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Simi Valley PD and Me–A Gates-Crowley Epilogue

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I live in Los Angeles, but every once in awhile I venture into the county known as…well…Ventura.

Yet on more than one occasion I have been pulled over by their police departments.

A couple of years ago I was with a friend on the way to a party. Next thing I know a siren is blaring, and I am being asked to pull over.

Neither my friend nor I knew what the problem was, but one thing I did know was that we did not have any reason to have a guilty conscience.

We rolled down the windows, and the officer let us know that we had jumped a divider. I showed him my driver’s license, and he noticed I was a Los Angeles guy in his county. He asked me what I was doing.

In a cheery voice that made me sound like a 10 year old, I replied, “We’re going to Isaac’s house!”

This was not a sweet kid routine. I was in a cheerful mood, and again, had no reason to be pessimistic.

The officer asked for clarification, so I elaborated.

“We’re going to Isaac’s house. He’s our friend. We’re incredibly lost. Can you help us?”

The other officer looked at my partner, and asked him about a piece of paper in his hand. Sure enough, it was directions to the house.

The officer looked at his partner and concluded pretty quickly that we were not going to be trouble.

Now did it help that we were the whitest kids on the planet in the whitest neighborhood on Earth?


Yet what the officers noticed immediately was that we were cooperative, and any mistake was unintentional.

I explained that I honestly never saw the divider, and I would not jump it intentionally. I was not in a rush, especially since I was not sure where I was going.

The officers explained to us where we made the wrong turn, and drew their own drawing on our map of exactly what we needed to do to correct the problem. They told us to drive safely, and even provided a convoy to help us go the right way. When we got to a turning lane, they came over their bullhorn and said, “Ok, turn here, make the u-turn, and you will be on your way. Drive safely.”

There are two lessons to learn from this when being stopped by police officers.

1) Be innocent. If you are guilty, you have problems. We were obviously law abiding citizens, and the officers saw that.

2) Be polite. Even in good neighborhoods, cops have danger every time they stop a car. There are remedies for abusive cops, but being an abusive passenger is not the answer.

Yet as surprised as I was by that experience, a very recent experience provided some tough life lessons.

Last Saturday night, I left an afterparty that was being put on at a bar by the Young Republicans for their Simi Valley Convention. At 1:15am, I decided to call it a night. A young lady at the party told me to, “be good, and drive safely.” If she only knew.

Several minutes on the road, and I was being pulled over. I pulled into a gas station, and the officer asked to see my license. I asked the question I would ask in this situation when I had nothing to hide.

“Is there a problem officer?”

Apparently they felt I was driving erratically. That might be overstating it. They informed me that I had crossed the divider of the lane I was in, and that I had done so more than once. I immediately realized that at that hour, they were looking for drunk drivers.

They asked me if I had been drinking, and I explained to the officers that I had not had a drop of alcohol, because I don’t drink at all.

They inquired as to what I mean by not at all. I clarified that I simply do not like the taste of alcohol. I don’t drink. I was in a bar hanging out with friends, but I had nothing to drink.

They noticed a bottle inbetween my legs, at which point I told them that it was diet cola with a lime and cherry in it. it was not Jack and Coke or Rum and Coke, just Diet Coke.

I offered to show it to the officer, but she said that was not necessary. She remarked that she did not smell any alcohol on my breath.

She also asked me twice if I had been taking any medication. I stated that I was taking nothing.

As is typical with me in this situation, I was very polite.

“Ma’am, if you say I crossed the lane, then I did. I don’t drink, I’m not on medication. I am a little tired, but I feel fine. Maybe I just wasn’t cognizant enough of the road. All I can say is that I have a long drive ahead of me, and I will make sure I am cognizant of the road.

She asked if I saw the siren.

“Officer, I did, but at first I did not think about it because I did not think I had done anything. Then after about 10 seconds I noticed that I was the only car on the road, which narrowed it down. So I pulled over.”

She asked where I was going, and I explained that I was headed back home to Westwood in Los Angeles. Then she asked an interesting question.

“That is a long way away. Why not take the freeway?”

I then offered her an answer that nobody would lie about.

“Ma’am, this is an old car. It doesn’t go on freeways. I don’t feel comfortable taking this thing on freeways.”

The officer laughed, and asked me what kind of car it was. At this point I think she was just seeing how coherent it was.

I told her the exact make and model of the car, and that the downside to an old car was longer trips on the road taking side streets.

She asked me if I had ever been arrested. I responded, “Heavens, no. Absolutely not. Never.”

The fact that I was surprised by the question most likely indicated to her that such a situation was a foreign concept to me. She asked me, “not once?”

I replied, “Ma’am, my dad would kick the blankety blank out of me. (I actually used the words blankety-blank rather than curse.) I’d be more scared of him than you.”

She asked me why, and I replied, “Ma’am, my dad was a military man. If I were ever arrested, I would be safer behind those bars where he couldn’t get to me. No ma’am, I don’t need that stress.”

She seemed amused, but I was not giving her schtick. These were honest reactions.

She then asked why I was in Simi Valley. I responded that I would be happy to tell her since the reason was completely legal, but that she should not hold my reason against me. She agreed, legality pending.

I explained that I was in town for a political conference. I showed her my political tote bag, emphasizing that if she did not share my views, I was still a nice person. She asked what I was doing politically.

I explained that I was a recent author, and did she want to see a copy of my new book. Her partner shined a light, which was obviously so he could see what I was reaching for. I showed her my book. I made it clear that I was not trying to sell her a copy, but just answering the questions she asked. I explained in a nutshell what the book was about.

After 10 minutes, she simply said, “just be careful on the road. Have a good night.”

Again, being innocent is a good start. Politeness can only help the situation.

Ten minutes is a long time to be interviewed, and even though it was genial bordering on friendly, I have to admit that I probably was distracted. Unfortunately, after the officers left me, I was even more distracted. My night was about to get worse.

I drove away from the gas station. Several minutes later, my car came to a complete stop. I was out of gas. I had forgotten to fill the tank. I changed lanes to enter the gas station! That is what the officers saw as me swerving. I was now stranded in the middle of nowhere, at 1:30am, with no gas.

I had a bunch of cash in my pocket, and asked God to let me not be killed. Yes, this was a good neighborhood, but Ennis Cosby was in a good neighborhood. Bill Cosby no longer has his son.

Triple A kept saying somebody was coming, but after two hours I was really starting to come unglued. Out of nowhere, I saw a car come driving fast. I rolled down the windows, and flagged the car down. It happened to be a police car. For the second time in two hours, a pair of officers would be questioning me.

These officers were less genial. They were not mean, just businesslike. It was 4am, and they did not want a problem.

I had a bright light in my face. I kept my arms outside the window so they could see me unarmed.

I said, “Officer, the light is very bright and straight in my eyes. I’m not drunk. I am not on any medication. I am out of gasoline. I am stranded.”

The officer asked me how I could allow my car to run out of gas. I again gave an answer that nobody would lie about.

“Officer this is an old car. The gas gauge does not work. I usually know when I need to fill it up. I hardly ever go anywhere, but tonight I drove far, and messed up. I ran out of gas.”

The officer asked if I called Triple A, and I explained that it had been over two hours. The officer seemed surprised by this. I then said something else.

“Officer, I am not going to make any sudden hand movements, but I would like to reach for my cell phone so I can show you how many times I have called these people. Can your partner shine the light on my passenger seat so he can see it is a cell phone?”

The officer did so, I slowly reached for my phone, and handed it to the officer. He saw that I began calling Triple A at 1:51am.

“Officer, this has been a nightmare.”

At that point the officers explained that they did not have any gasoline, and that they would call a tow truck for me. By sheer dumb luck, as they were doing that, my phone rang.

“Officer, that might be them.”

The officer handed me back my phone, and they listened to the quick conversation. The driver was about 60 seconds away. I explained that the driver was exactly 4/10 of a mile away. The officer was curious as to how I knew that to such specificity. I told him that if he shined a light on my passenger seat again, he would see my GPS tracker.

The officers waited for the tow truck to pull up. They then checked out the tow truck. After all, it was 4am, and maybe this was just a ruse for a drug deal. All I know is that everything I claimed, they verified just to be sure. They then told me to have a good night, and left. The tow truck put enough gasoline in my car to get me to a station, where I filled the tank.

Again, at the risk of being a broken record, an unfortunate situation ended without incident. I was innocent of wrongdoing, and I was polite. These officers had a bright light straight in my face, but no incident occurred. At 5am, I finally made it to my own bed for well needed sleep.

As much as I made plenty of mistakes on this long night and morning, I did a couple of things right. I made sure my cell phone had enough juice. I religiously charge the thing. Had I not been able to call, I would have been stranded on a barren road until the sun came up. I also used my GPS tracker to provide my exact coordinates.

I also made sure to keep my hands where the officers could see them, and made sure to let the officers know what I was reaching for, and that they could see what I was doing. I did not make erratic hand gestures.

I simply remained very calm. Well, sort of. I was angry internally, but calm when the police showed up.

While I cannot control the fact that I am a white kid with a poor car in a good neighborhood as opposed to a young black man driving a fancy car in a bad neighborhood, I can and did control my behavior. Again, I had a bright light in my face. The officers did watch my every move. They simply believed my explanations, because my explanations were believable. My explanations were believable because they were truthful. I simply was not up to anything deviant.

Professor Henry Gates could have done the same thing when confronted by Police Officer Sargent James Crowley. Instead Mr. Gates got belligerent.

Some would say he had a right to be angry, but even if he did (he didn’t), having a right to do something does not make doing something wise.

In fact, a driving term is “right of way.” I learned in Drivers Education that “No one ever has right of way.”

If a driver insists on right of way, and an accident ensues, it does not matter from a danger standpoint who was right. Either way there is an accident.

Situations like this, especially at odd hours of the night and morning, are like a bomb. They can be defused, or they can explode.

I made a conscious decision that going to jail or getting shot was not part of the plan. I acted appropriately, and the situations were quickly diffused.

Handling situations the right way does not guarantee the right results. I will be the first person to claim that no good deed goes unpunished. However, doing things the wrong way drastically increases the chances of negative results.

At 4am with police officers, negative results can be deadly.

Professor Gates chose escalation, and had it escalated any further, there could have been a dead individual, followed by racial riots and cities burning.

Ordinary citizens do not get invited to beer summits. They either cooperate or suffer potential grievous bodily harm.

These are life and death situations. Tread carefully, and handle with care.

It really is that simple, and does make a world of difference.


YRs in Simi Valley–Senator Tony Strickland

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

At the 2009 Young Republican Convention in SImi Valley, I had the pleasure of seeing California State Senator Tony Strickland.

Tony is only one half of a political power couple. His wife Audra, a California Assemblywoman, was also in attendance.

I had met both of them for the first time only one week earlier at the Reagan Library. All three of us spoke at the Simi Valley Women’s Republican Federated Golden Anniversary Gala.

At this event, both of them were speaking, and I was happy to be a spectator.

(My vocal chords were shot from addressing the crowd earlier in the day.)

On an apolitical note, the first impression one develops when meeting Tony Strickland is that he is tall. I mean very tall. He is 6 ft 6. For those who joke that he is tall enough to play professional basketball, research would tell those people that he actually does. In addition to his political duties as an elected represenatitve, he plays in the IBL.

The warmth that he has shown me after barely knowing me shows me that he is a man of character.

With that, I present State Senator Tony Strickland.

“I am a founding member of the Young Republicans. We created the Young Republicans in 1993.”

“Some know me from the legal case of Strickland vs Davis. I led the fight to have Gray Davis recalled.”

“Some people ask me what it is like to transition to the Senate from the Assembly. I tell them it is like the Bill Murray movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ It is the same thing over and over.”

“If we are going to fix this budget mess, we are going to have to fix the legislature.”

“Texas has a budget surplus. They have a part time citizen legislature. The legislature meets for three months every two years. They must be doing something right.”

“Texas Governor Rick Perry comes to California to take our companies. He offers them low taxes and incentives. California legislators have got to understand that 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing.”

“You cannot fund education and public safety without encouraging free enterprise.”

“California today would have been far different had Dan Lungren won the governorship.”

“I fought to get rid of many boards. These boards have people making over $100,000 per year, yet only meeting once or twice per month.”

“I eliminated the Integrated Waste Management Board. It was nothing but a p[olitical payback club.”

“This budget says that there does not have to be an automatic spending increase for every budget item. I fought for that.”

“I know that Republicans have different candidates, but I support Meg Whitman for Governor. She is wicked smart. I worked with her on the Mitt Romney presidential campaign race.”

“If you want a composite of the compassion of the IRS with the efficiency of the DMV, support the Democrats on health care.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Tony and Audra Strickland. Like many people, they work long hours, yet still make time for their children.

I will be running into them at many more functions, especially as the campaign season starts up again. It is an honor to share the stage with them, and just as much of a pleasure to be a relaxed spectator soaking up their words.

The best part of their words is that substantive deeds back them up.


YRs in Simi Valley–Congressman Dan Lungren

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

At the 2009 California State Young Republican Convention in SImi Valley, I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Congressman Dan Lungren.

Congressman Lungren is the former Attorney General of California. In 2002 he ran for governor, but was the victim of success. Republicans controlled the governorship for 16 straight years, and voters got complacent, forgetting that it was not luck that had things running effectively. Months after letting the Democrats control things, voters expressed remorse in the form of a recall election.

The Reagan Library was a beautiful setting for a tribute from one real conservative to another one. Congressman Lungren , clearly aware of his settings, had the warmest of words about the Gipper.

With Miss California Carrie Prejean and others looking on, I present the words of Congressman Dan Lungren.

“”It’s good to be hear with the real Miss California.”

“I am glad to be speaking before Carrie Prejean, because if I was speaking after her, nobody would listen.”

“I lost for governor to set Gray Davis up for the recall. That plan worked well.”

“Ronald Reagan was not a detail person. He was a substance person.”

“Ronald Reagan loved to ride horses, and he befriended a Secret Service agent who also loved to ride. After one particularly bad day in Reagan’s later years, the Secret Service agent told Nancy Reagan that he didn’t think President Reagan ought to ride anymore. Mrs. Reagan told the agent, ‘You tell him.’ The Secret Service agent agonized over how to tell President Reagan to give up something he loved so much.

The Secret Service agent told the President, ‘Today was not a good day sir.’ President Reagan responded to his friend and Secret Service agent, ‘You know, I don’t think I should ride anymore.’

This is the type of man Ronald Reagan was. He knew how difficult it was for his friend to tell him to give up something he loved. President Reagan was more concerned for his friend than for himself. That was Ronald Reagan.”

“I love Notre Dame. I remember seeing Ronald Reagan in practice throw a strike of a pass to Tim Brown, the Heisman Trophy winner. I love watching Notre Dame beat USC.”

(Some in the crowd booed in a friendly way, as I, a USC guy, yelled, “Recall him!”)

“Ronald Reagan was once running late for his plane. However, everything turned out fine because President Reagan reminded everybody that Air Force One does not leave until he arrives.”

“Ronald Reagan never liked Brown suits. He preferred charcoal gray or Navy blue. When asked why, he replied, ‘I was wearing one of those brown suits when I was shot. The doctors took it off of me, and I haven’t worn that d@mn thing since.”

Congressman Lungren then shifted to the world of today.

“I thought the tea parties could be destructive. I really thought it was going to be like 1992, when the Perot voters brought us Clinton.”

“This health care debate not coming from the top. It is coming from the bottom up. The tea parties are spontaneous. They are not organized.”

“In London, Al Gore admitted that ‘Cap and trade is the first step toward global governance.'”

“Young people understand that the choice is between a Freedom Agenda or a faceless bureaucrat. That is the positive message we can deliver.”

“This president, for all he stands for, will take your freedom away.”

Over the course of the evening, I asked Congressman Lungren if he would run for California’s top job again. His wife was standing next to him, and it seems Mr. Lungren will not be running for governor again. Infer what you wish from my description.

They were both friendly and pleasant, posing for pictures and chatting with many people at the event.

Congressman Lungren gave me the name of his staff person that was in charge of setting up an email interview. I look forward to bringing that interview at a later date.

For now, all I can say is that while California is far worse off for not electing him governor, his current Congressional constituents are lucky to have him.


Woodstock–Hippy druggies celebrate 40 Years of being hippy druggies

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

The world would have been a better place had Woodstock been known only as the little bird that hangs out with Snoopy the Beagle.

Today is the 40th anniversary of a never-ending music concert that will most likely get more coverage than the anniversary of the landing on the moon.

The disparity is staggering. One month after courageous men truly taking a giant leap for mankind, a bunch of derelicts and degenerates took hits of acid so that they could leap out of their minds.

“One small hit for man…one giant bong for mankind.”

I was born in 1972, which means I grew up in the 1980s. I thank God for this. Lord knows how I would have ended up if I would have hung out at an event glorifying stoners.

Today is as good a day as any other to dispel the myth that anything positive to human society came out of that event.

Yes, some of the people involved did eventually shave, get cleaned up, and go on to lead productive lives. Yet that was not because of Woodstock. It was despite it.

Woodstock was nothing more than hippy druggies celebrating their right to be hippy druggies.

Let us count the negative contributions of Woodstock to American society.

1) The glorification of drugs.

There is nothing positive about drug use. Drugs destroy lives. Anybody who thinks that doing drugs is “no big deal,” should simply find another nation to drag down.

Drug use is not a harmless or victimless crime. My tax dollars go to pay for everything from prevention programs to rehab centers to more prisons. Those who want to legalize drugs forget or willfully ignore the fact that medical care is more expensive than it needs to be. One of these reasons is treating drug addicts.

I am not advocating refusing to treat these people. They are still human beings. However, they are still screwups. They are redeemable, and I have yet to meet a person on drugs that was less enjoyable to know after giving up drugs.

I have a family member that is a basket case, and I am convinced that drugs contributed to this.

2) The glorification of unprotected sex.

Look, I am not puritanical when it comes to sex. However, unprotected sex again kills people. Those that do not develop fatal diseases end up with less serious medical problems that again involve trips to clinics. This is not free. Taxpayers pay for the irresponsibility of others. The AIDS crisis that exploded in the 1980s, glorified by pious celebrities and their useless red ribbons, is a result of the sexual anarchy that these same moralizers created in the 1960s.

3) The glorification of uncleanliness.

I had limited access to facilities in 1985 when Hurricane Gloria belted Long Island. Facilities are good. They separate civilization from”Lord of the Flies.” What about going to a music concert requires slovenliness? Nothing.

4) The glorification of the anti-war movement.

War sometimes is the answer. Those saying war is never the answer should either move to England, endorse slavery, or live under a world controlled by Adolf Hitler. This is before anyone ever heard of Saddam Hussein. The Vietnam War was absolutely winnable. We won on the battlefield and lost in the media. The lesson of Vietnam should only be that if a nation is going to go to war, they had better do whatever it takes to win. It is ugly, but that is what shortens wars and saves lives. Holding up peace signs doesn’t accomplish anything except embolden enemies willing to fight to the death.

5) The glorification of cutting school.

I wish Joe “Lean on me” Clark had taken a baseball bat to these kids. No, not upside the head. He could have cracked the bat against a pole to make his point. People skipping school to get high are not learning. Yes, I know that the schools are a disaster, and home schooling is the only solution. Yet these kids were not learning anywhere during those days. They were wasting their parents’ money.

Liberals love to romanticize Woodstock, and they love to show how these people matured and led positive change. They conveniently ignore that many people at Woodstock ended up incoherent, rambling lunatics. They may have ended up that way anyway, but Woodstock could not have helped.

I have been to music concerts. It is possible to enjoy the music without LSD or hashish or any other mind numbing stimulants, depressants or halucinogens.

The genie that jumped out of the bottle in the 1960s will never be put back. Woodstock will no longer ever be the bird hanging out with Joe Cool on a dark and stormy night.

Woodstock should be remembered as a bunch of Joe Uncools trying to preach individuality and rebellion by looking, acting, and dressing the same. Woodstock was about mindless automatons preaching that they knew better than everybody else.

Now those people are bankrupting Medicare and Medicaid, many of them needing medical care in their early 60s for illnesses that clean living 80 year olds do not need.

They didn’t know anything.

40 years later, many of them still don’t.


California Young Republicans Party

Monday, August 17th, 2009

In July I had the pleasure of attending the National Young Republican Convention in Indianapolis. This past weekend I had equal enjoyment attending the California State Young Republican Convention.

For those who do not know, Young Republicans are not the same organization as the College Republicans. CRs are generally 18-22, while YRs range in age from 18 to 40. My only regret is that I did not know about this group until my recent age of 37. However, when I was 18 they did not exist. This shows how far we have come.

The state convention was put on by the Ventura County Young Republicans. While there was plenty of politics and business, I made friends that will hopefully be friends for life.

Ben Lopez was the outgoing Chair. I found him to be decent and thoughtful. As for the Convention, Danielle White chaired the event, and a fun guy named Jimmy Brooks made sure the trains ran on time. I still maintain that Jimmy Brooks is the guy from Brooks and Dunn, given his cowboy hat and belt buckle at the afterparty. He definitely made the event fun.

The event had some top notch speakers, and many candidates running for various offices.

At the Saturday night dinner banquet, the headliner was Miss California Carrie Prejean.

I had met her and her parents one week earlier at Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert, and was happy that they remembered me. Ms. Prejean is one of the nicest people I have ever encountered, and her parents are simply great human beings.

Ms. Prejean was knocked down by a left-wing bully, but she has gotten back up, stronger than ever. Her religious faith has inspired her, and it inspired the room. Her book comes out soon, and I recommend people buy it when it does.

Congressman Dan Lungren spoke warmly about Ronald Reagan.

Given that the convention was taking place in SImi Valley at the Grand Vista Hotel, with a trip to the Reagan Library as part of the weekend, this was highly appropriate. Congressman Lungren is the former Attorney General of California, and he is humorously self-effacing about his gubernatorial run in 2002.

California State Senator Tony Strickland and his wife Audra spoke passionately about the Young Republicans, and working together in government in addition to being parents. Tony Strickland helped found the California Young Republicans in 1993. In addition, he plays professional basketball in the IBL.

Craig Deluz, who is running for the 5th Assembly District, offered inspiring words.

John Stammerich offered his plan for renewal.

Representatives for the gubernatorial campaigns of Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner were on hand.

In addition, the California Republican Assembly was there to lend support.

I am especially pleased that the CRA has invited me to speak at their next convention in March of 2010.

Speaking of speaking, I spoke at the YR Convention as well. It was unexpected and off the cuff, and I was grateful that my remarks were well received.

While the days were filled with political maneuverings and machinations, and the evening had an enjoyable dinner, the afterparty both nights at the hotel bar more than helped put the party in Republican Party.

I can say with pride that although I am very new to the YR organization, I look forward to many more great events with them. While I will only be able to do so for another three years, it will be 36 months well spent with great people who really care about America.


Raiders Recap–Preseason 2009 Week 1

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

The National Football League 2009 Preseason has finally begun. The Oakland Raiders hosted the Dallas Cowboys Thursday night in the first preseason game for the silver and black.

For more on the game, check out “Just Blog Baby.”

This is the 50th anniversary of the AFL, and Tom FLores and Jim Plunkett were in the broadcast booth. When Plunkett joked that he and Flores would argue over who would call the plays in this game, just like they did when Flores was coach and Plunkett was his quarterback. Flores commented back that Plunkett could disavow Fores’s plays, but if Plunkett went with his own plays they had better work.

The banter was fun, and a clip of Flores playing quarterback himself in the very first Raiders game in 1960 was enjoyable nostalgia. Yet the last six years have been anything but nostalgic. Much was spoken about how the team ended very positively last year, and that expectations were high. Coach Tom Cable is well regarded by the players, but the key would be quarterback JaMarcus Russell and the offensive line.

The preseason, especially early on, is less about winning games than about showing what the teams strengths and weaknesses are. With that, below is my Week 1 Raiders recap.

Good special teams on the kickoff combined with a penalty had the Cowboys starting at their own 7 yard line. The defense started well, as the Cowoys ran 3 plays, lost one yard, and punted.

Special teams ace Johnny Lee Higgins misjudged the punt, and it got past him. The 62 yard punt had the Raiders starting on their own 32. JaMarcus Russell immediately fired a 10 yarder to Chaz Schillings.

Justin Fargas started at running back, and longtime Chargers fullback Lorenzo Neal was now in the backfield. Robert Gallery was out with an appendectomy. Russell went deep to Darrius Heyward Bey, but the ball was underthrown into double coverage, incomplete. On the next play, Russell again threw the bomb, and again into double coverage it was underthrown. However, defensive pass interference set up first and goal at the 8.

There are positives and negatives about this. Russell may not be throwing far enough, but the receivers are clearly fast. As for Russell, his short term accuracy seemed vastly improved. He hit Schillings down to the two yard line. However, the desire to say “same old Raiders” cropped up when a holding penalty moved the ball back to the 12 yard line. A dumpoff pass to Neal lost two more yards. Russell completed his next pass to Schillings at the 5, but once again, the Raiders had to settle for a field goal by Sebastian Janikowski and a 3-0 lead.

Dallas took over at their own 29. With Stanford Routt playing on this series instead of Nahmdi Asomougha, Dallas moved the ball with ease. Routt was called for defensive holding on one play. Felix Jones and Marion Barber ran for big gains, and an end around to Patrick Creighton had the Cowboys at the Oakland 13. A screen pass from Tony Romo to Jones had the cowboys at the 3. Barber took it inches shy of the goal. Barber scored on the next play, but in a surprising turn of events, it was the Cowboys that blundered with a holding penalty.

The officials were also in preseason form, as it seems they got the down wrong. That became irrelevant when Romo hit Jason Witten for the touchdown pass. Routt was beaten on the play, and the Cowboys led 7-3.

The Raiders took over at their own 21, and Russell was sacked all the way back to the 8 yard line. There seemed to be a breakdown on the line as the defender came up the middle untouched.

Darren McFadden came in at running back, and immediately picked up 13 yards. On 3rd and 8, Russell hit Schillings, who made a juggling catch of a well thrown ball. From the Oakland 39, Russell then escpaed the rush, broke a tackle, and scrambled for 17 yards to the Dallas 43.

Russell was looking impressive on everything but the deep ball. Again their was double coverage, and the ball was thrown out of bounds. A false start pushed the team back five yards. Cooper Carlisle was flagged for a second time. An incomplete pass followed by a screen to McFadden brought up 4th and 6 at the Dallas 39. In a surprising move, the Raiders had SHane Lechler come in to punt rather than let Seabass try a 56 yard field goal. In the regular season, a punt would be smart, but in preseason, trying the field goal would have been good practice. As for Lechler, he needs no preseason. It is sad when a team has to brag about their punter, but Lechler is one of the best. Dallas took over at their own 5.

Romo was done for the night, as former Bengals and Lions veteran John Kitna came in. The Cowbys went 3 and out. A poor punt was returned 10 yards by Higgins to the Dallas 43, but a holding penalty had the Raiders starting out at their own 38.

Surprisingly, Russell was also done for the night. I would have given him one more series. Bruce Gradkowski came in at quarterback. Yet one player that absolutely looked ready for the rgular season was McFadden. On the last play of the opening quarter, he burst through the hole to the Dallas 17 for a 45 yard gain. A screen play resulted in a low throw by Gradkowski. Yet a geat catch by Schillings, followed by him getting up without being touched, led to a first and goal at the 6. On 2nd and goal from the 4, Gardkowski found Tony Stewart in the back of the end zone. Although Jeff Garcia is expected to be the backup, Gradkowski did his job, as the Raiders were back up 10-7.

Dallas took over at their own 29. Ricky Brown sacked Kitna for a 10 yard loss. This was a good blitz, not a mistake by Kitna. AGain, Dallas went 3 and out. Oakland took over on theor own 20 after a 58 yard punt. A tripping penalty had the Raiders facing 1st and 20 at their own 12. Gradkowskihit Heyward Bey for 8 yards. An offsides penalty set up 2nd and 7. The announcers seemed surprised that the Raiders did not false start. Gradkowski escaped the blitz and threw a perfect pass, but the receiver got leveled, jarring the ball incomplete. The Raiders punted, and Dallas took over on their own 30.

A perfect pass by Kitna on a slant route was dropped. The Raiders did not dodge a second bullet, as Kitna rolled out and completed a 22 yard pass to the Oakland 48. Kitna fumbled the snap on the next play on the infield dirt. Yet an encroachment penalty on the next play moved Dallas to the Oakland 45. Kitna then went deep for what looked like a sure touchdown, but free safety Michael Huff made a gorgeous interception. He simply stole the ball away at the last second.

From the Oakland 7, Gradkowski fired a bullet to Lewis Murphy, who dropped the pass on previous series after getting leveled. He made the catch this time, and the Raiders had an 18 yard gain. Michael Bush then ripped off a 12 yard gain, but it was nullified by a holding call.

The Raiders have a very strong running game, but the offensive line made way too many mistakes early on. On 2nd and 20 from the 15, Bush picked up 7 yards. Yet Gradkowski threw high under pressure and the Raiders punted. Lechler nailed a 55 yard punt as the Cowboys took over at their own 14.

Kitna again fired the slant pass that was dropped previously, but this one was again on the money, for a 21 yard gain. Ricky Brown broke through for a gain of over 30 yards, but offensive holding nullified it. Both teams were hurting themselves.

In a moment of levity in the booth, Tom Flores seemed mockingly mystified by Twitter. He replied that he thought that Twittering was what nervous players did before games.

Kitna threw another perfect pass for a 30 yard gain to the Oakland 28. Kitna fired again, as Dallas reached the Oakland 12. On 3rd and 4 from the 6, an incomplete pass was nullified when Huff was called for defensive pass interferenc ein the end zone. On first and goal at the one, Tashard Choice was knocked backwards a couple yards. On second and goal from the 3, out of the shotgun, the snap sailed over Kitna’s head. Kitna fell on it all the way back at the 19 yard line. Kitna went to the end zone, but the play was well double covered. A 36 yard field goal attempt by Nik Folk was no good. It missed by inches.

The Raiders led 10-7 at halftime, and while luck had the Cowboys fumbling a snap from the 3 o the 19, the defensive stand on the play from the goal line was solid.

The negatives for the Raiders was that Romo and Kitna both threw the ball well, and the starting running backs ran well. The defense needs work in that sense. However, they made key stops. on several drives.

On offense, the offensive line continues to be the weak link. The running game is terrific, Gradkowski played well enough as a backup, and Russell looked very crisp on the short to medium passes. Yet the deep ball was not working. Russell completed 6 of 9. Schillens looked very impressive at wide receiver.

As for speedy wide receiver Heyward Bey, many criticiced the decision to draft him over Michael Crabtree. However, Crabtree is still holding out, and San Francisco is angry at the holdout.

In the first half, total yards were almost dead even, but the Raiders had 8 penalties for 60 yards. The Cowboys had 4 penalties for 74 yards, but one of them was the long pass interference call. Dallas led on time of possession but had the one turnoover and the missed field goal.

The Raiders seem to show some potential. Nothing came out of theis game that would temm me that this team would be at either end of the bell curve. Yet based on past years, average is an improvement.

The second half began as sloppy as one would expect in preseason. Gradkowski misfired on second and third down, but defensive a facemask penaly kept the drive alive. Gradkowski then completed a pass to Murphy for 30 yards to midfield. A screen pass to Louis Rankin picked up another 20 yards to the 30. Rankin then picked up 9 yards on the ground. This Rankin guy looked good, but he was playing against backups, and the Raiders have stars at running back ahead of him.

Gradkowski then rolled out and found Brandon Myers wide open at the 3 yard line. Rankin took a handoff, and despite looking like he was trapped in the backfield, eluded a tackle, and juked his way into the end zone for a 17-7 Raiders lead. The 80 yard drive took only 3 minutes.

The Cowboys then went to their 3rd strong quarterback, and a false start ensued. A defensive pass interference penalty returned the favor, but at this point the game was mostly third stringers. Jason Horton was flagged twice on one drive for the Raiders defense. A 39 yard field goal by David Peeler had the Cowboys within 17-10.

On the next series, Gradkowski threw a nice pass voer the middle for a 20 yard gain. What made the play notable was that the offensive line held up well. Gradkowski then threw the bomb from midfield, and Russell could only weatch with envy. Yet Al Davis does not care who completes it as long as it is completed. Nick Miller bobbled the ball but made the acrobatic catch at the 2 yard line. Gary Russell scored on the ground to make it 24-10.

Dallas went 3 and out, and Charlie Frye came in at quarterback. Rankin continued to look good on the ground. Frye looked good immediately, avoiding the rush and completing a 20 yard gain. The offensive line seemed to be gelling, but again, let’s see when the starters are playing full games. This is not to criticize what appeared to be improvement on offense. It is just caution.

On 3rd and 20 from the Dallas 30, Frye nearly got sacked, but avoided 3 guys to throw it away. For some reason the Raiders were going to punt rather than let a backup kicker try a 47 yard field goal. Yes, it was off the infield dirt, but it was still makeable. In the regular season that would not occur. Again Lechler did his job, and the punt was downed at the 7 yard line. Dallas went 3 and out, and Frye continued to throw well.

The Raiders were forced to punt, but Dallas fumbled the punt, and the Raiders recovered it at the Dallas 11 yard line. On 3rd and 1 from the 2, instead of a run, Frye threw a perfect fade pass. It was lobbed over the defenders for the touchdown and a 31-10 Raiders lead.

The only thing notable on the next Dallas drive was that Horton was called for his 3rd defensive penalty, which set up a first and goal. On 4th and goal from the 4, the defense held. Frye continued throwing from near his own goal line, and seemed very comfortable. The Raiders then ran out the clock.

These teams meet again in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. While the Raiders won today, they were trailing 7-3 when Romo exited.

The team seems to have made some positive improvement since last season. For their opening preseason game, it was not a bad effort.

Raiders 31, Cowboys 10.



Saturday, August 15th, 2009

This weekend is the California State Young Republican Convention. The national convention was in Indianapolis.

Yet partying does not leave time for blogging, so today, just “think,” while I go have fun.

A philosopher whose name I will remember after this is published said, “I think, therefore I am.”

Ambrose once said, “I think I think, therefore I think I am.”

A college professor of mine had a picture of a baboon on his wall that said, “I think, therefore I am confused.”

(Another great sign said, “The more you study, the more you know. The more you know, the more there is to forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why study?”)

A high school professor mine once said, “When all else fails…think.”

(“There are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask questions,” according to the professors at the ESPN Bristol University College of Football in Connecticut.)

Philosopher and football columnist Peter King has a column entitled, “Ten things I think I think.”

With that, here are my thoughts.

1) I think speed laws should be recommendations, suggested guidelines, not arbitrary numbers.

2) I think I need to be more patient with people.

3) After dealing with one too many stupid people, I disavow # 2 and think I should be less patient with people. Prius drivers in the left lane deserve zero patience. They should be waterboarded, especially when I get to work at 9:01am instead of 8:59am.

4) I think that there is not an imitation product alive that tastes as good as the original. Diet sodas are mostly garbage, and will never be as good as regular sodas. Mountain Dew Code Red and Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cherry are tolerable in diet form. Veggie burgers and hot dogs are dreadful. The bottom line is people can live healthy if they sacrifice flavor.

5) I think that think rhymes with link, which means it is time for you to look at these links.

(I was too lazy to add the links. I will add them tomorrow. I think.)

6) I think that I put even less effort into this column than I usually do.

7) I think that women who dress hot and then get offended by men noticing that they are hot are hypocrites. I spend plenty of time picking out my necktie in the morning because I want people to compliment my tie.

8.) I think that there was life before the internet, but it is impossible to imagine a post-internet world.

9) I think that football is proof of God’s existence. No mere mortal could have created that game. I also think that because God is busy running the entire world, he is as grateful as I am for Tivo. I also think that he made the Jews his chosen people because no loving God would put the Sabbath on the same day as the NFL. Christian America would most likely say that this is an example of God testing his people. I would flunk that test. I do not know how Christians go to church when the game is on.

10) I think that women should never ask men what we are thinking. We are either thinking absolutely nothing, or that we like their yummy bouncies, and hope that they do not notice us staring, or perhaps we are thinking what I outlined above in items one through nine.

That is what I think.

I think.


Obama’s Birth Certificate–The story behind the non-story

Friday, August 14th, 2009

I have said that the controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate is a complete non-story. The story itself is a non-story, which is why I have not covered it.

However, an interesting angle was presented by Bernie Goldberg that I had not pondered.

As some people know, I recently added Bernie Goldberg to the Wall Street Journal/Charles Krauthammer Index of intellectual titans. When he speaks, I pay attention.

He pointed out that while the story was a non-story, beneath the non-story was a story.

For those who are already confused, let me channel Mr. Goldberg and straighten out the mess.

A very infantecimal fringe group in America are trying to prove that President Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. These conspiracy theorists want to prove that President Obama is not a natural born citizen, and therefore disqualified from being President of the United States.

No serious conservative has any interest in this story.

No major conservative or Republican politician or media personality has any use for this story. Bill O’Reilly, no liberal himself, has been fiercely defending President Obama with regards to this issue. O’Reilly has also been sharply critical of those pursuing the birth certificate non-story.

I have personally stated that this birth certificate situation is incredibly unimportant. The evidence was presented that he was born in Hawaii, and that is good enough.

If Barack Obama were to have illegally been elected, does anybody in their right mind think that the electoin would be overturned? Out of the question. The Democratic Party would have a scandal, and would perhaps be decimated in subsequent elections. Yet to overturn an election on a technicality, even one caused by President Obama, would not happen. There would be riots in the streets.

The bottom line is that nothing can change the fact that President Obama won the Electoral College.

What intelligent and realistic conservatives should do is fight the president when he is wrong in the political arena. We should debate policy, and only policy.

So if the birth certificate issue is a non-story, why is it all over the news?

Because liberals love this story.

Liberals are eating, sleeping, breathing, and celebrating this story.

The reason for this is simple. Liberals cannot succeed on their own. They need to destroy conservatives. Every conservative must be labeled either evil, or a complete imbecile.

Liberals have control of the White House and Congress, and they can’t govern. Their health care plan is collapsing under the weight of intercine liberal fighting combined with a genuine populist uprising. Attempts to paint the protesters as lunatics is failing.

Yet the birth certificate fighters make perfect patsies. To portray them as wild eyed conspiracy nuts is easier than demonizing a 75 year old woman in a wheelchair concerned about losing her Medicare.

By linking mainstream conservatives like myself to the fringes, a weapon of mass distraction goes unchallenged.

On a daily basis, the Pelosiraptor and other liberals are labeling people like me as Un-American. Liberals constantly cry about how their patriotism is being challenged, when the truth is that it is the left that deep hostility toward the right. I don’t question the patriotism of liberals. They don’t hesitate to question mine.

What the birth certificate non-story should show if truthfully told is that conservatives disavow their fringe elements. I have repeatedly stated that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

The left lets their lunatics run wild. They smear. They destroy. They bully. They refer to senior citizens at town hall meetings as angry mobs, when it is the left that worships at the alter of Saul Alinsky. Our President is a community organizer, and he is getting a taste of his own medicine. The only difference is that these seniors are fighting for their country. They see the president as stealing from them and their children what Americans hold dear.

President Obama has never shown any desire to organize anything for any other reason than his own advancement.

This is not a crime. He played hardball, and played it better than anybody else in 2008. This is legal. Anybody that gets in his way gets destroyed. Politics aint beanbag.

Yet it is one thing to destroy a poltiical opponent. It is another to destroy millions of innocent citizens.

This is not to say that the president is evil. He just has a vision of America from a policy standpoint that threatens many Americans. The left cam argue that these fears are unfounded, but that does not matter. Fear is a human emotion. Rather than address concerns, liberals in power are trying to steamroll over them.

The President believes that his health care vision is the right way to go. I don’t. Yet that difference is what we should be focusing on. Liberals need to stop elevating a non-story to drown out the real story, which is that once again, they have shown their inability to stand for anything that will benefit this country.

Barack Obama was born in this nation, and the story should die in this nation, along with his health care plan.


A Golden Gala For Ronald Reagan’s Female Foot Soldiers

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

I had the distinct honor of attending one of the finest functions California has ever had the privilege of being associated with.

At the Ronald Reagan Library, the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Federated celebrated their fiftieth birthday.

(The smart men in the room quickly noticed that they did not look a day over 40.)

Ronald Reagan was such a special man that I could be happy at his library being the custodian or waiter. To be an invited guest, much less a speaker, is an almost unfathomable honor.

Before getting to this wonderful event itself, some charges need to be properly debunked.

Sarah Palin was invited to be the keynote speaker. When it was announced that she would not be speaking, accusations were made against her solely because slandering her is a cottage industry.

The truth is that while she was invited, she never formally or informally accepted the invitation. No promises were made, nor were they broken. She never implied that she would be there.

On the flip side, when it was announced that Governor Palin would not be attending, some people reacted angrily, and equally inappropriately, to the fine women of the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Federated.

People demanded refunds, and accused these good Republican women of lying. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I expressed interest in attending the event, I received three separate emails from three different women associated with the Simi Valley RWF. All three emails explicitly stated that there was no guarantee that Governor Palin was attending, and in the event that she did not attend, donations were non-refundable.

Those who claimed otherwise are most likely the same people that sue their stockbrokers upon discovering to their shock and amazement that risky investments described as risky investments actually do involve risk.

I expect such behavior from liberals. Conservatives should never have acted this way.

The bottom line is that there were no villains. Governor Palin did not attend an event that she nor anybody else promised she would attend in the first place. People hoped she would attend, but I hope for many things. Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer do not have laryngitis. Prayers often go unanswered.

Governor Palin has also not promised to attend my birthday party next year. If she does not show up, I am letting you know now that she never said she would.

What is beyond dispute is that even though the events leading up to the evening were rocky, the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Federated Golden Anniversary Gala was a spectacular success.

Father Joseph Shea of St. Rose of Lima Church provided words of spiritual comfort. While Father Shea is a Catholic, I as a Jew felt moved by his words. His message was simple but important. We all have goodness inside of us, and the world becomes a better place when we spread that goodness.

For those that are threatened by Christianity, Father Shea is a believer in its most radical concepts, such as love thy neighbor. Like a true Christian, he even finds goodness in people who attended USC, which is not easy for a man whose devotion to God is almost matched by his devotion to Notre Dame.

Congressman Elton Gallegly offered well deserved praise to the women in the audience that have assisted his congressional career from the very beginning. Their tireless efforts on behalf of him and the rest of the party are unmatched from an enthusiasm standpoint.

I addressed the crowd as well. My purpose was to provide levity, but comic relief ended up turning into a well received stemwinder. This crowd wanted red meat, and the Reagan Library felt like a butcher shop when I was done.

Yet if I provided a sizzling steak, keynote speaker John Ziegler provide an entire scorched cattle ranch. Ronald Reagan would have been proud as a conservative and as a rancher.

Mr. Ziegler, a radio host, is the author of “Media Malpractice.” He offers the compelling evidence that the mainstream media set out to elevate Barack Obama and destroy Sarah Palin.

The reasons for defending Sarah Palin are numerous, and important. I shall eschew further elaboration so that people may enjoy hearing Mr. Ziegler speak in person.

One issue he addressed is that of so-called “conservatives” bashing other conservatives in an attempt to curry favor with liberal elites. This has never worked.

In a similar vein, I pointed out that the reason this fails is because the left does not hate conservatives for anything we actually do. They hate us because we exist and breathe air. This is nothing more than ideological bigotry.

The crowd listened quietly and intently when Mr. Ziegler read a heartfelt letter that Governor Palin wrote just for the occasion.

Several distinguished guests helped fill the room to capacity, including former Congressman Robert Lagomarsino, and director Cyrus Nowrasteh, who made “The Stoning of Soraya M.”

(This is not to be confused with the stoning of Soraya M. Palin, which Mr. Ziegler, I, and decent people everywhere have had enough of.)

Between Congressman Gallegly, Father Shea, John Ziegler, and myself, the crowd received passion and eloquence. The ladies of the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Federated put together an event that should be the model for political event planners nationwide.

Yet when all is said and done, the evening belonged to President Ronald Reagan. His optimistic spirit and decency toward people of all stripes permeated the room. This was his library, and attendees wanted to be on their best behavior. Of course the Gipper was with us.

When the Simi Valley sun set during dinner, somewhere directly above us Ronald Reagan was smiling. For 93 years, he was a vital part of history.

Well the history of America on August 8th, 2009, included a Golden Gala of Ronald Reagan’s female foot soldiers. They looked more than nifty at 50, and we will all benefit as they continue to spread Reagan’s message over the next 43 years and beyond.

For America and the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Federated, the best days are yet to come.


The Pelosiraptor attacked my patriotism

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

A pair of quick notes for those in the Los Angeles area. At 6pm, Jennifer Rubin of Commentary Magazine will be speaking at the Beverly Hills Library. After that, at 8pm, I will be speaking at Jerry’s Deli in Westwood.

Now for the main event.

In a USA Today column, The Pelosiraptor attacked my patriotism.

Now I could dismiss this as the rantings of a woman that is seeing herself preparing for life as a minority member of Congress in 2010, but that would let her off the hook.

Sure, I could say that the statements were meaningless simply because Nancy Pelosi said them. That is the Joe Biden defense.

Being clueless is not a defense.

At least Barack Obama won 52% of the vote of all voting Americans. Nancy Pelosi won a majority of votes from a few thousand people in the most wacked out city in America.

So why is the leader of the Friscotics (oh cool, I think I invented what Rich Little referred to as a “sniglet.”) full of Pelosi?

Because she knows that honesty does not sell when the product itself is not worth buying.

I have said for some time that political fights should be based on policy, and only based on policy. That is exactly what this health care fight is about.

The president believes his health care plan is a net positive. I believe it is a net negative. We disagree, and I am supporting those that are trying to defeat his plan in its current form.

Those that claim that President Obama has a mandate to blow up the health care system because he won the election are grossly mistaken. He has a mandate to fix the economy. He did not say anything about health care during the campaign except for the fact that he wanted “change.”

Unlike his predecessor, who did what he said, Mr. Obama got elected by saying absolutely nothing. He got a lead, and ran out the clock. Disagreeing with the details was impossible because specifics were non-existent. The man is a human generality with a splash of bromide and several cups of platitudes.

Now he has to govern, and he has no experience running anything. Yet one thing he does know how to do is community organize. He knows how to win blood fights. While conservatives are worried about taking down Al Queda, Obama and Pelosi are interested in taking down me and other mainstream conservatives.

I never mailed a dead fish to anybody. That would be Rahm Emanuel.

I never abused people trying to peaceably assemble. That would be leftist agitators. I never wrote or idolized a book about how to polarize and personalize. That would be the left.

I never questioned the patriotism of other Americans. That would be those that see any disagreement with Barack Obama as an act of war.

They play the race card from the bottom of a marked deck.

When Barney Frank is shown to be a corrupt official, the left calls his critics gay bashers.

Howard Dean, whose very existence is synonymous with hate speech, heads the Democratic National Committee.

The issue is the same issue that has infected the left in this country.

They are simply bullies.

Whether it be the anti-Semites at Code Pink or the terrorists that make up the Earth Liberation Front, the left is simply abut the ends justifying the means.

When the right fringes speak, mainstream conservatives disavow them. When the leftist basket cases act like…well, themselves…they get celebrated.

A conservative protester was recently beaten at a rally. The man was black, which would lead to charges of racism had he been a liberal.

Now I am sure there are plenty of liberals out there that would say they would object if an elderly lady was knocked over and her wheelchair broken. Yet would they loudly condemn the behavior, or would they make excuses?

I know what it is like to be subjected to left wing violence. My hate mail inbox has been the recipient of some vile comments that I occasionally publish. Don’t tell me that conservatives have a right to speak in this country. From my college days to too many Synagogues, I have seen the leftinistras attack conservatism as morally repugnant.

The solution for conservatives is to hit back ferociously. That means I took on my college classmates. I take on Synagogues, letting them know that their tax exempt status is on shaky ground.

I take on monsters like the Pelosiraptor who dare to have the gall to criticize Americans for engaging in democracy.

The voters are not to blame. The Republicans are not to blame. The Democrats are in control, and they have the votes. What they do not have are guts. They are more interested in placing blame than passing laws.

They are simply the same failed human beings that have watched America move to the right despite the occasional election hiccups.

They have the political numbers. They do not have the American people. Like two year old versions of Barbara Boxer (or 62 year old versions for that matter), they cry, kick, scream, and throw the mother of all tantrums, all because they can’t get what they want. They scream at military leaders, play the race card against a Chamber of Commerce leader who happened to be black, attack police officers as racists for doing their jobs, and use thugs such as ACORN to steal elections when honest tactics fail.

This makes sense, since what are acorns anyway? Acorns are collections of nuts.

I never thought I would live to see the day when Hillary Clinton would appear to be more reasonable than anybody, but the Pelosiraptor is succeeding in this endeavor.

Attempts to portray conservatives as bad people simply will not stand up to reality.

I was at Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert. Some people there were Democrats. They were treated in a friendly manner. I shook their hands. This is because I am capable of disagreeing with people without despising them.

I don’t throw eggs or tomatoes at MSNBC trucks. I engage in civilized discourse.

Sometimes civilized discourse can get heated. Passions run high. Yet one would have to be a complete fraud or completely insane to think that senior citizens are political operatives. One would have to lack integrity or common sense to think that asking tough questions of elected officials is morally wrong.

Only a complete disgrace of a human being with no connection to reality would question the patriotism of me and my friends.

Welcome to the world of the top Friscotic (Wow, I really do like that word. Neato).

Like the forces of Augustus Caesar taking on Brutus and Cassius, our side has true believes while the left offers paid mercenaries. We offer ideas, and they respond with verbal suicide bombers.

We have senior citizens and veterans. They have agitators, union thugs, political hatchet men, college students, and radical professors. They are the mob. We are the people.

If the left wants to have a peaceful discussion, don’t question my patriotism.

As for the Pelosiraptor, I will quote the words of President George W. Bush.

Bring it on.