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Trojans–Under Sufist Control

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

It seems that USC now stands for “Under Sufist Control.”

As somebody who has his MBA from the University of Southern California, it is of deep concern to see a proud university sink to what math classes referred to what kids now call Liquid Crystal Display.

A recent symposium on campus was entitled “Islam and Nationalism: Transnational Charisma and Traveling Spirits.”

Liberals scoff when I point out that they want to sing “Kumbaya” with people who want to kill us. For those born after 1990, the left wants Osama Bin Laden and America to settle their differences on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The key word to this conference was “charisma.” Radical Islam inspires many images, but Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are not part of the equation. Only a university symposium would suggest otherwise.

The main event at this gathering was Professor Laurie A. Brand, the current director of the University of Southern California School of International Relations. Among her qualifications is a degree in French. I went to Hebrew school as a child, and look forward to being the ambassador to Mozambique.

Five small tables were set up for the throngs, but even with lunch being served, there were empty seats.

The flyer for the program itself offered food for thought, if one defines thought as a deep sleep.

“The Arabic word for charisma, baraka (the source of our president’s name), refers to a god-given power to lead people on a holy struggle for liberation.”

“While Islamic liberation has reached the West primarily as a war against ‘American imperialism,’ it is also present in such disparate practices as Sufi dances and whirling dervishes, the spiritual quest for transcendence.”

Oh, those adorable, graceful Islamists, elegantly whirling and dervishing their way into our hearts and universities. Maybe they truly are trying to kill us with kindness, but 9/11 suggested otherwise.

It is easy for Ms. Brand to be the whirler-in-chiefat UCLA. In the Islamists countries she would have her limbs cut off for being an outspoken woman at the moment she twirled. Islamists prefer their women do less  whirling dervishing and more indentured servicing.

As for the “substance” of this surprisingly brief event, it consisted of standard thinly veiled excuses for the poor misunderstood Islamists.

One misunderstood group were the “Tar-tars,” a saucy group which have been spread out throughout history on fish and chips.

Ms. Brand began offered Tar-Tar saucy words that were not even the fifth cousin of wisdom.

“Tar-Tar’s made a point to those willing to listen that they weren’t like the Huns.”

“Buldars, the ancestors of the Tar-Tars, converted to Islam voluntarily.”

“They take pride that Islam wasn’t foreign conquest but instead voluntary.”

Conversion to Islam is not necessary. We infidels can be killed. Now if that is not the freedom of choice that the Founding Fathers fought to preserve, I don’t know what is.

As with anything else, these conferences would not be complete without the obligatory worship of everything politically leftist.

“Communism can be a fit, and should be a fit for Islam too.”

After that came USC Professor of Anthropology Janet Hoskins and USC Assistant Professor of Sociology and American Studies and Ethnicity Macarena Gomez Barris.

She is not believed to be the same Macarena Gomez who appeared in the movie “Sexykiller,” found on the website “Terror Hotties: Women of Horror.” Nevertheless, she is most likely the most terrible Macarena Gomez on campus, and her remarks were horrid enough.

Ms. Hoskins and Ms. Barris offered the typical remarks about the European colonizers and the poor Arab and Muslim victims. Great pains were meant to differentiate Algeria, which was violated by the French, to the poor British Empire victims of Egypt and Jordan. Lebanon was mentioned in passing, but colonization of Lebanon by Syria was shockingly omitted.

Ms. Hoskins did ask an important and refreshingly honest question.

“How do we reproduce history if we don’t have archives from the past?”

Honest answers were not forthcoming. The solution was to blame the French. After all, evil colonizers destroyed the true history.

Yes, the poodle ate their homework.

Despite Macarena Barris awkwardly dancing 1990s style , she did offer another honest sentence that provided the real glimpse into the thinking of campus “historians.”

“Narratives don’t change much, yet are not fixed.”

A more truthful interpretation can be offered by those admired Communist Russians. They are fond of saying, with regards to their historical narrative, that “The future is known. It is the past that is always changing.”

A less fancy way of explaining this is that when it is difficult to create a narrative, just create a narrative.

This is how students learn that peaceful and tolerant Muslims were abused by Huns and other European crusaders.

No. The problem is the caped crusaders. They are not Batman, and the only Joker gave this lecture. Like Gotham City, our campuses will not be safe until students learn that there is nothing romantic or culturally beautiful about radical Jihadists. There are no dervishes. The only whirling consists of the trajectory of the planes into our towers.

USC might wish to teach that lesson. No more “Dancing with the Tar-Tars.”


Massachusetts Blue Shirt Republican Wednesday

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave.

Good. I never liked him and still don’t.

In Obamaworld, that comment would be considered bipartisan.

At least with me you get sincerity.

Welcome to Massachusetts Blue Shirt Republican Wednesday.

Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley by a slightly bigger margin than Barack Obama defeated John McCain.

(Do not confuse Martha Coakley with Martha Moxley. Martha Moxley was the woman murdered by Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel.)

There will be no recounts, hanging chads, liberal lawyers, or any other attempts to steal one for Teddy.

Ms. Coakley gave a very gracious concession speech. Her comments about Mr. Brown’s daughters were very classy. I have no beef with her.

As for Barack Obama, his plan was to scare the daylights out of Massachusetts voters by letting them know that Scott Brown was good for “Wall Street bankers,” as if they are the ones trying to ram through a health care plan that is the biggest toxic asset in history.

Barack Obama put his prestige on the line. Can we now finally admit that this guy doesn’t matter?

He is utterly and completely irrelevant, a victim of his own arrogance.

Massachusetts had the closest thing in America to Obamacare. If it was working, the people would not object to it nationally.

This race was a referendum on Obamacare, and only Obamacare.

In early 1994 Bill and Hillary Clinton were advised to moderate or risk losing the congress. They ignored Dick Morris, and listened to liberal pollster Stanley Greenberg instead. Greenberg advised them to make the election a referendum on Clinton vs. Reagan. Reagan won by a landslide. Bill did not care about losing the jobs of others. Only when confronted with losing his own job did the First Narcissist in Chief moderate.

Barack Obama will make the same mistake. He could moderate now and try and work on piecemeal legislation. Instead he will double down, and make the midterms a referendum on his own policies vs. George W. Bush.

Bring it on Mr. Obama. It won’t work this time. Just ask the people you promised a tax cut that never got one. Better yet, ask the 300 people that were nearly blown to kingdom come over Detroit. Even better yet, ask the New Yorkers watching helplessly as you let KSM get a civilian trial. Mr. Obama, your State of the Union speech should be a blank piece of paper, keeping with the empty blank slate that is your empty suit.

Dubya had a 50/50 senate and got his tax cuts through. Obama can’t get legislation passed with 60 because nobody respects him.

People can claim that Scott Brown ran a good campaign and Coakley did not. This desperate attempt to shove Coakley under the bus will not save Mr. Obama. He was the albatross around her neck.

So what happens now? Will the Democrats try to delay seating Senator-Elect Brown?

Let them try.

Democrats win because they possess a ruthlessness that Republicans never seem to match.

If Democrats try to pass Obamacare through crooked means, then people should storm the d@mn building. They can turn on the fire hoses if need be. Mess up Barbara Boxer’s hair (not that people would notice any difference).

Hide Robert Byrd’s wheelchair if need be.

Yeah, I said it. For all we know he died five years ago and the Democrats have the guy from “Weekend at Bernie’s” making him look lifelike.

Insensitive? Democrats fight to the death. Ed Schultz advocated lying, cheating, and stealing to win.

For those wondering why I am so combative when my side won, it is because I am not going to be complacent. Celebrate Tuesday night, and get back to work on Wednesday.

Liberals did everything they could to try and steal this seat. First Ted Kennedy took the power of choosing a Senator away from Governor Romney. Then when Kennedy was dying, he tried to cancel the special election rule he had enacted and give the power to Deval Patrick.

Republicans are crazy if they get happy over this for too long. Democrats will do whatever they can to pull tricks like this in every race in 2010. For those who thought the Washington State Governor’s race was thievery, that was a pebble. The Democrats are planning the mushroom cloud of surprises. Republicans had better be ready.

On a happier note, Massachusetts voters really seem to like tall, handsome guys with good hair. Scott Brown even looks like Mitt Romney,

Speaking of looks, Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla is available. She is hot, and I will be sending my resume.

As for the election, now only one tactic remains.

I can’t wait until the left blames the voters for this.

Chicago thugs just got some push back. They are going to retaliate harshly.

Republicans had better be prepared for reprisals.

The Democrats are on a scorched Earth campaign. They suffered a setback yesterday.

This was a big win, but there is more work to do.

As for the blue shirt reference, several of us Republicans at a stockbrokerage firm a few years ago used to wear blue shirts on Wednesdays.

Today is as good a day as any to break them out again.

Now to sit back and watch the liberals tear each other’s eyes out.

It couldn’t happen to nicer people.

Regime change is now complete in Massachusetts. The people have been liberated.

Emperor Obama has no clothes.

Republicans are storming back.

One senate seat down, one John Kerry anti-war protester gasbag to go.

Now that is change I can believe in.

Rest in peace Senator Kennedy. Give my best to Mary Jo Kopechne.


Massachusetts Short Shrift Tuesday

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

I have not spent any time at all covering the Massachusetts Senate race because I do not spend every waking minute covering every single moment in a campaign unless it is a Presidential election.

Like everybody else, I will look at the results and analyze them.

So on Massachusetts Short Shrift Tuesday, I will just offer some disjointed musings.

1) There are no moral victories. Putting a scare into the Democrats by losing closely does nothing for me. Near scares change nothing. We almost lost 300 people due to a Christmas bomber. Almost did not happen thank God, and nothing changed. If we lose, we lost. That’s it.

2) Polls mean nothing. The polls had John Kerry winning the White House and Doug Hoffman winning the NY special election. Turnout is key. Forget C-Span. Watch the Weather Channel.

3) Republicans need to win by 6 or 7 points. The left is already preparing thousands of lawyers and ACORN thugs. They will lie, cheat, and steal. Health care reform is at stake, and they will fight to the death for this seat. Be prepared for a blood feud if we win by less than 5 points.

4) The left will claim that any loss has nothing to do with Obama. They will claim that Martha Coakley is the dumbest candidate on Earth. Yes, she ran an awful campaign. This does not change the fact that opposition to Obamacare is what gave the GOP  a fighting chance to begin with. It also does not change the fact that Obama cannot rescue anybody. He has no coattails. None. I will say that if she wins, Obama will get all the credit. Coakley was up by 30 and down by single digits. It had nothing to do with him.

5) If Scott Brown wins and there is an attempt to deny him the seat until Obamacare is passed, that will be a bloody mess. We will know how far in the gutter the left will go, claiming conservatives do it too. No, we don’t. I am not sure they will try this, because the moderates will push back out of fear.

6) I don’t want any Republicans pounding the notion that the Democrats are in trouble. In 1980 the media said the presidential race was too close to call. In 1994 a week before the election the media still had Democrats keeping congress. Let the other side learn the hard way. If we peak too early, we might get humbled. Let the media wonder what happened, not give them time to figure it out.

7) Despite this being Kennedy territory, Martha Coakley was not the woman murdered by a Kennedy. That was Martha Moxley who was murdered by Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel. Those getting this wrong really need to read more. Martha Moxley and Mary Jo Kopechne were killed. Martha Coakley is alive and well, and will hopefully be a healthy private citizen for years to come.

8) Endorsements mean nothing. Curt Schilling and Tom Brady will not sway voters.

9) Martha Coakley should be hammered with every bit of ferocity as Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, and George W. Bush. I prefer debating issues, but until the left stops being abusive, we need to hit back harder. Ms. Coakley may not be an imbecile. So what? Payback. No more unilateral Republican disarmament.

10) No matter who wins, John Kerry is still an insufferable gasbag, who oh by the way served in Vietnam.

I think Coakley will win because even if she is behind in the votes, the left will steal it anyway. Republicans never learn. We are Charlie Brown kicking the football until we prove otherwise.

Now to watch the votes come in.


Welcome Back Jack

Monday, January 18th, 2010

In Golden Globes news, nobody cares. That concludes my report on the Golden Globes.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a legacy of non-violence. He was gunned down by another man that refused to share his vision. It saddens me that I refuse to accept his peaceful approach. I just do not believe it will ever work. May he rest in peace. I will not say any more about him since my words run counter to his, and today is his day.

The real world of pain can return tomorrow. Today is one more day of escapism. Apologies in advance, but on this day I am celebrating justified violence.


“When I arrive…I will bring the fire…make you come alive…I can take you higher…let it rock, let it rock, let it rock…When I arrive…I will bring the fire…make you come alive…I can take you higher…let it rock, let it rock, let it rock…”

The ticking of the clock only meant one thing…Jack Bauer has returned.

As the NFL Playoff games wound down yesterday, the bucketshot of testosterone went all Sunday night as “24” returned to television for its eighth season.

There are many events going on the world. The world is on fire. Escapism can only last for so long. When it does, boy is it pleasurable.

For those that love to attack conservatives for being unable to separate reality from fantasy, I am well aware that 24 is just a tv show. Jack Bauer is fictional. That does not change the fact that his methods of doing things are right.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed is getting a civilian trial in New York City. A home grown terrorist in Fort Hood, Texas murdered 12 people. An underwear bomber nearly murdered 300 people on Christmas. Our government did nothing. It was private citizens on the plane that saved the day.

Our current government is willing to let people get blown to Kingdom Come all so they can get an ACLU endorsement that isn’t worth a d@mn thing.

Our enemies are cutting off heads and limbs. We can’t even make Al Qaeda go bobbing for underwater evidence, even though nobody died from waterboarding. When we waterboarded KSM, he gave us actionable intelligence that helped disrupt hundreds of other plots.

Maybe when liberals have their own homes blown up they will learn that self-righteousness does not save lives. Dealing harshly with the bad guys does. This is not nationalism or jingoism. It is realism.

Very few people know anything about military matters. One person who does is Colonel David Hunt. If you want to be scared spitless…let me rephrase…whether you want it or not, you need to be…his attitude toward torture is a very reasonable one. He wrote the book “They Just Don’t Get It.” The book should be mandatory reading for everyone.

Colonel David Hunt confessed on live television that in his 30 year military career, he had to do it twice. He said we should stop being ambiguous about it and just say we do it. He made it clear that he was not proud of doing it, but he believed he did the right thing, and would have done it again. If we are going to do it, be honest about it.

Colonel Ralph Peters is another man that knows what he is talking about. I met him the other day, and I have just started reading his new book, “The War After Armageddon.” I interviewed him a few months ago, and will have more to say about this fine hero in the coming days.

As he says about his book, it starts dark, gets darker, and ends as dark as possible. His concern about Jack Bauer is not the methods, but the fact that in the real world, there often is no happy ending. We cannot sit back and wait for Jack Bauer to show up. In the real world, either we kill the bad guys, or we all end up dead.

Colonel Hunt and Colonel Peters are retired now. Yet they are more in the know than most people on this planet. Another one we need to know is Colonel Bill Cowan.  He put it bluntly when he said, “I am against waterboarding. Let me say this again clearly. I am against waterboarding. I prefer electricity.”

Colonel Cowan does not have bloodlust. Far from it. He wants the bad guys killed so that no more Americans end up dead.

The current administration does not have a zero tolerance policy. They will allow a certain number of dead Americans. Perhaps had 300 been murdered on Christmas, they would have taken action. Maybe that number is high enough. A dozen dead in Texas is too low a number. Maybe the number is in between.

As the current administration plans to close Guantanamo Bay and give terrorists full legal rights, our enemies plot to murder us. Several soldiers punch a terrorist in the face, and the soldiers end up on trial. This is liberalism in its ugliest most harmful form.

Jack Bauer would be beating up bad guys. He would be jamming his gun wherever he needed to as long as it got results. He does not do it out of joy, but out of necessity. He would not apologize, and he would not back down in a Senate hearing when questioned by pompous gasbags that know nothing.If he called Barbara Boxer “mam,” she would shut up and take it.

Welcome back Jack. America has been overrun by liberal pansies. This is the new real world.

I think for one more day, I will stick to fantasy land where capturing and killing terrorists and saving American lives is more important than smug, lofty proclamations of moral superiority.

Mr. Obama loves his children. God forbid Sasha or Malia were kidnapped, he would be hiring 1000 Jack Bauers to take any measures necessary to keep them safe.

The world will be a better place when he drops his cool facade and begins to show an ounce of emotion about anybody else’s children.

Go get ’em Mr. Bauer. Get every last one of them.

As for our real soldiers, the president cannot prosecute all of you. Do what you have to do.


NFL 2009-2010–Divisionals Recap

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

December has become January, and the Wild Cards have given way to the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.

Enough talk. Let’s get to football.

Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints–Sean Payton saw his Saints start 13-0 before losing 3 straight. Ken Whisenhunt saw his pinball machine win a war of attrition in the wildcard last week 51-45 in overtime. This would ignite the debate of rest vs. rust, and the offenses were expected to put the game on tilt.  On the very first play from scrimmage, a shellshocked New Orleans crowd watched Tim Hightower race through the line for a 68 yard touchdown run and 7-0 Cardinals lead 19 seconds into the game. Drew Brees calmly led the Saints on a 10 play, 5 minute drive. A pair of completions to Jeremy Shockey set up a one yard Hamilton run to tie the game 7-7.

On the next series for the Cardinals, the first play was far less successful. Kurt Warner completed a pass to Jeremy Urban for a 30 yard gain, but Urban fumbled the ball and Darren Sharper returned it to the Arizona 37. Brees hit Shockey from 20 yards out to put the Saints up 14-7 with 3 1/2 quarters still to play. The Cardinals punted, and the already thin Arizona defense saw Dominique Rogers-Cromartie go down with an injury. On the next play, several mistackles allowed Reggie Bush to break off a 46 yard touchdown run to have the Saints up 21-7.

In the second quarter the Cardinals dodged a major bullet. Warner went deep and was intercepted by Darren Sharper, but a questionable roughing the passer call kept the Cardinals on the move. Beanie Wells ran it in from 4 yards out to get the Cardinals back within 21-14. The Saints kept the foot on the accelerator as a perfectly executed flea flicker became a 44 yard touchdown pass from Brees to Devry Henderson to have the Saints up 28-14.

Warner, under heavy pressure, threw an interception to Will Smith. To make matters worse, Warner got rocked on the interception return. With a short field, Brees hit Henderson for a 4 yard touchdown to have the Saints up 35-14 with just over one minute left in the half. Warner remained injured on the bench as Matt Leinart came in, effectively ending the game because he is Matt Leinart. Leinart did complete passes to Larry Fitzgerald and Jeremy Urban, but a 51 yard Neil Rackers field goal attempt at the halftime gun was just short.

Kurt Warner came back for the Cardinals to start the third quarter, but Arizona failed to move the ball as he faced heavy pressure. Brees moved the Saints again. A couple of near touchdown completions fell just short, and the Saints settled for a 43 yard field goal and 38-14 lead. The Cardinals punted again, and Reggie Bush delivered the knockout blow by returning it 83 yards for another touchdown. The Saints had put the game away midway through the third quarter, and would be playing in the NFC Title Game on their home field. 45-14 Saints

Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts–Although the Ravens only lost to the Colts 17-15 in Baltimore earlier this year, the game was expected to be different in Indy on the carpet. John Harbaugh saw his Ravens throttle New England on the road last week. As for the Colts, the seamless transition from Tony Dungy to Jim Caldwell was helped by the only 4 time MVP Peyton Manning. Manning went right to work at the outset, but the drive stalled at the Baltimore 27. Former Ravens kicker Matt Stover has been given the nod over injured Adam Vinatieri for the Colts, and his 44 yard kick had the Colts up 3-0 early on.

Joe Flacco responded well by bringing the Ravens 87 yards in 15 plays. On 3rd and goal from the 6, Flacco threw right into the arms of Colts defender Antoine Bethe, who appeared ready to race 100 yards in the other direction. Bethea dropped the interception, allowing Billy Cundiff to kick the 25 yard field goal to tie the game 3-3 after an 8 minute drive.

The rest of the half became a war of attrition. The Ravens defense was dictating the pace of the game to the Colts offense. Neither side could move until very late in the half. Manning led an 8 minute, 14 play, 75 yard drive, including a 4th down conversion gamble by Jim Caldwell that barely picked up the first down. At the 2 minute warning, on 1st and goal from the 10, Manning hit Austin Collie to give the Colts the 10-3 lead.

The Ravens failed to move the ball, and Manning got the ball back with 90 seconds in the half and 2 timeouts. A critical pass interference call on the defense had the Colts in the red zone. A pass to the end zone by Collie would have been a touchdown had Collie not gotten belted by Ray Lewis. However, Lewis was flagged for helmet to helmet contact on Collie, and the Colts had 1st and goal at the 7 with 17 seconds left. With 7 seconds left and no timeouts, Caldwell was considering the field goal when Manning asked for one more play from the 4. Most coaches would kick the field goal, but most coaches do not have the field general. Manning fired a strike to Reggie Wayne that just barely reached beyond the goal line as the Colts led 17-3 at halftime.

The defenses took over again, but with 6 minutes left in the third quarter, a wild sequence of events took place. Facing 4th and 3 at the Indy 45, Flacco fired incomplete and the Colts got the ball back on downs. Manning went back to pass, fired deep, and was intercepted by Ed Reed. Reed returned it about 30 yards when the ball was punched out of his hand. Dallas Clark recovered it to give the Colts the ball back. A few plays later Manning fired and was intercepted by Ed Reed again. Reed returned it all the way to the Indy 5 yard line. Yet again the Ravens killed themselves as the interception was nullified by defensive pass interference. Indy took over at the Baltimore 37. 90 seconds into the fourth quarter, Stover nailed a 33 yard field goal to put the Colts up 20-3 and pretty much turn out the lights.

With 9 minutes to play, Ray Rice barreled over tacklers, but then coughed up the ball to the Colts. With 5 minutes to play Flacco went deep and was intercepted by Antoine Bethea to snuff out any remaining hope. The expected matchup of the Colts offense and the Ravens defense was overshadowed by a stifling Colts defense and an offense that did just enough. That was enough for the Colts to be at home next weekend for the AFC Title Game. 20-3 Colts

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings–Several weeks ago Wade Phillips and Tony Romo were walking the plank before back to back wins over Philadelphia launched them to a division championship and date with Minnesota. Away from the 1.2 billion Jerry Jones Metropolis, they would face the Vikings. Brett Favre may or may not be in his final season, but nobody wants to discuss that now. Vikings coach Brad Childress is bald and catholic.

Despite a jacked up Minnesota crowd, early on it was Dallas moving the ball. A promising drive ended when Romo got sacked and fumbled, and Minnesota recovered on their own 35. Favre got sacked and Minnesota went 3 and out. Dallas moved the ball again, but on 4th and 1 from the Minnesota 31, Wade Phillips decided not to gamble. The 48 yard field goal by Sean Suisham was no good, since this year kickers are a gamble anyway. Despite controlling the clock, the game remained scoreless. Then it happened. The 4-Ever Man did it again. Favre went back, and unleashed a bomb to Sidney Rice, who caught it in stride to Sidney Rice for a 47 yard touchdown and a 7-0 Vikings lead.

In the second quarter the Cowboys continued to move the ball well, as Romo directed the Cowboys with relative ease to a 1st and goal at the 10. Again the Cowboys bogged down, and a sack of Romo led to another field goal attempt. From 33 yards out, Suisham connected, and the Cowboys were within 7-3. Favre then put on a clinic on his next drive, with running plays from Adrian Peterson mixed in with short passes. From the Dallas 15, Favre rolled out, avoided a sack of a defender clutching his Jersey, and fired to Rice again for the touchdown as the Vikings led 14-3 midway through the second quarter.

Disaster continued to befall Dallas as Romo got hit by Jared Allen, leading to Romo’s 3rd fumble of the game and 2nd lost one. Minnesota took over at the Dallas 17 with a chance to end the suspense. A quick completion to Bernard Berrian set up 1st and goal at the 6. The drive went nowhere after that, and the 24 yard field goal by Ryan Longwell had the Vikings up 17-3 with 4 minutes left in the half. The half ended with Dallas fumbling a punt, falling on it, and a failed hail mary when Romo was eventually sacked.

In the third quarter the Vikings punted, and Dallas had excellent field position. Again the Cowboys moved the ball, and again they self-destructed. Back to back sacks led to another missed field goal by Suisham, a 49 yarder just wide. Favre moved the Vikings in position for a 53 yard Longwell field goal, but Brad Childress opted for the punt instead. A perfect punt had the Cowboys starting their next drive from the 2 yard line. After an exchange of punts, Romo, under heavy pressure, was intercepted, giving the Vikings the ball at the Cowboys 18 as the third quarter came to a close. The Dallas defense again held, but a 28 yard Longwell field goal seconds into the fourth quarter had the Vikings in command 20-3.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Favre delivered the dagger, connecting with Rice  third time, again on a long touchdown bomb of 45 yards. With 2 minutes to go, Favre threw his 4th touchdown pass to end the scoring,. an 11 yarder to Vicente Shiancoe. Dallas was done for the year, and the 40 year old Iron Man was on his way to New Orleans for another NFC Title Game. 34-3 Vikings

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers–Rex Ryan has a defense that his father Buddy can be proud of, as the 9-7 Jets knocked around Cincinnati on the road last week. This week they face the pinball machine offense of Philip Rivers and the Chargers in San Diego. Norv Turner has seen his Chargers win 11 straight, but knows that if this team does not go deep into the playoffs, the naysayers like myself will continue to howl. These teams met 5 years ago in the playoffs. The Chargers were heavily favored, but San Diego kicker Nate Kaeding missed a pair of critical field goals, as the Jets won on the road in overtime. Kaeding has had a great season, but that Jets game may still haunt him.

The Jets wanted a slow pace, and they got it as both teams early on settled in for a long hard slog. The Chargers had some success moving the ball, but Nate Kaeding missed a 36 yard field goal. The Jets could not get anything going on offense. Early in the second quarter, defensive pass interference on the Jets had the Chargers in the red zone. From 15 yards out, Rivers hit Chris Wilson in the back of the end zone for a touchdown and a 7-0 Chargers lead. The Jets reached the San Diego 38 when Rex Ryan decided to punt on 4th and 5. Nate Kaeding missed a 57 yard field goal to close the half.

The Jets took the second half kickoff, and 5 minutes later they faced 4th and 1 at the San Diego 28. Rex Ryan could have challenged the spot of the ball, but instead he called a timeout. He decided to kick the field goal on the road, and Jay Feely nailed the 46 yard kick to get the Jets to within 7-3. The Jets got the ball back, but under heavy pressure Sanchez forced a ball into coverage that was deflected and intercepted. Rivers then went deep, yet a ball that was bobbled and juggled somehow never hit the ground, bouncing off a player’s leg before Darrell Revis intercepted it while on the ground to give the ball back to the Jets.

The Jets punted, forcing the Chargers to start at their own 4. Rivers was intercepted again at the very end of the third quarter in his own territory, and Jim Leonard returned it to the San Diego 16. One play later a routine running play was followed by a defensive personal foul for a headbutt. The fourth quarter began with the Jets facing 1st and goal from the San Diego 8. 90 secodns later, on 3rd and goal from the 2, Sanchez rolled out, bought time, and fired a strike to Justin Keller. The Jets led 10-7 and looked for the stunning upset.

The Chargers began by Antonio Cromartie fumbling the ensuing kickoff. Darren Sproles fell on it to save the Chargers from disaster. On 3rd and long, Rivers got nailed and another fumble ensued. The Chargers recovered and punted. Jerricho Cotcherry took the booming kick from Mike Scifres at his own 8 and got it back to the Jets 34 with 9 1/2 minutes in regulation. On 3rd and 4, Sanchez threw a short bullet to Cotcherry for the 1st down. From the New York 47, one play changed the game. A handoff up the middle turned a desired time consuming drive into a quick score. Sean Greene, who is not Jewish, barreled over a tackler and raced 53 yards for a score in front of a dumbstruck San Diego crowd. With 7 1/2 minutes to play, the Jets led 17-7. Hitting an opponent in the mouth is an overused cliche, but this Rex Ryan team was belting San Diego on both sides of the ball.

The key would be if the Jets could hold on. San Diego took over after a short kickoff on their own 48. Rivers passed them to a 4th and 2 at the New York 23. Norv Turner brought in Nate Kaeding for the 40 yard kick. Kaeding had already missed from 48 and 57, but he had never missed 3 kicks in one game. Now he has. With 4 1/2 minutes left, he missed it. Rex Ryan pumped his fists. The Jets ran 3 straight plays, forcing the Chargers to use their timeouts. The Chargers took the punt at their own 37 with 3:45 left.

Rivers went deep to Vincent Jackson. He was well covered, but made an acrobatic catch at the Jets 20. Rex Ryan challenged that his feet came down inbounds. The play was ruled a catch, but in a bizarre episode, Vincent Jackson was flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for kicking the challenge flag. San Diego was moved back to the New York 35 with 3 minutes to play. Rivers hit Sproles for 19 yards to the Jets 16. Rivers hit Jackson at the one foot line, and then snuck it in himself for the touchdown. The Chargers had only one timeout and 2:14 on the clock as they lined up for the onsides kick. Every Jets fan on Earth had la lump in their throats.

Punter Mike Scifres kicked it instead of Kaeding. The kick was perfect, but the Jets grabbed it out of the air. The hope was that the running game would finish things so Sanchez would not have to risk a throw. From the San Diego 38, a handoff went nowhere as the 2 minute warning hit. Another handoff picked up 4 yards as San Diego took their last timeout with 1:55 left. Green ran for 5 yards. With everything on the line, the Jets faced 4th and 1 at the San Diego 29. The decision of a lifetime awaited, and Rex Ryan decided to go for it. This man has balls of steel. 1:09 remained, and failing to convert meant the Chargers needed only a field goal to tie. Converting it ended the game. Thomas Jones, who had been a human battering ram all game, did it one more time. He picked up the first down. Ballgame!

The losing culture of the Jets is now officially over. There are no more ghosts. Rex Ryan talked all year, and he backed it up. As for Norv Turner, I have been his toughest critic, but don’t blame this on him. This game was very similar to the 1995 playoffs. Marty Schottenheimer had the 13-3 Chiefs and they faced the 9-7 Colts. The Colts wona shocker 10-7 when Chiefs quarterback STeve Bono threw 3 interceptions and Lin Elliot missed 3 field goals. This game had 2 Rivers picks and 3 Kaeding misses. I will never forget the commentary after Elliot’s last miss.

Paul Maguire: I hate Kickers. They should be paid $50 a game.

Joe Theismann: Lin Elliot is the loneliest man in Kansas City. It will be a long flight.

Maguire: It doesn’t matter because Lin Elliott’s not going to be a Chief next year. They might not let him on the plane or drop him overboard. Forget $50. They should be paid 25 cents.

(Lin Elliott was not a Chief the next year. As for Kaeding, we shall see.)

Yes, a Norv Turner team blew up when it counted, but this was a case of getting out-physicaled. With everything on the line, Rex Ryan trusted his players. Some say the Jets have no shot against Indy next week, but they have been counted out the whole season. 17-14 Jets

Four teams remain.

AFC Title Game: New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts

NFC Title Game: Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

One week from now we will have our Super Bowl contenders.

I am already chomping at the bit.

Bring it on!


Solace Saturday

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Before getting to football, like many of you, I am watching the events unfold in Haiti. I cannot look at the screen, yet I cannot turn it off either.

I watched Joe Biden speak this morning. I have been very critical of him, but this time he really struck the right tone. He called the tragedy “unimaginable.” He then pointed out that politicians often resort to hyperbole to describe various situations, but this one really is unimaginable.

One thing I will say about Joe Biden is that when he speaks about human suffering, he is speaking from the heart. He has had more pain than most of us will ever know, losing his first wife and child in a car accident 30 years ago.

He pointed out that Haiti has only one airport, which creates a bottleneck in terms of getting supplies to Haiti in a timely manner.

He also said that the first goal of everyone is just to stay alive.

I have the luxury of saying that I do not want to talk about this any more. The Haitians do not have that luxury. I just want to escape today. Maybe that makes me insensitive, or maybe it just makes me human. Either way I am going to enjoy escapism and seek solace this weekend by watching football. That is what I did after 9/11 and Katrina.

The National Football League donated 2.5 million dollars to the relief effort. As always, the NFL has come through quickly and nobly.

As for me, here are my NFL predictions.

Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints

The Saints did lose 3 straight to end the season, but the Cardinals got carved up on defense last week despite winning. If this game turns into a track meet between Drew Brees and Kurt Warner, give the Saints the edge at home. Saints win

Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts–The Ravens played the Colts tough earlier this year in Baltimore, but on the carpet the Colts have the advantage at home. The Ravens benefited from turnovers and starting field position from the opposing red zone. Not this time.  Peyton Manning will throw with abandon. Colts win

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings–The Cowboys looked very solid in back to back wins over Philly, and are the trendy pick to run the table now. Minnesota is unbeaten at home this year, and they will stay this way. Tony Romo has played well, but Brett Favre is on a mission. The key to this game is not Favre or Adrian Peterson, but Percy Harvin. He is a field position game breaker, and should be the difference. Vikings win

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers–The Jets are a great feel good story, and they are a Buddy Ryan team in every sense of the word under his son Rex. Hard running and defense often works, but the San Diego offense under Phillip Rivers should provide an aerial assault. The Jets are building something special for the long haul under Mark Sanchez, but they have reached their limit this year. Chargers win

Yes, I took all the home teams and the top seeds. I know that takes no skill. Those are my opinions.

Before the year started, I had the Cowboys at the Vikings in the NFC Title Game. They are playing one week early, but I got it right for the most part. The Vikings were the # 2 seed, and the Cowboys did beat up New Orleans.

The AFC had me picking the Titans and the Patriots. When the playoffs started I still felt New England could do some damage. Ok, so the AFC was not even close for me.

Often wrong, but never in doubt.

Now to enjoy some solace, thankful that I can.


From Haiti to the Hudson

Friday, January 15th, 2010

As a New Yorker living in Los Angeles, I still cannot make sense of what the people of Haiti are going through.

I have tried to process it, and I cannot come up with anything.

Sometimes in life, there are no answers.

For those offering news analysis, you are better than me. I have nothing to offer but my own opinions. How can anybody offer news when an event we cannot explain caused damage we cannot estimate for reasons we will never fathom?

Thousands of people dead? Just because?

I may be captain obvious, but I am not captain arbitrary.

Like many, I am praying.

Other than that, my attempt to avoid anger at people who have nothing to do with this tragedy has failed.

On a presidential level, President Obama did the right thing. He responded swiftly and appropriately. I felt he was way too slow to respond to previous events such as the Christmas bomber and the Fort Hood terrorist. I am not going to criticize the President on this one. He got it right. I just hope that his new quick response time shows that he has learned how important it is for a United States President to be seen when things like this happen. He has the bully pulpit, and it is absolutely appropriate for him to use it in times like this.

I also want any nation that continues to criticize America to put a sock in it. We feed, clothe, protect, and defend the world. We are good people. We have opened up our hearts and our wallets. We are not imperialists. The best of the human spirit can be found in this nation.

Americans also know when to put aside partisan politics. We fight over health care legislation and special elections in places like Massachusetts, but we are of one mind on helping Haiti. The relief will arrive quickly because we know what truly matters. We understand what being American is about. Those who criticize us unfairly should knock it off and see how we are helping.

So far the left has not used this tragedy to bash conservatives and Christians, especially in the wake of the comments of Pat Robertson. Those paying attention should notice that every single mainstream conservative condemned the remarks. This includes devout Christians. They found the remarks as idiotic as I did. I would even argue that the remarks were sinful.

People may have their issues with Billy and Franklin Graham, but they are trying to help ina  big way. Give them their due on this one.

Bill Clinton pointed out that the people need four things: water, food, shelter, and medicine. Anybody offering this should be praised, not be told “your money is no good here.”

The thing that really riles me about all of this is the fact that it was Haiti.

Think about it. Who have the people of Haiti ever bothered? What has Haiti ever done to offend anybody?

Israel fights with the Arabs. Catholics and Protestants killed each other in Northern Ireland. Even the people of Thailand, who I was told love everybody, don’t like the Malasians.

Nobody dislikes Haiti.

Which brings me to the one source of anger I have in my search for answers.

Where are the Arab Muslim nations with their petrodollars?

Look, if it was a Jewish country they would name the place Hatey. That would be short for Jew-Hatey.

There are no Jews in Haiti.

Yes, there are Americans in Haiti, but Haiti is no reflexive American puppet. It is the poorest Western nation, and it is nowhere near as Americanized as Canada.

This means that there is no reason for the Arabs to treat Haiti like Hatey.

I keep hearing that their is an outpouring of international support.

Guess which portion of the world is not stepping up in proportion to its vast wealth.

My contempt for these countries stems from the fact that they bring nothing positive to this world.

They can’t even rescue a country that they have no conflict with on any level.

At least they are not dancing in the streets firing guns in celebration.

The world should remember who is stepping up to the plate, and it isn’t Arab nations.

It is America and western nations. Israel is also contributing, as they always do. Jewish organizations worldwide are on overdrive contributing assistance.

As I woke up this morning, I asked God to remind me why the world was not going to hell in a hand-basket.

All I wanted was the slightest hint of something positive.

It may be a sign, or just a coincidence, but something positive was out there in this wrecked world.

Today is the one year anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson.

No, not the Olympic hockey team. That was Lake Placid.

The real miracle in New York was the plane steered by Captain Chesney “Sully” Sullenberger.

Awhile back I said that the reason why he mattered so much was because people were starving for good news. As he pointed out, people need to have hope again.

Right now we need hope more than ever. We need to believe good things are possible. We need to know that life matters, and that we should not give up, throw in the towel, and say that the worst of life will win.

It is easy for me to regroup in a comfortable home in Los Angeles.

It will be much tougher for the people in Haiti.

If ever they needed a miracle similar to the Hudson, now is the time for it.


Haitian Devastation–Cruel and Incomprehensible

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Every once in awhile an event occurs that renders everything else secondary.

In one of the worst natural disasters in years, a 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti and destroyed a nation that has suffered so much.

Various reports have the death toll as high as 100,000 people.

My God.

3,000 people died on 9/11. 4,000 Americans were killed in Iraq. 33 9/11s or 25 Iraq wars is what happened in Haiti.

At least with terrorism there are explanations.

With natural disasters, there are often no answers.

Some ask why God would allow this? Atheists and agnostics do not factor God into the equation, but still have the same question as the theists.


With all the technological advances, why can’t we predict with more accuracy when natural disasters are coming so we can evacuate people in advance?

Perhaps I am asking people to predict the future, and know the unknowable.

With events like these, my thoughts are so jumbled because I still cannot wrap myself around such unfathomable situations.

The president called the situation in Haiti “cruel and incomprehensible.” I often take issue with his words, but this time I think he phrased the situation accurately.

As for a certain televangelist that implied that the Haitians made a deal with the devil, I strongly condemn those remarks as the rantings of a man who has proven on many occasions that he is an imbecile.

I just want answers, and I know that those answers will never come. I will only have more questions.

One thing I worry about is what would happen if this occurred in America.

How would we react as a nation if we lost 100,000 people? Does anything make us so special that we are immune from such tragedies?

Of course not. We are as vulnerable as anybody else.

I know that life is not fair, but Haiti just saw many of their citizens killed.

This was cruel…and incomprehensible.

The Salvation Army and the Red Cross as always are on the scene, and the United States is again spreading compassion in the form of good citizens that truly do care about others worldwide.

Yet the worst aspect of this tragedy is that there is nothing positive.

The people of Haiti feel despair. We can preach about light at the end of the tunnel, but on days like this I truly understand why people throw in the towel. I am optimistic most of the time, but how do we not tell people to look in the mirror and see hopelessness?

All people want is a roof over their head and their loved ones at their side. The Haitians had their roofs ripped off and their loved ones killed.

Americans will move on, and soon focus on the next sex scandal, special election, or legislative battle.

Yes, we have to live our lives.

I just wish others had the same freedom and liberty that I do.

As for now, I plan to pray to the God I deeply believe in to provide strength to the rescuers.

If even one more person is rescued, that might be a tiny beacon of light in a situation that is dark and miserable.

I hope that the rest of 2010 brings good news, and less events that are catastrophic, cruel, and completely incomprehensible.


The Real Lessons of 1994

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

One person I have had the pleasure of befriending in recent months is Tom Del Beccaro, the Vice Chair of the California Republican Party.

His book “The New Conservative Paradigm” is as simple as it is accurate.

His most recent column at “Big Government” looks at the 1966 and 1994 elections to point out a trend that could prove ominous for Democrats in 2010.

While Tom has more experience with regards to policy than I do, I have been meaning for some time to use 1994 as a model for 2010.

Specifically, I believe the Democrats are completely misreading why they lost.

Some Republicans think I should keep quiet rather than help Democrats. This implies anybody at such a high level in the DNC is even reading my blog. Therefore, I think it is safe to proceed. Besides, they would not listen to me anyway. I am a conservative, which automatically makes me an imbecile in their eyes anyway.

Given that the Democratic Party is not my party, this is more musings rather than advice. Yet for those who truly do need to be hit upside the head with a bar towel to know they are in a bar, let’s put 1994 in proper context.

The Democrats that think that they lost the congress in 1994 because of their failure to pass health care reform are out of their minds.

Nobody loses congress because of failing to pass bills. Ever since Harry Truman ran againsta  do-nothing congress, that has been a tactic of presidential candidates, with little success. In 2006 the Democrats captured Congress. If anybody can name a single accomplishment belonging to the Pelosiraptor, I am all ears like Barack Obama. That congress did nothing, but still maintained their majorities. There is no consequence for inaction on domestic policy.

For one thing, a do nothing congress is redundant. These people are not exactly putting on hard hats and building homes. They read papers (or sometimes don’t read them), talk to people, make speeches, and occasionally listen. They are not governors. They are professional babblers. If they were any less talented they would be bloggers.

(Never mind. I meant pre-me of course.)

Failing to pass bills means nothing. It does not matter if the bill was the highest priority. High priorities change with events. One minute the Iraq War and other foreign policy issues dominate, and the next minute the obsession is domestic policy initiatives. Then if a Hollywood celebrity does something, congressional inaction is overlooked entirely.

Failing to pass a bill means that nothing has changed. Despite the fact that Americans occasionally vote for change, we are a cautious people by nature. We are evolutionary, not revolutionary. We like slow, incremental movements. That is why we elect presidents who promise bold leadership, and then elect congresses to stop them once we realize that what we really want is radical change provided it does not upset our comfy status quo.

Therefore, American Presidents and congresses do not get punished for failing to pass bills. They get punished for successfully passing bad bills.

Bill Clinton lost the congress because of two bills he rammed through. In his first year in office, he rammed through a tax hike with no Republican votes. He promised he would not raise taxes on anyone but the rich. He broke his word, raised taxes on the middle class, and earned their wrath.

The second year in office he passed a crime bill that contained an assault weapons ban and other gun control measures. States like West Virginia that had been voting for Democrats for decades went Republican in presidential elections after that.

Tax hikes and gun control brought down the Democrats. Failing to pass health care had nothing to do with it. The right was energized because bills they were hostile to were passed, and they felt their freedoms were threatened. The left may have been disappointed about health care, but that was no match for GOP anger.

Barack Obama will not get in trouble if the Democrats screw up health care reform again. If the bill passes, the Democrats will get slaughtered in 2010.

This does not mean leaders should be too timid to advance bills. That was the final six years of the Clinton presidency. All this does mean is that leaders should understand why events occur.

Barack Obama promised that he would radically transform our country. He was elected to fix the economy. Like many leaders, he is overreaching.

As for our leaders, they get in trouble when they defy the voters. The deeper the trouble, the more they blame the voters and then double down.

It does not matter who is right. The voters have the final say, and just like in 1994, the Democrats are still not listening.

They will be in November, but by then the only change in Washington will be the house speaker handing over the gavel.


Rod Blagojevich–Maybe not so stupid

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The Tygrrrr Express is about to become a ping pong ball. At lunch I will get to listen and meet Colonel Ralph Peters, a hero of mine. The David Horowitz Freedom Center is hosting him. Then I hightail it to Phoenix.

Yet while the world burns, for the second day in a row the media is focused on racial nonsense.

The latest Rod Blagojevich episode is a non-story on the surface that contains a story deep below.

For those with better things to do, let me regress your intelligence with uselessness. Rod Blagojevich, a pasty white Midwesterner (redundant, I know), stated that he was blacker than Barack Obama.

He spoke of his hardscrabble life in explaining why he was the blacker of the two men.

Republicans ignored him while Democrats tried to claim he was a Republican in a past life. Blagojevich quickly called President obama and apologized. Blagojevich then held a five minute press conference where he used the word “stupid” 17 times to describe his comments.

His comments were stupid, and he quickly apologized.

So as I have asked before, why does this even matter?

Because based on liberal standards, his comments might have been less than stupid. In fact, they may have been accurate.

I have been screaming at the top of my lungs that race is about one thing only, that being pigmentation. Pigmentation is not caused by climate change or white colonizing or even Israeli settlements. It is caused by melanin content.

If one accepts this explanation, then a pair of black people having intercourse will produce black children. A pair of caucasians engaging in sex will produce white children. Magically, if a person of one race sleeps with somebody of a different race, the child will be mixed race. In fact, they will be biracial. This is revolutionary to those who do not know that the prefix “bi” means two.

According to my math, Barack Obama being biracial and Rod Blagojevich being completely caucasian makes Barack Obama blacker than Rod Blagojevich. According to this model, Obama is blacker.

(By the way, unless your response to this is “who the heck cares?” then you spend too much time obsessing about race. Being blacker is not a positive or negative development. It just is.)

If Obama is blacker, then Blagojevich made stupid comments.

Yet maybe the comments were not stupid. Maybe Blagojevich is blacker.

Using liberal methods of analysis, this may be the case.

Black grievance-mongers and the guilty white liberals they prey on see blackness as a feeling, attitude, and lifestyle. Bill Clinton was the first black President. Clarence Thomas is not black.

This is insulting.

Bill Clinton did have positive achievements growing up. He did well in school and received a college scholarship. Yet that is not what made him “black.” He never knew his birth father, and grew up with an alcoholic abusive stepfather.  That is his “blackness.”

What a terrible message it sends to people when one can be considered “black” because they come from a  dysfunctional family.

Yes, he was committed to civil rights, but his awful childhood was what he trumpeted.

Clarence Thomas and other blacks who rise out of poverty are told that they are “acting white.”

Bill Cosby has been calling out the black community for celebrating low achievers, criminals and thugs.

Charles Payne is a brilliant Wall Street commentator who got beat up by other black kids because he wanted to be a successful businessman. This is  insane.

The National Basketball Association found that more kids admired Alan Iverson than Kobe Bryant. Iverson had troubles with the law, while Kobe was a law abiding citizen. Then Kobe got accused of rape, and magically his “street cred” went up.

So if Blagojevich grew up poor while Obama partied in Hawaii, then according to the liberal model, Obama is whiter because he had a more comfortable life as a young adulthood.

(Obama did have a rough childhood, but Blagojevich claimed that his was even worse. This leads to the equally idiotic notion that winning a poverty contest is of any more value than  winning a pigmentation contest. At least kids who brag that they are wealthier make sense. Pride in poverty is illogical. Next we will have kids bragging on the playground that they have the smallest genitals. A boy will jump up in down in celebration at having a smaller one than a girl, which will lead to many questions about both kids.)

Liberals keep trying to have it both ways (not talking about genders and genitals).

First they claim that black is white and white is black, provided that liberals get to decide.

Then when a Democrat utters the same idiocy that the left has repeatedly claimed, he is pilloried.

Yes, Blagojevich made stupid remarks. Blagojevich is as Blagojevich does.

Yet liberals calling his remarks stupid is hypocritical.

Until the left acknowledges that black conservatives are blacker than white liberals, and that race has nothing to do with any political position on affirmative action, the Blagojevich standard will stick.

Blagojevich was stupid for saying what he did.

The Democratic Party is stupid for perpetuating the very stupidity that they disavow when convenient.

It’s the stupidity, stupid.