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Jewish politicians to attend Jewish self-loathing conference

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

First a quick housekeeping note: Back from North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and DC, I got back to LA last night to sleep for a few hours before driving to San Diego, Diamond Bar and Palm Springs.

I have been a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership for a few years now. I have just been invited by the RJC to be a guest blogger. Given that they are bound by constraints such as tact, those that value those qualities can read my sanitized pieces there. The not-for-children versions will be posted here only after they appear on the RJC site so as not to cannibalize them.

The link contains the toned down version of the much harder edged story I have below.

We as Jews have survived the Holocaust, countless pogroms, and third world genocidal lunatics that want to kill us all because we exist and breathe air.

Yet while we have great survival skills when facing external threats, we are also the masters of self-immolation. With a 52% intermarriage rate, we are well on the path to cultural extinction.

With too many Jewish people becoming schoolteachers and social workers rather than stockbrokers and corporate executives, we are also on the way to economic extinction.

Now we have decided to complete the trifecta of stupidity with potential political extinction.

One mythical block from K Street, a new politically toxic organization is forming in Washington, DC.

The Group is called J-Street.  They are as helpful for Jewish interests in America and worldwide as Benedict Arnold was for America itself.

When I think of J-Street, I am reminded of the Dave Chapelle comedy sketch where he plays a blind black man who thinks he is white, is married to a white woman, and is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. After years of racism toward blacks, the character is forced to confront the fact that he himself is black. His response is to divorce his wife for her being married to a black man.

In the Jewish community, there was Groucho Marx, who once famously stated that he “would never belong to a club that would have me as a member.”

Yet Groucho was not self-hating. He was mocking the anti-Semitism of his day, and was rejecting the idea of joining an anti-Semitic club. He was standing up for his people.

J-Street does not stand up for or stand for anything remotely positive for Jews. Now to make matters worse, these people are using their constitutional right to assemble to hold a conference. Worst of all is that Jewish politicians are giving this organization legitimacy.

Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Russ Feingold, Henry Waxman, Bernie Sanders, and Adam Schiff are among many that are determined to contribute to the stereotype that liberal Jews are liberals first and Jews second.

For those liberal Jews that find my sentiments harsh, they should spend less time worrying about a Republican Jew typing on a keyboard and more time worrying over an anti-Israel organization getting its hooks into an eager White House.

For those not convinced, the agenda of J-Street is as subtle as a homicide bomber, and on an emotional level, just as destructive.

Their own website is all the evidence one needs.

“Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories have, for over forty years, been an obstacle to peace.”

“J Street supports President Obama’s call for an immediate and total freeze of settlement construction.”

“It is important to note that J Street supports the concept of a security barrier as an important element of Israel’s defense, but believes that the barrier must be located along an internationally recognized border.”

“J Street believes that the immediate imposition of harsher sanctions on Iran would be counterproductive.”

“we are strongly opposed to any consideration at this time of the use of military force by Israel or the United States to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.”

Nowhere on this dreadful website is there any mention of anything that Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, or any other enemies of Israel have to do. J-street preaches a balanced approach to the Middle East, but places all the responsibility on Israel.

In addition to praising multi-lateralism and diplomacy, a new nonsensical phrase has entered the liberal lexicon thanks to J-Street. “Strategic Patience” is a fancy way of doing nothing and praying that baddy meanies decide to become goodie niceys.

Has anybody at J-Street listened to Armageddonijad? The guy wants to wipe Israel off of the map, not sit at the campfire with Jews, make Smores, and sing about what they would do if they had a hammer.

Like most liberal Jews, J-Street loves to attack “Neocons” and other conservatives as bellicose.

Well J-Street and liberal Jews everywhere need to answer some tough questions right now, or forever be denied the right to be taken seriously.

What specific steps must the enemies of Israel take in the name of peace?

Why should we make agreements with rogue leaders when they break every agreement they sign?

If we make an agreement with them, how can we enforce it?

What happens if they break the agreement?

Given that Israel has made concessions in the past, why not make any further Israeli actions contingent on the cessation of terror, as specified in the Road Map?

Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza led to more terror. Why would any further withdrawals yield a different result?

If liberals become conservatives after getting mugged, why have they not reacted upon their Jewish brethren getting bombed, shot at, and murdered indiscriminately? How many Jews have to be killed by Islamofacist enemies of freedom and liberty before enough is enough?

On October 25th through the 28th, a conference dedicated to the destruction of Israel will take place.

It will call itself a “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” event, but as we learned in “Hamlet,” for some people, “there is no right and wrong. Only thinking makes it so.”

Jews have given enough, voluntarily through hope and involuntarily through innocent and unwanted bloodshed.

I just thank Hashem that my Holocaust surviving grandfather did not live to see Jewish politicians like Al Franken and Henry Waxman attend a Jewish surrender conference.


Barack Obama, Meet Mike Tramp

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Awhile back I recommended that Hillary Clinton meet Joey Tempest, the lead singer of 1980s hard rock group Europe.

Once again it is necessary for an 80s hard rock band to explain a Democratic politician.

It is time for Barack Obama to meet Mike Tramp.

Yes, the Mike Tramp from White Lion.

Today the Black Tygrrrr, known as the Tygrrrr Express, is endorsing White Lion.

No, this is not about the great remake they did of the Golden Earring classic “Radar Love.”

It is not even about their hit song “Tell me.”

No, it is about the White Lion ballad that should be the official anthem of Barack Obama and the entire Demagoguic Party.

The song is called “When the Children Cry.”

You see, the left is throwing another one of their temper tantrums due to their own inability to actually accomplish anything.

They blame Rush Limbaugh. They blame Fox News. They blame insurance companies. They blame everybody except the people that they should blame…themselves.

Now I know some of you still have not figured it out, so let me sum it up quickly and then catch my flight back to the left coast.

Rush Limbaugh, despite what I said recently, did not cause 9/11.

Fox News is not responsible for the Holocaust.

Neither Glenn Beck nor Sean Hannity have ever cast a single vote against Obamacare, because no bill even came up for a full vote. Even if it did, they cannot vote.

People on the left despise George W. Bush, but there is no denying that he was more effective. After all, if he was ineffective, they would have no reason to despise him. Liberals love conservatives that fail to accomplish their goals.

President Bush had a 50/50 Senate, yet he got his tax cuts through.

Barack Obama has 60 Democrats in the Senate, and can’t get them to agree on anything except to blame Republicans.

When the Children Cry, let them know we tried.

The Pelosiraptor refers to the voters opposing her as Astroturf. The St. Louis Rams and Indianapolis Colts won many games on Astroturf.  Maybe she is blaming Republicans for the recent failure of the Rams. Then again, her opposition to Limbaugh buying them means she wants them to fail.

Ok, enough silliness for now.

Islamofacist terrorists are trying to kill us all. Conservatives care about this. We don’t have time for the absolute nonsense that consumes the left.

We do not have time to hold full time jobs in the private sector and come home to babysit screaming liberals children neglected by the nanny state the left loves.

The left has two options. Either accomplish something, or don’t.

Just quit the crying. Quit railing against other private citizens.

George W. Bush did not complain about MSNBC, which truly does exist to spread left-wing bile. He did not complain about the Jayson Blair Times. He did not make Gunga Dan Rather and Mary “fake but accurate” Mapes commit fraud and cover it up.

Barack Obama has not and will not ever encounter 10% of the criticism is his predecessor did for existing and breathing air.

It is nobody else’s fault but is own that he is seen worldwide as a likable wimp, as opposed to is predecessor, who as hated by those who hate this country no matter what.

Barack Obama and the left can either put up or shut up. Until they do the first, they may wish to try the second.

In the meantime, I am recommending that the Gerber company create a new line of baby food for Democrats. Perhaps the makers of Castor Oil can give them some before bed.

Until then, they can enjoy some White Lion songs.

The adults will be back in charge soon enough, and the children will be sent to their rooms again. Naturally, they will learn nothing from their experiences.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can join White Lion, and they can rename the band “Lady and the Tramp.”

Just kidding. She is no lady. Ladies are adults.

I am off to work, because that is what productive people do. I am hesitant to leave the Obama spokespeople at home alone, but at least if we give them a few pacifiers to suck on, the rest of America can get some piece and quiet from their bellyaching for awhile.


Rush Limbaugh Fights Back

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative. He exists and breathes air. For those reasons, people on the left hate his guts. It is called Ideological Bigotry.

Luckily for decent society, Rush has a platform to fight back.

Some will say that Limbaugh is an unsympathetic figure. This is code for politically incorrect. Unsympathetic figures are the very people we absolutely should stick up for if freedom of speech will mean anything.

Carrie Prejean had a crown stolen from her.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger was bullied off the air.

20 year old Hannah Giles is being sued by a liberal criminal enterprise named ACORN simply because she proved they were a liberal criminal enterprise.

Andrew Breitbart is being sued for supporting Hannah Giles.

Now Rush Limbaugh is being blackballed from participating in a sports league, despite the fact that Mark Cuban owns a team and Keith Olbermann spends much of his non-sports time engaging in left-wing bile.

By every professional standard, Limbaugh was qualified to own a team. Yet with the left, qualifications are irrelevant. All that matters are feelings.

Keep in mind, they do not believe conservatives are human beings, so they do not have feelings.

This is not about mere politics. It is about smearing people with incendiary charges. Dr. Laura is against gay marriage, so she was labeled a homophobe. Carrie Prejean was ambushed, and treated as if she were an anti-gay bigot.

Rush Limbaugh, despite worshipping at the alter of the National Football League just like I do, was labeled a racist for saying a black player was overrated and the NFL promotes social engineering. That is an opinion, and hardly anywhere near as inflammatory as the stuff the left says about the right on a daily basis.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stepped in, because they refuse to get real jobs and benefit society in any way, shape, or form. These two race hustlers are anti-Semites who dress nicely, and nothing more. Limbaugh made his money honestly. Jackson and Sharpton are the ones who spent their lives peddling bigotry to make money.

This is not about agreeing or disagreeing with Limbaugh. This is about disagreeing honestly, without poisonous attacks of bigotry that have no basis in fact.

Nobody is entitled to own a football team. If they were, I would have gotten way ahead of Rush and everyone else. Everybody is entitled to a fair hearing.

Rush Limbaugh needs to take his bigoted left-wing critics and go after them with all the fury that the power of his position brings him. Those who engaged in libel and slander of him must be sued until they are bankrupt. Nobody is allowed to make false charges. If his critics have evidence of racism, they had better put up or shut up right now. Since they can’t put up, they should just shut up. If not, Rush must shut them up.

The left-wing bullying has got to stop.

Make ’em bleed Rush. They deserve it.

Once he crushes the leftist haters that made the false charges, those people will not be around to attack other innocent conservatives that have been subjected to slurs and accusations just for being alive and expressing an opinion.

Yes, I mean me.

The gloves are off.


NFL 2009–Week 6 Recap

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Last night was North Carolina. Today is Maryland. Glimpses of the early games were watched before I spoke at a function for Jim Rutledge, who is running for Senate against Barbara Mikulski. For those who have never seen Mikulski, she will most likely play defense for the Baltimore Ravens when Ray Lewis retires. She is the 3rd worst Barbara in America behind Boxer and Streisand, and the worst non-California Barbara.

Yet today is a day to keep the Boxers and Mikulskis of the world out of our lives while we try and enjoy the games. Glimpes of the late games were seen from a lovely restaurant where I spoke to the Montgomery County Republican Women’s Federated. The night game at least I got to watch from a nice comfy television at an undisclosed location in Silver Springs, Maryland.

The thought for this season is the lack of parity in the league. I hate the term parity, preferring competitive balance. However, the usually even bell curve of the league seems out of whack this year.

The Giants, Vikings, and Broncos are all 5-0, with the Saints at 4-0. The Bengals are 4-1, with their only loss to the Broncos. On the flip side, the Titans, Rams, and Chiefs are all 0-5. the Raiders are 1-4, with their only win against the Chiefs. The Browns are 1-4, beating an equally terrible Bills team. The 1-4 Lions have their only win against the equally awful Redskins. I cannot remember a year with such a lack of competitive balance.

With that, here is the NFL 2009 Week 6 Recap.

Chiefs @ Redskins–Sometimes a pair of awful teams can surprise everyone and play a spectacular game. Sometimes they stay true to from and just play a dreadful game, as these teams did. No touchdowns were scored in this game. After fumbles abounded, Matt Cassel in the second quarter led a drive from the Kansas City 14 to the Washington 21, setting up a field goal and a 3-0 Chiefs lead. On the last play of the half, facing 4th and 2 at the Chiefs 36, Jim Zorn decided against the tying 53 yard field goal attempt. Jason Campbell was intercepted instead. For some unknown reason, the second half was not canceled.

Campbell was benched at halftime, and replaced by the ancient Todd Collins. Collins is old, but his entire career backing up Jim Kelly gave him a good feel for the game. His benching after leading Washington to the playoffs a couple years back was inexplicable. Collins came in, and sparked the team. The Redskins took the second half kickoff, and a 40 yard field goal tied the game 3-3. Washington seemed in good position on their next drive when Clinton Portis ran 78 yards to the Chiefs 10. That was it, as another field put the Redskins up 6-3. The Chiefs came back, and another field goal had the game tied 6-6 entering the fourth quarter in a game I am giving more coverage than is deserved.

Field position became the difference, and after the Redskins were pinned deep, a punt had the Chiefs starting at the Washington 36 with 6 minutes left. Naturally the Chiefs failed to pick up a first down, but the go ahead field goal had them up 9-6 with 3 1/2 minutes left. Washington fumbled on their next drive, and a short pass from Cassel to Dwayne Bowe went for 32 yards. The Chiefs had 1st and goal at the 9 with only 1:37 left. Yet again there was no touchdown, as another field goal had the Chiefs up 12-6 with 37 seconds left. There was no miracle comeback as the Redskins took over at their own 7, and Collins was sacked for a safety. The Chiefs had their first win, while the Redskins are equally bad at 1-5. 14-6 Chiefs

Giants @ Saints–This was a game to watch, as a pair of unbeatens went at it. Unfortunately for viewers, it was a lopsided game. Drew Brees finished the game with 4 touchdowns on 369 yards on 23 of 30 passing. Brees led the Saints from the get-go, moving the team 70 yards in 15 plays over 7 1/2 minutes. On 4th and 1 from the 2, Bell scored the touchdown to put the Saints up 7-0. After a punt, Brees kept firing. A 29 yard touchdown pass to Marquis Colston was reversed and ruled down at the one yard line, so Brees threw the touchdown to Jeremy Shockey, who delighted at beating his old team. The Saints led 14-0. The Giants returned the kickoff to midfield, but could only get a field goal out of the good position.

In the second quarter the Saints kept rolling. Brees hit Meacham for a 36 yard touchdown pass. The extra point was blocked, but at 20-3, it didn’t matter. Ahmad Bradshaw did score from 10 yards out to get the Giants to within 20-10, but then the roof that was cracking officially caved in on the Giants. A 35 yard defensive pass interference penalty set up Brees to Moore for the 12 yard score that had the Saints up 27-10. Dominic Hixon had his second great kickoff return of the game, and 68 yards later the Giants were at the New Orleans 37. A 15 yard touchdown from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham had the Giants within 27-17.

Yet their defense had no answer for Brees. He hit Colston for gains of 40 and 20 yards on successive plays. With one minute left in the half, the Saints got stuffed on 4th and goal at the 1. Yet the Giants gave the ball right back a few plays later when Manning was sacked and fumbled. From the New York 7, Reggie Bush ran it in just before halftime to give the Saints a comfortable 34-17 halftime lead.

Midway through the third quarter, a Manning interception led to a drive that Brees finished off throwing 12 yards to Colston to break the game wide open at 41-17. The Giants moved to the Saints 10 yard line, but on 4th and 20 from the 20, Tom Coughlin decided to kick a field goal and make it 41-20. Brees simply kept unloading. After a 25 run by Pierre Thomas, a 34 yard pass to Meacham set up a 2 yard touchdown run by Evans to make it 48-20.

The Giants added a garbage time touchdown to complete the scoring, but today belonged to the Saints. This might be a different game in the Meadowlands, but the Superdome is great for the high powered Saints offense. The Giants lost their first to drop to 5-1, while the Saints at 5-0 remain perfect. 48-27 Saints

Panthers @ Buccaneers–The Panthers got their first win last week, as the people I spoke to yesterday in North Carolina decided to hold off on impeaching Jake Delhomme for now. Hey, the Panthers were 12-4 last year. Yet he only had 65 total yards passing in this game. As for the Buccaneers, in a theme that must be repeated, Jon Gruden is in the Monday Night Football booth while the Buccaneers are winless. NEVER EVER EVER fire a coach after a winning season, even if the team underachieves. The Bucs went from 9-3 to a collapse and a 9-7 mark that missed the playoffs. Now they are the worst Buccaneers team since 1985. Tampa Bay should have asked Oakland what happened to them when Gruden left.

After a Carolina punt, Carnell “Cadillac” Williams ran it in from 20 yards out to put the Buccaneers up 7-0 early on. After another Carolina punt, Josh Johnson moved Tampa Bay from their own 9 to the Carolina 25. A field goal was no good, wasting the drive. The Panthers capitalized as Deangelo Williams had his own 20 yard run to tie the game 7-7 early in the second quarter. Tampa Bay fumbled deep in their own territory, but at the 3 yard line, the Panthers fumbled it right back. After a Buccaneers punt, the Panthers had excellent field position at the Buccaneers 43. The opportunity was wasted when the Panthers moved only 9 yards, and a 52 yard field goal was blocked. Tampa Bay did manage to drive into scoring position with 1st and 10 at the Carolina 24. Yet they went backwards, and on 4th and 27 punted rather than try a 58 yard kick. As ugly as this was, there was moderate redemption in the second half for those that hate terrible football.

I lied. The Bucs started the second half with a Johnson interception, as Carolina took over at the Tampa Bay 12. On 4th and 1 from the 3, Williams picked up the first down, allowing Delhomme to throw a 1 yard touchdown to King as the Panthers led 14-7. After a punt, Stewart ran for a 26 yard score to have the Panthers up 21-7. Yet this game was not over. Stroughter returned the ensuing kickoff 97 yards for a score to get the Bucs to within 21-14. This is their offense.

The Buccaneers got the ball back with 12:45 remaining, and again were in position for a field goal attempt. Yet on 4th and 1 from the 36, a false start penalty pushed them out of range and into a punt. They trailed by 7, yet missed one field goal and had 2 more chances squandered by penalties. Yet Delhomme had his miserable season continue. He was intercepted by Jackson, who raced 26 yards to tie the game 21-21 with 8 1/2 minutes left in the game.

Yet give Delhomme credit. He has led the Panthers to a pair of NFC Title Games and one Super Bowl. He is not going to get rattled. He came back from the interception to lead a staggering 16 play drive from the Carolina 20 that bled almost all of the clock. Yet what made the drive even more remarkable is that Delhomme did not throw a single pass. Short gains on the ground from Williams and Stewart wore down the Tampa Bay defense. The longest run of the entire drive was 10 yards. Stewart converted a pair of 3rd down conversions. Then on 3rd and 1 from the 3, Williams converted before scoring from one yard out with 29 seconds left in the game.  Carolina improved to 2-4, although questions about Delhomme will keep swirling. His running backs saved him today. At 0-6, Tampa Bay has everything but their Orange Creamsicle uniforms off the 1976-1977 team that went 0-26 before winning. 28-21 Panthers

Ravens @ Vikings–This game was exciting and ridiculous. The unbeaten Vikings are led by a 40 year old fellow named Brett Favre who keeps being told to retire by know-nothings. The Ravens have Joe Flacco at the helm, as they are finally more than just a defense. Brad Childress was bald before this game, but he would have torn his hair out anyway by the time it was over.

Early on it looked like a Minnesota coronation. Adrian Peterson ran for 26 yards and Favre threw 19 yards to Vincent Shiancoe to put the Vikings up 7-0 early on. After a Baltimore punt, Minnesota took over at their own 45. Favre hit Shiancoe for 21 yards and Sidney Rice for 19 more before throwing 4 yards to Bernard Berrian for the touchdown to have Minnesota up 14-0. The game slowed considerably until the 2 minute warning. With 1:47 left, Flacco led the Ravens from their own 18 to the Minnesota 12. Yet with time for one more play, an inexplicable West Coast short pass gained one yard. A field goal made it a 14-3 game at halftime.

After terrible field position to start the second half, the Ravens punted as the Vikings took over at their own 40. They advanced to the Baltimore 22 and kicked a field goal to lead 17-3. Flacco led he Ravens right back, and a 23 yard pass to Todd Heap was followed by a 22 yard Rice run to pull the Ravens to within 17-10. The Vikings took over at their own 29, and a short pass from Favre to Rice went for 63 yards, setting up 1st and goal at the 8. Yet the Baltimore defense held the Vikings to a short field goal and a 20-10 lead late in the third quarter. Baltimore had a great kickoff return, but after starting at midfield, failed to pick up a 1st down.

In the fourth quarter, Favre led the Vikings on an 80 yard drive that took 10 plays and almost 6 minutes. Yet the bulk it was a 39 yard defensive pass interference call at the 2 that set up Favre to Shiancoe for the 1 yard score. With 10 minutes left in the game, the Vikings were in command 27-10. This game should have been over. It was just beginning.

Flacco needed on 93 seconds to bring the Ravens back. A 32 yard touchdown pass to Mark Clayton had the Ravens within 27-17 with 8 1/2 minutes left. Minnesota immediately came back, As Peterson ripped off a 58 yard gain to the Baltimore 15. Yet the Vikings could not slam the door shut, settling for a field goal and a 30-17 lead with 6 minutes left. Yet Flacco then threw a short screen pass to Rice, who raced 63 yards. On the next play, Flacco hit Derek Mason for the 12 yard score. In only 49 seconds, the Ravens had struck again as a laugher was now a 30-24 Vikings lead with over 5 minutes left.

The Vikings then ran 3 awful plays, followed by a punt that had the Ravens starting at the Minnesota 33. One play and 7 seconds later, Rice ran the entire 33 yards. In front of a shellshocked Minnesota crowd, the Ravens led 31-30 with 3 1/2 minutes left. Yet there was still plenty more to come.

From the Minnesota 24, Favre simply did what he does. A deep pass to Rice went for 58 yards to the Baltimore 18. Time was no longer a factor. Yet the Vikings still could not advance the ball further. For the 4th time in the game, Ryan Longwell came in and kicked a field goal. The Vikings were back on to by a deuce, and many had felt that the Vikings had scored too early. Favre could only watch helplessly as Flacco led the Ravens from their own 33 with 1:49 left.

Flacco hit Rice and Washington for a pair of 13 yard gains with 1:16 left. On 3rd and 7 from the Minnesota 38, Flacco hit Mason for 9 yards for 30 seconds left. With 3 seconds left, Hauschka came in for a for a 44 yard field goal attempt. With both sides watching as if it were the Super Bowl, the kick was up, and…no good! Hauschka missed it, wide left.

Yes, the Vikings were lucky to win after blowing a big lead, but they are a very good team as well. The Ravens showed a ton of resiliency, and Flacco is on his way to a very successful career. Yet today belonged to the Vikings. As the announcer put it, there was another Minnesota miracle. Like the Vikings, Favre has lived and died his entire career on the edge. It may give Childress heartburn, but for pure fans of the game, this is as exciting as it gets. Yes, the 6-0 team of Mike Tice collapsed and finished 9-7 and out of the playoffs, but another Vikings team with Dennis Green started 7-0 and went 15-1. The 6-0 Brad Childress Vikings had plenty of luck, but they are also very good. 33-31 Vikings

Eagles @ Raiders–For more on the game of the day, go to

Last week was a complete breakdown in every phase of the game for the Raiders, perhaps the low point in the history of the franchise. They were awful in every phase of the game. Yet this week was a more typical Raiders team, with a pathetic offense, but a defense that plays hard and keeps them in games. Darren McFadden remains out with an injury, and the Raiders at 1-4 had only beaten 0-5 Kansas City 13-10. Winning with 13 points is tough to do. As for the Eagles, they are very good, and McNabb looked like his typical Hall of Fame self last week. The Eagles were favored on the road by 14 points. Let me channel ESPN Uber-Announcer Chris Berman. That’s…why they play the games.

The Raiders offense was as awful as ever to start, but surprisingly so were the Eagles. Each team after 2 possessions had exactly 5 yards of offense and no first downs. On the third Oakland Possession, JaMarcus Russell completed a pass to Asante Samuels at the Oakland 29. Samuels plays defense for the Eagles. Either Russell is colorblind or he believes in sharing the wealth, because he spreads the ball around to many  teams in the league. Yet the Silver and Black played inspired defense today. The Eagles moved only 4 yards, and normally reliable kicker David Akers missed a 43 yard field goal.

After another Oakland punt, with 4:45 left in the opening quarter. McNabb completed a 51 yard deep pass to Jackson to the Oakland 35. Surprisingly enough, this was the first 1st down of the game for either team. The Eagles did not get another one, and this time Akers connected on a 45 yard kick to put the Eagles up 3-0. The Raiders took over on their own 14. One play later Zach Miller had an 86 yard touchdown reception. Russell gets the credit, but this was a great effort by Miller, even better downfield blocking, and horrendous defensive tackling. In fact, Miller looked like a defensive tackle, as this was a very slow crawl to the end zone. Nevertheless, Russell had his one big play of the day, and the Raiders led 7-3.

On the next Philly possession, McNabb was intercepted by Stanford Routt, wo raced 26 yards for a touchdown. Yet defensive pass interference on Routt nullified the play. If I have not mentioned this before, Routt is a terrible football player. Asomugha has one side locked up, and for the team to match Haynes and Hayes from the glory days, they need another lockdown corner. Routt is not it, although Chris Johnson plays quite well. The Eagles ended up punting, and the Raiders took over at their own 13.

As the second quarter began, Russell finally mounted a reasonably good drive. He hit Miller for 9 yards, and Justin Fargas broke off runs of 3 and 10 yards. Russell scrambled himself for 12 yards and then hit Miller for a 21 yard gain. An unnecessary roughness penalty on the defense had the Raiders at the Philly 12. Yet on 3rd and 8 from the 10, a reverse to season long non-factor Darrius Heyward-Bey lost a yard. Sebastian Janikowski kicked the 29 yard field goal, and the Raiders led 10-3.The Raiders went 87 yards on 12 plays and 7 minutes. As I said, give Russell credit.

While the jury is still out on Tom Cable (no pun intended), there is no dispute about Andy Reid. He knew his team needed a shot in the arm, and he took a bold gamble to lift his lifeless offense. On 3rd and 12 from the Philadelphia 18, McNabb hit Jackson for 11 yards. On 4th and 1 from their own 29, Reid decided to go for it, and McNabb gained 2 yards. On 3rd and 2 from the Philly 39, McNabb hit Bryan Westbrook for a 34 yard gain to the Oakland 27. Yet the drive was wasted when McNabb was sacked for an 8 yard loss. Reid decided to punt rather than have Akers, who had missed from shorter earlier, try a 53 yard kick.

Maybe Reid knew that his best chance at points was to have the Oakland offense on the field. Russell threw another interception, this one to Quintell. Philadelphia took over at the Oakland 40. McNabb got the Eagles to the 15 before penalties pushed them back. Akers hit a 43 yard field goal and the Eagles were within 10-6 at intermission.

The Eagles went right to work to start the second half, quickly reaching the Oakland 29. Yet the drive stalled, and for the second time in the game, David Akers missed a field goal, this time from 47. The Raiders took over in good field position, and faced a 3rd and 1 from the Philly 40. Michael Bush failed to convert, and Cable decided to go for it. Yet inexplicably, on 4th and 1, Russell went for a deep pass to Louis Murphy, which was incomplete. The defenses then settled in and the game was a punt fest.

With 13 1/2 minutes left in the game, the Raiders took over at their own 40. Justin Fargas picked up 14 yards, and quarterback Russell hit receiver Russell for 18 more. Seabass hit a 46 yard field goal, and the Raiders led 13-6 with 10 1/2 minutes left. McNabb had been beaten up all day, but a 42 yard pass to Brent Celek at the Oakland 27 livened things up. Yet the Eagles gained nothing more, and David Akers nailed his 3rd field goal in 5 tries from 45 yards out with 6 minutes left.

The Raiders led by 4 points,  but so many times over the years the offense would fail to do anything, and the defense would collapse from exhaustion. This game had 16-13 Eagles written all over it. Quarterback Russell did hit receiver Russell for 19 yards, but that was it. The Eagles received the Shane Lechler punt, and took over at their own 20 with 3:42 left. With 2:21 remaining, the Eagles faced 4th and 4 at the Oakland 44. McNabb appeared to hit Jackson for the first down, but the catch was ruled incomplete. The ball just barely hit the ground.

The Eagles had their timeouts, and with 2:02 left, the Raiders faced 3rd and 10. Another Russell incompletion and punt would give McNabb the chance to again give the Raiders another agonizing loss. Not today. Russell rolled out, and hit Receiver Russell, who raced 13 yards for a 1st down. After inexplicably running for a 3 yard loss rather than kneeling, Russell kneeled a couple of times and the Raiders had a stunning upset.

The Raiders are 2-4, but psychologically this is much more hopeful than a 1-5 record which effectively ends a season. Again the offense picked up 13 points and won. The defense cannot keep being asked to perform miracles. Yet for today, it was a nice win to savor for the Silver and Black. 13-9 Raiders

Titans @ Patriots–There is no way to describe the magnitude of this game in terms of the final score. The Titans lost a cliffhanger on the road against the defending champions in overtime. They blew a 21-7 leas in the second week. Yet at 0-5, this team was finally seen as very bad, a shell of the 13-3 team from last year. New England was at home, it was snowing, and they had their major offensive pieces healthy. The Titans had their defensive pieces injured. Yet nothing can excuse one of the biggest blowouts in NFL history. Tom Brady was 24 of 28 for 345 yards and 5 touchdowns, and that was only in the first half.

The first New England drive actually ended in a missed 39 yard field goal, but that was the last best hope for Tennessee. On their second drive, Lawrence Maroney raced to a 45 yard touchdown and a 7-0 lead. Brady hit Wes Wlker for a 48 yard gain on the 3rd Patriots drive, setting up a field goal. The Patriots led 10-0 after the first quarter. Then the avalanche came, and that is not a reference to the elements. Not since Doug Williams and Washington destroyed Denver in the Super Bowl after the 1987 has one quarterback and a team exploded as much as the Patriots did in the second quarter. Ironically, William had his heroics in the second quarter as well in a 10-0 game.

Lendale White fumbled, and the Patriots took over at their own 35. Brady hit Randy Moss for a 40 yard touchdown pass on a flea flicker to make it 17-0. On the next play from scrimmage, Kerry Collins fumbled, setting up the Patriots at the Titans 31. Brady hit Moss for a 28 yard touchdown to make it 24-0. On the next Tennessee drive, Collins was intercepted. New England took over at their own 35. Brady hit Kevin Faulk for a 38 yard touchdown to make it 31-0. After 3 straight turnovers, the Titans punted, a moral victory. Brady hit Moss for 20 yards and then Welker for the 30 yard touchdown to make it 38-0. Only 1:53 remained in the half, but that was enough time.  The Titans punted, and the Patriots took over just past midfield with 1:16 left. With seconds left in the half, Brady hit Welker for the 5 yard score. 5 touchdown passes in the second quarter alone had the Patriots up 45-0 at halftime.

As I said, describing this in gruesome detail is impossible. Jeff Fisher is a good coach. This season has been a nightmare for him and the team.The Titans have no answers. Some want to start Vince Young, but that might get him killed. As for Bill Bellichick, he continued to show why he is the least classy man in sports, as the starters played in the third quarter and Brady threw out of 5 receiver sets.  When Brady threw his 6th touchdown pass, a 9 yarder to Moss, the Patriots led 52-0 only 5 minutes into the second half. Chris Johnson did rip off a 48 yard gain to the New England 17, but on 3rd and 10, a pass lost 15 yards, resulted in a fumble, and the Patriots had the ball back at their own 39.

Finally Bellichick called off the dogs. Brady sat down, rather than try to beat the record 73-0 Chicago shutout over Washington in 1940. A backup named Hoyer made his NFL debut. He completed a 16 yard pass to Edelman, who is not Welker or Moss. On 4th and 6 from the Tennessee 31, Bellichick, ever the gentleman, decided to go for it rather than kick the field goal. Hoyer hit Welker for 8 yards. From the one yard line, Hoyer ran it in himself for his first NFL touchdown. The 12 play, 8 minute drive consumed the rest of the third quarter.

Vince Young came in and played the 4th quarter. His first pass was intercepted. New England managed to move to a 4th and 7 at the Tennessee 11, where Belichick went for it. Hoyer’s pass only gained 5 yards. Young decided not to throw ever again, handing the ball off to Ringer. He briefly looked like a ringer, picking up a 32 yard gain. Yet on 4th and 1 from the New England 41, the Titans fumbled it away again. With 4 minutes left, the Patriots had 4th and 2 form the Tennessee 42. Bellichick actually allowed his punter to play in this game. At the 2 minute warning, despite it being second down, Hoyer kneeled down 3 straight times rather than try and scored. With 35 seconds left, Vince Young took a knee, also to prevent the Patriots from scoring any more. At this point it was about player safety.

The Patriots failed to score in the 4th quarter, while the Titans were blanked and blanketed. This was the most lopsided game since 1976. The Titans are a mess at 0-6, but this was beyond anything the league has seen in terms of disparity. The Patriots are 4-2, and not going away quietly. 59-0 Patriots

Lions @ Packers–This game was close compared to the other shutout of the day. The Lions went from 0-16 to being a team with hope until Matthew Stafford got injured. Now they are just a very bad team until he returns. Aaron Rodgers hit Jones for a 47 yard touchdown pass only 3 1/2 minutes into the game to put the Packers up 7-0. Dante Culpepper was then quickly intercepted, and the Packers took over at the Detroit 17. Rodgershit Kuhn for the 1 yard score to make it 14-0 Packers midway through the opening quarter. This game also did not reach 73-0 proportions. In fact, the remaining 3 1/2 quarters were dull. The Lions were pathetic and the Packers coasted. The last Lions hope was extinguished with seconds left in the half when they were stuffed on 4th and 1 from the Green Bay 21.

Apparently the only player to play on either team in the entire second half was Green Bay field goal kicker Mason Crosby. He had three field goals in the third quarter and one more in the fourth quarter to extend the misery of Detroit, that being the Lions and the entire city. 26-0 Packers

Texans @ Bengals–The 4-1 Bengals were one bizarre miracle doink pass from being 5-0. The loss came against 5-0 Denver. Yet this team, after so mnay years of futility, is not ready to swagger with the big boys yet. Losing at home to the Texans is simply not what good teams do. Marvin Lewis will be tested in terms of seeing if his team still has resilience. As for Matt Schaub, he was a ridiculous 28 of 40 for 392 yards in this upset Texans win.

Schaub started with a 59 yard pass to Andre Johnson, although that drive went for nought when a sort field goal was blocked. Yet on the second Texans drive, Schaub moved the team over 11 plays and 5 1/2 minutes, with a 12 yard pass to Daniels putting the Texans up 7-0. Carson Palmer brought the Bengals right back, and a 23 yard pass to Chad Johnson set up Cedric Benson from 10 yards out to tie the game 7-7 in the second quarter. Schaub tok his turn next, hitting Steve Slaton for a 38 yard strike to put the Texans back in front 14-7. After several punts, the Bengals took over at their own 31 with 2:19 left in the half. A 50 yard pass to Johnson led to an 8 yard toss to Laverneous Coles to tie the game 14-14. With only 18 seconds left in the half, Shcaub had his only blunder of the game, an interception that led to a 50 yard field goal and a 17-14 Bengals lead at the break.

Yet rather than demoralize the Texans, it was the Bengals who were surprisingly flat in the second half despite having the momentum. The team has played well throughout the year, so this was just an off day. 3 1/2 minutes into the second half, Schaub hit Jones for a 23 yard touchdown, and the Texans led 21-17. Yet while the Texans have a good offense, today it was their defense that just clamped down in the second half. Late in the third quarter, Schaub hit Johnson for 20 yards and Slaton for 27 more to set up a 7 yard touchdown to Daniels and an 11 point Texans lead. The Bengals turned the ball over several times, and the rest of the game was scoreless. 28-17 Texans

Bills @ Jets–The Jets started 3-0, but then lost to unbeaten New Orleans before losing a heartbreaker at Miami. Yet this game at home was winnable. Yet it was Buffalo that took a 3-0 lead after a 10 play, 6 1/2 minute drive. The Jets responded with a 14 play, 7 minute drive that bogged down at the 5 yard line. A chip shot field goal tied the game 3-3. In the second quarter, from his own 9, Thomas Jones ripped off a64 yard run to the Buffalo 27. The drive stalled, and a field goal had the Jets up 6-3. This was the score the Bills lost at home last week against previously winless Cleveland, but 6 points is not enough to win every week, even against Buffalo. Yet when Jones got the ball again, he raced 71 yards, this time for a touchdown. At 13-3, this game seemed over given the anemic Buffalo offense. On the last play of the half, Jay Feely missed a 44 yard field goal that would have extended the lead. Surprisingly, Dick Jauron was still coach when the second half began.

Yet the second half was simply the nightmarish game for Mark Sanchez that every rookie will have. Yes, he is talented, but mama said there’d be days like this. Halloween is later on, but the Bills defense haunted him the whole game. Give all the credit to Jauron. Just kidding. On the second play of the third quarter Sanchez’s second interception of the game set up Buffalo at the New York 43. On 2nd and 1 from the 6, a pass went incomplete, and on 3rd and 1, a running play lost a yard. On 4th and 2 from the 7, Jauron cut his losses, and a field goal made it 13-6.

Trent Edwards was injured om the second quarter, but backup Fitzpatrick kept it close. So did Sanchez, who kept firing interceptions. His third one led to a 37 yard touchdown pass from Fitzpatrick to Lee Evans that tied the game 13-13 late in the third quarter. Sanchez’s fourth interception did not lead to any points, but a poor Jets punt had the Bills starting at midfield with 4 minutes left in the game. At the 2 minute warning, the Bills had 2nd and 2 at the New York 29. Jauron then got ultraconservative, and on the last play of regulation, a 46 yard field goal by Ryan Lindell was no good.  Each kicker had missed once, and after a scoreless fourth quarter, the game went to overtime.

The Jets got the ball first and immediately went to work. The drive stalled at the Buffalo 32, and on 4th and 13 Rex Ryan made a bold gamble that blew up. A fake field goal instead of a 49 yard attempt led to an interception, although this one was not by Sanchez. Nevertheless, it was ugly. Midway through the fourth quarter Sanchez did throw his fifth interception, and Buffalo took over at their own 42. With less than 3 minutes remaining in overtime, Lindell connected on a 47 yard field goal to stun the Jets. Gang Green has lost 3 straight after winning 3 straight. Jauron pulled a Lazarus act that would have made Wayne Fontes proud. 16-13 Bills, OT

Cardinals @ Seahawks–These team are both very inconsistent. They play in a division nobody wants to win. Seattle won at home in a shutout by 41 points last week. They were at home again. This game was again a blowout, but in the other direction. The Cardinals took the opening kickoff and went 80 yards in 15 plays over a mind boggling 11 minutes. 4 third down conversions eventually led Kurt Warner to connect with Larry Fitzgerald, who can make a 2 yard touchdown reception look spectacular. Kicker Neil Rackers then shocked the Seahawks with a squib kick. Ken Whisenhunt is known for being a trickster. Arizona recovered the ball at the Seattle 23, and Tim Hightower ran it in from 2 yards out to give the Cardinals a 14-0 lead. After 12 minutes, the Seahawks finally touched the ball on offense.

2 plays on offense led to a Seattle fumble, setting up a field goal and a 17-0 Cardinals lead early in the second quarter. This game also did not become 73-0. In fact, it was not even a shutout. Yet it was over from a competitiveness standpoint. Seattle did kick a field goal with 4 minutes left in the half, but when Warner fumbled on the next Arizona possession, Seattle failed to capitalize.

In the third quarter, a mostly forgettable game was broken open when the Cardinals after a poor Seattle punt began at the Seattle 43. Warner hit Steve Breaston for a 16 yard touchdown to put the game away at 24-3. Midway through the fourth quarter, a Matt Hasselbeck interception led to a field goal to close out the scoring. In Mike Holmgren news, the Walrus is still retired. So was the Seattle offense today. At 3-2, the Cardinals lead the NFC Worst. 27-3 Cardinals

Browns @ Steelers–Once again this year, a very bad team went on the road to play a good team, and there were no surprises. Yet the score was closer than it could have been. Apparently the Steelers did not get the message from Mike Tomlin about being bored. It would be hard to blame them today. The fans were bored as well early on, as the opening quarter was scoreless.

Ben Roethlisberger got going in the second quarter, hitting Heath Miller for 25 yards and Santonio Holmes for 41 more to set up an 8 yard touchdown to Miller that had the Steelers up 7-0. After a Cleveland punt, Big Ben hit Holmes for 21 yards and then threw a 52 yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward to put the Steelers up 14-0. No, this game was not 73-0 either. In fact, it got downright interesting when Joshua Cribbs took the ensuing kickoff back 98 yards for a score to silence the crowd. This is what the Browns call offense. They were within 14-7 despite being the Browns. The Steelers took over at their own 35, and with help from a roughing the passer call and a 4th and 1 conversion at the Cleveland 14, kicked a field goal to lead 17-7 at intermission.

The Browns came to life at the start of the third quarter, as Derek Anderson threw a 43 yard pass to Massaquoi. Anderson hit Vickers for a one yard touchdown as the Browns pulled to within 17-14 only 3 1/2 minutes into the second half. Brady Quinn held a clipboard. Yet the Steelers could care less. Big Ben went deep to Ward for 45 yards, and Wallace ran for 21 yards to set up Rashard Mendenhall from 2 yards out to put the Steelers up 24-14.

The rest of the third quarter was pathetic, as 3 Pittsburgh and 2 Cleveland drives ended in turnovers. At least in the fourth quarter the Browns stopped the madness by punting. Pittsburgh managed to finally hang on to the ball as well, and a 6 minute drive bled the clock, and led to a field goal to pad the score. The Browns added another interception just for bad measure. It was a win for Pittsburgh, but Mike Tomlin knows they do not get to play Cleveland at home every week. Big Ben did throw for 417 yards, but he had 2 of the 4 Pittsburgh turnovers, as Cleveland had three of their own. Both quarterbacks lost the ball in the air and on the ground. As for Eric Mangini, he has fallen a long way since being Mangenius. 27-14 Steelers

Rams @ Jaguars–The Jaguars are woefully inconsistent, while the Rams are just woeful. Yet this game was better than anticipated. Yet Marc Bulger was back from injury, and he began the game by leading the Rams on a 73 yard touchdown drive. A 17 yard touchdown pass to Avery had the Rams up 7-0. David Garrard came right back, and hit former Rams standout Torry Holt for a 41 yard gain to set up Maurice Jones-Drew for the 4 yard touchdown. The extra point attempt was botched, and the Jaguars trailed 7-6. This would be key later on. Bulger went deep again to Avery but was intercepted. On the first play of the second quarter, a Jaguars drive was wasted when Jones-Drew fumbled in the red zone. He redeemed himself later in spades.

With 7 minutes left in the half, the Rams bled most of the clock on a 14 play drive. On 4th and 1 from the Jacksonville 35, Stephen Jackson was stuffed. However, defensive offsides kept the drive going as Jack Del Rio was disgusted. A 52 yard field goal had the Rams up 10-6 at intermission. The Jaguars did get a chance at a 58 yard field goal as the half expired, but Josh Scobee did not connect. A totally forgettable third quarter was lowlighted by Garrard being intercepted in the red zone, but he fourth quarter was worth watching.

A 10 play, 6 minute drive was culminated for the Jaguars when Maurice Jones-Drew scored his second touchdown. The one yard score had the Jaguars up 13-10. This game was just heating up after three quarters of defense. 8 minutes remained. The Jaguars got the ball back, and Garrard threw another interception. Leonard Little ran this one back 36 yards to paydirt to put the Rams back up 17-13 with 4 1/2 minutes left. Yet Garrard calmly and quickly led the Jaguars back. A 78 yard drive ended with Jones-Drew scoring his third touchdown. The 3 yard score had the Jaguars up 20-17.

The Rams got the ball back at their own 22 with 1:49 left. Bulger quickly hit Jackson for 38 yards. H then hit Amendola and McMichael for a pair of 13 yard completions. With 15 seconds left, the Rams had 1st and goal at the 9. After a spike and an incompletion, the Rams had 3rd and goal at the 9 with 7 seconds left. Steve Spagnuolo had enough time to throw one more quick pass, but opted for the field goal. When a team is 0-5, to quote Herm Edwards, “play to win the games.” Spagnuolo played not to lose, and the game went into overtime tied 20-20. The blocked extra point was the difference. The Rams never saw the ball in overtime. Garrard moved the Jaguars from their own 20 in 13 plays and 7 minutes to the Rams 18. Josh Scobee ended it, as the Rams remained winless. 23-20 Jaguars, OT

Bears @ Falcons was the Sunday Night game. Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan brought 3-1 teams into this game. Ryan was especially confident after lambasting San Francisco by 35 points in a road win last week. Both quarterbacks had 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in a game that appeared even on paper and was played out that way. A scoreless first quarter ended with Devon Hester returning a punt to the Atlanta 44. Cutler hit Bennet for 21 yards and Johnny Knox for the 23 yard touchdown to put the Bears up 7-0 to start the second quarter. Yet wgen Cutler threw an interception on the next Chicago drive, Ryan threw a 40 yard touchdown pass to White to tie the game 7-7.

With 5 minutes left in the half, Ryan led a 12 play drive from the Atlanta 36. A pair of 3rd and 1 conversions kept the drive going, and with 5 seconds left in the half, on 3rd and goal from the 10, Ryan hit Tony Gonzalez for the score to put the Falcons up 14-7 at the midpoint.

The Bears took 6 minutes in the third quarter to drive to the Atlanta one yard line, where they fumbled the ball away. The Falcons then took 6 minutes to drive from their own 2 to the Chicago 31 before a deep pass was intercepted at the Chicago 7. Yet Cutler then rapidly moved the Bears 92 yards. He actually ran for 30 yards himself to start the drive. A defensive pass interference penalty followed by a 41 yard pass to Greg Olsen led to Cutler hitting Olsen for the 2 yard touchdown to tie the game 14-14 with 6 minutes left in the game.

A 62 yard kickoff return by Weems had the Falcons in business at the Chicago 41. Ryan hit Gonzalez for games of 16 and 15 yards. With 3 minutes left, Michael Turner ran it in from 5 yards out to put the Falcons back on top. The Bears got the ball back at their own 12. Cutler hit Devon Hester for a 34 yard gain to the Atlanta 48. He then hit Matt Forte for 13 more. A defensive pas interference penalty had the Bears at the Atlanta 14 with 1:07 left. Penalties pushed the Bears back to 3rd and 25. Cutler immediately hit Bennett for 24 yards to set up 4th and 1 at the 5 with 34 seconds left. At the worst possible moment, the Bears suffered a false start penalty. That was the difference in this dead even game, as Cutler then fired incomplete on 4th and 6. For the second straight year, the Falcons defeated the Bears in a nailbiter. The battle of the SMiths had Mike defeating Lovey. Let’s hope they meet in the playoffs. 21-14 Falcons

Broncos @ Chargers was the Monday Night game. Josh McDaniels has shocked the league has the Broncos remain unbeaten. As for the Chargers, they are somehow still coached by Norvelous Norv Turner. Philip Rivers came out firing, hitting Malcolm Floyd for gains of 18 and 20 yards followed by a 25 yarder to LaDanian Tomlinson. The drive bogged down at the 2 yard line as the Chargers kicked a field goal to lead 3-0. A game of big plays on special teams immediately put the Broncos up 7-3 when Eddie Royal returned the ensuing kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown. Rivers brought the Chargers right back, and a  3 yard touchdown pass to Voncent Jackson had the Chargers up 10-7 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Broncos tied the game on a Matt Prater field goal. Yet again, this game was about special teams. Eddie Royal became the 11th player in NFL history to have a kickoff and punt return for touchdowns in the same game. His 71 yard punt return for a touchdown put the Broncos on 17-10. Late in the half Nate Kaeding hit a 44 yard field goal to put the Chargers within 17-13. When the Broncos, punted, it was San Diego’s turn to light up the stadium. Darren Sproles took the punt and returned it 46 yards for a touchdown and a 20-17 lead for the Chargers at halftime.

Midway through the third quarter, Kaeding nailed a 50 yard field goal to put the Chargers up 23-17. Yet the rest was all Denver. Kyle Orton, who might be the most underrated quarterback in the NFL, hit Tony Scheffler for a 19 yard touchdown pass to put the Broncos up 24-23 after three quarters.

Despite moving the ball well most of the game, Rivers was sacked four time sin the second half, and a fumble at midfield in the fourth quarter led to a Denver field goal and a 27-23 Broncos lead. The Chargers came back to reach the Denver 38, but Turner passed up a 55 yard field goal attempt and punted. A short pass from Orton to Scheffler went for 52 yards, setting up a 5 yard touchdown pass to Brandon Stokely to put the Broncos up by 11 points with 3 minutes left. The Chargers tried to cut the gap to 8 points by finally giving Kaeding a 55 yard field goal try, but it was no good. The Broncos are 6-0, and the 2-3 Chargers, who are hyped every year by everyone except me, remain Norvelous. 34-23 Broncos


Carolina Short Shrift Saturday

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

I began last night with a Redeye  from Los Angeles. At 3am PST I was in Detroit. No, I did not leave the airport. A connecter to Atlanta was followed by the final connecter to Jacksonville, North Carolina. 6 hours in NC is followed by a 5 hour drive to Maryland.

For those concerned that my NFL Recaps will be of minimal effort, the real tragedy lay in my inability to watch the games at home in all my splendorous and slothful glory.

So from Carolina, I offer short shrift. Exhaustion aside, hear is the lineup for NFL 2009 Week 6.

Chiefs @ Redskins

(Redskins by 6.5, they win but fail to cover)

Texans @ Bengals

(Bengals by 4.5, they win but fail to cover)

Browns @ Steelers

(Steelers by 14, they cover)

Ravens @ Vikings

(Vikings by 3, they cover)

Rams @ Jaguars

(Jaguars by 10, they win but fail to cover)

Giants @ Saints

(Saints by 3, upset special, Giants win outright)

Panthers @ Buccaneers

(Panthers by 3, they cover)

Lions @ Packers

(Packers by 11, they win but fail to cover)

Eagles @ Raiders

(Eagles by 14, they win but fail to cover)

Cardinals @ Seahawks

(Seahawks by 3, they cover)

Titans @ Patriots

(Patriots by 9.5, they win but fail to cover)

Bills @ Jets

(Jets by 10, they win but fail to cover)

Bears @ Falcons

(Falcons by 3, they cover)

Broncos @ Chargers

(Chargers by 4, upset special, Broncos win outright)

Time for sleep.


Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck Caused 9/11

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Today will be a half-baked attempt, which means it will be up to my usual low standards.

Several days ago I proved that Charlie Sheen was responsible for 9/11.

I now realize that he was a minor cog.

The evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was caused by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity.

Here is my reasoning. The left is constantly complaining that their patriotism is being attacked, and that they love America as much as conservatives do.

I never attacked anybody’s patriotism, nor have most conservatives. I simply say that the left is obsessed with nonsense while conservatives are trying to save the world. Until the left accepts the cold hard truth that trees and bunny rabbits were killed on 9/11, they will never see the light.

Yet if Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck caused 9/11, then the left is absolutely right to spend every waking minute obsessing about them.

The Obama administration absolutely should spend a good part of their lives focused on these three individuals if it is a matter of national security.

You see, I was under the impression that the Obama administration were a bunch of thin skinned crybabies that desperately needed a diversion to make up for their own inability to accomplish…well…anything.

Yet in the same the previous administration worried about Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Armageddonijad, and other despots around the world, maybe none of these individuals ever engaged in or sponsored world wide terrorism.

Maybe the administration is not full of garbage. Maybe they truly have evidence that any conservative that has ever been on Fox News truly is a threat to our democracy.

Saudi Arabian Islamofacists may have knocked down the towers, but when homicide bombers that fail to do their jobs only end up wounded, they will need access to health care. Conservatives are trying to block Obamacare for the sinister reason that it is a dreadful idea. How dare they? The outrage is palpable. Therefore, Fox News is behind 9/11.

Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck also have issues with gay marriage. So did the 9/11 hijackers.

I rest my case. All conservatives are stupid, evil, and despite being contradictory, both.

There is no way that people as intellectually brilliant as Mr. Obama and his cabinet of academics could possibly be spending much of their days focused on nonsense. They are good, virtuous, and noble. They would never waste taxpayer dollars on such stupidity as to wage war on television personalities when a real war is going on.

Of course, given that I am a conservative, I am always wrong.

So ignore everything so far, unless you already have.

Nobody at Fox News is connected to 9/11. Islamofacists were.

It would be nice if the Obama administration would just grow up and enter adulthood.

Their job is to keep us safe. If they fail, all the hollering about conservative media personalities will fall on deaf ears.

Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh are not always right, but at least they are two things that the Obama administration wishes it could be…effective…and relevant.


Ode to Charles Kuralt–10 Cities in 10 Days

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

One man I have always admired is Charles Kuralt.

I have said on many occasions that if I had unlimited money, I would get a Camper or an RV and just drive around America shaking hands, meeting people, and hearing their stories.

I even envy presidential candidates. They get to shake hands with Americans all across this country. The ones that sincerely enjoy it are more lucky than they realize.

I remember once reading about a town called Lazy Lake, Florida, that supposedly had 35 people, 33 adults and a pair of children. In determining the public official;s such as police chief, fire chief, and Mayor, they would supposedly get together and say, “This week, who wants to be what?”

I have no idea if this is true. I just know that I would have been happy to meet all of them.

I recently came back from four cities in four days.

On Saturday, October 3rd, I was in Yuba County, which is an hour North of Sacramento. I spoke to the Yuba County Republican Party at an event put on by Gun Owners of California.

For those who think that California is city life, California has many parts that are as rural and country as anywhere in Middle America. Most of the people I met had jeans and boots on. There was not a single necktie. They owned guns, and knew how to use them responsibly.

What they were not was hayseeds. They knew more about legislation coming before Congress on many issues than any other group of people I have ever met.

They were also not wild-eyed conspiracy nuts. They were as normal as normal can be.

I got to meet Terri and John Rutherford. The Rutherfords live on 23 acres of land. Yet they didn’t have to spend millions of dollars to buy a house. They simply got some tools, and built it.

This can do spirit was admirable.

I told John Rutherford that if I had to live there for more than a week, I would go out of my mind. He laughed. I told him that I knew why he lived there. It was peaceful and quiet. He agreed. I told him that I was a high stressed, high strung, stockbrokerage Type A personality. I need action. However, there are times when even people like me need to block it all out.

To spend even a few hours in his part of the world was pure paradise.

Besides, for those who don’t want it. He will do just fine if you don’t show up.

The Rutherfords showed me a slower pace, and I could even feel myself calming down.

They told me that I had a place to stay whenever I wanted. I told them that if they insisted on making that offer, I might take it. We all laughed. At some point, I will visit Yuba County again. I just need a truck to go on the gravel roads. Rental cars are not built for where I was.

On Sunday, October 4th, I was in Palm Springs. This was a different kind of beauty. The Palm trees were as beautiful as anything I had ever seen in South Florida. I spoke to the Palm Beach Lincoln Club. I was the opening act for Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack.

While the audience was right of center, this crowd was tilted heavily toward Log Cabin Republicans and American Indians.Congresswoman Bono Mack was engaging, funny, and warm.

I got to spend time with Bob and Elise Richmond. Elise has a radio show. She is on her way to stardom.

Like the Rutherfords, the Richmonds had their politics matched only by their hospitality and kindness toward me. Like me, they like their football. The sportsbar we went to was much quieter and more relaxing than anything I was used to. You could actually hear the games.

Monday, October 5th had me back in Los Angeles. I attended a Jewish football watching party for the holiday of Sukkos. Brett Favre and the Vikings defeated his old team, the Packers. I managed to experience my favorite sport and my religion in abundance.

Tuesday, October 6th had me in San Diego. The morning started with me attending a luncheon for a group called CALA, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. Hugh Hewitt was the featured speaker. He has treated me with much kindness since the first time I met him. After the luncheon, we all went to a carpet store, Coles Carpet.

Now spending hours in a carpet store is something I have never done before. However, Hugh Hewitt broadcast his show from there. After his show, there was a reception. So many people are passionate about abusive lawsuits. These people are not rich. I saw small business owners.

Yet what made it even nicer was that a friend I had made awhile back randomly walked in. Woody Woodrum runs the San Diego chapter of the Eagle Forum, a socially conservative group. I Emceed the kickoff event for his chapter.

We greeted each other warmly, and then I let him know that the kindness he had shown me was about to be repaid. I had to leave the CALA event for a totally different Republican experience, and I wanted him to join me. I am glad he did.

We drove to the UCSD Campus in La Jolla, San Diego. I spoke to the College Republicans. Alec Weisman set it up. After making them laugh, we all went to dinner and had a great time. Like typical college students, they had a bed for me to crash on. However, I decided to drive back to my own bed in Los Angeles.

Four cities in four days was tiring, but yet I was more mellow than I had been in years.

Yes, these were mainly Republican events, but the people were so different. Anybody thinking all Republicans or conservatives are the same simply has not met them.

Gun owners in Yuba County, Log Cabin and American Indian Republicans in Palm Springs, small business owners in San Diego, and college students in La Jolla had one thing in common. They all treated me with kindness, and gave me a rich experience that will one day lead to me being a more well rounded person.

I am not well rounded. I don’t know anything about most things. I tell people I know nothing about virtually everything. Yet after these four days, at least I scratched the surface of a few more things.

Yet this is not being done for leisure. I am not Charles Kuralt yet. I am not financially comfortable enough to be retired. I am on a speaking tour to promote my book, “Ideological Bigotry.”

Yet this really is about much more than capitalism. It is about making friends I will have for life.

If it was not politics, it would be something else. Those who think I only shake conservative hands simply don’t know me. My passion for football has allow me to meet total strangers living in Canton, Ohio, while enjoying the Hall of Fame Game. It has allowed me to meet the Jewish communities of Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, as well as Maui, while enjoying the Pro Bowl. The Draft was in New York City, but people came from all over America.

I am fairly convinced that many of the black and Hispanic people I was belly bumping with in Oakland while rooting for the Raiders did not share my politics. Sports has allowed me to meet more people.

Yet beyond sports and politics, there are too many people that impact us in ways they will never know.

My cab driver in Israel was named Faisal. He was an Arab. I had never met an Arab before in Israel. He was a nice guy. Yet the lady at the hotel in Indian Wells, California laughed because I did not know what county I was in. It turned out to be in Riverside County, not San Bernardino County.  She was the very first person I had ever met in Riverside County. Who cares? I do.

I met Thaddeus McCotter, who lives in Inyo County, which is Central California. I can’t wait to go to Inyo County. Why? Because it’s there.

Yet four cities in four days was only California. Now it is time for 10 cities in 10 days.

October 15th is Orange County with Chuck DeVore, followed by Conejo Valley in Ventura County on the 16th. That night I take a redeye, where on the 17th I am in Duplin County, North Carolina. It is not a well known area, but I bet the BBQ will be fabulous. On the 18th I am in Maryland. The day has me opening for Senate candidate Jim Rutledge in Monkton, while the early evening has me in Montgomery County speaking to the ladies.

On the 19th I may spend the morning at Leisure World. A gentleman from Judicial Watch will be speaking to the senior citizens. Lunchtime has me in Washington, DC, since Ilan Berman is speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition about Israel and Iran. Later that night I head to Arlington Virginia to speak to the Young Republicans.

On the 20th I fly back to Los Angeles, get in just before midnight, sleep for a few hours, and then hit the road again for three straight days of the Republican Women’s Federated in three different Southern California counties. The 21st is Lakside in San Diego, the 22nd is Diamond Bar in LA County, and the 23rd is Palm Springs again. I do come home on the 24th, but there is a great event in Malibu. I might attend, if my eyes and body still work. They better. I have a football league I play in, and the game is in Venice on the 24th.

My exact itinerary is below, for those who wish to attend the events. Yet the events are secondary.

What matters to me is that there are so many good people in this world.

It may seem like a hectic pace, and it is. However, it beats cabin fever and driving myself crazy thinking about stuff I should not be thinking about anyway.

After years of being hot headed, I am trying to slow down, calm down, and dare I say it…relax.

Stress kills people. I want to stick around for awhile. I have the best friends a guy could possibly ask for.

Those are just the ones I have already met. The ones I haven’t met are just around the corner.

I hope I make Charles Kuralt proud. Even if I don’t meet as many people as he did, it will have been worth the trip. Who knows? One day I may have that Camper or RV and really get on the road.

Whether it’s Eastbound and Down from Texarkana to Atlanta, the Alabama Jubilee, or Blue Moon of Kentucky, adventure abounds.

So when you see me, shake my hand. It doesn’t matter what your politics are. We can agree to disagree over a hot meal and a ball game.

Shake my hand. We will both be glad you did.

“Time to board another plane…memories of you still remain…this is how my life unravels…as the carnival travels.”

“San Diego Gravel…Brooklyn New York Lower Level…South Beach Miami Revel…Hawaii’s Inner Navel…LA, Chicago, Hotlanta, off to swing life’s gavel…as the carnival travels.”

“Flying down the highway headed West. In a streak of black lightning, called the Tygrrrr Express.”

10 cities in 10 days.

The Tygrrrr Express is fully fueled and ready to go.

On to the next adventure.


Thursday, October 15—I will be speaking to the Lake Forest Chapter of the Republican Women’s Federated in Orange County. I will be the undercard for Chuck DeVore. 6:30pm at the Uncorked Wine Bar 22343 El Paseo, Suite A, Rancho Santa Margarita. Please contact Donna Delano for details.

Friday, October 16—I will be speaking to the Conejo Valley Republican Women’s Federated at an 11:30am luncheon at the Thousand Oaks Inn. Please contact Dianne Alexander for more details.

Saturday, October 17—I will be speaking at a Barbecue for the Duplin County Republican Party in North Carolina at 4pm. East Duplin Sr. Citizens Building – Hwy 241. Contact Judy Arnett for more details.

Sunday, October 18—I will be speaking as the undercard for U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge at a fundraiser in Monkton County, Maryland, at 2pm. The fundraiser takes place at Manor Tavern. Please contact Lisa Fitzhugh for details.

Sunday, October 18—I will be speaking to the Montgomery County Republican Women’s Federated in Maryland at 4:30pm at La Tasca Restaurant, which is located at 141 Gibbs Street in Rockville’s Town Center. Please contact Liz Rubin for details.

Monday, October 19—Tom Fitton is speaking to the Leisure World Republican Club in Silver Springs, Maryland at 10am. Please contact Mary Ann Johnston for details.

Monday, October 19—I will be attending a brown bag lunch at Noon with Ilan Berman, who will be addressing the Washington, DC chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Monday, October 19—I will be speaking to the Arlington, Virginia, Young Republicans. The event takes place at RiRa Irish Pub, Clarendon, 2915 Wilson Boulevard. Please contact Ian Meyeroff for details.

Wednesday, October 21—I will be speaking to the Lakeside Republican Women’s Federated in San Diego County at 10am at the Fire Station, 12365 Parkside 92040. 619-390-2350. Please contact Joan Buselt for details.

Thursday, October 22– I will be speaking to the Diamond Bar Republican Women’s Federated at an evening dinner party. The event will be at the Diamond Bar Country Club and Golf Course. Please contact Trisha Bowler for details.

Friday, October 23—I will be speaking to the Palm Springs Republican Women’s Federated at an evening dinner. Please contact Sharon McCabe for details.

Saturday, October 24–Play football in Venice, dinner in Malibu?

Sunday, October 25–Watch NFL football at home. Just let me relax. Please.


Robert Wexler–Goodbye and Good Riddance

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Robert Wexler is quitting his job.

Good riddance.

Just to clarify, this column has nothing to do with the current President of American Jewish University. That Robert Wexler, while politically liberal, is a very good guy who has also been nice to me.

The Robert Wexler I am referring to is the wretch that has occupied a House Seat in South Florida, where elderly liberal Jews still think FDR is President. Even worse, some of them wear those golf pants.

This is not about liberalism. It is about decency and treating people with dignity.

Congressman Robert Wexler never missed an opportunity to fail to engage in these qualities.

He called himself a “fire breathing liberal.”

What he was, was a bully.

I wrote a book about it called “Ideological Bigotry.”

The book is not about all liberals. It is about specific liberals, those that cannot and will not see conservatives as human beings.

The media is going to praise Robert Wexler because he is leaving Congress to work for a Middle East think tank dealing with Israel.

He is leaving because he is under an investigative cloud.

The ideological bigots in the media will not hammer him for leaving in the middle of his term the way they did Sarah Palin. They will do backflips to explain why this situation is different.

Actually, it is different. The charges against Sarah Palin were trumped up dirty tricks that were discredited. The allegations against Robert Wexler were truthful.

The man lived in Maryland and lied about it. He claimed to live in South Florida. He didn’t. He was a squatter that needed a friendly district for his leftism. Maryland is liberal, but the seats were filled. He went district shopping, no more, no less.

Yet this is not the issue with me. The guy is just mean, plain and simple.

Jews who take their cue for him are the reason I can’t walk into some Synagogues without feeling I am in enemy territory.

As for Congressman Wexler, he was one of the loudest proponents of impeachment hearings for Bush and Cheney,

How ironic given that Wexler was caught lying. Of course, he probably has a bumper sticker that reads “No one died when Wexler lied.”

He sees the handwriting on the wall. The Democrats had the best chance in decades to advance a liberal agenda, and there is a chance they will fail to get the job done. 2010 is expected to be a good year for Republicans, and Wexler does not want to be on some committee in the minority.

This is a rat jumping the ship. No, I am not calling him a rat. It is an analogy.

His response to being exposed as a fraud was to do whatever Democrats do when they get caught…blame Fox News. How dare they not toe the liberal line and sweep the story under the rug!

In addition, since November of 2008, the FBI has been investigating him for 25 amended FEC claims. It seems this man enjoys throwing rocks at Dick Cheney from his own glass house.

In addition, Wexler belongs to a fringe group of people that have decided that the surge in Iraq failed simply because they said so.

The entire world to the right of Leon Trotsky knows it succeeded, but Wexler has his reason for claiming otherwise.

It is very simple. Conservatives and Republicans see the enemy as Al Queda, Saddam, Armageddonijad, and other lunatics that want to end Western Civilization.

Wexler liberals see the enemy as conservatives, Republicans, and George W. Bush in particular.

Wexler is even a bully on Israel. I have never questioned his motives about Israel. He has a reputation by some of being pro-Israel, and I am not going to attack that. However, that same civility and decency he receives is not given back.

He had the unmitigated gall to question Sarah Palin’s love and commitment to Israel. How the media could fail to call him out on this vicious attack is beyond me. How does he know what is in her heart?

The idea that Jewish liberals love Israel while supporting policies that undermine Israel is bad enough. Yet to attack the motives of Conservative Christians for loving Israel is disgusting. Most of them have no interest in converting me. They just see me as their little brother in religion.

Wexler has even attacked the Republican Jewish Coalition for having the nerve to engage in politics to benefit Republicans. They want more Jews to vote Republican. That is what they are supposed to do. That is why they are called the Republican Jewish Coalition. Wexler simply demonizes anybody who disagrees with him. As an RJC leader, I am deeply offended by his attacks.

There are many more things to say, but today is a good day for American politics. The dialogue just became slightly less coarse and significantly less hateful.

Goodbye Mr. Wexler. Goodbye and good riddance.


Rush Limbaugh and the National Football League

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is part of a group including Dave Checketts that is trying to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

As expected, the leftinistras are protesting. After all, that is what leftinistras do.

This is a business deal. Like any other business deal, it should be looked at through a cold business lens. Emotion and feelings should be banned from the discussion. Before getting to the 800 pound gorilla in the room, let’s get the easy items on the checklist out of the way.

Unlike other sports leagues, the NFL has strict rules on ownership. The league is a tightly knit fraternity of 32 people, and it does not want their teams to be one toy in some individuals playroom. They want their teams to be the prized jewel of the owners’ collection of wealth. Additionally the league does not allow corporate ownership, and it severely restricts cross ownership. This is good, because we all saw what Disney did when it owned the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League.

Now Mr. Limbaugh is a controversial individual, and many people dislike him. Some of these people know absolutely nothing about football. They can sit down and shut up. They don’t matter. This is a discussion about whether a man should own a football team. Mr. Limbaugh is not the main aspect of this. Football is.  If Mr. Limbaugh wants to own a pizza place, those with zero knowledge of the pizza industry as producers or consumers have nothing to say.

The first question that needs to be asked is whether or not Mr. Limbaugh has the financial ability to be an NFL Owner. Sorry to disappoint the political animals, but the bean counters, those cold unemotional people who simply do their jobs and count the beans, would say that he does. He and Mr. Checketts have the money.

The next question is just as vital, if not even more important. Does he know anything about football?

Absolutely he does. He played football in high school, and is an avid NFL fan. He frequently discusses football on his radio program. He is not the “barfly” that spouts nonsense but does not know the players or the teams or the history. Even those who disagree with Limbaugh will concede that he has more than a rudimentary working knowledge of the game of football itself.

(My mother once asked why the players can’t just share the ball. She is not qualified to run a football team.)

This knowledge matters because when somebody is passionate about what they own, they try to take better care of it over time. When Carroll Rosenbloom owned the Los Angeles Rams, they were winners. When he drowned in his swimming pool under “suspicious circumstances,” his wife Georgia Frontiere took over the team. She simply did not have her husband’s knowledge base.

(The feminists can shut up in advance. This is not about gender. Research her specific background before deciding that I am attacking an entire yammering Ya-Ya sisterhood.)

Many of the NFL owners have owned their teams for almost half a century. Ralph Wilson, Al Davis, and Bud Adams are three owners that eat, sleep, and breathe football. Jerry Jones has owned his team for “only” 20 years. While he made his money in oil, he played football in college. Therefore, when somebody such as an Arthur Blank, who made his money owning Home Depot, takes over, there is and should be additional scrutiny.

That brings us to the issue of business sense. Does Limbaugh have what it takes to successfully run a business?

Again, to say otherwise is laughable. He is a self made millionaire many times over.

Now let’s get to the 200 baby gorilla before getting to its 800 pound parent.

Limbaugh is political. Should this in itself disqualify him?

Of course not. The issue becomes whether or not he would let his politics affect his ownership.

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, despite personally telling me otherwise when I met him, is seen by many as a hard leftist. At no time has their been any evidence that this has affected anything on the court with the Dallas Mavericks specifically or the NBA in general.

Sports people are human beings, and they have a right to their political activities. It just cannot affect the workplace. Jacksonville Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio has appeared at rallies and spoken on behalf of Sarah Palin. Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson both did commercials for Bill Bradley.

The closest any owner came to political speech mixing with the sport was when Dan Rooney (ironically the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Limbaugh’s favorite team) thanked Barack Obama and praised him after they won the Super Bowl. It was over the top.

One great example of football, entertainment, and politics came in the form of singer Jon Bon Jovi. He wanted to buy an Arena Football League team, the Philadelphia Soul. He was grilled relentlessly, and the other owners were convinced that he knew football. Like me, he is an NFL junkie. He is also very politically liberal. Yet at his concerts, he sticks to music. He held fundraisers for John Kerry, but not at his concerts. He kept his politics separate from his sports and his workplace.

Donald Trump in the 1980s owned the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League. Trump is a moderate Republican, but he left his politics out of his ownership, and his real estate empire.

Limbaugh is slightly different because his politics at the moment is his workplace.

If Limbaugh were approved, he would have to follow the NFL guidelines regarding political activity. These guidelines would be no more lenient or stringent than for anyone else associated with the NFL.

One issue where this comes up is the issue of stadiums. The National Football League in the 1990s declared Coca Cola the official beverage of the NFL. Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones had a big Pepsi deal at Texas stadium. The league was not happy about this. Jerry Jones as the owner of the Cowboys could not do this, but Jerry Jones the owner of Texas Stadium could. Loopholes like this have to be dealt with since some owners also own the stadiums their team plays in while some do not.

One last semi-minor issue to address deal with the concept of ownership. Greta Van Susteren is a proud owner of one share of stock in the Green Bay Packers. SHe is an owner, but she does not have any management control.

Limbaugh is putting together the group to buy the Rams with Dave Checketts. Would Limbaugh be the majority owner or the minority owner. Would he have a managerial role? Or would he just have a really nice owner’s box to watch the games in? Will he have any say in drafting players or working the salary cap?

Let’s assume he will have a managerial role of some sort, since otherwise this entire discussion is irrelevant. Those criticizing him for just owning a part of the team are the same people boycotting every single product that he ever endorses, from Florida oranges to anything else. The Pediatric AIDS Foundation once refused to let him film a commercial to raise money for children dying of AIDS. This is ridiculous.

Limbaugh’s politics should not disqualify him, although he should not be allowed to broadcast his show from the stadium on game day. If he owns the stadium, he could hold political events there, but not with any NFL or Rams paraphernalia connected to the event.

Now on to the 800 pound gorilla.

It is not just that Limbaugh is a conservative. It is that many on the left think that Limbaugh is a racist.

Now many on the left think that every conservative that exists and breathes air is a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe. Often the charges are ludicrous and poisonous. Many have attributed comments to Limbaugh that he never said, and they can’t prove.

However, one specific incident does exist that must be analyzed.

During his brief stint as an ESPN NFL analyst, Limbaugh referred to Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb as “Overrated.” He also stated that the league propped up McNabb because they “wanted to see a black quarterback do well.”

The problem with this statement is not that it is racist. The problem, which I have said many times over the years, is that on this issue, Limbaugh was just wrong.

There are many people in society that are so obsessed with diversity and muticulturalism that qualifications take a back seat. This is how the New York Times became the Jayson Blair Times. This is also how Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize. Guilty white liberals wanted to feel good about themselves, so they inflated certain Americans above their true worth because they were black and liberal.

Limbaugh has often been called a racist when the truth is he is anti-liberal. Most blacks happen to be liberals. He gets along fine with black conservatives.

Yet the reason why his comments about Donovan McNabb fell flat with me is based on two factors. First of all, the NFL is the epitome of a meritocracy. Anybody who thinks that the league is willing to prop up black quarterbacks for some social engineering project does not remember how quickly Akili Smith was drummed out of the league. Kordell Stewart was run out of town. Oakland Raiders Quarterback JaMarcus Russell is being crucified in the sports media. The key is that all of these situations are followed by the words “deservedly so.”

Yet for every Akili Smith, there is a Steve McNair, in the same way that for every Peyton Manning, there is a Ryan Leaf. This is as race-neutral as society can be.

Professional sports is about winning. While Tiger Woods is great for golf because of his mixed race, all the hype would not keep him standing tall without his victories. His race is irrelevant. He is the best.

The second area where Limbaugh went wrong was with McNabb himself. Donovan McNabb plays in one of the toughest sports markets in America. He is a bona fide superstar. He plays hurt. He even plays injured. He just came back from having cracked ribs to throw three touchdown passes.

What many people did not see was the rest of that clip, where Limbaugh stated that McNabb got too much of the credit for the Eagles success. “Philadelphia has always been about their defense.”

This is not only a fair point, but an accurate one. As great as Randall Cunningham was and Donovan McNabb is, the Eagles since the 1980s have been known for defense, from Buddy Ryan to the late Jim Johnson.

Limbaugh was right to say that the Eagles were mainly about defense, but he was wrong to call McNabb overrated, and his assertion that the NFL was lifting up a black man was off the mark.

Yet it was not racist.

What should have happened is for the other ESPN announcers to challenge him. From political programs like “Crossfire” and “Hannity and Colmes” to sports debate shows like “Pardon the Interruption,” spirited debate makes for quality television. By allowing his remark to go unchallenged, it was unfair to criticize him after the fact when he already was dismissed from the show.

Limbaugh has heaped praise on many black athletes over the years. If he were a racist, he would have rooted for the Cardinals in the Super Bowl, since they had a white head coach in Ken Whisenhunt instead of a black head coach in Mike Tomlin.

If others have hard evidence of racist comments Limbaugh has made, they need to present that evidence. Hearsay and smear campaigns are not acceptable.

I do not expect that to occur. Limbaugh is loud, bombastic, opinionated, and provocative.

He is a smart businessman that knows and loves football, although like any analyst, he will get it wrong.

(I know football, and I had the Titans, currently 0-5, winning the Super Bowl this year. Yeah. I know.)

What he is not is a racist.

There is no legitimate reason to deny him or Mark Cuban the right to own a franchise.

Owners who violate rules can be punished. Marge Schott and George Steinbrenner were both sanctioned for different reasons. Limbaugh should be held to the same rules.

The rules are not always pretty. Michael Vick is not popular among many in our society. Yet the same rules that took him away from the game brought him back to it. Political correctness did not carry the day. The law did, from American law to the NFL bylaws.

Limbaugh never shot any dogs. He simply expressed politically conservative opinions.

Nothing in the rules prevents Limbaugh from owning an NFL team.

He should be allowed to buy the St. Louis Rams.


General McChrystal was right…and wrong

Monday, October 12th, 2009

General McChrystal started a firestorm when he spoke publicly, delivering an address in London that was seen as a rebuke to President Obama.

General McChrystal was right…and wrong.

The substance of his criticisms were legitimate and accurate. All the Nobel Peace Prize Awards will not change the fact that everybody except the hard leftists on the Nobel Committee are tuning President Obama out. Even the liberal toadies at the International Olympic Committee are ignoring him.

Yet Olympic pipsqueaks ignoring him are unimportant. Rogue regimes in Iran and North Korea ignoring him is serious. Joe Biden said during the campaign that Obama would be tested. So far he is flunking.

General McChrystal is not a politician. He is an American patriot who simply wants to keep us safe. He does not need to win an election or please voters. He does not like the way the war in Afghanistan is going. He understands that we desperately need more troops. He cannot even get a meeting with his Commander in Chief. In short, he is a subordinate who feels that his boss is incompetent.

He has every right to feel that way. Anybody has the right to feel anything.

What he does not have the right to do is publicly criticize the boss. Not when he is a soldier and his boss is the President.

The military is not a democracy. The boss gives the orders, and rightly or wrongly, those orders must be followed.

America works as a nation because our military is under civilian control. This cannot ever change if the noble experiment that is America is to remain in its current form.

General McChrystal has to decide how he wants to serve his nation best. If he wants to be a presidential critic, then he must immediately retire. Colonel Ralph Peters and Colonel Buzz Patterson are both authors and fierce critics of President Obama. They kept their mouths shut when they were in uniform. They began speaking out the moment they retired.

If General McChrystal wants to stay, he cannot sacrifice his honor just to keep his job. If he truly believes that he cannot successfully implement what the boss wants, then again he must retire or resign. To lead a military force in a strategy that he does not believe will work would be unfair and deadly for our forces.

General McChrystal needs to privately…and I stress privately…tell President Obama exactly what he needs to win. President Obama must listen to him, but that does not mean agree with him.

If for whatever reason President Obama decides to go against the advice of General McChrystal, then the General should again immediately retire or resign and let the entire nation know that he has no confidence in his leader. If the General is not willing to put his money where his mouth is and walk away, then he should not be speaking out.

General McChrystal knows more about how to win this war than President Obama, who thinks he knows everything about everything. Yes, it can be frustrating working for a gasbag that plays to the cameras while soldiers are fighting for our freedoms.

It doesn’t matter. That gasbag is the boss, and when the boss tells the General to jump, the General had better jump after asking “how high?”

If the General does not like it, he can still be an effective leader outside the military arena. President Obama has no power to censor private citizens from writing critical words about him.

Yet in the military arena, Barack Obama is the HMIC (Head man in charge). This is not open for discussion, nor can it be.

Public criticism of the President by our military must immediately cease.

Private criticism must continue unabated to his face behind closed doors.

This dynamic allows public criticism of the President to continue unabated. This is best for America.

As for President Obama, although General McChrystal was wrong in his style, he was absolutely right in the substance of his remarks.

Substance over style, Mr. President. This has been the biggest concern about you.

Listen to the General. He could have handled it better, but he knows what he is talking about.

Ignore the polls and the protesters. Heed his words.

We are at war.