their value as individuals. You shouldn't disparage people who know more than you, are smarter than you, and love their country more than you. Propagating the idiocracy is truly despicable. For shame.

Pete Newstrom
Mentor, Ohio

Analysis: A Ron Paul supporter telling me I hate my country and am unpatriotic…now that is as shocking as water being wet. Pete is angry that I point out that too many Ron Paul supporters are crazed unhinged lunatics. He responds by acting like…you guessed it…a crazed unhinged lunatic. I would offer him a hug, but he would probably claim I was trying to break his backbone in a plot involving the Fed, the Zionists, and the Neocons.

[email protected]

Nice article you ignorant narrowminded swine! I take shits that have higher IQ's than you – What kind of sad excuse of a human spreads malicious lies about a campaign of honesty, integrity and true values? You are an absolutely disgusting joke. One of the few cases where your god-ugly mug reflects your disgusting character. Which Ron Paul supporters thought it was a "zionist conspiracy" you uninformed propagandist pig? How did Ron Paul supporters cheat anything? I dont pity narrowminded ignorant sheep like you.. you will rot in hell like the ugly piece of trash you are. Much love.

The commenter is right, except he has his verb wrong. It is not that I will rot in hell. I am already there. What else does one consider a place infested with Paulbots? This guy is an accurate reflection of the Ron Paul movement. This guy does not need a political movement. He needs a thesaurus.

Say it with me now everybody.

These are leftists and Ron Paul supporters. This is how they behave.


The right way to honor Whitney Houston

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

The tragic death of singer Whitney Houston at age 48 left one question.

Will Hollywood celebrities stop doing drugs?


Media Matters, the Daily Caller, and me

Friday, February 17th, 2012

It was one thing for Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller to go after David Brock and Media Matters. To drag me into it is totally unacceptable. If Mr. Carlson is looking for a fight, he’s got one.

The Daily Caller has just begun running an investigative series on Media Matters. A very close look at the initial column contains a thinly veiled attack on me.


Mr. Obama, just release your schedule

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

President Obama,

Trying to reason with you does not work, as people of all political stripes long ago learned.

So I am politely asking you to release your daily schedule online in an easy to follow format, like you promised to do with legislation.

I had to drive yesterday from Los Angeles to Phoenix just to get away from you and avoid the hassles that your visits bring. You stayed a block from my home, and that traffic congestion was not needed.

Today I am driving from Phoenix to Tucson. All I ask of you sir…be somewhere else.

Life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness is best achieved when you and your motorcade are wreaking havoc elsewhere.

Thank you.


The enemies of Barack Obama

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The president with the smile is seething with anger. Heaven help those in his way. Barack Obama has an enemies list, and conservatives everywhere should watch out for his rage.


Eliminate Valentine’s Day, Iran, and Hollywood Celebrities

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is like a cross between Hollywood celebrities at the Grammys and the Mullahs in Iran.


CPAC and Maine–Romney wins, Paulbots whine

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Mitt Romney won at CPAC and Maine while Paulbots kept whining.


RIP Whitney Houston–Predictable but still tragic.

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Troubled pop star Whitney Houston has died at age 48. Her untimely death was predictable, but still tragic.


6 months until NFL 2012

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

It is now six months until the NFL 2012 season kicks off.

Each offseason gets tougher. One minute a thrilling Super Bowl is being decided on the final play.

One week later flipping the remote control to various television stations yields not an ounce of pigskin play.

There is the NFL Network, but that is a salve and not an elixir.

There will not be NFL football tomorrow.

Sure, I could go out and  “do things.”

I don’t do things. I work. When I am not working, my hobby is watching football.

I hate the beach. Sitting outside and lounging is pointless. Lounging does not require going outside.

In a couple weeks minicamp starts, and late April is the Draft. Yet those are not actual games.

I suppose there is a big world out there, but I see much of it for work.

There is always politics. CPAC is going on, but I am not there. The Maine Caucus is happening, which I am sure thrills perhaps a few thousand people in Maine.

I guess I will hang out with friends because that is what people do.

Maybe I will just work today.

This would be easier if baseball was not so incredibly d@mn boring.

(Let it go Kevin. Save it for March.)

This concludes Week 1 of the NFL offseason.

Six months until kickoff.


Mr. Obama, please don’t ruin my trip to Hawaii

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Dear President Obama,

In a couple of weeks I will flying from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

When I am in Hawaii, please do not come.