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My Interview With Mike Gallagher

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of meeting radio host Mike Gallagher.

No, Mike Gallagher is not the comedian who smashes watermelons with the “Sledgomatic.” That is Leo Gallagher.

Mike Gallagher is one of the top conservative radio hosts in America. He was also married to a liberal for over 20 years. When people wonder how the Chicago Cannonball and I make it work, I just let them know that people do not have to love each others’ politics. They just should love each other.

Denise Gallagher passed away in 2008 after a tragic battle with cancer. Mike Gallagher has lost the love of his life, but he soldiers on because that is all he can do. He knows that his wife is in Heaven, and still taking on conservatives.

With that, I present my interview with Mike Gallagher.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

MG: “National Security. The theme for this convention is ‘Country First.’ If you watched the Democratic Convention in Denver, they put country last.”

2) What issues are most important to you personally?

MG: “The sanctity of life, the War on Terror, and energy challenges that we face. We need to bring strong conservative values to DC. Sarah Palin will seal the deal in that respect.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

MG: “Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan.”

4) Given that the GOP has John McCain, Fred Thompson, and Rudy Giuliani, and the Democrats offer Barack Obama and John Edwards, are the Democrats bigoted against the follically challenged? Can we finally crack the glass ceiling in the modern era and elect a bald President?

MG: “We most certainly can, we most certainly should, and we most certainly will. Republicans are more inclusive that way.”

5) What message should be communicated to all of America?

MG: “We have freedom of religion. The USA is a beacon to the world. We respect the rights of the follically challenged.”

6) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Mike Gallagher the person?

MG: “I played a small role in helping shape the discourse. I am a member of the ‘Happy to be here club.’

Also, I deeply thank the many well wishers that have offered kind words regarding my wife.”

Mike Gallagher is a model of friendliness and dignity. Elton John has sang that “The Show Must Go On.”

I cannot imagine how he is able to laugh and smile ona  daily basis, or how he feels when the microphone is turned off and the lights are dim.

If there is one thing we can and must learn from Mike Gallagher is that we can fiercely disagree with people, and love them even more fiercely.

Life is too short for acrimony.

May God bless Mike Gallagher, and look after Mrs. Gallagher always.


My Interview With Tony Blankley

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Blankley.

Tony Blankley was the former Press Secretary for House Speaker Newt Gingrich back in 1994. The republican revolution that began under Ronald Reagan had just won a decisive mandate to rein in the democrats.

While 2008 was every bit as tough a year for the GOP as 1992, the hope among republicans is that 2010 will replicate 1994.

With that, I bring my interview of Tony Blankley.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

TB: “Obamanomics. It will be disastrous. It will drive businesses offshore. We must lower corporate tax rates to remain competitive in a global marketplace. Obama has a complete misperception of the international scene.”

2) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

TB: “I will offer more than three. My political heroes are Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Newt Gingrich.”

3) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Tony Blankley the person?

TB: “I won’t be remembered at all. I am English. We do not even remember our kings.”

4) What should be the legacy of your former boss Newt Gingrich?

TB: “Newt Gingrich took back the Congress after 40 years of rule by the other side. He was the second tranche of the Reagan revolution.”

Not only was Tony Blankley gracious with his time, but he is also very funny. He had a very tough job as the spokeperson for a controversial figure that was constantly under the microscope. Mr. Blankley did his job well, as the Contract With America did get passed by the House in the first 100 days of that session.

Whether one agreed with the legislation or not, the republicans made promises and kept them. Tony Blankley constantly reminded the media that elected leaders actually did what they said they would do.

Boldness among politicians is in short supply in 2008, and those eloquent enough to adequately explain the message are even rarer.

Tony Blankley did his job with class, grace, and efficiency. It was a joy to let him know this.

One of the things that is killing the GOP is an inability to get the message out. It is not that the policies are wrong. We are right, the liberals are dead wrong, and yet the left is simply better at marketing. No matter how good the product is, without marketing, sales will die.

The GOP will get Congress and the White House back once the other side again proves that their abilities end with winning elctions. Republicans can actually govern. Yet to get over this electoral blip and continue the rightward drift of America, we have to do more than govern. We need to get the message out to the people past a hostile media.

We have the politicians and the foot soldiers. Now we need the best spokespeople.

We need more people like Tony Blankley.


Dear Detroit: Drop Dead

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Bob Herbert is a black man whose hobbies include hating whitey. He works for the Jayson Blair Times, which exists solely to tell conservatives how evil they are.

Now Bob Herbert has his newest screed, a self-righteous lecture on why Washington, DC, should rescue Detroit. While there is nothing overtly racial about his most recent column, there are absolutely racial undertones that I will cover.

Short of sending General David Petraeus in to level the place like Fallujah and start over, this waste of a city is beyond hope. Not one dollar of tax money should be spent on General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler. I don’t care if the Japanese take them over. “Buy American” should not be an excuse to support mediocrity, although mediocrity might be too generous for these failed businesses.

Herbert starts out his liberal blustering by accusing conservative hardliners of “smug certainties.” Liberal columnists at the Jayson Blair Times have no business using the word smug unless they are looking in the mirror. Smug certainties are why the JBT keeps getting stories wrong.

“The ideological hard-liners have now cast their collectively jaundiced eye on Detroit’s automakers. Their response to the very real danger that General Motors might crumble into bankruptcy is: C’est la vie.”

No, that is too soft a response. A well placed F-bomb between the words “go,” and “yourself” would be a good start.

“I can agree that it’s impossible to make a positive case for the backward, self-destructive practices of the auto industry over many years.”

Yet he then goes on to justify bad behavior, which is what liberal apologists do.

“But in the current environment, allowing one or more of the Big Three to go bankrupt would be like offering up your nose to Sweeney Todd to spite your face.”

No, it would be offering up the bad companies’ heads on a silver platter.

“The U.S. auto industry is the cornerstone of American manufacturing. It supports millions of jobs, directly or indirectly, in a vast array of businesses.”

The U.S. automobile industry is the second most bloated, bureaucratic, and inefficient entity behind the federal government. Unions have destroyed the very workers they claim to care about, which is what unions do. Americans are not inferior to Japanese people when given a fair chance to compete. We do produce inferior products when we let unions and excessive regulations destroy our companies. For those who care about the environment, Toyota makes the Prius. While I detest that car, and occasionally fight the urge to savagely beat people who drive hybrids, the Japanese seem to be able to make better quality cars at lower prices. We deserve to lose and get swallowed up. I love America, but detest the fact that Americans should settle for garbage.

“It’s easy to demonize the American auto industry. It has behaved with the foresight of a crack addict for years. But even when people set their own houses on fire, we still dial 9-1-1, hoping to save lives, salvage what we can and protect the rest of the neighborhood.”

True, but we do not rebuild their house for them for free. We do not pay their medical bills or their rehab expenses. The rest of the neighborhood consists of the 49 states that are not as pathetic as Michigan.

“The government should craft a rescue plan that is both tough and very, very smart. That means dragging the industry (kicking and screaming, no doubt) into the 21st century by insisting on ironclad commitments to design and develop vehicles that make sense economically and that serve the nation’s long-term energy security requirements.”

Who enforces this? I say let these companies burn like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. In the same way smarter companies gobbled up these firms, smarter automobile companies should take the dead charred remains of these relics and recreate them lean and mean without an ounce of government help. The incentive would be profit. Propping up a failing firm is like trying to prop up a stock market with a disastrous bailout package, which coincidentally is what our government recently did. As expected, the market crashed anyway, with General Motors leading the race to the bottom.

“Let the smartest minds design a bailout that sparks a creative revolution in the industry.”

They are in the private sector Bob. They can do it without government help. In fact, without government help, it might actually get done right.

As for the racial aspect of an issue that does not seem to mention race at all, let’s be brutally honest. The real reason Bob Herbert cares about Detroit is because Detroit is a black inner city. If the automakers would have been located in the whitest and most conservative parts of Utah or Idaho, Bob Herbert would be encouraging their demise. For those who disagree, read his past columns and pretend not to manipulate them.

To discuss Detroit without mentioning felon Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is astounding. While he is not responsible for the pathetic Detroit Lions, he was the Chief Executive who allowed crime, drugs, and union thugs to continue the destruction of a once proud city that gave us Motown. For those who do  not know, the owners of the Detroit Lions are the Ford family. They run their football team the same way they run their automobile company…dreadfully.

The entire state of Michigan is a disaster from the top down. Governor Jennifer Granholm was born in Canada and should have stayed there. If there was ever a reason not to change the Constitution to allow foreigners to be President, this failed Governor is it. Only a city held hostage to union bullies could reelect a failed executive. After all, why hire a republican when a perfectly incompetent liberal is available?

Bob Herbert talks about cutting off noses to spite faces. That is what the JBT does. They would rather lose money and destroy their own paper rather than offer a fair quality product that would appeal to the reasonable masses. That is what Detroit does. They would rather allow failed liberals to destroy a once proud city rather than even attempt conservative solutions. After all, Detroit might become New York City, which was revitalized when a conservative Rudy Giuliani turned around a mess his liberal predecessor had left him.

Detroit is a place of high taxes, high regulations, and negative results.

Other cities in America, particularly in cities located in red states, are succeeding. Low taxes and business friendly climates work.

At this point Detroit should be shut down. I do not mean the automakers. I mean the entire city. If the city was a corporation, the shareholders would have fired the entire board.

If the shareholders of Detroit choose to keep the same board of misdirectors, then they deserve to have the value of their investment crash.

When an illness breaks out, the infected people get quarantined so that the entire world does not get infected. Let Detroit burn, and let the rest of the nation go about our business. When the value of Detroit finally reaches absolute zero, an enterprising American can build it again at a profit. Or, the city can just shut down permanently. Outside of the Red Wings, the country will be unaffected from a quality standpoint.

I have student loans. Until I get my bailout, Detroit needs to go down in flames.

The automakers need to drop dead. They deserve nothing.

The city of Detroit deserves even less for expecting the rest of America to clean up their failures.


The Obama Checklist

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Barack Obama has begun assembling his staff. I will give the guy credit. He is no dummy. He saw the from 1992 through 1994, the Clintons were colossal screwups. Obama has no intention of repeating their incompetence.

He began by picking Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. I for one thought this was an excellent choice.

For those in the Jewish community that are celebrating, let me be clear when I say that the fact that Mr. Emanuel is Jewish has absolutely zero to do with his selection.

For those thast complain that Emanuel is a thug, they are right. However, this is not a problem since the post of Chief of Staff is nnot about a public face or anything connected to policy. The Chief of Staff is a gatekeeper. He has to be a ruthless authoritarian that inspires discipline. In plain language, a “Son of a b*tch” is a good choice.

The democrats are a bunch of undisciplined children. Barack Obama wants to be seen as an adult. Rahm Emanuel will keep the trains running on time.

Additionally, Emanuel is many things, but he is no liberal. He is a moderate DLC. He wants to win at all costs, which means getting liberals in a room, and slapping them upside the head until they act normal. Emanuel understands that liberals lose elections, and that the only way democrats can win is to either be moderate or pretend really well.

One of the reasons the democrats took back Congress in 2006 was because Emanuel recruited moderates and conservatives. Right wing democrats were acceptable. Emanuel hates liberals almost as much as he hates republicans. He wants a Democratic Leadership Council White House.

The next decision would be to choose a Secretary of State. I personally do not care who he picks. Secretary of State is a job you give to somebody you hate, or at least have zero regard for. Condoleeza Rice had to settle for the job after being unable to get the Secretary of Defense job. She also wanted to be Commissioner of the National Football League, which might have caused her to forget the State job altogether.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State would be thrilling. Obama would like to keep his friends close and enemies closer. Hillary would have a role, yet be subordinate to him. Best of all, she would have zero say in domestic policy, and New York would be free of her.

Personally I would like to see her take the job, have her successor enter the Senate, and then have Obama turn around and fire her, but that is wishful thinking. Either way, she could go on junkets, sip tea with dictators, make speeches, accomplish nothing, and have Obama pretend to care what she thinks.

John Kerry would be a good choice because he would get rolled in negotiations. He would make his boss look weak and ineffective. Negotiations would be pointless, and absolutely nothing would get accomplished. When democrats are in power, this is success. If you want to fail to accomplish anything, give John Kerry the job.

The Secretary of Defense job does matter. The best thing Obama can do is leave Robert Gates in power for at least a year. Not only would it be bipartisan, but more importantly, unlike the State Department, the Defense Department actually does things. We are at war. The transition should be seamless.

As for the rest, I am a believer in Presidential prerogative. The President should choose whoever he likes. Just because liberals were spoiled brats in 2000 when President Bush chose his Cabinet does not make it right. The winner gets to pick his own people.

So unless Obama picks Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson for anything other than walking the new puppy he bought his daughters, expect good choices.

I have decided to get on the bandwagon. I filled out the 63 question questionnaire required.

I personally have zero objection to most of the questionnaire. People should be vetted. While there is an irony in that Obama himself would wilt under such scrutiny, in addition to Bill and Hillary Clinton being unable to satiosfactorily answer the questions, the validity of much of the questionnaire is acceptable. Obama wants to avoid embarrassing screwups early in his term. This should not be criticized. Is he a hypocrite? Perhaps. Yet he is still doing the right thing.

So in the spirit of the new administration, below are my answers to the questionnaire allowing me to work in the Obama administration. The only stipulation I have is that I be given Sundays off, and Saturdays as well during the NFL playoffs.


1)    My resume is attached.
2)    I have stockbrokerage, commodity brokerage, and life insurance licenses in good standing.
3)    Due to the current financial crisis, some of these firms do not exist any more. In about 10 years there will only be one financial services firm. That is the one I worked for and will work for in the future.
4)    My brief stint as “Deuce Bigalow” proved unsuccessful.
5)    Other than lobbying my dad at age 10 for a raise in my allowance, I have no lobbying experience.
6)    I bought imitation silk sheets from a Chinese company through Ebay. The thread count made the transaction worthwhile.
7)    Those who love America should work here. I would never deprive my nation of money by working someplace else.
8)    Although pink shirt Thursdays usually pass without incident, attempts to implement “Commando Wednesdays” proved controversial.
9)    Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Radhid Khalidi are my references. I believe the FBI has their information.
10)    My screen name is blacktygrrrr. My blog is
It is the Tygrrrr Express. My book “Ideological Bigotry: Tales of a politically conservative and morally liberal Hebrew Alpha Male” will be available in 2009.
11)    I have never testified before Congress, although I would not mind if they testified before me. I have many questions to ask them about what they are doing with my tax dollars.
12)    I speak all the time, but not enough people listen. This is why the 2008 election went wrong.
13)    Embarrassment requires a sense of shame. Perhaps much of my communication would embarrass Mr. Obama, but I would not be fazed.
14)    Any shame my family would feel from anything I do would have to wait until I become famous to maximize the effect.
15-19) N/A—My dreams of owning anything of value died on November 4th, 2008.
20) As a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, I am actively working to prevent Mr. Obama from winning reelection in 2012. If this poses a problem, I can keep quiet about such work.
21) Mr. Obama I am sure has access to my tax returns. Duplicating any work by reproducing them would be inefficient.
22) Net worth? I can provide a blank piece of paper.
23) I ripped up all of my brokerage statements in frustration due to the recent crash. However, I have a lovely box of confetti I can provide for Mr. Obama if he wants a ticker tape parade at his inaugural.
24) I do not borrow or loan money. Unlike reputable established companies like General Motors, I do not have access to billions I would default on.
25) I do not have a trust. Trust me.
26) I do not own any real property, fake property, or ambiguous property. Some guy from Arkansas did try to sell me property in the 1980s, but then he ran for President and I never heard from him again.
27) No mortgage. I do not even own a tree house or a doll house.
28-31) N/A—Multisyllabic words have no effect on those without rich Chicago or Arkansas connections.
32) Who the heck are these families giving $50,000 gifts? My entire Bar Mitzvah may have netted $5,000, and the school took it all.
33-35) Taxes? Do I look like a millionaire? (Picture enclosed)
36) Paying taxes is a penalty, and my penalties will increase when Mr. Obama raises them again.
37-41) Are the Clintons required to answer these questions? Look, I am so clean that I make a baby’s @ss feel like sandpaper. I am not a politician. I obey the law.
42-43) I tried to sue Santa Claus when I was 8 years old due to anti-discriminatory practices. My parents quashed the lawsuit, but as a Jewish person, I still say that fat red b@stard is an anti-Semite.
44) I have never filed bankruptcy, but I suspect Mr. Obama’s policies may force me to consider doing that.
45-49) I used to be a thief of hearts and a gangster of love, but I have reformed.
50) As stated earlier, Commando Wednesday was nixed due to the overwhelming number of unattractive people at work that favored it. It was supposed to only be for the pretty people.
51) I was told by my parents that I completely lack civility and judgment. So this bad behavior benefits me now.
52) I have no children that I know of, and I check milk cartons frequently.
53) My parents told me as a child that they were not my maid. Since I am not a liberal, there is no sense of entitlement. I do my own chores.
54-56) I do not hire other people, and once Mr. Obama takes over, this will be impossible.
57) If they only live with me for the night, does that count? Also, isn’t living together before marriage against the wishes of God? Are we now a Godless society?
58) My Space and Facebook are for people that want to promote themselves to the world. I want to be left alone. I am not your friend and wish you would stop contacting me about Christian Viagra Refinancing or Lesbian Vegans for Libya.
59) None of your d@mn business. The Second Amendment is law. Go ask Carl Rowan if he owns a gun. Then inspect Ted Kennedy’s car.
60) I am in perfect health. I am only 36, and not looking forward to what doctors do to men when they turn 40.
61) No. I do not associate with people connected to the Obamas or the Clintons. There are lord willing over one billion degrees of separation.
62) I am a republican. Every member of, Daily Kos, and Huffington Post hates me without having met me. I suggest deporting them to Guantanamo Bay.
63) Again, I am not related to the Clintons or the Obamas, so unsavory associations should not be a problem. In case I do not get this job, please let me know who your strongest opponent will be in 2012 so I can find somebody respectable to work for.

Because the Clintons were so lax in everything they did, I might have gotten the job in their administration. However, Obama’s people apparently actually read stuff, so I might not get the job.

Besides, working for Rahm Emanuel is not a form of suffering any good human being deserves.


NFL 2008–Week 11 Recap

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I cannot wait to express how thankful I am to my lord and creator almighty God for the National Football League. With all due respect to atheists, I still do not believe mere mortals could have created or developed this thing.

Then again, I am not sure Paul Tagliabue was mere mortal anyway. Roger Goodell is filling the big shoes ably.

With that, below is the week 11 NFL Recap.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots was the Thursday night game. It is already an NFL Classic that should be replayed decades from now. With Matt Cassell passing for 400 yards on 30 of 51 passes with 3 touchdowns, and Brett Favre playing like he did in his prime with a pair of touchdowns on 26 of 33 passing, the defenses took the night off and let the offenses light it up.

On the opening drive, Favre led the Jets 62 yards in 10 plays in 5 1/2 minutes. A 7 yard touchdown pass to Leon Washington had Gang Green up 7-0. The Patriots moved the ball well in the first half but had their drives bog down. A field goal on their opening drive had them within 7-3. The Jets moved to the New England 5 yard line on their next drive, only to have an easy touchdown pass dropped. The field goal had them up 10-3 as the first quarter ended, but it would be a key play in the game. New England drive down the field again, but again had to settle for a field goal to pull to within 10-6. 12 seconds and 92 yards later, Leon Washington had the kickoff return that had the Jets up 17-6.

After a New England punt, Favre and Jerricho Cothcery put ona clinic. Favre found Cotchery for 16 yards, before hitting him ona 46 yard gain. That set up Favre’s 18 yard touchdown pass to Cotchery. The Jets led 24-6. The changing of the guard had taken place.

No, it did not. Champions do not go down easy, and even with Brett Favre, the Jets need to learn how to finish games. With 2 1/2 minutes left in the half, the Patriots had 4th and 3 at the New York 23. Cassel was sacked for a 7 yard loss, and that should have ended things. Yet the Jets could not run out the clock, and the Patriots were given 1:44 to try again. Cassel made them pay, as a 3rd and 10 from the 19 pass to Jabar Gaffney cut the lead to 24-13 just seconds before the half.

In the 3rd quarter the Patriots tried to lose the game, and the Jets would not accept their generosity. Again, young teams do not finish games, especially when champions are involved. The Patriots fumbled, and the Jets just punted 3 plays later. Then operating out of the shotgun, the bvall was snapped past an unprepared Cassel, resulting in a 23 yard loss. The Jets on their next drive decided to throw on 3rd and 2 despite the fact that Thomas Jones was running very well. One incomplete pass later, and the Jets punted. Yet the Patriots also decided to thrown on 3rd and 1, and their incomplete pass led to a punt. The Jets then on 3rd and 2 tried to pass again, found nobody, and ran for 1 yard followed by a punt. Both of these teams have running backs, and might think about using them.

With 2 1/2 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, Cassel finally got the Patriots going. From their own 22, passes to Welker for 8 and 29 yards had New England at the New York 41. Passes to Gaffney for 14 yards and Moss for 8 yards had the Patriots with 2nd and 2 at the Jets 10. Cassel hit Watson for the touchdown and Gaffney for the 2 point conversion to pull the Patriots to within 24-21 on the last play of the 3rd quarter.

A Cotchery fumble had New England starting at their own 40, which led to a field goal. 10 minutes remained in the game, and the 24-6 Jets lead was now a 24-24 tie. The Jets had collapsed, as people in New York began lamenting about the same old Jets. Yet past teams did not have Brett Favre. Despite being in a shell and trying to not lose the game, they had the right guy for trying to win the game. Favre led a staggering 14 play drive that ate up over 7 minutes. On 3rd and 6 from the New England 7, an incomplete pass was nullified by defensive holding. The Patriots were uncharacteristically undisciplined on this night. Jones redeemed himself by going in from one yard out to put the Jets up 31-24 with 3:10 left.

The Patriots went nowhere, and the Jets took over with 2:24 left. All they had to do was run out the clock. Just like in the first half, this team cannot close out games. On 3rd and 2, Jones only picked up one yard. After a punt, with one timeout remaining, the Patriots took over with 1:04 left at their own 38. Cassel simply ripped the Jets secondary to shreds. With 8 seconds remaining, the Patriots faced 4th and 1 from the Jets 16. Cassel threw to Randy Moss, who in case people forgot, is a superstar. Moss made an acrobatic catch in the end zone, somehow dragging his feet with no room to work with. The touchdown catch tied the game with one second remaining. The teams went into overtime tied 31-31. The Patriots had all the momentum, and the Jets were again going to be the same old Jets.

The Jets won the coin toss and began at their own 20. 2 plays later they faced 3rd and 15 at their own 15. One more incomplete pass would lead to the punt that would give the Patriots excellent field position to win it. That punt never came. Favre hit Keller for 16 yards. Keller caught it a yard short of the marker and bulldozed over a tackler for the first down. On 3rd and 1 from the New England 44, Favre again found Keller for the first down. Favre then hit Lavernues Coles for 16 yards. After 14 plays and a ridiculous 8 minutes against a worn out defense, Jay Feely drilled the 34 yard field goal for the shocking upset win.

The New York Jets lead the AFC East at 7-3 ina division where nobody is below .500. This was not the Superbowl, but if the fortunes of these teams are different 3 years form now, it started with this courageous win. Despite being outgained 511 to 375, and being within one coin toss of losing, the Jets are not the same old Jets. They beat their archrival on the road in a series that is as every bit intense as when it was the Tuna Bowl with Bill Parcells battling Pete Carroll. Bill Bellichick and Eric Mangini may detest each other even more, and the rivalry produced one of the best games this year. 34-31 Jets, OT

Denver Broncos @ Atlanta Falcons–After a punt, the Broncos began at their own 45. Hillis ran for a 7 yard touchdown to put the Broncos up 7-0. Former Broncos kicker Jason Elam nailed a pair of field goals to pull the Falcons to within 7-6. After Prater missed a 50 yard field goal for Denver, Atlanta moved 61 yards, with Michael Turner running it in from 9 yards out to give the Falcons the 13-7 halftime lead.

The Broncos began the 2nd half with an 11 play, 5 minute drive that went 77 yards. Peyton Hillis ran it in from 2 yards out to put the Broncos up 14-13. The Broncos moved the ball again late in the 3rd quarter, moving from their own 38. On the last play of the quarter, on 3rd and goal form the one, Hillis was blown up in the backfield. The field goal put the Broncos up 17-13. The Falcons came right back, and a 28 yard run by Michael Turner had the Falcons back on top 20-17 with 10 1/2 minutes left.

Jay Cutler matched Matt Ryan drive for drive. A 47 yard pass to Brandon Marshall had Denver in business. A 14 yard pass to Hillis had the Broncos at the Atlanta 8. Cutler hit Graham for the touchdown to put Denver back in front by 4 points with 5 1/2 minutes left. Ryan calmly moved the Falcons from their own 24 to a 1st and 10 at the Denver 37 at the 2 minute warning. However, the guy they call Matty Ice could not pull out another win. The drive went backwards at that point, and the Falcons turned it over on downs. 24-20 Broncos

Detroit Lions @ Carolina Panthers–The winless Lions took on one of the top teams in the NFC on the road. The Lions actually moved 80 yards on 12 plays over 7 1/2 minutes. Dante Culpepper hit Calvin Johnson for a 29 yard touchdown pass to put the Lions up 7-0. A 13 play, 7 minute drive led to a field goal extended the shocking upset as the Lions led 10-0. Then reality set in in the second quarter.

Jake Delhomme led a 76 yard drive that ended in a 15 yard pass to King to get the Panthers to within 10-7. In an attempt to give the team a spark, the Lions attempted a 56 yard field goal on their next drive. Veteran Jason Hansen nailed it and the Lions led 13-7. Only 4 plays later, the Panthers had the lead as Williams ran straight up the middle for a 56 yard touchdown run. The Lions fumbled on the first play from scrimmage of their next drive, allowing Carolina to start at the Detroit 38. A 22 yard run by Stewart had the Panthers up 21-13. Although only one minute remained in the half, a strong kickoff return had the Lions starting at their own 46, setting up a field goal on the last play of the half. Detroit only trailed 21-16.

A 10 play, 6 1/2 minute drive led to a field goal and a 24-16 Carolina lead to start the second half. With 14 minutes remaining, Culpepper led a 15 play drive that went 70 yards and ate up 8 minutes of clock. Culpepper snuck in the final yard himself, but his attempt to score himself on the 2 point conversion failed. The Lions trailed 24-22 with 6 minutes left. The Panthers went nowhere, and The Lions got the ball back only one minute later at their own 14. Culpepper was intercepted by Godfrey, who returned it to the Detroit 4. These are the Lions. Williams carried it in for the touchdown. Detroit faced miserable field position again, starting at their own 2 yard line, and could not mount a comeback. The Panthers survived to move to 8-2 despite marginal numbers from Delhomme. 267 yards on the ground helped. The Lions remained winless. 31-22 Panthers

Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals–This hideous game featured the Bengals reaching 1st and goal at the 1, only to kick a field goal. The Eagles added field goal, and seconds before the half, Fitzpatrick hit TJ Houshmanzadeh for a 26 yard touchdown just before the half to put the Bengals up 10-3. After a field goal in the 3rd quarter extended the lead to 13-3, the Eagles came back in only 2 plays. A 57 yard pass from Donovan McNabb to Hank Basket set up a 4 yard touchdown pass to Smith to pull the Eagles to within 13-10. In the 4th quarter, McNabb led a 6 minute drive that went 13 plays. From their own 23, the Eagles moved deep until they faced 4th and 1 at the Cincy 9. Andy Reid played it conservative on the road and kicked the field goal to tie the game 13-13 with 5 minutes remaining.

If ever a game did not deserve overtime, this game was it. However, an entire dreadful extra session left things unsettled. With 52 seconds remaining in an inept overtime, a terrible roughing the passer call practically gave the game to the Bengals. Although it was clearly a legal hit on Fitzpatrick, it was ruled a helmet hit. Nevertheless, with 8 seconds left, a 47 yard field goal attempt was just wide. Donovan McNabb then threw an incomplete Hail Mary to end this miserable game. It was the first tie game since 2002, and it could not end soon enough. 13-13, OT Tie

New Orleans Saints @ Kansas City Chiefs–A Drew Brees interception had the Chiefs beginning their second drive at the New Orleans 47. Tyler Thigpen took 5 minutes with the short field to move the Chiefs, with a 6 yard touchdown pass to Bowe to put the Chiefs up 7-0. The Saints kicked a field goal, got the ball back at the Kansas City 43 on their next possession, and moved the ball again. Brees hit Thomas for 24 yards before Deuce McAllister ran it in from one yard out to put the Saints up 10-7 in the 2nd quarter. The Chiefs then mounted a 14 play drive that ate up 8 minutes of clock. Yet on 1st and goal at the one, the offense went cold. 3 plays lost one yard and the Chiefs kicked the tying field goal to make it a 10-10 game. Brees brought the Saints right back, but got no further than the Kansas City 5 yard line. The field goal had the Saints up 13-10 at intermission.

One minute into the 3rd quarter, Brees hit Moore for a 47 yard touchdown pass to put the Saints up 20-10. Again the Chiefs moved the ball, going 13 plays in over 6 minutes. Again the drive bogged down near the goal line, with 3 plays from the 3 yielding nothing. Another field goal had the Chiefs within 20-13. Yet while the Chiefs were kicking field goals, the Saints were reaching the end zone. A 21 yard pass from Brees to Thomas set up a one yard Thomas run on the next play to put the Saints up 27-13 late in the 3rd quarter. The Chiefs kept fighting, and one minute into the 4th quarter, Thigpen hit Bowe again for a 5 yard touchdown to get the Chiefs within 27-20.

The Chiefs quickly got the ball back, and with 10 minutes left faced 4th and 2 at the Saints 40. They decided to punt and play field position. Brees led the Saints from their own 12 to a 4th and 1 at the Kansas City 17. The field goal with 3 1/2 minutes left locked up the game. The Saints improved to 5-5 while the Chiefs fell to 1-9 with the loss. 30-20 Saints

Baltimore Ravens @ New York Giants–The defending champions jumped all over Baltimore and never let up. A one yard run by bruiser Brandon Jacobs had Big Blue up 7-0. The Ravens best best chance to make it a game came from 4th and 3 at the New York 13. Matt Stover’s field attempt was blocked. Another drive led to another one yard Brandon Jacobs touchdown to put the Giants up 13-0 after a failed attempt at an extra point. It was the only break for Baltimore in the game. The Giants drove 90 yards in 12 plays over a 6:40 span on their next drive. Eli Manning hit Johnson for one yard touchdown pass to put the Giants up 20-0 in the 2nd quarter. They coasted the rest of the way, and improved to 9-1. Baltimore fell to 6-4 with the loss. 30-10 Giants

Minnesota Vikings @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers–The teams traded field goals in the opening quarter, wit Warrick Dunn being stuffed on a 4th and 1 from the Minnesota 37 being the closest thing resembling a highlight. Early in the 2nd quarter, Gus Frerotte hit Wade for a 4 yard touchdown pass to put the Vikings up 10-3. The Vikings led 13-6 at the half. The second half was pure Buc Ball, as the Pirates of Pewter Pants clamped down. An 11 play 80 yard drive ate up 5 1/2 minutes, and Askew scored from one yard out to tie the game at 13-13. 30 seconds into the 4th quarter, Jeff Garcia led a 13 play, 9 minute drive that led to a field goal and a 16-13 Buccaneers lead with 5 1/2 minutes left. Minnesota fumbled the ensuing kickoff, setting up another field goal to put the Buccaneers up by 6 points. Minnesota had 2 more chances, but suffocated under the defense of Monte Kiffin. 19-13 Buccaneers

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins–The misery on offense continues. The Dolphins managed a 93 yard drive that culminated in a 40 yard run by Ted Ginn to take a 7-0 lead. The Raiders, aided by pass interference call, reached the Miami 3 yard line before naturally settling for a field goal. In the 3rd quarter, Chad Pennington was sacked in the end zone for a safety. The Raiders took the free kick, and moved in range for a 45 yard field goal and the lead. Sebstian Janikowski clanked it off of the upright. Instead of being up 8-7, the Raiders then allowed the Dolphins right down the field. 64 yards later Patrick Cobbs ran it in to put the Dolphins up 14-5 on a team with an offense so dysfunctional that a safety counts as offense.

With 12 minutes remaining, the Dolphins punted rather than kick a field goal or go for it on 4th and 4 at the Oakland 34. The Raiders began at their own 8, and Culpepper moved them all the way to a 3rd and 5 at the Miami 19. One incomplete pass later, and the Raiders kicked a field goal to pull to within 14-8 with 8 minutes left. The Dolphins punted on their next possession, and Johnny Lee Higgins returned the punt 93 yards for a touchdown. Despite not scoring a touchdown on offense in 3 straight games, the Raiders led 15-14 with 4 1/2 minutes left. Perhaps they could pull out a miracle upset.

They could not. Pennington took over at the Miami 20 and went right to work. At the 2 minute warning, the Dolphins faced 4th and 5 at the Oakland 35. Miami passed up the field goal and decided to go for it. All the Raiders needed was one stop to win. They did not get it. Pennington hit Ginn for a 7 yard gain. With 38 seconds remaining, Carpenter hit a 38 yard field goal to win it. The missed field goal by Oakland was decisive, as the Raiders fell to 2-8. They defeated Miami in Miami last year when the Dolphins were 1-15. This year Miami is 6-4. The agony in Oakland continues. 17-15 Dolphins

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers–Aaron Rodgers found Greg Jennings for a 3 yard touchdown to put the Packers up 7-0. After a Chicago field goal, Rodgers led a 65 drive before the half. An 18 yard run by Ryan Grant set up a 4 yard Grant run for the touchdown to extend the Packers lead to 14-3. The Bears took over at their own 7 with 1:11 left in the half , punted the ball, and allowed the Packers to kick a 53 yard field to put Green Bay up 17-3 at the half. In the 3rd quarter, Aaron Rodgers led an 11 play, 88 yard drive that took 5 minutes. A 5 yard touchdown pass to Lee had the Packers up 24-3. The game became a blowout after that. 37-3 Packers

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts–Sage Rosenfels again played ably in place of Matt Schaub, but it paled in comparison to Peyton Manning, who lit up Houston with 30 of 46 passing for 320 yards and a pair of touchdown passes. In the first 27 minutes, each team had a pair of field goals. With just under 3 minutes left in the half, Ahman Green broke through from one yard out to put the Texans up 13-6. Adam Vinatieri added his 3rd field goal just before the half as the Colts trailed 13-9 at halftime.

In the 2nd half the offenses flew. Manning hit Joseph Addai for a 23 yard touchdown pass to put the Colts up 16-13. Only 3 plays later, Steve Slaton rambled 71 yards off tckle to put the Teans back on top 20-16. Manning kept firing, and a 24 yard pass to Gonzalez followed by a 15 yarder to Marvin Harrison and an 11 yarder to Reggie Wayne set up Joseph Addai on the ground from 7 yards out. The Colts led 23-20 entering the final quarter. After a punt, Manning kept rifling. On the first play of the 4th quarter, a 10 yard touchdown pass from Manning to Harrison had the Colts up 30-20.

With Rosenfels passing and Slaton picking up big yards on the gorund, the Texans moved 77 yards in 10 plays and 6 minutes. Ahman Green ran it in from 2 yards out to pull the Texans within 30-27 with 9 minutes left. Despite scoring rapidly all game, Manning led a punishing 16 play drive that used up 7 minutes. The Colts moved form their own 18 to the Houston 13, but then th drive bogged down. A field goal had the Colts up by 6 points, giving the Texans life and the ball with 1:52 left at their own 24. Despite playing well all game, Rosenfels was intercepted by Bullitt at the Indy 35 with 32 seconds remaining. It was not easy, but the Colts had survived again against a frustrated Texans team that falls just short. 33-27 Colts

St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers–Last week the Rams trailed 40-0 at halftime. This week was just as miserable. A punt return had the 49ers starting at the Rams 34. A Frank Gore 5 yard run had the 49ers up 7-0. The 2nd quarter was pure punishment. An 80 yard, 15 play, 8 minute drive led to a field goal to pull the Rams within 7-3. Then the levee broke and the Rams got washed away. Sean Hill hit Johnson for a 42 yard gain to set up a 2 yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to put the 49ers up 14-3. Marc Bulger then fumbled, the 49ers started at the Rams 16, and Frank Gore did the rest to make it a 21-3 game. Bulger was then intercepted, allowing the 49ers to being at their own 40. Hill hit Foster for 31 yards, and then Hill took the final yard himself to make it 28-3. Bulger was picked off again, the 49er began at their own 44, and Hill hit Johnson for 2 yards to put the 49ers up 35-3 at halftime. The 49ers slept through the second half, and so did much of the television public. 35-16 49ers

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks–Before the season, not many had the Cardinals at 6-3 and the Seahawks at 2-7. Kurt Warner has the Greatest Show in the Desert, and the Walrus Mike Holmgren finally has the Hasselbeck back from injury. It did not help. Warner led a 13 play, 7 minute drive, but on 4th and 1 from the Seattle 20, Ken Whisenhunt opted for the field goal and a 3-0 Arizona lead. The Cardinals moved 89 yards on their next drive, with Warner hitting Anquon Boldin for 45 yards to set up a 4 yard touchdown run by JJ Arrington. Another field goal had the Cardinals up 13-0, but while cruising to a win, Warner blundered. An interception at his own 19 led to a 13 yard Hasselbeck touchdown to Morris to make it a 13-7 game.

Yet after that it was all Cardinals. Neil Rackers nailed a 3rd field goal before the half and a 4th field goal in the 3rd quarter to have Arizona up 19-7. When Warner hit Arrington for a 6 yard touchdown pass, the Cardinals were coasting 26-7 after three quarters. They forgot to lock the coffin. From the Arizona 3, Hasselbeck was intercepted in the end zone. However, instead of taking the touchback, the ball was brought out, fumbled back, and the Seahawks took over at the Arizona 11. Again, on defense, just stay down! TJ Duckett scored from one yard out to make it 26-13 after a failed 2 point conversion. Warner then fumbled at his own 14, and Seattle recovered. on 4th and 3 from the 7, Hasselbeck ran it himself to the 2. Duckett scored to make it a 26-20 game with 9:41 left. All 3 Seattle touchdown drives were less than 20 yards.

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars–Even at 9-0, th Titans knew that going into Jacksonville meant this game was going to be a headknocker. Both teams run the ball and play attacking defense, with Jeff Fisher and Jack Del Rio both having disciplined clubs. Yet Kerry Collins needs to stop being referred to as a game manager. The guy is a superstar. This game was expected to be low scoring, and it was.

Trailing 3-0 in the 2nd quarter, David Garrard led an 11 play, 74 yard drive that ate up over 6 minutes. Maurice Jones-Drew ran it in form 2 yards out to put Jacksonville up 7-3. The defenses slugged it out, but with just over one minute left in the half, a punt return set up the Jaguars at the Tennessee 37. Garrard hit Lewis for 19 yards, and Jones-Drew had his second touchdown run, this one from one yard out. The Jaguars led 14-3 at the half.

In the 3rd quarter, it was the Titans that took a punt and began with good field position at their own 45. Collins hit Jones for a 13 yard touchdown to place the Titans within 14-10. After a punt, Collins launched a deep ball that was caught by Justin Gage for a 56 yard touchdown. The Titans led 17-14 entering the 4th quarter. The defenses engaged in a war of attrition, but with 4 minutes remaining Collins went deep to Gage again, this time for a 38 yard touchdown. The Titans improved to 10-0, and the Jaguars fell to a deep hole at 4-6. It was not pretty, but the Titans won another tough one. 24-14 Titans

San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers–Norvelous Norv Turner brought his collapsing Chargers into Pittsburgh with snow coming down. The game was expected to be low scoring, with Mike Tomlin and his defense expected to thrive in the cold weather against the warm weather San Diego Chargers. Both teams knocked each other around for most of the game.

Ladanian Tomlinson started out red hot in the snow, and his 3 yard touchdown run had the Chargers up 7-0. The Chargers then went ice cold, although the Steelers could not reach the end zone. The Steelers had 4th and goal at the one, and Mewelde Moore got blasted backwards. The Chargers had the goal line stand, but their offense just could not accept the present. Philip Rivers was hit in the end zone and fumbled. It was a safety, and the Steelers were within 7-2 as the opening quarter ended. Both offenses were struggling, but Rivers led the Chargers to the Pittsburgh 17 before being intercepted. The ball was returned to the Pittsburgh 43. Pittsburgh reached the San Diego 3, but had t settle for a field goal and a 7-5 game at the half. This might have been the only time in NFL history where 2 games on the same day had a score of 7-5.

The Steelers opened the 2nd half with a 14 play, 6 1/2 minute drive that led to a field goal and an 8-7 lead. The other 7-5 game had the go ahead field goal missed, preventing further boring history. A day that was miserable for the offenses had the Chargers drive down deep, only to settle for another field goal. Nevertheless, they led 10-8 with 6 1/2 minutes remaining in the game.

Roethlisberger took over and led the Steelers from their own 13 to the San Diego 4. On 3rd and goal from the 4 with 15 seconds left, Pittsburgh decided not to bring out the field goal kicker. A touchdown was nullified by a holding penalty, and all of a sudden a gift 21 yard field goal attempt was now 31 yards. Josh Reed nailed it anyway. The STeelers led 11-10 with 5 seconds left. The ensuing kickoff featured some laterals, and the last lateral was broken up and returned by Troy Palomalu for an insurance touchdown. After further review, that touchdown did not count. Nevertheless, despite not reaching the end zone, 3 field goals and a safety gave the NFL its very first 11-10 game in history. The Steelers are gritting and gutting their way to the playoffs as the Chargers fell to 4-6. Marty Schottenheimer, where are you? 11-10 Steelers

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins was the Sunday night game. With Tony Romo returning, both of these teams were expected to light up the scoreboard. Instead the defenses took over. Jason Campbell made it look easy on the opening drive for Washington, needing 10 plays and 5 minutes to go only 49 yards. Campbell hit Sellers for the 2 yard touchdown that put the Redskins up 7-0. The defenses remained stout, but with one minute left in the half, Romo hit Terrell Ownes for a 25 yard gain, setting up a 2 yard Marion Barber run to tie the game 7-7. Yet a 58 yard kickoff return by Cartwright to the Dallas 37 set up a field goal and a 10-7 Washington lead at the half.

The 3rd quarter was scoreless as the defenses dominated. Campbell led a 7 minute drive, but was intercepted on 3rd and 2 at the Dallas 35. On their next drive Suisham missed a field goal. Seconds into the 4th quarter, Dallas finally mounted a drive as Romo moved the team 67 yards in 10 plays. Romo hit Bennett for a 25 yard touchdown pass to put Dallas up by 4 points with 10 1/2 minutes remaining. Campbell moved the Redskins to a 4th and 4 at the Dallas 37. The Redskins decided to go for it, and an incomplete pass turned the ball over on downs with 6:40 remaining. Marion Barber than took over, and ground Washington into dust. The Redskins never got the ball back, as Dallas avenged an earlier home loss to Washington. Both teams are 6-4, and in the hunt. 14-10 Cowboys

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills was the Monday night game. What started out as a dreadful game ended up a thriller, as Brady Quinn and Trent Edwards brought back memories of Bernie Kosar and Joe Ferguson. Jim Kelly watched from the sidelines. Edwards had one of the most miserable quarters in Monday Night Football history. He threw 3 interceptions in the opening quarter alone. Yet Quinn and the Browns could not take advantage, and the 3 turnovers produced only a pair of field goals for a 6-0 Browns lead.

In the 2nd quarter Quinn led the Browns on a 96 yard drive that took 12 plays and 6 minutes. Quinn hit Braylon Edwards for gains of 20 and 18 yards. Jamal Lewis had a 16 yard run to set up a 2 yard run by Josh Cribbs to put the Browns up 13-0. A short kickoff had the Bills starting their next drive at their own 41. Marshawn Lynch was a one man wrecking crew in this game, and his 18 yard catch from Edwards had the Bills within 13-7. Buffalo added a field goal on their next drive to trail 13-10 at halftime. Each team had a field goal in the 3rd quarter, and with the Browns leading 16-13, both teams lit up the scoreboard in the 4th quarter.

On the first play on the 4th quarter, from the Cleveland 28, Harrison ripped off a 72 yard run to put the Browns up 23-13. Seconds later, Leo McKelvin had taken the ensuing kickoff back 98 yards to get the Bills right back in it 23-20.  The Browns came right back down the field, but could not get past the 5 yard line. Phil Dawson’s 4th field goal with 11 1/2 minutes remaining had the Browns up 26-20.

After an exchange of punts, the Bills took over at the Cleveland 48 with 5:13 to go. From the 29, Lynch broke through and then dragged tacklers all the way down to the one yard line. Edwards scored himself on the next play, and the Bills led 27-26 with 2:25 remaining. The Browns were on the verge of becoming the first team in NFL history to lose 3 straight games when leading by at least 13 points.

Quinn drove the Browns from the Cleveland 33 to the Buffalo 39, but then threw 3 incomplete passes. Phil Dawson’s 5th field goal attempt wasa 56 yarder, and he leveled it. The Browns led bya  deuce, but they used up only 46 seconds of clock. They still had all of their timeouts, but Buffalo had 1:39 to work with. After a short kickoff, the Bills began at their own 44. Edwards hit Royal for 22 yards down to the Cleveland 34. Although the Bills did not pick up another first down, it was the Browns using their timeouts on defense. This was very smart coaching by Romep Crennel, giving the Browns hope if they fell behind again.

Ryan Lindell came in for a 47 yard field goal with 43 seconds remaining. With Jim Kelly watching, Ryan Lindell missed it just wide right. It was the exact same length and miss as Scott Norwood in the first Buffalo Superbowl loss. This was not the Superbowl, but it was the 4th straight loss for Dick Jauron and the Bills after a 5-1 start. Cleveland is 4-6 and still on life support. 27-26 Bills


My Interview With Juan Williams

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Juan Williams.,2933,2137,00.html

Juan Williams is a Fox News political analyst as well as a radio personality on NPR.

Juan Williams is a liberal. politically, I disagree with much of what he has to say.

Yet from a humanity standpoint, I admire Juan Williams. He is a decent, thoughtful, and kind man. Most importantly, he genuinely wants to improve this world. He seeks common ground. There is a middle ground between outright confrontation and complete capitulation and sacrifice of one’s principles. Juan Williams stays true to his beliefs without impugning the integrity or attacking the dignity of his opponents.

One issue that Mr. Williams is passionate about is improving the quality of life for black Americans. As a black man himself, this is understandable. He wants to see his community prosper. Yet he expresses himself without bitterness or rage. Things upset him as they do all people, but he is reasonable.

For being reasonable, he has been called an “Uncle Tom,” and much worse by other black Americans that want exacerbated racial tensions for their own financial purposes.

When Bill Cosby started getting vocal about problems within the black community, some criticized his bringing up dirty laundry that should stay within the family of black America. The theory was that Bill Cosby was just giving ammunition to white racists.

Yet Mr. Williams correctly understands that the reason why Mr. Cosby can say what he does is becasuse Bill Cosby is not speaking from malice. He genuinely cares.

Well Juan Williams genuinely cares. It pains him to see his own community hurting itself. At a great risk to himself, he speaks out.

At the Republican Convention, he was his typical decent self. I enjoyed interviewing him. Below is the interview.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

JW: “The war and the economy are most important.”

2) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

JW: “A Philip Randolph, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Thurgood Marshall.”

3) Much of politics is acrimonious. You do not take part in the acrimony. How can we all raise the level of discourse in politics today?

JW: “John McCain actually says it in the theme of this convention. We all need to ‘Put Country First.’ So much of politics is competitive. So much of politics involves vile attacks. The internet is part of the problem. There is no reporting, no fact checking, and no gatekeeper online. We need a national focus on what really matters.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Juan Williams the person?

JW: “I would like to be remembered as an honest, cutting edge journalist in his time.”

5) Given how image conscious America is, especially in the television age since the Kennedy vs Nixon debates, can we finally crack the glass ceiling in the modern era and elect a follically challenged President?

JW: “Well bald does not mean unattractive. John McCain is a very attractive candidate from an image standpoint. While Barack Obama is more attractive in the sense that he has a charisma that draws people to him, McCain has a compelling life story that makes him an attractive candidate. Also, if we are talking physicalities, Sarah Palin is a very attractive candidate. She is pretty and she is telegenic.”

I would like to thank Juan Williams for his time, and more importantly, for hsi character. Character does matter. Too many people confuse opponents with enemies. Juan Williams knows the difference.

The last thing I told Mr. Williams was that my girlfriend is a liberal and an Obama supporter, and she listens to NPR.

With a wide smile, he replied, “Well I like her too! You tell her I said hello!.”

The world needs more people that can communicate passionately, but with civility.

I still disagree with his politics, but the world needs more people like Juan Williams.


A Brilliant Debate About God

Friday, November 14th, 2008

A couple of nights ago I witnessed a brilliant debate about God.

Once again arguing the Atheistic perspective was Christopher Hitchens.

In previous debates he has tangled with Dennis Prager and Dinesh D’Souza. This fine evening had him grappling with Rabbi David Wolpe.

(Full disclosure: Rabbi Wolpe was my professor in college)

In 1990 I debated Rabbi Wolpe, and I was definitely not the winner. I was an 18 year old freshman, and his exam had an essay question asking who was best equipped to run the Roman Empire. The choices were between men like Julius and Augustus Caesar or men like Horace and Cicero. While the question was subjective, “no one right answer” does not mean “no wrong answer.”

I wrote that Horace and Cicero were best equipped to run the Roman Empire. It is not just the notion of the pen being mightier than the sword (a stance I have since disavowed), encapsulated in the notion of “writers over fighters.” It is that “the warriors could make it work, but the intellectuals could understand and explain why it worked.” If there were problems regarding management and bureaucracy, it was necessary to have fine minds to fix and maintain the Empire.

Rabbi Wolpe gave me an A- on that question, explaining that “This was a very good stab at the question, but I do not need to know how to make my car run or understand the intricate nature of every car part that causes it to run. I just need the car to run.”

I was not a student that argued about grades, especially not high ones. I was very deferential, and explained that the grade was not the issue, just the idea that I disagreed with him. He allowed me to present my case. I explained to him that if his car breaks, he needs to know maintenance. He replied that his mechanic handles that. I took one last shot.

“Ok, but what happens if you are stranded on a cold winter morning?”

He calmly replied, “I have Triple-A.”

I did my best impersonation of a deer in the headlights as he calmly smiled and let me know that the discussion had reached its conclusion.

I am still humble around him, which is not a common trait for me. Perhaps the reason I am so deferential is that no matter how much time goes by, as I expressed to him on a couple of occasions, he will always be the teacher and I will always be the student.

Yet Rabbi Wolpe had a tougher task the other night than debating an 18 year old who only thought he knew everything. Christopher Hitchens might not know everything, but he sure knows a lot. I have met him once before, and met him again several minutes before this event started.

As he autographed my book, I said to him, “You enrage me, and yet I thank you for it.” He laughed, and let me know that he truly did like making people think. I told him that I walk away from his speeches having thought deeply. He told me that his father was named Eric, and that Eric is his middle name. He asked me if I spelled it the proper way with a “c,” and I explained that of course I did. He said, “good, because some people spell it with a “k.” I told him that “I am not a Viking.”

The last thing I said thoroughly amused him. “Mr. Hitchens, Rabbi Wolpe was my professor in college. He gave me an A- instead of an A, so please shred him this evening.” Mr. Hitchens then had some very complimentary words about Rabbi Wolpe.

The moderator for the debate was Rob Eshman, the editor of the Jewish Journal. While I have met Mr. Eshman personally and been in his office, his opening remark will be an entire separate column unto itself. In a debate about God, he opened his remarks saying that he “believes God exists, with the proof being November 4th.”

The audience, consisting of many elderly liberal Jews that still think FDR is God himself, reminded me of why I support euthanasia. They clapped wildly, reminding me that ideological bigotry is alive and well among those that have suffered the worst intolerance of life. As I said, I will address that remark separately.

Despite the fact that the Jewish community leans politically to the left, this was a debate about God, not politics. Both men left their personal politics out of the debate, which was most appreciated.

With that, below is the debate between Monotheist David Wolpe and Atheist Christopher Hitchens.

DW: “Sorry for the delay getting started. Backstage I almost persuaded him.

Being a non-believer does not make the world simpler. It makes the world meaningless. Free will comes from God. It is not from our genes. For a non-believer, the person next to you is a product of chemical accidence. There is not a soul in them or us. Belief not only makes sense…it makes us better. Believers give more blood and vote more often. Humans are meant to be noble. We are meant for better things.”

CH: “I trust when Rabbi Wolpe states that religious people vote more often that he is not talking about fraud. I suspect he means to say that they vote more diligently.

Life would be terrible if we were constantly supervised. If there is a just God, why do people tremble about things? If God was just, everything would be proportional.

Overcoming badness does not require religion. How do we end slavery? We invoke humanism. It is much more noble, logical, and ethical, as opposed to a supernatural totalitarian, a celestial dictator.

This week a 13 year old girl was beaten and sodomized in Somalia. She was then convicted of adultery, and stoned to death. Her abusers were not against religion. They were acting within their holy texts. With a celestial dictator, badness is required. Suicide bombers and genital mutilators act based on religion.”

DW: “Human society without religion leads to serial genocides. Rome fell because Christianity is too peaceful. Explicit murders of people occurred due to Stalinism and Nazism, whi9ch embrace secularism.

Fanatics exist inside and outside of religion. Humanism is not anti-slavery. Moses freed the slaves of Egypt. Abolitionist John Brown was an evangelical.

We are not animals. The 20th century tested the idea that power was more important than God. This led to the most awful century, filled with wars and savagery.”

CH: “Genital mutilation should not be taken lightly. Nothing about my penis should be taken lightly.

How much crime and misery has occurred due to sexual repression? Take out the word Facism, and you have Catholic Right Wingism, or Vatican Right Wingism. It is the same thing. From Franco to Mussolini, there was Catholicism. The Vichy regime had Vatican support. Hitler never renounced his Catholicism. Stalin graduated from the Seminary in Georgia.

You should not be a dictator if you cannot exploit. Stalinism was religious. North Korea is the most religious state in the world.”

DW: “Epicureus was a poet. Galileo was a believer. Religion did not invent otherness. The new kid on the playground is treated differently. This is built into the human system.

Why did religion need to be taken out of the equation to produce Hitler and Stalin? North Korea worships a person, not a God. South Korea is religious and democratic.”

CH: “South Korea has no official religion. North Korea is ruled by a dead man. It is a “necrocracy.” They have the father and the son, and are one short of a trinity. They also walking around thanking each other for everything.

When a non-believer dies, they can escape everything. When religious people die, God is just getting started with them.

Picture a Saudi Arabian child today. Is it better that they grow up a Wahhabiist or secular?”

DW: “I will decline your offer to defend the Trinity. The choices are not only between atheism and religious fanaticism. An average approach in the Saudi Arabian example is to be a moderate Muslim, and influence Saudi Arabia for the better.”

CH: “That is a warm and fuzzy sentiment.”

DW: “It is not just about atheism or being a conservative Jew. There are other choices.”

RE: What is wrong with liberal Judaism?

(This is about Judaism that is not Orthodox and doctrinaire. There is flexibility and a belief in an evolving Torah. It has nothing to do with political liberalism, although liberal Judaism is on the left politically. In Judaism, the Conservatives are the centrists, and the orthodox are on the right.)

CH: “For one thing, there is not enough to argue with.

Also, it is cowardly. Things may or may not be important. It is morally ‘slushy.’ This is equivalent to being a ‘Cafeteria Catholic.’ We simply pick the bits we like. Is this ethics or doing God’s will?”

DW: “The irony in this argument is that atheists say that fundamentalists follow everything in the bible. Then they turn around and say that they feel that religious people should follow everything in the bible.

Life is complicated and slushy. This is a partnership with God. Moses wrote the second set of tablets.”

CH: (After much applause, which both men received throughout the evening) “Rabbi, your congregation is in here somewhere.”

DW: “They are all getting dues reductions.”

CH: “Liberal Judaism teaches that if you don’t like what you consult, just ignore it. It is easier to just be secular.”

DW: “I agree with Mr. Hitchens regarding his Talmudic citations.

Rebellion against God is impossible if there is no God to rebel against.”

CH: “That is like saying that my not believing in God proves that there is God I don’t believe in. This is logically fallacious.

Jews are secular worldwide since their own religion teaches them to be like the Greek Hellenists.”

RE: “Why is religion worse than other tools such as politics?”

CH: “Religion teaches compulsory love. You love what you fear.”

DW: “That describes Jewish mothers.”

CH: “God is not a father. Tyranny, unlike fatherhood, never goes away. You never break away.”

DW: “My congregation is charitable by nature.

God is not a human parent. God is a creator who loves us. This is consoling and meaningful, not terrifying.

People in the hospital crying their deathbed wishes do not hope for no God. This is the opposite of tyranny. This is love.”

CH: “Some say God is dead. Freud said God is dad.

How about evidence? Evolution does not know we are here. There is zero evidence to suggest otherwise.

It is immoral to preach to ill and dying people that Daddy God will care for them. I won’t listen to such rubbish.”

DW: “How can God be stern, and yet also point out that a loving God is wishful thinking?

We have consciousness. Consciousness proves that the world knew that we were coming, and made provisions, and is glad that we are here.”

CH: “Benevolence and dictatorship are not contradictory. We are not needed. We are just here to applaud God.

We may have something now, but there is a great deal of nothingness headed our way? This suggests that any creator of this is capricious, cruel, or incompetent. He did not leave a nice table spread.

Do you think the Jewish people have a covenant with God?”

DW: “Judaism does not teach quiescence. We are here to do good deeds. There is a moral order.

Eye rolling is fine, my congregation does it.

We are not here to just applaud. In 500 million years we may not be here, but that does not invalidate belief. Jews have a special covenant, but so do other religions. I argue Judaism’s excellence, not its superiority.”

RE: “Why do religions rely on stories over history?”

DW: “One does not preclude the other. They are interdependent.”

CH: “Hanukkah has been discredited as a historical event. Walking away from Hellenism was simply best.”

DW: “That brought slavery and the Pelopenesian War.”

CH: “The best achievements of the Jewish people have come during the Diaspora and secular society.”

DW: “What about achievements based on the Torah?”

CH: “Jewish achievements came after executing Spinoza, and leaving behind the Rabbinate.”

RE: “How did prayer affect 9/11? How does one explain the prayers of the hijackers? What should the victims have done?”

DW: “Prayer is not about magical intervention. It is not a slot machine.

You pray to not be alone. The Talmud states that there is no reward for Mitzvahs (good deeds). We pray to change ourselves, not God. There is good and bad prayer. The prayers of the hijackers distanced themselves from God. The prayers of the victims brought them closer to God.”

CH: “Faith is another form of fanaticism. It defies reason, and reduces us to primates. We are one half of one chromosome away from being a chimpanzee.

As for United 93, the three men that took back the plane did not pray. They acted. Had they been invoking God on their knees, the plane would have hit the Pentagon.

I am not saying Hitler shouldn’t be judged. I am saying he won’t be.

We tremble at the thought that God is not just. The irony is that we agree that the hijackers won’t get to paradise. I wish they could be like, ‘D@mn, there’s nothing.'”

We should be ashamed until and each and every one of us does something to help kill one terrorist. We should each contribute to killing one Islamofacist murderer.

(Yes, I clapped wildly, and only stopped when it was clear that the debate was continuing. Mr. Hitchens then went completely in another direction that was as out of left field as it was provocative.)

I did pray once…for a hard-on.”

RE: “Is there a middle ground?”

DW: “Pluralistic and democratic religious societies are good. They lead to more stable families and more charitable behavior. Religion works.

People speak of secular Europe, but the Swedes and Danes are Christians. They baptize their children. They are not secular.

We are all one people because of moral obligations due to being children of God. Why should I care about you if we are just chromosomes and not images of God?”

CH: “I have a challenge for you that I have presented before, that nobody has taken me up on. If you are a believer, I challenge you to think of one positive statement or one good action that I as a secularist cannot do. Yet many wicked deeds require religion.

I give blood, but I don’t lose it. They gain. Secularists have the Golden Rule. Human solidarity is not divine.

Divinity is needed to shed blood. Only divinity could make a people make their penis bleed.

I look for contradiction and polarization, not common ground. It is how we learn. Thinking requires confrontation, which brings intellectual combat. Heat produces light.”

(Rabbi Wolpe mentioned the word “Shiva” in his reply. After a person dies in Jewish culture, families “sit Shiva,” or mourn, for seven days. Every evening during those seven days a prayer service is held.)

DW: “Believers and non-believers have the same physiology. Yet Shiva meetings, as well as comforting the dying, helps the dying.

Religion has brought us beautiful religious poetry and religious music.

Heat is not the only source of light. There is non-chemical light. It exists inside all of us. Religion inspires. Atheism diminishes us. Feeling that our self is less than eternal makes us unnoble. Insulting our self is not permitted.”

CH: “Only religion can lead to beauty and aesthetics? Not so. Painters, writers, and thinkers who did not believe were murdered.

Praying at deathbeds is not a tautology.

The supernatural and the superstitious leads to the barbaric.”

After a well deserved standing ovation for both men, they went to sign autographed copies of their books. While neither man needs my help getting promoted, they both deserve it.

Christopher Hitchens’s book is, “God is not great: How religion poisons everything.”

David Wolpe, author of “Healer of shattered hearts,” has now authored “Why faith matters.”

(In college, a lighthearted mocking of David Wolpe as a seven year old budding intellectual has him hawking his book, “Healer of broken toys.” I did not participate in the mocking since I did not want to lower my A-. Rabbi Wolpe was a benevolent dictator. The mocking went unpunished, but I did get a better grade.)

Since I had already had Mr. Hitchens autograph my book before the debate, after the debate I sought out Rabbi Wolpe. I let others go in front of me since his Synagogue is one block from my home. I can see him any time. When he autographed my book, I told him “I will be at your Friday night service, but I was not going to ask you to autograph this on the Sabbath.”

He then laughed when I told him, “I told Mr. Hitchens that you gave me an A- in college instead of an A, and that he was to shred your arguments.” As expected, he had complimentary words for Mr. Hitchens.

On the way out, I saw both men sitting next to each other autographing their respective books. I simply told Mr. Hitchens that I found his arguments brilliant. He thanked me.

As for Rabbi Wolpe, he is giving his sermon tonight. It will involve the Jewish effect of the election of our next President-Elect. Even though it is a public speech, I was concerned about blogging about it since it might be off the record. Also, it will be given on a Friday night, the Jewish Sabbath. Writing is not allowed, so I would have to rely on my memory.

Rabbi Wolpe explained that a copy of the sermon might be on his website, and that I should check. I did have permission to blog about it, and he appreciated my ethics in checking with him first.

Smart aleck that I am, I asked him, “Am I allowed to manipulate it?”

He laughed, and I let him get back to the throngs of fans that engulfed both men.

I may have gotten the last word with both men, but that hardly means I “won” anything except significantly deeper insight into complex and important issues.

Besides, I will always have the A-. They both get an A+ from me. I disagree with them both on politics, but remain deferential. After all, students can disagree with their teachers, but must always respect them.

I have much in life to learn, and David Wolpe and Christopher Hitchens are both stellar teachers.


My Interview With Congressman Bob Barr

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr.

Congressman Barr was the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States.

His Vice Presidential running mate was somebody I have met personally and like, Wayne Allan Root.

Although many republicans were not happy to see Bob Barr at the convention, there was no question that he was the darling of the media circuit, particularly along Radio Row. Despite being one of the first people to ever call for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, even Barr might have been surprised at the fact that his most positive reception came from those on the left. They were hoping he would be the difference in the election, in the reverse manner of 2000.

What is undeniable is that Bob Barr is a pleasant guy and a fun person to interview. Below is my interview with Congressman Bob Barr.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

BB: “The economy is most important. We have got to get the government out of the economy and out of our lives. We must have economic freedom. Government should get out of the way regarding our energy policy and stop blocking exploration. Government needs to stop managing housing. That is what contributed to the current climate. We need to stop bleeding the USA treasury dry with domestic expenditures and Iraq.”

2) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

“My political heroes are George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson.”

3) Your Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Root, who I have met, and personally like, made his money by building a sports gambling empire. Should this be a concern, or is it a non-issue for Libertarians?

BB: “It is a non-issue. He fits in perfectly with the Libertarian philosophy.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Bob Barr the person?

BB: “I would like to be remembered as an outstanding President of the United States.”

Well the votes have been counted, and Bob Barr and Wayne Root are not residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nevertheless, for those that believe that the two party system has failed, the libertarian philosophy of being conservative economically and moderate on social issues is an attractive one.

I personally am more of a pragmatist. I want to win elections and govern. Therefore, although I lean libertarian, I do vote republican. However, my parents have a different attitude. I expressed this to Congressman Barr, and he was happy about it.

“Congressman Barr, I just want you to know that my parents detest almost every politician, yet they like you. They think you are one of the only ones worth anything.”

Congressman Barr happily thundered back by saying, “Well tell them I like them too. I look forward to their votes, and look forward to representing them as President.”

He is brash, dogged, and yet very likable. I wish him much success, and hope that he returns to public service in some form, perhaps as a Senator or Governor of Georgia.


My Interview With Senator George Allen

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen.

George Allen is not only a darling of conservatives, he also is from a fabulous family for anybody intelligent enough to appreciate the National Football League. His father, the late George Allen, coached the “Over the Hill Gang” Redskins that made it to the Superbowl in the 1972 season. His brother Bruce Allen was a top executive with the Oakland Raiders before departing to become the General Manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The story of Senator George Allen has an element of tragedy to it. In 2006 he was coasting towards reelection to his Senate seat. He was being mentioned as a Presidential candidate for 2008. Given that there was no staunch conservative in the race at the time, he most likely would have been vaulted into a top tier contender for the White House. While many claim to be the heir to the Reagan legacy, George Allen could say this with credibility.

It all fell apart when he was videotaped making a joke that fell flat. You-tube was in its infancy, and Senator Allen referred to somebody as “macaca.” From now on every moment in politics is referred to as a “macaca moment.” Despite the fact that Joe Biden once referred to Indians and 7-11, and Hillary Clinton made her own Indian joke that bombed, life is not fair. COnservatives are held to unreasonable standards. The attack on George Allen over this moment was a complete hit job, and it wrecked his career. Although he lost his Senate race within a close enough margin to demand a recount, he refused to contest the results. His loss cost republicans the Senate, and the shellshock of the 2006 election was best represented by his stunning defeat.

I hope that one day George Allen is known only for his public service, and not for the fact that his political enemies felt the need to drag a good man down.

When I met him, I told him that I had always wanted to interview him because I was not only a conservative republican blogger, but a major NFL fan who liked his brother Bruce. He asked me if I was a Buccaneers fan. I told him I was not, that I rooted for the Raiders, and was sad that the Bucs took his brother and Jon Gruden from Oakland. He laughed and said that he liked the Raiders as well due to the family tie, even if it was no longer current.

We did a “walk and talk” interview, and that interview is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

GA: “The key issues are energy, security, and maintaining our economic competitiveness.

2) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

GA: “Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, and Margaret Thatcher.”

3) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about George Allen the person?

GA: “I would like to be remembered as a man who kept his word. I advocated principled conservatism. I stuck to Jeffersonian principles.”

4) How do you predict the Buccaneers and the Raiders will do in 2008?

GA: “The Buccaneers…10-6…The Raiders…8-8.”

As a die hard fan of the Silver and Black, I felt Senator Allen was being way too generous. Perhaps he was being diplomatic. Nevertheless, it is nice that somebody could muster something positive to say about the Raiders.

I let the Senator know one last thing.

“Senator Allen, I just wanted you to know that I thought that what was done to you in 2006 was a complete hit job. I appreciate your service, and know that you were right.”

It was a pleasure meeting Senator Allen. I look forward to seeing him achieve even greater success in life. The world…or at least my world…will be better when he returns to public service and his brother Bruce returns to Oakland.


Veterans Day 2008 + Republican Silver Linings

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Today is Veterans Day. I am loathe to mix politics with such a solemn holiday, but the column was pre-written and scheduled for this day.

I honor and celebrate our soldiers, and support their missions with all my being. One retired soldier I wish to pay homage to is my friend Snooper. He was one of the first people that reached out to me when I was a new blogger. Happy Veterans Day Snooper.

Other friends that deserved to be mentioned on such a serious holiday are those at Vets For Freedom, Soldiers Angels,and Sempermax.

My dad is a veteran. I wish him a peaceful day.

Yet one week ago, we had an election. For republicans, we lost. There are many silver linings, but the main one is that we are alive and free. Soldiers put their lives on the line. Losing an election by comparison is nothing. I am sure John McCain would agree. Give him a tip of your cap today.

While the 2008 Election was a dreadful experience for republicans, there is plenty to celebrate even in these worst of times.

Of course I am disappointed with the results. Of course I prefer being in the majority and actually governing than be reduced to minority status. Yet even this election had some reasons for me to smile, or at the very least, be relieved.

The best aspect of Barack Obama being President is who will not be President. As tough as it is for a party to win three straight elections, winning four in a row is virtually impossible. Had we won in 2008, we would have almost certainly gotten our clocks cleaned in 2012. Had Barack Obama lost, the successful nominee for the Democratic Party in 2012 would have been Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is finished. This is cause for massive celebration. There is nothing Obama could do that would be as awful as what Hillary would do. Obama may be wrong on issues, but at least he treats his opponents as human beings. Hillary believes republicans are enemies, and a Presidency with her would be pure poison. There will not be another Democratic party nominee until 2016, when Hillary would be 68 years old. She may also be facing the same difficulty that John McCain faced in 2008, that being an attempt at winning a third straight election for the party. America is safe. She is done.

Another delightful occurrence of an Obama Presidency is the political death of racial hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The men that J.C. Watts referred to as “poverty pimps,” have beaten up their last political hookers. Watching Jesse Jackson cry upon Obama being elected was sheer joy. This man was not crying tears of joy. He was crying at knowing that his own relevance, which should have never existed, had finally been extinguished.

Jesse can claim that he and Martin Luther King just wanted to overcome, but Dr. King never threatened to castrate another black man. Barack Obama managed to balance a political career without abandoning his family. Jesse Jackson found time away from the campaign trail to raise two families with two separate women.

As for Al Sharpton, he can begin hawking Jenny Craig. The last thing Obama wants are riots between Jews and blacks, which seems to be the only skill that Al Sharpton seems good at fomenting.

Who are Jackson and Sharpton going to protest to? What will they do, take it straight to the top? The black man has reached the top, and he did it by not being a racist and an anti-Semite. What an amazing concept.

Yet if the defanging of a nasty woman and a pair of black criminals are reason to smile, then the gay community should leave republicans absolutely jubilant.

I am personally pro-gay rights, but every time I try to support them, they open their mouths and push me in the other direction. I have always believed in the philosophy of “be gay and shut up.” They can’t do it.

In 1992, Bill Clinton wanted to talk about health care. Instead the beginning of his Presidency was bogged down with a furor over allowing gays in the military. The gay community has made rapid advances in recent years. They are closer than ever to getting everything they want. Yet they can’t just shut up. They are determined to eat their own.

Barack Obama wants to deal with the economy. He wants to focus on issues that unite Americans. The last thing he wants is to wade into the culture wars. I know that gay people think that everybody on Earth agrees with them, and that anybody opposing them is a bigot, but when even California does not support gay marriage, they might wish to slow down. Again…Even California said no to gay marriage.

So what are gay people doing? They are rioting in the street. Now I could care less about most activist issues. I just despise people that block traffic. I had an extra long commute home from work the other day because the streets were overrun by a screaming gay mob. This is not the way to appeal to the moderate middle. Will these people have the common sense to leave Barack Obama alone for the first few weeks? Of course not. Republicans should sit back and watch the gay community cannibalize one of their supporters.

Now Obama could show political courage and have the guts to admit that he really does support gay marriage. That is a non-starter. He is a liberal. Political courage and liberalism are mutually exclusive.

This country has been on a rightward drift since Barry Goldwater lost in 1964. It moved further in 1980. Despite the liberals convincing themselves in 1992 that they were going to change the world whether it wanted to be changed or not, by 1994 order had been restored.

Conservatives need to be patient. On Veterans Day, just remember that the moment the liberals try to look the troops in the eye and explain why they are surrendering in Iraq and slashing the military budget, the pendulum will shift again.

Liberals can whine and cry all they like about how much they love the troops. If they do, they should listen to them for once in their myopic lives.

The troops will continue to perform in a noble and brilliant manner, and as soon as the democrats are done cannibalizing each other as they always do, the troops will have a government that actually supports them emotionally and financially.