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3/11/12–The TYGRRRR EXPRESS Turns 5!

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

3/11/12–The Tygrrrr Express Turns 5!

Today The Tygrrrr Express blog turns 5.

Last year was a terrible anniversary headlined by the Earthquake that rocked Japan and the ensuing Tsunami that had me wondering if Los Angeles would still exist.

So this anniversary is quiet and uneventful, which is a good thing. Boring is fantastic, since no news is good news. Well, it is bad for bloggers but good for society at large.

I began blogging on March 11, 2007. I chose 3/11 because it was the 3 year anniversary of the Madrid Bombing and the exact midpoint from 9/11.

As Spinal Tap says, “The more it stays the same, the less it changes.”

The big story on this day seems to be Daylight Savings Time. Arizona and Hawaii still refuse to go with the trends, insisting on never changing their clocks. These nations should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting gimmicky methods of getting us off of foreign oil. What do they expect us to do, blow up Iran?

Well yeah, that would be nice actually.

In politics, Ricks Santorum won the Kansas Caucus while Mitt Romney won in Wyoming and some other territories including Guam. In a couple days Alabama, Mississippi, and anti-daylights savings rebels Hawaii have their say.

Also, for those who thought the Iraq War was a long, hard slog, try reading Donald Rumsfeld’s autobiography “Known and Unknown.” It’s a good book, but at over 700 pages one could bomb Iran and free the people from Armageddonijad and the mullahs before finishing this book.

The major world events are Iran and Syria, but most liberals still fail to grasp this. The TYGRRRR EXPRESS was created to educate and remind the masses that regime change in nations run by third world genocidal lunatics is the right course of action to take.

Those unwilling or unable to grasp the importance of Iran and Syria continue to focus on nonsense. Nonsense includes Sandra Fluke and her desire to be a government parasite. Nonsense also includes the Democratic 2012 strategy for propping up a failed Barack Obama. In case of emergency, break glass and dust off attacks on private citizen Sarah Palin. Now there is a movie dedicated to destroying her, although she is not even on the ballot.

In the coming years I look forward to receiving more fan mail and more hate mail.

Until then, the TYGRRRR EXPRESS continues to be a beacon of truth and justice in support of Neoconservative foreign policy prescriptions and supply side economic tax cuts on the domestic front.

Also, the pursuit of Republican Jewish brunettes for romantic purposes will continue.

To that really hot girl I met at a party last night, I shall quote the song “Discovery Channel” by the group “Bad Touch.”

“You make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time.”

Ok, so that is not entirely true. I woke up quite late today.

This concludes the fifth anniversary celebration of the TYGRRRR EXPRESS.

Now back to rolling up sleeves. There is much work to do.


March hate mail

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Tomorrow the TYGRRRR EXPRESS turns 5 years old. So there is no way to roll into an anniversary like another batch of hate mail. Parental advisory, explicit lyrics. My critics are dreadful human beings with zero linguistics skills from a tact standpoint.

March hate mail

David Neitzel

“Are you a pussy?”

Analysis: No, but I am a Tiger, spelled Tygrrrr. So I am part of the feline family, hence the confusion.

todd bytsura

“Why do you write like a fourth grader?”

Analysis: Because you have the attention span of a second grader. Once you reach third grade you would understand that I have repeatedly said I went to public school. Of course I don’t know anything.


“Feigned outrage is entertaining.Were you a " journ O lister"?"4”

Analysis: A Journolister? Me? Really? For the uninitiated, Journolisters were liberal journalists engaged in a corrupt conspiracy. Now if a fellow wants to call me corrupt, fine. Don’t dare call me a liberal. That is a disgusting slur. Also, for people who read my work to call me that, would be quite stupid.


“Sir i got only one thing to say……whao you are so wrong in some may ways…i cannot begin to tell you ..Sorry for your misconceptions of everything that is decent.America is part of the world,not all of it.Maybe
some day you will learn this and welcome other people that are diffeerent then you…GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY THRU LIFE


Analysis: America is better than any other country. We invented the internet that you type on. Those who complain can kiss my American rumpus.


“Apparently you are one of the brightest conserves around in your country's (politics?)… May tomatoes and pickled cucumbers fret…!!!

As a true communist, I applaud your right to say what you think, not that I give a shit, but one thing I think Hitler did try to do right was to kill all the jews in the world. Then he killed himself half way through.

Well, he probably came to the terms with the fact that he was one, but couldn't he had waited a little longer? We would not have the wars we have had since the WWII, we would not have had to endure the wrath of vengeance the jews from the usa threw onto the world for their own mistakes, we wouldn't have had to see so many lives lost to date.

Since you display a lot of pointless and clueless anger in your "brightest conserve" manner, would you care to continue his work?

There's plenty left to do. Three shitty religions (jewish, christian and muslim) all invented by your bedouin ancestors, templars, illuminati, capitalism, communism, all that shit polluting the world; it would ALL go away with the jews.

I repeat, being a true communist I am all for demoracy and freedom. No racism of any sort.

But, if we have cancer, what do we do? Sit in self-induced defeatism and wait for death?

Or we cut it out?

But cutting the cancer out is a nasty business best left to those trained in nasty business.

Jews are best trained in nasty business, hence…

Please free the world. Remove yourselves from it. You are suffocating it with your delusions.


(I was being sarcastic about communism. Did you get that…?)

(I doubt… there are no intelligent jews/arabs/bedouins – them being all one and the same shit)”

Analysis: I bet even some leftists may be embarrassed by this person. Not all of them mind you, but a few.

Bill Nash

“Eric – are you trying to replace rush limbaugh as the moron of the week?  I guess there is good money to be made trafficing in your kind of drivel.

Bill Nash”

Analysis: Your imbecilic comment and the other commenters put money in my pocket. So thank you for allowing me to use you. You have now outlived your usefulness and can go now. I doubt you contribute anything else to society so your work is done here.

gus avedo

“Eric Who? Eric, Who are you and from u8nder what rock did you crawl? The Kennedy's milking the assassination of J.F.K. really? What kind of person are you? You are part of the problem. I work. I vote. I teacjh. I am a parent. I go to church. I taught at a Catholic school. I pay my taxes. I have been working since 1965. I have various college degrees. I have a masters degree from U.S.C., the same school from which John Wayne and Nixon's wife graduated. My family has contributed huindreds of thousands of dollars to conservative republican causes and candidates. I am a democrat. I am an American citizen and I understand that your unworthy commentaries on Ms. Fluke and Rush Limbaugh's arrogant ignorance are protected by the First Amendment. I also have the right to use the First Amendment to let you know you are an idiot and you are lucky to be printing such insensitive attacks on a woman who was testifying in front of politicians for a redress of grievances. How big was the damned rock from under which you slithered?”

Analysis: Actually you are as constitutionally clueless as constitutional Clouseau Barack Obama. The First Amendment says the government cannot restrict speech (although actually it can). I am not the government. You are a guest when you comment on my site. So I can restrict every d@mn word and going forward I will. You can scream about censorship, but only gutless cowards go online and hurl insults under anonymous screen names. I use my real name, so you are the one hiding under a rock. Enjoy being a coward, but you will not be doing it on my site.

Bob Gillespie

“Wow are you an idiot.”

Analysis: Bob, you can do better than that. Actually, you probably can’t. After all, most lazy slobs can’t. An erudite man would have done so.


“I am against Nuclear any where in any country….bout I want to ask you a question: Why didn't you mention fact instead hate and wrong messages?

Iran has never attack any country. Last time I know Iran was attacked by  Iraq with the help of America and most of the world.

Iran didn't Attack Iraq, Gaza, lebanon, or any other country…Israel and the USA did.  Israel claims defending itself at the same time it has been killing denfensless people in Gaza and palestine… come on be just and don't justify killings and war …. the Israelies took palestinean lands just as American took Indian lands … It is not justifiable…Your words are harsh and if you have faith in God you will be asked for your motives on judgment day, but i am sure your mind so limited you dont even think about that day.. and I don't believe God like us to kill one anoher… talk about the message of love and peace instead of hate… think about that…”

Analysis: The most violent people on Earth are peace activists. Occupy Wall Street and the savages in Wisconsin are perfect examples. Only that type of person could claim we should spread more peace and love and stop the hate while spreading Palesimian blood libel against the Jews.

Say it with me everybody…

These are liberals…and Palesimians…and Ron Paul supporters…

This is how they behave.


Hawaii Call Girls and the truth about Barack Obama

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Another day, another Obama scandal.

Just days before the Hawaii Caucus, the scandal cloud surrounding President Obama and his early years in Hawaii has only grown.


Dear Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke should pay for my (redacted)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

In five years, this may be the most offensive column I have ever written. It may be one of the most offensive columns ever written by anybody. Kick your children out of the room now, and if you get offended easily, come back tomorrow.

Here is the censored version.

Now for the uncensored version.

Now on to the business of pleasure and the pleasure of business.

I would like to apologize to Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke. Yes, I apologize to both of them.

I apologize to Ms. Fluke for all the things I have said about her. While all of them were and remain true, I could have kept those thoughts to myself.

Yet my apology to Rush Limbaugh is because I have now switched sides. I now realize that Rush Limbaugh was wrong and Sandra Fluke was right.

For those living either under a rock or in Vermont (same thing), Sandra Fluke is a thirty-year-old left-wing activist posing as an ordinary woman. Like a typical liberal, she wants free stuff. In this case that free stuff is contraception. She wants to have sex, and she wants taxpayers to pick up the tab.

This has absolutely nothing to do with women’s health issues. There is no war on women. This is about Sandra Fluke, Georgetown law student that she is, wanting to have recreational sex.

This has nothing to do with religion. While some religious people oppose contraception on principle, I am not one of them. Liberals should use contraception. Anything preventing more liberals from being created is fine by me.

This has nothing to do with gender. For the feminists who ranted and raved about men having their Viagra or other E.D. treatments subsidized, even feminists are right from time to time. If men want to play, they should pay for it themselves.

This is about economics.

Do what you want with your life. Just don’t interfere with my right to live my life.

That is why I opposed Sandra Fluke.

I was wrong.

When I thought about the situation in a state of deep contemplation (translation: navel gazing), it became apparent that there is a serious health issue at stake. The government must intervene.

Like most people, it took being personally affected to appreciate what others were going through. Having now walked in their moccasins, it is high time that the government cover my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health needs.

This revelation came to me when a hypothetical individual who looked and acted like me was taking a walk down a street in Hawaii. The city was Honolulu. The town was Waikiki. The street was Kuhio Avenue. I remember this hypothetical memory so vividly that it was almost lifelike, as if it had actually happened. Since it could have happened, it should be treated as real despite possibly being fictional.

A nubile twenty-year-old approached the fictional person resembling me and asked if I “wanted to have a good time.” For a certain donation, “anything I want” was the offering.

Like a typical forty-year-old man, I thought back to the 1930s joke by Henny Youngman when he faced the same “business proposition.” He handed the woman the money and said, “Here. Now wash my car and paint my house.”

It was decided that this woman was probably not skilled or “equipped” enough to handle such tasks, and my living area was not in Hawaii.

Very few things give me a good time, and she was not willing to cook me a steak or give me tickets to a football game. This led to thorough confusion of what the imaginary me was being offered from a  transactional standpoint.

We both pondered this riddle for awhile, at which point an idea sprung. Imaginary me was a very stressed-out business executive. She was trained as a masseuse. Perhaps she could provide me with physical therapy for therapeutic purposes.

My imaginary self called my CPA. After questioning why I was calling him at 5:00am (3:00am Hawaii time), he angrily refused to let massage be written off as a business expense.

Therefore, the solution is that the government pay for this because it is a stress reliever and therefore a physical and mental health issue.

Obviously the government should pay for this form of birth control although it is a mystery to me how something as innocent as a massage by a nubile twenty-year-old could possibly be connected to sex (let it go). She said it was possible, and this was accepted at face and body value.

Yet beyond the massage itself, so many extra expenses are involved with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

The government should also pay the dry-cleaning bill. What if fictional me leaves his jeans on and they get stained? That could lead to discomfort and ridicule if others notice.

The government should also provide laundry credits for cleaning my unmentionables or foot the cost of buying new ones if no laundry facility is nearby.

The government should provide tissues and other sundries so that my resemblance can clean himself up afterward.

Other expenses are vital to such relaxing experiences.

Candles are essential, whether they just stay on the table or are used in any wax rituals.

For those opposed to wax rituals, you are culturally insensitive and insulting the deeply held religious and spiritual beliefs of others. You should take sensitivity classes.

The government should cover the cost of the candles.

Music is vital. The government should cover Barry White and Marvin Gaye cds. Sexual healing is important.

Laws exist that currently prevent this medically necessary relaxation session from taking place outside in public areas. Therefore, lodging is required to insure privacy.

The government should provide the cost of subsidizing the housing so that the masseuse does not pass on those costs to the consumer.

Good mental and physical health are so important and America must subsidize these things. Otherwise we will have a frustrated populace, leading to higher crime and violence.

Studies have shown that a frustrated populace is a violent one. Most men go only a few days without physical therapy from hot women before wanting to kill people.

Call girls save lives. More importantly, they spread happiness. Think of how many people in this world never smile. It’s obvious why. Nobody will offer therapy to them and they cannot afford to pay to play.

So in the spirit of compassion, it is time that the government sponsor programs to help foster better health through repeated stress release.

Since this works better in warm weather climates, the government should also take care of the airplane tickets as well.

(Like people go to the Bahamas for any other reason. They have golf in Florida.)

Mr. Limbaugh, I can no longer sit idly by in my uncomfortably unclean jeans while you go on a moralizing tirade against a woman who is simply trying to become happy.

Mr. Limbaugh, apologizing to Ms. Fluke is insufficient. You need to apologize to me and all men who are forced to pay for their own gallivanting on our own dime.

How dare you spread a message of personal responsibility! You intolerant religious zealot!

I may one day forgive you, because that is the type of guy I am.

Ms. Fluke, I apologize to you for not realizing that you were just trying to create a better world where we could all be deliriously, delightfully, and deliciously hedonistic for the sake of hedonism itself. If you were any more Roman you would wear a Toga and chant about Caesar.

That reminds me. Spring Break in South Beach, Miami, is in three weeks. My Toga should be back from the dry cleaners. I had them use extra stain guard. It was expensive, but who cares? The government will pay for it with Rush Limbaugh’s money.

As for the twenty-year-old Latina (I believe in diversity and multi-culturalism and now apologize for calling it garbage. This was one wise Latina woman.) masseuse who catered to the fellow who was a dead ringer for me, she is an American hero. We were in such good moods afterward that we went shopping, which provided even more stimulation to a local economy that has yet to overheat.

We even paid for the merchandise ourselves since the government check had yet to arrive


Super Tuesday Epilogue

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012


For political junkies, the Super Bowl of politics arrived. Super Tuesday brought results in ten states with 419 delegates up for grabs.


AIPAC–Bibi remains the adult

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

At AIPAC, Bibi Netanyahu showed why he is the adult in a world full of children.


Shut the Fluke up Sandra

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Sandra Fluke should send Rush Limbaugh a thank you note.

Like most feminist womyn, enough is enough. Shut the Fluke up.


Washington State Brevity Sunday

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

I speak today to the Hawaii chapter of the Dennis Prager Book Club. Then I finally fly home from Honolulu to Los Angeles tonight on the redeye. No more Kuhio Avenue for awhile, since that causes a different kind of redeye.

So here are the results from the Washington State GOP Caucus.

Mitt Romney won. Everybody else lost. That’s it.

On to Super Tuesday.

This concludes Washington State Brevity Sunday.


Andrew Breitbart–The best and worst

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

With the tragic untimely passing of Andrew Breitbart, conservatives showed rhetorical flourish while some liberals could not control the venom. So here is the best (conservatives) and the worst (liberals) in terms of tributes to Andrew Breitbart. I said prayers for his family in Synagogue on Friday night. I am far from the best, but picking out the worst liberal carpet-bomber would take a level of skill that only Breitbart possessed.

Vox 09:02 PM
Mar 1, 2012
P!ss on breitbart, his lies and his legacy. His hate, fear mongering and fabrications are what people will remember.

anlyztht 08:27 PM
Mar 1, 2012
They say the good die young. But not in this case. Dead in the gutter. Appropriate.

Mistahkleen 07:22 PM
Mar 1, 2012
if you can’t say something nice…

Patryck Cod’e 06:18 PM
Mar 1, 2012
His last “big idea” was without a doubt his best. He did the world a service and dropped dead

Mar 1, 2012
Ah the taste of my Beer tastes real good as this POS Breitbart is dead RIH Breitbart and I hope Ms Sherod gets all of the money that she gets in her lawsuit.

jamesbrummel 04:49 PM
Mar 1, 2012
spoken like a true blind person .decent people don’t throw bombs honest people don’t broadcast haveli edited videos in order to ruin careers . courageous people don’t pick on minorities and the poor . . Breitbart did not engage in politics . he was not a journalist he was gossip and a liar . in my experience people behave the way they.behave. what you see is what you get . maybe 1 day he would have woken up and apologize, but he didn’t . Using the logic of the right, I guess god was angry at him

stevejbons 04:47 PM
Mar 1, 2012
Love him or hate him its important to remember that as a commentator on the U.S. political scene, this was a fundamentally dishonest person primarily interested in manipulating his supporters with half-truths, misinformation and deliberate lies. These are not honorable qualities.

cybervigilante 04:42 PM
Mar 1, 2012
Now, if we could only get rid of a few more Hateradio liars, like Rush and Hannity, this country could get moving again. They praise Jesus but hate the poor. They want to balance the budget but trillion dollar wars based on lies are okay. And oh, they have sudden economic conservatism, but forgot Bush and Reagan for Their massive deficits, or Clinton for a surplus. They make it impossible for our democracy to work – but if you hate democracy you hate us, because we are democracy. They want banks, insurers, and corporations to rule Congress. There is something soooo awful and so destructive to democracy when someone posing as a newsman uses comedy, vitriol, deceptive editing, and lies to deceive the public. They have not only wrecked our nation – they have caused death and impoverishment, so good riddance. Hey, fatboy Rush – jump in after him, wontcha? Be sure to bring your oxycodone so you can share. Right now, Rush is calling some nice woman who testified about birth control to Congress, a *** and worse. These vile haters deserve all the bad words we can lay on them when they finally go to where liars go. I don’t feel hate – I just think it’s a good time to recall the awful truth about their rotten lies, their incitement, their hate, and their harm. Pardon me for not being PC about it. Or superstitious about speaking ill of the dead – who spoke ill of the living their entire careers. Phooey. How many poor families did he throw into poverty by helping to wreck ACORN? He and his ilk just Hate anyone who helps the poor. Breitbart puts the lie to the canard that only the good die young. He lied in his teeth to hurt people, and also insulted the dead if they were liberals, so this phony outpouring of sympathy by PC rags is bunk. I’m a solid middle-class worker and Breitbart can go to hell where liars belong. Bums like this hate the poor, hate those who have lost their jobs and homes. They only want the one percent to prosper, while the middle class goes jobless, homeless and hungry. Three good things about Andrew Breitbart: He’s Dead! He’s Dead! He’s Dead!

Judge the venom for yourselves ladies and gents. These are liberals. This is how they behave.

If Breitbart were still alive he would rip these miscreants good.

Farewell Andrew.


RIP Andrew Breitbart–Gone but never forgotten

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

At age 43, Andrew Breitbart collapsed outside his home and died. He is gone but will never be forgotten.