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Hate Mail Thursday

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I am being lazy today. I have received so much hate mail from “tolerant” and “enlightened” liberals. Before getting to the solution, send in the clowns!

Derek Treggalles
[email protected]
Are you planning to sue your parents for raising an idiot?

(I then explained that I was too busy to read his hate mail)

hate mail? it was just a joke for christ’s sake

(Very funny. Stay classy bro.)

Johnny Stingray, (rock star / teen idol)
[email protected]
Were your parents closely related?

[email protected]
Did you attend the Jon Stewart rally? Did you even watch it on TV? Do you realize Jon Stewart is a comedian and stands to gain nothing politically by anything he says? Do you know how hypocritical your article is? The entire article is about how horrible it is to put other people down, yet you go about trying to spread that message by putting other people down. It seems like you're REALLY into Glen Beck. Sucks that he doesn't support gay marriage, huh? OH – but that's ok because Jesus said it's wrong, right?
You should probably not chastise other people for crap-flinging when that's all you do yourself. Good day.

(Gay marriage had nothing to do with the column.)

Matt Golub
[email protected]
only made it as far as…"and Beck wants people of faith to come together and stand with the one true democracy in the Middle East and the beacon of worldwide religious freedom and tolerance."  Then I had to laugh my ass off.  But I see that you're Jewish, so I guess that explains it.  You're a d-bag.

(He pretended to have the same last name as me before offering anti-Semitism.)

[email protected]
Why are you so stupid?

(Fake name and email.)

Mike Miller
[email protected]
Ha, ha, ha!  That was the dumbest thing I've read in some time, and that's saying something.  Enjoy the rest of your miserable life knowing you're a complete tool.

(Classy fake email.)

[email protected]
How did such a piss-poor writer like you end up getting paid by the Washington Times to blog for them?

[email protected]
Are you a right wing fascist?

jeff stein
[email protected]

Only in america can a mindless toad like this cum drunk writer have a voice on the nations stage. To think that I sacrificed for this POS.

[email protected]   since it means nothing to you my opinion of you is that you are a self loathing jew hiding behind nationalism and conservatism to compensate for his likely small penis, lack of true friends, and more than anything else a complete lack of interest in him by the opposite sex.

Best of luck my tool….If you were a real man like some of us you would have gone to join the IDF when you were 18 and backed up your mouth.  You give those of us who truly believe in our homeland a bad name and it saddens me that i spent 2 years of my life defending the rights of my people to be free and you spent your life writing crap about a comedian.  You are a control freak

[email protected]
will; be by-passing this self effacing attempt at making yourself into something…you edit my post…I edit your relevance factor…jerk

(Apparently hateful people get angry when I delete profanity or hate speech.)

Ok, say it all with me now…

These are liberals. This is how they behave.

Since these people are bullies, we all know the only thing bullies understand is force. So how does one handle this?

The first step is to flag their comments as abusive. The moderator can take action. I let them know why they are being flagged.

If that does not deter them, the next step is to be the moderator and start deleting comments. I deliberately do partial deletion so they can see that if they make substantive points mixed with insults, only the insults get deleted.

If they keep retyping bile, then the drastic step of banning them takes place. I do whatever I can to avoid this but I let them know that banning them is not just from my column but from the entire site, including columnists they like.

Many of these people really would be emotionally crippled if their right to type on their keyboard was taken away. They can say they do not care, but they do.

Some columnists allow the hate speech to stay because it drives traffic. I would rather have lower quantity but higher quality of traffic.

Rip my arguments every day, but persoanl attacks get you flagged, deleted, and banned.

Also, I display your information so other sites can blacklist.

One guy named Craig Finlay went insane. When everybody else simply raised the discourse, he just went berserk. I had to ban the guy and I hate doing that.

Maybe I should not make him mad. He does resemble Charles Manson and who knows what people on the internet are capable of.

He informed me that he was cutting and pasting all of my deletions of his comments to show what an intolerant guy I am for refusing to allow hate speech. He was then going to spread it out to blogs so all of his leftist friends would know I was a bad guy.

Of course leftists think I am a bad guy. They are supposed to think that. Sheesh. This is why they are leftists. There existence is about hating me because I am conservative and breathe air. Water is wet.

So either they will flood my columns with comments or they will boycott me.

Memo to leftists who go on the internet and froth at the keyboard: You don’t matter.

I love it when people threaten me with more publicity.

Again, bullies understand force.Mr. Finlay had his rights takena way. I will reinstate him tomorrow if he behaves.

So to all who insist on sending hate male, at least make it creative like Ioana Stoica did. She specializes in “economic holistic justice.” She is special. At least her hate mail is spelled properly.

It is time to sweep these cockroaches. It is crackdown time.

Ok, this concludes Hate Mail Thursday.

Ain’t it fun?


Colonel Allen West B*tchslaps Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

American Hero Colonel Allen West just b*tchslapped Hogan’s Hero Sergeant Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


Ioana Stoica–Liberal Shrew Part Deux

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Awhile ago I wrote a piece recommending that the Governor of Wisconsin step down. My rationale was that the Lieutenant Governor is one of the most beautiful women on Earth, and I wanted to see her lovely face smiling on television.

This harmless column amused many, including the Lieutenant Governor herself. She is a happily married women with children who was flattered that some guy with a blog found her attractive.

I was not surprised by her reaction because most conservative women understand that men can admire a woman for her beauty and brains, which the Lieutenant Governor has in abundance. Yet too many liberal women attack men as sexist for admiring beautiful women.

So for the umpteenth time, the very subject of the column liked it. That should be the end of it.

Yet with liberal feminist shrews it is never the end because they never stop complaining.

One woman named Ioana Stoics sent me an angry screed, complaining to the editors at one publication I write for that I have no business writing.

Her entire rage-athon is below, with my response.

To understand her behavior, keep in mind she is a public schoolteacher in the District of Columbia. Her existence is fairly hopeless. Her biography is so laughable that my readers may accuse me of making it up. Even I am not that creative.

“My research is multi-faceted and attempts to embody an inter-disciplinary perspective, incorporating phenomenological inquiry, historical research, critical (including feminist, race-based, and queer) perspectives, as well as traditional rational-empiricist models of science, to explore the context of current policy debates in order to articulate possibilities in public education for a pedagogy and curriculum rooted in embodied, emancipatory, eco-holistic justice.”

Eco-holistic justice? Doesn’t anybody in education have real jobs anymore? What happened to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic? No wonder DC kids are screwed. They cannot read or write but they can learn about eco-holistic justice. I think this has something to do with sitting in a circle chanting to Mother Earth. My tax dollars probably subsidize this wastrel. DC is the murder capital of America but at least the kids are experiencing something holistic when seeking justice. I credit Ms. Stoica for using fancy words to sum up what really only needs four letters: cr@p.

I was prepared to be done with her, but she just could not leave well enough alone. She sent another screed to me and to the editors of this publication.

Here is her insanity.

“Hello Again, Eric,

I just took a moment to check out your website and noted an extremely relevant quote, interestingly enough, about your book by a reviewer, listed on your page:

"In a society that professes to value tolerance and dissent, America has become infested with bigots who taunt, intimidate, and even hate those who dare to disagree with them. "

Eric–can you HONESTLY evaluate yourself any differently from this "truth" you so claim to expose about other people?

Again, let me remind you how at every point in our communications, you were the one to throw out irrational statements based on anger at being disagreed with, taunting me with derogatory personal language without even knowing who I am, intimidating me by posting public hate-posts about me and taunting me in an email with how I will be famous for this…. I wrote your editors only once I was truly disturbed at your language in your email towards me as a reader of the Times, and even then only included your email and an invitation for them to consider it for themselves, if appropriate for standards of conduct they wanted to be represented at their paper. I did this because as a very involved US citizen, I believe it is the public's responsibility to keep the media, and our politicians, accountable, not as a personal attack (again, note my language at all stages).

This communication with you has never been personal for me (in the sense that I ever attacked you as a person, or did anything other than what I consider my citizen duty, which is to hold the media accountable for their reporting). I routinely write letters to journalists, editors, etc, to express my perspective and relevant research as appropriate, on these issues, and am active in general in writing politicians, company CEOs, etc– I believe citizen involvement is the foundation of our democracy.

My communications with you was just the only one, in over 10 years of writing journalists and politicians of all stripes and colors, that took such an ugly turn, which is why I also recognize it as so irresponsible and abhorrent in the world of journalism.  Your basis of writing me back was nothing short of personal hate filled ranting, simply because I dared disagree with you, a member of the media. You have to remember (but have clearly forgotten) our respective positions here, me as the reader and concerned citizen, and you as the informer, the media literally *medium* of how I get my information–but you at all steps in our communication instead chose to cross all boundaries and overlooked our respective places, and chose instead to personally attack me.

It's a little like this analogy: you are driving a company vehicle with "How am I driving sticker" on it, and I call them to tell them you cut me off and almost hit my car (in this case, how you crossed all professional boundaries in your personal attacks against me, at least as far as should be tolerated by a respectable news organization and not a tabloid). What do you do then, as the company worker? Post a hateful blog on the irrational shrew who dared call the company on you for cutting her off? Reconsider your driving and whether or not you want to be a responsible driver keeping others on the road safe, or a dangerous one who perhaps might cause accidents through his negligence or willful actions?

Again, I ask you to reconsider this, while taking a look in the mirror: "In a society that professes to value tolerance and dissent, America has become infested with bigots who taunt, intimidate, and even hate those who dare to disagree with them. "

Ioana Stoica

PS: It is dangerous to speak out of ignorance, as you clearly do in your discussions about "feminism"–it is clear you don't actually know anything about the field (also known as "women's studies").  If you did know anything about feminism you would know that actually now the movement is in its "intersectionality" stage where *every* aspect of identity is studied–ALL genders, race, ethnicity, dis/ability, language, etc, and not just the "rights of women," as was the case back in the 1800s, i.e. your argument that feminists are a bunch of angry women is outdated by about a century and a half. It's been the "intersection" of many fields, including African American studies, LGBTQ studies, American studies, other identity based fields for decades, and all it takes is the most rudimentary knowledge of the field to know this. ”

Here is my response, brief and to the point. I am paraphrasing since I did not save the exact words.

“You’re liberal. You’re boring. You’re wrong. You’re a shrew.

One screed gets a response on my blog. A second screed gets a shrug. A third screed has me concerned that you will sneak into my apartment and boil a bunny rabbit while shrieking that you will not be ignored.

So please do not respond in the same fashion or I will fear for the lives of my beloved Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter.”

Some people will ask a very valid question. Why am I bothering with this woman that even Petrucchio could not love? Why give her the attention?

This is not about revenge, vindictiveness, or justice. It is something much more sad on my part.

I’m being lazy today. Blogging a new post every day is tough, and cutting and pasting hate mail from an imbecile gives me a day to relax. If others want to write my columns for me once in awhile, fine by me.

Now I need to put in an ounce of effort and explain why this woman is so incredibly loathesome.

Her own words tell the story.

“I wrote your editors only once I was truly disturbed at your language in your email towards me as a reader of the Times, and even then only included your email and an invitation for them to consider it for themselves, if appropriate for standards of conduct they wanted to be represented at their paper.”

I loathe people who spend their entire lives writing letters to the editor. These people are disgusting because they act like they are doing something positive for society when in truth they are destructive. People like this claim that seeking eco-holistic justice will help a single child learn how to do anything useful in this world. Just what we need, more community organizers. I will get to that momentarily.

“I routinely write letters to journalists, editors, etc, to express my perspective and relevant research as appropriate, on these issues, and am active in general in writing politicians, company CEOs, etc– I believe citizen involvement is the foundation of our democracy.”

Translation: This woman is a nosy busybody with nothing better to do than harass people living their lives. Wow, who knew that community organizing was that useless? Oh wait. I did.

I have written one or two letters to the editor in my life, literally. I do not “routinely” write them because I am not a crusader.

Here is why people like Ioana Stoica are so disgusting.

I have built a business from scratch. People like her would rather tear other people down than lift themselves up. Ms. Stoica is no different than people who get rich suing people.

The purpose of Ms. Stoica complaining was simple. She was hoping that I would be fired as a columnist. That was it. By complaining, she could remove me from that site.

Do I go to her job and complain to her boss about her? Has she ever written one of her screeds on company time? If so, her boss should know and she should be fired.

So why does this matter?

I once lost a column over a crusader like this viper. The paper was left-leaning, and I was new. The woman who complained was a liberal feminist, and she neglected to mention that she knew me personally. We went to college together. The paper surrendered and released me. I now have larger circulation than they do, but that is not the point. In the same way a gay rights group celebrated knocking Dr. Laura off the air, liberals will not accept conservative viewpoints. Every week people write letters to get Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck fired.

There are people who spend their lives building things and others who spend their lives living off the hard work of others. This woman is not interested in truth. She is interested in harassing people she disagrees with. This strategy was most successfully employed in Alaska. Sarah Palin was hounded from the Governor’s mansion by lawsuits.

On short, Ioana Stoica is a bully. The only thing bullies understand is force.

There is nothing about this woman that is well-intentioned. She wants to drive me out of business.

She even threatened to take my correspondence to her and publish it “around the net.”

Lady, give it a rest. I’ve gotten death threats. Suicide bombers from time to time ramble to me about “Jihad,” “infidel,” and other lovely synonyms. Some shrew boring me to death pales by comparison. I suspect Ioana Stioca is like most suicide bombers, only angrier and with more facial hair around the beard area.

My business that I built is my livelihood. So yes she deserves the verbal equivalent of the Fallujah treatment.

She keeps saying that “this is not personal.”

Oh yes it is. When somebody decides to hamper my ability to do my job and put food on my table, it is very personal. This woman should emotionally bleed for the rest of her miserable crusading life it is so personal. This woman should remain barren so that she does not bring children into the world because they will act like her. That is how personal this is. This woman should be forbidden fro teaching children because they will grow up to believe in eco-holistic justice. I love and care too much about children to wish that on them.

Luckily for me, the editors at this publication probably understand that she is a crackpot. She is a left-wing crank who dislikes a conservative columnist. Water is wet and liberal feminists are hideous. I was not even spoken to about her lunacy, much less sanctioned in any way. This does not give her a pass. Attempted murder does not get a reward just because the victim survives.

I am now adding Ioana Stoica to the list of women I would not have sex with. It is a short list consisting of only Joy Behar, Helen Thomas, and all NOW members.

For the very last time, I am going to explain this so that even a liberal feminist shrew can understand.

She complained about a column I wrote about one woman. The subject of the column liked the column. If the subject of the column liked it, then isn’t it possible that other critics claiming sexism may wish to shut up and sit down? Shouldn’t the subject of the column have the opinion that matters?

Again, I am absolutely not recommending that people stalk Ioana Stoica, find out where she works, and get her fired from her job. That is not my style. If it was, I would be as heinous as a NOW convention attendee one week removed from a meth habit. So to readers who want to “help,” me, please don’t. This woman has suffered enough. I would not want her to experience eco-holistic injustice.

My preferred style is to take her and make her the poster child for liberal feminist shrews gone wild.

Women like her are born crybabies and will die crybabies. I speak all around the country, and perhaps I should give an annual Ioana Stoica award for the liberal throwing the best temper tantrum. It is like the junior division of the Joan Walsh award.

As for me, tomorrow I will return with quality content. Today is a mulligan.

I just hope she is finally done babbling. After all, I would feel awful if I found out that the soup I was having for lunch was Hossenfeffer made with poor Bugs or Thumper.

Ioana is tiny, toony, and very very looney. Yet I cannot say she is totally worthless. She gave me a couple blog posts, and I needed the break.


The Restoring Cowardice Rally

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Time for another anti-Glenn Beck Rally by Jon Stewart.


Pat Tillman and the NFL Hall of Fame

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

As the NFL lockout comes tantalizingly close to ending, NFL fans everywhere hope that it is full steam ahead to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio on August 7th.

Sadly though, a noble but perhaps misguided movement is underfoot to get the late Pat Tillman elected to the Hall of Fame.

Like many, I love Pat Tillman. He is an American hero, and the fact that his death was shrouded in mystery does not tarnish his own heroism.

I have been to the Hall of Fame twice, and my first time in 2006 brought me to tears when I saw the Pat Tillman exhibit. It was part of an overall 9/11 exhibit. As usual, the NFL gets it. I was disappointed that I did not see the exhibit when I went back to the HOF in 2011, but perhaps they will break it out again come September. They are making some expansions.

Yet Pat Tillman was about integrity, and integrity says that election to the HOF must be about deeds on the football field, not political correctness.

Pat Tillman absolutely deserves his own exhibit. He does not deserve to be in Canton with a bust.

He very well could have been a Hall of Famer, but we cannot know that.

There are so many “coulda woulda shoulda beens” that for the most unfair reasons, didn’t.

Joe Delaney was a promising player for the Kansas City Chiefs who was drafted in 1981. His career was off to a very good start. He was a solid football player. Then on July 4th, 1983, he died a hero. Three children were drowning in a shallow amount of water. Joe Delaney could not swim, but he dove in anyway and rescued one of the three children before he and the other two kids died. Joe Delaney will forever be remembered as true greatness from a humanity standpoint. Football and non-football fans should forever learn about his legacy. That is why I love and blog about football. That does not mean he should be in the Hall.

Bo Jackson could have been one of the greatest athletes of all time, right up there with Jim Thorpe, Deion Sanders, Babe Ruth, and Michael Jordan. He made it to the baseball All Star Game and the NFL Pro Bowl. Yet after four years, a freak hip injury ended his football career. He was a human highlight reel for the Raiders and the Royals, but it was not enough. He will not get into Canton.

Art Shell was the first black head coach in the history of the modern era. He had a winning record coaching with the Raiders, and took the team to the AFC Title Game in his first full season as a head coach in 1990. The cultural significance of his hiring eventually led to Dennis Green, who then gave us Tony Dungy. Dungy and Mike Tomlin have Super Bowl rings as head coaches, and they stand on Art Shell’s shoulders. Yet based on football alone, Shell does not have the pedigree to be in the Hall as a head coach. Shell is in the Hall as a player, because he was one of the greatest left tackles in the history of the game. That supersedes race. There is an exhibit in the Hall showing Shell and other minority head coaches. Yet busts are about merit, and Shell merited it as one of the best players at his position. He was merely a better than average coach, a good one but not great.

The flip side is the case as well. Ty Cobb was a racist, but his baseball prowess got him in the Baseball HOF. There are some scoundrels in football. Michael Vick was convicted of dogfighting. Yet if he continues his pace from 2010, he could make it to the Hall.

Brett Favre was caught up in a sexting scandal. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer for holding every record. Ben Roethlisbergrer got caught in a rape scandal but he owns two Super Bowl rings and nearly got a third one last year. It does not make him a good person. He is still a great football player. Ray Lewis was accused of double murder, but he will absolutely be a first ballot Hall of Famer as one of the very best middle linebackers in the history of the game, right up there with Butkus and Nitschke.

(Neither Favre, Roethlisbergrer, or Lewis were convicted of anything.)

(Pete Rose is not in the baseball Hall of Fame because gambling is considered the biggest sin in sports. However, he gambled while a manager. That should not take away his accomplishments as a player. His critics say he has never shown remorse. He doesn’t have to. It would be admirable, but this is not about being a good person. It is about being a great player.)

So as the NFL season prepares to have its opening Sunday on September 11th, 9/11/11, it is important not to confuse patriotism with football greatness.

Pat Tillman was not a Hall of Famer.

He was just a Hall of Fame human being who gave his life for his country.

For that, we should all be thankful. That is what we should teach our children.

That is how we should honor him when we see his exhibit in Canton.

A flyover of jets with an image of him should take place at the start of the Arizona Cardinals game.

Then we should spend that 9/11/11 Sunday by doing what the Jets and Giants did on the first games back after the Towers went down in 2001. The NYPD and FDNY clamored for it.

Fans everywhere want it. Tillman would want it.

The players should play football. They should play hard. They should play to win.

We should cheer them on, and just love the game of football…and America.

That is how we honor Pat Tillman.


Carmageddon Saturday

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

The blood flowed in the streets of Los Angeles as stranded motorists turned on each other in a scene from Lord of the Flies. This Saturday was Carmageddon.

An interview between one intrepid reporter and one desperate citizen living in Los Angeles will be etched in America’s memory forever, or at least until Sunday.

Reporter: Hello America. I am your stereotypical self-important newsman with my stern jaw and crisp shirt and tie. I am here to over-dramatize something because weekends are boring for newsmen. This weekend brings Caramgeddon, the crisis of the 405 road closing in Los Angeles. Today I am interviewing a young man named Eric, whose life…his very existence…has been rocked by Carmageddon. The ominous music you hear will be repeated every time I say the word Carmageddon. There it is again. How are you Eric? Are you ok?

Eric: I’m fine sir. Good to be with you.

Reporter: I heard it took you almost three hours to get where you going yesterday.

Eric: Yes, but I was not on the 405. I was on different freeways. Trying to go anywhere in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon is tough. My destination was 90 miles away, so the trip took me 45 minutes or so longer than usual.

Reporter: Miracle of miracles, you made it home in under 2 hours. Was that because of the efficiency of LA cit workers being ahead of schedule.

Eric: No sir, I came home at nighttime.

Reporter: Now you were interviewed last night and had blood on your hands. Has the pressure gotten to everybody?

Eric: It was ketchup sir. I stopped off just before my home to get a burger.

Reporter: So courageous that you took the risk to stop amongst all the madness. What about the traffic? How awful was it?

Eric: The lines were long. It took me almost 15 minutes to get my burger and fries.

Reporter: Horrifying: How do you feel knowing you may be trapped indoors all weekend?

Eric: Well I have a ton of stuff to do around the house, so I was planning on catching up.

Reporter: Have the people stayed in calm amidst the catastrophe?

Eric: Well sir, there were no tsunamis. I mean this is basically a road closing. People are used to road construction.

Reporter: You live near the 405 freeway. How did you get home?

Eric: I got off one exit early. It took me an extra 20 minutes to get home, although 17-18 minutes of that was getting my burger and fries.

Reporter: Your courage knows no bounds. Is it true that people fled the city in horror?

Eric: Actually they just took weekend getaways to San Diego and Las Vegas, and even San Francisco. They got caught in bad traffic but those who stayed in Los Angeles were barely affected.

Reporter: Has work been brought to a standstill? Is Los Angeles commerce officially dead?

Eric: It’s the weekend sir. Most people have weekends off.

Reporter: Are massive boycotts being organized? Are people protesting by staying off the roads and refusing to go to work?

Eric: Sir, it’s the weekend. They do not have to go to work. Also, people are staying off the roads because they are closed.

Reporter: Has violence broken out? Are people beating each other for scraps of bread?

Eric: A couple teenagers got into a shoving match at the burger joint because one tried to cut in front of the other. Although I think one was hitting on the other one’s girlfriend, so it may be because of that.

Reporter: Do you think this is a result of the tensions over the Carmageddon crisis?

Eric: I am not sure of that. Police officers are stationed outside this burger joint every night. It is located in a college town. The students walk there.

Reporter: Have people been hoarding food?

Eric: I did go to the 7-11 and got some pizza rolls and some soda, but I work from home.

Reporter: How did you handle the morning chaos today?

Eric: I got home late last night so I slept in this morning. It was quite relaxing.

Reporter: So your whole life has been affected since you were trapped away from your home last night.

Eric: Well, I had a business meeting that ran long. They did serve pizza though, and soda.

Reporter: Do you have any advice for the people suffering through the nightmare that is Carmageddon?

Eric: It seems to be a non-event.

Reporter: You poor brave man. How will you cope this weekend once your work is done? How will you avoid the madness of cabin fever?

Eric: I was going to go poolside and maybe take in a swim.

Reporter: You brave, courageous young man. America appreciates your grit and determination.

Eric: Umm, ok. Thank you I guess.

Reporter: This has been an inflated news report from a self-important inflated news reporter. Once Carmageddon dies down we will have the in-depth report of what Caylee Anthony thinks of the Natalee Holloway situation. Now back to endless coverage of the gridlock that has terrorized this once city of Angels who have had their automobile wings forever broken. From an empty freeway because the roads are closed for construction, goodnight.


Raise taxes or kill children–More debt ceiling nonsense

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The new attack line from the left is that failure to raise taxes will basicaly kill our children.


The Debt Ceiling–A syllogism of senselessness

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

All cats chase mice. Tony has a cat. Therefore, Tony is a mouse.

The syllogism makes as much as sense as liberals and raising taxes.

At the Washington Times Communities, I discuss their long, litany of lies on taxes and the debt ceiling.


Barack Obama is lazy

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

It is time to let poor President Obama have some hot cocoa and a nap.


Special Election 2011 in Los Angeles

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

A special election in Los Angeles today will determine who will fill the 36th California Congressional district. Republican Craig Huey is facing off against Democrat Janice Hahn. I am backing Mr. Huey.

(Full disclosure: I backed Kit Bobko in the primary.)

Before getting to the race itself, Ms. Hahn’s mother died yesterday, one day before the election. Condolences to her are heartfelt. Whether she wins or loses, her loss is devastating and we should all be sensitive to that. Mr. Huey appropriately offered his condolences.

As for the race, it has been set up due to a series of circumstances that do not make any sense.

Democrat Jane Harman held the relatively safe seat. Except for the 1994 GOP tidal wave where Ms. Harman held on by only a few hundred votes, she has dispatched GOP challengers with ease (although fewer margins then other Los Angeles seats that are even safer).

In 2010 Ms. Harman faced off against Mattie Fein.

(Full disclosure: I endorsed Ms. Fein.)

Ms. Fein fared better than other GOP challengers in other LA races, but Ms. Harman still won by a reasonable margin. Then Ms. Harman gave up the seat to work for George Soros.

This was a stunning development on so many levels.

First of all, Ms. Harman was a fairly moderate Democrat who feuded with Nancy Pelosi. Ms. Harman was pro-defense, and resisted cuts to defense. Her moderate stances resulted in a 2010 primary challenge from far left wacko Marci Winograd. Winograd is a Soros disciple. Harman beat back Winograd before besting Fein.

Financial considerations could not be a factor because Ms. Harman was the wealthiest member of Congress, with a net worth of 800 million dollars.

So her sudden retirement to work for Soros makes no sense, and remains unexplained.

The next surprise was that Ms. Fein decided not to run again despite being a strong, telegenic challenger. She cited family considerations, but with Harman gone, Ms. Fein could have competed financially.

So both Ms. Harman and Ms. Fein stepped away, creating a free for all.

Given the open primary rules, several races in recent years have featured only Democrats in the runoff with no Republican at all. Janice Hahn’s brother Jim Hahn used to be Mayor, besting Antonio Villagairosa. Villagairosa won a rematch four years later. Jim Hahn was the least visible Mayor LA has ever had, partly given that he is so Caucasian that he blends into the wallpaper. Most Angelenos would not recognize him on the street.

So complete and utter confusion has led us to Janice Hahn and Craig Huey. Whoever wins this race will have to run again in a year, and the redrawing of the district lines could make things even more chaotic.

Anyway, support Craig Huey. A Republican winning in Los Angeles would be a shock to the system.