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The 2011 Celebrity Apprentice Finale and a special announcement

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Another season of Celebrity Apprentice has come to a close, and I really have to praise Donald Trump bigtime on this one.

First, let me get my biases out of the way because I am biased.

Celebrity Apprentice should not be based on one task or even one season. It should be based on an entire life. John Rich is the greatest celebrity in world history for giving us the song “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Donald Trump gets it right again despite not using my criteria.

Here is a synopsis of the episode.

While I have tremendous respect for Marlee Matlin, I was really hoping Lil John would be taking on John Rich. I only knew Lil John from the Dave Chapelle portrayal of him as a guy who says “What?” and “Ok!” in a funny voice. Lil John is a very smart guy, and his unfortunate blunder in the interview process kept him from the finals.

While I was rooting for John Rich, I totally expected Marlee Matlin to win. Simply put, I thought Mr. Trump would make the politically correct decision.

This is not to insult Ms. Matlin. She absolutely deserved to make the finals. Yet if everything else is considered equal, why not give it to the deaf person?

I have repeatedly praised Donald Trump for letting merit supersede race, religion, and gender with his winners. Yet he does have a heart, and sympathy is the one angle that has helped some celebrities.

Joan Rivers was outdueled and outclassed by Annie Duke, but everybody praised Rivers for her vitality. That is code for her being old.

(I rooted for Annie Duke and still want to paddle her. I am aware she would punch me in the face if I tried.)

Holly Robinson Peete was phenomenal, but Bret Michaels nearly died that year. How do you not give it to the guy who nearly died?

(I rooted for Bret Michaels. I always loved Poison and think that if I joined a rock band instead of going to Wall Street I could have been cool enough to paddle Annie Duke with her permission. Hot women dig rock stars.)

So I was concerned that maybe political correctness was interfering with Trump’s judgment.

Yet Piers Morgan was certainly the politically incorrect choice. He was the villain. Trace Adkins was the good guy.

(I liked them both and did want Piers to win solely for crushing the ultimate non-celebrity, Armarosa. Yet I will always praise Trace Adkins for the song “Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk,” which again reminds me how badly I want to paddle Annie Duke.)

Yet while Marlee Matlin is an inspiration, John Rich is simply “the man.”

Although the task was not a fund-raising task, he turned it into one. That was a brilliant move. Trump has always been about rewarding brilliance. He likes tactics, and he loves good strategy.

Marlee Matlin was an A. John Rich is an A+. That is enough of a difference in the finals.

Donald Trump got it right, and I am thrilled for John Rich and his charity, St. Judes. It helps children with cancer.

Anyway, Mr. Trump recently announced that he is not seeking the White House. That leaves a void.

So in the coming days I will be making a presidential announcement of my own soon. Stay tuned. It will be very big. I will be announcing whether or not I am entering the 2012 race.

Until then, let me quote Jimmy Fallon singing a great song.

To everybody except John Rich:

“You’re fired, you’re fired, you son of a b*tch you’re fired…Take your rolling suit case out the door…

Have a mimosa…and call Armarosa…

You’re fired, you’re fired, you SOB you’re fired…don’t you mess around with team Backbone.”

It’s not “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” but it’s not bad.

Well done Mr. Trump, and well done John Rich.


The real End of Days day

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

For those wondering how the End of Days day could pass and the world still exist, the danger is still there. The prediction got the year right but the actual day wrong. May 21st is not the correct day.

September 8th, 2011 is the real End of Days day.

The Earth will cease to exist. The screams and cries of innocent Americans will fall on deaf ears. There will be no more life.

Only one thing can prevent this Armageddon.

The players and owners have to reach an agreement and end the NFL Lockout.

On September 8th, 2011, the New Orleans Saints travel to play the Green Bay Packers. 3 days later is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Many NFL games are scheduled to be played.

These games are in danger of not happening.

The closest America came to End of Days was in 1982. The players went on strike for 9 weeks. A 1987 apocalypse was averted when the owners used replacement players.

There is less than 4 months to prevent a total catastrophe. At this point all I can do is pray to the almighty creator of the pigskin in the sky.

Either there will be NFL Football, or it is all over.

We were given a reprieve on May 21st despite players missing minicamps.

Yet September brings actual games.

Football fans everywhere are watching.

Let there be football. Let there be life.

The alternative is too grisly to contemplate.


How I began my End of Days day

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

For those who actually care, today is Armed Services Day. I will be speaking to the Rhode Island Republican Assembly.

For everyone else, today is End of Days day.

Before getting to that, condolences to the family of Randy “Macho Man” Savage. The professional wrestler and Slim Jim spokesman died in a car accident at age 58. In honor of his passing, the Village People song “Macho Man” should be played. Mr. Savage did have a well toned body. He will be missed.

Now back to the End of Days.

It occurred to me at Midnight EST that the world was still here. Sean Hannity came on, although to be fair to those predicting the end of the world, it was a rerun from 3 hours earlier.

There were no reports out of Australia of any major events, so I am assuming that nation still exists as well.

Since New York is the global hub of the financial world and America is the Great Satan, let’s assume that the End of Days is based on East Coast Time.

One hour into the End of Days saw Hannity end. I would have reported on the Glenn Beck rerun, but I was already sleep.

I figured if it was the End of Days, I would honor “the Gambler” Kenny Rogers. “The best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.”

Approximately 8 hours later, it was 10am EST. Even if one had forgotten to change the clocks last month, enough time still had past.

I do recall Oral Roberts once saying that if his parishioners did not donate 4.5 million dollars, God was going to call him home. Luckily enough money came in and he lived.

A tire salesman claimed that he would be called home if he sold less than $80,000 in tires. He only sold $68,000. Yet in a shocking turn of events, he lived.

I could claim that Israel being attacked by Arabs signaled the apocalypse, but it actually signals a typical day.

Also, can one cheat the End of Days day by getting a time machine and going back in time before the End of Days? Comedian Stephen Wright said that he once flew Air Bazaar. “Leave any Monday, they bring you back the previous Friday.”

If this truly is the Rapture, does that mean Blondie is the Messiah? “I once had love, and it was a gas. It soon turned out, she had a heart of glass.”

If this is the Rapture, does this mean all of these religious questions are finally answered? Am I right or wrong? Is this his first or second visit? At least if this is the End of Days we would have closure. According to ZZ Top, “Jesus just left Chicago,” and is bound for New Orleans.

If this is the Rapture, we need an official song for those who are not (shame on you) fans of Blondie. I recommend either “Mama said there’d be days like this,” or “May the circle be unbroken.”

I still feel Jewish, but then again I really do not feel much this morning since I am kind of tired.

Is it any coincidence that the movie “End of Days” contained Arnold Schwarzenegger? It is pretty close to End of Days for him if he gets in any more trouble. As for California, it was End of Days years ago.

Gabriel Byrne was also in that movie as well as the one about Kaiser Sose, so maybe he is one of the Usual Suspects ending our days.

(Tom Cruise has nothing to do with this. That was Days of Thunder. There were no weather predictions or talk of God troubling the water on End of Days day. Building an Ark may not be necessary.)

In Alaska and Norway, End of Days is just a geographical anomaly. 18 hours of darkness per day is mighty depressing. They are looking forward to the End of Nights. In case anyone cares, the longest Day is June 21st and the Longest Yard featured Burt Reynolds. He also was in another movie with Dom DeLuise called “The End.”

Anyway, time to celebrate the rest of End of Days day by going back to sleep and taking a nap. Sloth is a sin, but if we do not exist any more I can be as slothful as I please.

Tomorrow I will reveal the real End of Days day. The year is correct but not the month.

Until then, happy End of Days day. May your day or night have a good ending or beginning.


Gingrich Goes Rogue

Friday, May 20th, 2011

On Friday, May 13th, Newt Gingrich lit up the Georgia GOP at their state convention.

His best line of the night was when he said that with regards to American foreign policy, “We should have one.”

Yet something happened to him in the span of 48 hours. He was not feeling well during his Friday speech, coughing more than once. He said it was allergies, but maybe he had a cold. Maybe it was just exhaustion. Yet whatever the reason, he sat down for an interview with David Gregory on MSNBC. While it was already Sunday the 15th, the interview became a Friday the 13th nightmare.

Doing the interview was his first curious decision. MSNBC are practically enemy combatants. Their entire reason for existing is to feed the lunatic left-wing of the Democratic Party. The MSNBC staff should be tested for rabies. Yet unlike Democrats running in fear from Fox News, Gingrich made the mistake of trying to be open-minded and appearing on a television station nobody watches.

While David Gregory was there to inflict harm, Gingrich chose to take the bait. He criticized the Paul Ryan budget plan as “radical” and “right-wing social engineering.”

In the immortal words of Jay Leno to Hugh Grant, I ask Newt Gingrich…sir…”What in the heck were you thinking?”

Within a day Mr. Gingrich was apologizing to Mr. Ryan and backpedaling. Yet the damage had been done. Sir Charles of Krauthammer declared the Gingrich candidacy “finished.”

This is sad. A vibrant Gingrich campaign would be good for the country. Yet his comments reinforced his worst negatives and undercut his main positive.

His worst negative is that he is undisciplined. His worst wounds are self-inflicted. These were most likely off the cuff remarks, and they backfired.

His main positive is that he has long been seen as an intellectual policy heavyweight. He is an idea man. Others babble while he talks about solutions. Yet by siding with Barack Obama over Paul Ryan on the issue of health care mandates, Mr. Gingrich has come down on the side of terrible policy. Forget the politics of it. The policy is awful.

Why would Mr. Gingrich do this? Assuming this was not a case of exhaustion or a brief alien invasion into his skull, what did possess him to take this approach?

While I am certainly not Dr. Krauthammer, it is time to play amateur psychologist.

In 1995 Mr. Gingrich was seen as “mean.” He was demonized for trying to enact painful but necessary changes to Medicare. He was accused of trying to “cut” and “gut” the program. These accusations were outright lies, but “slowing the rate of growth” was seen in Washington as cutting. The problems the entitlement programs Mr. Gingrich wanted to save now face are exponentially worse. The Demagogic Party was willing to let the programs get destroyed in order to win the 1996 presidential election.

Despite the caricature of him, Mr. Gingrich is human. He does not want to be hated. No sane person would want that. Therefore, he decided to make himself out to beĀ  “likable” Republican.

The problem with this strategy is that it never works. John McCain was the darling of the press until he had to compete with Barack Obama. Arnold Schwarzenegger moved leftward, only to see the Democrats blame him for everything.

Right now Paul Ryan is public enemy number one for liberals, maybe even more so than his fellow Wisconsite Governor Scott Walker. Mr. Ryan seems to handle the role of villain much better than Mr. Gingrich did. This is partially because Mr. Ryan is prepared for the villification, and handles it with dignity and sober responses.

Paul Ryan is the adult and Barack Obama is the child. Mr. Gingrich used to be the adult, and he got burned for it. Yet rather than stick to his guns, he chose to throw Mr. Ryan under the bus.

Going rogue did not win Mr. Gingrich any new converts. The left still despises him. Now the right is upset with him as well, perhaps to the point of fatally ending his candidacy.

Newt Gingrich needs to get a mulligan. Romney needs one on Romneycare and Pawlenty needs one on cap and trade. Pawlenty helped himself by admitting that his prior support for that was wrong.

Gingrich can plead temporary insanity and perhaps right the ship.

Yet if he tries to run against Ryan the way McCain ran against Bush, the results will be equally disastrous. Why would the Democrats look at Obama lite when they have the real thing?

The Gingrich fiasco should be a warning shot to every Republican contender. Everybody on the right had better fall into line. Stand up for conservative principles. Liberals stand for nothing, but they win when conservatives running decide to act like liberals.

Paul Ryan is now the new darling of conservatives. He deserves this title and his reputation as the new policy heavyweight. Any candidate taking shots at Mr. Ryan should be disqualified from consideration. Candidates embracing the Ryan plan should vault to the top.

Paul Ryan is the leader of the GOP. Show him loyalty or be prepared for conservative wrath.

Because of everything Mr. Gingrich has done for the GOP over the course of his career, he should be given this last get out of jail free card.

Going forward, he needs to do what every GOP candidate must do.

Just stick to the [email protected] script.


Obama attacks Israel–Will any liberal Jews stand up?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The other day Palesimians tried to invade Israel. The fact that this was done with rocks and not rocket launchers does not make it any less of an invasion.

13 Palesimians got what they deserved while the rest of these murderous defective Arab zealots received praise from Barack Obama.

The very creation of the state of Israel is known among Palesimians as the “Nakhba,” which means “catastrophe.”

Only days later, the unfeeling, uncaring automaton President Spock gave a speech demanding that Israel return to its 1967 borders.

Well I demand that President Obama sit down and shut up.

If my words carry less clout than a proclamation, then so do his.

He has talked enough. He lets murderers in Libya and Syria get a pass while bullying Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should refuse to meet with Mr. Obama. There is nothing to discuss. He should meet with Republican presidential candidates and pledge to work with them once our current Palesimian lover is fired.

This would not be unprecedented. After all, it was candidate Obama who held press conferences with foreign leaders while he was still a candidate.

There is no more room for dialogue. Barack Obama has just given Palesimians a green light to destroy Israel. The only solution for Israel is to engage in a crackdown that would make Bashar Assad envious.

Palesimians are a lost cause. Barack Obama is a lost cause. Peace in the Middle East with suicide bombing savages is a lost cause.

Yet one question remains, and it must be answered immediately.

Are liberal Jews a lost cause?

Will any of these spineless jelly (gefilte) fish finally stop acting like battered housewives?

Will Henry Waxboy stand up?

Will Anthony Weiner stand up?

Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stand up?

It is time for Jewish liberals to realize that they can no longer be both. Either their religion is Judaism or liberalism. Either thousands of years of religious tradition means something or it doesn’t.

The days when Jewish liberal women care more about abortion than Israel needs to end. The days when liberal Jews consider global warming to be the real Holocaust needs to stop.

The Democratic Party of old is dead. It is now headed by a man willing to reward terrorists by giving them a place to live that was never their home to begin with.

It is time for human rights activists obsessed with Rwanda and Darfur to realize that attempted genocide of the Jewish people is happening while the world blames the poor, misunderstood Palesimians.

They are not misunderstood. They are murderers. They do not want peace. They want every Jew dead worldwide. Yes, they would slit the throats of the Ws (Wasserman-Schultz, Weiner, and Waxboy) with glee of they could.

It was one thing when Barack Obama showed indifference to Israel. After all, he is indifferent to virtually everybody. No law requires that a man, even a president, be capable of human emotions.

Yet now he has crossed the line. He has demanded that Israel give up land while giving lip service to Palesimian promises of ceasing terror activities.

Barack Obama is doing this to distract from his own failed record on the Middle East. Iran had a chance to overthrow the Mullahs in 2009. Barack Obama failed to stand up. Libya has a chance to be free. Barack Obama prefers to “lead from behind” rather than stand up. Syria is murdering its own citizens in he streets. Barack Obama blathers about “sanctions” that will never occur rather than stand up. Palesimians murder each other and Israelis. Barack Obama does not stand up.

Sorry, Mr. President. Your reelection effort does not justify bullying a sovereign nation and the only true democracy in the Middle East.

It is time for you to sit down.

As for your water carriers in the liberal Jewish community, they need to stop making excuses for you and for once in their lives stand up.

After all, when the Palesimians come for the Jews, they will not distinguish between conservative and liberal.

They will come for the liberal Jews. Only then will those liberal Jews realize that Barack Obama has no interest in speaking up.


Update: Colonel Allen West gets it. His statement is every bit as fantastic as Mr. Obama’s was odious.

Ari David is the first person to brilliantly market this commercially.


Rich white man violates poor black woman while minorities shrug

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

A rich white man has just been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a poor black woman.

The NAACP issued a strongly worded statement condemning the attack.

The NOW rushed to defend the woman and condemn her attacker.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson marched in the street to declare it a hate crime. Women everywhere showed outrage at such a barbaric display.

Oh, wait. Never mind. Sometimes I confuse shoulder shrugging with caring.

As is often the case, certain brutal attacks are news while others are white noise.

The rich white man was a French leftist socialist. The poor black woman from Africa was just somebody living in New York.

The entitlement mentality that allowed Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton to escape scrutiny after sexual assault charges lives to this day.

The same double standard that allows George Soros to spread misery and destroy poor people globally is alive and well.

The NOW, not known for keeping their yammering traps shut about nonsense, have indulged every man’s fantasies by going stone cold silent at the worst possible time.

Black “leaders” used to yelling “No justice, no peace,” have now apparently contracted laryngitis and blindness.

After all, why scold a man who gives failed nations bailouts when we can attack Paul Wolfowitz for existing and breathing air?

The fact that Dominique Strauss-Khan has been arrested means nothing.

Where are the feminists? Where are the blacks?

Both blacks and women talk about “sisters.” Doesn’t this woman deserve to be acknowledged?

Where is President Obama? Isn’t this a teachable moment? The man comments about everything but has nothing to say about this.

Where is Eric Holder? Can he be outraged by anything that actually matters?

The attacker is not an isolated perpetrator. He is part of a system of left-wing plutocrats who preach about taking from the strong and giving to the weak while being the strong and crushing the weak.

Do not expect any moral or intellectual honesty from the left on this one.

These are the people who let Michael Moore bash corporations while busting attempts for his own employees to unionize.

These are people who preach about human rights while allowing a democracy named Israel to be demonized and terrorist nations like Syria to chair councils.

These are people who give Nobel Prizes to everybody from Yassir Arafat to Al Gore rather than elderly ladies who saved lives during the Holocaust.

This is who leftists are. This is what they are about.

This is how they can hear about a rich white man sexually assaulting a poor black woman and not blink an eye.

The man was a leftist. He gets a pass.

The criminal justice system may by some miracle convict him.

Yet the court of leftist opinion will do know such thing.

If not for dumb luck, Mr. Strauss-Khan would already be back in France living the high life with Roman Polanski. You remember him. He was the man who sexually assaulted an underage girl but was forgiven by the left for…you guessed it…being one.

The next time the NAACP and NOW get outraged about nonsense, the response should be simple.

They should shut up and sit down. They had their chance to speak, and they chose to remain silent.

It is one thing for socialists to be members of a failed, discredited ideology.

It is quite another thing for them to be failed moral human beings.

So what about it left-wing grievance mongers? Will any of you stand up?

Of course not. In your warped worlds, left is always right, right is always wrong, and plutocrats can rape and pillage with abandon provided they vote the proper way.

The non-reaction is almost as disgusting as the actions that set an avoidable tragedy in motion.

So congratulations to the peasants worldwide. The left has decided once again to let you eat cake, provided they do not rip it out of your hands violently and eat it themselves.

Just pray it is only cake they are trying to take.


Shocker! French Socialist Plutocrat Acts Like Himself

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

“The Senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity.”

Yes, the great “WKRP in Cincinnati” intro is now the theme song to another European leftist with a sense of entitlement to balance a lack of common sense.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is more than just the head of the International Monetary Fund.

He is also a French socialist who was expected to run for the presidency of France.

Part of his compassion for the weaker members of society was enhanced by sexually assaulting one in a hotel in New York. He is innocent until proven guilty. Given that he is a leftist, he will never be proven guilty.

Doesn’t anybody understand that the whole point of being a leftist is to exploit people in the name of compassion? Have we forgotten Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy?

As long as a man is pro-choice on abortion, they can abuse as many women as they like for as long as they like. That is just the way it is. What would the NOW say or do, something?

Here is the opening statement that any good leftist defense attorney would prepare:

“My client did not sexually assault that hotel worker. This is a right-wing smear campaign brought about by Neocons like Sarkozy and Bush, with help from the Zionists.

As for why he was naked and running down the halls of the hotel, it is because he was the victim. Some Neocons broke into his room and subjected him to coercive interrogation methods. Torture is always wrong. It was wrong in the illegal Iraq War and is wrong here.

He was running to escape his captors.

Also, he has a long history of support for women’s rights. He is pro-choice on abortion and will not stand by and let dumb people like Sarah Palin send women into back alleys.

The woman who found him reminded him of one of his captors and tried to defend himself from her advances. She then tried to escape, which is proof of her trying to assault him.

He is not just a socialist. He is not just French. He is both of them. What do you expect?

He has suffered enough abuse. He is a man named Dominique. This led to him getting beaten up many times over the years by people thinking he is gay. He has always supported gay rights, and will not let the anti-gay right-wing fringe bigots win.

In short, any attempt to convict him means supporting illegal American imperialist wars to benefit moneylenders, freemasons, gypsys, and Zionist aggressors.

Sarah Palin is dumb, George W. Bush is evil, and Wall Street bankers will not get their greedy hands on the IMF the way they let Paul Wolfowitz run the World Bank.”

Under the slightest chance that twelve liberals in either Manhattan or Paris would convict this man who splendidly represents their values, the punishment needs to fit the crime. Jail is not the answer.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is now perfectly qualified to be the Secretary General of the United Nations.

He has executive experience at an organization that consistently fails to do the right thing. His European bailouts are the epitome of making excuses for bad decisions. Who better to make sure Syria and Libya finally get to run wild without impunity?

Does the man hate America and Israel? It is very important that he does for this job. He is a French socialist, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he does.

United Nations peacekeepers are great at raping innocent third world women they are supposed to be protecting. Who better to run the U.N. than an expert in abusing innocent women?

Who better to pretend to care about the powerful than a man representing an ideology that allows powerful billionaires to spread misery to the masses in the name of compassion?

So let’s not get bogged down with distractions such as right and wrong, treating women as people, and obeying the rule of law. What is more important is that the ends justify the means. Anybody who either attacks Jews, conservatives, or both should be allowed an occasional violent felonious assault.

The man is European, and they are so refined and sophisticated. We need men like him to stand up to American slobs who eat hot dogs and prefer sports to the opera.

It is high time we stop harassing leftist plutocrats for acting like themselves.

Stay classy, France. Stay compassionate, liberals.

Keep up that sophisticated, caring stuff you do so well between centuries of indifference.


Huckleberry Hound and Rupaul fall in the forest

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Wake me when the top tier candidates make it official.

In the last few days, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul all made announcements regarding whether to run for President. All of the announcements were expected. Gingrich is in. Paul will never go away, so he is in. Huckabee is out.

Gingrich did his announcement quietly using the new social media. He then delivered a brilliant keynote speech at the Georgia GOP Convention. Whatever one thinks of Mr. Gingrich, his intellect and seriousness have never been questioned.

As for Huckleberry Hound and Rupaul, if a presidential candidate falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Enough with both of these guys already.

I will not spend any more time on Ron Paul. If he ever wins a single primary, I will eat my previous words. Until then he is a gadfly with supporters who comprise a passionate, obnoxiously vocal minority.

The Huckabee announcement was more bothersome on so many levels.

Mr. Huckabee is likable. He is also totally unelectable, and the media never dared utter those words.

Mr. Huckabee did his best Lebron James impression by letting his ego get the better of him. His narcissistic non-announcement was ridiculous.

He kept citing “polls” showing him at or near the top of the field.

He has national recognition, but national polls mean nothing. National polls all elected Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, and Rudy Giuliani. State polls would not have elected Mr. Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee is perfectly qualified to be King of Iowa, which holds a caucus that picked George HW Bush over Ronald Reagan in 1980, Pat Robertson and Bob Dole over George HW Bush in 1988, and Mike Huckabee over everybody else in 2008. The only metric less of an accurate presidential determinant than the Iowa Caucus is the Iowa straw poll. They don’t matter.

Mr. Huckabee is not to blame for the fact that the media fawns all over him. He is one of those Republicans who gets along very well with Democrats. Then when the Republican actually has a chance at winning, the media savages that same Republican. John McCain bashed George W. Bush and praised Russ Feingold. Mike Huckabee sits down with Michele Obama for softball interviews.

There is nothing wrong with Mr. Huckabee doing what he does. What is wrong is the media then using it to make him out to be one of those “good Republicans” as opposed to all the mean, nasty, evil Republicans who are being attacked for existing and breathing air.

Mr. Huckabee proudly spoke about how he had expanded beyond his socially conservative base. There is no evidence of this. The Wall Street Journal editorial pages would have plenty to say about Mr. Huckabee, and it would not be complimentary.

The media announced that Mr. Huckabee “came in second” in 2008. This technically true, but very misleading. He came in second by attrition only because candidates well higher up in the rankings than him dropped out.

The honorable thing to do when the cause is hopeless is to drop out and fall in line behind the winner. Mitt Romney came in second. Fred Thompson dropped out after South Carolina but still had more support than Huckabee. Rudy Giuliani dropped out after Florida but was ahead of Huckabee. So while Huckabee was the next to last man standing, that is not the same as having the second most support. Huckabee’s 2008 campaign was similar to Pat Buchanan in 1996 in New Hampshire.

Like Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee had a small but passionate fan base, and Mr. Huckabee converted that into a financial empire (To be fair, unlike Dr. Paul, Governor Huckabee and his supporters are quite normal). For Dr. Paul to maintain his following, he has to run. Governor Huckabee’s base is more religious than political. His hybrid show on Fox News is a mixture of televangelism and politics.

Speaking of Fox News, Dick Morris is constantly on tv praising Huckabee. He even claimed that Huckabee was the “only candidate” who could have defeated Barack Obama. Leaving aside that Rudy Giuliani could have (John McCain was winning until Leham Brothers burned), Mr. Morris was a paid consultant. Mr. Huckabee was his client. This is a raging conflict of interest that should be disclosed more often on Fox News.

Mr. Huckabee currently had Ed Rollins as his adviser. Other Republicans would gleefully point out that the main advisers to Huckabee are people who would bolt the GOP in a heartbeat to work for Bill Clinton and Ross Perot respectively. The “birds of a feather” argument would be a fair one. People are judged by the company they keep

Also, Governor Huckabee is building a two million dollar house in Florida. He can earn millions while at Fox News or he can give it all up to go broke running for President. Every candidate except the winner ends up owing money unless they are already wealthy. Mr. Huckabee will not be unless he opts out.

Another myth being propagated is that Governor Huckabee declining to run makes the race “wide open.”

This is nonsense. The media desperately wants a competitive race because boredom does not sell advertising dollars. Well the Republican Party is boring. We always nominate the person who is next in line. So unless the hierarchy is broken, Mitt Romney is the nominee.

Yet for argument’s sake, let’s keep the myth alive that the race is fluid and that the other candidates are not wasting their time. The idea that Mike Huckabee leaving changes the race in any way implies that he has an impact on the race. The big winner with his exit is Senator Rick Santorum. Yet to imply that Governor Huckabee would have stood a chance if Sarah Palin entered the race is crazy. Her supporters are far more committed than his. Palin supporters run wide and deep. Michele Bachmann would have also been a threat.

Huckabee would not have had the social conservative voting bloc locked up. With that splintered as it was in 2008, he would have been hammered by the fiscal conservatives again. Many Republicans are more focused on cutting spending and taxes while killing terrorists.

This gets back to the media, with their absolute hostility toward social conservatives. Governor Huckabee had every right to complain during the 2008 debates when he was forced to answer questions about evolution and creationism that were only asked of him. All the interviews in the world with Michele Obama would not change the fact that the media is desperate to lift Huckabee up so they can rip him to shreds in the general election. He would lose 49 states and barely survive Arkansas.

With the left ripping him for social conservatism and the right ripping him for tax liberalism, the comedians would take cheap shots about his weight. After all, how can he be disciplined enough to run a nation if he cannot control his waistline? David Letterman was dusting off all the old jokes about fat Arkansas presidents. This is cruel, but life is cruel.

So his refusing to run was never a story. It was a foregone conclusion. Huckabee may have smiled for the cameras during his announcement, but he was lashing out. He lashed out at those who said he could not win or expand his base. He lashed out at those who dared suggest that they knew what he would do before he knew.

The problem with critics is that every once in awhile…they are right.

Mike Huckabee is a good man. He was also one who managed to convince people that he had a larger following than he really did. This makes him a good salesman, but smoke and mirrors are just that.

Ron Paul could learn a lot from him. Dr. Paul is getting ripped by conservatives for his leftist foreign policy and social views and leftists will not allow for his steep conservative budget cuts. He is in the reverse vise that is piercing Huckabee. At least Huckabee does not have Earthlings criticizing him for being martian like they do with Dr. Paul.

The bottom line is only three announcements in the 2012 GOP Primary would be worthy of serious news coverage.

The first would be Sarah Palin deciding to run, because everybody is expecting her to sit this one out. The media oxygen would be sucked away from everybody else for a period of time.

An even bigger shock would be Mitt Romney not running, since he has been running nonstop since the last race ended. Any decision on his part not to run would set off a media frenzy that would lead to wild speculation. In this case again that speculation would be well warranted. Favorites do not drop out unless there is a very dark negative behind the bright picture and multi-million dollar smile.

Donald Trump running would be a shocker since the entire world is expecting his current behavior to be a brilliant marketing stunt by a brilliant marketer. Trump would be giving up power to kiss up to the powerless and go from giving orders to taking them.

Until then, three other announcements were exactly what was expected. That is not news.

Mr. Gingrich gets better treatment because he has stature due to his years of success in the GOP at various levels. The guy has won before on a large level.

For Dr. Paul and Mr. Huckabee, they fell in the forest on opposite sides of the decision fence. Neither announcement should have caused even a ripple, much less made a sound.


Soldiers We Must Support

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

On April 30th, in Dayton, Ohio, I attended and spoke at a rally for American soldiers who have been imprisoned by our own government simply for doing their jobs. Rick Amato of KCBQ emceed this event.

We need to stop fighting politically correct sensitive wars. If war is going to be waged, the purpose is to win. War is hell, and can lead to the ugliness inside every human soul. Our soldiers follow orders straight from the top. Those who obey the law should be treated as heroes, not criminals.

So here are links to the soldiers and others taking part in helping them. I met the parents of some of these soldiers. They love America, and are heartbroken that the country they love, protect, and defend has turned their backs on their children.

Do your part. Help these soldiers and those helping them.

Timothy C. Parlatore, Esq (website coming soon)

May God bless all of our troops, and may none of them ever be forgotten.


McNabb, Hopkins, and a cancerous racial belief

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

While the battle of words between Bernard Hopkins and Donovan McNabb would seem to be a sports dispute, it actually has political overtones that make it a serious issue for anybody caring about what our society should be about.

Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb has been criticized by Rush Limbaugh, Terrell Owens, and the Philadelphia NAACP. Despite leding Philly to 5 NFC Title Games and one Super Bowl, the armchair quarterbacks attacked his football abilities.

Yet the attacks by Bernard Hopkins are worse. Mr. Hopkins seems to think that his days of taking shots to the head as a boxer qualifies him to be a social scientist. Mr. Hopkins may be able to speak better than Leon Spinks or Muhammad Ali, but he certainly does not have their humanity.

What makes this odd is that Hopkins and McNabb play two completely different sports. There is no rivalry. Tiger Woods does not compete against bowlers, and NASCAR drivers do not feud with baseball players. It would make no sense.

Yet Mr. Hopkins, who grew up in a rough Philly neighborhood, has skewered McNabb for growing up in a suburban Chicago area. Because he was not from the South Side or some other bad neighborhood, McNabb apparently lacks “street cred,” and is therefore “soft.”

Hopkins also praises Michael Vick because the two both shared a rough upbringing and troubled time behind bars.

When is the celebration of low achievement in the black community going to stop? When is doing things properly going to cease be considered “acting white?” When is somebody besides Bill Cosby going to say that enough is enough?

While I am aware that Hopkins does not speak for an entire race, his argument does permeate a large part of black culture.

Kobe Bryant was booed before an all star game in Philadelphia. He was considered to not have the level of street cred that Allen Iverson had. Then Kobe got arrested for rape and all of a sudden he was “one of them.”

This is nuts.

Donovan McNabb is more than just a very good football player who may (close call either way) make the Hall of Fame.

He is a good citizen. He had good parents who raised him right. He is polite, well-mannered, and dignified. He is not only a good ambassador for the league, but the exact kind of guy a father would want to date his daughter.

He is every bit as good a person as Peyton Manning, but because Manning is white, there is no issue.

Just because 70% of black children are born to unwed mothers does not mean we skewer McNabb from coming from a stable, loving household. We should celebrate this guy. He learned good values, and carries them out today.

The idea that being a good citizen and a nice guy makes one soft was also applied to Tony Dungy. It has to stop.

Americans of all stripes should condemn Mr. Hopkins for his racially charged remarks.

Americans of all stripes should hold up Mr. McNabb of what is good about our society.

It is not about black or white. It is about right and wrong.

Mr. McNabb lives life the right way, and that is not a black or white value.

It is a decency value.

This cancerous racial belief espoused by Mr. Hopkins is pure poison.

The antidote is to stand up for what is right.

Mr. McNabb, keep being who you are. The world is a better place for it. Whether or not you ever win a Super Bowl ring or make the Hall of Fame, you are a winner in the game of life.

May your jersey be sold to millions of children…and their parents.