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Fabulous Republican Women

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

I have had the pleasure recently of encountering some fabulous Republican women. Society will be better when everybody interacts with these delightful GOP women.

Last week, I got to meet the women of the Women’s National Republican Club in New York City.

In the past, I spoke to the Thousand Oaks chapter of the Republican Women’s Federated.

Yesterday I had the distinct honor of speaking to the Tarzana chapter of the Republican Women’s Federated.

I will not be covering my own remarks, since I have a suspicion they will be spoken again.

This is about the audience.

I enjoy speaking to College Republicans. I am of course grateful to the Republican Jewish Coalition for their support.

Yet Women’s Republican Groups are in a league of their own.

Women are simply better politicos than men.

The women are more passionate. They are more relentless. They like political red meat.

I will mention one thing in my remarks that I know I will say again.

“Men think they know everything. Yet women are so smart, especially when they stand by their man. When the man is done speaking, the woman is often so adoring that the man truly believes that the woman thinks that he does know everything.

Ladies, you truly do know everything.”

Some people on the left love to say that Republican men are threatened by strong women.

This is nonsense. From Lady Margaret Thatcher to Governor Sarah Palin, strong women are celebrated by Republican men and women.

These women are brilliant in their careers, but not burdened or ashamed to be housewives. They see raising a family as a noble calling, not a punishment.

They worry about crushing tax burdens and terrorists that want to kill this nation we love.

In California, they worry that the state has been mismanaged into the ground by unions, drug addicts, homeless people, illegal immigrants, and other parasites who sap the souls of the productive people.

Then of course, the productive people simply give up and leave. Yet these women stay and fight.

They have built good lives for themselves. Their families are here.

College students can go anywhere. Yet these women will stay here. They do not want greener pastures. They want their own neighborhoods back. They want the halcyon days before others destroyed their beautiful society.

California was once the dream. That dream has turned into a nightmare.

I am not sure I have their fortitude. I often think about leaving for a low tax state. Yet this is my home now. My friends are here. My children will be raised here.

I will be ok. I am romantically involve with a strong Republican woman. In three days I am meeting her family.

We will be ok, and lord willing, so will this beautiful state of California.

With fabulous Republican women, no area is beyond hope.

All I did was give a speech. I talked.

They are the doers. Their actions make the world a better place.

I would like to thank Women’s Republican groups from New York to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.

While we men try to develop ideas, they implement them.

They fight the good fight, and we are lucky to be by their side.

If we listen to them, maybe we will know everything one day.


My Meeting Governor Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

At the National Women’s Republican Club in Manhattan, I had the pleasure of meeting former Arkansas Governor and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee is a genuinely warm and funny guy. His remarks are below.

“I keep forgetting that when I am not speaking in Arkansas, people stand up to applaud, rather than just exit.

I can’t stay long. I write three 400 word commentaries every day, and I can’t wait to go home and write stuff about Nancy Pelosi. She is the gift that keeps on giving. She may be solely responsible for the next Republican revolution.

Politicians think that Q & A stands for ‘Questions and Avoidance.’ Politicians don’t want to get You-Tubed into oblivion.

Running for President is not as savage as running in Arkansas. In Arkansas, politics is a full contact sport played without pads.

When I became Governor89 of 100 members of the state senate were Democrats, in addition to 31 out of 35 in the house. When I left, there were 30 Republicans in the senate and 8 in the house. There was improvement, but Democrats controlled 87% of the seats.

I was only the fourth statewide GOP officeholder in 150 years. In fact, and this is a true story, my office was shut from the inside to keep me in there.

I was minding my own business when in 1996, our governor was convicted. I never thought a Democratic Arkansas jury would convict him. I tell people that I served 10 1/2 years, and my predecessor served two years where he went.

Americans are good and decent people. They are just unaware of the underpinnings of the Obama administration.

President Obama throws twenty things against the wall at the same time,and some things will get through. He wants to restructure the heart and soul of the United States government.

He fired the CEO of General Motors, and dictated the amount of advertising  by Chrysler.

When you get in bed with the government, you get whatever disease the government has.

I was vehemently and vocally opposed to TARP. It did not change the direction of the economy, but it did give Democrats license to do what they wanted. I called it the Congressional Relief Action Program. I will let you figure that one out.

Government should not take off the striped jersey of the referee and join either team. A government that is deciding wins and losses is a government in absolute control.”

Governor Huckabee’s cell phone then went off, allowing for levity.

“That is probably President Obama telling me to stop it.

I am against hate crime legislation because people should be judged based on their actions, not their thoughts.

Hate is horrible, whether it comes from the KKK or Jeneane Garofalo. She should know better.

Government will end up determining which speeches and thoughts are inappropriate.

This is why we should be concerned about the resurrection of the fairness doctrine. Government should never be allowed to arbitrate people’s thoughts.

If the Fairness Doctrine passes, I will be the first person filing a lawsuit demanding 50% of NPR’s time.

How did I run a national campaign with such a small amount of money? I had loyal volunteers make phone calls and knock on doors. They made 200,000 personal calls for Saxby Chambliss. Not robocalls mind you, but personal calls.

We were frugal. I wish the government with our tax dollars were the way we were with our campaign dollars.

We stayed at cheap hotels. Thyey rented rooms by the hour. In some hotels, I was the only person with sleeves. I told my wife over the telephone that if I don’t call home at a certain hour, call Houston 911. Otherwise, go outside and check for the chalk outline.

At a rental car counter in Denver, when I told the person I was running for president, they asked, ‘of what?’

I met more people claiming to have voted for me than actually voted for me. Some people think they recognize me. They are not sure if I ran for President or sold them a used car last year.

I looked at one voter and asked them, ‘You think I am Brad Pitt, right?’ They looked at me and asked, ‘Are you Bob Dole? I adore him, but he is 85. That hurt. My wife still finds that funny.

Who will lead the GOP is not the question. The question is ‘What will we rally around?’

Are we ‘too conservative?’ Nonsense. When we clearly state our positions, we win.

Ronald Reagan was not heralded. He was outside the circle.

We cannot just take conservative positions. We have to govern with them.

We elect people to represent us, not govern us. We govern us.

There is no separating the level and cost of government from the character of our people.

We have to be better people. We have to take care of our families.

We have to get bac to personal responsibility and moral behavior. We should not be preachy, but we should say that there are moral consequences for bad behavior. Rewards increase behavior, and consequences reduce behavior. Our economy rewards the irresponsible and punishes the productive.

Government must be local and limited. The best government is the one that is closest to the people. That is the 10th Amendment.

Anger is not always wrong. Jesus got angry. Aristotle said that ‘anger is right if it is for the right cause, at the right time, in the right way.’

SO why did the GOP mess up? In 1994, we were true reformers. We came in with guns blazing. One plank of the contract with America wasgetting rid of permanence in the form of self imposed term limits. Some did leave. Yet the stayers became more interested in the perpetuation of their office over principles. The good news for Republicans is that the same thing will now happen to the Democrats.

People are already concerned about the socialistic changes and cheating of Democrats like Timothy Geithner and ACORN.

I say ‘socialist’ with a small ‘s.’ They beli9eve in redistribution of wealth. I am not saying they are Soviet style Communists.

We have social programs and Social Security. Spending on things like streets and parks is for the common good.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well written letter to an elected official. A well written letter or a thoughtful phone call is effective. Keep it to one page. Don’t write an epistle. Also, don’t say in the letter, ‘I’ll never vote for you.’ Say, ‘I want to support you,’ and then address the concern you have. If you blast the official at the beginning of the letter, they will not bother to read it. Why should they when there is no chance you will listen to them?

I see the GOP picking up seats in 2010, as traditionally happens in midterm elections. The key issues will be how much the economy recovers, and whether or not Democrats overplay their hand.”

After his speech, I spoke to Governor Huckabee. I asked him a simple question.

“Governor, I am more frightened by Osama Bin Laden wielding a bomb than Pat Robertson holding a book. Besides ‘Love thy neighbor,’ what other dangerous issues does radical Christianity offer?”

The Governor laughed, and replied, “We have so many things, but love thy neighbor is by far the most sinister.”

I spoke to the Governor and his scheduler about being a guest on his show. They are currently reviewing my book, and I do hope this comes to fruition.

Either way, it was a genuine pleasure meeting Governor Huckabee. He brought honest and ethical government to Arkansas. Maybe he truly is superhuman.


Getting Gay at Guantanamo Bay

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

From Perez Pelosi to Nanci Hilton, left-wing bullying against mainstream America is now back in that dance that Madonna sang about Marilyn Monroe.

It does tie together since Perez, like Rita Hayworth, gives good face.

The Pelosiraptor has every right to twist and Vogue herself into a metaphorical pretzel with extra salt. This is America, and lying is not really lying when you’re a Democrat, especially if under oath.

Perez has every right to twist himself into a sexual pretzel. Who he fornicates with is his own business.

Yet apparently the tolerance does not extend in both directions. People with traditional values are under assault by fringe offshoots that have hijacked legitimate minority groups.

Miss California Carrie Prejean was not attacked for attempting to pass any legislation that could limit anybody’s freedom.

She was not even lambasted for volunteering an opinion that certain freedoms should be limited.

She was brutalized for answering a question that was asked of her by a questioner that already knew the answer. She was punished for her thoughts and beliefs.

While we already know that the Perez-Pelosi marriage of convenience exists solely to torture conservatives (yes, they do support that kind of torture), there is a solution that could benefit the Republican party and still offer a bone to the leftist zealots.

First, the terrorists murderers at Guantanamo Bay should immediately be placed in the Pelosiraptor’s San Francisco district. While they might be too moderate politically for the left-leaning district, importing moderates is good for the one kind of diversity that leftists hate, that being ideological diversity. Also, diversity of values is important. Lumping violent warriors in with violent peace activists would balance the district into a tranquil oasis of violent centrism.

Secondly, the enemy combatants of America (the detainees, not the people currently living in San Francisco) should immediately be given gay marriage rights.

I normally stay out of the culture wars, preferring to focus on cutting taxes and killing terrorists. However, San Francisco appears to be against both, and this would be a great test of how sincere the inhabitants there are in their activist lunacy.

Think about it. This is the perfect wedge issue to use against the Demagoguic Party. If Speaker Pelosi says no to giving terrorists gay marriage rights, she will further enrage the leftist crowd that thinks that storming into Churches and defacing sacred property is free speech. If she says yes, she will enrage the Islamists, who coincidentally also enjoy destroying Churches. Islam forbids homosexuality, and as Armageddonijad of Iran told his soulmates at a Poison Ivy League University, “There are no gay people in Iran. This is an American phenomenon.”

By forcing Pelosi to choose between the two groups that despise America most, we will be fracturing what consists of much of her political coalition.

What if the detainees do not want to be part of gay marriages? Heck, then we just force them.

This reminds me of some Summer camp style hijinks that took place in various places like Abu Gharaib. People were forced into human pyramids. Similar things occur at dinner parties All across America. The game is Twister. I also remember some of them having bras and panties on their head, which on College Campuses is referred to as “Rush Week.” Contrary to liberal propaganda, this has nothing to do with Mr. Limbaugh. If that “Rush Week” was on campuses, they would be bastions of sanity.

Sanity far aside, Perez and Pelosi should immediately embrace this new program, entitled, “Getting Gay at Guantanamo Bay.”

After all, they have a common natural ally in the detainees, who also wish to assault Middle America.

Also, if the detainees don’t like it, they can just blow themselves up. That was their original plan anyway. Locking people up for life that want and deserve the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.

Human Rights advocates, who apparently nobody listens to anyway, will argue that not all of the detainees are Muslims. Well in that case they should immediately be forced to convert to Islam. The Muslim detainees want to establish a Caliphate, and they were going to forcibly convert these people anyway. At least if we do it, we can make sure to be nice about it.

The bottom line is that, like most liberals, I am tired of Gitmo killers not being given the same rights as you and me. Speaker Pelosi must immediately come out in favor of gay marriage for Guantanamo Bay inmates, even if it means desecrating their beliefs.

After all, somebody besides Christians have to have their beliefs and rights violated on a daily basis.

Perez Hilton should immediately start drawing X-rated drawings of these Radical Muslim gay marriages. After all, what could possibly be done to somebody just for drawing a cartoon, especially if the cartoonist is also a cartoon?

I just hope that America never finds out my true hidden agenda. I want the ratios reversed so that straight men make up only 10% of Americans. Any man that is richer than me, taller than me, or driving a nicer car than me, should immediately be gay. This reduces my competition for women.

Lesbianism shall be outlawed. They are selfish, never thinking about my needs.

Yet that is for down the road. For now, in the name of tolerance, Islamist detainees should immediately be sent to San Francisco and married to each other.

Some people kill others with kindness. We can torture our enemies with love.

Support the Perez-Pelosi-Prisoner Plan.

Support Weddings for Wahabiists.

Support Nuptials for Nutcases.

Support the San Francisco chapter of Getting Gay at Guantanamo Bay.

It’s the forcibly tolerant thing to do.


My Conference Call With Senator Saxby Chambliss

Monday, May 18th, 2009

I had the pleasure recently of sitting in on a conference call with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.

The Senator was very generous with his time. Much of the conference call dealt with the Islamofacist terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay.

With that, I present remarks from Senator Saxby Chambliss.

“The detainees cannot come here. Those men should never be allowed to set foot on U.S. soil. They should never be released into U.S. society. They are not the kind of people we want ingratiated into America.

There have been several amendments to the supplemental bill regarding this issue.

The supplemental bill calls for these decisions to be made annually. We want to make the change regarding these detainees permanent.

President Obama made a major decision with the closing of Gitmo. This shows a total lack of experience. There is no plan. He just left things in limbo.”

Senator Chambliss was then asked about President Obama reversing himself and adopting the Dick Cheney position on detainee photos.

“President obama’s original decision was unwise. I am pleased to see his reversal. Seeing the Abu Gharaib photos was very emotional. Why go through that again? It would be releasing old wounds.

President Obama should spend more on the budget for defense and less time releasing photos that undermine that defense. He was right to reverse himself.”

The Senator was then asked about Nancy Pelosi’s lies on top of more lies that she had no knowledge of waterboarding.

“Her insincerity came through. She was the first person to be briefed. I was on the Intelligence Committee. Only the Big 8 knew at the time, the leadership of both parties. She was part of it.

This town thrives on leaks. She needs to come forward and admit her mistakes in a statement.”

The Senator was asked as a follow up if the Pelosiraptor should testify on Capitol Hill in formal hearings.

“I don’t know what she could add. All of us knew the truth.”

With regards to bringing charges against Bush Administration attorneys, the Senator responded forcefully.

“It would be atrocious for anybody to get barred. We want the best and brightest attorneys. The top attorneys will not serve their country if they have a fear of prosecution hanging over every piece of legal advice they give.”

As always, I asked my question and lightened what was already a pleasant mood.

“Senator, should Wanda Sykes, Perez Hilton, and Jon Stewart be classified as weapons of mass destruction? To add seriousness, what can be done to stop these people from spreading ideological bigotry?”

The Senator laughed, and responded.

“With regards to the first part, we should just sick Jack Bauer on them. I’m a ’24’ nut. As for Wanda Sykes, her comments were totally out of line. It is ok to poke fun. Just don’t say mean and nasty things. Direct your comments in a professional manner.

The left are out of control. They are walking around all full of themselves. They think they have a mandate.”

One of the bloggers on the conference call asked if a couple of bloggers could be taken to Guantanamo Bay and see the conditions for themselves along with members of Congress. The Senator was quick with a quip on this suggestion.

“We could take you and subject you to enhanced interrogation. We could waterboard you if you like.”

The blogger was equally quick, replying, “Just don’t put me ina room with Nancy Pelosi.”

The Senator then went back to discussing the detainees at Gitmo when a blogger asked him if President Obama would completely reverse himself on the issue of closing Gitmo altogether

“Nobody from Mayberry to New York City wants terrorists in their area. The decision to close Gitmo was done to appease the far left and keep a campaign promise. Will Obama flip-flop? There could be thoughts about that.

Only Montana considered taking in detainees. There was an uproar, people were up in arms.

President Bush worked with other countries, who refused them. Nobody, including even Yemen, is willing to take them.”

One blogger asked about Florida Governor Charlie Crist entering the Senate race, and why endorsements were being made before the contested Republican primary occurred.

“Charlie Crist is a friend of mine. He is electable. He will win. He is conservative for the most part. He governs in a moderate state due to recent people who have moved in. We need Charlie Crist. The endorsement of the National Republican Senatorial Committee is unusual, but Governor Crist is head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.”

The last question dealt with the issue of how the massive amount of legislation President Obama wants to pass will get done, from health care to cap and trade.

“There are not many days left. Appropriations bills need to get done. Then there is health care. Try to get cap and trade is not doable. Those who say otherwise are kidding themselves timewise. Health care reform has legs. We all want to do it. We just disagree on the details. Montana Senator Max Baucus is bipartisan. He is fair, and we will work together. Yet until we get away from a bill emphasizing government control, no amount of amendments will help the bill.”

I would like to thank Senator Chambliss for his time and graciousness. His election in a Georgia runoff is what so far has saved America from European statism.


My Interview With Governor Jim Gilmore

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore.

Jim Gilmore was the Governor of Virginia from 1998 to 2002. In Virginia, the Governor only gets one term. During his final year in office, he did double duty as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He did briefly run for President in 2008, but was crowded out by a field with other bigger names.

My interview with him is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

JG: “Energy policy and gas prices are key. Our incomes are disappearing now. They are dropping now. Gas prices is where much of that money is going. We need to drill now.”

2) What issues are most important to you personally?

JG: “Taxes. Government takes more and more of our money. We are losing our independence.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

JG: “Ronald Reagan, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Jim Gilmore the person?

JG: “I was honest. I kept my word. I didn’t try to fool people. I lowered taxes. Federal leadership is important. I protected citizens. The Gilmore Panel was an adviroy panel that helped people.”

I then asked Governor Gilmore a lighthearted question that I have asked others. He was good natured, but defiant about the issue. The real amusement came with his aides that were standing by. I will leave out their names so nobody gets in trouble.

5) Given that Republicans offer Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Fred Thompson, and Jim Gilmore, and Democrats offer Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Chris Dodd, are the Democrats bigoted against the follically challenged? Can we finally crack the glass ceiling in the mdoern era and elect a bald President?

JG: “Well yes, but I am not one of them.”

(His aides were lip synching to me, “Yes, he is.”)

JG: “America can elect a bald President, but I am not losing my hair.”

(His aides again lip synched “Yes! He is!” They had big smiles on their faces that they had to cover up so they could turn stone serious when he turned around.)

Harmless mischief aside, Jim Gilmore has served his country and the Republican Party with distinction. Both entities benefited from his service. So did the people of Virginia.

Besides, in October of 2009 he only turns 60. Plenty of Virginians made it to the White House, and not all of them did so on their first try.


My Interview With Senator Dan Coats

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of meeting Indiana Senator Dan Coats.

Dan Coats followed the very popular Dan Quayle up the political ladder. They both came of age during the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s. Mr. Coats served in the house from 1981 through 1989. When Mr. Quayle gave up his Senate seat to be Vice President, Mr. Coats was his logical successor. They both held what can be described as “Indiana values.” They still do.

Senator Coats was very genial and warm. My interview with him is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008, and most important to you personally?

DC: “Those are the same. The War on Terror, combating radical extremism, the economy, and values are all important.

2) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

DC: “Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln.”

3) Indiana has a tradition of quiet Congressmen being plucked from the senate and into the White House. Given that you have followed Mr. Quayle quite successfully, will you continue to do so one more time?

DC: “No. Not at all. I spent 18 years in Congress and four more years as an Ambassador. I am quite content where I am.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Dan Coats the person?

DC “I think they would see me as a man of integrity and a fair man. I cared about my country and my family. DUring the tough times, my faith saw me through.”

It was a pleasure meeting Senator Coats. He is a genuine man. For him, “Indiana values” is not a slogan or a cliche. It is a way of life. Like many good people, it has served him well.


My Interview With Senator Mike Dewine

Friday, May 15th, 2009

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting former Ohio Senator Mike Dewine.

I initially met Senator Dewine a year or two earlier at the Ronald Reagan Library. Every Summer the Republican Jewish Coalition congregates there with friends, and Senator Dewine has always been a friend of Israel.

With that, I present my 2008 interview with him.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

MD: “This election is about the issues, and the main issue is who has the background and experience to be President.”

2) What issues are most important to you personally?

MD: “The economy and national security matter most to me. That is the reason why this election is so critical. Barack Obama does not have the background or experience on Foreign Affairs to be President.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

MD: “My political heroes are Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Mike Dewine the person?

MD: “I am not much into self analysis. I hope people would see me as someone who was a strong advocate for children.”

Mr. Dewine did not mention this to me, but anybody taking the time to research him would have known that he lost one of his own children. The worst nightmare for a parent is to be pre-deceased by their children.

Had I known this at the time, I would not have finished the interview in a lighthearted manner.

5) Given that Canton, Ohio, is the greatest city in America because of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, are you taking steps to move the nation’s capital from Washington to Canton?

MD: “I am for it, but unfortunately I lack the votes to do it. I agree with you though.”

I wish Mike Dewine and his family well in life, and may blessings and peace be given to the entire Dewine family, including his child in heaven.


The history of socialism

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I had the pleasure recently of attending a lecture on the history of socialism.

This event was less about politics and more about history. Tom Phillips, a brilliant (and very young) historian, offered his insights. He is a former socialist who is now a conservative. He grew up under socialism, and has seen the results.

Yet people often throw around the word “socialist” too causally. Who and what actually constitutes a socialist? Why does it matter?

With those questions being asked, I present the insights of Tom Phillips.

“Socialism goes back to Plato.

In Britain, the alternative to socialism was classical liberalism, not conservatism.

The socialist view was very popular with the Catholic Church, and throughout Europe.

The United States was the first to experiment with a liberal state. The only state powers came from the people.

Outside of America, the American experiment was considered a [email protected] of European Enlightement, particularly in France.

Edmund Burke supported the American Revolution, but he called the French Revolution ‘barbaric.’ All they wanted was ‘change.’ They tore everything down, but built nothing. Today we hear about change, but it is important to specify exactly what change means.

Karl Marx is not the father of all socialism. He was just a socialist. His dad was a socialist who admired Hegel.

How can we have the power of government while preserving freedom? This is an age old struggle. It did not first appear in November of 2008.

In 1876, the Communists were kicked out of Europe. They were deemed too radical. They needed a new home, so they moved to Philadelphia.

The Communists integrated into American society throguh the labor movement. This began the ascenscion of socialism in America.

In the late 19th century, Japan was at war with Russia. The United States was against this conflict because U.S. policy was to be against any conflict that was bad for international trade. Teddy Roosevelt had both sides come to the United States to sit down and talk. On the battlefield, Japan had clearly won. Roosevelt got Russia to acknowledge this. Russia never forgo that slight.

In 1917 there was the Russian Revolution. It was not done on the Gregorian Calendar since Russia was 14 days behind. So the February revolution was actually the March revolution and the October revolution was actually the November revolution.

The Bolsheviks were on a messianic quest. They wanted world control, and they hated the United States. They never got over the slight of the U.S. with regards to the Japan conflict.

The Communists felt that the easiest way to take over America was to take over the means of communication. They wanted control of the entertainment industry, academia, and religion. Religion was considered the most important because religion attracts crowds.

In 1925 there was a split among the Communists. Stalin chased out the Jews.

Trotsky was a Democratic Socialist. He hated Tyranny. He felt the replacement of the Czar with the Bolsheviks was substituting one tyranny for another. This led to a power struggle between the Stalinists and the Trotskeyites.

Original Trotskeyites included Lionel Trilling and Irving Kristol. Irving Kristol eventually left the left, and led the Reagan Revolution.

Communists did infiltrate the government. The OSS did get into the CIA. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first Socialist President.

American Socialists and Communists were actually Pro-German National Socialism as long as Hitler and Stalin remained friends.

The Trotskeyites defended Joseph McCarthey. They understood the Communist threat. The true left never forgave the Trotskeyites for this.

One irony was that the original left of center party called itself the Democrat Party. The Communist parties of Russia and Iraq were Democrat parties.

Leftists took the word “liberal” to avoid being called socialist. Liberal sounded better.

Liberalism means freedom. The right then became conservatives, and the labels stuck.

Saul Alinsky was actually schooled in cultural Marxism. He did not create anything.

The Neocons were actually the right side of the left. They came about because in 1968, Neo-Marxists took over the Democratic Party.

In 1972 the Neo-Marxists seized power with the first Communist presidential candidate, George McGovern. Irving Kristol then penned his letter, and formed “Democrats for Nixon.” Lionel and Dinana Trilling did not sign the letter.

In 1976 the Democrats nominated another socialist, Jimmy Carter. On his watch five new Soviet states were created, along with three similar states in Asia.

During the decade, there was mass slaughter from social justice and peace movements.

Then came Ronald Reagan in 1980.

In 1932, FDR was the one who moved liberalism toward socialism. Every President since then either wanted to accelerate or decelerate socialism. Ronald and Reagan and Margaret Thatcher did not slow socialism. They outright reversed it. America became hated, and Reagan was vilified by the left. For those who think George W. Bush was hated, Reagan was truly hated.

Richard Nixon was the one who said “We’re all Keynesians now.” He only wanted to slow socialism, not reverse it. Reagan reversed it, and was hated by the left.

So where are we now? Today the left controls every facet of society in America. Look at the cultural institutions. Look at the pulpits. Politics and theology are now fused. Jeremiah Wright is not out of the ordinary. His speeches are common.

Most religions support the leftist cause despite the left attacking religion. Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and yes, even Islam, support the left. Radical Islam is derived from Maoism and Stalinism.

Today the socialists control everything. It did not start in November of 2008.

Socialism is like a seven headed hydra. You cut off one head, another one pops up.

We are now living in a world we no longer recognize. Our institutions are collapsing. 9/11 was another step in the institutional collapse.

So how will all of this play out? The same as everywhere else.

Socialism always creates short-term benefits. It offers instant gratification. People are given free stuff.

Why bother buying ingredients when people are just given the free food already made? Socialism is the food. Capitalism is the ingredients.

Every few years socialism sows the seeds of its own destruction. The markets and capitalism get blamed, when the actual cause of the destruction is bad policy.

America has not been ruled by the right in some time. The left controls the cities, the counties, and the schools. Electing a Republican president does not matter. It is irrelevant. The left controls the institutions. The left is the establishment. The right is the anti-establishment.

The right needs to take back the institutions. We should start with academia before religion. The world shuns academics. Conservatives must embrace academia. They can either write books, or talk to themselves in the mirror.

I was a socialist, and am now a conservative. Facts did not sway me. What I saw around me did.

Socialists were just Communists moving slowly.

Socialism, like Christianity, has a theological perspective. Being a socialist does not tell what denomination of socialism is being practiced. There are so many currents. A Christian can be a Methodist, an Episcopalian, a Baptist, or other denomination. A socialist could be a Trotskeyite, a Communist, or a Democratic Socialist. A Communist could be a Maoist or a Stalinist.”

I would like to thank Tom Phillips for a stimulating lecture. If more people like him went into academia, I would have a more favorable view of academics. Also, society would be better off.


Bicoastal Link Love Wednesday

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

The Tygrrrr Express is bound for New York.

While I am airbound, I offer link love to many.

Tracy at No Compromise Radio had me as her guest.

So Did Steve at the Republican Temple.

My friend Jerry helps blind children.

Help support the education of visually disabled children in Israel by riding or supporting the Friends of ELIYA-USA BIKERIDE.  We are once again join the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition LA River Ride.

ELIYA is the Israel Association for the Advancement of Blind and Visually Impaired Children.  Our mission is to educate and train children who are blind or have a visual impairment or additional developmental disability.  We help them acquire the skills to thrive in a mainstream classroom, or least restrictive education environment possible.

We have a Kids’ Ride, 10 Mile Family Ride, 36 Mile Double Chai Ride, 50 Mile Half Century Ride, 70 Mile Park to Playa Ride and 100 Mile Century Ride.

Michael Tannenbaum

I am playing a musical gig on Lag B’omer, next Monday night on the balcony in front of the Carvel’s Ice Cream on Pico and Beverwil. We are inaugurating a summer music series on the balcony, which will continue on Saturday nights after Shabbat during the summer months. We will be playing a mix of famous Jewish folksongs and rock & pop classics from 8pm until 10pm. The event can also be found on Facebook at:

Brian A. Hoffman
Producer, corked!

David Hini-Slzos

Hauk puts out good rock music.

Tim Maxwell at Critical Bias writes well.

Ron arranges travel packages.

Richard Carroll

Debbie Lee

Lainie Sloane

Josh Bashioum

Dean Allen says:

I need help at the SC state GOP convention in Columbia, SC on Saturday May 16th.

For those who support Operation Gratitude, Operation Mot is just as important.

Jeffrey Jena is a great guy, fellow writer on Big Hollywood, and force behind an animation series known as “The Gloomers.”

Jeffers Dodge runs a site called PopModal.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is the Surfing Rabbi.

Happy Wednesday all. New York and more adventure awaits.


Wanda Sykes–May her vocal chords fail

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Wanda Sykes has decided to be the latest celebrity to cross the line from comedy into hate speech. Her refusal to let other leftists have all the fun without any social consequences has led her to embrace Ideological Bigotry.