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The real “mothers” are Obama and Hillary, Part II

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Benghazi mom Pat Smith’s Mother’s Day message to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton spent Mother’s Day with her daughter Chelsea.

Pat Smith did not spend Mother’s Day with her son Sean. She never will again. She was interviewed on Mother’s Day. Anybody with a human heart should demand the truth of what happened to her son, Benghazi victim Sean Smith.



The real “mothers” are Hillary and Obama

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

A Mother’s Day wish for the Benghazi moms

Mother’s Day is a happy occasion for those lucky enough to have brunch with their mothers. My life 3,000 miles away from my parents means a phone call is the order of the day. Not everyone even has that luxury. For Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi murder victim Sean Smith, Mother’s Day is a nightmare.






Checkers and Geopolitics

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Chess, Russian Paranoia, and American “supremacy”

In terms of life, chess is the ultimate game of paranoia. Every move comes with trepidation that potential victory could turn into defeat and destruction the moment the piece is moved. This is at the heart of why Russia has failed to defeat the United States on the world stage.



Benghazi hearings: One step closer to the truth

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Benghazi hearings highlights and lowlights

After months of delays, denials, obfuscations, charges, and counter-charges, three whistleblowers came forward to challenge the White House and State Department versions of events in Benghazi, Libya.

Questions surround why Americans were left to die, and whether the highest levels of the Obama administration covered up the truth.

Here are the highlights and lowlights.




Benghazi Snark

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Three Cleveland Castros, Jodi Arias, and Kermit Gosnell block out Benghazi

President Obama and Hillary Clinton should thank the three Cleveland Castros, Jodi Arias, and Kermit Gosnell for distracting from Benghazi. Here is the sugarcoated sanitized version.

Now for the uncensored raw version.


Whistleblower Gregory Hicks said that his government left his men to die in Benghazi, Libya. Either he is telling the truth or lying. There is no middle ground. So between President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Mr. Hicks, who has the least reason to lie?


Meanwhile, liberal congressmen gushed at the hearings about how they care about the Benghazi victims. They insist that their priority is not covering Benghazi up at all costs. They proved their sincerity by blaming budget cuts and anything else rather than demand accountability and responsibility be taken. Four Americans were murdered by Radical Islamists. Our government allowed it and covered it up. This is not the first time since 2009 that liberal caring has gotten innocent people killed. Liberals are offended by this being pointed out, while conservatives are offended by Radical Islamists murdering Americans.


The ramifications of Benghazi are far-reaching.


“Dear Obama/Hillary, will you be getting any more of us killed? Let us know now so we can stop serving leaders who don’t value our lives. We can retire and play golf like the President does. Sincerely, the US military and civilian employees everywhere.”


What civilian in their right mind would want to serve this nation given that the price for individuals serving is their own scalp on a platter?


In an attempt to sway liberals to the conservative point of view, a Benghazi bombshell was dropped. Recently uncovered evidence shows that Radical Islamists hate women, gays, and trees. They are against abortion and gay rights, and their bombs leave huge carbon footprints. If this does not galvanize liberals to care about the four murdered Americans, nothing will.


Perhaps Dr. Benjamin Carson can perform cranial-glutial extraction surgery and separate Elijah Cummings’s head from Obama’s posterior.


Meanwhile, Obama & Hillary may be sending thank you notes to the three Cleveland victims and the Jodi Arias jury. Maybe the Kermit Gosnell jury can make it a trifecta of weapons of mass distractions to ensure nobody covers Benghazi on the nightly news. Apparently murdered Americans is too boring for the celebrity sensationalist media. One would ask if people have to die to get attention, but the Benghazi victims already tried that.


A Jody Arias acquittal would have been the beginning of the 2013 hunting season, with men as the hunted. It would have legal for women to kill men with impunity, especially if they are as attractive as Black Widow Theresa Russell. Obama should consider Arias to be his next Secretary of State, since she knows how to stab guys in the back.


If Jody Arias killed Kermit Gosnell and stuffed his body in the Castro Cleveland home, none of this is related to Benghazi. Whether one is pro-life regarding Arias and Gosnell or wishes they had been aborted, we should all be pro-choice when it comes to aborting television coverage about nonsense while trying to get to the truth about Benghazi.


So for those of you who would rather turn it all off and watch Dancing with the Stars or the Kardashians, please stop being you.


Benghazi matters. We all should care about it. If it was our families murdered by Radical Islamists, we would want the truth and justice.


That is what Republicans in Congress are trying to obtain. The least the rest of us can do is care enough to pay attention.



Sanford wins, South Carolina rejects Pelosicrat

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Congressman Mark Sanford easily crushes Stephen Colbert’s sister

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford easily won election to the state’s First congressional seat. He routed comedian Stephen Colbert’s sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch by about ten percentage points. Here’s why.



Will the Benghazi left ever do what is right?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

The hardest Benghazi question for liberals

The Benghazi hearings are the tip of the iceberg. The real gut-wrenching moment for many comes long after the last hearing has concluded. Liberals in particular will have to ask themselves the most painful question they have ever had to ponder.




Will leftists have the Benghazi whistleblowers harmed…or worse?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Will the Benghazi whistleblowers get destroyed?

Now there are Benghazi whistle-blowers. These three people have names. They are Gregory N. Hicks, Deputy chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, Mark I. Thompson, Counterterrorism Bureau Deputy Coordinator for Operations, and Eric Nordstrom, Libyan Regional Security Officer.

They are speaking up, and people who speak up make enemies. The question will be how far those enemies go to silence these men.



Twitter Hate Mail

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Twitter Hate Mail


In addition to my normal hate mail sent to my email inbox, I recently discovered that I had Facebook hate mail. Now it seems I even have Twitter hate mail. Unlike Facebook, some people on Twitter can hide behind fake screen names. However, some are proud of who and how they devalue society in 140 characters or less.


Twitter “feuds” are not my thing. I consider social media a necessary evil. Yet others use social media for kicks. For many, Twitter is a new vehicle for bullying. In other words, liberals have a new toy to play with.


Several days ago, the Republican Party Animals were shocked to discover that David Stein, a longtime member, was actually a Holocaust denier named David Cole. Some RPA attendees immediately shunned him, and others tried to contact him to get his side before passing judgment. Those people also rapidly concluded that Stein/Cole was forever personal non grata.


That should have been the end of it, but Cole went to the Guardian with his version of events in a preemptive strike. Liberals gleefully saw a cudgel with which to carve up all conservatives, and fighting back rapidly became necessary.


After consulting with the real RPA founder Scott “Big Daddy” Edwards, I wrote the events as they actually happened. This led to me getting attacked on Twitter by people who knew the truth, and did not care. Here are abridged versions of those Twitter hate mail stories.


Sarah Reese Jones goes by @srjones66 and despises conservatives. She writes at the “Politicus.” Her nickname for me is “Clown Shoes.” I would prefer “Clown Sneakers” since that would be much more comfortable. This is America, and clowns have every right to wear sneaks.


Her Twitter profile says it all. “Managing Editor & Columnist at PoliticusUSA. Work in TV as a producer & on camera talent. All opinions expressed here are my own. #UniteBlue #p2


Producer and on camera talent? In other words, she is unemployed and unemployable. This gives her free time to spread leftist rage.


She is not happy that I accurately called her a liberal bigot. Yet everything about this woman IS bigoted. When Mark Sanford won the South Carolina race, she declared that South Carolina voters have no values. In other words, either support every plank of the liberal elitist snob agenda, or be attacked. Since they attack us anyway, I say thanks but no thanks. Even the Daily Kos defended the RPA (in a backhanded way), so she is to the left of the Kossacks.


An unnamed coward named @sirkowski writes an x-rated comic strip called Miss Dynamite. Her commentary was sheer genius, even by liberal declining standards.


@TYGRRRREXPRESS nope. What I said is you’re a Jew who enjoys Nazi penis in your butt and that’s gross. ur gross eww”



@BruceBartlett has a fantastic Twitter profile, except that is is totally untrue.

“Bruce Bartlett writes for the New York Times, Financial Times, Fiscal Times, and Tax Notes magazine.



He wrote the following about me. “Bruce Bartlett ‏@BruceBartlett

5 May Right-wing columnist admits that he covered up David Stein/David Cole/neo-Nazi story to protect a GOP organization.” 


I absolutely did not cover up the story. His claim is actually libelous, and I had a pleasant conversation with the New York Times’s legal department. For obvious reasons, they probably have an army of lawyers. They made it clear that Bartlett is not their employee. He is a “freelancer.” This is a polite way of saying that he is an unemployed leftist community organizer with a keyboard. His Tweets use crude language, and when the people who hired Jayson Blair won’t make a guy this liberal permanent staff, then he has hit his “career” ceiling.



Another guy hides behind an organization called JIDF. He calls himself pro-Israel, but he is a radical leftist who attacks conservatives and Christians.




Verified account


Leading the Fight Against Antisemitism & Terrorism online. Coordinating Concerned Citizens Globally. Promoting Israel, Jewish Pride, Knowledge, and Unity.

United States / Israel ·



Real pro-Israel organizations do not attack Americans on either side. They are diplomatic. This guy has been savaging the very pro-Israel Glenn Beck. He calls Beck and others “anti-Semitic non-Jewish missionaries.” He even attacked the very respected and totally pro-israel Front Page Mag. Like a typical leftist, he practices “unity” while savaging people who he disagrees with.


JIDF ‏@JIDF 5m Being attacked by idiotic ‘conservatives’ who think their consumption of Islam-funded left leaning FOX News makes them ‘RW’ or ‘GOP'”


I decided to remove him from the faith I care about and he pretends to care about. It may not have force of law but it certainly is amusing.



“@JIDF I dislike your attitude. I am banning you from the Jewish faith. You are now a Palesimian. You are no longer Jewish. Happy Ramadan.”





Yet the worst of the lot is Rory Carroll at the Guardian. He insists that his story was fair, because that is what leftists do. This guy is a Hugo Chavez worshipper. His piece was a hit job trying to tar all conservatives and the RPA. First he insisted he was fair. Then he his behind anonymous sources. Now he is hiding behind his editors. His wikipedia page is fascinating. The guy was even kidnapped in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein. Yet like typical Old Europe individuals (he is from Ireland), he remains hard left.




West Coast bureau, @GuardianUS. Cover US news, culture, politics. My book on Hugo Chavez, Comandante, out in March. Rory[dot]carroll[at]guardian[dot]co[dot]uk

Los Angeles, California ·



Naturally he just could not resist cheap shots ad outright lies when I pointed out his story was flawed.



Rory Carroll ‏@rorycarroll72

6 May @TYGRRRREXPRESS I did interview + quote RPA folk, who say story is fair. If bashing to be done do it to yourself for sitting on the story.”


I did not sit on the story. Far from it. Here is my response to this leftist miscreant.


“Mr. Carroll,


It takes a brave man to hide behind his editors, especially since you did not provide me their phone numbers. This forces me to spend my valuable time searching for people who probably live in England.


You seem to not know the difference between being a journalist and an opinion columnist. Your column would have been fine as leftist opinion from a man who freely admits to being uninterested in impartiality. It is not acceptable as actual news.


The purpose of your column was to smear the entire RPA, and Republicans in general.


The honorable thing for you to do is to issue your own corrections, and make crystal clear your intentions. Since you have no desire to do that, I will do it for you by letting every single reader know the truth.


The days of the liberal media using their perches to advance their agenda under the guise of neutrality are over.


Oh, and just to be clear, I supported President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq that removed Saddam Hussein from this Earth. You may remember Saddam as the guy who had you kidnapped and almost killed. I am not sure if you hated him more than Bush Republicans, but I supported the guy who ended the life of the guy who tried to end yours…kind of like how America has saved Europe for decades.


You’re welcome.”




Ok, as much as I love the Republican Party Animals and despise what David Stein/Cole did, it is time for some Benghazi hearings. I care more about 4 dead Americans who matter than four failed leftists who will never matter. Just know who they are so that whenever they write something, it can immediately be discounted.


Such is the lift of those using Twitter to spread hate rather than make the world a better place.


Say it with me everyone.


These are liberals. This is how they behave.




Facebook Hate Mail

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Facebook Hate Mail


Normally hate mail arrives to my email inbox, bad spelled and incoherent. Yet I learned something new on Facebook two days ago. In the place where it says “messages,” next to “inbox,” there is “other.” I had no idea, but I looked and there were 88 messages spanning back about two years. Some were quite friendly, and I apologized for the belated responses. Some were hate mail. At least these people used their real names.


As expected, they were a combination of leftists, Islamists, Ron Paul supporters, and the like. I have made my peace with some of the Ron Paul supporters, so lest I be accused of opening old wounds, these are old messages. As for the leftists and Islamists, they are as revolting as ever and beyond redemption. If leftists and Islamists had children, the result would either be Helen Thomas or Joy Behar.


Anyway, here is my Facebook hate mail. PARENTAL ADVISORY. EXPLICIT LYRICS.



Steven Stone

your such a fucking idiot!!! you dirty piece of shit!!!



Analysis: This could be my long lost sibling. She never did like me. Why my parents are giving her half, I will never understand.



Maria-Cristina Şerban

Long live Radical Islam and any Resistance against American and Jewish imperialists bent on fighting debilitating and destructive wars. Too many people around the world are complacent about the US empire and Israel, there are never enough radicals to bring about the death of the US empire and of the Zionist empire. Fuck your grotesque racism and death to imperialism.



Analysis: This was written well before the Boston bombing, but it might be good to put this woman on a terrorist watch list. She could be hiding in plain sight as the head of the Democratic National Committee. She sounds as angry as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at an NOW Convention.




Hannah Honey

Are you the guy who writes the “hot list” about women in politics? If so, why? It has nothing to do with their job, and it’s hurtful. it encourages people to be immature and judge based on superficial things rather than merit. It’s your world, too. It would be nice if men and women could start getting along and stop being encouraged to antagonize each other.



Analysis: This was written well before President Obama complimented California girl Kamala Harris for being a hot piece of Attorney General rumpus. I wonder how she feels about the First Hound Doggie in Chief no longer being Bill Clinton.



Bill White

In regards to your Paulbot bashing, I really must say that your sophistry is getting worse. As a delegate I have witnessed bully behavior by Romney supporters. Don’t see any articles on that. I have video/audio evidence of GOP fraud at the expense of Dr Paul. Don’t see any articles on that. As a delegate for Romney, I will abstain or vote for Paul in Tampa…According to you I should not go to Tampa? There are more like me out there so your 10%-90% is pure fiction. You seem to think you know everything and will not bother to print a retraction. A good reporter always checks his facts, and that is why you are a bad reporter. When Paul wins you call it hijacking. When Romney wins you call it the will of the people! I repeat the claim that you are narrow-minded and biased…Please prove me wrong by doing an article on GOP fraud or at least, consider the evidence. If you don’t, it only proves that I am right and you are a YELLOW JOURNALIST.



Analysis: He throws a tantrum and makes demands. If I do not give in to his demands he will think I am a bad guy. Shrug. I wonder if he knows Ron Paul lost another election, won nothing, and the Confederacy also lost the War of Northern Aggression.

Pat Jack

You are crazy and insane. You are a bad apple and you are rude.



Analysis: Yes, Yes, sometimes, and occasionally. I am also sarcastic. I apologize to those I inadvertently offended, but in your case Pat Jack it was probably on purpose.




Issachar Isso

  • Miss spelled words fill in. THE world will be happy soon, you wont exist or illuminati. Illuminati supporters is coocs, not the rest of the people, dont you realize, all around the world, people awakening! You dont like, Ron paul still will be president, Better to stop the antics, its not working, nor in your faulse writtings sir in google. Paul search. Correction! You are a pure WRITER! Whose focus is to just lie to innocent people, ITS NOT GOING TO WORK any more, Even my grandmother is aware of the lies NEWS journalist tells and just simply people like you. GAME OVER! Illuminati have defeated in its own monoploy game, dont hate the player but hate who created the unfair game. Good by lier! Got Ron Paul movement to attend too. You SO scared! You rather keep lying to stay protected! But even you will be gotten soon.

Analysis: Whenever I see a Ron Paul supporter talk about “Illuminati” I think…isn’t illuminati that thing that lights up the disco? Is it like glitterati? Either way, this fellow should shut his mouth. Somebody give him some lunch, perhaps some Manicotti.



Analysis: Shalom Jerry! I hope you know the word “Shalom” means “peace.” Shalom out, brother!

  • Venegas Cain
  • LMAO @ you and your worthless life. How does it feel to be so far past the Intimacy vs. Isolation stage that you have to accept your life as a complete failure of a man? I literally laugh out loud at how much of a pathetic hack you are. = ) Thank you for that!
  • Analysis: Who let my ex-girlfriend contact me on Facebook? We were 12 years old. It was Summer Camp. Get over it already.



A special note goes out to Brian Frank of South Carolina. He hurled anti-Semitic bile at me, and told me he was defending me on Facebook. I had no idea who he was. He is a Paulbot, and he still sends me emails asking me to send him money and support his attempt to become a high-ranking politico. He attacks the leadership, who I happen to like. I think I will stick with those who do not see the people of the book as evil. Sending anti-Jewish rants and then fundraising letters to Jews may work with self-loathing liberal ones, but not with me. Now he has his “Stand with Rand” sign. If Rand Paul is smarter than his dad, he will avoid this kid.



  • Say it with me everybody. These are leftists, Islamists, and Paulbots.
  • No, that does not mean ever liberal, Muslim, or Paul supporter. However it does mean far too many of them.
  • This is how they behave.
  • eric